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November 28, 2012209 Comments

This holiday season, give the gift of schlock! We’ve got fun new stuff on our store page:

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  • tempest


  • tempest

    Now THIS is shitposting

  • BackToWorkYouLazyBitches

    I hate you guys. This was awesome.

  • Robby X

    Looks like the poster from Unbreakable starring sam jackson and pruce willis

  • Whensthenextplinkettreview

    You sure know how to sell your crap

  • Not Rich Evans

    Get off your asses and give us what we want you fat fucks. The next episode of Gamestation 2.0!

  • playdude92

    Love Jay´s “intense” facial expression while shooting.

    Also, the movie is Twilight.

  • hamsandwich

    Haha they did the turkish death scene 🙂

  • james

    Damn. I love Jay’s costume.

  • Swiss Knees

    Just bought the “Super Gift Pack” and in the e-mail receipt, it had the name of the movie for the next Plinkett Review!!1!1 HA! Is gonna be grand… and don’t bother asking! Buy the thing and support!

  • bachattacks

    This…Was… AWESOME!

  • Where did Rich Evans get his gun? Why did he only have one bullet wound, even though he was clearly shot multiple times? Why did the vodka bottle make a shattering sound when it appeared to be made of plastic? Why wasn’t there broken glass on the floor where the bottle shattered? Why was the tiny Christmas tree placed on such a flimsy table, did they WANT it to get knocked over? What was the meaning of Rich Evans growing a mustache? Why wasn’t that ever explained? Why did Rich Evans keep coming TOWARDS jay when it was clear that he was just going to keep shooting him? Where did that bar in the corner come from? *drool*

  • I loved the Rich Evans (hope I spelled that right) screaming death. 😀
    I can’t wait for the next Plinkett review, also send me a pizza roll in the mail.
    I posted on this web-zone so send me one.

  • Do you have an actual reason for saying that, other than WANTING it to be Twilight? Because I don’t think that poster looks very much like the poster for Twilight. To me it looks like a single figure perched on a large crescent moon above the Earth.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Nice try, Palpatine.

  • help

    what is the black goo?

  • jubalbiggs

    Holy crap; you guys went all Quentin Tarantino with the ending there! Boy, Rich has a set of lungs on him, huh? 😉 Ok, I forgive you guys for making us wait for the Plinkett review, since the ending of that one made me almost fall out of my chair laughing.

  • Tev

    You frauds sold out!

  • jubalbiggs

    Precisely my own feelings. One has to wonder at the masochistic tendencies of the RLM fan, sarcastically viewing the universe through a pair of Gen-X goggles as they get far too philosophical about the meta-nature of guys who hate fake commercialism selling fake commercialistic stuff by making fun of themselves in their ode to commercialistic excess. We, nevertheless, follow this and even go out to buy the commercialistic excess itself, in a spirit of defiance against it while wishing to support those who make it but also somehow loathing ourselves for doing so. As Nietzsche has it; “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
    Are we, the RLM fans the abyss of Mike and Jay’s conscious self-deception, or are they the totemic avatar of ours? What truth is it that we see in the depiction of Man sitting on the couch swilling beer and complaining about movies? Perhaps these questions will always elude us, but for now, I must echo your sentiment;
    “I hate you guys. This was awesome.”
    Amen, Backtoworkyoulazybitches, amen…

  • Tom Cruise

    You might want to keep your holiday cheer to yourself, Mike. Some of us are Scientologists.

  • Jakoporeeno

    That’s right, Jay.

  • Aki

    My offer of 1 used condom and a plastic bag full of empty beer bottles for everything you have. Still offering it.

  • Bassbait

    This makes it clear, the next review is going to be a Tarantino film.

  • Dr. Mario

    Assuming the blurred poster isn’t a troll by Mike, what film is it?

  • And button.

  • AnimistPrimal

    I am getting lessons in Pareidolia from trying to figure out what the image is for the next review. So far I have seen an alien, dog, a hand, a planet with something hovering over it and the back of someone’s head by flipping this image every which way and blowing it up and shrinking it. Plinkett is sadistic even when he isn’t murdering people.

  • i fucking love you guys

  • Markku

    Worst death ever! 😀 I guess u guys have seen that turkish movie too? lol

  • So i discovered u guys about 3 weeks ago on youtube and have been a fan ever since 🙂 I didn’t like HITB at first, then fell in love with it too 😀 Now I have watched all ur episodes. Cant wait the next Plinkett 😀

  • Nope

  • Andy S

    Is Rich really dead? Is Jay really a murderer?

