New Digital Downloads! From Red Letter Media!

July 12, 201250 Comments

Lots of new stuff now available for digital download! Also, some new stuff coming soon… something other than Half in the Bag… staaaay tuned friends…. boooooourns….

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  • sam

    Can I get my digital download signed? I am pretty sure I am the first digital download

  • I got a DVD but I want mine signed by Jocelyn Ridgely. 😉

  • Mr. Snrub

    “Are you saying ‘boo’ or ‘boourns’?”

    From this hint I conclude that Plinkett’s next review is a full commentary track of all 23 seasons (508 episodes) of The Simpsons. I can’t wait.

  • adw

    Oh boy, never should have bought feeding frenzy. Now they think I will by anything that is advertized here and can be accessed easily by punching in 19 digits.
    I mean, it would add just 15 bucks to my 20,000 debt, and it’s not like there are any consequences until like next month, right?
    But still, I think I will not spend money on a blooper reel… Although it is in HD…

  • Robby

    There are people who don’t own Feeding Frenzy and the RedLetterMedia Archive Collection Volume 1? For shame.

  • RichEvansBuyMeACheeseSteak

    Can someone upload these videos onto the youtubes

    History of Plinkett documentary (20 min)

    The Rich Evans Anthology (12 min)

    Half in the Bag Outtake Reel (20 min)

    I am interested in seeing the full frontal female nudity but at the same time too poor to pay $10 for it, my penis is on a budget

  • john

    gah get that plinkett review out. these 2 min weren’t enough to hold me over. hilarious though. “are you ready motherfucker”

  • ouij

    I already own all of this shit. Quit dicking around and put Space Cop on Kickstarter. That’s what the people want.

  • fuck you


  • RichEvansBuyMeACheeseSteak

    No not everything just the full frontal female nudity, I just assume it is in one of those three videos

    Any frame which doesn’t contain the breastes and vangoghnas I assure you I won’t watch

  • Ballsucker

    Your idiocy is confirmed by your decision to omit a currency to your total debt. The “inter” in “internet” is short for “international”, you know…

  • Oompa-galoopma

    You guys are messed up…I enjoy your work!

  • FUCKBOT 5000

    I just bought the Archive collection 1 (digital) and I was really shock that the alien cocks in The Great Space Jam were still blurred! Are you kidding me? The only reason I bought this schlock was to see the green alien dicks in full splendor. I want my green dicks! Wait, that didn’t sound right… I want my green penises! There, much better…

  • FUCKBOT 5000

    Yes, there’s full frontal female nudity in Pork Pork in Space. That solely justified the 10 bucks for the digital download. I mean, it’s not like I can watch porn for free in some web zone…

  • guest

    Get a life.

  • Afrodeeziac

    I’ll take 50 copies of each, sir! $$$$

  • Gorgon

    Kickstarter? Kickstarter is for pathetic begging assholes.

  • Daggoth

    Sometimes I think it would just be best if they didn’t announce the next Plinkett review weeks in advance, and just sprung it up by surprise like some of the other stuff they do.

  • Critic

    This is all very nice, but let’s not avoid the elephant in the room. Space Cop better not suck. I’m looking at you Mike, and that fucking hack Jay Bauman.

  • dickbutt

    Who end up getting a million dollars to do some bullshit.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    I hate sensor ship as much as the next sane person but, come on, dicks?

  • Guest

    Not without getting a virus…

  • booo

  • Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s short for “interconnected”. As in “interconnected network of networks”. But whatever you say is true as long as you call other people idiots anonymously on the international…net… .

  • Spam

    you guy’s a F*cking nuts … I love it

  • Quinn

    Yeah, its just so hard to find nudity on the internet. You already can get hours of free videos from this site, don’t be a fucking cheapskate and pay the 10 bucks.

  • Indeed; dicks!
    Also can I sail away with you on your sensor ship?

  • Yes, his entire comment is void unless we know specifically what currency his debt is in.
    I’m assuming it’s dollars, as the DVD is $15 and it will add 15 ‘bucks’ to his debt, if it’s not dollars it’s something with a 1/1 exchange rate (otherwise it would add more than 15 currency to his debt).
    Does that make you happy?
    Well maybe you should take a long hard look at your pathetic excuse for a life, dig a shallow grave outside a nursery, climb in and spray Raid in your face until you die, I recommend the “fast kill, low irritant” kind the last thing you want is irritation when you’re trying to fucking murder yourself.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Rich Evans is one incarnation of Plinkett–in much the same way that Krishna is one incarnation of Vishnu.

  • Murd0ck

    I wanna digital downloadable pizza rolls!

  • Daggoth

    Finally! Somebody who truly understands the existence of multiple Plinketts!

  • Fartrix

    What’s with all the cock teasing shit about the next Plinkett? Just who does Mike Lincoln Logs think he is? Put it in your mouth and suck it already before I’m a wet noodle.

  • TT


    Oh, I am hoping against hope (whatever the hell that means) that you’re hinting at a near-future trashing of The Simpsons – the movie if you’re lazy, and looking for an easy target. But if you wanted to trash the last 17 or so seasons in general, that’d be epic. In fact, I think that would be the only thing that could possibly match the scope (and flammability) of the trilogy.

  • I bought the digital versions of Feeding Frenzy and the RLM Archive Collection before reading that they don’t have the commentaries. Feels bad, man.

  • Reagus

    Yeah, goof-heads wanna like, pursue they’re ambitions and shit. Total nose brains.

  • Andy

    I think they should do a review for matrix revolutions. The 1st matrix was so perfect in every aspect and the 3rd movie was so horrible, it just makes sense

  • BobBoberson112

    I just hope we’ll finally get to meet the real plinket. LIke the guy that does the Plinket voice but also wearing the plinket costume and everything.

  • Steve

    I was saying ‘booo-urns’…..

  • but i like half in the bag 🙁

  • Fred Asparagus

    Already bought the commentary. Make a bluray of the media disc and it’s a done deal. It’s not hard. I already made several home video blurays myself. One with 7.1 audio. Don’t really care if the content isn’t even HD to begin with; it always looks better encoded at higher bitrates than humble 9Mbps MPEG2. Plus it’s 2012.

  • guest

    You know, there’s a big difference between burning a disc at home that will play on a blu-ray player and getting blu-rays professionally replicated, right?

    Plus, you’re right: it’s 2012. That’s why they’re offering downloads instead of creating new physical media.

  • Bazz

    I cant stop reading the comments in plinketts voice

    its like a room full of condescending plinketts arguing over the existence of plinketts

  • Kezd

    I think it’s supposed to be that sound from the prometheus trailer. Or what?

  • Spindles

    It’s about time someone took the Simpsons down a peg. That show’s decline from something truly groundbreaking and special to cynical cash-grab pablum easily rivals the Next Gen movies, the Prequals, the Crystal Skull and…..Cop Dog…..
    I can’t wait for the Simpsons movie review.


  • AbdulAlhazred

    I just realized what the next review will be. It’s obviously going to be Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, to coincide with the new Batman movie!

    And deservingly so.

  • Dd

    LOL i will buy the outdated technology of CD eventually

  • Guest

    I think it’s funny how Plinkett’s voice has evolved over time. It used to be very monotone and deep, almost all the time, but now he mutters and screams and generally has a more lively voice.

  • magmonster2002

    RLM: consistently more funny than either SNL or BHO.

  • Gran2

    Indeed. Star Wars and The Simpsons – in their creation, unexpected but colossal success and perfection and then their eventual, total souless and sterile destruction – are basically the same history.

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