New Red Letter Media DVD! Gorilla Interrupted!

April 10, 2013180 Comments

Dex is a nerdy scientist. Sid is an angry punk rock idiot. Ray is an alcoholic with anger management issues. And Jacob is a crazy person who thinks he’s a safari hunter. Together, these four hacks are forced to team up to save the world…while hating themselves and each other.

Gorilla Interrupted was the first major collaboration between the people that would go on to form Red Letter Media. Shot in 2002 and remastered in 2013, this updated version of the rarely-seen film features newly shot special effects and a new score.

Included with the movie is the retrospective documentary “How Not to Make a Movie,” which chronicles how these guys all met and started making movies together, the disasterous production of Gorilla Interrupted, and how the new effects and remastering were accomplished. The DVD also includes commentary track and outtakes.

Check out the trailer for Gorilla Interrupted:

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  • raabco

    Wheres my pizza roll god damit!

  • Mark Bisone

    Where’s Deathlist?

  • anon


  • Gerald

    when is the next plinkett review?

  • I just ordered this.

    It’s going to be great.

  • Duckler

    “Never before seen..” Now there’s an understatement!

  • I heard that with the new FX shots they changed it so Greedo shoots first..

  • Zoe

    Wow!! Mike was a Smok’n Fox when he was young!!! HubaHuba.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Mike and Jay can now release gorilla interrupted in the way they had always envisioned can’t wait for the prequels.

  • Anonymoose

    Gorilla Interrupted to be reviewed on Best of the Worst?

  • I’m going to have to watch this just to see everyone young and skinny, or rather skinnier.

  • “With new digital technology, we can pretty much improve what i want to do. We have clones, and droids and flying termites and rockets taking off, flying gunships and hell troops. 200 Jedis. And then the Gorilla gets trapped in this Droid factory.

    We see The Gorilla in large battle scenes like we’ve never seen that before, and a couple of Jedis fighting The Gorilla.”

    -Mike Stoklasa

  • Splimis


  • Mark Bisone

    Mike was such a skinny little bitch back then. Clearly filmed before he committed the Poultry Holocaust at Chunky’s Chicken.

  • Joesyxpac

    Just in time for Mothers Day!

  • Rick M.

    What if I’m too lazy to wait for the digital download to finish downloading???

  • Numbahz

    Why is Plinkett on Mars

  • mmsiphone

    So I watched the digital download of How Not to Make a Movie, and had to look up what happened to Garrett Gilchrist. Good fuck. I don’t recommend googling his name. While Mike, Jay,and Rich stayed friends and found relative success, Garrett just seemed to burn out into the brony subsect of YouTube. One of his videos mentions that he is on food stamps and that he’s been unemployed for 7 years. He also got his degree from USC film, which is quite possibly the best film school there is. Sad story honestly.

  • Licktheenvelope

    Hookers (!)

  • Czech U. Fax

    Nods skeptically.

  • Czech U. Fax

    I got so excited by this that I ran out and got a new avatar.

  • Czech U. Fax

    Gorilla Interrupted is kinda like Jeff Who Lives at Home meets The Devil Inside.

  • Czech U. Fax

    When Roger Ebert got to Hell the first movie Satan assigned him to review was Gorilla Interrupted–the original version.

    Just sayin’.

  • Czech U. Fax

    But anyway, I mean Gorilla Interrupted is okay, but I dunno. Somethin’ felt like RLM took a big step backward after Feeding Frenzy. Like they had Gorilla Interrupted already made and it was in Mike Stoklasa’s closet and he said, “Hey, let’s release this as the next RLM movie. Why not?” Jebus, I spent more on my hairplugs than they spent on Gorilla Interrupted.

  • It’s gonna be great.

  • Robby

    How Not To Make A Movie: The Making of Gorilla Interrupted made me laugh. Really hard.

  • Robby

    I see what you did there. It was like a thing.

