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Best of the Worst: Plinketto #1

April 25, 20163,143 Comments

The gang tries out a new random movie selection device, to disastrous results. What movies are selected? Watch and see but here’s a hint: they’re all the worst possible selections.
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Masters of the Universe Commentary Track Available Now!

April 20, 20162,852 Comments

Rich, Mike, and Jay (Aka Susan or Reginald) watch the 1987 masterpiece “Masters of the Universe” by the legendary Cannon Films! Watch Dolph Lundgren try to talk! Look up Skeletor’s nostrals! Watch a film fall apart right before your eyes!!! Enjoy kids!

Half in the Bag: Hardcore Henry

April 14, 20162,587 Comments

Mike and Jay discuss Hardcore Henry, the revolutionary, one-of-a-kind first person POV action movie that you’ve already forgotten about.
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Half in the Bag v Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

March 27, 20168,183 Comments

Mike and Jay meet “””Rich””” a new employee to Lightning Fast VCR Repair. They decide to see Batman V Superman and talk about it.
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March 22, 20163,683 Comments

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Best of the Worst: Order of the Black Eagle, Wired to Kill, and Raiders of Atlantis

March 18, 20161,295 Comments

The gang watches three horrible, explosive action movies that all feature someone getting set on fire. Other highlights include baboons driving tanks, the lost city of Atlantis having an unseen motorcycle manufacturing plant, and a woman being mentally abused for the entire run time of a “fun” action thriller.
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Half in the Bag: 10 Cloverfield Lane and Me Him Her

March 15, 20162,050 Comments

Mike and Jay watch the out of nowhere movie 10 Cloverfield Lane and then watch the out of nowhere movie Me Him Her. Pronouns VS Adresses – Movies are great again!
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The Plinkett Awakens

March 9, 20163,239 Comments

literal potty humor.


March 4, 20162,552 Comments

Ghostbusters is the 2016 remake of the classic Ivan Reitman film. It stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones and is directed by Paul Feig.
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Half in the Bag: The 2016 Oscars

February 24, 20163,374 Comments

With the Oscars right around the corner, Mike and Jay decide to shit on all the nominees.
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