Mr. Plinkett’s Star Trek V Commentary

March 8, 2013165 Comments

Mr. Plinkett’s got a new commentary track for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier! You can get it it here:

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  • So why the fuck would God need a Starship?

  • adw

    And there goes another weekend I could have spent socializing…

    I just want to tell everyone that I love taking a peek at the TCP-Traffic coming from the flash-player, especially the redirects to by me, trust me, it’s useless now) 😀

    I will still pay the 3 bucks when I get home because I imagine they will be more than worth it!

  • ngr

    When is the next Game Station?

  • Splimis

    Way to post this on the front page like 4 days after its released.

  • Very very slow download (32 KB/sec).

  • ThinkTank

    Yeeeeess! The last one of these was better than the last Plinkett review by far

    “Buckus and Tuckus, stop causing a ruckus. And Dr Seuss, you leave them alone”

  • guest

    Congratulations! You win the award for most pointless complaint in the existence of humanity!

  • Sybok

    We deserve fully featured review of this masterpiece, not such half-assed effort.

  • capitandelespacio

    3 hours long. In 3D. I don’t care if we have to wait 4 years, we want the full Plinkett review of this movie.

  • Mr. T. Tek Nilp

    I need better tech to buy your merch.

  • zealot

    I’m going to guess you haven’t even listened to the commentary. It’s excellent. Better than the last video Plinkett review actually.

  • splimis

    Wasn’t a complaint, was a sarcastic statement.

  • afr

    You should’ve just made a review asshole.

  • rlm has dicks for fans


    Seriously, between this comment and the one right below it saying that “we deserve” a video review…I didn’t realize so many ungrateful pricks frequent Red Letter Media’s site. It’s a shame such smart guys attract such self-entitled, whiny dickheads.

  • Skagboy

    omg shot glasses! I would start drinking for those!

  • Mark Bisone

    Kirk is the most goddamned fucking famous captain in the history of Star Fleet, but Sybok ain’t heard of him. He was Spock’s brother, and he knew which ambassadors to capture and all that shit, but he never heard of Captain James T. Kirk? That don’t make no sense.

  • tysonatthemovies1984

    Dr. Mr. Plinkett,

    You and I are a lot alike. You would take this shitty Trek movie over JJ Abram’s newest shit on the franchise. Shatner wasn’t given a budget anywhere near what they give to their golden boy who just destroys all sense of Trek lore and history.

    Thank you for this thoughtful commentary. My wife doesn’t like your voice so whenever I listen to your reviews I have to give her ear-plugs.

    What is your favorite episode of Star Trek? It is quite obvious that you are a fan of Star Trek at the least, and at best a Trekkie. I know you hate “Parallels.” But, at least that idea was only the basis for one episode, rather than the spring board for a new film franchise designed to get those fat asses feeding each other chicken whilst wearing bikinis out to the cineplex.


    Mr. Tysonatthemovies

    PS How can I get a Pizza roll?

  • rlm has cumdrinkers for fans


    Seriously,between this comment and the ones campaigning for not using adblock saying we are obliged to watch shitty ads otherwise we are basically stealing …I did not realize so many brown nosing suck ups frequent Red Letter Media’s site.It’s a shame such smart guys attract such self righteous white knighting head up their asses douchebags.

  • MAN

    Don’t you just love it how RLM guys always manage to make a funny commentary on the shenanigans of the comment section on their webzone ?

  • DamnYouStoklasa

    Now why the fuck would you make this as a commentary? Don’t you think we’d rather have this as a Plinkett review over Titanic?

  • guest

    Fuck you and your entitled attitude.

  • guestq

    You’re not stealing by using adblock, but you’re definitely preventing RLM from being more successful. That’s not white knighting. It’s a fact. You don’t think they pay for their studio with non-monetized views, do you?

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Fuck movies

  • grhjrsjykut

    The whole sell out joke is getting really old and tired, especially when RLM kind of sold out and just mask it behind these jokes anyways.

  • frrrt

    Jesus fucking Plinkett with Palpatine on top !

    If you are so worried about their financial situation click on the fucking donate button and give them your weekly allowance from your mom and stop harassing the rest of us dickheads with your white knighting!

    I mean seriously, your white knighting is blinding.It’s even worse than JJ Abramsessses flare lensessss.

