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  • Variable242

    I would like to see a reimagining of his original star wars prequel reviews. Maybe something happens that changes the whole timeline and he likes them. Hahahaha. No the matrix trilogy. It has everything from character development in the first movie to just filling the movie with less plot more action towards the end. And stupid inconsistencies. Oh the Matrix should be next.

  • ant sz

    PLease do Matrix reviews!

  • A very devoted fan

    Please review the Transformers films! Please! They would be perfect for your format. They are big-budget “popcorn films” that fail on every level and shit on a belovedย franchise, and some reason or another became big hits

  • Rob

    Need more Half in the Bag! Huge fan of all of your work, even the movies! Why didn’t you mention that the ONLY autobot to die in the first Transformers movie was the black guy ๐Ÿ™ That is really the only thing I remember about the movie….

  • Superman Returns. Review it and I will post naked photos of my big breasted fiance. I expect the review within a week. K thanx.txt

  • SirHenry

    I’ll throw in a picture of my balls

  • John Johnson

    There’s no reason to do Twilight, that movie is trash without question. Also you would have to watch twilight to do it, which is an absurd idea. Watch the HBN twilight review if you really want to

    it is like 5 minutes long and very effective, basically all that Twilight deserves.

    It needs to be something that people have actually seen with some relevance, but also something that essentially ‘forced’ people to see shit because the earlier stuff was good. I’m guessing Terminator will be next, since the first two have merit but after that it’s pretty weak.

  • Tinwoods

    Boo hoo for you. Nobody will miss you.

  • The Ghost of Plinkett’s son

    We really need some more reviews you fat fuck. I’m thinking Roadhouse.

  • For what purpose? So you can be all like “yeah they sucked!” and shit? Why not review them yourself?

  • bibi

    hey! where the fuck are you! make more reviews

  • dan.gilbert

    Half in the bag’s worth giving a chance. I wasn’t overly keen at first, but I’m starting to think it’ll have more mileage than the plinkett reviews in the end. Plinkett is funny, but like all jokes, it’ll be hilarious right up to the point it isn’t.

  • Guest

    You should do Prometheues, the avengers (not that that was bad) and when it comes out, the hobbit. Also if you can slip in some more micheal bay is a cock references that would be good.

  • Guest

    Prometheus, The avengers (not that, that was bad) And when it comes out, the hobbit no matter how good it is.

  • Daniel Nilsen

    Do you still make plinkett reviews?

  • James C

    I was reluctant to watch half in the bag for a while, but once you stray from the mr.plinkette stuff and get used to it it can actually be very entertaining and they still make some brilliant observations about movies.

    I personally love half in the bag now

  • BoneTaPik

    I would love to see Plinkett destroy the Clone Wars movie.

  • Mel

    I personally wanna see the Matrix reviews so i can pinpoint EXACTLY why the 2 & 3 sucked ^^

  • no

    “need” lol

  • JohnWaynman

    Because if he did it, the reviews might suck ๐Ÿ˜‰

    There are tons of Matrix reviews out there, you might as well ask “why not watch one of those other countless reviews?”.

  • JohnWaynman

    But you won’t get that – you’ll only get the author’s opinion and perspective, with some points you probably hadn’t thought of, and some you already had.
    You may not agree with the reasons HE thinks they sucked.

    I personally rather like the Matrix sequels, there moments in there that I find absolutely awesome and some scenes that are atrocious.
    There are tons of all kinds of flaws there that I’m aware of, but either like that way, don’t mind them, or actually loathe. It’s quite easy to pinpoint certain aspects (the “stoic” acting and decrease in personality, overly gratuitous action and dialogue, reduced grit, missed plot opportunities etc.) that contribute to this whole “Matrix sequels were meh” thing.

    I already know MY reasons for having these views, and there’s tons of things more I could learn from sitting down and analyzing some stuff or reading other reviews, and if Plinkett did it there sure would be lots of points in it that would be enlightning, but there might be things I’ll disagree with – because what sucks for him wouldn’t necessarily suck for me.

  • JohnWaynman

    Everyone keeps raving about the Matrix sequels, it’d be almost surreal if the upcoming “two reviews” were something else… lol.

  • Guest

    Exactly. At first I too wasn’t a big fan but I enjoy it now. I don’t always agree with their opinions (Looper was awful) but they’re good reviews.

  • I thought that they were decent sequels, don’t really see what’s wrong with them

  • Dick Asshole

    I really lke the Plinkett reviews, but I guess the reason he can’t really do anymore is lbecause, the implication is, that if Mr. Plinkett reviews the movie, it sucked.

    The Star Wars prequels, the TNG Star Wars movies, and the last Indiana Jones movie DID all suck, so it was legitimate to slam them, but pretty soon the crappy ass movies will all be reviewed, and he’ll have to move on to good movies, which will just piss people off. I’d like to see more reviews, but not if he’s picking apart awesome movies just to do a review, and possibly ruining my enjoyment of a previously enjoyed film. Cynicism has it’s limits.

  • Love Half in the Bag though it did take a while to get used to it.Love the story arc and the equally black humour tone to Plinketts reviews(personally id like it if they uploaded the Resident Evil Movies Commentary in its entirity as seen briefly in the first part of that review) and the fact that we get geet the perspective of both of them on newer movies but also like getting “Plinkets” view on older flawed movies to compliment them when they have the time to produce them.

  • JohnWaynman

    Someone here hasn’t done their homework, it seems.

    -Star Trek 8 *didn’t* suck, it was a very good movie overall – Plinkett introduced the “cynicism” by generally ignoring its other qualities and focusing on the character inconsistencies and how they betrayed the show. Not too much cynicism for you, apparently…
    -He did Star Trek 11, and that wasn’t overly cynical and at the same time entertaining, right?
    -Boy, there are so many more disappointing movies out there… even if you only count the 3-4 “major” ones, with a release rate like this it’ll be at least a few years until he’d have to consider running out of the material.
    -A new review, or two of them, are going to be released pretty soon.
    -If your “enjoyment” of a film is “ruined” by a negative review, that makes you kind of malleable doesn’t it?


    Half in the bag is hit or miss and everyone knows it, while Mr. Plinkett is solid gold.

  • Swoon

    Maybe some people just want to be validated.

    I love the Matrix as a whole, but so much of Reloaded and Revolutions were just mind numbingly horrible. Hearing another perspective would just thrill me~! And that’s after listening to the philosophers that loved the movies and the critics that hated them in the ultimate collection. People dissecting things you love doesn’t get old if your heart is in it.

  • Justin

    Im still waiting for The last Airbender review.