  • Andy S

    I got bored by the second sentence.

  • jubalbiggs

    I don’t care.

  • I am sure the teaser poster isn’t what the next Plinkett review will be. RLM, champions of misdirection. This is a preemptive “fuck you”. Love, your fapping fans. <3

  • Andrew S.

    Why didn’t Jay just kill himself with his own gun since it’s all he could talk about? Is suicide supposed to be a joke?

  • Andrew S.

    Gotta be Shrek.

  • Christopher Kulik

    Some idiot on the YouTube comments actually thought the blurred poster was DOUBLE TEAM (Van Damme! Rodman!) flipped. I’m calling KILL BILL myself. Also, bonus to RLM for having a link to sell IDIOCRACY on Amazon, particularly since Fox has been attempting to censor it from Day One.

  • Dr. Mario

    It looks like something in space floating over the earth. Could be Transformers, but I haven’t found a poster that matches.

  • Riverboat Jack

    I am going to guess that it is Jason X. It looks like a hockey mask floating in space above earth.

  • Riverboat Jack

    I’m guessing Jason X. Looks like a hockey mask floating in space.

  • Bill

    That chicken looks soooo delicious. Jesus.

  • I’m going to guess Stargate. The “poster” looks like a fake photoshop job, but the planet and its angle look to be the from the end of Stargate where the ship blows up. And the two heads look like Kurt Russell and James Spader.

  • Mendoza

    You’ve pretty much nailed it there, I’m glad for you

  • Bryan, it’s all explained in the novelization.

  • hafabee

    That was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome!

  • zeitguest

    Suicide is a work of art, in that it takes a lifetime to accomplish.

  • zeitguest

    We gotta get NASA in on this to use that technology they use to extrapolate better resolution to pictures of faraway planets. Cause uh, that would be a good use of their resources.

    Kinda looks like a silver orb with someone reflected in it above a bigger white orb. Ehhhrrrrr….Phantasm II?

  • zeitguest

    “Why did he only have one bullet wound, even though he was clearly shot multiple times?”

    Jay is such a good shot, when he goes to the range, there’s only ever 1 bullet hole in the target sheet. He shoots a hole in the target, then shoots the rest of the 50 round box perfectly through the original hole. Holding the same facial expression throughout.

    “Why did the vodka bottle make a shattering sound when it appeared to be made of plastic? Why wasn’t there broken glass on the floor where the bottle shattered?”

    This is a result of new Russian technology. Ever since the end of the cold war the Russkies have been able to devote their R&D to more important stuff, like talking vodka bottles…

    …after that kind of advance, creating shattering plastic bottles that fail to shatter and then disappear was a piece of cake.

    “Where did Rich Evans get his gun?”

    “What was the meaning of Rich Evans growing a mustache?”

    “Why was the tiny Christmas tree placed on such a flimsy table”


    Welllll smartass, lemme tell you about a lil’ thing called THE FORCE that takes care of all the rest of that!!!

  • iZoe

    How did the Christmas Stocking magically appear back on the rack AFTER Rich knocked it off?

  • Jack Colby

    Poster looks like Jason X to me.

  • Is it bewitched? Could be Nicole Kidman sitting on the moon waiting to bullshit with Will Ferral for about an hour and call it a movie, thus ripping off millions for there tens of dollars each. **CONARTIST*COUGH*COUGH!RIP-OFF!*COUGH..**

  • claus

    Funny as hell! Did he fire six shots or only five… Well, Rich Evans..?

  • Oooooh, good one. I missed that.

  • I might hate you.

  • Are we to believe this is some kind of *snrk snrk* magic gun? Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

  • Seriously! Is that for sale?

  • My Christmas Wish is to have Mike and Jay come to my house in Cleveland for Christmas dressed as Santa and an Elf.

  • prometheus

    What if the mission involved a gangbang…?

  • Movies Can Eat My Cock

    I fucking lost it at the end. Nice homage to that youtube video ‘Best Death Scene Ever’, now to buy more of your crap.

  • Leo Ladenson

    This is borderline experimental.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Cock Gun.

