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  • Lord Sidious

    Plinkett you lazy asshole stop wasting your time and money on cocaine and mildly unattractive prostitutes and make another goddamn review

  • ZellesC

    More Plinkett!!!!

  • PrissAssigiri

    went watched promethius,.. i can forgive (some) plot holes
    like the geologist getting lost,..
    like the guy not alerting medical and getting him self checked out when he found fish swimming in his eye,..
    the fact that the android can read everythig perfectly and knows how to unlock all the doors
    infact i can forgive all the plotholes in the first half almost (why dident we see the captin sleep with the realy hot one i dont even know her name i was to buisy stairing at that cat suit)
    but when the realy hot one then decided to whip out the flamethrower for NO REASON,… this is what quarintine is for yet wait he is sick?? flamethrower time. maybe he just had flu or scabies. but no flamethrower and i think i can say at this point is where suddenly all the tension that was built up just goes and it becomes a truly terrble film. anti climactic i mean hell ok everyone who wants to die??? arms up guys yaay it seems like they were in a rush just to kill people only 1 was allowed to survive? it realy did have so many chances to be good yet it it was just lame and dissapointing

  • Scirocco

    ur revows r gud

  • SirHenry

    Hurray up Plinkett stoopid jerk! Wares my free entertainment!

  • Brian Levine

    I want a pizza roll. Gimmee a pizza roll already.

  • Brian Levine

    Watch Half in the Bag. It’ll hold you over.

  • fucksteve

    What are you basing that statistic on? I’m willing to bet that they know their figures more accurately than you do.

  • Nakor

    I have now watched all the half in the bag waiting for more reviews. Do somethhiiiiing. Also “whats wrong with your face” has spread from a one time joke, to a household phrase, to something I hear people I have never met saying.

  • optimismprime

    I personally tried watching Half in the Bag, watched 4-5 episodes. I personally found them boring and unfunny. For discussions of recent movies i find stuff like TGWTGs “Bum Reviews”, Brad Jones’ “Midnight Showings” or even Film Brains “Projector” far more enjoyable, but hey personal taste i guess.

    So i can’t speak for anyone but myself, but i sure as hell come here periodically JUST to look if there are new Plinket Reviews, or the occasional Skit like George Lucas stuff. For me RedLetterMedia is Plinkett + Filler/Padding to make the Site not look abandoned.

  • kruger

    If you find ANYTHING on That Guy With the Glasses enjoyable, then you’re definitely on the wrong website here.

  • Mayor McSleaze

    I would give up all the pizza rolls in the world for a review of Prometheus by Plinkett. That movie is right in his wheel house (sci-fi movies that could have been fun and exciting but ended up being big piles of shit)

  • Intheplink

    I think they released the teasers way too early.
    Should have put them out like 1 month or less before releasing the Plinkett reviews.
    I wonder and am starting to doubt if we will ever get any more Plinkett reviews at all at this point.
    I understand that it may be quite a process to put them together, but don’t make us wait so long between the teaser and the review.

  • Brucey

    I like you.

  • Sagan

    I get that this is free content, and you can and should release more whenever you damn well please, but I’m sort of with the guy below. If you said “hey you ungrateful assholes, we’ll release another plinkett in 6-8 months, keep your pants on”, then everyone (well, some) would just say, “not a problem my good chum, I do so enjoy your humorous commentaries”.
    But the teaser was released in, what, like late June? Then there was the “calm the fuck down” addendum in August or July, but that’s still a mighty ways out for a teaser. Maybe tease it a month to a month and a half in advance?

  • Pan

    Does anyone know how long it’s actually been since Plinkett’s last review, I really want a new one.

  • George Superman

    Give us another goddamn review – I cant feel the stench of cat poo anymore ! How the HELL am I supposed to watch ‘on the trail of the marsupilam’ now ? I BUY NEW CATS EVERY WEEK BUT THEY KEEP RUNNIG AWAY WHEN I TURN MY LAWN MOWER ON, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO HARVEST CAT POO NEEDED TO WATCH THOSE FUCK*!@# MOVIES THEY KEEP SHOVING IN MY FACE !?!?!?

  • The Voices.

    I used to watch terrible movies and hear the voice of Michel J. Nelson narrating along in my head and have a good laugh… Now I hear Harry S Plinkett… and I cant stop seeing this pizza roll… telling me to use a meat cleaver… in every movie…

  • Drake

    When is the next review?

  • Eduardo Leon S Kennedy

    Hurry up with your reviews you lazy fat asshole. Stop bossing the other homos on half in the bag and let them blow each other in peace. WORK for me.

  • JW6

    Yes, exactly this. At the very least, can we please have a “Sorry, it’s taken a bit longer than we thought. We’ll have the next review up in X # of weeks/months.”?

  • neither bad nor good? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?
    That movie was an atrocious waste of everybody’s time and money. Even James Camerons’ time and money. It failed to do anything it set out to do and does nothing but establish an unrealistic space Africa and try to make us feel sympathy for these people because greedy, stereotypical marines want money and have nothing better to do than to lay waste to a space Africa. BORIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING.

  • over-stylized. I’d like to see you come up with better films. Honestly the only film of his I legitimately didn’t like was Charlie and the chocolate factory because they made it more about Willy Wonka than Charlie Bucket, and also because it didn’t need a remake. It was a perfect film adaptation of the book and didn’t need to be remade. Also: no one can top Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka.

  • While I also enjoyed the fight with 3 agents at the beginning of reloaded, but it wasn’t necessary. Like a minute later Neo kicks their asses because they posed no threat to him. So WHAT exactly was the point of that quick fight? To remind us about the end of the first film? To establish Neo’s character (which again, was not necessary) I also liked the fact that the twins could go through things like cars and then be solid again because they didn’t have an obvious weakness. What I HATE about those movies is the fact that way too much time is devoted to exposition about Zion. Couldn’t they have gotten this info to us a different way? like maybe a quick flashback or something not so static and boring? Also the confrontation with the architect should have been at the END of the movie instead of so early on, as with Trinity’s dream. Also the giant mech(s) in Revolutions were stupid. Parts of the final smith fight were cool but it could’ve been better if they’d done it differently rather then a straight fight scene.

  • dein

    Mr. Plinkett, youre so nice and i bet also extremely goodlooking, no make a new fucking review goddammit!!

  • Another Fan

    More, please.

  • Adrian

    Listen bro, at least most people on TGWTG bother to put scenes from the movies in their reviews which shows that they put effort in it and try to be funny about them.

    Nostalgia Critic may go over the top a couple of times but at least he did a lot of reviews. Although i understand the serious note about Half in the Bag, the Plinkett humor in it is sub par, and the reviews though OK feel dull and boring because we cannot make any connections to the movies for the lack of clips to actually present the points.

    Not all reviews should be in that much detail as Plinkett, but at least go the extra mile and try making some funny comments and show us some scenes from the movies to prove your points. Watching two guys talk for 20 minutes is boring.

    Fill up the site with Plinkett reviews and you’ll be the greatest hero since Han Solo… 😉

  • kruger

    Sure thing, bro. Siskel and Ebert sucked too because they, like, discussed the films instead of relying on cheap gags and cutting to clips from the movies. Red Letter Media could sure learn a thing or two from Nostalgia Critic. His schtick is still fresh after doing the exact same thing every week for five years!

    This site should pander to its audience by filling it up with Plinkett reviews. There’s no way that won’t get stale and repetitive!

  • I. Hate Registrations

    Plinkett:Redlettermedia as most only come for the former, but you don’t have to go nuts about the existence of the latter.

  • I. Hate Registrations

    Make whiners put their money where their mouths are. When your kickstarter project reaches $5000, start working on another Plinkett review.

  • achiapet

    the new total recall emotion less action in that movie

  • DP

    come on Mr Plinkett get a new video out. hell i don’t think we care if its a feature film that is released as a movie. i whould go see it.

  • Batman

    Plinkettt….suck on my asshole!!

  • Please, please, please do Prometheus!

  • I thought the flame-thrower reaction a bit extreme as well. What if he just had a flu? She didn’t ask. How did she know? My brain hurts thinking about this film. I liked the robot. Oh, yeah, and come on: robot named Dave who talks like HAL, old guy in white robe who looks like Dave Bowman, aliens left trail of crumbs for us to follow them to space? Or not? And that constellation in the cave-painting was a planetary system light-years away? Please stop the pain, Plinkett! It’s your job, right?

  • Bill

    I need a 33 disc DVD set and a Redlettermedia disc companion guide to answer some of my questions. Questions like…

    1. What do you guys think are the most overrated films ever made?

    2. Why do Mike and Jay always look like they have taken too many depressants whenever they talk about Prometheus?

    3. We know how Plinkett killed one of his ex wives in the “car accident” but how did he kill the others?

    4. What films do you guys think is the most underatted?

    5. Do you guys have a list of the best worst movies?

    6. What Plinkett Review do guys think are the best?


    Joking aside though, I still think I can wait but you guys should seriously have a Q&A video.

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the actual name of the book, so I’m not sure what the point is in complaining about that.

  • ilovedisco

    why havent you done the Matrix Trilogy yet?
    i would love to hear your analysis/critique.

  • JW6

    3. He chopped up Bambi in the bathtub and put her into several dumpsters.

  • Carl

    Bambi was killed in a bath tub. “she cut her wrists out of guilt for stealing Plinkett’s money” (so he claims)…


    Stop sitting around your fatass and give us what we want you fat homo. Nobody cares about half in the bag.

  • President Obama

    The way this is going I’ll have completed my second term before we get the new review.

  • /a/

    Hey plinkett, review some bad anime like sword art online

  • Palpatine’s Pantaloons

    Plinkett is the only thing on this site that isn’t shit. Red Letter Media is the most disappointed thing since Plinkett’s son. Please stop with all the shit and make more Plinkett reviews.

  • George Superman

    …and paid a prostitute to write a suicide letter and than she wanted to tell on him – but it all ended well. Meaning he pushed her in a fucking water well.

  • George superman

    for fuck sake – maybe they wanted do make a review, made a teaser during the process and then decided that the review was below average of plinkett reviews and decided to just dump it?

    They dont have the new review locked in tha basement just to piss you off by not releasing it you asshole. (Or at least I dont think they do – guys have a strange sense of humor).

    anyway while Id like to see new plinkett review too I prefer to see one in 5 years and being great than seeing shitty one every 5 months.

  • George Superman

    Have you thought of making commentaries like the oryginal star wars? (Im not calling it a new hope because its just as goddamn stupid as ‘the phantom menance’ and implies that the prequels were supposed to exist instead of being created due to inability to sell more ewok toys because even the kids started hating them).

    Im not gonna bitch that I wand a new review (I do but I prefer them to be as good as possible so I can wait even fucking years for another one – half in the bag works awesome as a week-to-week thing) but commentaries should be easier to do I think – right ? Im not an expert on this but it seems logical and would be awesome – you could do a commentary from time to time so we would get some more plinkett time and you could do a full actual review when you feel like you have quality work in your hands.

  • JW9

    Oh Jesus, are you really suggesting that Red Letter Media owes you an APOLOGY??? The delusion of some fans…

  • JW6

    I don’t see what part of my post makes you think I’m pissed off. They have a Twitter account, how hard would it be to post something about the next Plinkett review?

  • JW6

    I don’t think that at all. All I’m suggesting is that they make a simple post, say to the Twitter account they are constantly updating and give us a heads up on how long we have to wait. I didn’t literally mean they should apologize.

  • George Superman

    maybe they want it to be a suprise?

    maybe they have no idea when next plinkett will be out ?

    or maybe (just maybe) they have some idea but still theres a possibility that their normal day jobs (I would bet they dont live off this website) and personal lives can always push that day further in the future and if they would post (or twitt or whatever kids do nowdays) when they want to make the next review and than had to say ‘we have nothing this week wait a little longer’ like 1000001 people would whine

    and whine

    and whine

    and whine

    and whine

    and whine some more

    that theyre ENTITLED to this FREE CONTENT that those guys do in their free time

    that those guys are assholes because they dont want to take care of all their needs RIGHT NOW

    and that its their JOB to tell them when the reviews will be out – the day and the hour- and kiss them on the ass for watching them and than complaining that they were ok but they didnt like this and that or whatever

    I feel like an old man saying this but: WAIT kids WAIT and than, if whatever you want right-now-now-right-now-me-want-now doesnt happen, take a few ADHD pills and WAIT some more.

    Seriusly those guys take their free time to create fun movies and reviews and about half of responses I see is whining about something – must suck for the authors.

    Next plinkett will be out when it will be out.

    Im betting theyd be happy to realease it soon too but for some reason they dont so all we need to do is wait and calm the fuck down.

    Also: Get of my fucking lawn with your goddamn skateboards!

  • Papabear

    I cannot wait to hear what he says when he finds out Lucas sold his company to Disney for 4 billion and they are making Star Wars Episode 7, 8, and 9.

  • George Superman

    This is just sad 🙁

    I mean I hate what he did with the prequels with a burning passion but …. the guy had to force himselph not to cry at one moment I think.

    To be such a failiure, universally hated by the fans of your own work, to destroy your own franchise, drive it to the ground and than sell it to people who will not care about you and what you did to become a laughingstock of …. well everyone.

    Universal hate.

    Total failiure.

    No escape.

    Fuck – I thoughts I had problems ….

    the gal seemed very, VERY mean and I dont mind disney – pirates of the
    carrabean were awesome and with no blue/green screen and I remember
    thinking at one moment ‘too bad those guys didnt do star wars’. Captain jack sparrow

    was an awesome character thet reminded me of both indiana jones and han solo, the boring blacksmith was very very similar to luke by the way he acted and keira knighetly was a great fighting-princess type character. Pirates were basicly star wars with pirates – disney can make good movies I think we should at least give them a chance at making those sequels before we brand this as a tragedy. Maybe theyll actualy remake the prequels and the oryginal trilogy one day – if the new saga is a success. Who knows?

    But lucas … I actually wont make jokes about him at this point. Hes had enough. Hes broken and I think we should leave him alone to cry in darkness.

  • George Superman

    This is just sad 🙁

    I mean I hate what he did with the prequels with a burning passion
    but …. the guy had to force himselph not to cry at one moment I think.

    To be such a failiure, universally hated by the fans of your own
    work, to destroy your own franchise, drive it to the ground and than
    sell it to people who will not care about you and what you did to become
    a laughingstock of …. well everyone.

    Universal hate.

    Total failiure.

    No escape.

    I thoughts I had problems ….

    the gal seemed very, VERY mean and I dont mind disney – pirates of the
    carrabean were awesome and with no blue/green screen and I remember
    thinking at one moment ‘too bad those guys didnt do star wars’. Captain jack sparrow

    was an awesome character thet reminded me of both indiana jones and
    han solo, the boring blacksmith was very very similar to luke by the way
    he acted and keira knighetly was a great fighting-princess type
    character. Pirates were basicly star wars with pirates – disney can make
    good movies I think we should at least give them a chance at making
    those sequels before we brand this as a tragedy. Maybe theyll actualy
    remake the prequels and the oryginal trilogy one day – if the new saga
    is a success. Who knows?

    But lucas … I actually wont make jokes about him at this point. Hes
    had enough. Hes broken and I think we should leave him alone to cry in

  • Urokah Doshevik

    Hey Plinkett, Disney have bought Lucasfilm and they’re going to be making more Star Wars films…

  • JW6

    Yeah, ok, but all I meant by seconding that other guy’s opinion was that they would have a lot fewer people posting bitchy comments wanting to know where the review is if they gave periodic updates. It’s what I would do in their position. I notice they mentioned in a post that it’s being edited, which is all I ever expected.

  • George Superman

    Yeah I know what you mean but this only works when they really KNOW when the review is out.

    If theres a possibility they can be interripter by something – work, wife, children (also known as younglings) or whatever – all that giving information will get them is whining when they move the deadline further in the future.

    My point was: if they knew when the review will be out they would tell it. They didnt for a reason.

    Doesnt matter now since they posted that the next one is in editing 😉

  • 1234 heres the correct link I think

  • jubalbiggs

    Beautiful post. Ha ha. You know, I think the fans should get together and help these guys put together one of those project-funding-on-the-internet sites for RLM. That way, when people get all ancy and want their next Mr Plinkett hit, they can go there and contribute a couple bucks. Maybe RLM could even end up with a budget for an indie movie or something.

  • /tv/

    Go away /a/

  • George Superman

    The fact that you contribute a buck does not mean that they have to tell anybody when the release date is.

    It also doesnt mean that red letter media people dont have pesonal lives and jobs which can interfere with fan made movies and reviews.

    Also: indie movies are very VERY low bugdet most of the time actors arent paid a dime and all the stuff used in the movie is rented or just burrowed from personal friends or friendly movie company. So your buck might have not made as big of an impact as you may think.

    The fact that you gave them a dollar does not mean youre entitled to anything. It just means you gave them a dollar and (possibly) hope they make more of the stuff you like. You are not their boss because of that dollar.

    So ‘no entitlement to anything’ and ‘wait’. I dunno maybe try writing that on your hand? Or twitt it everythay on your phone smaller than your earring hidden under your emo hair? Or however you kids do to remember stuff?

    also for the sake of making this experience as simple as possible:

    “not being entitled to anything’ – a state when you want something but you cant get it by whining or complaining on and on and on. You want something and you cant do anything about it but wait a little while perhaps. Snappy ironic and oversimplified comebacks dont work either by the way.

    ‘Waiting’ – continuity of living even thought you want something or someone.The fact that you want it now and youre a special and unique snowflake so you should get it right away doesnt matter. For example ‘I wait for a friend to call me’ means ‘I want/expect a friend to call me and perhaps it will happen in the future’ not ‘I wil whine and whine and tell everyone around me how very important I am and kick and cry untill I get what I want what is a friend calling me’

    get it?

