Half in the Bag Behind the Scenes Page 3



  • Yonagonaf

    America seems to readily use glass bottles to bottle beer.

  • playdude92

    Jay-Zombie Hug FTW!

  • Haha how many times has that table been repaired?

  • Guest

    I covet your rolling work table.

  • what, no safety goggles?

  • Wondering Star

    I wonder if the change from Plinkett’s House to the Repair Shop was motivated by boredom or convenience or necessity or something else. It was a planned plot development sure, but what motivated the venue change. Beer?

  • ThomasHFoolery

    Idk about you but i def prefer the dingy and depraved atmosphere of Plinkett’s house to the cold and sterile lighting of the repair shop.


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