Mr. Plinkett’s Star Wars: A New Hope Commentary Track now available!

August 4, 2012200 Comments

Now available! Mr. Plinkett’s commentary track for Star Wars! The original! aka A New Hope. This is for the DVD release of the film from 2004. The special edition version. You know the one with the terrible photoshopped cover that most people seem to own. This commentary may also work with the Blu-Rays too.

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  • nobloodnodallas


  • Alex

    I didn’t think I’d have an excuse to watch A New Hope again, now I don’t have any excuse not to.

  • Rob

    Bought it already, and threw in an extra buck! Thanks you guys.

  • Billy Kulpa

    Man. I’ve missed you, Mr. Pinkett.

    • Leo Ladenson

      Amen. Can we have some HSP merch that doesn’t feature his goddamned ugly face? I can’t choke down my coffee while looking at his face.

      • lorlol

        wait, what’s wrong with his face?

        • Plinko


  • playdude92

    Don´t own A New Hope (whaaaat?!), so Imma listen to this while playing a vampire killer in a new video game. Cool people know what I mean.

    • John ‘Darkseid’ Batchelor

      I knew what you meant. But then I took an arrow in the knee……….. sorry.

      • Dapur

        Why would you do that.

        • SirHenry

          Were you an adventurer or something?

    • Bassbait

      I know what you mean. You mean you don’t have the 1977 film known as “Star Wars”, and later retitled “Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope”.

  • Mike White

    Luckily, I don’t own the shitty version, just the “original”. But I’m sure I can get my hands on that abortion.

    • Aaron

      wear gloves if you do

    • Daniel Sokoloff

      No, why would you give Lucas money?

      • zxvzvzcz

        who said anything about money?

      • JW6

        Ain’t you never heard of the library?

  • JMRomeo

    Probably because of the frame rate difference but I’m watching the r2 DVD and it loses sync progressively.

    The commentary itself it’s great. Keep up the good work!

  • Niko

    I´ve always found it funny that the opening crawl in Return of The Jedi, mentions “a new armored space station even more powerful than the first dreaded Death Star.”
    Why does it need to be more powerful? The first one could blow up a planet!!

    • Anthony Golding

      …well the first one got destroyed by one shot, couldn’t have been that powerful.

      • StatingTheObvious

        You should look up the definitions of the words Powerful and Vulnerable. They’re 2 different words with 2 different meanings by the way

        Fucking illiterate gen x morons that inhabit the Internet

        • Simon

          Calm down, he was making a joke. It was a minor literary switch-up, don’t make such a fuss.

          • StatingTheObvious

            That’s kind of the point. He was trying to be a smart alec, while at the same time proving that he himself is an imbecile


          • Proves nothing

            There’s a smart Alec in the movie.

          • CrotchTea

            One of the Baldwins is in that movie too?

        • gungas

          Yes.And you know EVERYTHING.EVERYTHING.

          • Pabst smear

            Now this is going to far… even to far for Pabst.

          • epigrammatic


        • Anthony Golding

          You do know that ‘powerful’ can refer to strength and invulnerability? Something that has a glaring self-destructive weakness is not considered powerful. Oh, and members of Gen X would be between the ages of 50 and 30 now. So I’m going to assume you’re some 60 year old baby-boomer who hasn’t updated their cultural references in decades.

      • John Johnson

        this one can blow up 2 planets, and jar-jar binks’ family.

    • Guest

      It can shoot faster

  • Andy S

    You want us to pay for it? You’re as bad as Luca$ Mike, you’ve finally become as bad as the person you criticise. I am dissapoint.

    • Adrian Hoyland

      yeah Mike! how dare you try and make a living from making people laugh!!!! u evil man you! look at you sitting on your vast piles of cash in ur mansion riding around on ur high Bantha! WORSE THAN LUCAS ( ill be downloading this later today :) )

    • guest

      Yeah because asking two bucks for something after providing people with hours and hours of FREE entertainment is exactly like George Lucas, you fucking moron.

      Oh also, you don’t HAVE to buy this. You can listen to it for free right on Bandcamp, genius.

      Kill yourself.

      • Andy S

        Wait a minute! You don’t have to buy it?