  • jubalbiggs

    I’m not sure you actually understand the English language, but I’ll write back anyway because I have time on my hands.
    I actually thought your earlier post was pretty good. I thought it somewhat amusing considering that I get annoyed by whiny young people on the internet too. I decided to try to constructively offer an idea, which I thought might be good enough to be picked up by other people who also like this site.
    You still with me? I am trying to speak English; I assume you understand it, because you seem to have written something in it previously.
    Ok, so, you write back that I don’t “own anybody” for having contributed a dollar to them, that nobody gets paid for indie movies, and there is no point to trying to help out something I like, and that I am emo… uh huh.
    See, what we have here is a failure to communicate. You, sir, are acting like a troll and, frankly, an asshole. You won’t even let someone agree with you (try re-reading my post up there). If the wider community of RLM fans is like you, maybe it isn’t such a good idea to try to constructively offer ideas we can all contribute to, because asshats like you will come along and try to make everyone miserable.
    How hypocritical is it to be ranting about selfishness and be so blinded by your own emotional state that you can’t even read and understand what other people are trying to communicate in plain English? I’d say you might want to look in the mirror about selfishness and “demanding things” buddy; like; how about your demand that other posters on this forum conform to YOUR demands?
    To put it very concisely; Screw You

  • George Superman

    ‘You know, I think the fans should get together and help these guys put
    together one of those project-funding-on-the-internet sites for RLM.
    That way, when people get all ancy and want their next Mr Plinkett hit,
    they can go there and contribute a couple bucks.’

    I assumed the post was a snappy sarcastic whine since um … we ARE on one of those project-funding-on-the-internet sites. Kind of. Right? And that you mean that you contributed something (theres a place here where you can contribute to the site I think) and now you want red letter media guys to give you the info since you gave them money or something like that.

    F$@# that was overthinking on my part and I do owe you an apology – im very sorry Ive put waay to much deph to your post. And made an ass out myselph on the way ;P Sorry again, completely my bad

  • George Superman

    Oh and by the way english isnt my even remotely my primary language so I guess I can find a ‘deeper meaning’ that isnt there sometimes. Anyway – sorry again my reply must have been quite a shock 🙂

  • jubalbiggs

    No big deal. I came back too harsh myself. Probably just pissed at the “emo” thing. 😉
    I think I’ll go find my “grouch begone” pills now.

  • RapistMcGiggles

    Get off your ass Plinkett and make another review , If you do I will give you a lifetime supply of Pizza Rolls .

  • achiapet

    there making more star wasz

  • You are such a douche. Don’t compare those shitty Pirates movies to Star Wars! I think I’m going to vomit! You just compared Captain Jack Sparrow to Han Sol-
    oh, I vomited. Oops, vomited some more. Vomiting in stanzas. I don’t even know what that means.

  • I don’t know, I think disallowing the guy with the space virus from getting on the ship made more sense than anything else in the film did. Hell, I’d probably light his ass up too. He was fucked.

    That’s not nearly as bad as the heart monitors. You’re telling me nobody noticed 2 of the heart monitors were inactive after geologist and biologist died? Nobody noticed that and like replayed the recording of them getting murdered by the alien snake thing? “Hrm, 2 of our guys aren’t responding and their heart monitors are no longer working. Their cameras show them just kind of laying there kind of like they’re dead. Lets send the rest of the crew in to check it out, and lets just not tell them about it. They’ll be fine.”

    What’s going on in this movie? What’s this all about?

  • George Superman

    yeah sorry but star wars are not better movies than the pirates.

    I like star wars more sure, maybe beacuse I watched them when I was a child and for years were a book-reading fan of that universe . But they were (aside from Empire perhaps) just adventure movies that were great. Nothing more.

    Oh an yeah you can compare han solo to jack sparrow ;P theyre the same archetype of character – rogue with a heart of gold, more experienced than the main character (luke/boring blacksmith guy) a little more evil and not as one-dimentional.

    Also yelling ‘Im going to vomit’ does not make your point valid. It just makes you look like someone who uses pliketts quotes to force your opinion, Maybe the new movies will suck – theres a good possibility of thatm syre – but maybe they wont?

    My point is if lucas does not make them and a decent company does maybe theres no point to whine how horrible they will be untill they come out? I mean most people would bet the Avengers would suck and they didnt.

    Also from your comment Id say that even Scorsese would make the movie youd yell ‘Oh a guy who made Godfather! Im gona vomit!’ or something similar. Judging something that does not exist is kind of pointless dont you think?

  • JohnWaynman

    Uh… “posted 11 days ago”… ?

  • JohnWaynman

    Sorry for the stupid response, I’d read the post wrong.

  • If you are looking for epic story telling I am not very sure that Disney would be the best place to go. I think of the pirates movies to be a cross of transformers and the star wars prequels. While the acting is by far better they still got caught up in the use of CGI and explosions. Not to say that it was not an entertaining movie but to compare this with the original star wars which explores much more depth of characters and themes I would say is wrong. Pirates capitalized on the same nostalgia franchises we knew and loved as kids. Things like Disney Land, Transformers cartoons and toys, rockin-sockin-robots, battleship, and star wars. I am reminded of the current vampire/zombie craze that has run rampant. I feel that Pirates fall under this same category.

    If you are looking for a comparison I think you would find a closer match in Charlie the dog in All dogs go to heaven movie. Who is a roguish gambling, risk taker not afraid to get his hand dirty, as opposed to an aloof, drunken, scoundrel, manipulator. Jack may have had similarities but he uses everyone though out all the movies to get what he wants while Charlie and Han are both willing to break the rules, and get what they want but in then go back and take the risk of helping in the end. In fact in general you will find much better films and storytelling in Don Bluth’s productions than you would ever find at Disney. Disney is exactly what Lukas is a highly commercialized entity more concerned with making money than telling a good story. No Disney movie has made me want to cry yet I find myself fighting tears every time I watch little foot run at his shadow thinking it’s his dead mother. Or Fievel Mouskewitz lamenting about the loss of his family as he sits in filth all alone in the cold. These animated films carry much more drama and better acting in 1 scene than the whole damn Pirates and Star Wars prequels combined. To think that Disney would do better when they don’t have the best track record is pretty darn naïve. While I respect your opinion I have sincere doubts
    that this money making machine could possibly accomplish this momentous task.

  • George Superman

    Now this is a message and criticism I am happy to reply to ! 🙂

    And yes I would agree that pirates are a much simpler movie than the star wars. Dont get me wrong on that. But they still were much MUCH better than the prequels ( I know – even dead, rotting animals on the side of the road are better than the prequel, but you get what I mean).

    One thing is – nothing will ever live up to our expectations regarding star wars. Sure they were great movies but theyve grown in our heads and now they are something much bigger in there that they really are.
    Watch the plinkett commentary of a new hope – he easily finds lots and lots and lots of mistakes and things to laugh at. Every movie has those things.

    Sure if I had magical powers I would make Scorsese do the movies – prequels and sequels. Hes a perfect moviemaker and is fascinated by the philosophies and the religions of the East – mainly buddhism. As a Zen practicioner I would love that.
    I would also create a script that focuses mainly on story, dialogues and slow character developement that would fascinate me and make me think.
    But thats never gonna happen.
    Scorsese will not make the movies because he doesnt give a sh&#* and whomever makes the movies will have to put lightsaber fights there to make people see the movie in order for them to be profitable. Thats just how the world works.

    What I mean is: theres a good possibility that those movies will be decent.
    As in: yes they might suck but they also might be pretty good.
    Not ‘perfect’ – ‘good’.
    Oryginal movies werent perfet either by the way, we just think they were because of the feelings we associate with them.

    We wont know anything for sure untill the sequels are done anyway.

    My hope is this:
    1)Star Wars is a great franchise. As in: a great way to make money.
    2)Disney realizes that and also realizes that Lucas almost fu$$@@ it up completely with the prequels. People do not believe in ‘new star wars movies will be good because its star wars’ anymore. So just using the name and doing nothing more wont make the cashcow give milk anymore

    3)The only way to make the cash flow their way (and they need at least 5-6 billion profit to make this deal good since they gave lucas 4) is to make good movies. Movies that will make you come back and buy games and books and so on. They cant capitalize on just the name – prequels already did that and now it wont work.
    So the only way to make money for the company is to do a good job making the movies – than the cash will flow.

    And they have resources to do that – lots and lots of cash, lots and lots of pull with actors and directors and so on.

    Sure theyll probbably streamline the philosophies a little and put more action in it but they wont make a disaster like the prequels.

    Pirates werent THAT dumb. If theyd do exacly what they did there in the new star wars just add some eastern philosophies, quotes and thoughts and perhaps a few visual metaphores wed get good movies. Or at least I would be happy to see them.

    Its like that new star trek movie:

    Its dumber than the oryginal movies but its not dumb per se and its waaay better than the new generation movies.

    It revived a franchise which was almost killed by dumb decisions and awful moviemaking. I would have revieved it a little diffriently but this doesnt change the fact that the franchise would be dead and buried without this film.
    And most important of all: it was fun to watch. As in I didnt feel angry or irritated when watching it – I kinda liked it. Its not my PERFECT start trek movie but hey – star trek lives, is pretty decent and Id get new adventures of Federation heroes soon. The deal isnt that bad I think.

  • George Superman

    Oh and Lion King made me cry ;P How fucking embarrassed I was I cannot descibe but it did 😉
    Also: while I did not cry during the Avengers I did enjoy them a LOT. If they took the same director and screenwrighter (just make the movies deeper since star wars is not the same as superhero movies) the new movies could really be AWESOME xD
    Once again – sure mickey mouse may fu#$$ me up the ass#$$% without any kind of lubrication but I might as well get a great movie and life brought back to my favorite franchise. Since I cant do anything about this or influence how the things will play out in any way I choose to be hopeful of the future.

  • JohnWaynman

    Uh, I’ve already replied to something simialr on another video, but seriously, you’re
    *way* overdoing Lucas’ “failure”.
    He and his late movies are still popular and well received among many, it’s just the large amount of criticism probably gets to him nevertheless – but he’s got his own policies regarding the OT release to thank for that, so it’s kind of directly his fault.

    I don’t feel to keen about “picking on” him, either, but he’s not as much a failed miserable artist at this point as he’s an asshole to his fans. And it’s something that can be easily reverted, so… yea.

    Also, his retirement may be seen as a consequence of such a depression, but not this – he’s always said he wouldn’t do any more SW movies, the franchise’s been milked with animated shows, rereleases and video games for almost a decade now. It’s not like he wanted to make more movies but all the criticism discouraged him horribly – he never was going to, and now he let someone else do it. Strikes more as “normal” and “reasonable” than depressed and desperate… but maybe that’s just me.

    Also, for all his apparent cries and tears, he still came off as funny and charismatic in that interview – he seems alright to me.

  • JohnWaynman

    “those shitty Pirates movies”
    I don’t think you have any conception of what a good movie is. You’re just a star wars nerd who can’t wrap his mind around some movie being different from your favorite one – Jack Sparrow, while being roughly the same archetype, is a comedic weirdo and a trickster, so now that sucks.

    The villains are hammy pirates rather than evil overlords and nazis, so… they suck.
    I doubt you’ve spent even a minute looking at the actual cinematic and narrative qualities of those movies, especially the first one, at least not if one judges by your comment.

  • JohnWaynman

    Although I don’t find Will Turner “boring”, I thought he was a terrific protagonist in the first movie, and held together the sequels pretty well, too.

    I especially like the combination between sincerity and humor that he does, and I felt his acting was rather charismatic and impressive most of the time.
    Some may remember him as being that dull, underacting, idealistic bore among those really exciting, shady hammy pirates – but actually he was just as theatralic as them, speaking mostly in an exaggeratedly elegant (one might call it “Shakespearean” in a way) manner and providing a comical contrast to his environment – and that was when he wasn’t doing some hilarious, silly thing himself, which happened a lot.

    Everyone keeps saying he was “boring”, but I just don’t see it.

  • JohnWaynman

    “While the acting is by far better they still got caught up in the use of CGI and explosions.”
    That’s… a rather lame reason to compare them to the prequels, don’t you think?

    There’s nothing wrong with CGI, and *especially* nothing wrong with explosions, of which there was a lot in the OT, and in countless action movies that were done with practical effects without one bit of CG.

    The only reason it was criticized in the prequels was because… well, it ended up looking too shiny and unrealistic most of the time, and it served as an excuse to do comparably little with the actual actors.

    Pirates used tons and tons of real sets, and felt dirty and gritty. Davy Jones was praised as being almost indistinguishable from a character in make-up. There’s no way in hell you can just compare its use of “CGI” to the prequels and use it to imply some parallel in quality.

    Plus what made the prequels bad, at the end of the day, WASN’T the CGI and explosions… it was the bad acting and lacklustre storytelling. Which… is exactly what you don’t find in the Pirates movies.

    Seriously, it much better lends itself to comparison with the original Star Wars film than the prequels, and I don’t think ANH had any particularly “deeper” themes or characters, either.
    V and VI are obviously on another level already, and I wouldn’t compare them to the Pirates sequels – those were more “epic”, more serious at times, but at their core still the same adventure movies as the first one.

  • JohnWaynman

    “So just using the name and doing nothing more wont make the cashcow give milk anymore”

    You sure? The prequels were pretty damn successful, despite some of the critical backlash.

    Btw, sorry for flooding this page with comments lol, it’s just when you read a series of comments and find something to respond to in each of them… you know? 🙂

  • George Superman

    “”So just using the name and doing nothing more wont make the cashcow give milk anymore”


    You sure? The prequels were pretty damn successful, despite some of the critical backlash.”

    I know I wrote a long post but read carefully ;P what I said is :
    the prequels used just the name and they broke the trust of the people and while people did went to see them ‘just because there star wars’ now the customers need something more because the name ‘star wars’ doesnt carry the same weight as it did (because then you associated it with the great oryginal trilogy and now you associate it with sh#!!$ prequels).

    So since the name alone doesnt bring the audiece anymore and they do need cash to make buying lucasarts profitable – there pretty much forced to make decent movies 😉 and Im exited about that to tell the truth because thats a reason that would make even a money grabbing company do great work – theyre greedy and the only way to satisfy that greed is to do their best to make a good movie 😀

    Oh and I do agree with John that CGI etc doesnt make a movie bad. Or explotions or action. Not when theyre used right.

    The prequels – as plinkett said – failed to connect with the people and to tell the story in a way thats interesting and/or compelling. Thats the main problem with them.

    Sure CGI were used wrong but I disagree with that one cant make a movie entirely with blue screen. Sure they can . It just has to be used right

    – put some things inside like spaceships, furniture etc to make it as real as possible.

    -Make the area big so the actors wouldnt be forced to act in a tiny enviroment.

    -Direct right so the actors know when and how to respond not just stand and say sh!#@#@$ dialogue.

    -Dont make the special effects the focus of the movie. Make them a way to tell a story.

    The list goes on but you catch my drift.

    Besides you cant just say that something is wrong because it sucked in the prequels and plinkett pointed it out.

    Example : Obi-One sucked a#% and was boring but Ewan McGregor is an awesome AWESOME actor. He was just directed wrong and his character was written horribly as were all the other characters in the prequels.

    That doesnt make Ewan a bad actor – that makes Lucas a moron.

  • George Superman

    I think hes just dumb and a bad director to tell the truth. I dont think hes a bad person.

    And I think he may have sold lucasarts to someone to make good star wars and indiana jones movies. I mean sure he did it for cash too (I wouldnt mind 4 bilion in my pocket either) but hmm …. I dunno. Seen that remark when the reporter says ‘youll be a creative executive (or something)’ and he says ‘yes BUT DONT WORRY ill be JUST like a hologram’ (sorry for caps want to point something out) ? It just seemed to me that he failed miserably, kows it, feels bad about it (and he should – the prequels were horrible and he was arrogant for not just hiring a director after the phantom menance) and just wants out – so he sold the company to someone who gave him a good deal and possibly can do a better job and than ran.

    Picking on lucas now is like picking on the fat kid who used his mommy to froce himselph into the team because he thought (for no reason) hed be awesome in it and than made the team fail every single game in the season.

    I mean the kid fuc%@!# up and everybody pointed and laughed – and they had every right to do so – but now when he cries in the corridor for the third week its just not fun anymore. I think.

  • George Superman

    Well this type of character just bores me – I hate idealist-heroic-good characters and love the rascal characters. Theyre just much more interesting to me but I guess thats just a matter of tastes

    For example: I hated Luke and hate him still ;P sure he works but every single character in the oryginal trilogy is just waaaay more intersting to me than he is.

    I mean serously – I liked that ‘its a trap’ fish guy (forgot his name – Ackbar?) more than luke – and I hated him in the books of Expanded Universe too.

    Blacksmith is not as whiny but hes still boring to me too – but thats just my oppinion I used ‘boring blacksmith’ name just because I could not remeber what his name was 😉

  • My point was that the story was not what you take away most
    form those Pirate films. I clearly state that they were entertaining and had better acting by far. While the Pirate films didn’t have any major plot problems that I can think of it wasn’t memorable to me at all. The 1st Pirate movie was by far the best but still once again doesn’t hold a candle to striking an emotional cord like ANH did for me. It’s not just about acting, special effects, and plot. The score and tone of the film it’s self is more memorable than anything I can think of in Pirates. I fact the only thing I remember form those films were “why is the rum gone?!”, Davy Jones Octo-beard, and Keira Knightley looking all sexy in her bustier. Disney was capable of great story telling but
    started to lose its focus when it became much more of a commercial empire. (Not that this is bad either and in my humble opinion) This led to lackluster writing and sub-par story telling when you compare them to the work that Don Bluth did when he left Disney and Teamed up with Steven Spielberg. So again my problem lies in the fact that the
    story it’s self isn’t all that interesting and I think a lot of it had to do
    with the fact that they were trying to capitalize off a ride at their own theme park and the popularity of Pirates themselves. To me it is clear at least that all the attention went to the explosions and this bumbling cocksure drunken manipulator. I am not opposed to explosions and CGI but I do think that a story can suffer at least somewhat when this or other things take precedence. Think of all the marketing that went into it. You had eye candy for the dudes and chicks, Pirates, and the nostalgia you would feel remembering floating though those musty, dark, watery tunnels.

    I also happen to disagree about the over use of the CGI as
    well with the prequels. For me that was a huge problem with the movie. Even on the dirty dry deserts of tatooine everything felt glossy and out of place. There was no grit to the films, which ruined the element for me. While pirates was definitely nowhere near as bad it still had a kind of film or what I call a “clean dirty” look to it. All these dirty ass dudes running around with mascara
    on. These fake sets don’t exactly give an actor a lot to work with, so can you really blame them for the lackluster performance?
    In fact all the stars in these films are notoriously good actors ironically. So the over use of special effects and explosions do effect the story quite a bit. A good example of this would be any Schwarzenegger film. You don’t watch his movies for the plot, the same as I don’t watch Pirates for a plot. I watch it because it satisfies my desire for that nostalgia of watching sweet films jason and the
    Argonauts, the adventures of Sinbad, the odyssey, and once again looking at some hot chick getting sprayed with sea water while remembering my trip to Disneyland.

