Mr. Plinkett’s Star Wars: Episode III Review

February 12, 2011




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  • By the time Episode III came around, I no longer gave a fuq.

    We might be twins, old man.

  • I remember smoking a bowl and snaking like 7 brews each into The Fresh Pond movie theater with my brother. I also remember him going to the bathroom just before the movie got started and cam in exactly after the action scene got started…I remember thinking that getting up to got to the bathroom was a bad idea because I knew George was going to frontend his movie with some spectacular action piece and that the rest of the movie would have loads of boring stupid pointless inhuman poorly delivered dry flaccid dialog and I remember telling him that he missed out on a cool scene…So if you’re a person like me (I am) and you take every word that Plinkett says as the word of God (I do) and you found yourself telling your brother, who you love and respect, “wow that once scene though trite and hollow was visually appetizing and I enjoyed it” should you then wonder if you and your brother are complete idiots? Or should you then question your faith in your lord?

  • Halo4Life

    As I said, I will never watch them again, because they probably are crap, but when I watched them for the first time I kinda liked them. Don’t kill me. And, also sadly, the other media generated by the popularity of the Star Wars universe, such as the video games, actually have GOOD STORIES and are fun and engaging. Everybody loves Knights of the Old Republic, and there are also Clone Wars (not the shitty shitty shitty ass CG crap fest, but the cool one based on the events in between II and III with the Dark Reaper final boss, spoiler alert) and Star Wars Battlefront (which is getting a third installment alongside Episode VII). True, the prequels weren’t the best, and broke fanboys’ and fangirls’ hearts everywhere (likely including my own if I rewatched them) but the universe as a whole is awesome. Which is why it is such a shame that apparently the EU (Extended Universe) no longer exists. But epic reviews as always. Noone was even chained in your basement this time. You’re getting better man.

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