    • JM

      Dear idiot, you are aware than you can easily listen to the whole track in your web browser by clicking play button, and you have only to pay if you want that track as a file, not a stream OR want to support RLM.
      Some people…

      • paul

        i just downloaded it that way, digging out my dvd right now

    • Malchik

      Mike is trying to make a buck? HE’S WORSE THAN HITLER!

    • guest

      Hey Andy S, how does it feel to know that so many people here think you’re an idiot?

  • kaijuman

    Ooooo…. and how does one get this fantabulous offer?

  • marvinfalz

    Awesome! A new Plinkett commentary! And I don’t give a crap wether the commentary track fits my version of A New Hope or not. Plinkett’s commentaries are worth listening without watching the movie they comment on. (Same with Half in the Bag. You guys rock!)

  • David

    Has anyone listened to it synched up with the 2007 DVD? How well does it work? (There are too many versions of this film – there really only needs to be the original.)

  • Gonzo

    Alrighty, then. Who’s managed to reverse that “sometimes my brain works backwards” part about three quarters of the way in?

    • ReddiShadow

      I have. Don’t know if that really will be the next Plinkett review or not, though.

  • Melanie

    I love you, Plinkett! You’re the best :D

  • AW8

    15 minutes in and I already love it.

    I LOL’d at “in spaAAAAAAAAAAAAAACEEEE” in the beginning. :D

  • daniel

    have it. love it.

  • Bassbait


    I only own the non-Special Edition Star Wars. I guess I can’t watch it.

    Oh wait, it doesn’t suck for me, because I don’t have the Special Edition.

  • Noah es Frio

    It’s gonna be great.

    • Malchik

      Gonna be great.

      • gungas

        This is going to be great.

        • lokust

          but all of you are gonna be shit

          • gonna be great

            You already are shit.Combo breaker.

          • vote down

            it was funny the first 20 times

          • lets_beat_a_dead_horse

            Still,if you do it long enough,it’s gonna be great.

          • George Lucas

            It’s gonna be great

          • lokust

            every post is just so filled with idiocy. every frame has something happening.

          • guest

            It’s so dense

          • Sir beats off’s a lot

            I beat off every dead horse I find, even a lady horse.

          • Leo Ladenson

            It’s still funny. I larf everytime.

          • lokust

            and three year olds laugh everytime you take your hand from your face and say peekaboo, it doesnt say much if you laugh or not.

          • Leo Ladenson

            Fuck you, Rick Berman. Oh, wait, that’s not Rick Berman.

            It’s Lowkrusty.

          • gonna be great

            Take the stick out of your ass Mr.”I’m so grownup I forgot how to laugh at stupid and silly fun”.
            You’ll see, it’s gonna be great.

        • Guest

          It’s gonna be great

          • steve

            Then you saw the movie

        • Nicky

          What is it with ricks?

        • playdude92

          Wait, mate, It´s gonna be great!

          You see it´s like poetry, cause it rhymes.

  • bought

    Bought! Many thanks guys.

  • Alexander Anastos

    Is this Commentary of the original, the special edition, another special edition, or blueray a new hope?

  • LazyMofo


  • Jake

    Aw, man, why Mercury Rising? I love that thrash film!! XD
    Congo too, they are without doubt stupid crap movies but they’re enjoyable.

  • adw

    I just came a little in my pants!

  • zxvzvzcz

    Thanks guys. This was funny!

  • John Johnson

    How about a ‘remastered’ edition with lots of digital sfx that intrude upon most of the major parts of the recording

  • Robotbling

    This one time, at Band Camp, I listened to Mr. Plinkett wailing on and on about a Star Wars movie

  • /tv/

    Much love bros, thanks. Visit us anytime!

  • Paul

    Darnit, I just watched A New Hope this friday…now I gotta see it twice in one week.

  • Sundermania

    Watching this tonight. Has anyone tried it out with the Blu-Ray version? Does it line up?

  • Grim

    I actually listened to the whole 2 hours without even watching/syncing it to the the movie.

  • Douche Vader

    I’ve seen this movie so many times I didn’t even have to watch it to enjoy the commentary.

  • JohnWaynman

    Mmm, sweet potato pie!


  • Becky

    It does not like my debit card. LET ME GIVE YOU ALL THE MONEY!!!

