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Pre-Rec: Dishonored 2

December 1, 201635 Comments

Rich & Jack play Dishonored 2 which is a stealth game that’s also an action game where you have to sneak around unless you don’t want to. Made by Besethda Thoftworks.

Gremlins Commentary and New Merch!

November 29, 201689 Comments

Half in the Bag: Shut In and Arrival

November 17, 2016271 Comments

Mike and Jay talk about Shut In, a new release movie that everybody has already forgotten exists, and Arrival, an intelligent science fiction drama that was beaten at the box office by an animated children’s movie based on those big haired troll dolls.
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Land of the Dead and the Social Commentary of George Romero – re:View EXTRAS

November 9, 2016117 Comments

An extended discussion that was edited out of our Dawn of the Dead re:View in which Mike and Jay talk about George Romero’s more recent zombie films and his use of social commentary in them.
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Half in the Bag: Doctor Strange

November 7, 2016144 Comments

Jay and Mike talk about another new Marvel film. Marvel at their amazing conversation! There’s even a cameo by Stan Lee!
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Pre-Rec: Gears of War 4

November 4, 201695 Comments

Rich & Jack discuss Gears of War 4 and then spend some time talking about what a great game Vanquish is. You all should try to find a copy of Vanquish #BringVanquishToPC

Best of the Worst: Scary or Die, Chopping Mall, Exorcist II: The Heretic

October 30, 2016131 Comments

Boooo! It’s the 2016 Best of the Worst Halloween Spooktacular, featuring clown monsters, evil killer robots, and James Earl Jones wearing a giant bug costume!
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Dawn of the Dead – re:View

October 25, 2016130 Comments

When there’s no more room in Hell, Mike and Jay will discuss the George A. Romero zombie classic Dawn of the Dead and manage to avoid using the phrase “social commentary” the entire time.
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Star Wars Rogue One Trailer Breakdown No. 6,387

October 20, 2016175 Comments

Wake. Wake. Wake…

Best of the Worst: Parole Violators, Future Force, and Geteven

October 16, 2016169 Comments

Jay, Mike, and Rich Evans encounter aliens from another country who visit Milwaukee for a short while to drink booze and watch terrible movies only to return to their home country, changed, less human, and more afraid of cinema than they ever have been before.
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