  • bottom line is most sequels & prequels suck balls especially when they are in the hands of companies who just want to make money as opposed to telling an awesome story. it is good that you have a positive outlook; just allow me to have a negative 1 so we can balance each other out. I am reminded of all things awesome that are destroyed when they attempt to continue beating a dead horse. Examples include: Terminator, Land Before Time, Toy Story, Star Wars, Rocky, Rambo, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Tremors, Speed, Teen Wolf, Back To The future, Lostboys, Transformers, Dumb and dumber, Alien, Airplane, and now the soon to be worst of all Beatlejuice. Plenty of good movies that are awesome, fun, memorable movies are being destroyed in the name of profit and the writers lack of creativity to come up with new material.

  • I am not opposed to the use of action/explosions and CGI in fact these are some of my favorite movies. I have a personal collection dedicated to arnold schwarzenegger. My whole point is that the Pirate films were not very memorable beside slutty bitches getting wet with sea water, and Octo-Beard, and the line “why is the rum gone?!” These movies while entertaining do not strike any emotional cord or even a f**K ya! cord like a schwarzenegger or other film may strike. I merely found them entertaining and hope for much more than “just entertaining” for more Star Wars films.
    ps.. Land Before Time is still better than Lion King lol xD

  • George Superman

    Hmm I have to disagree here with you – its a matter of personal tastes I guess but I did like the story in the pirates. I really did. A lot.

    As far as adventure movies go Its pretty much perfect storytelling:
    – the blacksmith and keira and jack had their own arcs and they changed during the movies (jack least of all but he still did change a little).

    -I really really liked all the characters aside from will turner (I dont like ‘the good hero’ archetype) and that ALSO includes the villians which is a hard thing to do.

    -I loved that aside from that assho@# english-colonial-merchant-or-whatever-guy every single ‘bad’ character or villian wasnt black and the heroes werent white. It wasnt Godfather deph of character but it was there and thats so very seldom seen in action-adventure movies.

    -there were lots of action sequences but it wasnt pointless action – it pushed the story forward. An they looked good visually and were quite oryginal sometimes.

    -the plot wasnt too simplistic (since everybody wanted to scre!@$ each other) but it also wasnt too complicated for an action-adventure movie. It was just right: you need to get the magical X to do Y – and then everybody fights for it – sometimes with swords, sometimes with cunning and words.

    -The effects were really REALLY good. I usually dont care about special effects but I was really impressed how everything – undead pirates, cursed fish pirates, the cracken and so on – was done.

    and most important of all – I really got a feeling that the movie had a heart.

    Sure it made lots and lots of money but I got a feeling that the director and the actors and the writers had genuine fun creating this story and its characters and their adventures.

    Besides as much as I love star wars and its universe aside from the Empire theyre just great adventure movies. Theyre not really art – we just like them a lot so theyve become more than they are in our heads I think.
    The new hope and the return do not have that much more going on then pirates when you look at them objectivly. Empire does but thats about it.

    Seriously – as I said I too like star wars more – but how is the story in the new hope deeper or more meaningful than the pirates? Really? When you put aside youre subjective feelings about star wars?

  • Scirocco

    Not their fault you can’t comprehend discussion.

  • Scirocco

    He talked about Batman. You turn it into a talk about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And that’s seriously the worst rebuttal ever. “Let’s see YOU make a better ____.”

  • I fine the tone of the movie that is set is simply amazing. The score mixed wit the shots really show the desperation and plight Luke and his friends go though. You have this small town boy who has these dreams and feeling that he was meant for something bigger. this simple notion mixed with the score of the movie was simply incredible. can you remember how every piece of music goes in Pirates. People may not think it but his adds so much depth to the movie. When look is standing on the hill looking over the plains of tatooine and you hear that music I stirs up all that emotion. Or how about the seedy dive bar at mos eisley where we get to see the most wretched scum and villainy. The fun bouncy music is awesome as it shows us all these different aliens and creatures for the 1st time I was filled with excitement! Then we get to see Han for the 1st time and what does he do? He blows away Greedo! We are all thinking WHAT A BAD A@@!! I want to be a smuggler!!! This 1 space bar scene has inspired dozens of people to make countless spin-offs. I don’t think people give ANH enough credit. It had a big task with setting the stage and I think it was a marvelous example of how to do that.
    With pirates all I see is pretty boys trying their hardest to pull of Jonny Depp so they can score with some chicks. You have make some great points about the pirates movies and they make a lot of sense. but at least to me they will never be as memorable as a movie like Total Recall, Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Ip Man, Rumble In The Bronx, Clerks, or any host of movies that used creative story telling, great visuals, cool stuff, CGI, explosions, action, music, or cheesy lines to make the movie very memorable. I struggle to recall what I saw in that film as opposed to the awesome cheesy make-up as Quaid Pulls the tracking device out of his nose in Total Recall. That is Disney’s problem to me. They think about how can we target people can get them to watch this movie? Well we can get Depp in here to make the ladies want more, we can get Kiera in here for the guys, Pirates for the kids and adults and slap it on and make some $$!! I think the biggest problem I hate wit the movies was the dragging of the story to make more money. leaving it at 1 film would have been fine and made it much more intriguing I feel. I suppose we are arguing opinions here but it has been great fun! Thanks for spurning my love to new heights and providing me with thoughtful insights with your opinion.

  • George Superman

    Yeah I unfortunately get what you mean, and I can agree to some extent, but there were also lots of never-supposed to-exist-and-made-just-for-cash but good sequels too – for example:
    mad max2, toy story 2, X men 2, Wrath of khan (my personal favorite star trek movie), Batman returns, Shrek 2, Airplane2:the sequel, the nake gun 2 1/2, blade II (the only blade movie I liked), back to the future 2 and 3, gremlins 2, lethal weapon 2 and 3, Terminator 2, Godfather II,and also a little known, small and forgotten independent sequel to a suprisingly succesful movie called FUCKI#@$ EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!!!! ;P

    So sometimes sequels CAN be good even if made just to cash in on an oryginal movie no ? ;P

    also Im not trying to force you to think positive – im trying to convince you to do so 🙂 buddhism says: if you can do something about something that bothers you – get up and do it, if you cant at least dont worry – it wont do any good anyway 😉 and since we cannot do anything about this buyout I suggest we hope for the best (and maybe read a review before going to the cinema) with the new star wars 😉

  • George Superman

    It also is fun aruing with you Marcus 🙂

    So, for the sake of the arguement – fu@##$ Ill probbably get killed by star wars fans here (dont forget Im a big fan of them too people!) but I cant help myself- here goes :

    “Well we can get Depp in here to make the ladies want more, we can get Kiera in here for the guys, Pirates for the kids and adults and slap it on and make some $$!!”
    “leaving it at 1 film would have been fine and made it much more intriguing I feel”

    my response to this is:

    Star Wars:
    “Well we can make a badboy one of the heroes to make the ladies want more, lets call him Han or whatever and make him something interesting and unlawful – like a smuggler!- and give him some edge – like shooting first! – so both the girls and the boys will find him cool, than we can get a sexy princess as a Damsel in Distress in here for the guys – she has to be bossy though so the feminists wont argue – and of course we need a fish-out-of-the-water guy whos a little too good and has to have everything explained to him so the audience will know whats going on and can picture normal guys like themselves being part of the action.Got it all ?What ? You think Science Fiction will be hard to explain to the audience? Well … I dunno … put and old wise guy there, make him explain everything and than kill him off quickly so he wont bore the bigger, dumber part of the audience. Now did you get it all? Than slap it all together and lets make some $$$ ! Oh and put swords there – kids will love it and buy them! Plus we just cant seem to sell those we manufacured in Korea last month. What? You cant make swords work in a science fiction movie ? Why not? Well … I dunno … make them shiny, laser or plasma swords from the future – whatever, I dont give a fuc!#$”

    (and than we get an interview with pararell-unviverse lucas):

    “Yeah I thought about making a sequel, Id call it Empire Strikes Back or something but .. you know … Im an artist and I dont want to cash in on the oryginal movie … besides – leaving it at 1 film will be fine and make it much more intriguing I feel”

    Get it ? ;-))

    (hiding behind a table before people start throwing things at me)

  • Please please please do an Amazing Spiderman review. You’re seriously the only movie reviewer that actually looks at a movie beyond it’s graphics. DO EEET!!

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    Harry, please do your next review on Skyfall. It was the most disappointing thing since Crystall Skull.

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    Please do a review for The Avengers. People need to see why it was an average movie.

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    Hey Plinkett, since I’m stuck in the void and all, do you think you can review the 1999 animated version of The King and I?

  • George Superman

    Whats your bet on what the next review will be about?

    Mine are kill bill series (because of the trailer) or the matrix series (because they RELLY need the review filled with nerd rage over destroying a beloved franchise just for more money).

  • George Superman

    Oh and also one of the Wachowski Brothers is now a Wachowski sister. Which means they should now be called Wachowski Siblings or something. Would love to see Plinkett implement that in a matrix review

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    prometheus is dying for a review and I’m sure you have plenty to say about it.

  • guest

    They do have plenty to say about it. That’s why they’ve already made THREE VIDEOS about Prometheus. Please look around more of their website than just this one Plinkett page.

  • TomR

    Francis Ford Coppolla made the Godfather movies you idiot.

  • I don’t know if you’re aware of this but when the first Star Wars movie came out there was also a novelization entitled “A New Hope”…

  • George Superman

    Hmm actually:no.

    The first novelization I know about is called “Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker” and is a little diffrient than the oryginal script.

    “The book was first published as Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker; later editions were titled simply Star Wars (1995) and, later, Star Wars: A New Hope”

    Which I think further proves that there were no prequels and George did them for fame and cash (and menaged to get only one).

  • PD

    You should review Godzilla (the one with matthew broderick) its got plinket punch bag material written all over it.

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    Odd hypothetical(If you read the comments): Would you consider making plinkett reviews for a living? If so, how many could I realistically commission in a year, and how much would you charge per?

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    Plinket has to review The Three Stooges. the comparison of old and new, the fact that it follows the EXACT same arc as every other Farelly Bros. movie, the inclusion of those 5 minute famous jersey shore assholes. Its a perfect thing for plinket to go long-form and sodomize what could have been a good flick.

  • Fart Face

    Star Wars may not have originally been “Episode IV: A New Hope” but it earned that title just after Empire Strikes Back was released as “Episode V”. It was called Episode IV eighteen years before the release of the first prequel. I’m not defending the new movies, but they were an idea before merchandise sales began to slow.

  • MurpHimself

    Just go ahead and do commentaries for star wars episodes 2,3,5 and 6. Loved 1 and 4, hilarious!

  • George Superman

    hmm i actually read somewhere that all the ‘prequels’ were was a 5-7 pages of text needed to for creation on oryginal trilogy. Remember when Jack Sparrow in the pirates is about to be hanged and they read his charges for his actions in the past ? Something like that.

    I dont actually mind the title ‘a new hope’ its not stupid or antyhing like the phantom menance plus I do not have encyclopedic knowlege of Star Wars (I am a nerd but … no I wont read everything about it I know much already) so I cant point at the exact point where the new hope name was given but … I dont think it was justified untill the prequels came out.

    Maybe Lucas thought about making the prequels and he changed the name ? Or it was annoying to hm that the movie didnt have a full title like empire or return?

    What I mean is I agree with plinkett – when you watch the new hope it does not feel like a movie that is supposed to have more movies set in the past of the universe. It feels like its just creating things like the emperor because the bad guys are in the empire and so on. Hmmm. I think so at least.

  • Fart Face

    I’m not saying the idea for the prequels was anything more than an idea. Scripts were definitely not written, I’m sure he didn’t have any concrete story idea let alone an outline. But the fact of the matter is, George Lucas is (was?) is a brilliant business man and that’s all he is. He cannot write a script. He cannot direct a movie.

    The strength of the original franchise, in terms of the films themselves, comes from the constructive criticism of others. Everyone knows this by now. Han Solo would have been a frog man or some shit. But he knew he wanted to merchandise. He’s the first person to turn merchandising into a viable and highly profitable venue for revenue in the blockbuster industry.

    After the success of the original Star Wars he didn’t just say he was going to complete the trilogy by making two more films, he also promised, just in the title, by saying “Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” and subsequently altering the original to “A New Hope” for it’s circa-1983 rerelease, he promised three more movies sometime in the future. He didn’t promise a script. He didn’t promise a good idea. He just promised more movies, with a few roman numerals.

    I mean, we are in agreement in terms of our feelings towards the man and the films. We could be the same person for all I know. I’m just saying, the baseline idea for prequels was promised in Empire’s release.

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    Your Star Wars reviews taught me more about plot structure and characters than
    any teacher.That either speaks highly of you or low of the educational system.

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    So many analogies to Star Wars. I even had Plinkett going through my head while I was watching the movie premiere.

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    Review Bicentennial Man you as@!#@!# ! I CANNOT stop watching this movie and I do not know why. I mean its childlish but I cannot stop liking it. Is it good ? Why not? Move your fat as!@# and review it – why in Gods name do I find a movie thats that bad good ?

  • George Superman

    I mean seriusly the movies pretty childlish

    it stars robbin williams

    its got creepy robot on grandmother AND granddaughter action

    lots of 1 dimentional characters. Most of them actually

    lots of mistakes (like the child having brown eyes and than having blue eyes as an adult

    it stars robbin williams

    its got obvious methaphores and hits you over the head with them

    it starrs robbin williams

    it stars robbin williams having sex and taling about it

    it starrs oliver platt talking with robin williams about having sex and genitalia

    and I still watch it more than Blade Runner. And I f!#@$ love Blade Runner both the movie and the book. What the hell is wrong with me ?

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  • that’s just too much work

  • George Superman

    I dont know if the Matrix trilogy did make such an Impact that it should be reviewed.

    Maybe Lord of the Rings ? Its good so I guess lots of people would bitch and moan that ‘plinket got soft’ or something but that would be pretty cool.

    Id also like to see the Pirates trilogy review (since they are basicly star wars script in the carrabeans) or AVENGERS and the previous movies review – as in nowdays it takes 4 or 5 movies which are commercials for an actual movie. Review would consist of review of the movie small reviews of the previous captain america thor etc movies. Its an interesting phenomenon – I think.

    Also – Bicentennial Man !

  • Agt_Pendergast

    For better or worse, the Matrix movies changed the entire landscape of action movies. The Pirates movies were really popular movies…About Pirates. Don’t see how they made more of an impact than Matrix.

  • Rick Berman

    Review the 1997 classic “Star Kid,” the story of a young boy who finds a robot suit and goes from zero to hero.

  • George Superman

    Hmm … dunno. I thought of Pirates as showing how scripts are similar how to create an emotional connetion and possibly how to watch out for too many sub plots (hovewer I loved part 3 story-wise it was a clusterf#!@@!)

    Plus only Matrix 1 made an impact I think part 2 and 3 only fucked everything up. And while I love star wars reviews I think bitching-all-the-time plinkett is getting stale and Id prefer something more educational like the last Titanic review. Just my oppinion though

  • Bob Franklin

    Please do a Terminator 3 or Terminator Salvation review.

  • Rhett

    May I please have a pizza roll?

  • wherearemyfuckingpizzarolls

    im going to cut you plinkett

  • Higgybirguberer

    hey you should do a documentary on George Lucas, which tracts his actual contributions to the Star Wars saga, interview people who have worked with him and get honest opinions, and create a character story tracking how this one man who lucked out in creating the best original sci-fi story became bloated by his success and, much like your Citizen Kane references, became blinded to who he used to be. That is a story I am interested in.

  • dIRECT0R

    No comment on the Padme error?
    Imo its pretty obvious Lucas altered the character of Anakin’s future lover from a handmaiden of the queen to the queen herself – without finishing to correct the script.

    Its all revealed by the sloppy scene in the ship: “Padme! .. Clean this droid up the best you can.” Now, supposedly the queen of the Naboo was named “Padme Amidala”, with “Amidala” being her surname – and one assumes her name and surname were known to the public. Think about it: would the queen still call herself “Padme” when in hiding among the handmaidens.. wouldn’t that kinda give her away? “You’re called Padme too? How weeeird, so is the Queeeeen!!”

    Further, monarchs aren’t normally named by their surnames (when they even have one). Throughout the entire first movie one is continuously lead to believe the name of the queen character is “Amidala”. Then there’s the silly idea that a 14-year-old was “elected” as Queen so that this character can continue to be significant later on.

    I think what happened was Lucas originally conceived “Queen Amidala” and her handmaiden “Padme” as separate characters, then merged them together into one – with the handmaiden probably being the future mother of Luke. “Padme” even kind of sounds like “handmeh”..”handmaiden”. Also, Queen Amidala probably wasn’t originally conceived as an elective monarch – that was a device for Lucas to write himself out of the corner of having the Queen of Naboo be Luke’s mother. She obviously couldn’t continue to be the Queen and remain an important character (leading lady) in the plot.

    And so the stupid, elective child-Queen that’s referred to by her surname was born. The Queen that hides among the dozen handmaidens but still continues to use her own real first name. She also had to be made a commando and military genius for the purposes of the character’s new role as leading lady. Lucas ret-conned his original concept without fully correcting the script.

  • Plinkett take over for Roger Ebert

  • B.S.

    Mr. Plinkett, please read my email! I outlined several reasons why you should review
    John Carter.

  • B.S.

    Formerly of Mars.

  • Guy Man

    Wheres the review for Terminator Salvation you lazy asshole.

    It’s not going to review itself!

  • this guy who has some brain

    watchmen sucked a bag of dicks (there’s your review)

    the review of LOTR can be summed up in a 10-second yawn. it was nice to see an attempt of character bonding, not so nice feeling like i’m watching a soft gay soap opera, thinly veiled behind orc fights and dragon farts.

    matrix… well… yeah it was a big hit and shit but… we all know what was good and what was bad about it. there is nothing to reveal with a review there.

    pirates of the carbean? erm ok here you go…
    “johnny depp = awesome, everything else = boring”
    might as well call it “90 minutes of johnny depp carrying a whole film on his drunken shoulders”

    i think plinkett takes so long to review shit because there isnt much that can actually be made into good reviews. a lot of films have good and bad points, but there needs to be something beyond pointing out the obvious for it to deserve a review.

    be patient you fucknuts. if plinkett did one review per week, we would be sick of hearing the same shit over and over, and sick of hearing the obvious.

    good movie ideas to review? oh… erm… fuck i dont have any ideas that spring to mind – like i said, that’s probably why plinkett takes so fucking long.

    wait. be patient. i’m sure that when plinkett delivers, it will have been worth the while.