  • frrrt

    I read this in a nerd voice.

  • frrrt

    Because starships are awesome.

  • Guest

    Man, I only have the even-numbered old Star Treks.

  • Christopher Kulik

    David Warner, you fuck!

  • Christopher Kulik

    At least Plinkett is still with us…fuck, isn’t he like 126 years old now?

  • Rosemary the Whoooore

    Boss Nass was a dead Italian with jaundice on CSI. God’s work is done

  • werrrrrrrrrrrrrre

    They made those all at once, the seasons over as it were.

  • Go Fuck

    Those complaining about the ads: go fuck yourselves.
    Those complaining about adblockers and donating: go fuck yourselves.

  • qwert the third

    I don’t, I wish they were above that, and didn’t even read the comments. It’s like the star wars fanboys influencing lucas so the prequels would be shit, right? I’m I doing this correctly?

  • Defooler

    Because fools can’t get it through their thick neanderthal skulls that the creator of the universe would be outside the universe and not subject to it’s laws.

  • Dan

    Dang it, now I have to find this movie, watch it once to get what’s going on, then watch it again with the commentary.

  • Mark Bisone

    God bless you, fart.

  • your anus

    Depends on which mythology you ascribe to.

  • your anus

    There are a lot of assumptions implied in your comment.
    Most of them are probably straight out your ass.

    Translation : How do you know what kind of financial scheme are these guys running under ?

  • your anus

    And those telling others to go fuck them selves: go hug a will do you some good…seriously,why so much hate?

  • your anus

    No,no you don’t get it.It’s meta.

  • your anus

    But you are forgetting that if fanboys actually had any influence prequels would turn out much better.They would still be mindless shit ,but better than the crap Lucas pulled outta his sweaty ass.

  • Mark Bisone

    Kidding aside, cheers to Stoklasa for noting the one good/great scene is this otherwise pathetic flop of an aborted crapfest. The scene where Cyborg tries to do his Jedi mind trick on Spock/Bones/Kirk is very effective and belongs in a much better movie.

  • There sure is a lot of complaining in these comments. I thought the commentary was great.

  • Mark Bisone

    Chicks dig starships.

  • Mark Bisone

    Why don’t Mike just do what I do and declare RLM a church? That way when the Tax Man comes knocking, he can just shoot him with eyeball lightning and say, “Dooo yoooo doubt meee?”

  • Rick Berman

    star trek 5 is the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!

  • Tosted O’s

    Damn you Plinkett! The only Star Trek movie I don’t own and its not on Netflix instant stream either.


    Oh I mean


  • TrekBore

    I was so disappointed that Plinkett said he enjoys Star Trek III. I just watched it on Syfy in the last few months and it’s ending made as much sense as Generations.

    Klingon Doc Brown wants info about Genesis and even after it’s deduced that David is the only one who knows anything about it they decide to execute a random prisoner without restraining David. Then Kirk beams down to a self-destructing planet and the only way off is a Klingon ship with a pissed off captain whose entire crew he just murdered. Instead of saying “see you suckers” Reverend Jim Klingon beams down pointing a disruptor in a random direction and somehow gets the drop on 5 armed Federation officers. Kirk had no problem shooting down the Klingon guard on the planet when he first got there, but then doesn’t shoot the captain and even wants to save him?

    And what was that sound effect used for the Excelsior’s engine failure? A Model-T backfiring? Was that a joke? And then Savek jerks off teenage Spock. WTF?

  • Yeah, I didn’t care too much for Star Trek III either. I always found the recasting of Lt. Savek to be very distracting too, especially since the new Savek couldn’t act worth shit. The whole tone and mood of the movie seemed very anti-climatic after Star Trek II.

  • I always felt like the biggest problem with Star Trek V – aside from, you know, everything mentioned in this commentary – was that they tried way too hard to try to recapture the lighthearted tone that had worked so well for Star Trek IV. Spock, especially, walked around in a brain dead daze for most of the movie as a kind of holdover from Star Trek IV. In that movie his behavior made sense. He was just back from the dead. He wasn’t quite himself. He had to relearn how to interact with humans. But by the time Star Trek V rolled around, it felt like the character had been reduced to being the comic relief because it had gotten laughs in the previous movie.