  • Meader Maid

    Thank so much for the 1 minute 34 second Rich Evans death scene. It makes going to work today that much more tolerable.

  • Jason Ross

    Lols were had.

  • origonalname112

    As I happened upon your comment I was optomistic to see your point of view, and maybe recieve a minute amount on insight on the matter. But after tossing my eyes over your entire comment, I must say I disagree with you on a few key points. You compare the average viewer of redlettermedia (and other internet settings such like it) to the characters represented in said settings. You are implying that we enjoy this frivoulous drivel because we relate to it, and find a bit of ourselves in it. While I will not mark this claim completely preposterous, I do think that the reason we connect with Sirs Mike and Jay is not because we see our sleves as equels, but as more extreme versions of our selves. More radical cases. Everyone has sat a lump on their soffa throwing back a swig of brandy, and voiced their opinion of the recent cinima releases, but when we see something along the lines of redlettermedia, we see characters that have nothing better in thier lives than couch-movie-reviewing. We see an extreme case. Deep down inside, we rejoice because we know that we, while perhaps close, and nowhere near as severe a case as the gentlemen depicted in these videos.

    If you apply the same jukstaposition to other hip fads of the internet, you’ll find similaries. When we see a disfunctional teenager who is completely hopelss around women try and fail to take a lady’s hand in courtship, we chucle not because we consider ourselves on the same level as this poor fellow, but becasue we can relate to him on a smaller level. Because we know what he’s going through and what it feels like for him. Not because we too are completely hopeless romantically at all times.

    I must say I comend such sites as this for showing us an incling into the life we could have, and allowing us to see what it would be like if we were in their same possition. In closing, thank you Sirs Mike and Jay. May you and your kin prosper ever after.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Wow, that’s a good one. Unbreakable had the potential to be a great movie–an adult version of Chronicle coming years before the current rash of superhero movies. But instead it’s exactly where Eninem Night Shillelagh went horribly, horribly wrong.

  • Leo Ladenson

    A guy named William Shakesman once said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

  • reno

    we’ve all got to consider in relation to the image from the next plinkett review… that Mike is a bastard. That image might be a reference in the films analysis, but not the actual subject for the film. Lol, I would not put it passed him, to make a red herring in this fashion.

  • drunkard


  • creepy guy

    Pffff, what a lame wish. I want Jocelyn to come to my home. Undressed.

  • Jollyrodger

    Emina Shambala is a great choice for Plinkett given his Lucassian decline!

  • Greatest commercial ever.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Idiocracy is my favorite documentary film.

  • You’re right. My Christmas Wish is to have Mike and Jay come to my house in Cleveland for Christmas as Santa and an Elf. And undress.

  • It looks like a woman sitting on a crescent moon with one leg dangling off, and the movie that this is from is right on the tip of my tongue but I can’t remember for the life of me!

    It could also be something completely different and I’m affixed to that idea because it’s the first thing I saw.

    It could also be a completely unrelated picture they put in to fuck with us. Which is most likely, let’s be honest.

  • Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Duh, it’s called nonlinear narrative, a popular feature of many so-called “independent” films and art-house projects. RLM is clearly mocking this style.

  • Iron sky?

  • Jessika

    Mike, Jay, I love you guys, you provide endless hours of entertainment! I would date both of you, and maybe even Rich Evans, and then leave you all for your other, other girlfriends.

  • Joebuck

    I thought the poster looked like a baby and then the baby looked at me.

  • Mark Bisone

    Shut the fuck up.


    Hey, assholes…stop saying its fucking “Jason X,” “Twilight” and “Bewitched”….have you never seen the poster for those movies? It isn’t that one! And “Jason X” is easily the best “Friday The 13th” movie anyway so why review it?….ASSHOLES”!

  • When it’s the next gamestation 2.0 review?

  • RhymesLikePoetry

    You really need to get Rich Evans working. He’s a funnier character than any you’ve had on Half in the Bag.

  • Dipstick

    This skit totally reminded me of Zardoz. I loved it!

  • Dick Ward

    Okay, I don’t really know how to use Photoshop that well but I used a bunch of Photoshop stuff to make it look slightly clearer! Ish!

  • Christopher Kulik

    “Welcome to Costco…I love you!”

  • Christopher Kulik

    Hey Mike and Jay: if you guys ever need a bodyguard, I’m former military and would die for you!