  • this guy who has some brain

    anything with robin williams in it is a pile of shit

    that is not only a clear-cut review of bicentsexual man, but every robin billiams flick ever.

  • this guy who has some brain

    oh god i hardly read any of that shit

    but you think ep’s 1, 2, and 3 were written before he made ep 4.

    no. star wars was given the subtitle of “episode 4: a new hope” simply to give the impression that there was so much adventure that has already passed. it was a clever little trick that worked.

    in fact, it worked so fucking well that it made us buy into 3 shit films that would have not even broken even without having been prequels to ep’s 4, 5, and 6.

    think about it.

  • this guy who has some brain

    well then go invade iran to keep us entertained in the meantime.

    or north korea.

  • this guy who has some brain

    plinkett’s reviews not only helped me get over my alcohol problem (actually, “alcohol acquisition problem”), but also they taught me how to think “on so many levels”.

    i would love to explain this more objectively, but fuck it. you’ve seen the reviews. you know the genius that is mr plinkett.

  • this guy who has some brain

    joking aside? wait.. those were jokes????

  • this guy who has some brain

    fuck that shit.

  • this guy who has some brain


    every film in the terminator series deserves it’s own review for it’s own reasons.

    T1. classic. so much done right. it’s so good it would be a review with no flaws, but still 1000% interesting.
    T2. another classic. plenty done right, but arnie as a good guy?… pro’s and con’s worth looking into.
    T3. was it good or did it suck ass?! PLINKETT PLEASE ELABORATE.
    TS. IT SUCKED ASS. but please take 90 minutes to tell us why.

    bob franklin… gold star for you good man.

  • this guy who has some brain

    every film in the terminator series deserves it’s own review for it’s own reasons.

    T1. classic. so much done right. it’s so good it would be a review with no flaws, but still 1000% interesting.

    T2. another classic. plenty done right, but arnie as a good guy?… pro’s and con’s worth looking into.

    T3. was it good or did it suck ass?! PLINKETT PLEASE ELABORATE.

    TS. IT SUCKED ASS. but please take 90 minutes to tell us why.

  • this guy who has some brain

    hah true!

    the real final nail in the coffin for the entire star wars franchise would be if a disney character made a cameo appearance in a sequel to revenge of the sith.

    in movie terms, you literally cannot get any more crass and lame than that.

    yeah, i think the franchise died during the opening sequences of phantom menace, so i guess i could say that ep’s 1, 2, and 3 were the death, the disney purchase the unholy ressurection, and the yet-to-be-made disney sequels the undead zombie-like rotten growl, then when goofy walks in and gives chewbacca jr a high-five, that’s the final step of the ritual that hand-delivers the entire franchise into the bowels of hell.

    holy shit… my metaphor was more interesting than all three prequels combined!


  • this guy who has some brain

    no… too boring. the review would probably end up boring, too.

    besides, they already half-in-the-bag’d it

  • this guy who has some brain

    right in his wheel-house? who the fuck talks like that?

    also, that’s precisely why he should NOT review prometheus. you already have expectations of what he should say or do in his review.

  • this guy who has some brain

    i saw why when i watched it.

  • this guy who has some brain

    you didnt reply to the previous post you’re referring to, so i dont know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    however, you’re right! the newest batman series is worth reviewing.

    batman begins: the word SHOEHORN fits perfectly here. (PUN INTENDED). worth ripping to shreds because it tries so damn hard to not suck donkey balls.

    dark knight: it is worthwhile spending 90 minutes talking about how fucking stupid the hero’s growling voice sounds, and along with an analysis of how the villain totally outshines the hero and carries the movie. they should have called it “the joker, with a guest appearance from batman after 40 marlboro’s” or just “WHY SO SERIOUS? BECAUSE I’M THE ONLY INTERESTING THING IN THIS MOVIE”

    knight rises: this was a wierd one because it didnt stroke elephant dicks like batman begins, but it revisited some of the themes, in particular batman’s past. the villain deserves a thorough analysis because he is so contrived and plain, yet still captivatingly interesting. grey areas like this make for a good review.

    although this series is a good one to review, if plinkett feels like waving his dick around instead he could just go after the 90s batman series. the first film was basically jack nicholson as the joker, surrounded by boring and predictable people (AGAIN? HUH?). all the other films were just more SHOEHORRRRRNNN CAMEOS.

    plinkett… belmont’s batman idea is a WANK. remember that “wank” is 1950s batman jargon for “uppercut”.

  • this guy who has some brain

    the newest batman series is worth reviewing.

    — batman begins: the word SHOEHORN fits perfectly here. (PUN INTENDED). worth ripping to shreds because it tries so damn hard to not suck donkey balls.

    — dark knight: it is worthwhile spending 90 minutes talking about how fucking stupid the hero’s growling voice sounds, and along with an analysis of how the villain totally outshines the hero and carries the movie. they should have called it “the joker, with a guest appearance from batman after 40 marlboro’s” or just “WHY SO SERIOUS? BECAUSE I’M THE ONLY INTERESTING THING IN THIS MOVIE”

    — knight rises: this was a wierd one because it didnt stroke elephant dicks like batman begins, but it revisited some of the themes, in particular batman’s past. the villain deserves a thorough analysis because he is so contrived and plain, yet still captivatingly interesting. grey areas like this make for a good review.

    although this series is a good one to review, if plinkett feels like waving his dick around instead he could just go after the 90s batman series. the first film was basically jack nicholson as the joker, surrounded by boring and predictable people (AGAIN? HUH?). all the other films were just more SHOEHORRRRRNNN CAMEO.

  • this guy who has some brain

    every film in the terminator series deserves it’s own review for it’s own reasons.

    T1. classic. so much done right. it’s so good it would be a review with no flaws, but still 1000% interesting.

    T2. another classic. plenty done right, but arnie as a good guy?… pro’s and con’s worth looking into.

    T3. was it good or did it suck ass?! PLINKETT PLEASE ELABORATE.

    TS. IT SUCKED ASS. but please take 90 minutes to tell us why.

  • this guy who has some brain

    plinkett! do a comparison review between the new and old versions of Total Recall!

    — the old one had intrigue and suspense, and a sense of a film that is actually clever and engaging, but still kicks ass with moments of action and thrill.

    — the new one had better specail affexts and sexyer bababes and fancy techanalgy.

    erm… i think i just kind of did the entire review?

  • this guy who has some brain

    i wonder if plinkett actually reads these comments.

    he should.

    they’re on his page.

  • Fart Face

    I mean, yeah, you just said what I said. Of course they weren’t written before ep four. I’m sorry to have engaged you with a reply.

  • this guy who has some brain

    no that’s cool, no need to be sorry.
    i just thought it was important enough to make clear that the “works of genius” ep’s 1, 2, and 3 were NOT written before ep 4.

  • this guy who has some brain

    oh so disney are gonna make ep’s 7, 8, and 9.

    at first i had horrible thoughts of goofy waving a light saber, but then the jack sparrow and john carter movies were actually better than ep’s 1, 2, and 3, so it is quit possible that ep’s 7, 8, and 9 will be better as well.


  • he obviously checks them the only thing your missing is that the plinkett reviews and redlettermedia have a fanbase thats larger than just a youtube channel

    point being, spamming HEY PLINKETT DO THIS THING I SAID, comments only makes you look like a jackass

    (btw plinkett isn’t real, and if u dont know that, then mike and jay aren’t going to even read your comment)

  • i also am getting bored of waiting for the next review with no word

    but shit like this probably isnt going to make them any more anxious to put it out there

  • fuck that shit? simply because its not one of your mediocre ideas?

  • lol you honestly think your one comment is going to change his entire style of reviewing? wtf is that!?

  • ” i know you probably dont do game reviews”

    *goes on to request a game review*

    i really dont think you should comment ever again

  • jesus christ i’m sitting here wondering where the plinkett review is, and i finally found out!

    these comments, every other comment is a rude request for a film review. people obviously have no idea how long it takes to make videos this long with this much editing mixed in.

    show some gratitude people if your going to request wild and crazy things maybe you should think about donating first?

  • this guy who has some brain

    this chat page is worth it just to read people getting all upset about comments

    just like on youtube

    ps: half in the bag is not half bad

  • this guy who has some brain


    1. nobody really gives a fuck, so chill

    2. “do this thing i said” is called a suggestion. it’s not legally mandatory to do it. in fact, they probably just dont give a fuck.
    would you be whining if i wrote prissy softening phrases like
    “just a thought”
    or “hey why dont you try x”
    or “sorry to bother you, oh great lords of the webzone, i come in peace with the sacrificial offering of a lamb’s head to beg you to review conan the barbarian”…?

    3. plinkett isnt real? oh shit that’s why i got no pizza rolls! i sent him all sorts of self-addressed envelopes n shit too.

    4. hold on a minute… assuming they can discern if i know they’re real from reading my comment, how would they know if i know they’re real WITHOUT reading my comment?

    5. “they”? erm isn’t plinkett just one (fictitous) guy? who the fuck are mike n jay? huh?

    6. i bet you’re glad you read this comment all the way to the end.

  • this guy who has some brain

    i just re-read my own comment and i cant figure out what the pun was

    yes im really that clever/stupid

  • this guy who has some brain

    in a nutshell: yes.

    and thanks for checking with me

  • this guy who has some brain

    it’s called a “polite request”

    …and the answer is “fuck no”

  • this guy who has some brain


  • this guy who has some brain

    “pantaloons” was trying too hard

  • this guy who has some brain

    i have a suggestion for you

    stop watching bicentenninalial man

    its got robin williams

  • this guy who has some brain

    why not?

  • this guy who has some brain


  • this guy who has some brain

    how many assholes can spell?

    no really, it’s a riddle

  • this guy who has some brain

    how do you know?

  • this guy who has some brain

    hold on everyone im just gonna go sift through 100,000 emails to find this guy’s “several reasons”

    “several reasons” that i could have read in a comment

    but instead he sent a separate email that i gotta open in a different window screen

    hold on

  • Guy Man

    I know because I’m John Connor.

  • tl:dr have fun knowing i didn’t read more than 3 letters of that moron

  • your name presents and incredible amount of irony

  • the more i read you comments the more i PRAY to not see anymore

    you intelligence level shocks me, and i’m a dumb american 23 year old

  • this guy who has some brain

    you obviously read the whole thing and got all wound up with the last sentence.

    in a fit of online cyber rage, you tried and failed to come up with some kind of witty counter-comment

    seeing you try WAS fun, so thanks for that

    more please

  • this guy who has some brain

    Why did you try to rescue your child father in terminator salvation?

    skynet couldn’t kill him because he already will go back in time and bone your mother.

    if skynet killed him, or if he didn’t bang your mom, then that would cause a time paradox which would destroy skynet and the world.

  • this guy who has some brain

    yes it will

    getting cut isn’t fun

    i guess

  • this guy who has some brain

    “your name presents and incredible amount of irony”

    my name presents? just generally… presents. okay.

    “and”… what?

    the second part doesn’t make sense by itself

    i can see you were trying to be clever

    that is a risky proposition for you because you made yourself look stupid

    which is okay …except for when you’re trying to be clever

    but please feel free to try again. thousands of screaming fans are at the edge of their seats to see what you’re going to come up with next

  • this guy who has some brain

    the twiglet movies would make for great reviews because they try very hard to not be crap

    good suggestion

    but you should try adding a poetry death threat in there to add more weight to the polite request


  • this guy who has some brain

    i have the power to cast different versions of the shock spell according to the target’s weakest attribute

    i gained it because my power level is over 9000

    also, you still didn’t explain why that guy should never comment again

  • this guy who has some brain

    Plinkett take over for Roger Rabbit

  • this guy who has some brain

    why donate?

    he’s already getting something like $150 from each of the hundreds of people that bought the commentary track

    and around $0 from everyone else who torrented it

    just take a moment to think about this…

    if he wanted us to “donate first” before commenting, then we would have to donate to be able to comment

    he didn’t do that, because he wants wild and crazy things from people who don’t donate

  • this guy who has some brain

    you made yourself look online-stupid by using the “vomiting in stanzas” thing out of context

    lucas says that “he tried to make the movies rhyme” by mirroring scenes from the original trilogy in the new trilogy (this is also known as “borrowing from something that once worked because i cant think of anything new”)

    “making his movies rhyme” implies a musical context to the point in question

    therefore “vomiting in stanzas” thing means “what lucas tried to do sucked so hard it made me vomit”

    you didn’t get that and so you think it was just a cool way of saying something sucked.
    do you go around saying that various everyday things “make you vomit in stanzas”, expecting people to find you charismatic because you spouted some phrase they didn’t recognize?
    they probably don’t recognize it, so at least they won’t see how you have no grasp of context


    the pirate carbean depp movies were only good because depp was good as sparrow
    without him the movies would have flopped

    capt jack sparrow is infinitely more charismatic, fun, witty and ingteresting to watch than any character from any star wars movie or star wars thing ever made – han solo being the only possible close contender

  • this guy who has some brain

    Plinkett you lazy asshole stop wasting your time and money on cocaine and mildly unattractive prostitutes and JOIN THE SALVATION ARMY


  • I’ve watched these twice now. Time for more reviews!!!!

  • only twice? xD

    i play them in the background of LoL and BTD5 so i dont get bored while playing them

  • thanks for adding a picture to your account.

    its now so much easier to downvote you without reading a letter of your comments now =D

  • Those of you who complain about people rudely insisting for more reviews, don’t you understand that Plinket is a character which is inherently satisfying to insult?

  • Alan Ostrovsky

    did you see into darkness?? the way the script skillfully and flawlessly kept it’s dignity is something to behold. (CANNOT WAIT FOR REDLETTERMEDIA TO CLOG THE WOUND IN MY HEART THAT IS THIS PUSS SPLURTING DISASTER OF A STAR TREK MOVIE)

  • Dan

    What’s worthy of a Plinkett review ? The Last Airbender.

    Stuck on a 12 hr plane trip, couldn’t stand to watch 5 minutes of this crapfest…

  • the 90%

    Evan Almighty is pretty much the worst movie ever ripped off of a mediocre schlock fest since my son. Please tell me, in excruciating detail, why I hate this movie so much because I am part of the 90 percent average dumb ass movie goer who can’t understand what’s happening unless it’s slapping me in the face.

  • Rob

    Half in the Bag is boring. More Plinkett.

  • Jesus Felipe Jarrin

    Make a review of The Last Airbender or Iron Man 3, you can go either way, but do one of those please!!!

  • sc5

    the matrix sequels

  • Rachael

    You’re boring.

  • Guest

    Last Airbender was pretty horrible, but I can’t get that upset about it because I wasn’t a hardcore fan of the source material, and then I saw that Shaymanlalananan was directing. Um…did ya see The Happening? Should have tipped most folks off right there not to get their hopes up. Trees man…it’s the fucking trees…

  • Rachael

    Last Airbender was pretty horrible, but I can’t get that upset about it because I wasn’t a hardcore fan of the source material, and then I saw that Shaymanlalananan was directing. Um…did ya see The Happening? Should have tipped most folks off right there not to get their hopes up. Trees man…it’s the fucking trees… And Iron Man 3 was over the top, but it wasn’t that bad. A few plot holes doesn’t automatically qualify a movie for Plinkett status. Gotta be selective.

  • Penguinzilla

    Matrix trilogy

  • ben betts

    PROMETHUSE would love to see plinketts reaction to this

  • Geo

    The Matrix. And please note that it is a complete rip off of Barry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. A kung fu movie about a man who everyone thinks is the one (master) but he doesn’t think he is. Then when he discovers he is he glows gold and stops bullets when he’s shot at.

  • Andreas

    The Matrix sequels
    A stupid kids film like Cop Dog or Baby’s Day Out
    The Last Airbender ( but ONLY if you already saw the TV series)


  • jRoldo

    I had a dream. Nightmare actually

    All the idiots from the ‘into reference’ video COME HERE, and they RUIN EVERYTHING, BY REQUESTING VIDEOS

    O wait i’m late on this one they’re already requesting vidoes when plinkett SPECIFICALLY made fun of them for doing exactly that

  • jRoldo

    i hope you’re not trying when you type these. the most i get out of them is the first two and last two letters

  • Johnny Handjob

    Gotta be Terminator Salvation, here’s why.

    It’s the proudest of all the franchises you teased. Also, it wasn’t until T4 that the Terminator franchise was officially ruined (T3: Rise of the Machines is debatable, not a terrible movie. Still stands up pretty well). It’s possible too that it’s a down, but not out franchise.

    Alien is a sweet series as well, but that was also DOA since Alien Resurrection way back in 1997. Subsequent AvP movies and Prometheus were coffin nails. That being said, Prometheus should be a firm #2 on your list.

    Matrix 2-3 should be your next choice. First movie, so good. Original (to the majority of us) and a very slick, unique style that captured a lot of our imaginations. However, both sequels were a swing and a miss. So while one could make a strong case that The Matrix is the best individual movie out of any of the movie franchises listed above, as a franchise, however, it is by far the weakest, with 0 good sequels to it’s credit.

    And, no, Batman is not the best franchise of those you teased. There’ve been so many Batmans at this point they’ve become diluted. Also those last two Batman movies got a little too up their own ass. Movies were too long and preachy. Dark Knight Rises would be good review fodder though.

    Fuck Air Bender. By comparison to the other franchises, no one’s seen it. No broad appeal. I watched your Titanic review and I’ve only seen bits and pieces of that movie, you know why? Cuz it’s fucking stupid, just like your reviews you fat fuck!

  • Xaine Sarin Modea

    Do the star wars prequels of sequels… you know, the Matrix Sequels. And immediately you fat fu-

  • Addest

    Matrix sequels without a doubt.

  • fightingfoo82

    Fuck you Plinkett, do Shakes The Clown already

  • yo

    Please make INCEPTION look like the turd it really is.

  • MatthEwing

    “Prometheus” … do that!
    A re-watchable movie and disappointing every time. Sort of a good movie, yet so terribly terrible. But why?
    Oh, “Inception” is a fine candidate as well.

  • ThePrequelsSucked

    Disappointing? No, the movie Prometheus made you think. It was not sloppy writing, it had what many movies didn’t. To make you think. Movie masterpieces such as Muholland Drive and Jacob’s Ladder gave you many questions and little answers because the directors and writers knew that we were human beings and had a brain and choice. Now, there are some dumb moments in Prometheus I admit, but no movie is perfect, not even Citizen Kane. But the biggest reason why no one likes the movie is because many don’t understand it. The dumb masses want to see action and explosions, that don’t make you think and either give you the answer or shove up your face numerous times. But as I said before, we are humans so we have a choice. So if you did not like Prometheus, then good for you. If you didn’t understand it and did not like it, then watch it again with an open mind and actually think.