  • Robby

    Is this advertisement advocating for or against the movie? I’m reminded of B-Fest 2011’s The Avenging Disco Godfather’s pro angel dussssss rally.

  • hikikimori


    It’s beer.

  • hikikimori

    The universe will implode.

  • hikikimori

    *jizz all over the monitor

  • hikikimori

    So are there any toys of characters from the movie? Is there going to be a video game ?

  • hikikimori

    Somebody had to go since those hacks at NASA are taking their sweet time.

  • hikikimori

    Hookers !

  • Mark Bisone

    The fuck is going on with your name? That’s the sound my favorite hooker makes when I choke her.

  • Margaret Thatcher

    I will not rest until I see you two frauds, prosecuted for my murder!

  • Which one was Mike again? Oh…yeah……that one…..

  • Those riffles remind me of the one in the Heart of Darkness game.

  • Bad Dad

    Hey Mike and Jay, get your hands out of my ass wallet. Kidding, download started and bought the archive, too. My kids will starve now, because I had to buy weird amateur schlock… again.

  • Whaaaaat

    Too soon?
    But Jay and Mike totally called that one.

  • Archie Bunker

    Dammit, Stoklasa, you hack fraud! Can’t you release the commentary track with the digital download?

  • Meester Smeeth

    New effects? Blasphemy! I haven’t even seen the original… but still… BLASPHEMY!

  • Rick McCallum

    Every image is so sparse, there’s so little going on.

  • George Lucas

    It’s like poetry, it stinks.

  • Duckler

    South Park did it..!

  • Marvin Falz

    When’s 3D?

  • Marvin Falz

    Okay, the download would be faster than the mail but this stuff I need to have on disc in a case and a cover and all the extras that come with it.

  • capitandelespacio

    It’s gonna be great.

  • Rick McCallum

    *shocked by what he has seen*

  • hikikimori

    Google it.

    It’s a japanese thing.Worse than bukkake.

  • That’s gonna be great.

  • bobo

    Oh God the copypasta about Rich being nothing but a sad tool used for Mikes sick amusement is TRUE. THE PROPHECIES ARE COMING TRUE!

  • I bought this just for the behind the scenes doc… totally worth it.

  • Dink?

  • thelastpeanut
  • capitandelespacio

    Give to us the original movie and put this digital shit back up your arses!

  • Holy shit, Mike used to be the dude from Maroon 5.

  • Now I Get It

    Really? Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia both list “hikikomori”, referring to some constellation of symptoms of so-called social anxiety. The word definitely rings Japanese, though. …Or did I just miss another bone-dry play on words?

  • Breakfastman

    I’m breakfast man…

  • Czech U. Fax

    “Holy shit, Monkey Man’s going to fight Satan!”

    William Shakesman, eat your heart out.

  • hikikimori

    Don’t you find “some constellation of symptoms of so-called social anxiety” as you put it worse than bukkake ?

    I do.

    Hikikimori is a term for people who suffer those symptoms and have secluded them selves to total social isolation, sometimes for years and even decades.Only interaction with outside world is when getting basic stuff like food and the like.Otherwise it’s a wasteland.

    Acute social withdrawal is no fun.Trust me.I know.Bukkake on the other hand…

  • hikikimori

    Why is the person in the drawing eating his hand ?

  • hikikimori

    Oh you guys.

    It’s gonna be great.

  • Jouke

    Two-hour download? Use a torrent YOU HACK FRAUDS

  • Jouke

    (for paying customers ofc)

  • Brack to the Future

    Can anyone tell me whether this video will work on a Neutron brand Interocitor with Sorting Proton Compactor, firmware B? Shelly and I are gonna make some popcorn and mix up Tang. Hu Ling Tang, that is!

  • Mark Bisone

    So, in other words, a virginal Asptard neckbeard. Got it.

  • Brack to the Future

    I am disappointed there’s no Scooby in the description. Or Matthew Lillard.

  • playdude92

    Gorilla interrupted?
    I didn´t even interrupt masturbating for this.