  • Bob

    why did he shoot him?

  • Javier Letter Media


  • sam_s

    Wow! Jay has the ability to turn half-eaten Chunkys Chicken legs into fully-loaded revolvers!

  • Andy S

    That’s a good point. What a plot hole. Did Christopher Nolan direct this?

  • George Superman

    Was this Awesome or Horrible? Ugh … my brain hurts .. and why did rich evans enter the room ? Is he not from another universe ? And what the f@# was that thing with a mustage or however you write that? Is it in the Super Value Pack? Rich looked like a porno actor from the 70ties? Is this a commentary on the topic of the next review? Or the Gillete killing-your-employees-non-union-practices? Why Jay couldnt just kill himselph with the gun? How did he make the same expression everytime he shot and did he shoot iside the hole of the first shot? He must have since there were no other gunshot wounds on rich…. right? And whats Shuttle Coc@##cking? Why did Jay look so awesome in the jacked and with the gun? Does everybody look awesome in the jacket and with the gun? My brain hurts ……

  • Doh!

    I miss the old Simpsons…

  • Chunky

    He chose the slow Chunky’s Chicken death instead. Not a plot hole.

  • bedwettermedia

    i hope its porn.

  • Ani

    …no this commenting on the interne-oh,
    you were doing like ”a thing”

  • .

    You shoot people with guns… even yourself.

  • Spielbergo

    He’s gonna be great.

  • Slack41

    What is the soundtrack? Third (?) time now they use it — where can I find it?

  • Big Mclargehuge

    I’m guessing its Flipper. Got that weird circle thing… That and Dolphins arouse me.

  • Christopher Kulik

    Isn’t Jocelyn Mike’s gf?

  • Speaking of shark jumping, how many times can that fat fuck Rich Evans jump the shark anyway?

  • Oh I hope it’s Twilight.

  • Daggoth

    It looks like a poorly photoshopped poster for jason x

  • Mark Bisone

    It looks like a sonogram of a baby’s deformed ass flipper. Plinkett will review the video of Rich Evans’ birth.

  • RhymesLikePoetry

    He’s gonna be great.

  • Dylan
  • Chingotchcook

    Its definitely a flipped poster for the Van Damme/Rodman classic Double Team.

  • Chingotchcook

    Fellas, I could sit & watch you droll on about anything and stare off into space with your dead eyes & flacid personas for days with a huge smile on my face. The added bonus of Rich Evans just showing up was gold, then the awesome death scene spoof nearly gave me my third coronary. Kudos.

  • semontrax

    I tried some bit plane splicing and homomoriphic filtering to clear it up a bit:

  • General Grievance

    I just hope it wasn’t real vodka

  • Dylan
  • General Grievance

    I wish it was Twilight, but since they just reviewed Breaking Dawn part 2 and said they hadn’t seen any of the previous Twilight movies, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Plinkett Twilight review any time soon.

  • General Grievance

    What? Jason X the “best” Jason movie? agree to disagree…part 6 was funny and fun to watch…part 4 was ok and all the others are a waste of time.

  • Grand Sorcerer

    Too long, didn’t read

  • Grand Sorcerer

    Where can I get the Cliff Notes for your bloated, unfunny post?

  • Grand Sorcerer

    Is David a secret asshole?


    Anyone who thinks there’s a face in that still is retarded.


    Dude, you are both retarded.


    Dude, “Jason X” is hilarious as opposed to completely shit which is what every other movie in that series was.


    It’s totally obvious what the movie is, dummies!…..It’s “Schindler’s List”!

  • bob

    Dude, it is either “Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets” or “The Diving Bell And The Butterfly.” You are so retarded!

  • jerry springer

    Dude, that isn’t James Spader and Kurt Russel it is Max Von Sydow and Bengt Ekerot in “The Seventh Seal.”

  • ploppy

    Dude, don’t be retarded…..its either “My Left Foot” or “Battleship Potempkin.”

  • dave

    Dude, don’t be retarded…its either “Antichrist” or “The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp.”

  • brian

    Dudes, don’t be so retarded…..its either “Ben Hur” or “Driving Miss Daisy.”

  • paul

    Dude, don’t be so retarded….its either “Bringing Up Baby” or “Sinbad And The Eye OF The Tiger.”

