Mr. Plinkett’s Titanic Review Behind the Scenes

January 6, 201384 Comments

Some behind the scenes stuff from the live action portions of the Titanic review. Watch in amazement at the creation of some of the most stunning and breathtaking visual effects ever to be created for a 60 minute long Titanic movie review.

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  • beNd

    Cool Fx

  • It’s strange seeing the guys act like professionals.
    I always knew a lot of work must go into the reviews but it’s weird seeing it.
    What lot of people obviously don’t realize when they comment “where’s the next Plinkett review?” is the reason they’re so good is because they take their time, unlike most of the shit on youtube.

  • JimJimandtheJims

    Class! I’d like to see more of this type of thing.

  • dunnolol

    What the fuck is titatinic?

  • playdude92

    Was Mike selling bibles before that?

  • splimis

    Cool stuff. You might try using RTV with a layer of liquid nails around it for a good water seal. I shouldn’t tell you how to do your shit though, appreciate the reviews as always.

  • Javier Boredom

    Awesome! You got some nice looking ladies for this too. Much like in the Indiana Jones review trailer. That’s your best piece of work to masturbate to other than the ones with Rich Evans in them.

  • Javier Boredom

    Mike takes a glance at 0:44

  • hhhrrrrrr

    You should use Anna Miller more often. She’s f#*?ing hot.

  • Good stuff guys!

  • You two and your team are genius. Geniuses? Genii……

  • playdude92

    Citizen Plinkett loses his mind after droping his Snow Globe.

    In his dying breath he whispers “Piiizza Roll, Piiiza Roll…”

  • just asking politely

    Where is the Star Trek V review you lazy fucktards?

  • oh god such funny stuff

  • Der General

    What do you guys usually do in that workshop?
    Also the plinkett house is a set, right?
    Do you work in the film business?

  • Great behind the scenes bit. You guys should sell large Plinkett sized titanic snow globes! I eagerly await more.

  • Funny how the avatar-girl is played by a lady that is apparently from the UK. She got really convincing American accent in the movie review video.

  • What makes you believe it isn’t the other way around?

  • buffo

    Because she isn’t an overflowing fat glob of Wal-Mart fed “Merican shit.

  • Mef

    Awesome getting a chance to see what goes on behind the curtain. More please.

  • Dumba$$

    Mef. Not even once.

  • My friends and I experimented with making our own shitty little movies so I appreciate the effort put into these videos. There are a million and one things that could go wrong and will do so but despite the annoyances this is where the magic is. Seeing the fruits of your labor entertain people. Also, the Na’vi lady is gorgeous. I hope she’ll make more appearances in later videos.

  • IamSMERT

    So nobody got Jay a razor for xmas?

  • I can see that you guys really dug deep in engineering, hydrodynamics, and historical archives for this one. I think you really got it. Iceberg shmieseberg; it was a UFO!

  • British Dude

    She’s putting on a dodgy English accent that verges on Australian at one point, I think she’s really American.

  • If you are a British dude you probably know what you’re talking about. Well then. I can’t distinguish all those accents, I’m not from the English-speaking part of the world you see.

  • sweetsadness

    Lights firecracker. “Shit”. Runs away.

  • sweetsadness

    If she’s an Englishwman, she has the worst English accent I have ever heard.

  • I wish you had added more water to the fish bowl.

  • Nato

    With the amazing special effects you’ve created, it’s appropriate that you’ve amazingly miss-spelled “Titanic” in this video title. 🙂

  • Leo Ladenson

    Amazing practical effects! And here I thought that you did the Titanic sinking scene all with green screen and CGI, so’s you wouldn’t have to get off your chairs and stop drinking your coffee and move all the monitors and things.

  • offtopic

    “single&christian” chick is scaring me.

  • HeyZeus

    It makes sense there cause the ship would be floating on the water, but it doesn’t make sense for a snow globe cause the snow would only be in the water, and that wouldn’t make sense because ice floats. It’s something only a nonsensical Plinkett would buy, like a black baby Jesus painting.

  • disqus_vAoXv1wtwj

    Wish I was a fraud like these guys so I could have hot chicks working under me too.

  • jeff

    I love how mike an Jay have beautiful women around all the time and it’s no big thing.

  • sweetsadness

    She’s dead. Get over it.

  • sweetsadness

    Jay, please go and see a dermatologist about your neck.

  • agentorange

    The Hearts of Darkness of our generation.

  • id rather have them working over me

  • beer*

  • thor

    they make wedding- and other forms of home videos

  • OH FUCK!

    I was expecting Mike to realise just after glueing it up that he forgot to put snow in the snow globe, and then go batshit!

  • Wow, the chick’s British?

    Fuck yeah.

  • Or, she might have stayed in Britain for a few years as a child and picked up the accent as a kid, creating a cross-accent for her. Just like Gillian Anderson.

  • MegaPizza

    what’s a Titatinic? Like a Tittytanic? Owww…my brain!!!!

  • send that titanic sinking to history channel. they’ll make a 3 hour documentary about it starring the aliens meme guy.