  • PeteWilson89

    Same actually, I enjoy Plinkett but Half in the Bag offers ‘characters’ that aren’t psychotic which is nice. Plus things like their Jack & Jill review were in depth and hilarious, simply in a different tone.

  • username

    You don’t have to get all worked up on their behalf, I doubt they care.

  • Sindri Gretars

    I was watching The Final Frontier when you posted the link to Titanic. Not just watching it but a scene with David Warner.

    Plinkett. YOU FUCK!

    I knew you were hacking into my computer activity! You creepy motherfucker.

  • Sindri Gretars

    On that note, I’m a gigantic fan of Plinkett reviews. You used the same trick as I did, replace the drawings, except I did it when Leo is drawing Rose McGowan naked. Replaced her with a male genitals and lots of male nudeness.

    But Plinkett has the best reviews (psychotic alter ego that he is). Best humor and best criticisms. I’d love to see the rest of Star Trek reviewed and also the Matrix series. I wanna see how much you really fucking hate the sequels.

  • Sindri Gretars
  • Coceirinha_no_ovo_esquerdo

    Blade Runner!

  • Pushon


  • Matrix 2 and 3 would be great material for Plinkett. I assume that Mike felt about them the way most of us did.

  • TheJuices

    Do The Hobbit and how it raped my life

  • Hash Nazi

    watch half in the bag ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Jhea

    try confusedmatthew.com – he has some good points of why the matrix sequels sucked.
    also his star wars prequel reviews are quite informative – though not as entertaining as mr Plinketts of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • DoNotTread73

    He did…

  • DoNotTread73

    Even months ago when you typed this they were putting out new material???

  • I liked confused matthew for a little while, but tired of him. Sometimes he makes a point of not getting it. His matrix reviews are solid, even funny at times, but I couldn’t even make it through the first part of his No Country For Old Men review, and I didn’t even like that film when I first saw it.

  • Helena Campbell

    I really do love the Plinkett reviews (and I’m totally not the “fanboy” demographic lol) mainly because, while funny, it’s so rare to find such wonderful, analytical, in depth reviews of films. Again, it may be wrapped up in brilliant humor, but it’s like having a film studies seminar. I totally understand how much time and effort goes into such a lengthy review – but I get so much out of them, besides great entertainment.

  • when i first started watching the plinkett reviews i didn’t like half in the bag, but after a few months they sorta grew on me and i ended up subscribing

  • Steve

    That’s a terrible reason to not do something. ANYTHING you do in life “might suck.”

  • Charon

    Some of these ads that come up with the video are…well, for lack of a better term, weird.

  • I disagree. They’re pretty decent schlock. The 2nd one is terrible, but the 1st and the 3rd are pretty exciting bombastic, popcorn movies that are so big and grandiose the the excitement of spectacle makes up for the other failings.

  • Brett

    Psh, come on people half in the bag is great.

  • Frostiken

    We definitely needhim to review Prometheus. I don’t know why he won’t ๐Ÿ™ Given that it’s supposed to be part 1 of 3 equally appalling cinematic abortions, I’m seriously confused as to why this low-hanging fruit hasn’t been so thoroughly shat on.

  • magooface

    Half in the bag is a cheap renewable idea, which means it keeps RLM in funds. Plinkett is great and personally I like it just once or twice a year. It gives me something to look forward to at christmas and it makes me feel grateful that RLM keeps going. I think the games review they did…. didnt quite work, however I appreciate that they keep trying new things to impress their loyal and ever growing fanbase. 1 day, sometime soon i reckon, they are gonna hit on something and its going to be as big south park.

  • wounded fan

    Please dear Mr. Plinkett, review Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows (and research the original)
    My soul still hurts from the deep layers of evil coating this cinematic mind fuck. I need the therapy that only your devine ravings can provide.

  • Just ask the Wachowskis. [smiley face]

  • I want to see him cover Matrix and Twilight one day just because Plinkett reviews are awesome and those would be great material.

  • scoopbs


  • Edwardo

    REVIEW THE ROOM! It is the worst movie ever made and the reason for its existence is purely to be made fun of for the rest of time.

  • Come on review those awful Twilight movies and I will name all my non-ugly children after you! I swear it!

  • Dirk Pitt Jr

    The Shining.

  • why would you want to see him do a GOOD movie?

  • Rob

    More Plinkett! That character is saving lives!

  • Yukonses

    It’s not just bad movies, it’s bad movies that ruin good franchises. Like terminator 3&4, alien 4, alien vs predator anything. There’s tons of bad bond movies to pick from and good ones to compare them to (though I don’t think redletter like bond at all). That’s the point, you compare the new crap to the old gold.

  • Yukonses

    There’s already a special half-in-the-bag for prometheus. It’s really funny.

  • I DEMAND more Mr. Plinkett reviews! Especially the Matrix sequels, Twilight and Michael Bay’s Transformers.

    If you fail to comply, Lord Plinkett, I shall write a strongly worded letter to you.

  • les habitants

    These reviews are really funny and smart, but for the love of christ please stop with the “jokes” about raping and murdering women. I assure you that whatever line you think you’re toeing, you’re not succeeding.

    In addition to being utterly opprobrious and not particularly funny, I think they are probably standing in the way of attracting more people to these reviews and your material more generally. And what is the upside? Only the pathetic loser fanboy segment of your fanbase really like these. They’re typically bereft of subtlety and they stop the review dead.

    And what makes you think you can get away with this? Think about it: you wouldn’t do a review where Plinkett raises a lynch mob and kills random black people, would you? But is joking about raping women really all that different? If anything, it’s WORSE, since lynch mobs are more or less a thing of the past, whereas something like one in three women in America are sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime.

    Anyway, time to leave the juvenile bits of these things in the past. You won’t lose your the poorly-adjusted, women-resenting portion of your fanbase, and you’ll make it possible to attract new fans. It’s a can’t-miss.

  • Rodo

    Les Habitants, these reviews are more about Plinkett than the review itself. If you want normal sane reviews watch Half In The Bag, the fact is that the character Plinkett is a horrible and sick human being. Also I think you might have some sort of pent up anger deep down inside for a segment of redlettermedia fanbase that welcome to anti PC bullshit you get from people like you whining about what kind of jokes are “apropiate”… get over it. I kinda like the ludicrous humor of how much lower can Plinkett get, and it’s specifically these snippets of sick humor that is the charm of Plinkett…. otherwise go watch The Nostalgia Critic or something. I appreciate subtlety in humor as well, but that’s not what I watch Plinkett. If suddenly Plinkett was all PC and didn’t make jokes about keeping women in his basement, then what’s the fucking point to Plinkett reviews. Also I find it funny that it’s the rape thing that gets to you, but whatever…. jacking off to 9 year old Olson twins movies until your TV set breaks from all the pressure your stream of cum is exerting against it is totally fine (and more hilarious than rape jokes).