    That said, I loved Spock in Star Trek VI. They finally got it all straighten out and they got it right. “I’ve been dead before.” Indeed.

  • Pixelsmack

    I’d pay for a full review, but not just audio. Someone’s getting lazy. Considering this their job…wtf.

  • Soup’s On

    Stop saying “white knighting.” It’s not even an English term.

  • Soup’s On

    This… isn’t their job? WTF? (Also, you’re missing an “is”.)

  • Frosted F’s

    It’s on Canadian Netflix Instant. Holla, eh?

  • StopComplainingYouLazyAss

    Do better yourself, then.

  • StopComplaining,YouLazyAss

    Do better yourself.

  • StopComplaining,YouLazyAss

    Why don’t you go do better yourself.

  • BigMcLargeHuge

    Spock’s dad is Sarek, not Sybok.

    I hope someone got fired for that blunder.

  • The Failure Frontier

    Oh god do I need to pirate Star Trek 5 now?

  • i hear you bro

    I agree with you. Almost everyone has seen Titanic, and as for STV just hardvore fans really (especially now). Format of a traditional review (maybe without or with limited Plinkett extras) with scenes from the movie being shown would be much, much better.

  • you are boring

    Stop sucking their dicks.

  • HSP

    Check your facts.

  • Plinkett’s warm and inviting vocie, once again joins us on an adventure, He rides the pink unicorn.

  • chud

    They’re “job” is to do what they’re creatively inspired to do. Plinkett did two audio commentaries, then another video review. Now he’s done another commentary. Doesn’t mean he won’t do anymore video reviews, just that he didn’t think this was a movie that should be done in that format.

    I’m so glad RLM does what they want and not want whiny commenters demand. This site would start to suck very quickly if that were the case.

  • guest

    And how exactly have they “sold out?” Or is that just a word you use because you’ve heard it? Merely making money is not the same thing as selling out.

  • Chucky

    I. need. my.. PAIN. I. use….my pain!

    That one? Yeah, I’m with you.

  • Chucky

    Maybe because God is an old man and as an old man he has trouble “loading a torpedo” if you know what I mean and I think you do because face it, we’re all adults here.

  • guest

    But the comments aren’t really influencing RLM. RLM is just making fun of them. I’m okay with this. I’d be upset if they started doing reviews of everything the people here requested (or demanded as it usually seems to be). RLM does whatever the hell they want, and make fun of the entitled commenters in the process. I’m fine with this.

  • Duckler

    It’s just a bad TNG episode with seriously overpaid actors… You’ll wake up and forget it all even occured soon.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Ooh, you sneaky monkey. That is very cheeky. If I was near your cheeks I’d pinch them to acknowledge your cheekiness in the flesh. Your sexy flesh.

  • ThinkTank

    “Scotty is fixing the ship”

    Scotty – the Chewbacca of Star Trek

  • Mark Bisone

    Yeah. Even the dude playing Cy Snootles is good in that scene. It’s the “heart of the picture”, as they used to call it. To bad it was sandwiched between rocket boots and another cheapo desert scene.

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  • lens flare

    Have you read the comments? Adults ? No ,we’re not.

  • The commentary was hilarious, Well worth the 3 bucks. It actually saves my Star Trek V DVD from the realm of obsolescence.

  • Yeah and he said it SO MANY TIMES. I cringed lol

  • I didn’t like Star Trek 3 either, it doesn’t have anything technically wrong with it as a movie, it just feels really mediocre in every single respect.

  • Star Trek Vi is by far the best move in the series to me, it is like an apology for everything after Wrath of Khan, not that 3 and 4 were particularly bad movies. I agree though V suffered from the lighthearted tone of IV.

  • playdude92

    No, go find a petition for a new Star Trek show on the internet.
    I can´t actually believe, that they´ve just ended Star Trek. It´s such a staple of our culture. Especially since we´re witnessing the rebirth of great TV shows. If they played the new season of Breaking Bad in Theaters, I´d probably watch it.

  • Read the name of the commenter you just replied to. 🙂

  • question

    When do I start this mp3? I mean to make it line up with the movie?

  • Jay the VCR

    It doesn’t matter, they need to make more.


    Your momma is not even an English word.


    “They’re “job” ”

    They are “job”

    No,does not sound stupid at all.

