Behind the Scenes – Star Wars: Episode III Review Teaser Trailer

  • wewe

    I just saw this. So nice. Artsy Fartsy.
    I wish I still have the creative drive.

  • eimb1999

    About a quarter of the way in we hear the woman say: “And I’m like ‘wow’ and she’s like ‘holy fuck’ and I’m like ‘you’re kidding’ “.

    When did the word “like” become a substitute for the word “said” and probably 30% of the rest of the English language? Must have happened recently because I can’t find that definition in any dictionary yet.

  • semisrs

    I’m going to review your behind-the-scenes footage of your teaser trailer for your review video of a movie.

    …I liked it.

  • SmarterThanYou

    Like can be defined as being similar in appearance or form. So, if someone says, “I was like….” it implies that they said something along those lines. If they said, “and I said…” it means that whatever follows would have to be what was said, rather than something that would be similar to what was really said.

    Unless you remember the conversation entirely, saying that you “said” those words is inaccurate. Saying “like” implies that what you said is similar to whatever you’re currently saying.

    Also, if we change the word like to said in that sentence, it would read the following:

    “And I’m said, ‘wow’ and she’s said ‘holy fuck’ and I’m said “you’re kidding.'”

    And that sounds even worse.

  • Dude

    You would obviously have to change ‘I’m’ and ‘she’s to their proper form. Giving the details of a conversation like this will sound retarded either way.

  • Matthew Jette

    ANyone see the irony of having Star Wars Ep III satire and commentary paired with commercials for the Star Wars Episode III games? Hmmm? Think about it won’t you?

  • Randall Flagg

    That was awesome! I never knew you guys had outtakes and behind-the-scenes stuff. Thank you all.

  • Benzo

    Aw, I remember when I had no idea who any of these people were. Memories…

  • Crikey Mate Down Under Aussie

    Jay, how was the puppet show?


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