  • Diarmid

    Lots of sync problems but no biggie. Cause there is very little talk about movie itself. Like a scene by scene breakdown. Instead there are lots of gay jokes, ass jokes, racial slurs etc. Basically too much humor, not enough hard data..

  • Cam

    I have two versions, the original and one of the updated ones (not sure which year). The caption says this commentary is for the 2004 version, and it doesn’t sync up perfectly with mine (which is newer than the 2004 version but came before the latest blu-ray updates). I first noticed it go out of time right at the start, because in my version Lucas actually shortened that first shot where the star destroyer flies overhead. It also got way out of sync in the X-Wing sequence at the end. I’m not blaming RLM for this of course: it’s Lucas’ fault for releasing so many fucking versions of the film. I had to stop it probably five or six times to get it synchronised again, but it was still fun.

    • Cam

      Oh and one other thing, THANKYOU for commenting on why didn’t Lucas fix things that were ACTUALLY wrong with the movie. What, you can put a whole heap of animated shit in the background but you can’t make it so that Luke’s lightsaber doesn’t change colour 15 times during that training with Obi Wan sequence? You can put extra rocks in front of R2, but you can’t make it so that the characters don’t jump out of place when the doors close? What the hell was he thinking. I wouldn’t be mad about the changes if they actually served a purpose and fixed up some of the problems caused by the primitive special effects instead of just shoving shit in that makes no sense.

  • Squeejee

    Watching this without accompaniment, totally able to visualize the entire movie without a problem.

  • DagobahDave

    Holy fuck, this one is so funny. Paralyzed with laughter twice. Tears, real tears of joy from the elevator scene. Good stuff.

  • confused

    So… I’d totally buy this if there were any confirmations of what versions this worked with. The only special edition versions I have are the gold VHS trilogy, and the blu ray. I would pay more than $2 if I knew what versions it actually worked with. Who the fuck bought the 2004 versions!?

    • Rob

      Works with the Blu Ray.

  • marvinfalz

    I watched the movie and listened to the commentary yesterday. It is great to hear Plinkett’s take on a really good movie. I hope that Plinkett will some day, if he wants to, comment on Empire.

  • M.T.

    Insights as interesting as ever but I have to say some of the sociopath humor is getting stale.

    • marvinfalz

      That is what I was thinking while listening to the Phantom Commentary for the first time. In the New Hope Commentary I especially liked all the political and economical stuff. And all of the voice acts, the ones we’ve heard before and some new ones. And the movie insights. And the sound FX. And the majority of the jokes. And the Orwellian names of the Death Star. And more. I need definitely listen to the NH Commentary again!

  • S G

    I own the 2-disc versions of the original trilogy .. you know, the ones with the theatrical versions thrown in as an afterthought and in shitty quality. To this day, none of the special edition DVDs have seen the inside of my DVD-player… looks like this could be about to change. Damn you, redlettermedia!!!!

    • gungas

      Will they still work after using them as coasters?

      • S G

        Good question. If the quality of the “Bonus”-discs is anything to go by: probably not. Mine have just started acting up (disc isn’t recognized by the player when I insert it). Guess Lucas found yet another way to make me buy a new version of SW.. aaaargh!

  • random_guest

    he’s working on two reviews?! gentlemen … i bet it’s matrix retarded and matrix revomited

    • gungas

      I see your bet and I raise you “it could be anything really”.

      • lokust

        my moneys on hellraiser 9 followed by waterworld

  • Vizeteufel

    Great stuff to run in the background while playing shitty Star Wars games =P

    Since this is my favourite laughter source on the internet, I threw in an extra dollar. Keep up the quality work!

  • Hardbad

    Frame-rate or at least region (PAL or NTSC) should be specified, me thinks. Since Plinkett is US citizen I guess NTSC version is the one that I need.

  • Claus

    When I saw this I thought “it’s gonna be great”. And it was!!! Thank you RLM, I really enjoyed having Plinkett with me on the couch.

  • AbdulAlhazred

    Two at the same time? Matrix sequels ohpleaseohplease..
    Also this commentary track was good. Used the BluRay edition and experienced no issues.

    • Leo Ladenson

      Dude, it’s KILL BILL. HSP is practically screaming the title as he digs his way out of his coffin–just like the Bride in KILL BILL.