  • I have NOOOOOOOOOOOOO interest in this… and think they’re a LITTLE pompous for thinking they’re big and important enough to put something like this out….

    but I love the Plinkett Reviews, Half in the Bag and Best of the Worst… so fuck it… I think I’ll buy it just to support that stuff.

    What more do you want from me?

  • guest

    What a bizarre and confusing complainer you are.

  • George Lucas

    It’s not gonna be great

  • Evil Deader

    That’s not Mars – it’s HELL!

  • Satan

    Why is Plinkett broadcasting this trailer from hell?

  • Drevna

    I appreciate all the trouble they went through to make this look better, but the little I saw of Jesus in the making of documentary. I prefer the picture with weird looking talking lips to the new Jack Packard Jesus.

    I like Jack, the original picture with the talking lips just gave me warm memories of Late Night with Conan in the nineties when he did those fake interviews with Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger with just the lips moving and the occasional pop out eyes whenever a hot lady walked by.

  • Fancy Mike

    When’s it coming out on Netflix?

  • TheDevilsHairdo

    Saw this movie at your guys’ first live-stream. It is the definition of “horrible glory”. I’ve been waiting a long time to share this with people. Sort of like my hepatitis.

  • DunkinDarren

    I’m going to buy this on DVD and watch it. Then I’m going to have sex with a bird.

  • The infamous 74-minute long Phantom Menace review was a worldwide sensation, and got high praise from fans and industry insiders alike. One of the key reasons has consistently been explained that rather than just a fanboy whine-fest about how the prequels “sucked”, it was instead a breakdown of failures of writing, directing, and composition in a way that was both new and informative, and that the reason the Plinkett Reviews, or Half in the Bag, work so well is because the critiques are done by people who are themselves filmmakers.

    Thanks to “Gorilla Interrupted”, we now know that this isn’t true.

  • An Iphone app allowing you and a friend via bluetooth to fight each other in a kitchen, one playing the alien and another playing the gorilla, all over the sound of Rich Evans laughing would either be the most killer app of the year, or the official reason that Apple voluntarily disbands as a company in 2014.

  • Psychic Prodiction Man

    Well, I’m calling it right now, George H.W. Bush will die eventually.


    Holy shit, you were right!!!

  • I bought the digital download and I love it so much but I want the commentary. Isnt there anyway we could buy the commentary separately?


    seeing how young Mike looked back in 2002 is making me feel old

  • Edgar

    Hmm… you are to well spoken for bobo..hmm..I smell a rat…

    Or in other words :” You are of lower stock.Do your duty.”



    funny thing,sometimes I feel more childish than ten years ago…the older I get the more immature i feel…go figure

    Oh..I am an old fart of 35 winters…



    What is not true ? That they are not filmmakers or that the Phantom menace review was a stroke of pure genius ?

  • Edgar


  • vicomtepicabia

    Hey, this is off topic, but what is the episode of Half in the Bag when Mike says something like, “[X] is a movie that exists. It was released in theaters and it stars actors.”? It might be more than one, I think he said something similar more than once.


    I’m really digging Jay’s Tom Ripley impersonation.

  • Craggy Knob

    Why is in certain scenes with fast movement the picture so horribly aliased? Why is the promised commentary track missing? Leaves a somewhat sour taste in my mouth. It’s not so hard to create a video file with two audio tracks, is it?
    Otherwise this was a worthwhile purchase. The movie was astoundingly fun to watch, though obviously a testament of its time and of naive privileged young males. The documentary was great in detailing how it came to be.

    So, in summary: Good content, some misleading advertising and video quality problems that go beyond what could be expected.

  • It’s not gonna be great.

  • You had me at “now on DVD”

  • Czech U. Fax

    “naive privileged young males”

    And white, you forgot to mention that they’re white. And Midwestern. That can’t be good either.

  • RG

    Gorilla sorta sounds like girl!

