Half in the Bag Behind the Scenes Page 2



  • Nicola

    What’s wrong with his thumb?!?

  • ZomBuddy

    The lady likes the caulk

  • Hey man, I wondered, how much did the set cost in total? And how much were the camera’s?

  • I had always just imagined Mike and Jay doing most of the filming and other special effects by themselves and then occasionally asking Rich to help etc. But now I see there are a lot of people involved in the productions and it’s really neat to know that so much care goes into all the episodes. I love watching them!

  • G. Jardoness

    Sounds like “someone’s” looking for a pizza-roll — and a trip to the baaaaaasement? 😉

  • Kelsie

    Wow, I always knew it had to be a set but I never realized just how SMALL it is! You do a good job of making it feel like a much larger space exists.

  • Ted

    Good old fuck-bot 5000, I don’t think i realized he had electrode nipples before..


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