  • Guus van Voorst

    Still beats CGI every time… 😉

  • George Lucas

    I guess you guys are scraping the bottom of the barrel now that I’ve retired and sold all of my empire to Disney. You can’t review my work anymore Mr. Plinkett. HA HA HAHA!! Take that you punks!!!

  • The Anal Avenger

    It’s okay, you can swear on the internet.

  • Trentono

    Does anyone know what kind of camera that is the guys use? I’d like to get a camera that’s somewhat similar to it at some point

  • Meester Smeeth

    She’s just a little dead, she’s still good, she’s still good!

  • Duckler

    Are you guys starting a sci-fi Renaissance fair?

  • Leo Ladenson


  • Jai

    Those are two different girls, British Dude. Put your specs on!

  • buttpucker

    So this is how you make all the parts that I don’t like watching and I wish you would leave out. Thanks for sharing.

  • Iron Aiden

    Recreating golden age style movie effects by actually smashing props and actually blowing things up? Awesome! It has the spirit of true film making and it looks more realistic than a lot of over the top CGI. It’s not quite Zaat caliber stuff, but that’s mighty hard to beat. Great work guys! Err.. I mean, whens teh next plinket reviw lolz! Much better.

  • its_so_dense

    Zathura-level effects; love ’em.

  • Rick Rickerson

    Yes, I’d like to see that Na’vi from behind…the scenes, right? Right? *sighs, remorsefully puts purple space bazooka in mouth*

  • hugo

    The pillow fight scene is “Feeding Frenzy” is my most paused movie scene of all time. Just sayin’

  • FreudianPenis

    “Purple space bazooka” ..Is that a euphemism for a giant cock I mean penis ?

  • FreudianPenis

    It looks sexier that way.

  • FreudianPenis

    Don’t push it.They still haven’t reviewed Star Wars Holiday Special.

  • FreudianPenis

    Are you trying to say you masturbate behind a curtain O.o ???

  • FreudianPenis

    Watches video.Reads comment needlessly summarizing content of the video.Facepalms with a sigh.

  • FreudianPenis

    I bet their things are big when they need them to be.

  • FreudianPenis

    Or maybe you know, she has access to the media like internet with english speaking people on the various parts of it.Say youtube.And a “talent” for accents.

  • FreudianPenis

    Like there are no fat chicks in England.

  • FreudianPenis


  • FreudianPenis

    Are you saying Black Baby Jesus sank the Titanic O.o ???

  • FreudianPenis

    You look like Fox Mulder.Kinda.I want to believe.

  • FreudianPenis

    Like the ones when a plumber comes to check the pipes and notices a new rug.

  • FreudianPenis

    Is it a couple of penises or a couple of penii ?

  • You wouldn’t believe what they have in the secret files man!

  • zeitguest

    a nice touch would have been little tiny drowning people you can shake up in the globe

  • zeitguest

    besides, what’s with all the obsessing over the Star Wars developments in the Half In The Bag?

    “I heard Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney.”

    “Oh? Hm”

    I mean geez give it a rest. Must 50% of the HitB material depend on Lucas?

    Next we’ll have to endure something like

    “Did you hear Guillermo Del Toro turned down the directer job for Part VII?”

    “Huh. (beer swig)”

  • zeitguest

    Just to make it clear it’s not ME who’s obsessing over star wars. Definitely not that. Definitely THEM. Pretty sure it’s them.

    BTW have you seen how Samuel Jackson keeps carrying on over Mace Windu getting a part in Star Wars VII? “Oh he could come back as a ghost, oh we never saw him die he could have pulled some jedi shit and caught a ledge or a car or a droid”

    Did you hear about Harrison Ford’s craaazy requirements before he’ll agree to do 7? …oh that was a comedy bit? ohhh.

    But Ewan Ma…Ewan McDonald, you heard he said he’d be glad to come back as Obi Wan, right?

    Don’t you think Zahn’s Heir to the Empire should be the template for any new Star Wars movies?

    …and what about a Tweenquel? You could do Spinter of the Mind’s Eye and shove it between episodes IV and V, now’s the time Disney!

    But Wedge will definitely be back for 7 right? Gotta have Wedge.

    Okay fine, so maybe I AM putting myself on continuous intravenous drip sedative and sleeping until 2015 so I can watch the next Star Wars movie right away, but what I’m really saying is stop being obsessive over this star wars stuff and I look forward to catching up on half in the bag episodes 50-526 when I get back.

  • HOT CUM*

  • William Shakesman

    All I could hear when they were asking around if the snowglobe was going to work was

    “It’s gonna be great”

  • Wut?

    Well it certainly wasn’t the white one…

  • I enjoyed this video. Thank you Ike and Ray.

  • The Great Jesus

    I don’t blame him

  • I don’t know why I waited so long to watch this video, but it was really interesting to see your process.

  • OzymandiasAeonis

    The giant snowless snowglobe really makes that scene, another case of movie magic coming out of adversity.

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