  • JUst

    max payne the movvie

  • dlstarr7

    I want Plinkett to pick his own movie to review. It’s part of his charm

  • 1classydude

    It made you think, sure. It made me think ‘what retard wrote this?’ and ‘lol, they thought this was a good idea?’ Even if it had some redeeming quality (I personally don’t see it), the movie itself is just too bad to enjoy. Silly, stupid things happen all movie long. I’d seen some hype about how it was interesting and I knew some people that thought it was okay but left a lot unanswered. I think it was just because they saw it in the theater and got tricked by the big screen and loud sounds, lol.

    When I look at Alien and Aliens, then look at Prometheus… It just makes me wonder what they were thinking. It didn’t have to be an exact replica, but if you going to do weird shit why not just make a new scifi movie? Toss in your famous name and you’ll do fine. We chatted about the movie after watching it, and I personally came to the conclusion that it was just stupid.

  • obama sees you

    Review the sextape of me and your mom. You excellent bastard you.

  • Billy Nunez

    i want a pizza roll

  • AsherGentry

    I think that Mr.Plinkett should do a review of the Avengers movie. I can’t see how anyone can like this piece of shit. It is just explosion after explosion, with a villain who has no testicles. I would also like an explanation as to why nordic gods classify as marvel comic super-heroes, why iron man can never take any damage what so ever, and what is the current location of loki’s testicles?

  • Lappy

    Half in The Bag already reviewed the Avengers, and they liked it. Mike from Half in The Bag is Mr. Plinkett.

  • bane

    It’s time for the Matrix, and here’s why: the absolute best part of the star wars breakdowns is that you helped me understand why I disliked those movies so much. I really couldn’t articulate why they were so bad before I watched your reviews. Now I love the Matrix movies (all of them) but even through all that love there is undeniably something horribly wrong about the sequels. But I can’t articulate what exactly. Help me to understand what went wrong! Please!

  • spiderland

    Ghostbusters 2. Its easily the most heartbreaking sequel ever.

  • Mrs Plinkett’s Ghost

    Plinkett, please do a review of Half in the Bag.

  • finalthread

    You know what? I don’t give a fuck what movie you review anymore. Just fucking review SOMETHING. Updates? Outtakes? Behind the Scenes? Animated Series? What the fuck is all that? ALL THAT MATTERS ARE THE FUCKING REVIEWS.

  • finalthread

    And don’t give me some half-assed shit where you just re-review a movie that you already reviewed because now it’s in 3D. If a movie is shit in 2 dimensions, it’s the same shit in 3 dimensions, except now the shit will look like its coming right at you.

  • nautonnier

    To call Reloaded a sequel is like calling The Two Towers a sequel. The Matrix was conceived and sold as a trilogy from the get go. It says it multiple times throughout The Matrix Revisited documentary. The only reason it wasn’t shot Lord of the Rings style was at the time no one had ever heard of the Wachowskis and so weren’t about to give them a $4oo million budget.

  • cmonplinkett

    please come back!

  • Old Man

    People keep saying trilogy. Is this some sort of online prank or meme or something?

  • JeffD

    I agree, honestly it doesn’t matter all that much what the movie is that you review, I’m sure it will be funny as hell, but there needs to be one done, and soon!

  • Ismail Fida

    which one of you is mr. Plinket

  • AlcaldeEste

    Reloaded is a sequel. The Matrix is a self-contained story. It’s actually so self-contained that they have to retcon his godlike powers out of existence in the second movie to try to have just a little bit of tension.

  • AlcaldeEste

    I have heard many people say “Anyone who didn’t like Prometheus only want to see explosions and action.”
    I have never heard anyone say “I didn’t like Prometheus because it didn’t have enough explosions and action.” Not one.
    Are you sure it’s not just the weakest straw man argument ever, conceived by people who simply can’t deal with other people disagreeing with them?

  • nautonnier

    You may not have liked Reloaded or Revolutions and that’s ok. But the fact is they are not a sequels in the sense that most people think about. They didn’t make the first movie and *then* come up with the stories for two more movies. They thought of one story across three movies. Again, several people say it in The Matrix Revisited. The editor is actually quite emphatic about it.

  • Eric Montgomery

    Mike Stoklasa is the voice of Plinkett for the reviews, but Rich Evans plays Plinkett on screen.

  • Eric Montgomery

    I’d like to see a review of the “Day of the Dead” remake. The one with Ving Rhames and that chick from American Beauty. THAT is a shitty movie!

  • Spink

    Your review of star trek into darkness is not even close to as good as any of your other reviews. Its So short too? .. Hmmm LAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • guesto de’l pesto

    Well, what didn’t get covered in the Half In The Bag review of it? Maybe you didn’t bother to make some button clicks to go ahead and watch it…I wonder if you’re LAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY….

  • zen weapons

    Please review Terminator 3 and Salvation.

  • jubalbiggs

    Did your totally free entertainment provided as a labor of love by RLM fail to live up to your expectations? Do you only have free entertainment options? Is it because you are LAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

  • R.I.P.D.

    Like myself, those movies never happened. Go about your day citizen.

  • fuckstick

    Here is your explanation. You don’t like Marvel Comics. Nothing Plinkett can say or do will fix that.

  • GoodLarry

    Wait. The founder of Motown made a kung fu movie? I’m as confused as the day I learned that Michael Jackson’s dad wasn’t the leader of The Joe Jackson Band.

  • Jurassic Park 3

    Let’s not stay long. Someone just started a thread about the Men In Black sequels over on The Escapist and the chief wants us to check it out.

  • AsherGentry

    In response to you fuckstick, I like marvel comics just fine. I just tend to not like shitty movies.

  • AsherGentry

    That is just shocking.

  • Krish


  • From Guest With Ire


    I hate to tell you this, but people are capable of lying. Lying to your face too, but lying on screen? There is an entire global business built around that, so I wouldn’t worship what some dudes say in a “making of” special…

  • nautonnier

    I thank you for having the courage to state the completely obvious. Why is this so far-fetched? The whole Oracle thing completely does not fit in until you watch Reloaded. Even Lucas had wanted to make 3 movies but thought he might only ever get to make one.

  • Marvin Falz

    At 3:25: Ray Manzarek tells the listener that Hollywood’s “prevailing thought was Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies” and that he wanted to make movies like Fellini, Truffaut, Godard and other great filmmakers of his time (1965) and that there was no chance of doing that in Hollywood.

    At 5:02: He says “Nobody wants artistic filmmakers from film school […] they want Doris Day movies.”

    It’s the same situation 48 years later.

  • fuckstick

    OK well since your such a big fan of marvel comic then i don’t need to tell you that Thor is one of the oldest running comic books from Marvel Comics. So on that basis, some Nordic gods, at least, classify as marvel super heroes. Also since Thor is one of the original members of the Avengers, he is doubly so. They chose Loki as a villain because he is a classic villain but not so powerful that the sequel will have to be over the top. They are gradually building up to perhaps one day fight Thanos, like in Avengers III.

    Now if you didn’t see how the action in avengers was clever, and made sense and helped tell a story, then too bad for you, i would need more then a few hundred letters to make my point. 🙁 toobad.

  • Are You Plinkett’s Son?

    Did you actually take a look at the Phantom Menace 3D review? It’s literally the original review in red/blue anaglyph 3D. It’s not a re-review, just a simple gag. It’s not like they took time away from Half in the Bag or other Plinkett Reviews to make a new Episode 1 review.

  • They’re Probably Lying

    Lucas also claims he had treatments for 15 episodes before they ever shot anything, but do you honestly believe that?

  • Jon Benjamin

    Or perhaps you’re just too cool to enjoy something everyone else did.

  • Go Home Shaw, You’re Drunk

    Well, if that’s what you choose to believe…

  • nautonnier

    I re-read this and I have no idea what you are talking about when you say they had to “retcon his godlike powers out of existence.”

    Ability to fly: present in Reloaded
    Ability to see the matrix as code: present in Reloaded
    Ability to reach into other entities: present in Reloaded
    Ability to either see the near future or see another part of the matrix: only present in Reloaded
    Ability to stop machines outside the matrix: only present in Reloaded.

    Did I miss anything? What godlike powers did they retcon out of existence? Seems like they upped the ante to me.

  • nautonnier

    hehe well played. I retract any reliance on anything Lucas says.

    My final comment on this is I have presented different people stating that the three movies were written together but they were only allowed to make the first one until the money people saw it could turn a profit.

    The only counters are statements that two separate people were lying with no evidence to support the claims. The burden of proof lies on you to prove they are lying.

    I’m actually not trying to goad anyone, but I think you two want to believe both the exec producer and the editor lied because you think the first movie was awesome and 2nd two were cash grabs and you’d hate to think that two movies you hate were planned all along. This is really common human behavior and, again, I’m not attacking you. I have put forth evidence to support my claim and you have chosen not to believe it.

  • littlemisspiss

    How many times do people have to tell you to do the matrix trilogy before you cave, you knuckle-dragging, slack-jawed fuck?
    p.s, tie me up in your basement and feed me pizza rolls.

  • Cosmaniac

    I’m not sure why people are so adamant about the matrix trilogy or especially twilight: have you seen the plinkett reviews? The first ones were about sci fi franchises: star trek and star wars with a few smaller named films that served a certain purpose. But the creme de la creme was Plinket’s review of “Titanic”. See, Mr. Plinket always has a thematic point of either why humans like movies or why a certain highly anticipated movie didn’t work. The first Matrix was essentially universally appreciated. The next two explored complex and depressing philosophical themes and threw in wild action to keep the fan boys interested but failed to fully thresh out the complex metaphysical ideas. Twilight is balls period and there’s no reason to review it. I think he’d be more likely to review Harry Potter or the Jurassic Park movies just because the first came out when our generation was young. But even then I doubt he would… I’m not saying he wouldn’t do an excellent job, I’m saying: “what do you think he’d say that you don’t already know, based on his previous reviews, that would be different and profound about the Matrix or Terminator movies?” Plinket seems a bit more insightful than just lambasting films for the fun of it than using those…

  • catsniffer

    Thank you for sharing your life story.

  • Marvin Falz

    “I’m saying: “what do you think he’d say that you don’t already know,
    based on his previous reviews, that would be different and profound
    about the Matrix or Terminator movies?””
    Plinkett usually comes up with something new regardless of what movie he’s dissecting.

  • AdmiralAckbar

    I was thinking about the kinds of reviews Plinkett’s done, and they mostly seem to tie back to the big directors of the 80s, when Mike and Jay were probably in their 20s (And Plinkett in his 90s). The TNG films ruined his memories of the show in the 80s/early 90s, as well as the memories of the Original Series films in the 80s. Three of the biggest directors of the 80s were Lucas, Spielberg, and Cameron, but the reviews are usually over more recent films after they grew up (in spielberg’s case) or let their egos run wild (Lucas, Cameron). So I think a logical prediction would be a Ridley Scott or Martin Scorsese film. Plinkett refers to Prometheus a few times, and he mentioned how he thinks Leo DiCaprio ruined some of Scorsese’s more recent films, so I’d guess Prometheus, Gladiator, Shutter Island, or even the Departed.

  • catsniffer

    It is time. Half in the Bag’s just not doing it for anyone – we can get 2 bros (Mike and Kyle?) chatting about films anywhere.
    Animated stuff? No.
    Behind the Scenes? No.
    Outtakes? No. Just no.

    The Plinkett reviews are the only reason the internet comes here.
    You must ‘play to your strengths’. No more BS.
    It is time.

  • AlcaldeEste

    Stop putting dicks in other people’s mouths! I mean words! I came here for the 70 minute Phantom Menace review, but I stay for Half in the Bag. Half in the Bag is awesome.

  • Black Goo

    Half in the bag’s not doing it for “anyone” eh? Speak for yourself, you whiny entitled dipshit.

  • Oliver Fernandez

    Do the Transformers movies. They are so bad you can make a 90min video on just the first 20mins of the first movie.Still to this day I can’t fathom how you can fuck up a Transformers movie, but leave it to Michael Bay to do the impassable. But what really pisses me off about these shit fest is people saying “but I like them, they were so good”. No asshole they were not, they…Wait I just had an epiphany…These movie tend to make people IQ’s drop a few points, ah now i see why they like it cause it made them stupid. So please do it i’ll be happy to help if you need it. DO IT!!!

  • catsniffer

    It cannot be. You must ‘wake up and smell the potato’, silly. Half in the Bag is a standard service one can find anywhere. Open you’re mind!

  • guest

    So you can find elaborate film discussions from the perspective of filmmakers wrapped around the format of a bad 80’s sitcom warped by surreal humor “anywhere?” Hm, I must have missed all those other shows.

  • C.D.

    I remember you had a chronological order once, wanted to introduce Mr. Plinkett to a friend today … is that order anywhere?

  • Averroes
  • Bob Dobbs

    Transformers was always fucking stupid.

  • Tubthumper

    Your face is cunty.

  • I’m drunk

    Review Star Wars into Sithness please.

  • (Insert Play on Words Here)

    On behalf of the rest of the internet and myself, thank you for speaking for us.

    However, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Its all good.

    If you don’t like some of their output, that is fine, just leave the stuff you don’t want.

    I speak for myself only, I believe the rest of the internet is currently masturbating or arguing while hiding behind witty nom de plumes (fuck or fight for the lonely).

  • Titties on my mind

    There is no way they’re in their late forties dude.. that’s just harsh

  • Cunt Like A Face

    My cunt is facey

  • Dense, Just so Dense

    My Creme is the creme de la creme, not any movie review.

    A matrix review would be funny, and has plenty of opportunity for insightful comments and plinkett call backs – “I mean how much more could you possibly fuck up the entire Matrix Trilogy?” Smash cut to photo of Qui-Gon Jinn, “Oooh.”

  • AdmiralAckbar

    Okay, when they were young and innocent teens, then.

  • 2IDSGT

    To this webzone’s sponsors:

    Tell Mr. Plinkett to get off his senile ass and review either Prometheus or Terminator 3… and fire those other two bumfuckers as I only visit this webzone to watch Plinkett’s videos or check if he’s made anything new.

  • Catsniffer

    I don’t really understand what a nom de plum is? Also, plz watch you’re language, kiddo! 😉

  • Why Paisley?
  • Gravy Boat Willie

    Yes… I shall ‘open my mind’ by being dismissive… Wait, what?

  • PlagueDoctor

    I think the most obvious choice for the next review would be “Prometheus”, being a much-anticipated (sort of) prequel that was hotly anticipated but disappointed/ enraged just about everyone. After the Star Wars prequels and Abramsverse Trek, it seems a natural progression.

  • Billy Nunez

    A Plinkett review of Starcrash would make my blood cells cum all over my TV.

  • Joseph Alesch

    Alien: Resurrection

  • King Koenig

    Alien 3 was probably more of a disappointment though, because they easily could have made it a great film. Everyone knew Resurrection would suck.

  • Yukonses

    I see your point. Alien 3 is officially much better than Alien Resurrection, but Alien 3 may have let some people down.

    Alien 3 may not be as good as the first 2, but it was Fincher’s first real film. It was also plagued with studio problems, before and during Fincher’s involvement (another classic case of studio meddling). There was also some weak motion-capture effects that should not have been tried. All said, I’d say the movie turned out pretty well given these factors. At least Alien 3 had a distinctive style and a bold approach mixed with a back-to-basics concept.

    Resurrection is crap. I mean crap. It’s painful. The camera angles are comedic and immature (reminds me of Batman Forever). The script seems like it was written by a 10-yr-old. Sigourney Weaver’s character was traded in for an empty shell with no real connection to the Ripley we knew. Anytime I try to give that film another change, my brain starts hurting and I have to stop the movie.

  • Comatose

    Harry, it’s time to let Jorge, Berman, and Cameron go. It is time to focus your ire on that diseased postule on the sensitive area of Hollywood’s general ass area: Michael Bay. I formally request an extensive and excrutiatingly in-depth review of that schlockiest of masterpieces, ‘Armageddon’.

  • Collin

    YESSS! I was going to post about this yesterday…bring Bay down!

  • Spheron

    If you think The 13th warrior was a bad film you are a dumb bitch.

  • Spheron

    Plinkett. M. Night Shyamalan. And except for The 6th sense and Unbreakable you can take your pick of his movies.

  • Alex Lee

    After having seen The Phantom Menace in 3D (because my friend wanted to) I can tell you it is a copy and paste of what was in the original. No extra scenes, no deleted scenes. So it makes sense for Plinkett to copy and paste his review of it.

  • uncle bobby

    I’d love to see Plinkett do a review of Signs

  • uncle bobby

    Dear Mr. Plinkett. I am a fan of your work. Thank you.

  • DerpeLDoo

    C’Mon Mike . err PLinkett. We need new stuff. I swear I will donate.

  • this guy who has some brain

    It’s a photo of Santa Claus and there are no other contenders for the Christmas spot, so yeah feel free to waste your time with the voting process.

    I’ll just remember to skip your chimney when I’m doing the seasonal rounds. NO POWER RANGER DOLLS FOR YOU KIDDO

    I hope you’ve learned your lesson! You kids these days, all jacked up on dope n cracking spoon in a brothel n snortn blow from a hooker’s belly button and OH WAIT NO THATS MY OFF-SEASON SANTA ROUTINE SRY

  • this guy who has some brain

    CUrb your enthusiasm!

    So you got “YOXT” from that last message?
    What language it that? Seems very differeNT.

  • this guy who has some brain

    Plinkett! Please never ever review anything ever again.

    Your Plinkett reviews were funny, but the novelty has worn off, so stick with the Half-Bag thing. Plus Half-Bags easier to do because waffling roaming thoughts into a camera is quicker than weaving together insightful analysis and humour.

    That means with Half-Bag you can output a larger quantity of material. Therefore, more ad-click hits/impressions, and you get to ‘live on the edge’ by gambling on the hope that people won’t become saturated by it all.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Please Plinkett, ignore this troll.

  • PwnPocalypse

    I think they should do Plinkett reviews of every Shyamalan movie. Then you’d have a new specialized series like Star Wars and Star Trek. Shyamalan…

  • this guy who has some brain

    U HOMO

  • TapewormBike

    I thought the Prequels were the most dissapointing thing I ever saw. That was of course before peeking at the comments below. How much more whiny can most of you get? This site is one of the most unique and entertaining places on the internet, stop making light of all their work and enthusiasm by demanding they review this or that in the format that suits you personally the best. I do not think that the guys (and gals) avoid any criticism, but it sure would be nice to see generally less bitchiness around here.

