Commentary Tracks

  • Joe

    thoroughly enjoyed both

  • bob

    wow, the commentary for a new hope was awesome, now I have to decide if its worth it to have episode one playing in my house.

  • David

    Good Lord!, Are there only 2 previous comments for these commentaries!! Surely more people have listened to them.

  • Laigar

    Wow kinda wasted 2 hours of my life, Had listened to “A New Hope commentary” before and its rly great and funny.

    However The Phantom Menace commentary was a real waste of time, one of the worst things on the RLM website i would say, About 75% of the commentary is just random Plinkett talk about his cats, his dead wife or just random stuff, it could be fun here and there but when the majority of the time is devoted to just random talk it just gets boring.

    The actual things said about Phantom Menace was kinda ‘meh’ aswell, nothing really new and funny, some complaints about lack of motivation for the characters, some rants about Jar Jar and the Gungans leader but then back to talking about his cats.

  • What able-minded RLM fan would complain about Plinkett talking about his cats?

  • How about one for Indiana Jones and The Policy of No Refunds?

  • tagifras

    Agreed. I think the point was: Even though he was talking about his cats, it was still about, or more, interesting than the Phantom Menace.

    Although I would have preferred a rehash of the original review. They could have even used 90% of the same dialog (which is what I was expecting) and I would have been happier.

  • Marvin Falz

    Yesterday I listened to both commentaries accompanied by the movies (well, not at the same time) and I decided, Mike, you’re my favorite Red Letter Medium for reasons of wit, ideas, voice talent, (physical comedy), calm and to the point lecture style, jokes and sense of reality. Please keep up your outstanding work!

  • João Chaves

    I think both tracks are great, and also believe the point of the phantom menace being almost about everything but, was in itself genius work.

    For what it’s worth, George Carlin is for me one of the highest forms of comedy, especially his latter work.
    Mr. Plinkett is right up there. No kidding.

    Thank you, Mike Stoklasa, and everyone else involved.

  • fox-orian

    This is great, hahahah, only critique for future ones: don’t have music looping in the background. I like to play the movie’s volume at about 35% so I can still hear the movie but get the commentary track upfront.

  • kinggirlfriend

    Great stuff, all the commentaries are hilarious. My favorite RLM stuff next to the Trek reviews. Keep up all the swell work!

  • Marvin Falz

    Mike, the Final Frontier commentary is fucking fantastic! (So are your Star Trek reviews).

  • Itchy

    I would pay real money for a commentary or review of Dark Knight Rises.

  • jar jar bucks

    i have been listening to the ep4 commentary like a podcast, just at work, listened to it about 5 times. each time i notice something new.

    the problem when i try to listen to the ep1 commentary is that i can’t actually remember any of the movie, so i have no idea what he’s talking about. and some of the jokes fall dead flat, like the ‘dart board’ thing.

    i guess thats kind of wierd to judge the commentary tracks when im not listening to them properly (while the movie is playing) but its kind of strange how it worked out. also some people say the best reviews are where the reviewer trashes a film they dont like – but with these its almost the opposite, id rather listen to his ep5 review than an ep2 review.

  • nwrob

    I was shocked at the ep 1 track. An unfunny, unclever waste of time. Hard to believe it’s the same talent that produced the reviews. I was happy to toss them a few bucks to show my support, but I hope they dont take it as a vote for drivel like that.’

  • I would love to see a review or commentary track for Star Trek : The Motion Picture !

  • robthom

    Thats a good one.

    A fascinatingly flawed example.

  • Jing Li

    I’d like the Matrix Trilogy please.

  • Leroy252

    I suspect they made Prometheus confusing and disappointing just so they could get a plinkett review (Do a Prometheus review!!!!)

  • Waldo.Pepper

    In order to make any use of these commentary tracks that would mean I would need to sit through these moopies. Something I am not willing to do.

  • MatthEwing

    Prometheus … do that!
    In many ways kind of a good movie, yet so terribly terrible. Rewatchable, but disappointing each time. But why?

  • Benzo

    I was also kinda surprised that it was the same talent. I don’t think he could have possibly added anything to the already excellent review so the commentary track contained mostly what I’d consider to be filler. Critiquing the Phantom Menace at this point is like milking a dead cat.

  • Rob Loblaw

    Matrix … that’s doable!

  • Benzo

    I always laugh when Obi-Wan does the twirl in A New Hope whilst fighting Vader. Like they told him to do fancy choreography because he was s’posed to be skilled with a lightsaber, and Alec Guinness thought: “I’ll try spinning; that’s a good trick”… that was a reference, did’ya get it?

  • Fuckballfaggotpisshole

    Agreed. I was really disappointed when I first heard the Ep. 1 commentary. The two after that (final frontier and new hope) have been brilliant though.

  • Marvin Falz

    I disagree with both of you. The Ep. 1 commentary is not the best commentary but it is not as nearly as bad as you put it.

  • Mark

    I have always forbidden Episode 1 from playing in my house. I might lift that ban just for the commentary track …

  • GoodLarry

    One reason why making a prequel has got to be a pain is that you must constantly check to ensure that your new story doesn’t mess with the continuity of the story that was told before but which takes place after what you’re writing now. Or until you get so confused and fed up with trying that you say “screw it, I don’t really care.”

    A run-on sentence and a sentence fragment? Apparently I don’t really care, either.

  • KC

    I don’t know if he’ll do one for that, he’s expressed several times that he actually kinda likes that one.

  • Why would you want to give a sponge a bath? The sponge is ALREADY clean!