  • les habitants

    First of, re: your olson twins comment, since when is it legitimate to assume that someone is fine with something just because they didn’t expressly say they weren’t fine with it? I mean, should I assume you’re fine with hunting men for sport just because you didn’t say you weren’t fine with it?

    Second, I certainly don’t agree that there would be no point to these reviews if the abduction/rape/murder jokes were dropped all of a sudden. In fact, it strikes me as downright weird that you seem to think that these are THE point. If they’re the point, why talk about movies at all?

    See, I like these reviews because they’re acerbic and edifying. And I certainly like quite a bit of crassness in the humor–to me, that’s part of their charm. But what makes them funny is what typically makes things funny, namely, the acid-tongued phrasing and the timing and tone of the delivery. That’s whats going to keep people coming back, not tone-deaf and creepy asides about raping people.

    You also avoided my point about how it is unlikely we’ll see any lynch mobs in future reviews. There had better be an answer as to why that wouldn’t be fine, but the rape jokes would be.

  • lol


  • haha

    There had better?

    What’re you going to do if there’s not?

    Sit in front of an episode of Melissa and Joe with a big drum of ice cream?

  • Bobby

    I like fucking my cat


    It’s 1 in 4, not 1 in 3, and that study was debunked a long, long time ago. http://www.iwf.org/news/2432517/One-in-Four-Rape-myths-do-injustice-too
    People like you ruin everything fun because you’d rather get your social justice warrior rocks off than have a good time. Futhermore, the Plinkett character’s jokes, that jar the viewer away from the movie in question to humorous effect before returning him/her there, don’t actually work their way into the opinions he expresses regarding the films being reviewed. He was very critical of the “mind rape” that takes place in Star Trek Nemesis, for instance. Plinkett isn’t a “men’s rights” advocate or whatever you probably think and he’s also a fucking fictional psychotic murderer/movie critic so chill the fuck out and shut the fuck up.

  • nocountryforwho

    There’s arguably a time and a place for these discussions, it’s just a joke. Sorry, I’m a liberal as it gets but there’s no need for activism in comedy, nor is it warranted.

  • les habitants


  • les habitants

    I obviously don’t think he’s a “men’s rights” advocate. Why in god’s name would I bother with any of this if that’s what I thought?

    As to the study: I said sexual assault, not rape. Not to quibble, but the threshold for when a sexual assault has taken place is much, much lower. (Also, American Enterprise Institute? Ha! Get a grip.) I think that every fair-minded person will agree that whatever the exact figures are, the sexual assault rate is very high.

    I’m criticizing these bits of Plinkett because I find them awful. Not just morally, but downright bad and beneath the caliber of the rest of the review. They’re just….cheap. Also, I think that a lot of people will agree with me, and therefore that dropping them will help RLM appeal to a wider audience. See, lots of people won’t find this funny, because they’re alive and sensitive to what a fucking catastrophically terrible state of affairs this is. If you don’t care, then…..well, you’re an asshole. And “I’m an asshole and let me get my asshole-jollies” isn’t really a defense of anything.

  • IAmNotLegend

    “In addition to it being opprobrious”

    Oh my…did you look that up all by yourself? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Using big words does not make you smart or sound smart, nor does it make people more acquiescent (that means agreeable) to your point of view. In fact, if nothing else, it makes you look like a prick who has their nose in the sky. No one cares if they think you’re looking down on them…which, by the way, when one is being an activist, that’s exactly what you’re doing. The one rule of comedy, especially internet comedy, is that nothing is sacred. Get off your high horse and get over it.

  • sepiajack

    Personally I like when people are ambitious in their word use.

    Texting has made people lazy in their vocabulary, it’s nice when people at least try to branch out. I liked when Mike used the word ‘re-acclimate’ in the TDKR half in the bag review. Good word, fits well, should be used more.

  • sepiajack

    The morals or value of the humor aside, I do agree that at a certain point they become a distraction from the reviews themselves. The attack of the clones one it becomes a chore to get through them, and otherwise the review is really good. Most of them have been toned down from there. Yes in comedy nothing is sacred, but that doesn’t mean that shock comedy is in and of itself funny on the merits of shock alone, and as with any good comedy timing is everything, too much of anything (no matter in what taste) is too much.

  • les habitants

    Well, you’ll have to excuse me. I’m new to this, and i didn’t realize there were SO MANY unwritten rules. Going by the responses generated so far, the biggest one is apparently “Criticism=Activism”. This is the dumbest one. I mean, I’m not starting a letter-writing campaign. I’m just saying “I like your reviews, but this part is bad and is holding you back.”
    All I intend is a little constructive criticism.

    As for your criticism of my word choice……do you seriously feel like I’m being condescending just because I used that word? That strikes me as very thin-skinned of you. I doubt very much that all or most people are that sensitive. (It’s also somewhat ironic that you’re telling me to “get over” something in the very same paragraph as getting all huffy about *maybe* getting looked down on.)

  • IAmNotLegend

    Who’s huffy? Not I, good sir (or madam), not I. I couldn’t care less if you looked down on me or not. I was more amused by your word choice (opprobrious being a more archaic word, and a little unnecessary when disgusting, distasteful or shameful would have sufficed while communicating your intent far better to people who don’t use language like that), and rolling my eyes at your absolutes in your “criticism”. Like the “there better be”s, or the “You need to do this” or “time to do this” stuff. For being opinions, those sound a lot like orders to me. And the fact of the matter? Plinkett won’t change because one person doesn’t like his jokes. Plinkett gets paid to be Plinkett, and people like him, and not just…hmm…how did you put it? His “pathetic loser fanboy segment”? Right. THAT’S not discriminatory or profiling at all. But my mistake. You’re only “maybe” looking down your nose at people. Again, the one rule of comedy (and that’s ONE. Not “so many”. Good job on the sarcasm there. You really shut me down. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) is that nothing is sacred. You may not find something funny, but it doesn’t matter in the long run, and telling the site/people that it “needs to stop” is just going to get you laughed at. Anyone who enjoys his jokes is not going to stop liking them because one person thinks he’s crossing a line, and Plinkett himself is not going to alter the persona that is actually quite popular and that makes him money every time a review gets watched.

  • les habitants

    When I said there were “so many” rules, I wasn’t being sarcastic. I was registering frustration with the fact that everyone who has posted a negative response to one or more of my comments has taken issue with my way of making my point–i.e., my language or (what they think is) my attitude–and (mostly) avoiding the issue I was trying to raise. What I was saying was that people are appealing to rules or standards of expression (like “don’t use “archaic” words) that are really beside the point. Simply put, no one seems to be responding to the substance of my criticism, and are mostly responding to something else instead. Like taking issue with my “activism”.