  • Dick Ward

    Okay, I know its not any clearer, but I’ve added lens flare. It should be very easy to detect whether or not this is a J.J. Abrams picture!

  • He’s gonna be great.

  • Dradeeus

    Is it weird I almost like your crazy-ass update/announcement videos almost as much as your regular shows?

  • Andrew F.

    I agree with the peepz. That poster is the Double Team poster inverted:

    But I do have to say that I really doubt that the review will be about Double Team. I dunno, just feels kinda weird to review that movie in a detailed plinkett fashion.

  • jubalbiggs

    I think you may have it there. Yeah, and I can see Mike getting all high and mighty on the prometheus haters by talking about how everybody demanded a review of something that killed a formerly beloved franchise and whatever and then going into AVP just as a “screw you”.

  • gsafaf

    well, guess what, the poster IS double team.

  • Dylan

    That is exactly what I was thinking.

  • playdude92

    I´d pay for:

    A mug/T-shirt with an especially good Jay/Mike vacant stare.

    Mr. Plinkett Ringtones.

    Rich Evans´ laugh Ringtones.

    Mike frowny face w/ party hat birthday cards.

  • jubalbiggs

    “It’s always good to show contempt for your fans” -Plinkett; ep II review.

  • bb-15

    The closest thing that I could find that was similar to that blurred out poster was “Earthstorm” starring Stephen Baldwin.

  • bb-15

    Another possibility based on movie poster similarity is “Aliens vs Predator – Requiem”.

  • bb-15

    Whoops; I just saw the comment about “Double Team”. That image seems to be the closest match.

  • Bootsie Goodhead

    I want Bitch Evans to review Animal Soccer World (PS2). Simply because it’s the greatest game ever made.

  • Daggoth

    Battlefield Earth 2: LRH’s Electric Boogaloo

  • Daggoth

    Yeah I can almost make out the green of dennis rodman’s hair in the blurred image. But I don’t really care if it is, as long as I get to know something valuable about films in the process.

  • arglebarf

    Plot hole!

  • Strawberry Stallion

    It means stop wasting my time. I SAID STOP IT.

  • Meester Smeeth

    You just made it weird by asking if it was weird…

  • StEligius

    Wow Douchey McDoucherson knows how to string a lot of words together and still say very little!

  • jubalbiggs

    Why thank you. Glad to know you think I’m a douche. I was trying to intentionally write a lot and say nothing; the point being that it was funny that people have so little to do they over analyze internet BS. Not a SINGLE person actually caught the humor, so… whatever. Just curious; what exactly is douchey about failing at humor or are you just intimidated by people you think are smarter than you or something?

  • shogunmaster

    I like the parts where they sold out and shot Rich Evans…

  • Christopher Kulik

    I might not have noticed it…but my brain did.

  • Christopher Kulik

    I’m so fucking high…CHUNKY’S CHICKEN!

  • StEligius

    Lulz, you are funny!

  • StEligius

    Knowing that something is supposed to be humorous and it actually being funny are two separate things. Kind of like a hipster doofus trying to be cool and a normal person actually being cool. Whats funny is how butt hurt you seem. lol!

  • Bob Witz

    I already bought Red Letter Media Volume 1, Feeding Frenzy, and The Recovered. I’m not sure what is new about this new holiday offer. I thought there might be a Red Letter Media Volume 2, but I guess I was wrong.

  • Bob Witz

    Don’t get me wrong. Half in the Bag is my go to movie review now that Siskel and Ebert/Ebert and Roper/whoever they they have reviewing movies, are now dead/gone. Keep up the good work!

  • Bootsie Goodhead

    They’ve got their fingers in our wallets. Get your fingers out of my ass wallet!

  • creepy guy

    So? He can come too if he must, but just to watch. And has to be dressed. I might be a creepy guy, but enough is enough.

  • Rich Evans

    Can’t say I’m familiar with that game. I’ll definitely look into it and see what Mike thinks.

  • Robert

    just thought you guys would wanna know, George Locus REALLY IS A FRAUD.

  • Guest

    Rich Evans has very limited acting abilities.

  • Doodilydoo

    Those glasses are perfect! You know all your fans are raging space-dork craptanked alkies (or thirteen-year-old trolls-in-training), so we can totally use those for giant rum- or Jack-and-cokes while watching your reviews! And the trolls can totally use them for whatever caffeinated taurinated fuck-shit they drink nowadays! And for peeing into so they don’t have to leave the couch!