      • lets_beat_a_dead_horse

        I fucking hate those movies.Overrated pieces of crap.
        Reservoir dogs is much better.

        • Leo Ladenson

          Well, then, you should be ecstatic that HSP is going to eviscerate them.

          Them movies–or his cat.

  • Redtubber

    Did you name this website after redtube . com ? It stays right by its side on the URL list. It can’t be a coincidence!

    • gonna be great

      Um..not everything is about sex…my guess is they went something along these lines http : // en.wikipedia. org / wiki /Red letter day…

  • Jason Greaves

    Damn, I think I threw my DVD versions in the dumpster years ago. If only I had known that there was a reason to keep them.

  • Mr. Moo

    The 1080 blueray off of piratebay syncs perfectly. ;-)

    Also, star wars was not meant to be seen in 1080p, it’s too clear and Darth Vader looks very “plastic”.

    Great voice-over guys!

    Also, this is the first time I’ve seen the edition with the new /deleted scenes. Wow, the city the bar is in it cluttered with flying shit now! Completely unneeded and annoying.

    • fishfinder1

      Star Wars was shot and showcased in theaters on 35mm film. It was meant to be shown on huge screens projected on film (which is higher quality than 1080p can handle). Have a nice day!

  • stratos300

    This is quality entertainment right here. I laughed 3-5 times, just as promised. I loved the sex quotes. Especially “Evacuate? In the moment of triumph? I think not.”

    The Phantom menace review was fine, but this one is way better.

  • harrycarrybigfoot

    I enjoyed the commentary overall. Sure there’s plenty of superfluous and semi-inaccurate shots at the prequels(which I expected), but I was so elated with the fact that you criticized the logic fallacies of Leia’s decision to lead the Death Star to the front door of the Rebellion that alls forgiven.

    • JohnWaynman

      He did the expected thing and pointed out various plot holes in this “good film”, just like in the ST11 review (which you should be aware of before accusing other people of being “obsessed with” :p).
      No idea why you were so surprised and “elated” by it, especially after two hours of nitpicking this movie.

      Although personally, there was just a little bit too much faux-misogyny directed at Leia. I know it’s all a joke, but when there’s too much of it it kinda becomes tiring.
      It should be pointed out that all three (or four) of them knew about or suspected that they’re being tracked – Leia may have been the first to think of it (being apparently the smartest person on the board, as Plinkett pointed out earlier), but they all just went along with the “let’s fly fo the rebel base then” and no one seemed to mind.

      So they’re all to blame.

      (On a side note, there’s another thing I find amusing – they concluded that it was “way too easy” based on the small number of the TIEs, but then when the baddies started to mean business, they sent out… pretty much the same number of fighters :D)

      • harrycarrybigfoot

        Leia is in a position of authority, thus she is the most culpable.

        • JohnWaynman

          So what, now the message of Star Wars is “as long as your boss says it’s alright, you’re good to go”?

          Of course, she’s not really in position of authority – she says she is while Han protests, but none of them fall into her juris-my-diction and have to do whatever she says.

          Han is told by her about the possible tracking, but brushes it off and then doesn’t tell Luke anything (although Leia may have told him off-screen).
          They both don’t care at all, and by the time they’ve arrived, it’s stopped being an issue at all.

          So yea, all three are equally guilty. Luke may be an unexperienced farmboy, but he’s smart enough to realize that if they’re being tracked… the baddies will come after them.

          The rebel leaders may have more of a bone to pick with her because she’s one of them, but that’s a different question.

          I really think they should’ve simply cut the “they must be tracking us” line, it caused way more problems than it solved.

          • JohnWaynman

            *issue altogether*

          • harrycarrybigfoot

            Okay they’re all guilty. I’m just glad Mike pointed out what I consider to be a near fatal flaw in the film.

          • harrycarrybigfoot

            I agree about the tracking line, btw. Get rid of that and you have no issues what-so-ever.

  • Katie

    Are you going to do commentary for the other movies?

  • stratos300

    Just heard the hidden message. It’s a nice touch.

  • StatingTheObvious

    banned from 4 different Aldis – ha ha

  • Billy Dee Williams

    This was the first time I’ve bought a podcast, but given the fantastic work you guys have put in the past the $2 was totally worth it!