  • Pixelsmack

    Yes this site would suck so much if Plinkett did full video reviews. I CAN SEE IT NOW!

  • Pixelsmack

    It’s not my job to. I make a great living doing what I do, because I do it.

  • Pixelsmack

    RLM isn’t their job? So they work at Best Buy?

  • Pixelsmack

    I’m a child of cinema, I got an F in English class. Deal.

  • Pixelsmack

    Hmm, to torrent ST5 or this review? Silly me, I own all of Trek! (RLM, stop phoning this shit in, you have a great business! STOP FUCKING WITH IT.)

  • U. Kay

    I also couldn’t get my wife to watch Plinkett with me, because of the voice.
    I have to admit, that I really like the JJ Abrams take. It felt like a movie. That, unfortunately, is lacking in almost every Star Trek movie. I love the TV Shows… yeah all of them… some more some less, but I can watch any of them any day. I also always wondered if Stoklasa was fooling around, declaring Parallels as a lazy episode. Sometimes his sarcasm goes too far (in a few places).
    Star Trek was dead, JJ Abrams resurrected it, but also created a monster. I was entertained and saw some love there for the original. I wish ‘into Darkness’ would take a step back into the Science Fiction genre, again. But alas, that might not happen.

  • Your the man

    Lens Flare? Is that your new nickname, JJ Abrams? Go back to your Star War Sequels, you lazy fuck.

    Lan’s flair? Is this you’re knew knickname, Zucker-Abraham? Get bag two you’re Hot Shot prequels, new lassie fag.

  • wiseguy

    Because he is stylistical designed to be that way. You can’t undo that.

  • Larry

    Eh, I have to disagree. So far I’ve only noticed a few little quips, Yoko and the repetitions people love to do from The Phantom Menace Review. So long as they’re done in small little doses and don’t interrupt the flow of the episode/commentary/review, then it’s a nice little tip of the hat to their loyal fanbase. Besides, it’s nice to know that they take the time to read the comments.

  • As soon as you see the paramount logo fade in.

  • Charon

    Why would you pay $2.99 for this track when you can listen to it for free?

  • George Superman

    Plinkett was right – people are dumb and all they want is the same s@$@# again and again and again. Yeah say only bad things about Titanic. And make only visual reviews, commentaries are bad because they are commentaries not reviews. And I dont like things that are new. Also : everyone that disagrees is whiteknighting, purplewizarding, pinkthieving, sparklingwitchering or whatever ! Because everyone is entitled to their oppinion except for me – when I say something Im always right ! Ps. And go ahead and whine about me rainbowhorsing, blackunicorning or yellowpizzarolling or whatever dumb terms you use nowdays just because I disagree with you you stupid as$!es

  • I guess commentary tracks are a thing. Must be because of mystery science theater or whatever they were called. As for myself; I really prefer to see a cut together commentary as it’s own creation, because a point can be made and pursued without needing to follow the flow of the movie. Commentary tracks of bad movies are often not funny. You have a lot of time to fill and the commentator just trying to randomly say something in a long slow spot. I like the plinkett review format because Mike talks about the movie; puts in visual examples of what he is talking about, make lots of visual jokes with things he’s showing, and follows his own structure and not that of the movie. It’s just more entertaining.

  • Fat Nerd

    What ends up happening with these things is that someone will become internet-famous for a single thing that they do (for instance, Plinkett reviews or AVGN videos) and then they will not continue to do the thing that they became internet-famous because on a regular basis.

    It’s not their fault. The truth is that people would watch them dance around naked covered in whip cream, and all of this because they really like the Plinkett reviews. The possibility of Plinkett reviews is like a vacuum, sucking everyone in and keeping them from leaving even if they don’t like the content.

    In other words, it’s not their job to make Plinkett reviews. It’s their job to get you to see ads. And since so many of us are using adblock, it makes no difference what kind of video they make, because the care bears who don’t use adblock are the same fans that will watch every video they make.

  • Fat Nerd

    The most goddamn fuckingest not gayest famous priceline negotiatingest motherfucking goddamned fucking holy shit famous captain, indeed, goddamnit.

    How could someone have not heard of this goddamn motherfucker? It’s goddamn holy fucking impossible, isn’t it?