    These are awesome. Great job.

    (I love you.)

  • Aquahutch


  • I am so excited for this new review. I wonder what it is.

  • Don’t explain your joke. It ruins it.

  • Absolutely fucking hilarious. I was laughing so hard I pulled my pants down and took a shit on the floor.

  • William Shakesman

    But dude, he called you “Bitch” Evans!

  • ExclusiveChan

    Karate Girl?

  • Bitch Evans

    Your face is cunty.

  • He’s the key to the whole thing.

  • solidsamurai

    Jay is getting revenge on Rich Evans for raping him, I guess.

  • Grothesk

    For anyone who may not get the reference…

  • adamfox

    He’s gonna be great.

  • Guest

    Umm. No. He has a gf, but that’s not Jocelyn. I met his gf at one of the conventions that they were at.

  • flyinpoptartcat

    can’t wait for the review!

  • guest

    what a sham. taking music with out rights, cant make a movie near the quality they demand of others in their reviews. Finally, posting like they feel bad for selling their merchandise while laughing all the way to the bank. Someone call a lawyer.

  • JarJarEarlJones

    without is a compound word

  • Dorkoman

    OMG this cracked me up

  • Gungas.

  • hey

    When’s the next Plinkett review?

  • MrGuy

    How about a keychain of rich evans with a button that makes it laugh. Or a doll + pullstring

  • Mynock

    Just took a nap and had a nightmare… that the next Plinkett review was of some crap kid’s movie again! Please say it ain’t so, please be something good that’s bad, you know? Not Cop Dog, not Baby’s Day Out. I’ve got the shakes…

  • DradeeusOmega

    Please archive these ad/update/announcement videos. >_> They’re great on their own. I love your Canadian comicon announcement.

  • omenroc

    Worst movie death scene ever. That was not good film making. Can I post a link? I’m still waiting for my pizza roll.

  • guest

    You just sound like a bitter asshole.

  • guestie

    I love how self-aware these guys are.

  • Manuel

    What’s wrong with your faaaaace?!

  • Gilnitz

    final frontier?

  • Duckler

    Forget Plinkett, more Hacks n’ a Wag!

  • Guest

    But he might be working on two AT THE SAME TIME!

  • Mynut

    And what’s wrong with that?

  • Mr. Pickle Theatre

    My money is on M. Night’s “The Last Airbender” as the next
    Plinkett review. Just look at The Suckability Index Chart in the “Cop Dog”
    review. There is your clue! (Or if you want to believe my wife, she thinks it
    is going to be “Tron: Legacy”, but what does a woman know?)

  • lucas

    an the goongas..

  • What’s irony?

    You are overthinking this.It’s just humor.

  • GaryX


  • Craig Dohmen

    Rich Evans gives a tour-de-force performance as “Man who gets shot a lot and screams ( a lot).” Two thumbs up.

  • Марат Голявиев

    Jay’s holding a chicken leg in his hand and in the next shot it becomes a gun! The red sock falls on Rich’s hand and in the next shot it’s back on the wall! The vodka stain disappears from the tablecloth between shots!

    I think they are telling us something. There has to be deeper meaning to all these “mistakes”. I’m going to spend the next year carefully analysing this video to find out.

  • please do a review on Kevin Bacon.

  • Guest

    yes, shut the fuck up

  • doug lewellen

    Bryan White? You’re not fooling anyone, George Lucas.

  • All that and not a single penis joke. Get off the fucking internet!

  • TL;DR

  • I see a penis when I look at it. But I see a penis in everything I look at.

  • Dude

    I love the stoneface of Mike Sto..kal…klas…kalsa

  • kallikanzarid

    See, the chicken leg and the gun are both instruments of death!

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Things Red Letter Media is out of now: button.

  • Marvin Falz

    George Lucas is the abyss.

  • Marvin Falz

    It’s his superpower.

  • Vodka Gimlet

    After much deliberation, I’ve reached the conclusion that this is one of the most genius things RLM has ever done.

  • LameSame

    Just saw this for the first time myself, and I agree completely.

  • LameSame

    Mike Stolalalalaklaus.

  • Jay Sheeler

    Hey, idiot’s! Why not do everyone a fucking favor and make Rich Evans laugh into a goddamn fucking ringtone already….. Fuck

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