  • StatingTheObvious

    E.T.s in Star Wars – fuck, I had forgotten about that

  • lokust

    just want to point this out, c3p0 and r2d2 appear to be the only large robots on the death star, there are small scootering robots but no humanoid that i can think off, which would make the two of them stand out even more to the stormtroopers but…i cant be bothered to watch again to figure out if anything i just said is true.

    in fact fuck this and fuck you.

    • StatingTheObvious

      You’re wrong shit-for-brains. Heck, even one of the famous toy figures was a Death Star Droid – which was basically a black C3PO

      • lokust

        i dont remember seeing it at all, but then again i pointed that out allready, also, in case you didnt read my final sentiments, fuck you, in the ear, with a grapefruit you massive twat.

        • StatingTheObvious

          lol – I’ll give you credit for having a sense of humor

          now go masturbate to the prequels, you prole

        • lokust

          oh fuck yeh, gimme some chistopher walken any day… he is in that movie right??? if he isnt its the biggest mistake lucas ever made.

  • doug goldie


  • playdude92

    Is the Original version of this movie available anywhere? Or are the DVD-Versions all chnaged?

    • lokust


    • StatingTheObvious

      There was one version on DVD that came with a special edition version of the movie, and the original theatrical version – unchanged. But as Plinkett mentioned, the original version was a cheap transfer that looked like it came from on old VHS tape – so Lucas wins again

      Plus, even that version is now out of print and hard to find. And as the RLM guys have documented, Lucas himself personally goes to comic conventions, buying up and destroyed copies of those

      • lokust

        well answering your own questions can be fun also, especially when you start adding conspiracys like george lucas added the scream when luke falls in empire and then removed it again after it implicated him in the 9/11 attacks.

      • S G

        Yeah.. it’s called the “limited edition”. Just looked it up on and a copy of “Jedi” sells for over $60? The complete trilogy goes for over $200.. Damn! I could be rich if I sold my copies.. :D Be warned though: The theatrical versions are LD-transfers .. stereo-soundtrack, non-anamorphic picture, pretty bad picture-quality by 2012-standards. Still: To me, these are the “ultimate” versions of the three movies. Only if the unthinkable happens and Lucas finally gives us restored versions of the theatrical cuts will I buy another SW-DVD/Bluray.

      • Bananna Hammock

        Hard to find? Check amazon through the used dealers. I got mine there for 16-20 a piece. Also, harmy’s de-specialized edition is a very admirable project. Still – i wish they would re-release the thx remastered edition of the series again.

        • StatingTheObvious

          Last time I looked – a lot of that shit on Amazon was a Canadian version, with French subtitles

          Check your facts before giving advice chief

    • John Johnson

      There is something called “Star wars: revisited” that you can download free, a restored copy of A New Hope, with all of the horseshit taken out, Han shoots first Etc.

  • Stance Punk


  • Leo Ladenson

    He might be working on two at the same time? So I guess that means I was right and HSP is going to review KILL BILL, Parts I and II.

    • lets_beat_a_dead_horse

      Don’t cum all over yourself just yet.You might be wrong.

      • Leo Ladenson

        Too late.

        • Nicky

          I hope he reviews something meaninful. Like:

          -Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, (‘Superbabies couldn’t be worse if it had been written and produced by actual babies, and I mean babies who are retarded and who hate movies’)
          -Battlefield Earth( ‘… a sequel covering the second half of the book was planned, the universal
          panning, poor box office intake and financial ruin of Franchise
          Pictures killed off such plans…’)
          -Freddy got Fingered (‘…If ever a movie testified to the utter creative bankruptcy of the Hollywood film industry, it is the abomination known as Freddy Got Fingered….;)
          -Pinocchio(‘ Roberto Benigni misfires wildly with this adaptation of Pinocchio, and the result is an unfunny, poorly-made, creepy vanity project. ‘)
          -Alone in the Dark (‘Inept on almost every level, Alone in the Dark may not work as a thriller, but it’s good for some head-slapping, incredulous laughter. ‘)
          Plinkett ripping Babie Geniuses 1 and 2 a new asshole – now thats a review worth cumming all over yourself. Preferably in his shed.

  • MikPal

    Does it work on a copy of a VHS recorded of TV some twenty years ago?