  • this guy who has some brain

    hold on a minute i need to go take a dump

  • guy

    Being that you’re clearly an Engrish speaker, why not just write “pen name?”

    Verbosity is rarely a positive trait, and it mixes poorly with sarcastic advice.

  • uncle bobby

    More Mr. Plinkett please!

  • uncle bobby

    wait a minute…I think I see what this guy who has some brain is saying. I think he is being …”sarcastic” Maybe he is not a “troll” at all! maybe he is a true Plinkett fan who is not satisfied with the mediocrity of half in the bag. Perhaps His brain has a hunger for the true genius of the Great MR. PLINKETT!

  • uncle bobby

    Or maybe he’s just a troll who thinks he’s Santa Claus…I’m a drunk who thinks he’s Uncle Buck.

  • nomi209

    He can have his pick anyway. He’s Plinkett. He can review whatever the hell he wants. And we will thank him for it.

  • Chris Webb

    no one cares about half in the bag.

  • catsniffrer

    No racist, please.

  • Shitbag

    At this point its been almost 1 year since the last Plinkett review. I am begining to not care. Not trying to troll, just giving you my status as a more-loyal-than-average fan. I am reminded of Maddox.

  • Shitbag

    Yeah but there already tons of assholes on the internet who rip on Bay. These guys are one of the only I’ve seen bust on Cameron. Shamalyan would better anyway; they can go into detail on about how clever Hitchcock was and how M Night ripped him off in all of his successful movies.

  • Mike Jakermen

    I think they really should do Man of Steel. I think that movie is bagging for a review. Its like the Phantom Menace of Super-Hero Movies.

  • this guy who has some brain




  • this guy who has some brain

    I got caught taking a dump in a supermarket aisle and the judge is making me do 30 days in a minimum security facility that only has TV – No internet.

    I don’t want to miss any new Plinkett reviews, so please do me a favor: Don’t release any new Plinkett reviews until 31 days from today.

  • this guy who has some brain

    because if you hadn’t made that clear, we would have thought that he was waiting for us to tell him what to do

  • this guy who has some brain

    I’d love to see Plinkett do a review

  • this guy who has some brain

    I thought Alien 3 was fucking awesome.

    When you get into a detailed discussion with most people that say they hated Alien 3, it becomes apparent that they hated it only because they expected more of Aliens (the second Alien movie).

    In fact, Alien 3 was more faithful to the suspense-thriller-horror style of the original Alien movie. Aliens diverted to suspense-action, which is not bad. In fact, Aliens was my favorite of the entire series.

    Alien: Resurrection… Hmmm… I feel a lot of people slam it because it takes on a more ‘cartoony’ style. Yes, I also hated it.
    However, to be fair, if the original three movies had never existed and somehow they had decided to make Alien: Resurrection, I probably wouldn’t have minded it too much. It was still less crap than a lot of other movies out there.

    But what about Plinkett reviews?

    Well… I don’t think there’s anything particularly special about them that deserve a Plinkett review. Every Plinkett review makes a point, with as shitloads of good sub-points. Alien: Resurrection would just be Plinkett saying what sucks and why, which makes for a bland review.

    With the satirical exception of Baby’s Day Out, every other Plinkett review shows us the as much about the attitude of the filmmakers as the movies themselves, and how often the movie’s are extensions of the filmmakers. Linking the observations to the filmmakers’ ideas and intentions brings the Plinkett reviews to a higher level. I think most people son’t realize that ‘Plinkett Quality’.

  • this guy who has some brain

    Actually I think I’m gonna re-watch Resurrection to see if what I typed above is or is not a bunch of shit.

  • this guy who has some brain

    Correction: The original 3 or 4 series of Transformers were classic epics. Sadly, a lot of younger Transformers critics have never seen the original Transformers 1980s series.

    The Michael Bay version is not the best, and we all know why, but ask yourselves this:
    If no previous version of Transformers had ever existed, and Michael Bay had created the whole concept from scratch, just to make these recent movies, would everyone still HATE it?

    The baby twinky dinky fuckity doo rescue bot version is for 3 yr olds. fair enough, it picks a target and hits it. and if you can read this, you are way older than the target audience.

    The asian Transformers Armada version is a fucking soap opera.
    I remember seeing a snippet where megatron felt conflicted about attacking something, and Starscream was all bitching about something someone said to hurt his feelings.
    Transformers x Glee = Transformers Armada

  • this guy who has some brain

    “stfu u loozr
    i got rites to say wat i want even my mom dont dare backtalk me cos im da boss yo”

  • this guy who has some brain

    I decide to write a pointless reply to the oldest comment on this page.
    Mission accomplished.

  • Awful Words

    I wish Plinkett busted on Cameron more during the Titanic review. He says it’s one of his “favorite movies of all time,” and his analysis isn’t nearly as scathing as Plinkett reviews tend to be.
    Personally, I care for the movie.

  • Yukonses

    Where’s are X9? It’s been nine years for christ’s sake.

  • Comatose

    Why isn’t the commentary track for Star Trek V on this page? Wait, that happened, right? It wasn’t just a fever dream? My brain kind of goes into a tail spin every time I try to watch that movie, even with a Plinkett commentary there to mitigate the pain.

    Also, I love your reviews. I listen to them all the time at work. For some reason, they never get old.

  • Awful Words

    I love Half In The Bag, or any clip of Rich Evans falling down. Do I love it as much as the Plinkett reviews? Not even close.

  • Comatose

    Wow, a day after my comment and the oversight is fixed. Awesome web administration. Also Mike, ignore these fools demanding a new Plinkett review every other week. It’s clear that these reviews:
    1) Take a lot of time and effort, and
    2) Are awesome because they revolve around filmmakers and franchises that you are passionate about. I’d rather the Plinkett review series end where they are, at the height of their incisive depth and as a labor of love, rather than becoming a soulless, sell-out, mechanical process of anal-sis and nitpicking about one movie after another that you couldn’t give a shit less about to please the popcorn-eating masses.

    That said, you need to get the Indiana Jones IV and Titanic reviews on your youtuibe channel, so I can listen to them at work. Or optimize your site to work on mobile devices, whichever is cheaper/easier.

  • Marvin Falz

    I think there is at least room for one more commentary track, namely The Empire Strikes Back. It’s a movie Mike loves and the track would enhance the experience of the movie just like the track for Star Wars does.

  • Comatose

    That’s very true. I would love to see one for a film like ‘Aliens’ as well. But the commentary tracks ain’t no Plinkett review.

  • Marvin Falz

    True but I figured that Mike won’t do a full Plinkett of Empire since he said that the OT doesn’t need to be reviewed. It’s possible that he was asked during a panel if he’s going to review the OT and his laconic answer was “no”.

  • Jordan Kucharski

    There’s so much left for Plinkett to do, I mean yes anyone could do the same analysis essentially just like anyone could play a scale on a guitar but Plinkett, like Eddie Van Halen, just takes it to a level of entertainment no one thought imaginable.

  • guyinthehat

    I still think it’d get the same amount of hate. They have: terrible scripts, convoluted action, childish/racist humor, sexism, unlikable characters, inconsistent tone, a bloated run-time and unnecessarily gratuitous shots of Megan Fox. There’s plenty to hate and they really are (Revenge of the Fallen especially) that bad.

  • this guy who has some brain

    Okay, I’m back; Thanks for holding out.

    So, Plinkett, where’s the new review?!

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    What are you? A goddamn NAZI or somethin? This entire website warms the cockles of my cock.

  • Dirty old Steve

    I really don’t understand why you don’t do more Plinkett reviews. Those are what made you well known. Half in the Bag is ok but not something that sets you apart from anyone else. It’s been over a year since a real Plinkett Review. I find it hard to believe it takes over a year to get one of them done (considering you churn out Half in the Bag and Best of the Worst on a near weekly basis). Please focus on your strengths.

  • Phil Smith

    At least Maddox has come back to us in a fashion that is, in my opinion, superior.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    Plinkett reviews are Mike’s passion project.He’s just not gonna do an hour+ long in depth review of a movie he doesn’t care about.With that said I do miss these reviews greatly myself.As enjoyable as Half in The Bag and Best of The Worst is the balance of depth and humor Plinkett provides is second to none.

  • uncle bobby

    You tell those fools! They need to understand that the Plinkett reviews are not about pleasing the viewers, but rather a way for Mike to express his love and passion for some of his favorite films such as “Baby’s Day Out”, and “Cop Dog”.

    That said, Mike should have much more time to optimize the site to work on your mobile device so you can listen to the Indiana Jones IV and Titanic reviews over and over again at work.

  • uncle bobby

  • uncle bobby

    Hey Dr.Zoidberg! Cut the Crap and make another funny review already.

  • Noah Roalson

    Guys, if we don’t get another Plinkett review soon I’m gonna want my pizza roll back… Really though, I expect one for Star Wars Ep.VII

  • Alex Lee

    What do you call Baby’s Day Out? I seriously doubt he was passionate about that.

  • Alex Lee

    Keep in mind that they’re also working on Space Cop, so their time is thinner than you’d think.

  • TapewormBike

    I honestly think that it was a reflection of his fascination by shitty movies and he wanted to try out some format for it – before BotW existed. OR he was getting fed up with all the suggestions and he decided to do something absolutely nobody would guess or want..And it was still glorious.

  • Creepy Skeletor Hand

    Really wishing I had more commentary tracks to listen to. The first three are hilarious and worth listening to even without watching the accompanying movie. Must be easier to make than the videos, too. During some down time, I suggest reviewing Star Trek 1-4 and 6 in this format. Even if you like some of those films, your commentary is always amusing. You could even do a few filling in the background on how Plinkett got out of prison after the climax of The Phantom Menace Review, kind of a Plinkett is bored in his cell and the only thing semi-interesting to watch from the prison library are old vhs tapes of the original Star Trek films. He could watch with other crazy serial killers as guest commentators.

  • Thanatos2k

    That was part of the Star Wars reviews storyline.

    It’s Cop Dog that’s the odd one out. It had no lead in at all. (But it did set up the Indiana Jones review….)

  • Thanatos2k

    Prometheus is the Phantom Menace of Alien movies. I think that one deserves it the most.

  • this guy who has some brain

    The vast majority of people that come to this web zone do so because they want more Plinkett.

    Very few people give a flying monkey’s ass about Half in the Bag, Space Cops, Dick Wavers, or any of that other stuff. Don’t me wrong, it’s all very okay, but not great like the Plinkett reviews.

    Is there a personal set of motives behind this? Do you hate making Plinkett reviews? Are you afraid of leaving behind your collegues, as the Plinkett reviews are essentially a solo effort (at least in terms of narrative screentime)?

    See you in 2015 so I can come back and then type the same shit again.

  • uncle bobby

    Dammit Mike! Don’t you see what you are doing here? When a drunken Santa Claws comes to this site weekly to see if you have made a new review, it means he has a hole that only YOU can fill. Not even Mrs.Claws can fill his giant hole! I too have a giant hole that I need you to fill again and again. I understand you are providing your services to so many people who are Half in the Bag, fans, but I really need some Plinkett right now. If your latest Half in the Bag episodes are implying that Mr Plinkett is dead…DICK YOU! I guess if I want to hear a drunk ass rant on for hours once a week, I’m going to have to go back to AA

  • this guy who has some brain

    This guy has the right idea.

  • Rosco

    I require more Plinkett. I mean for fuck’s sake, it’s been like 20 years since your last review

  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick

    Hey Plinkett, if you don’t quite feel up to all the mixing and production required to make a full review just yet, how about a commentary track for Return of the Jedi in the meantime? (Obviously the edition with the gungans / goongas digitally inserted in.)

  • JustLink Studios

    Where the hell has this came from!? It was a small ad at the side of the page under ‘discography’

  • this guy who has some brain

    Fuck you and your promo.

  • this guy who has some brain

    This discussion thread about Plinkett not making any new reviews is better than Half in the Bag.

  • Ben Affleck

    I would love to see plinkett’s thought on star wars episode 7. and what he would like to see in the Disney star wars trilogy and how he would write episode 7.

  • CarlSagan

    We miss you. I would pay a yearly subscription for your reviews.

  • uncle bobby
  • uncle bobby

    No pressure Mike.

  • Baron Teapot

    Can’t wait for a new Plinkett review. Love ‘Half in the Bag’, ‘Best of the Worst’ and the commentary tracks too.

    Thanks for making all of this stuff available without having to pay for it. Most sites just beg for cash upfront for their cheap, exploitative content whereas you lot produce stuff actually worth watching. Cheers.

  • Jacob De Paz

    That would be cool, but I think it should be saved for something more tangible, like a trailer or even after it comes out. It’s only a little over a year away.

  • Duckler

    It’s “Aliens”, but keep it a secret..

  • WrongWithYourFace

    I regret coming to this comment section. I had no idea it was such a mess.

  • uncle bobby

    What is “Aliens”? I want in on the secret.

  • this guy who has some brain

    thanks for that. it’s nice to see they at least know that they’re taking fucking forever to make the plinkett reviews.

    after a little mental arithmetic, and looking at page hits (?), they will come to the conclusion that “oh fuck, the plinkett reviews have 10x more views than anything else” or something like that.

    bah… humgbug… arf and yarf

    the next plinkett review is coming long and hard. geddit?

  • finalthread

    I know…that’s my point. That kinda half-assed shit doesn’t even require Plinkett to slither out of his wheelchair.

  • guy

    Engrish isn’t a racist word unless you’re making fun of people with Asian Pacific accents, which I clearly was not.

    But way to put insensitive language over the person that was actually making fun of you. Really smart of you to prioritize social interactions that way.

    Clearly, I was as wrong and bigoted as the man that yells at his daughter for dating N****r.

  • JustLink Studios

    Haha, what a clueless gimp you are. I love the insternets!!!!!!!

  • shelbysilvers

    I remember when the Phantom Menace review exploded. Famous people commenting on it. Talking about it with my friends, showing them, receiving the same recommendations from others. I wonder if any episode of Half in the Bag has done so well, or inspired such passion? Maybe this is all some sort of meta Andy Kaufman style humor? Maybe it’s a further commentary on George Lucas and his career — starting with something incredible and beloved by the masses, only to descend into personal projects that increasingly alienate the fan base? Maybe Half in the Bag is RLM’s Red Tails.

  • this guy who has some brain

    I had clues but I spent them all adding a +10 Charm stat buff to my Level 18 Mithril Scaled Leather Pants.

  • this guy who has some brain

    This comment section is better than any Half a Shit in the Bag video.

  • WrongWithYourFace

    Do you like Transformers?

  • Alan-Michael White

    Well, I kinda like their other stuff too, so sucks for you, but whatever, I’m happy.

  • AdmiralAckbar

    As I said before, I’m expecting a Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese, or
    James Cameron movie to be the next Plinkett review, but I think a review
    of Superman Returns would be interesting. You’d think it would be good,
    since they had Bryan Singer directing, but it ended up not very well
    received. Plinkett could talk about why it works, why it doesn’t, why did people not like it, and maybe how it compares with Man of Steel.

  • Furia Hardkur

    hello can mr plinkett make review of the movie “Rubber” 2010 ?

  • Aaron


  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Plinkett is dead 🙁

  • TapewormBike

    Nope, the guys said that they are working on a new one for this year.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    unless it’s a movie for babies he doesn’t do obscure indie flops.

  • Paulus Cañamonjas

    Whenever I try to see a Plinkett review, I got this obnoxious message: “Sorry this episode is temporarily unavailable”. It´s been like a month now…Plinkett, I swear I am starting to hating you -.-

  • Sniff Heinkel

    Do Prometheus.

  • TapewormBike

    Make pancakes.

  • Review Legally Blonde

  • Eli

    Plinkett review the changes to the original Star Wars trilogy.

  • JowDickson

    Still waiting for that review of Lenny the Wonder Dog! I hope it comes soon! I’ve been on the fence about whether or not to see it since [insert year of movie release]!

  • 300omega

    Mr Plinket should review The Dark knight rises, it is extremly overrated with all the plot holes, dumb story that is not holding up at all. It will be controversial because it has alot of fans who thinks it is the best movie their is because they dont know better or just beacuse its Batman, but if Plinket do a great review as he always does the people in this world will finaly see what a shitty lazy movie it is.

  • Alex Lee

    He actually made an audio commentary about Episode IV.

  • Rodney

    I’d be willing to pay upwards of $2.99 for a Star Trek the Motion Picture Plinkett commentary track.

  • therupertbob

    Plinkett’s not dead, he’s surely alive, he’s LIIIIIIIIIVING ON THE INSIDE!

  • Alex Lee

    It’s really hard to see how Abrams can fuck it up, unless he listens to Lucas a lot, but since Lucas has retired and history has shown that listening to Lucas can seriously fuck up your directing career, I’m fairly certain he isn’t.

    I think that Episode VII will do well, and if it is criticized, it’s for not changing how an entire generation looks at movies.

  • Eli

    Oh my bad, I didnt read the description, I thought it was just the original unaltered version.

  • 300omega

    Thats not Plinket.
    Click the link or jump to 2m 32s

  • Technically no, but it is Mike’s opinion on it. I can’t imagine a full Plinkett review would come to a different conclusion other than pointing out the little plot-holes and what not, sorta like the Plinkett review for Star Trek ’09.

  • 300omega

    There is alot more to say about TDKR. Check this one out, but to bad he is very slowtalking so an autopsy should be done by plinket because there is alot of shit in this movie and I know Plinket can be hated for it but if it will be done good it might give alot of TDKRfans something to think about and start to se this movie as it is, full of shit.

  • Yeah, but my point is that Mike has made it pretty clear that he actually likes the movie. So I don’t think a Plinkett review of it would be wholly negative. It would point out all the inconsistencies and details that don’t add up, but then he’ll ultimately talk about why he thinks the movie works in spite of those flaws, or what elements made it work in his opinion. Kinda like, again, what he did in the ST09 review or even in Titanic.

  • 300omega

    …and Avatar, I think Mike likes that movie but sees the flaws just like TDKR has a lot of, flaws that maybe you don’t se right away but when you start to digg into it you will se that this movie is something Hollywood did to make money not a great story that a director wanted to tell as in the previous two. There is a huge different between BB, TDK vs TDKR, first two is done by a good director and the last is done by Hollywood. It can be hard to see the differens, I saw it in the first half hour and it pissed me off especially when it gets overrated.