    I mean, I guess you kinda responded to it. “Nothing is sacred”, you say. Now I don’t claim to know much about what’s sacred and what’s not, but what I do know is that there’s something ugly about a bunch of people (i.e. men) making jokes and laughing about a kind of violence that they will never ever experience themselves. That’s why I originally likened it to white people laughing about lynch mobs. It strikes me that being able to laugh at things like that depends on not having thought hard about what it would be like to be subject to that violence or the threat of it. And that’s bad, both in itself and because it breeds apathy about a really serious problem.

    If I’m wrong about this then please (and this is a request, not an order) somebody step up and tell me why.

    And btw I’m a dude.

  • Ricky Wright

    So men cant be sexually abused?

  • les habitants

    Nothing I said implies that. Try harder, Ricky.

  • Drain

    I think his cat will eat it before it gets a chance to read it.

  • Drain

    Would you stop trolling Plinkett’s page with moronic trash and kindly piss off? You’re trying to degrade something that doesn’t need degrading just so you can sleep better at night. You’re pathetic. Go watch something on TGWTG or something and STFU.

  • James

    Fuck this cunt.

  • the fanta menace

    Tumblr is thataway zir.

  • JumpinJackFlash

    I appreciate your effort to defend rape as serious subject matter that deserves careful deliberation before being made light of, as it should be. However, the inclusion of rape, kidnapping, and general terrifying serial murderer stuff in Plinketts reviews aren’t there to belittle rape victims, make any sort of statement on rape/ women, or even just for the sake of being edgy. The rapist/murderer material is actually integral to the series’s greatness, and it has nothing to do with thinking rape is funny.

    Things the rape jokes/ “misogyny” achieves:

    A) Sets up the character/ main joke of Plinkett’s character. The idea that such a repugnant, clearly insane character could have such a level headed and well read perspective on film is genius. This idea is the lynchpin on which the entire series hangs, while having nothing to do with making light of sexual assault. The humor is in the contrast between Plinkett’s views on cinema and his moonlighting as a serial murderer, and not in the idea that rape is somehow amusing. We’re supposed to be disgusted.

    B) To experiment with what a movie review is ‘allowed’ to do. Sure, these horrific sections are generally not very enjoyable, but you don’t have to be a woman beating MRM fanatic to see their artistic merit. Even if every single horror section doesn’t totally work, they all push the envelope of the viewer’s expectations, as well as deepening the characterization of Plinkett as this psychopath.

    C) It establishes the kind of humor these reviews contain. Much like the infamous Aristocrats joke, Plinkett’s humor is designed intentionally to be grating/offensive/not PC, in a sort of tongue in cheek perversion of your typical movie review series. These reviews are farcical: if they lacked this extremely dark, contrarian, purposely offensive style then they would lose all originality, fun, and cavalier brazenness. From this perspective, the humor isn’t in rape being made light of, but more in the sheer ridiculousness of how over-the-top gross and un-PC it all is (again, like the Aristocrats joke). Sometimes humor gets so over the top and crass that your engagement with it becomes totally divorced from reality, to the point that critiquing it as offensive 100% misses the whole point.

    D) Makes a meta-narrative artistic statement on the internet, as well as the presumed authority of the critic in popular culture. Every critic on Earth pretends to be the up-most authority on their subject. Most reviews imply a smarmy know-it-all intellectualism in their writers : by making their “prota-gonist” a batshit insane kidnapping women killer, the writer(s) behind Plinkett establish that they don’t view the critic as some sort of perfect machine of judgment, but far-from-infallible human beings. Also, IMO it makes a subtle, satirical commentary on the type of people who obsess over sci-fi films and post two hour long analysis videos of them on the internet. I always thought of Plinkett as like the ultimate satire of 4-chan’s worst elements: old kiddie diddling rapist type people who think car crash videos are funny, while being simultaneously full of trivial knowledge and opinions thanks to their constant internet access and forum visits.

    I guess a much less long-winded way of saying all this is: don’t make the mistake of confusing a characters actions and thoughts with his/her writer’s. Yes Plinkett as a character is morally repugnant, but that doesn’t mean the show is. All of the rape humor is very tongue and cheek: it never comes off that the writer(s) behind Plinkett really believe the stuff he says, i.e. really believe that rape in real life is funny. Yes these videos skirt the line, but that’s their whole raison d’รชtre, right?

    To remove these elements would be tantamount to censorship. It would, in effect, be a total caving in to the rigorously flat demands of PC-ness that refuses to see the context behind the offensiveness. Context is everything, especially in humor.

  • StopCivilisation

    Oh darn. Number two and three is a clusterfuck of disaster to say the least.

  • StopCivilisation

    I bet as long as hollywood exists there will be bad movies comming out ๐Ÿ™‚

  • retardsmacker

    I can’t tell if you’re trolling, or being trolled.

  • rapeisfunny

    speak for yourself. i only watch plinkett for the rape jokes

  • Terra Nova

    That rape jokes are fine. Keep it. It has a little bit of the famous english black humor. The world need more of this!!! And for the Olson Twins kids videos: Why do you think adult single man are buying their videos? Plinketts scene shows the truth about the dark side of the success of the Olsons most of us didn’t knew. Bad things happens and our duty is to don’t watch away. That’s bravery!

  • Mrs Plinkett

    Do the Matrix…

  • jubalbiggs

    I would absolutely love to see Plinkett do Prometheus. AAAAAAHHHH …blessed catharsis!

  • jubalbiggs

    Excellent analysis of the basic dynamic going on with Plinkett. You nailed it with how the guy is SUPPOSED to be repugnant and freaky (and thereby comments on half of the youtube commenter types in the universe) and yet has a pretty brilliant cinematic analysis going. It’s a non-sequitur, and quite funny. I like RLM because their humor usually has multiple levels working at the same time.

  • jubalbiggs

    Ah, but you fail to understand; we pathetic loser fanboys ARE the fanbase for RLM. You see, we have this pathetic loser fanboy cabal where we hold seances and control what Mike and Jay do via evil conspiracy powers. You cannot stop us! MUAHAHAHAHA!