  • Topper

    Hey, thanx for this new material! I enjoyed listening to it while watching the blu-ray and found it most interesting, when it is about the filmmaking/storytelling aspects… like the droids in the deserts sequence could have been left out, if they were found right away, but how this way it tells us more about the world of the movie and gives you time to settle in… it’s always good to point out, what new movies ofthe have lost: a sense of taking their time to get you into the world of the movie and it’s atmosphere.. I remember as a child I really felt that desert and it was such a rush to come to Mos Eisley and then into space and then into the Death Star. This experience gets much bigger, because the movie takes so much time in it’s first act… And another funny thing about how the Special Edition is not, what George envisioned in the first place: The Cantina was supposed to be the scene where Luke is for the first time confronted with all those otherworldy aliens to get the full impact of “I’m away from home now…” ..and now he just drives through Mos Eisley and happens to meet many CG aliens, so again an addition that undermines the original impact of scenes. Just like when Jabba appears in front of the Falcon.. and shortly after that there is a reveal of the same location and the Falcon, where originally they see the ship for the first time.. no reveal anymore..
    anyway, the nitpicking about story logic is always fun, because it just shows how much plot holes we gladly accept, when the rest (like the human drama) is fine..
    And thanx for pointing out that our plot hole master is Mr. Nolan… I’m still not getting over how little sense TDKR makes…
    I’m looking over to more commentarys and hope your cat is fine!

    • JohnWaynman

      “The Cantina was supposed to be the scene where Luke is for the first time confronted with all those otherworldy aliens”

      Really? Way to over-analyze it, he seemed to be pretty comfortable with this strange, amazing sight.
      Been dealing with Jawas all the time, probably seen quite a lot of different monsters in his life. Didn’t see that amazed Harry Potter look on his face when he entered the bar…

      the antics in the city are simply silly and don’t fit into the movie, that’s the sole problem.

      • cole.c

        well just because they didn’t show it dosen’t necasserly mean he isn’t weirded out a little bit,sure he deals with jawas but from the information given about lukes past before he is called on to do the adventure, i can’t imagine he’s seen anything this strange,wacky yet kinda dark plus the whole “The Cantina was supposed to be the scene where Luke is for the first time confronted with all those otherworldy aliens” goes back to the idea that comes from old stories and myths the point where are leads realize “toto i don’t think we are in kansas anymore” which is also a thing for the audience as well as the protangist (however you pronounce it) i think thats what plinkett ment.

  • Cover Me, Porkins

    The trademark, from-nowhere Plinkett stuff — like the coffin-punch escape — is something I missed in the third prequel review.

    We don’t need too much of the schtick, but that goofy creep-out stuff really grows on you.

  • thegregster101

    This was great. look forward to these video reviews!

  • Reggie Plinkett From London

    Parkin in Tarkin…classic. Shame i sold my shitty Star Wars DVD’s for prostitute money so I can’t watch and listen no more.

  • WooHah Catrim

    I was doing a web search for “Star Wars hentai” and stumbled upon your fine program. Feeling rather blue after getting no repeat business on my website where I sell fake insulin to shut-ins with limited income… your program cheered me up to a point where I put my old service revolver back in it’s case.

    Thank you Ray and Ike.

  • Guest

    Bought it. Loved it.

  • Joni Seppänen

    It was funny to watch the original unRaped version with this commentary. There is no way I’m ever gonna watch that Special Abortion.

    • harrycarrybigfoot

      Lol you said “abortion” instead of “edition”. A BAZINGA for you my friend.

      • Joni Seppänen

        What? That’s what it says on the DVD cover. My DVD is from Sweden so it might expalin things…
        “Stjärnornas krig: Special Abortion”

  • SirHenry

    You’re right about the continuity. The fact that Leia mentions the Galatic Senate and that Vader has yet to be top dog in the inner circle shows that the ‘political situation’ (or whatever) was more complex than the prequels make it out to be, as if Palpatine’s empire is still vying for power

    • JohnWaynman

      Well to be honest, I don’t see the big problem there – there obviously is sitll a senate at the end of Sith, with a dumb cheering crowd (of senators) in complete support.
      One might think the Empire’s taking more and more control, and more and more “systems” realize what’s really going on, so they start “slipping through their fingers”.