  • Aquartertoseven

    Half in the bag is pretty good (when they review films that people have heard of and care about) and Jay’s quite funny, but yeah, that “cop” guy that plays a live action Plinkett?… Sheesh.

  • Jay Kay

    Without a doubt Terminator Salvation would make a great Plinkett review. It’s a true disappointment on many levels. The blue balls of never actually getting to see John Connor become John Connor is awful.

  • Rae got it goin on pal

    when did they say that?

  • pissed off old guy

    You need to review the movie divergent. I’ve never seen a more terrible teen flick that full of statutory rape and bad acting. Then for some reason they decided to put Macklemore and “Paint Me Like a Pretty French Girl” in it. I

  • TapewormBike

    One of the newer updates, just them talking to camera, try to look it up.

  • array528


  • array528

    ‘Um – no. HITB and BOTW are just as equally as adored. Get that sand grain out of your vajay-jay…

  • Jonatas da Silva

    You fat bastard do the Matrix movies. Do the Matrix movies NOW

  • uncle bobby

    indeed. i’m not a Matrix fan, but it would make for a great Plinkett review.

  • uncle bobby

    too easy

  • uncle bobby

    make anything.

  • Jonatas da Silva

    Hell I’m only a fan of the first one,but I would like to see Plinkett’s take on them. It’s been to long

  • Mo Jo

    Forget this noise, you need to do a PRE-Review of Star Wars Episode 7: A new Disney ride.

    You can take what you know about the 3 Star Wars movies (Yes, I said 3 movies) and try to predict where it just might go or HOW it might. Knowing what you know about Jay Jay’s past projects like, Star Trek, Super 8 and Mission Impossible combined with your Star Wars insight….. this should be a piece of pizza roll.

    As well, you could suggest some things NOT to do based on the taint stain that were the prequels. Namely making believe they never happened, among other things.

    Jay Jay has the weight of the world on his shoulders (and is nowhere as rich as Lucas) I’m sure he could use some friendly advice from a caring psychopath such as yourself. You’ve never been needed more then you are right now. Look at the picture I uploaded, you don’t want THAT to happen again, do you? So get off your wrinkled ass……….you FFFFFFUCK!

    Help us Mr. Plinkett, you’re our only hope.

    Then again……… it might better if he fucks it up WORSE than George, then you could do another postmortem. Hey….. that sounds preddy good…….

    Never mind.

    * Dupa Dupa Dupa”

  • pootietang

    You’ve never heard of Aliens yet you love Uncle Buck? That’s unique.

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do reviews of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Those movies need to be taken down a peg! I’d love to see you do that!

  • Arkayen Jinglebells

    So, are you just done doing Plinkett reviews or what? Cause it’s been a really long fucking time since you’ve done one

  • Randy Andy

    Jesus Christ on a stick, I think you guys are even slower than my wife’s sex drive. Your last review was in 2012, which incidentally was the last time I saw my wife naked.

  • The 24th Doctor

    You should do a Mr. Plinkett review of Willow (1988). I loved it as a
    kid but it would be fun to see it nitpicked by today’s standards. For
    starters it has George Lucas’s name on it, and probably rips things off
    of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Just don’t forget to mention the
    good things about it, like James Horner’s score, and Val Kilmer’s
    badassery, like you did with Star Trek the Star Trek!

  • V for Vindictive

    You better damn well not be waiting for the next star wars film to come out before reviewing again

  • Kerk

    Seriously, a little announcement wouldn’t hurt anybody. If you’re done doing Plinkett, say so. If you’re not done, explain in 3 sentences what it is that takes 2 years to review. You owe that to your faithful audience.

  • Phillie Em

    The Plinkett reviews take a lot of time to edit. There’s a lot of detail involved in those vids, it’s so dense every single image has so many things going on.

  • Phillie Em

    In all seriousness, I think the next practical set of movies that should be reviewed are the Matrix sequels. Plenty of material to puke over in those visual bowel movements.

  • Gregory Bey

    i just watched Doc of the Dead and after seeing Plinkett handle zombies I’d like to see him review a zombie movie. Maybe go through some George A. Romero good and bad stuff…

  • I shall add my voice to the others here and ask: Hey Plinkett!! When is your next review? There are so many horrible movies you can rip to shreds. Do take a break between burying wives and hookers in your backyard. We all want more!

  • Mike Litwin

    I think Plinkett is dead.

  • Sejanus

    Plinkett…review Oblivion…or any shitty Tom Cruise movie.

  • phillipkslick

    Oblivion’s pretty decent actually.

  • ty

    Matrix trilogy!

  • ty

    Or Twilight…… Fuck Twilight


    I really don’t want to like your name, and yet, I find I like it quite a bit. Well played, dammit.

  • xxbobjonxxplinkett

    “Get off your lazy fucking ass and give us what we want. Nobody gives a shit about half in the bag.” ~ Harry Plinkett

  • Toffoli_73

    Commentary track for The Empire Strikes Back please!

  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick

    I saw ‘Website Update Ad’ – where’s that review of The Adventures of Pluto Nash you promised us??

  • Yezzir!

    Plinkett needs to get his Harry S off the couch, kill those two hack repair men, take back the camera they stole and give us a new review.

  • Faggotbreath


  • Fay11

    “it’s so dense every single image has so many things going on.”

    LOL. I see what you did there, Rick. 😉

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    When are you hack frauds going to make another video?

  • Lemontree


  • Schmoker

    I’m looking for free entertainment on my schedule, you fuck. This lack of it from you since the world was young is way more disappointing than your son. It’s more like your daughter.

  • pootietang

    Can we at least get an update one way or another? Either say, “hey we don’t like fans and money and we’re not doing any more Plinkett stuff” or “these are hard and we’re putting them out slower now but it’ll be out on (some rough date) so until then enjoy our lesser movie reviews which are still fun”. Right now it just seems like you’re being lazy and unappreciative of how much people like these. All it would take is a ten second tweetofacebookgram or whatever to let people know what is the dilly yo so we don’t have to keep checking this page every month. I like your movie reviews but it’s still a consolation prize to most people.

  • Marvin Falz

    They DO inform their audience on various occasions like in videos or on the patreon page or during the prerec streams what they’re doing and what they’re about to do. Okay, they don’t go into detail like exact release dates but we’re told about the progress of their works in general and we’re given some clues here and there. The audience just has to follow closely.

  • pootietang

    Ok. Did you catch anything about them working on the next Plinkett though?

  • Marvin Falz

    As I recall it, Jay or Rich was answering a question from someone in the chat during a prerec stream. The guys often make fun of requests for a new Plinkett review, saying the new Plinkett along with Space Cop will be out “this day”. But Jay or Rich answered that particular question in all seriousness. RLM is working extensively on Space Cop plus Half in the Bag plus Best of the Worst so they don’t have enough time to do another Plinkett yet. Also, I believe, another commentary track is in the making or soon(?) to be released. I hope this answers your question to your satisfaction.

  • Randy Andy

    Seems weird to me. Plinkett is what made them known and to most people (incl myself) is their best work and series. They don’t even need to do huge 2 hour reviews like in Star Wars, those 25 minute reviews for Cop Dog and Babies Day Out were hilarious.

    But it ain’t my business so whatever I guess.

  • pootietang

    No I am unsatisfied and I don’t know what Space Cop is and that gives no info on whether there will ever be more Plinkett. I only watch their half in the bag reviews for movies I’ve seen and the Plinkett stuff. Them focusing on the sort of stuff you mentioned instead of Plinkett, would be like Marvel postponing the next avengers movie so they can focus on the AntMan movie. It’s like sure, Ant Man’s alright, but focus on the top draw ya big dummies!

  • Saruma

    You know it has been nearly 3 years since the last full fledged Plinkett review, right? If you are coming here every month expecting to see one you are wasting your time. Maybe when they finish Space Cop we’ll see another one, but I don’t see them ever being produced regularly again. As for fans money, check out their Patreon page. Last time I checked they were making $9000 per month purely in donations from that. People wouldn’t be donating if they didn’t like the “other stuff”.

  • uncle bobby

    piss off!

  • NoRez

    Nothing against two guys talking about stuff (I subscribe to many a podcast of that genre), but I come here for the Plinkett. Well… I come here to see if there’s any NEW Plinkett.
    Please more Plinkett, but mysterious Plinkett who talks knows his movie shit and is seen… never.

  • Marvin Falz

    I’d say the circumstances dictate their choices. All the fans love the Plinkett reviews and they all want more and more frequently. Fans like the reviews because they pick apart details, why the reviewed movies don’t work and how movies in general work out to be good. My guess is Half in the Bag was invented to give the fans more frequent reviews on present mainstream movies and on schlock. Best of the Worst was created – so it seems to me – because fans love RLMs love for schlock and so-bad-it’s-good-movies and because fans wanted the discussion panel to include Rich Evans. Fans also expressed their interest in watching RLMs live reactions to the videos they watch. Space Cop is also a project encouraged by fans. The decision to postpone a new Plinkett is influenced by all these developments which show that RLM do indeed care for their viewers. It is hard to please anyone anytime.

  • Marvin Falz

    Space Cop is a project encouraged by fans who liked the original Space Cop trailer so much they asked RLM to make this movie. Everything else they do is reasonable when you look at the history of RLM and their fans as I understand it:

  • Neal Harris

    You’re not entitled to a new Plinkett review. They’ll do one if they want to, but they’re doing other stuff right now. You’re being rude by chastising RLM for not accommodating your specific interests.

  • jdudkiewicz

    If they aren’t putting out more Plinkett reviews because they are two busy with the other stuff, that shows how terrible their priorities are. Abandoning what brought you most of your fans is just dumb.

  • jdudkiewicz

    If he is, so is their 15 minutes.

  • Marvin Falz

    Most of the fans seem to like the direction RLM’s going. What’s wrong with that? Actually the fans who openly ask for a new Plinkett – I mean demand a new Plinkett – are in the minority.

  • Shazzbaa

    I don’t think they should make more plinkett unless they’re into it and have good ideas and the motivation to do it. People may not understand this, but if you create something that you’re really not into just because people seem to want it and it’ll probably be popular? That’s how we got Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.
    Plinkett has even pointed this out himself, and HEAVILY IMPLIED the relevance this might have to his own reviews, but people don’t want to accept that answer.

    I like the Plinkett videos, while Half in the Bag and the others aren’t really my thing, but I still don’t see the point in demanding more of something that a creator isn’t interested in making just because we liked the originals — that’s how a good series turns crappy.

  • agrgwrgbarb

    These comments are ridiculous. Nobody *isn’t* pissed off. The people that want Plinkett back are pissed because he’s been gone for three years, and the people that don’t are pissed because the other group wants him back so bad.

    The whole thing makes me wanna go coffin-shopping.

  • Scirocco

    Man these comments are the absolute worst. Well, let me chime in here.
    Red Letter Media is an independent film production company that has several different projects. They have been making movies before and after the Plinkett reviews. They are all working adults who probably have jobs outside of RLM and would probably love to devote all their time and energy to a passion of theirs, which is film making and film appreciation. Sadly they cannot, so they can only do what they are willing to do for fans, and for themselves.

    I hope they are people with some degree of integrity, and do what they do on Red Letter Media for themselves. People, Plinkett may be a huge thing to you guys, and that’s great. I bet they loved how much people enjoyed those reviews, like “gee, look at how our hard work paid off.”

    These Plinkett reviews are funny, yes, but they are something more. They are smart, decisive and analytic. They are a product of a genuine love and understanding of film making. The core of each of those reviews isn’t the comedy, in my opinion, rather the actual criticisms. What makes them so engaging is what Mike has to say about these movies, and how well he can articulate his points. Mike made these reviews to make people laugh, sure, but the comedy is simply a tool to engage more audiences to his opinions. I believe, the reason why these reviews were made in the first place were for Mike to tell his opinions and also entertain people.

    My point: Mike and the rest of RLM still does what they set out to do. Entertain people, but wear their love of film on their sleeve and engage more people to see how much they love film and possibly expose more people to how truly great of a medium cinema really is (I owe these guys for my slow descent into Cinephillia). All of you people bitching about not seeing new Plinkett are missing the point of those reviews. HitB and to a lesser extent BotW still are smart video series’ that analyze film and provide great discussion and perspective. They still provide to this day, what they provided with Plinkett. Just a different flavor of it.

  • Regressive Goosesteppers

    Allow me to also chime in here:

    All the “other projects” this site produces? They’re crap. Like, embarrassingly bad and unfunny garbage that are not at all worth taking five minutes to watch, let alone the time and energy it takes to make them.

  • Scirocco

    Before I responded to you, I decided to look briefly into your past comments to gauge what kind of person you are. You know, so I could accurately predict the flow on conversation, and what exactly I would have to say in order to get through to you.
    Well, what I’ve concluded is that you are a bit of an asshole. You speak in such a confrontational matter of fact way that makes discussion difficult.

    – “[other projects]” Man, you put quotes on that shit. That delegitimatizes them, I suppose.

    – “They’re crap.” You convince no one with a statement like this, and obviously before you wrote that you knew I disagreed with you. Who are you writing this for? Your own ego?

    – ” Like, embarrassingly bad” Hmm… embarrassing, eh? Really? Do you think ten years from now they’ll watch these videos and seriously look at these in shame? In what sense? I mean, are they embarrassing themselves anymore than when they pretended to be a rapist?

    – “let alone the time and energy it takes to make them” Aside from editing, a little acting, and camera work, it’s just friends drinking beer and talking about movies, and they receive money for it. That sounds worth it in a logical sense.

    Before you write a possible rebut, I will admit, I’m ego driven as well, but I’m not trying to convince you. I’m trying to show you why people would disagree with you, and logically explain why.

  • C’mon Plinkett! You know you want to.

  • Paul Grodt

    I hate to break it to the hopeful, but keep in mind that RLM is very likely not going to be able to do a proper Plinkett review of EpVII until after the film has been released on home video. Knowing Disney, that likely won’t happen until November 2016. We’re gonna have to be patient.

    The only way this would not be true is if Disney decided to treat RLM as main-stream press and give them a proper release copy of the film. If you ask me, they wouldn’t be so foolish. At best, they would give RLM license to a highlights reel, and they would be forced (Ha…Ha…Ha…) to stick to a combination of that and the footage of the trailers. And RLM has standards too high to do that (irony acknowledged), beyond a metaphorical short, similar to what was done with the Star Trek remake.

    I’d voice my hopes and dreams regarding future Plinkett reviews. But there’s no point. All we can really do is put faith in RLM to resurrect the Plinkett character when they’ve got something worth saying in his voice. Given the hype and high expectations for future reviews, and the annoying fan responses, I don’t blame them for wanting to focus on other projects, as they’ve done for awhile now.

  • James Fleeting

    WTB more [Plinkett Reviews] PST

  • Robby

    Yeah, fuck these guys for doing what they want to do instead of pandering to the vocal minority. No one’s keeping you here if you don’t like their priorities.

  • jdudkiewicz

    Cite source for plinkett fans being the minority please.

  • Robby

    I don’t have a source, other than logic. If they didn’t have fans who love all of their content, they’d be sticking with Plinkett. They’ve tried some things that haven’t worked, so they scrap them. Now they do multiple interesting shows on top of Plinkett. And I also rarely see any serious “When’s the next Plinkett review?” comments on any of their other videos. So either tens of thousands of exclusively Plinkett fans are all commenting in the same place and I’m wrong, or you’re wrong. We all want the next Plinkett review, but no one is keeping you here. If you don’t like their other stuff, why not just go elsewhere until the next Plinkett review comes out? Making asshole comments isn’t going to get it to you any faster.

  • Guest

    How do I get a pizza roll?

  • Lt. Surge

    Where’s the Plinkett?

  • the corpse of Andrew Thompson.

    wow i thought the Current comments where a rabid wall of shit. though thats my fault.

  • H Mason

    By Odins name what is the song he plays on the New Hope commentary track at 16 minutes?

  • I’m gonna laugh so hard when the next Plinkett review is 15 minutes and it’s for Lenny the Wonder Dog.

  • Tommy Boy
  • This site and the opinions expressed herein have given me ‘a new hope’; the spirit of ’77 is not dead. I stumbled across it quite by accident…

    As a writer, I’ve really enjoyed the critical deconstructions provided; it’s encouraging to know that some people still care about what makes ‘a good story’ other than ‘how many ways can we whore this franchise out?’

    Because of the quality (and humour) involved in each ‘anal-sis’ I was hoping for more: reviews on ‘classic’ films twhich have inspired me such as Highlander, Mad Max, Blade Runner, The Thing, Alien etc. or but, hey, whatever…

    For the record – The Force Awakens – “I have a very bad feeling about this”.

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  • Oc3anman

    Mr. Plinkett,

    It is a popular among critics, self-proclaimed aficionados, people born in the ’90’s (or later), and other douchebags to deride Return of the Jedi. Would you please set the record straight, and explain to the American people (and all other interested parties) why Return of the Jedi is a fantastic (or not so fantastic) film and settle the issue once and for all?

    -Concerned Citizen

  • Saruma

    I’ll be happy for one whenever it comes out. Unless I’ve missed something I believe 2011 was the last time we had a full Plinkett Review of anything.

  • fuckstick

    I think there is also another good reason for the slow or infrequent release of plinkett reviews. Pacing. If RLM just shifted over to making only plinkett reviews they would eventually run out of jokes, material, and the novelty. There is no reason to slaughter the golden goose so that we can gorge ourselves on it. Mike is smart, he holds to the old axiom, “leave them wanting more.” Regressive Goosesteppers’s comment is proof that he is doing it right. And as far as I am concerned that’s a kind of integrity that is rare today.

  • fred

    Return of the Jedi is the worst of classic Star Wars, but still holds up compared to the prequels.

  • Schmoker

    Jedi is fine, but it definitely signals where Lucas would someday take the franchise. The seeds of horrible were planted on the forest moon of Endor.

  • Schmoker

    There is no bad publicity, especially when it’s a viral video that makes people laugh. Those whip up excitement. Smart studios recognize that. Disney may be the biggest, but no one ever accused them of being the smartest.

  • Will

    Make more videos please. Thanks

  • Workshed

    Time to take that pesky Hobbit trilogy apart methinks, Mr P.

  • I Shot J.R

    It’s the worst by default, but it’s great movie on it’s own merit.

  • dothan

    Agreed. MAN OF STEEL. Nothing makes sense in that movie.

    I’d suggest Superman Returns as well, but Man of Steel needs addressing first.