  • Dixon Bawls

    If there is more of Rich Evans hammer-raping a piano, I’m in.

  • Mike

    Thanks to Gorilla Interrupted, the Rabbit Hole led me to this.

  • Billy Gibbons

    Can’t believe those dudes want $10 for a DVD of a fucked up movie. I’ll pay $10 for a DVD of the Wizard hipster having a “number 1” all over his head whilst wearing a $500 suit and singing along to Taylor Swift…..gotta give the fans something they want to see, guys!

  • Mike

    Naw, naw. Because Googling his name leads you to this: which leads you to videos of Rich and Mike and a six-year-old Jay with the worst sunglasses in America, and it’s totally worth it and it’s FINE BY ME.

  • Mike

    Hint: refresh each page multiple times for the pictures to change. There are some choice ones of some Mike & Jays, as well as a cutie patootie redhead. Sup girl.

  • Mike

    Oh man, I hadn’t finished watching when I posted.

  • Mark Bisone

    Oh you faggots.
    It’s gonna be faggot.

  • Marvin Falz

    Another historic gem:

    “Set phasers to SCHLOCK! GORILLA INTERRUPTED is unreleased and may never be completely finished because Mike doesn’t feel like editing it. It was shot in May of 2002 over the span of a week. Jay Bauman from Blanc Screen Cinema rode down to Chicago to film it, and Garrett Gilchrist from Orange Cow Productions was flown in from LA. Everyone was sick and injured throughout the entire shoot. Mike hates this movie.”


  • Mike


  • Just bought the digital release, my only complaint is that the download is extremely fucking slow. I have 100mb broadband and it’s not budging… It also says ‘unconfirmed download’ when I check the downloads folder in Chrome.

  • Kviii

    I’m gay for skinny Mike.

  • Holy shit, good find! Angelfire, now there’s a blast from the past, back when we called it ‘flaming’ instead of ‘trolling’.

  • K it’s making progress now, but the download rate fucking sucks. Still glad I bought it, waiting 3 hours for the download beats waiting 3 weeks for the DVD to ship.

  • Melkiyad

    You’re… listening to the music.

  • Duckler

    More Hack Space, you cop frauds!

  • bitter truth

    Uuuh Mark Bison you’re so edgy!
    Not really… you are trying to hard poser.

  • Downloaded the digital version earlier. The documentary was a real treat, the shoot looked really fucking intense and crazy. 90’s J is hilarious too, he’s dressed like the Fresh Prince. I’m looking forward to checking out the movie.

  • RG

    Those pictures of Mike are only 10 years old? Or 11?

    I’m a fan of Mike and Jay. I want them to do reviews and films for a long time, and Mike looks like he’s in his mid 40s. I don’t know if the beer they drink in the reviews is real or not, but if it is, Mike, this is a sincere fan asking you to consider drinking less or something.

  • Duckler

    Living in Wisconsin will do that to you. The beer serves to lessen the effect.

  • Mark Bisone


  • ^
    What he said! Would be great to have it all in a .mkv file, or if you could include the commentary as a separate MP3… (and if I could wish some more, the same with the outtakes in a separate file would be nice).

  • Why is this not on IMDb?

  • Fraud space, hack more cop!

  • MacFry! MacFry.

  • Agreed, the download rate was very slow. Was still worth the wait but annoying to have to wait 3 hours.

  • They raped our adulthoods.

  • OK the movie is surprisingly hilarious but there is one major con, the fucking guy who plays the hunter dude, his voice is unbearable and his character has zero function except one exposition scene. Still love the movie, it’s really funny and mostly well acted and well made, the two girls are awesome, Rich steals the show, Mike and Jay are both great too.

  • Jouke

    Agreed. He’s the Jar Jar Binks of Gorilla Interrupted. I say we need a fan edit where we cut out every scene he’s in, and the scenes we can’t cut him out of, we mute him.

  • moush

    This was before Mike started to look like Fred Flintstone

  • Can i get this on pirate bay? Is any one streaming this online for free anywhere? I want to watch it as soon as possible!