      If they’ve got half the galaxy rebelling against them it might get difficult, and I assume the Empire keeps most of its dirty work in the dark so that it’s got kind of supporters in the, uh, “senate”.
      It’s clealy established that only now that they’ve got the death star, they can openly proclaim tyranny.

      But this movie is the only one with any “political” exposition I think – V and VI are just about Luke and rebels, you don’t hear anything about massive revolts after the Empire’s blown their cover without the death star to back them up.
      The sequels are a little different from the original, but I guess whatever.

      • harrycarrybigfoot

        My god, John. We agree. We actually agree.

        Will you please join me in a ceremonial internet high five?

        • JohnWaynman

          Sure, I’m glad you’ve finally got a criticism point that’s actually valid :d

      • StatingTheObvious

        HA HA HA HA. I always laugh at people who apply logic to the prequels

      • John Johnson

        I get what you’re saying. Yes, V and VI the Empire is in control. I think what doesn’t line up on a fundamental level is how the senate seemed to be in the emperor’s pocket at the end of 3, now the continuity is a little murky when IV rolls around. I guess when I think about it the real point is, “Oh look, more evidence that Lucas didn’t think things through at all,” which at this point I suppose isn’t much of an argument.

    • harrycarrybigfoot

      Still vying for power? Nothing in any of the films remotely gives that impression. Also Empire pretty much makes anyone holding Vader’s leash a laughable notion. The prequels do a more then serviceable job with matching up with the politics in ANH, but when it comes to synchronizing the Anakin we see in the prequels with the one described by Obiwan in the original trilogy, the prequels fall woefully short.

  • Wildride

    I like how he specified that you should hide an “undetonated” bomb in a droid and sneak it onto the death star. Yes, that would be my preference, too. Much better than exploding a bomb, gathering up the shrapnel and dumping it into an R2 unit as though it was some kind of portable garbage can. Those detonated bombs really can be a hassle to work with.

  • Andrew

    It’s interesting how your Plinkett voice is getting closer and closer to your real voice as time goes by.

  • Jesse Garza

    Ok, I watched this yesterday with my special edition episode 4 dvd and had a hard time syncing it up until the cantina scene where han solo should of shot first. Thats when I got it synced up perfect. It was soooo good! Thanks for making this mr. plinket. I thought it would be funny to listen to it with the phantom menace but it only works up to the part where the ship blows up in the hanger bay in the beginning and plinkette says, “fire works, fire works. Watch out there using fire works!” pretty funny but its the only thing that matches up with episode 1. Again I love this man! Very funny stuff! Very entertaining. Peace!

  • George Lucas

    Stop talking about my unfinished film again! Is just a B movie from 1977, is not well done, you cant understand? Try my current works, such as Red Fails and Episode I The Phantom Menage a Trois in 3D.

    In 2013 we will release the first teaser for Indiana Jones V during his adventures in “The Asylum of Horror” following the classic films of Vincent Price!

    I want to see who will have the last laugh! and i am a billionaire!

    • nicky

      Its gonna be great !

  • Tate Austin

    I like this- however some constructive criticism. Don’t get caught up in your own mythology too much. We like Plinkett for his insightful criticism of the film itself- the Plinkett-isms like talking to Palpatine and his business outside the realm of the film only serve to give us variety and keep us engaged. If you get too caught up in these peripheral things it goes against your own interests in entertaining and informing us.

    • JohnWaynman

      “it goes against your own interests in entertaining”
      I disagree with that part ;)

      Generally, I think what you said applies to the reviews themselves – commentaries like this can hardly be those well-structured pieces of analysis, I think they’re at best when they’re loose and spontaneous.

    • John Johnson

      I have to say it’s a really great Palpatine impression. I think it makes a lot of sense critically

  • m0th3r

    got thrown out of Adlis too bro.. :P

  • Christopher

    dude, some bloke shot a bunch of Sikhs in your town.

  • Murderin Murphy

    I’ll see you all in HELL!

  • Discordius Erisianus

    I am an asshole.

  • Jerry

    worked fine with the Blu Ray version. Then again I thought Piper at the Gates of Dawn worked perfectly with Redneck Zombies.

  • Guest

    In the commentary Plinkett claims he never made it past the third grade, yet we already know he and Palpatine went to the same high school.


    • oh no

      Maybe he was a janitor there.

