New Merch! New Auction!

November 25, 201347 Comments

Ebay auction:

RLM Merch store:

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  • GraphicsAndBeer

    Holy shit balls, first! And

    New Auction!

  • JohnBigbooty

    Nice to see The Real Mr.Plinkett show up again. He must have been hanging out with The Real Ghostbusters.

  • Frank

    I would like to acquire Rich Even’s severed finger.

  • Adam Dworsky

    Whens the next…well you know

  • dollar store cashier wife

    when’s the next gamestation 2.0 you fucking hack fraud.

  • Duckler

    Oh my god, the shirt..!

  • Duckler

    Everyone repeat after me: “I do not want Gorilla Interrupted number 2″.. I do not want Gorilla Interrupted number 2..”

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Hack frauds (I’d buy a lighting fast VCR Repair jacket)

  • Percy Gryce

    I’ve bid on just a couple of prop auctions on eBay. I bid on a Colonial law book from the Battlestar Galatica reboot. I also bid on the fake stack of books that Ricky Jay carried in the opening of Heist. Bid, but didn’t win.

    I’d love to bid on a rare signed copy of Mr. Plinkett’s self-published autobiography, A Reluctant Widower’s Guide to Love: How I Exposed George Lucas, Milked My Cat, and Irritated an Emperor, All in Quest of Finding the Perfect Woman.

  • catnep

    Hmm. We do need new beer glasses.

  • Mark Bisone

    Saving that Tree Stand sleeve for Sotheby’s, I presume.

  • Ogrot

    Coasters! What do they think we’re fucking royalty!?

  • Duckler

    A relic for your St. Richard of the Evans cult?

  • Thiver

    I don’t need any of this crap! All I want for Christmas is a new Plinkett review!

  • Marquis Moon

    Yes, I miss The Grabowskis too.

  • nurb

    That needs to be auctioned off to the person with the best idea for what do do with the severed finger

  • Fartastic

    Will any of his fingers do?

  • Captain Turbo

    I bid 400 quatloos for the Dick T-shirt!

  • Big Mclargehuge

    Hack frauds, When’s the next Plinkett review, Shoji Tabuchi, etc etc 🙂

  • Khyron

    Pfff.. Im still waiting on those pizza rolls plinkett you fraud

  • thatsrightjay

    wow you’re really funny

  • Percy Gryce

    Ah, irony. Well, not every comment is a home run. And rest assured that I haven’t quit my day job.

    This one was more of a “this is what’s on my mind” post–partially out of frustration that, while I want to bid on something to support the boys, I’d have a hard time making the case to the wife why I spent money on any of the crap currently on offer.

  • James Camaroon

    Yes but now with the missing finger, he’s Rich Uneven

  • Thanatos2k

    Ha! I saw those coasters in the last Best of the Worst episode and I knew you were holding out on us!

  • Thanatos2k

    Rich Evans is an artist too!? What can’t the man do?!?

  • catsniffrer

    At first, one thought that this was a new Plinket review upon seeing the thumbnail. Now one knows that this is incorrect. I reject this content.

  • Now I Get It

    Of course not, but they are testing your fealty. Buy their crap now!

  • Now I Get It

    That’s his road game.

  • Joe Syxpac

    The mummified finger of St. Richard is said to be able to cure a variety of ailments, including black eyes, slurred speech, alcoholism, and (oddly enough) severed digits.

  • Thanatos2k

    Why would you ever want to resist a hot dog?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash
  • Duckler

    Use a reciprocating saw safely?

  • vile

    I’d almost forgotten his voice.


    I would like a “Win a Dream Date With Rich Evans” auction. And have it filmed.

  • Ted Pringles

    He sure as shit can’t sing bass.

  • Mark Harrison

    Get UK distribution sorted!

  • catnep

    Sniff sniff.

  • winzentween

    THIS!!! help us help you 😀

  • winzentween

    Love to buy me some stuff but UK based 😕

  • winzentween

    Simpler to just keep sending them money 4 free 😀

  • LelouchtheFilial

    His sweet, sweet voice…

  • ha, true!

  • Killimanjaro

    Where was Palpatine berating you about the next review???

  • My bf loved the cups and shot glasses! Thanks a ton, yup!

  • Kyle

    Drink respobsisbley.

  • CBSE 12th Result 2014 Declared

    Superb Post ipl 8 live score

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