  • Just spend the 10 dollars on a digital download. I’m poor as fuck and was able to manage it, I’m sure you can too.

  • His voice was so fucking screechy and he overstated every single line. Even Mike’s terrible British accent seemed subtle and clever in comparison. I found the movie really entertaining besides that guy, I was surprised that it was genuinely good fun to watch and not just fun out of historical interest in RLM.

  • guest

    Are you really asking for a torrent on Red Letter Media’s own site, you piece of shit?

  • spinachleaf

    I just don’t get why you guys who are so good at dissecting films make such deliberately bad ones. When are you going to make the best ten grand thriller or action or horror filick out there? If twats like Darren Aronofsky can do it, then you can do it five hundred times better.

  • kassir

    Maybe because that’s what they enjoy making?

  • Marvin Falz

    “I was surprised that it was genuinely good fun to watch and not just fun out of historical interest in RLM”

    Now I’m looking forward even more to see this movie!

  • Dixon Bawls

    You can ONLY lessen the effect, You can’t undo it. Stylistically, Milwaukee is designed to be that way.

  • Andy S

    i didn’t think they went far enough in few places.

  • Dirk Diggler

    I purchased the digital download of Gorilla Interrupted, but downloading it is impossible. The download simply won’t finish. It has nothing to do with my internet, for I can download other things at high speeds just fine. Could someone please upload a torrent of the .zip file? I paid for the movie and I want to watch it but I can’t due to Chrome’s download manager being shit and RLM’s servers or whatever also being shit.

  • Barclay

    That’s two people in a row to ask for a torrent ON RED LETTER MEDIA’S OWN WEBSITE! Seriously, go fuck yourself.

  • barclay

    Oh also, the download worked fine for me.

  • Mr. Burble

    Does it come with the original version too?

  • Dirk Diggler

    Jesus Christ, did you fucking read what I wrote? I said I paid for the fucking movie, I just can’t download it.

  • Jeff Dunham

    bought this don’t give three shits what it’s about just to support RedLetterMedia!!

  • Barclay

    Yes I did read what you wrote. You bought it and can’t get it to download properly. That sucks, but contact RLM instead of asking people for a torrent on their official website. If someone were to post a link to a torrent, then everyone reading these comments would see it and possibly follow the link and download it there, instead of paying for it properly through Red Letter Media, hence you’re basically contributing to stealing from RLM.

  • It will work, it just takes hours, I have high speed broadband and it took 3 hours, just wait out. if you can’t get back to the download screen, e-mail jay, the mail should be in your paypal receipt in your inbox.

  • Craggy Knob

    Holy shit, what a weird coincidence! Thanks to The Idle Book Club podcast I felt urged to check out the fanedit of The Thief and the Cobbler again. I read around on the blog of the guy behind it, found out there will be a new, much improved version of it later this year, and all the time this guy’s name and photo showed up, but somehow I didn’t connect them. Then suddenly – holy snap waffle on a stick! Guess who’s the guy behind it? Yep, Garrett Gilchrist, aka as the Jar-Jar Binks of Gorrila Interrupted.

    Well I’m glad to see he works hard now to rectify his prior sins. 😉


    It’s like poetry… Only it doesn’t rhyme at all.

  • i was being sarcastic, its a joke… kind of like your face. lol! 😀

  • I wasn’t being serious. :/ ive been following RLM since the beggining, before they even had this website, so suck it “guest”

  • Faggot

    You know you want it deep and hard up your colon.
    It’s gonna be great.

  • Faggot

    You hack white knight.

  • Oren


  • According to his deviant art page, he appeared at Bronycon, why does that not surprise me?

  • guest

    People on the internet sure love to use the term “white knight.”

  • guest

    You fail at comedy.

  • April

    Does the digital download come with the special features?

  • Craggy Knob

    sadly and inexplicably it’s without the commentary track, but it does have the “how not to make a movie” feature.

