Star Wars: Episode II Review Outtakes

  • That long take was AMAZING!

  • Best comment evah!

  • Kiefbowl Roadrunner

    Why didn’t the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory song get put it. I was crying from laughter.

  • G. Jardoness

    At first, I thought it was a sequel to “Citizen Kane”, “Susan, what’s with all the f@#%ing puzzles?!” Then it really got disturbing when you found Jay & Jessie playing dress-up, “No, it isn’t what it looks like”. The last part made me think about my own ex-wife — she killed herself too. She fell on a knife — 27 times… If only ‘I’ had a basement.

  • Alex Lee

    Agreed, it was brilliant improv.

  • FearAndSlothing
  • The Willard


  • *I* Iron my Jean Skirts

    I love the actress who’s like “[WE’RE] NOT HOOKERS.” Wow. Do you think she hates hookers or actresses who play hookers?

  • bruce wayne

    UMMM cawwfee! I love Nadine.

  • SqualrusWalrus

    Jay and the make-up was so cute d’awwww

  • Paul Songer

    OMG Jay looks so young!


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