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Half in the Bag: Alien: Covenant

May 21, 2017167 Comments

Mike and Jay watch the new film from famed elderly filmmaker Ridley Scott.
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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – re:View

May 19, 201753 Comments

In anticipation of Showtime’s revival of the series, Jay and Josh gush over Twin Peaks for 45 minutes! Specifically, their love for the much maligned prequel film Fire Walk With Me, directed by David Lynch.
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Best of the Worst: Bigfoot vs D.B. Cooper, Black Cougar, and Raw Force

May 16, 2017215 Comments

Special guest star Len Kabasinski is back on Best of the Worst! This time Mike, Jay, Rich Evans, Jack, and Len watch three terrible films (surprise, surprise). Well one is not so terrible after all… CHECK IT THE FUCK OUT!!!
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Rich Evans Auditions for Blade Runner 2049

May 9, 201797 Comments

Not many know this, but Rich Evans came very close to getting the lead role in Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming Blade Runner sequel. The production company was kind enough to give us the footage of Rich’s audition.
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Half in the Bag: Guardians of the Galaxy

May 6, 2017178 Comments

While Mr. Plinkett rehearses for an important “on air” audition, Mike and Jay discuss Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the latest Marvel film from Marvel.
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Pre Rec: Bayonetta

May 5, 201732 Comments

Rich and Jack play Bayonetta for the PC and finally realize their dream of being a sexy, bad-ass, witch. Bayonetta is made by Platinum Games and so far has been very well received… Hint Hint Platinum.

Rogue One Commentary Track Now Available!

April 29, 2017272 Comments

Mike, Jay, and Rich Evans watch Rouge One: A Make-Up Story – listen to their exciting commentary as they watch the most boringest Star Wars film ever.

The Mist – re:View

April 27, 2017158 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss Frank Darabont’s monster movie throwback The Mist, based on the Stephen King novella. The film features such horrific things as spider monsters, crab monsters, and that kid that played The Sherminator in those American Pie movies.
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Nerd Crew Episode 4: The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown and Analysis!

April 17, 2017237 Comments

OMFG! The Nerd Crew is back to analyze every single frame from the new Star Wars trailer to look for any minuscule clue as to what might happen in a film they will eventually see.

Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #14

April 11, 2017127 Comments

You thought it was dead. You thought wrong. The gang revives the Wheel of the Worst to torture us all!
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