  • jubalbiggs

    You are almost an incarnation of what is wrong with Hollywood. You are so obsessed over what is and is not currently considered PC by the big herd over there that you suggest throwing out the very things that attracted people to film in the first place in order to appease the thought police. You criticize “pathetic loser fanboys” who “resent women” and hold yourself up as a champion of the Holy Victim, when you are very probably a man yourself. The problem is that original humor will usually offend someone or other. In today’s culture (especially, as I said; Hollywood culture) the worst crime imaginable is to offend anyone. So, we must remove anything that The Committee decides might offend anyone from all artistic endeavors and then spoon-feed this oatmeal to viewers in ever-higher framerates and pixel values. If they don’t like it, (because it is boring as shit) we give them lots of pretty colors and big explosions, pretty CGI and the occasional butt or boob shot to keep their bovine attention.
    Plinkett is funny to some people who get that his nastiness as a person is being juxtaposed against his insightful commentary and that he is an embodiment of a commentary against a hyper-critical and kind of psycho internet/youtube culture. Some people don’t think it’s funny (but you have to figure it did go viral for a reason… so LOTS of people apparently thought it was funny). For the people who think it is somehow condoning rape; I’d say; NEVER WATCH ANY MOVIES OR TV AGAIN. Please, for the sake of humanity. Lord knows what ideas you would come away with after watching Quentin Tarantino joke about a lynch mob (yeah; your example of what nobody would EVER think of joking about was pretty bad). The big problem with the PC-religion is that the very first casualty whenever it makes an oh-so-serious, virtue-minded convert trying to crusade their way to a better world by denigrating all the “pathetic fanboy losers” who disagree with them is a sense of humor. Every time a new kid in some liberal arts college succumbs to the drumbeat of the PC-religion, another little spark of humor dies as one more ant loses his ability to ever laugh at a joke without feeling guilty about who might have gotten offended. You are worse than the Christians who make people guilty every time they have sex. Shit; count how many times in a week a mentally healthy person laughs and how many times in a week the same person has sex; PC-do gooders do far more psychic damage.

  • The Ghost of Plinkett’s Son

    Plinkett… DO THE MATRIX Rel&Rev… or I’ll send YOU a pizza roll…… OF DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAATH!!!!!

    (Dear NSA, this is a joke. Do not arrest me. Also don’t you have something better to be doing than reading Plinkett’s webzone?)

    Fuck the Pain Away
    Fuck the Pain Away
    Fuck the Pain Away
    Fuck the Pain Away
    Fuck the Pain Away
    Review the Pain Away

    After the orgy scene I will never be clean again.
    Never be clean again
    Never be clean again

    “Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent
    to the programming of the matrix. You are the eventuality of an anomaly,
    which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from
    what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision. While it remains
    a burden assiduously avoided, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond
    a measure of control.”


  • Edward Stoller

    You guys got a fanbase based off Plinkett reviews and you seem to have stopped coming through with them, trading up instead for your Half in the Bag stuff, which while entertaining enough is essentially dull and lazy reviewing. What made you guys unique was Plinkett and the narrative you created around him during his in-depth, on-the-money reviews/essays.

    You must continue them as they are the only thing that will keep your RLM business going for the long-term success. No one wants to see you guys make your own crappy attempts at films. You guys can’t make films – it’s not your calling. You guys can however make creative film reviews that are just as entertaining and as immersive as any film. Know your strengths. Get another Plinkett review series together.

    That’s your forte. Embrace it and stop pretending to be anything more than goofy internet comedians.

  • Anthony ROOK

    Everyone chant with me!!
    Plankett! *clap* *clap* Plankett! *clap* *clap* Plankett! *clap* *clap

    Also, MR Plankett

    You do know that your ‘flash light’ takes one D-battary (what dose the D stand for?)

  • Mr Generic

    More please, more please, more please…

  • wikiality

    Um. Because why the fuck would a rape victim want to watch a movie review made by a rapist? I would understand if you were asking for a trigger warning – which probably won’t happen – but the story is this psycho rapist makes bad overly observant youtube reviews in his creepy house. Just ask a friend to CleanFlix it for you or watch the SFW edits on youtube if it’s a personal trigger for you. I can’t believe you’re asking him to E. T. it when it’s part of the plot. Half in the Bag is two friendly scam artists who steal from Mr. Plinkett. Nobody cares about Half in the Bag. We already know why new movies suck. We also don’t care or hold a grudge against them for sucking. But it’s quite safe. Your request is incompatible with it being done by “Mr. Plinkett” and just turns into “Mike Stolaska doing a voice”

  • Mcurtiz

    Mr Plinkett

    Please review the “Jaws” series. From the Olympian heights of the first film, to the Stygian depths of “Jaws: The Revenge”, which I consider the worst film ever made by a human. It’ll be a hit series of reviews and I know you’ll dissect the films like no other human on earth can.



  • Karam

    I’ve been watching your Plinkett reviews for years now. They always make my day and they’ve helped me get through some very tough times. I cannot wait for the next one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • None

    PLINKETT not Plankett…

  • Baron Teapot

    if ( theOne == true )
    theOne = false;

  • Miss Clavel

    You have to do more Mr Plinkett. You have a unique reviewing style. I don’t want “half in the bag”, boring… I don’t want YOUR DAMN BAG! TAKE YOUR DAMN BAG OUT OF MY FACE!

  • lockemeister

    please more Mr. Plinkett..I wan’t to see that SOB. He owes me 5 bucks. Don’t say he’s just a made up character. I’m sure I loant him 5 bucks for a hooker back in ’79

  • Naudious

    Review Percy Jackson: Sea of Monster. That movie was shit. It is the climax of fucking lazy, they just copied and pasted everything. They put a fucking sarlacc in there! You don’t even need to read the book to realize the plot was shitty and fake.

  • fakey mcnotarealname

    fuck that. do whatever you need to do fulfill yourselves creatively. plus, feeding frenzy is amazing.

  • Derik Oishi

    C’mon Plinkett! I know your quality reviews take time. They are works of art unto themselves, but try to hustle a little too. Stop spending time with your grandkids and cut back on the Vodka gimlets so’s you can get to work.

  • Morgan Jones

    Whether you like it or not Plinketts character is a psychotic murderer rapist. That will always be part of these reviews. Learn not to take everything so seriously, as long as Mike’s not actually raping or killing anyone I’m totally cool with it. Are they the point of the reviews? No, they are part of the character who makes the reviews, and as terrible as it is, that sick humor is part of what makes him unique. It’s a large part of the reason that everyone keeps demanding Plinkett reviews, when Half In The Bag and many other review shows are open to the public. Speaking of which Half In The Bag is way underrated. The contrasting opinions of two extremely intelligent men reviewing the movie gives a much more even sided review of any of these movies, and helps you see where bias has affected either one of their judgements. They are legitimately funny and they have “less” vulgar humor. If the rape jokes are what bother you go watch Half In The Bag, but if you want to watch Plinkett you’re just going to have to deal with them.

  • HP Loveshaft

    Well, since because of copyright issues, RLM cannot profit off of the Plinkett reviews. However, Mr. Stoller, there is nothing stopping you from donating money to them.

