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Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #12

July 9, 2016192 Comments

The Canadians are back! And what better way to welcome them to the US than by subjecting them to painful, outdated VHS tapes?
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Eraserhead – re:View

July 3, 2016361 Comments

Jay and Josh discuss David Lynch’s first feature film Eraserhead: a dream of dark and troubling things.
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Half in the Bag: Independence Day: Resurgence

June 26, 2016442 Comments

Mike and Jay see the latest movie from Mike’s favorite filmmaker Roland Emmerich. The results may shock you!
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Best of the Worst: Pocket Ninjas, Cyclone, and Dangerous Men

June 21, 2016346 Comments

Put on your sweatpants and prepare a pot of coffee because this is gonna be a long night! The gang watches two of the most baffling, nonsensical movies they’ve ever watched with Pocket Ninjas and Dangerous Men. Cyclone’s in there too.
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Independence Day (1996) – re:View

June 19, 2016414 Comments

Awaiting the release of the much anticipated ID42:Regurgitation, Jay and Mike discuss the 1996 film Independence Day and make a case for why it’s a terrible, terrible, terrible movie.

There isn’t an extended audio version of this episode because obviously the video version is already long and thorough.
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Escape From New York – re:View

June 7, 2016505 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss the John Carpenter “action” “classic” Escape from New York. Spoilers: Jay loves it and Mike kind of tolerates it.
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Half in the Bag: X-Men: Apocalypse

May 30, 2016337 Comments

After cleaning up blood, Mike and Jay saw the new X-Men film!
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Tremors – re:View

May 24, 2016369 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss the classic 1990 film Tremors starring Kevin Bacon and Burt…er…Fred Ward and directed by Ron Underwood.
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Pre-Rec: DOOM

May 21, 2016135 Comments

Rich and Jack rip and tear through DOOM, not to be confused with the the game it’s based on… DOOM.

Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #11

May 19, 2016325 Comments

To recover from the last miserable episode of Best of the Worst, the group decided to utilize the Wheel of the Worst! Because the group are gluttons for punishment!
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