Episode III Behind the Scenes

  • Danny

    Mike’s looking into the camera and then ‘so we’re attempting’…that gets me every single time

  • Joe Schmo

    This is so fricken’ awesome haha!

  • ben sheppard

    unrelated, but has anyone else noticed that rich evans IS wallace shawn’s estranged son? like, seriously?

  • Jakoporeeno

    We’re gonna need a compilation of Jays laugh

  • AndyRoo

    I have that exact same plate that’s in the oven scene (~4:20). Also New Glarus rules!

  • “Not many ways this can go right.” – Jay

  • G. Jardoness

    Paradox, paradigm, parallax — it’s like poetry… It rhymes.

    Thank you for combating the growing menace of cat cannibalism. Why doesn’t Sarah McLaughlin ever sing about that?… But I think cooking it for them is sorta ‘enabling’… and down-right ‘tempting’ ;)~

    Where did you get a matching sports jacket and shower curtain? You fashionista you, I’m soooo jealous.

  • Jeremy Davis

    When is the next Plinkett review?

  • Jeremy Davis


  • Jack P. Coleman

    Is that…


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