    I mean, if you’re going to start bossing them around, you might as well start paying them.

  • Alex Lee

    *Plinkett looks at Kristen Stewart.*


  • Lizz

    I’ve been rewatching all these reviews… Fuck the Star Wars prequels I’ve seen so many fucking times I’ve practically got them memorized. These reviews are just so fucking intelligent and hilarious. Make more, Mr. Plinkett!

  • Chris

    Do the Pirates movies. They were really dumb (except the first)

  • Roger Sarvis

    derp hurr durr! Plinkett! Derp! Half in the bag is better it goes on first to clean the hair!

  • plankett

    best reviews on the fucking internet
    please do more of this shit, this is fucking art

  • someone

    is mister plinkett in jail?

  • Sphinx

    When Mr. Plinkett gets out of jail, these movies are great candidates:
    Independence day
    Pearl Harbor

    These movies shaped my childhood and made me the man I am today.

  • Spheron

    M Knight Shyamalan. The last Airbender. Enough said?

  • Stoshy

    At World’s End was horrendous.

    Pirates 1 was great. 2 was good. 3 was terrible. 4 was fun.

  • Stoshy

    All of those Percy Jackson movies are crap. Wannabe Hairy Spotter movies.

  • Stoshy

    I enjoy Half in the Bag, but Mr. Plinkett’s reviews are comedy gold!

  • Stoshy

    Ha! I got that.

  • akr

    plinket should review an old classic epic like ben hur or lawrence of arabia

  • John S. Christen

    There needs to be a Plinkett review of Troll 2. There’s no thicker vein of comedy gold waiting to be mined.

  • Mike Skywalker

    For everyone in this comment please look up wishmaster 4. It the top most disturbing horror film i have ever seen. It has the most awkard sex story and the story is just comical. Please Plinklet. Wishmaster 4 perfect next review.

  • Joshua Barkdull

    At Worlds End was the most disappointing movie of the year. I would love to see Half in the Bag do a review on it. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have a pretty good track record which is probably what made this such a huge let down.

    There was one scene in a bathroom where the camera was staring directly into a mirror and yet you couldn’t see it in the shot. Probably a simple trick in this day and age of computer effects but it was an interesting shot and a weird reminder half way through the film that this was made by competent people. Which made it all seem so much worse.

    How did it get to be so horrible when such talented people were involved?

  • Stoshy


    What really caught my attention is during their stand-off was the cowboy themed western track that played in the background. What the heck is that doing in a movie about pirates!?
    Also, apparently Davy Jones can override his little rule about not being able to step on land so long as he stands in a bucket. Talk about a crab in a the bucket to pull this film down even further.

    It deserves not only to be picked apart by Half in the Bag, but torn to shreds in a Plinkett review!

  • TapewormBike

    Man, that is so niche, never gonna happen. But I like to see other peple appreciating that awesome trashy movie. My secret secret wish is, that Plinkett should get a brother, voiced by Jay, talking about Evil Dead and some other horror flicks (Hellraiser 3 would be the perfect Plinkett material in the bizzaro universe, where people give a crap about Hellraiser).

  • TapewormBike

    Nah. Who is really invested in that? I would bet my wanking hand, that neither of the guys ever seen the series (as I have not).Thus, it would be just beating a dead M. Night. Plus, correct me if I am wrong, but the series is still ongoing and is pretty good, right? The movie was a missed opportunity to introduceit to a bigger audience (non shittily), but it really has not ruined anything.

  • JesterHead

    Im with spartacus

  • Plinkett should always be by himself because I don’t like things that are different. Pizza rolls!

  • LukeMM95

    Everyone has reviewed Troll 2, also Mike and Jay discussed it in a Half in the Bag episode. There’s nothing else to talk about.

  • Alex Lee

    You mean The Last Windbreaker right? Cause I thought that was the title. Also, I’d like Plinkett to review that recent Margaret Thatcher movie The Iron Maiden

  • Greg Jones Jr.

    Dear Redletter Media. I humbly request a Plinket Review of The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. Thank you very much.

  • kubrickworship2001

    To Plinket, please review The Last Airbender. help solve the M. Night Shamalaya mystery

  • Caspar Gauntlet

    Please please could you review the terrible Inception… or any of Christopher Nolan’s rubbish that people inexplicably can’t see for the tripe that it is (although Memento was ok I guess)

  • Jeff

    I think thats The Worlds End, and Im sorry to hear it was disappointing, I was expecting so much from those two.

  • TapewormBike

    That movie is absolutely fantastic and gets better with more viewings even.

  • Matthew Corvo

    Seriously ….. review anything! Plinkett reviews never disappoint and there hasn’t been a new review in over a year

  • TapewormBike

    There has however been shitload of ther awesome stuff and they are in post on a feature.

  • Mijk

    All these wishes… I don’t know where it all comes from, but do you really think, there is going to be an awsome review made out of ‘The last Airbender’? What movie is ‘The last Airbender’? Who is ‘The last Airbender’? What did I miss when I haven’t heard anything about ‘The last Airbender’. All right, I heard it was a good anime, made into a bad movie… so… that deserves a Plinkett review? All right.. there is also Cop Dog or Babys Day out as unlikely picks… but ‘The last Airbender’? Why do you care so much? How bad can a movie adaption, I haven’t heard of since, be compared to a kids cartoon a also haven’t heard of? How about the Super Mario Bros. Movie, then? I know Mario and I’ve seen the movie… but I really wouldn’t want to waste a rare Plinkett review on such an obscure movie. It sucks! What else is there to say?
    Please someone tell me, why they think Mike Stoklasa should get out his old Plinket voice again to go into details about that movie. Why do you assume they have great insights about that ‘Airbender’ subject? Please, tell me.

  • TapewormBike

    I never understood where people generally got the idea that just spamming the comments with “Review thisthat!” is a way to make Mike or RLM as a whole do it. If anything, then it seems as too obvious of an idea. Plus of course, all the reviews and commentaries stem from passionate opinions (even Baby and Cop Dog reviews, which now seem as a sort of a proto Plinketted version of BotW type show).

  • Mijk

    Somehow I understand it…
    They just want to have THEIR thing reviewed, regardless if it fits, or not. Review the bonus content on the Rocky V DVD. Review Donkey Kong Country Returns. Please review McDonalds Double-Cheeseburger…

    I personally (and honestly) would like them to make a review of… TV Show Lost, for example. I really was into that show and I would like to see a loooong Plinkett style review, of what was right and what went wrong.
    Here I KNOW that Mike only saw the last episode. So it is clear to me, that a review wouldn’t have the same passion and the same kind of insight I would expect from a Plinkett Review.
    So Here and there pops up an obscure wish for them to review…

    I don’t get why ‘The last Airbender’ is such a popular request. When did ‘The last Airbender’ happen, in our contemporary culture? Why is it a thing? Is it like the worst film on Rotten Tomatoes, and that’s why they should do it?