  • Christopher Chadwick

    I can tell you exactly why Prometheus is so good and yet so disappointing. I wrote a Prometheus companion on entitled ‘The Prometheus Code’. In it, I highlight all it’s flaws, bad scene by bad scene (and also, it’s fucking hilarious*).

    * = may not be fucking hilarious.

  • Seppo

    Can we get a commentary track for Empire?

  • newq

    I wish it worked for the original release too. Maybe I don’t want to watch the special edition?

  • Alex Lee

    Eh, you can always mute your TV.

  • Alex Lee

    In this instance, having a big fan of the series/movie would help as a loremaster.

  • Alex Lee

    Yeah, and he did review A New Hope, so maybe he’ll do TMP.

  • Yukonses

    I really enjoyed the Star Trek V commentary track. While I knew you would point out all things about the movie that suck, I wasn’t expecting compliments on where the movie was actually good (albeit not much). This is fair and educational.

    I imagine these commentary tracks are cheaper, quicker and simpler to make as opposed to full-on plinkett reviews (i could be wrong). So logic demands that I demand more of these commentary tracks from yall. Please give us more. And I’m not talking about movies that you’ve already reviewed. I mean those old movies that you want to review but just don’t have the time or resources to make a documentary-style feature.

    Do as I say.

  • Yukonses

    Ok, I have read it all. Very entertaining. You basically hit on my biggest beef: Why didn’t they bring any scientists on such an important mission? Why is EVERY single character dumber than I? Every single person on that ship should have been smarter than me, but it was the opposite. The captain, the zillionaire, the zillionaire’s daughter, the scientists, the map maker, the biologist, all of them are dumber than my cat. And my cat is fucking stupid.

    In the first Alien, they were space truckers so we understand their skill level, yet they handled this alien lifeform with far more caution and professionalism.. In the second movie, they were military grunts, yet they handled this alien with far more caution and professionalism. In the third movie, they were dumb prisoners, yet they handled the alien with far more… well, they died and that’s understandable. But you get the point. I’d feel safer with the prisoners than the Prometheus crew.

    The answer: look at the name on the script. This is the writings of a less-than-intelligent person. That name on the script is the name of a stupid person. Disagree with my assessment? Then the only other answer is that a smart writer thinks YOU are stupid. Now tell me which is worse? Both scenarios deserve your disrespect, so please give your disrespect to the writers of Prometheus. Thank you.

  • Mike Jakermen

    While i agree with all the flaws of Star Trek V. Frankly i have to say i would rather take Star Trek V over any of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek Movie. I would rather watch a ST Movie that tries to have something to say and fails. Than A Star Trek movie that is mindless action from start to finished. Star Trek V might be a poor Star Trek Movie. But it still feels like a Star Trek Movie.

  • Joe Syxpac

    I just streamed a Russian dubbed version of “Star Trek V: Последний рубеж” while listening to Mr. Plinkett’s “Star Trek V: La última frontera” commentary track and watching “Star Trek: Nemesis” with the closed captions on.

    It was amazing!!!!

  • Showbiz Pizza Bear

    очень хорошо!

  • dollar store cashier wife

    so i randomly check on these today and this is what i find?

    what thaaaa fuckkkk

  • Marvin Falz

    Ha! Awesome!

  • Joe Syxpac

    No. It was better than that.

  • TapewormBike

    Those sneaky buggers

  • Aaron

    Can you guys do a google hangout type session where everyone watches their own local copy of the same movie, kind of like an interactive commentary?

  • Jack P. Coleman

    Your name and picture…I can’t even…I just…

  • dollar store cashier wife

    Yes I know that my fabulousness is off the charts.

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    Lies! Sponges are filthy, disgusting things.

  • Kehnin Dyer

    god damn your period use is atrocious.

  • Harry S. Plinkett

    fuk off ghost

  • Jason Blade


  • David Martin

    thank you! i wonder why this was never advertised. downloading it now

  • Fideliolioli


  • Mark Reed

    Star Trek: Generations

  • bruce wayne

    Do The Empire Strikes Back next.

  • Oc3anman

    Fantastic commentary. Thank you for all that you do.
    I have written to address a question. In the commentary, Mr. Plinkett wonders about “the Academy” that Luke refers to. Luke mentions that Biggs has gone to the Academy and then later on we see him flying an X-Wing for the rebellion. Growing up I always figured that, however unlikely or impractical, the Academy was indeed a rebel training center. As a huge Star Wars fan, I politely dismiss many incongruities and nonsensical implications such as a Rebel Academy, but after enjoying the commentary you have provided I’ve come to a different conclusion: the Academy Luke refers to is a place of collegiate study, during which Biggs grew sympathetic to the rebellion against the Empire due to his exposure to drugs and liberal professors.
    Thank you again Red Letter Media,
    I would love to see a Plinkett or Half in the Bag commentary for Return of the Jedi

  • Ken Vick

    you should check out the delete scenes that were released for the bluray, biggs and luke talk on tattooine, it makes it seem like it is an imperial academy, but that people are jumping ship.

  • Torgeir K

    Why do I always have to google RedLetterMedia commentary tracks to find them?

  • Sheev Palpatine

    Please do a commentary for all the star trek movies.

  • Son Goku

    Please add a video to the ST V commentary track. Then I may can die happily ;_;

  • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

    Well I thought Uncle Owen was Anakin’s real brother, but the prequels ruined that too.

  • Gift Card

    More Plinkett Commentaries please.


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