  • dothan

    Plinkett request for Boyhood

  • Schmoker

    I have something I left in my toilet bowl this morning that holds up compared to the prequels.

    But yes, you are right. Jedi is movie genius comparatively speaking.

    Still, the further we get from back in the day (I was 10 when Star Wars came out), the more I look at those movies as having been the beneficiary of timing more than anything. They were great, no doubt, but they came out at a time when there simply was zero competition. If they came out today, they’d still be great, but there is simply no way they would become the biggest movies of all time.

    I love the original three, but I would not stick them in my top hundred genre movies of all time anymore.

  • fred

    Star Wars was a watershed series. There’s a reason why waaaay too many sci-fi films are stuffed with xplosions.

  • Schmoker

    Too bad George ate the watershed.

  • loxx4444

    Not taking sides, because I love the RLM guys in general, but I see Plinkett referenced on Twitter and movie/entertainment sites on a regular basis. I’ve never heard or read a single person reference Half in the Bag. Again, not taking sides, but he’s representative of more people than you seem to think. That said, he does seem a bit hostile. Not sure what that’s about. There are probably better ways to articulate his point.

  • Andhaira

    Teaser #2 is out. PLINKETT!! Review time!

  • Galvatron

    I second that. I always wanted to see him take on the Matrix trilogy…it’s actually what I came here to comment on. Glad other people want to hear what he has to say about ’em.

  • Galvatron

    The thing is, the reason the prequel reviews are so great is because those movies are so awful. I know RLM will give us quality material for years to come, but the reality is, unless we all experience a true travesty like the prequel trilogy again, that may be the peak of things…and I certainly hope it isn’t, but those reviews are so damn good I can’t picture anything topping them, because nothing will be as big of a let-down as the prequels.

    Force Awakens doesn’t look like it’s anywhere near the awfulness of the prequel trilogy. I think if we’re asking for a scathing review of something, the closest we’ll get is if they decide to do a take on the Matrix trilogy. The Schumacher Batman films would be good, too.

  • Galvatron

    Ya know, I’m watching Jurassic Park right now on AMC, and I’m thinking that a great Plinkett review would be the sequels to Jurassic Park…Terminator 3 and on came to mind, too…basically, Plinkett reviews are best when it’s for a movie that’s part of a classic series but totally doesn’t live up to that.

  • Marvin Falz

    I disagree, RLM aren’t at their best when the movies they review are the worst. No pun intended. I like the spirit of RLM which shines through all of their works, even the very silly ones.

  • Galvatron

    Oh definitely, I love all their work; I was quite pleased with their positive review of the original RoboCop…I dunno; maybe I’m biased because I heard of these guys from the prequel reviews, and I’m worried that nothing else will be that monumental, because nothing as monumental as Star Wars will happen in our lifetimes.

  • Marvin Falz

    I have no hope left in me since the prequels were released and I am not at all invested in the new Star Wars aside from being curious about reactions from RLM. At least I’m still able to enjoy Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and partly Return of the Jedi. I must admit though that I tend to skip a lot of scenes in all three of them, which isn’t due to the quality of the movies (except RotJ) but due to me losing interest in the story which all three Star Wars movies tell and gaining interest in the original series of Star Trek. But Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back are truely great movies, I kind of hope that Mike will create a Plinkett commentary for Empire.

  • Galvatron

    Sir I must admit, that makes me sad to hear:( I’m an original trilogy purist. I have the Limited Edition DVDs from 2006 with the “Theatrical Versions” on a bonus disc…they look great on my TV, even if they’re from a Laserdisc transfer…point is, if you want to watch the ORIGINAL originals, the 2006 Limited Edition DVD widescreen is where it’s at; you can get ’em off Amazon…just watch those and don’t skip any scenes.

    Don’t skip scenes, dude! Don’t lose faith! I only watch these movies once a year in early May, back to back to back. Drop the cash and get those DVDs; watching the theatrical versions is a Holy experience. That’s all there is to me. That said, I’m a little excited about VII…but to me, there will only be 77, 80, 83, and if Plinkett would commentate on those, life would be complete:)

  • Marvin Falz

    Yeah, I own two of the DVDs you mentioned and the third one is available in the local library. I actually watched Empire on Friday in the original version from 1980. I know, there will always be a place in my heart for the originals, as cheesy as this line may sound, it is true!

  • Galvatron

    I disagree. If that’s your opinion, that’s cool, but I’ll speak up and say that I like all of what RLM does. Sure, the Plinkett’s are my favorite, but they’re more special because they take so much time and effort, therefore, they’re not going to be as common…still, I think HitB is good, and I like what they do in general…who couldn’t use more Plinkett in their lives?

  • Regan

    It’s been almost two and a half years since the last Plinkett Review on Titanic, guys. I love all the stuff you guys do, but we really miss them. There’s just nothing like them.

    Any movie will do. Thanks…


    Everyone on the planet.

  • Ivan Octavio Vega

    I’m pretty late to this party, but I enjoy Mr. Plinkett’s commentary immensely. Is the pizza roll deal still good? I get hungry watching this shit.

  • Oc3anman

    Honestly not in the top hundred? I think I have a place on my Top Ten All-Time list for each of the three Star Wars films, but it may be sentimental.

  • Oc3anman

    I see your point. I understand the concerns revolving around the “zug, zug” celebratory Ewok song, and the Ewoks in general. If I may play Devil’s advocate:
    In line with the logic of the film, the battle on Endor could make sense to a forgiving audience. The Ewoks are adorable and quite resemble teddy bears, however koalas are adorable too and it doesn’t make them any less significant of a life form, or any less dangerous if they were living in complex tribal societies with an advanced spoken language and the capability of engineering weapons and structures. It’s conceivable, however unlikely, that an adorable species of tiny bipedal bears live somewhere in the cosmos. Moving on: Endor (to the best of my knowledge) is a small forest moon that houses a shield generator. During the film the rebels must use a code to convince the space-traffic controllers to lower the shields and allow them to land their shuttle. I agree that the fact the shuttle probably landed in some remote wilderness and not at an official imperial installation without generating mass suspicion is amazing, however the Empire has proven to be sloppy in matters of procedure in the previous films, so the logic is sound in accordance with the films. The rebels send a shuttle full of their most elite special forces troops to fulfill an act of sabotage against the shield generator. They befriend the locals and gain a ton of Ewok power. The film focuses primarily on the plight of the Ewoks vs the Empire and the role of our heroes during the battle sequences, however, a shuttle full of rebel commandos might be a lot to handle for the imperial garrison. In my opinion, the garrison would be something of a minimal expenditure of resources. After all the rebels are conceivably fighting all across the (theoretically massive) galaxy, the Empire likely wouldn’t waste time on a placated, ill-equipped, and simple Ewok society that a standard minimal garrison would be able to dissuade with minimal effort or casualties. Furthermore the moon doesn’t need to fear an attack because the shield generator is protecting it and beyond that lies the new (operational) Death Star and an enormous Imperial fleet to defend the Death Star and Endor. So my hypothesis is that the Ewoks appearance is coincidental (within the logic of the film, it is obviously a calculated measure by the producers of the film to achieve sympathy for the Ewoks) and that the Imperial garrison on Endor was overrun by a largely off-camera force of rebel commandos (perhaps fifty or so), and hundreds (or more) Ewok warriors, that the Imperial Garrison would have been cut off from reinforcements after the saboteurs engaged in open conflict in an assault on the shield generator because the Imperial resources were busy with the rebel fleet and the shield would have had to have been lowered in order for ground reinforcements to arrive.
    Apparently this explanation helps me sleep at night

  • Schmoker

    Obviously I have not given it quite that much thought. I don’t think anyone has. Certainly Lucas did not.

    It’s also not fair of me to hold it to a military realism level that was uncommon at the time. Although I do think there are a few instances of action that are pretty silly. But it is a fantasy movie.

    Still, it’s the silliest of the original three, with a number of shortcuts and childish elements that would come to define the prequels, along with narrative moves that make little sense and work because they are scripted to work.

  • Schmoker

    It might be interesting to see if I could make a list of 100 that didn’t include them. Probably I could not do that and fairly exclude the first movie, although I am certain Jedi would not make my cut.

    But that may be really hard to know for sure, because Lucas has made it pretty difficult to even see the original versions these days. And certainly no Special Edition would make any list I would create.

  • Oc3anman

    Ha! I’d have to agree that the logic of the film was likely not planned so far as to accommodate my excuse for Jedi.
    I guess I just like the movie too much to objectively observe it’s faults. I think that there are some great and memorable scenes in Jedi, like the escape from Jabba’s Palace, the death of Yoda, and the redemption of Vader. I loved the battle in space between the rebel and imperial fleets. It is my favorite Star Wars film. I hate the prequels just as much as the next person, but I think this is sort of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, perhaps. My good friend Dustin assures me that he has disliked Jedi since he saw it as a child. I concede that Jedi must have it’s problems and that I must be unwilling to specifically note them and instead rely on arguing for the films logic as a defense or one of my favorite films. It is an argument I do not make fort he prequels. The prequels were terrible. I think episode 3 was the least offensive of them but they were terrible. Also the new books Disney is publishing have some serious faults, mostly with the authorship. One of the books listed the official Star Wars cannon according to Disney, and unfortunately there are two children’s cartoons listed. I attempted to watch one of the series on Netflix and was disgusted by the quality of children’s programming today. I guess I was excepting more since Star Wars had a PG rating, I figured the TV show (although animated) might nto be entirely offensive, but it was entirely offensive.
    Anyway, thank you for your reply. You have some really good points and have illuminated to me that 90% of the idiots who complain about Jedi have no idea what they’re talking about, since the problem is not a logic problem. And I challenge you now! Watch Return of the Jedi and don’t enjoy it! I dare you!

  • Schmoker

    I am going solely of old memories, although ones generated from many, many, many repeat viewings. Because I went watch them again unless I can see high quality versions of the originals. I really loath the special editions.

    But like I said, I do know them inside and out. Despite at least a decade since last watching Jedi, I’m certain I could describe nearly every scene in great detail, including most dialogue. And I think it’s a pretty good movie. It’s not at the level if the first two, but it’s fine. But even fifteen year old me was disappointed by it when first seeing it in theaters. I didn’t dislike it by any means, but I did recognize it as lesser. And it wasn’t the Ewoks, which as a concept I’ve never had a problem with. In fact, but even the execution really, except for some parts here and there. But really I just think it’s more the overall of the movie.

    But I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m just saying that you can see the Lucas weaknesses that would grow and grow over the years. And they were a part of everything he touched thereafter. I’m not a fan of the second or third Indy movies, nor Willow.

    I just think the dude went a bit nuts, and then later full bore insane. And probably he was never a great filmmakers, but rather guy who everything came together for at exactly the right moment in history.

  • Scirocco

    “All the “other projects” this site produces? They’re crap. Like, embarrassingly bad and unfunny garbage that are not at all worth taking five minutes to watch, let alone the time and energy it takes to make them.”

    His point is simply that everything they produce that isn’t Plinkett isn’t good. I agree with you that the rest of RLM that isn’t Plinkett is not referenced or even acknowledged by most people, but I don’t know is that’s so much what Regressive Goosesteppers is getting at, or just the fact that people don’t know about HitB or BotW.

  • Catwoman and After Earth definitely need to happen!

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    The Hobbit trilogy please.

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    when is the next plinket review? He’s a really good film reviewer.

  • Galvatron

    I think the best Plinkett reviews are about awful movies in otherwise great series…because that way, he actually gives the originals great reviews by contrast.

    That said, I just watched Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome today…and I think it was just awful. I’d love to see Plinkett take that one on.

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  • The pizza roll telling me to use a meat cleaver and to hack bone was pretty unsettling though.

  • I’m fiending. I need a Plinkett fix. I don’t care if you review the Milwaukee phone book, but please review something soon. But if you want suggestions, The Hobbit movies are soft targets. Or, do a series of mini-reviews that take the piss out of re-makes and re-boots.

  • Teej

    Got to agree with dothan below – a Plinkett review of Boyhood, detailing all the failings of that horribly overrated film, would just be perfect. PLEASE make it happen.

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  • Lt. Surge

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    ps. I love you.

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    I haven’t been this dissapointed since I last saw myself naked in the mirror.

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    And please send me some pizza rolls.

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    Anyway, I do love your content, just noticed that your page wasn’t working so well. Constructive criticism.

  • theerdman

    Guys….. the Mr. Plinkett is my absolute favorite reviews on the net. Besides being very, very funny…. they are spot on. Things that always bothered me about the Star Trek and Star Wars movies that I have avoided ever talking about because I assumed the producers/writers knew what they were doing are the exact things you point out and nail. Also… Star Trek the Motion Picture is *my* favorite Star Trek film. Big, bold, epic… it FEELS like a theatrical movie.

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    except for the rape jokes. i mean, cmon for fuck’s sakes. what? do you support pedophilia too ya fucking diddlers?!

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    Please rip that force awakens movie a new asshole. It was awful. No plot for 2 hours then decides to rip off the plot from the first movie. Get’s the plan to do so from the guy who used to clean the toilets. Characters have no motivation and you can’t identify with any of them. Anything starwars feels token thrown in. “Howdy kids, I bet you thought I was dead. But I just got thrown from that fighter and got a hemorrhage in my head.” Need I go on? Because i sure can. What a turd.

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    I saw your Half in the Bag review of Into Darkness. So, does The Force Awakens get a free pass for the same sins?

    ** Paging Doctor Plinkett **

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  • David Axelord

    You should watch Half in the Bag, they already talked about Fury Road and how much they love it. I think they described it as a perfect or near perfect movie, so you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

  • TokenCommenter

    I identified with Finn.

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    This is so fucking disappointing. Plinkett is more popular than all of the other shit on this site combined (ask how many of these desperate fans found RLM through Plinkett reviews); hundreds of people have been begging for more for three fucking years; dozens of perfect opportunities (read: films) have come and gone; you’ve got ready-made audience, demand, platform, and character… and nothing. You waste time with this other garbage, collectively the blandest bunch of third-rate Mr Plinkett substitutes I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot.

    I’m done! I’m not checking this for updates any more! Don’t act like you won’t miss me!

    (Okay, the other content isn’t all half bag… I mean, bad. But c’mon. Give us more Mr. Plinkett reviews.)

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    I love the Mr. Plinkett reviews. I stumbled on them quite by accident and ended up watching the Star Wars Prequel reviews in reverse order but found them to be hilarious as well as surprisingly intuitive and well constructed. Not just slagging them as awful, but making very constructive criticism as to why they were so bad. All while being funny as hell, well done! You ask for suggestions for future reviews; well after reading the comments posted on this site I have to agree that the Matrix movies need the treatment (even though I love them) as well as Man of Steel, the Terminator films, Prometheus and maybe Amazing Spider-man 1&2 which were so bad they caused Sony to strike a deal with a rival company and loan them their cash cow!! Again, love your work and fully acknowledge how long it must take to create one of these gems!! Thanks.

  • Morty

    Oh…forgot to ask for reviews of Christopher Nolan Batman movies. Even though they are highly regarded (especially for Comic Book films) they still have their issues (the Joker’s completely impossible master plan and mumbling Bane for example). I’d love to see you’re take on these flicks.

  • Try to keep up.

  • Plinkett needs to do a Battlefield Earth review. I’ll take a BotW, alternatively.

  • I want to see him shit… and post it to YouTube.

  • ^^^FTW.

  • You were great on Firefly and in Independence Day.

  • Plinkett doesn’t always review shitty films, nor does he rip on all the films he reviews.

    For example, Star Trek… the Star Trek.

  • David Axelord

    True, but seeing as pippitypup referred to Fury Road as a “mess”, it seems reasonable to believe they wanted a negative review. That’s why I told them not to get their hopes up.

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    there was a Half in the Bag on it, which was quite good

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  • I do not agree. I loved it. i though the movie addressed all of Plinketts complaints about the prequels.

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    I want Plinkett to pick apart the slower than light hyperspace laser.

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    So I’m hopeful. 🙂

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    Mojin : The Lost Legend

    This movie is an absolute rubbish at every level and cristallises everything that is wrong with Chinese cinema.

    Come on, fatass, put’em pizza rolls in the oven and get that DVD player running!
    I dare you to watch that movie and not end up infuriated!

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    You must have heard of this movie, if not you guys should watch and enjoy this insane yet awesome movie.

  • Quiet Desperation

    Why do people want him to review B movies. These work a lot better when he goes after the big “important” sci-fi films. Someone below mentions Prometheus that would be perfect. Or do Prometheus and Alien Covenant together. See if we can’t get to the heart of what the hell went wrong there.

    George Lucas: I jacked up my baby worse than anyone ever will.
    Ridley Scott: Hold my beer…

  • Quiet Desperation

    A Prometheus/Alien Covenant combo would be good. Ridley Scott clearly has caught whatever brain parasites got to Lucas.

  • Remo Williams

    Hey Mr. Plinkett… you should review (movie that has nothing to do with anything) because I (feel some kind of way about it) and you should review it because its really (who cares).

    I hope you fucks are suggesting foreign films and other goofy horseshit ironically… why not suggest something that’s worth further analysis and people know….. Films that are broken in complex and interesting ways that only Plinkett can sort out.

    “Hey, re-view Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Sucks Its Own Dick because: reasons.”

    You people make me sick. Plinkett laid the prequels to rest, I’m satisfied.

  • Citizen Outkast

    What’s annoying is people who contribute nothing acting like hyper active baby birds jumping in place so mommy can put that worm in their mouths. Believe it or not, unless the site is making everyone enough money to live off of, they’re going to have to have actual jobs that take up time. People seem to think others can pull content out of their asses as quickly as they can pull complaints and demands.

  • Foreman 371

    Wouldn’t work. Star Wars is a dear childhood memory of pretty much every person born under the western hemisphere. Alien is niche horror, with each movie telling basically the same story. Rewatch their stuff on covenant and Prometheus and you won’t hear much love for the Alien series from them. I doubt a Plinkett review would be much fun if the franchise in total doesn’t interest them much.

  • Foreman 371

    people are born to be annoying. This whole affair, this “Life” wouldn’t make much sense otherwise.

  • Foreman 371

    they didn’t love it either. Awakens did pretty much everything Plinket was demanding of a sequel/prequel but in such a bland and uninspired way that even they had to see the flaws of it.

  • Linn Bartel

    Hey RLM and Mr. Plinkett,

    Love your work. I can’t wait for your next review! Could you tell me the song that you play at the end of all of your reviews?


  • Mike Schneider

    Be fair now; after all, Plinkett did make time for Baby’s Day Out and Cop Dog.


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