  • LordoftheJimmy

    I really want to see Pinkett review The Last Airbender. And it’s not necessarily because I want him to trash the Shyamalan film, though it would be hilarious, it’s that the review would lend itself to be compared with the original show. No matter how bad that abomination of cinema was, it only makes you appreciate how brilliant and original tv show AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER really was. That show deserves so much more acclaim, one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

  • LordoftheJimmy

    The reason I’d like to see Pinkett pick that movie apart, as I mentioned in the comment above, is because the review would lend itself to be compared to the original series. The strength of the Star Wars prequel reviews wasn’t trashing the films, it was making you realize how brilliant the original movies were and how the backstory could be so flawed.

    I only got into Avatar: The Last Airbender, the TV series, recently and I have to say, it’s one of the best TV shows, cartoon or not, I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s so original and imaginative, I can’t recommend it more, and I really wish this masterpiece of a series had the same fan-base as Star Wars or Harry Potter.

    And just as it boggled our minds how Lucas could completely fuck up the backstory to Star Wars, I can’t understand how Shyamalan could take such a treasure of philosophical ideas and characters and turn it into shit. But with Plinkett analyzing the film, it could be an enjoyable study, and again, prove how brilliant the original show was.

  • Mijk

    Wow, thank you for your detailed answer. I might understand it a little better. If the source material is that great, perhaps I should check it out then.. I usually don’t watch any anime or cartoon show, though… well apart from Futurama or South Park. That movie just passed me by absolutely unnoticed… But I remember seeing the movie poster in some Plinkett Reviews.. so maybe Mike and jay know something about that, and I was completely wrong in assuming that it wasn’t a thing…

  • LordoftheJimmy

    No problem! I would check it, but it depends on what you’re into. It’s actually not an anime, it’s a Nickelodeon show, thus American made. It’s definitely anime-influenced, but it doesn’t have too many of those awkward anime moments, and the dialog matches much better. Still, it does have some kid-friendly moments, particularly in the first season, but it gets a lot better and more profound in the 2nd and 3rd seasons. Still, you won’t see any South Park humor in a Nickelodeon show…

  • Duckler

    Enough with the Last Airbender already.. ScreenJunkies finally caved and did an Honest Trailer of it. Go and watch that. Also, no one of note is actually reading these comments.

  • TapewormBike

    Or cares. Or should care

  • Travoltron

    Go watch Nostalgia Critic if you want that.

  • Robby

    Or should care about caring.

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    The Honest Trailer is fun, but it’s nothing substantial. Then again I wouldn’t want a Plinkett review of the Last Airbender unless Mike actually watched or had any interest in the original show. If he has seen it, then a Plinkett review of the Last Airbender would be on par with the Phantom Menace review.

  • Mary55908

    “Mac and Me” an E.T. ripoff that’s basically an hour long advertisement for McDonald’s, Skittles, and Coke

  • Connor

    “I’m the one person who hasn’t heard of it – must be obscure!”

  • Mijk

    Yeah… you’re right there, I guess. I might really be the last guy to not know the last Airbender. I actually saw the first 2 episodes recently and it wasn’t bad.
    But my problem with wishes for Plinkett Reviews lies in the format itself. Stocklasa and Bauman need to pick their subject, because it needs some personal note. If they are with you and many others deeply involved in this matter, I would be glad to see this review. If it is forced upon them and they never cared before, I am not so sure if we would get a good plinkett out of that one.

  • bob665

    I enjoy these reviews and learn a lot from them. So for some science fiction
    comedy family-friendly action adventure and romance. I guess the only big genre
    left would be horror.

  • Alex Lee

    The Last Airbender was yet another example of Hollywood getting an incompetent director to make something that completely deviates from the original source material in the worst way possible.

    But if he were to review that movie, I’d rather hear a general review of Shamalyan’s movies and his fall from the audience’s grace.

  • IncendiaryMonkey
  • Stephen Vrachev

    Please do the Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. I would love for you to tear it down… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Denny Jay

    Can you do “Man of steel” That movie sucked so bad it’s almost as bas as Star Wars 1999-2005

  • Phil

    do Jurassic Park 3, the movie wasnt absolutly terible but it was close.

  • SUBmarinoff

    That film was like a video game I had no control of. It was worse than Superman 64 for the N64.

  • thievesarmy

    please, PLEASE do Batman and Robin and/or Catwoman. They’re legendary in their ass-suckage.

  • cass

    Well, it isn’t exactly Plinkett material and Mijk has a valid point.

  • cass

    Indeed, enough said about the f***ing Airstretcher. What is it with that movie? It’s been reviewed to death.

  • Patrick

    When I finished watching it, I imagine I felt very much like Star Wars fans when the Phantom Menace came out. That bewildering sense of disbelief and betrayal, and the constant need to endlessly dissect it and what went wrong. It still occupies my thoughts for over a year, and it takes Plinkett review levels of bad to accomplish that. I know Mike and Jay are still bringing it up almost every other review, even though it’s been a whole year.

  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick

    Still waiting for the Plinkett review of Step Up 2: The Streets.

  • fick

    …any time now…

  • Dragon Nexus

    Yeah but it’s no mystery WHY they suck.

  • StevenTurtle

    mr pinkman pls reveiw the jake gyllenhaal’s career

  • Regressive Goosesteppers

    please to review mein sextape

  • Lat

    Can everyone shut the fuck up with the “ooh review this review that I hated it so you should review it!” bullshit? These guys are incredibly busy year round and don’t have time to indulge your fanboy fantasies. The Plinkett reviews take months to make and would be spoiled if they diluted them by reviewing every piece of trash that has been requested. Patience, assholes.

  • Lat

    Len Kabasinski might be |:

  • bassbait

    Plinkett, can you review this comment? I hated it so you should review it.

  • bassbait

    Thanks for clarifying that Superman 64 was for the N64.

  • bassbait

    fun fact, and this is a true story – my brother’s birth tape was taped over a VHS copy of Hellraiser that my dad owned. The birth was a C-section and supposedly it made the film a lot more disturbing. I wouldn’t mind sending that in to Best of the Worst.

  • SUBmarinoff

    Thank you for beating a dead horse, my friend…

  • bassbait

    I play too much Superman 64 and reply to too many old comments to make friends.

  • MightyFool

    RLM can do it better

  • Gisle Nybakk

    While I enjoy all the shows on this site; I sure wish the new Plinkett would come out soon… At least give us some updates. We’re closing in on the 2 year anniversary of the last one.