    • nicky

      Plinkett wasnt learning at that school he was just going to it. It was the will of the Force he does so.

    • g-town

      Or just watching children through the window.

  • OneMinuteGalactica

    This was fun to listen to. It was kind of like the flipside to the prequel reviews. I’d love to see, or hear, commentary for Empire and Jedi.

    I’ve always found the Palpatine impression fantastic and hilarious. You should have Plinky & Palpy do the commentary for Jedi, and have Palpy, in actor mode, giving us anecdotes about his time on the set.

  • salvagesalvage

    My copy of “The Phantom Menace” was watched the one time, to be polite, it was a gift and has sat on my shelf in quiet shame, now I have Mr Plinkett’s commentary so it suddenly has value.

    This is like turning lead into gold, you sir are a goddamned American hero.

  • StatingTheObvious

    Luke’s meticlorian count – ha ha! perfect

  • Jack Sherriff

    Yay, microtransactions done right!
    Now I get to listen to creamy Plinkett complaining AND support some guys who have given me mad chuckles.


    I am glad that Plinkett brought up the thing I’ve mentioned before: Luke going to “the Academy” with his friends. As in the Imperial Academy? To join the Empire that you hate so much? “Luke Skywalker” seems to be Tatooinian for “Bradley Manning”.

    • DarthSarlacc

      Why do you assume that EVERY person in the galaxy is a rebel? Do you think Luke grew up knowing he was a rebel and knowing he would fight the empire? Like many evil empires, most citizens probably begrudgingly lived with it

  • StatingTheObvious

    You’d think in all the time people have been asking Plinkett to review this movie and that one – somebody would have come up with their own character, picked a movie, and done their own YouTube criticism.

    You want to critique Transfomers 2 and 3 – do it yourself – it’s not that hard – it’s low-hanging fruit for god sakes

  • Andy

    Please keep reviewing as many films as possible and don’t ever stop doing this. Your reviews are without doubt the best analysis of modern cinema in the world today.

  • Bill The Thrill

    This is DIFFERENT from your other commentaries. And I don’t like things that are DIFFERE(NT)(!)

  • AW8, prequel lover

    I just watched through it all (or rather listened through it all) and I loved every minute of it. :D
    The jokes about the Plinkett mythos, the Star Wars jokes, the Palpatine and Vader impressions were all A material.

    I’m looking forward to more Palpy impressions and hopefully commentaries for Empire and Jedi too!

  • troutmask

    This one was a LOT better than the commentary you did for Ep 1. When you veered off topic it was tighter and funnier. Good job. NOW WHERE’S A NEW REVIEW I DEMAND MORE FREE ENTERTAINMENT

  • Vic

    Just finished watching it with the commentary and I laughed my as off for two hours. I want to read that Star Wars porn fanfiction, now.

  • Kevin

    I haven’t watched this movie in years……
    I told myself I’d never watch it again until they released the unmolested version in anamorphic widescreen.
    I may have to keep waiting till a certain-someone kicks the bucket.

  • Meesa

    I almost got kicked out of the library listening to the Boss Nass part.

  • Ledergrant

    Not your best work. A few too many tangents that took away from what could have been a much better commentary….but it was okay.

  • playdude92

    How about commentary tracks for these films?:

    (good movies)

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    Ed Wood

    The Dark Knight

    aaand Empire

    (bad movies)

    Little Fockers


    Friends with Benefits

    What movies would you guys want to see commented on?

    • OffColorJoker

      Your mom’s tits

    • dollar store cashier wife

      Black Monster Dicks #2.

  •öning/727272697 Oliver Schöning

    Not as good as TPM

  • Mel

    When you first did the prequel reviews, I was sorta hoping you’d do something like this. Even though I love Star Wars it’s fun to have a laugh at it, so thanks, it was well worth 2 dollars and 2 hours of my time. Even better than Red Tails! Are you gonna do Empire next? Even though George didn’t write or direct it his fingerprints are all over it. Though it’s a great film, the continuity errors in Empire could turn the fabric of space and time inside out.

  • Clinton Kirk

    Bought the first two commentaries… can’t wait for more. Next is ESB? Episode II? Sounds like you had a lot of fun doing it.:)

  • Duckler

    “..Or as assholes call it, “Episode IV: A New Hope..” My thoughts exactly.

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