Half in the Bag Behind the Scenes Page 4



  • guy

    So THAT’s how you guys got such realistic car scenes.

  • Doug

    Every frame is just so dense. I think there was only one set with no green screen.

  • Sean Downs

    what size firecrackers might those be? what is worn against the skin to protect from the pow? any other tips for making awesome squibs?

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Its gonna be great

  • Admiral Bonetopick

    It’s gonna be great.

  • Okay man, what´s the name of that hot ghost chick?

  • gas station

    Rich Evans lying dead in a pool of stage blood = happy feelings

  • bananna hammock

    They look like your run of the mill Black-Cats or Red Devils, the generic 4th of july fire cracker, and I think the cardboard is what is against the body… Attach the cardboard, then the fire cracker, and then the condom full of fake blood is the outermost layer.

  • Doug

    Guna b gret.

  • You guys are the coolest.

  • EveryFrame

    GOD can people stop repeating this………..

  • But it’s stylistically designed to be that way and you can’t undo that, but you can diminish the effects of it.

  • nick

    Someone’s gotta caption the one with Rich Evans lying there dead with something. ANYTHING!

  • Asterios Kokkinos

    G br gt

  • DagobahDave

    Hot Ghost Chick #1

  • Erik

    Hey why don’t you take your phony green screen and go to Hollywood… oh wait

  • Kidakor

    Vampire baby.

  • Whargoul

    Rich Evans getting shot in the chest was one of the greatest things i have ever seen. I especially love the way Jay holds the gun, all limp wrist and awkward. Funny shot.

  • Alexandria Sanders

    …are those blood filled condoms? reminds me of Killer Condom. OMG! Review that!

  • MJM87

    Blood filled condoms and firecrackers? Sounds like my kind of party.

  • fred

    What are those, rubber hearts or…. oh.


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