  • I really don’t want to sound like one of those ungrateful whiners trying to tell Plinkett what to do…but would you throw us a bone and give us another review? It’s been nearly two years since the Titanic review, and a year and a half since the half-ass Star Trek: Into Darkness review.

    Review another kid’s movie, if you must. Baby’s Day Out and Cop Dog were damn funny!

  • I don’t need a reviewer to tell me the movies suck. Granted, some of his plot twists range from clever to brilliant, but it’s like watching a movie stuck on slow motion. Whenever he puts out a new movie, I wait a week or so then just go on Wikipedia to read the plot synopsis.

  • StepLo

    Batteries Not Included or Staying Alive. Make it happen.

  • Gnar Pump

    Plinkett, please do the cringe worthy Hobbit trilogy.

  • Jesus sucked gay penis

    At least it was short.

  • Jesus sucked gay penis

    You can’t work out why they suck yourself?

  • Jesus sucked gay penis

    Hey Plinkett can you review Passion Of The Christ, I’m sure torture-porn is up your alley.

  • thievesarmy

    That’s not it at all. It’s obvious why they suck, but it’s endlessly entertaining to see people point out all the little things & crack jokes.

  • thievesarmy

    It’s not about them needing explanation, it’s about bad movie reviews being FUNNY.

  • Dragon Nexus

    They’ve been done to death though.

  • Jesus sucked gay penis

    I see your point and stand corrected, there’s nothing funnier than seeing something kicked even more when it’s down.

  • BlowingBubbles

    I’ve never wanted to put a knife into someone’s voicebox so badly. Every single joke was basically “I HAVE THE INTERNET MEME MEME MEME”. Very creative.

  • CarlEmmoth

    Can you do the Matrix trilogy?

  • Robert Jamison

    Plinkett almost choked to death on a Pizza Roll. He’s in a coma. Either that or George Lucas had him killed.

  • highway788

    They did them on Half in the Bag. There’s not going to be any Plinkett Reviews…

  • PatrickJohnson73340
  • *BAMF*

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    More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More More

  • Noah R.

    Len, what are you doing all the way down here? Aren’t you busy doing real life things that the rest of us somehow don’t do all the time? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lol. *shrugs*

  • Noah R.

    Well, carry on then.

  • Murcia Doxial

    maybe both things happened, maybe george lucas sneaked into mr plinketts house and put several nails into his pizza rolls, or got a robot to poop poisonous insects into his kitchen and those insects got into his pizza rolls and he ended up in a coma for eating those

  • avcpl

    Prometheus please!!!!!!

  • tjp77

    Do Watchmen! Or something else! Just get off your ass and do something you lazy hacks!

  • Tarquin42

    Get on it already!! We need your hate!! It tastes soooo goooddd
    Ok ok we’ll wait for the next star wars, which has three light sabers in the poster, so you’re quallities are needed pretty soon <3

  • Kristopher Kindred

    I would like to see him review the next round of Star Wars movies, but I hope he waits until the last media release of the films. That way he has access to all of the extra material, cast interviews, deleted scenes, and other content that allowed him to make such a thorough review of the prequel movies. In the meantime, I’d like to see him review a good movie for a change. Something like Schindler’s List or Bridge over the River Kwai.

    Would a Plinkett review of a good movie be entertaining as his reviews of bad movies?

  • Tw1tcHy

    Will literally rape a dead camel if Plinkett reviews Jurassic Park. Ideally, Jurassic Park through Jurassic World, but I would seriously be floored just to get Jurassic Park. Will send pics of the raped camel if this happens. Do what you like with them. I mean, I’ll probably still rape the camel, but it would be nice if that came with a Jurassic Park review, ya know?

  • Miller

    WTF? Nooo! Are you overdosing on pizza rolls or what?!

    I’ll concede with you on The Lost World, Jurassic Park 3, and Jurassic World, but the original?? DAFUQ is wrong with you??

    Is Jurassic Park untouchable? No, of course not. But to campaign for it to get the same treatment as the other Plinkett reviews is really absurd. Besides the continuity errors here and there, a few plot holes, and a handful of other cinema sins–which, at this point, are really no big secret, I mean c’mon–Jurassic Park wouldn’t make sense as a Plinkett review, because it’s neither grossly overrated or unbearable to watch.

    Think about it: there just isn’t enough material to make a Plinkett review worthwhile–or else he would’ve done it by now! Jurassic Park is AMAZING, despite some of its flaws, because it does such an expert job at every single thing else.

    So I think I speak for the majority of people, including all the camels of the world, when I say, “Don’t fuck with Jurassic Park.”

  • Sebastian

    We need more Plinkett reviews!

  • Alexx_I

    Sounds like someone is running low on pizza rolls.
    Try eating some more pizza rolls.

  • Morty

    I love the Mr. Plinkett reviews. I stumbled on them quite by accident and ended up watching the Star Wars Prequel reviews in reverse order but found them to be hilarious as well as surprisingly intuitive and well constructed. Not just slagging them as awful, but making very constructive criticism as to why they were so bad. All while being funny as hell, well done! You ask for suggestions for future reviews; well after reading the comments posted on this site I have to agree that the Matrix movies need the treatment (even though I love them) as well as Man of Steel, the Terminator films, Prometheus and maybe Amazing Spider-man 1&2 which were so bad they caused Sony to strike a deal with a rival company and loan them their cash cow!! Again, love your work and fully acknowledge how long it must take to create one of these gems!! Thanks.

  • After discovering Mr Plinkett’s Star Wars Phantom Menace review by accident, I ended up watching so much more! Love this stuff.

  • Super Attack-Mode Jesus


  • Chris

    Why aren’t more of these done? I only know Redlettermedia because of these.

  • Mynock

    I took a dump so big today that when I flushed, it stood on its end and thrashed around like one of the sandworms in Dune. You guys should do Dune.

  • Paul Packer

    too much info.

  • Paul Packer

    In a word: No.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Shouldn’t you be crafting viable legislation, Mr. President? This doesn’t seem to be the appropriate place to share this sort of thing.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Bactrian or Dromedary?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    He should review Crash … no, the other one that won Best Picture.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Or Suckerpunch. Or Spring Breakers … or both at the same time.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “Why do you need me tied up in the basement again?” — Timothy Cardinal Dolan

  • Pop Culture Reference

    He’s had a busy schedule between killing all those hookers and being an Ethics Advisor to The Trump Administration.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Based on the Miguel Cervantes novel? I loved that movie!

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I thought it was a sequel to Superman 63?

  • Tw1tcHy

    If I have my druthers, most certainly Dromedary. I’ve been known to go slumming for a Bactrian from time to time, however.


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