  • Anon

    Let´s go to piratebay!

  • Anon

    I got the digital download, worth every penny. Loved “how not to make a movie”. More entertaining than most movies.

    Speaking of things “Gorilla Interrupted” is more entertaining than, have you guys seen Olympus Has Fallen? Jesus that movie needs a Half in the Bag dose of reality really fucking bad – especially when you look at the insane RottenTomatoes score it has.

  • I would love to see mr.plinkette tear this movie apart in his next review! He did so well making fun of other directors… But does he have the balls to make fun of himself?(<-desperately wanting to watch it for free even if its just summed up and teased in a plinkette review)

    I imagine he would say stuff like, "who are these hack kids? who do they think they are? _insert director name here_-, or cut the fact that plinkette kidnapped the directors of the film and pan over to plinkets latest sex slaves, who are the ones who made this film perhaps Rich Evans or Jay, or maybe even mike tied up in mr.plinketts basement plotting there escape from the psychopaths house while answering plinketts questions about the film and "playing along" and plinkette would often refer to his new basement prisoners as his "boy toys"! ..LOL! im just joking! XD lol, but could you imagine? lol… :3

  • late to da parteee

    More space,cop fraud hack !

  • late to da parteee

    I take your white knight and raise you a bishop.

  • late to da parteee

    And many many other places of the world.
    Basically anywhere white 20-40 year old dudes live

  • Latesupperman


  • late to da parteee


  • Taft You Cheapskate

    It’s not inexplicable – it’s cheaper.

  • Bill Gates

    Maybe use a real browser instead of Chrome.

  • Craggy Knob

    It’s cheaper because it isn’t a physical copy that has to be shipped? Come on, the trailer advertizes a commentary track and outtakes, yet it doesn’t mention that both are missing from the digital download version? I think that’s far from a given. So, yeah, I call bullshit on that.

  • Brooke

    Dude, it’s called hikikomori.

  • I NEED this.My Rich Evans collection won’t be complete without it.

  • Now I Get It

    Actually, the it was the difference in spelling – hikiki vs. hikiko – that caught my eye. I thought maybe I had missed something.
    But more to your point, I agree: acute social anxiety is no fun. As for Bukkake, it seems like a lateral move, at best. Don’t trust me, though, I’m just guessing.

  • HAT

    Nice to see the moment where Jay, Mike and Rich first jumped the shark!

  • I just know that you’ve replaced all guns with walkie-talkies…..

  • Ash

    too bad Mike didn’t understand what Paramount wanted.

    The didn’t want a script/movie of which THEY surely thought would cost (or need) way more than $100.000 when done properly.

    A psycho-duel of two people in a room for 90 minutes had been right. A guy in a coffin for 90 minutes, too…. wait… someone else did that.
    Also shlock (what RLM obviously likes best) in a minimalistic setup would have been easy.

  • BrownPants

    You said it was a bad movie Plinkett, you lied to me you asshole.

  • Are we gonna get an MP3 of the audio commentary??????

  • I’ve been waiting to say this and I think now’s as good a time as any: Mike, you handsome bastard.

    My copy of Gorilla Interrupted is on the way.

  • me

    agreed. this is clear case of person says something stupid, get’s called on it, and then plays the “I was just joking!!” card.. thinking it fools any one.

    At least he didn’t claim it was his little brother who posted in his name.

  • me

    You mean stupid people who do bad things and like to rationalize away people who attack them for their bad activity by the use of a pathetic strawman.

  • JimTreacher

    I feel kind of bad for Garrett. His awful ideas were completely at odds with everybody else’s awful ideas.

  • Bob Weinstein

    It’s worth pointing out that “Astron-6” made “Manborg” in a garage for under $1000. You must have $1000 between you?

  • Rasputin Varez

    I actually watched it…. and it was pretty good.

    and the documentary inspired me to make my own movie after my university exams

  • guy

    So did you ever make that movie?

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