  • Mark Bisone


  • CoolGuyLikePixelsmack

    Okay, fatface.

  • Ryan H.

    No, they make videos for corporate clients. This is a side-project/hobby that probably provides an extremely small bonus income (which is undoubtedly only used to pay for the studio space.) But yes, they’re more likely to work at Best Buy than to make free entertainment for ungrateful, whining non-customers.

  • Like,ExpandorShit

    Or… maybe they don’t want to do the same thing every day, forever and ever and ever and ever?

  • Wow. You sound exactly like the big dumb douche bag in your picture. How do you do that?

  • It’s called Hypocrisy

    The justification for using adblock is the same for piracy.

  • Rick Rickerson

    Plinkett and Palpie need a sitcom. And I need a ringtone of Palpatine saying “WHAT?!” over and over again

  • Rick Rickerson

    Not you again

  • oh my god shut up

  • tysonatthemovies1984

    To Mr. U. Kay,

    You are absolutely right. J.J. Abrams is the Dr. Frankenstein of the Star Trek franchise. He and the writers too of course. And all the fucking suits at Paramount who just wanted to milk it for more money by trying to get it to appeal to the ADHD masses. They took bits and pieces of recognized Trek lore to appeal to the hard core fans like me and sewed them together in a form that is “alive” but not human, much like the monster in the story. So… good job JJ, fool me once – shame on your tits. Fool me twice… well, let’s just say this is one less sucker to add to the huge box office success Into Darkness is sure to be.



  • tysonatthemovies1984

    Mr. Pixelsmack is gonna have his Pixel’s Smacked by Plinkett if he doesn’t quit bitching about a quality and FREE product on this webzone. That is all.

  • Pachazo

    I also agree. I was extremely disappointed when I found out that Titanic was the new Plinkett review. I still haven’t watched the whole thing. Not because the review was bad (it wasn’t) but because I just don’t give a shit about that movie. I’m going to guess that most fans would have rather had a PR of STV instead.

  • bb-15

    I enjoyed several parts of the commentary.
    One minor correction; Mike / Plinket believes that Romulans in the original Star Trek series had forehead prosthetics. Wrong. The original Romulans were like the Vulcans; they had upturned eyebrows and pointed ears. Romulans could have different hair styles in the original series. (Kirk played a Romulan without changing his hair.)

  • obnot

    Where can I watch startrek without paying for it i checked youtube and they dont have shit there. Im not paying for it cause im poor and live in a basement. I have the VHS but no way to play it.

  • Trey

    I don’t know about that…

  • Ü

    I believe you need to a visit to your local psychiatrist.

  • Ü


  • Ü

    Yes and piracy is the same as raping children.
    Isn’t it all much simpler that way?

  • Ü

    Just one interesting observation.

    Like you I can watch Star Trek episodes anytime,hell even the goddamn awful movies from time to time.

    The “new” JJ Abrams Star Trek entices no motivation to watch it again.

    Hell if he wasn’t making another money gra- I mean movie I would have completely forgotten about it.

    It was fun when I saw it.

  • Ü

    “It’s their job to get you to see ads.”

    Have ever heard about a thing called a hobby ?
    It means sometimes people do stuff just for pleasure.So grow a soul you capitalist pig.

    All this shit about ads and the like is there to finance the maintenance of the site and the “tools” needed to continue with their self pleasuring and to provide us pervs a way to see them self pleasure them selves.Self selves.

    I doubt they do it to get rich.Or to make a living out of it.

    But like everybody here in the comments being a smart ass about their way of doing “business” I am talking outta my ass.

  • Because it’s a small price to pay to support them,

  • There’s this thing called google, you can use it to search the internet for things.

  • You forgot to take your morning thorazine.

  • Fat Nerd

    They get paid for it, therefore it isn’t a hobby. They might enjoy it, but that that isn’t the part that puts bacon on the table.

    They are some of the luckiest people alive to be able to make a living doing something as fun as this, but it is still their job.

  • guy

    I thought his name was Boba Fett

  • TrollStomper9000

    WTF?! I demand more content with videos. I need pictures because I’m too stupid and illiterate to read audio books. Give me now before I throw a tantrum! Do your jobs! Which is whatever BS I can make up, because, fuck you.

    Btw, where’s my pizzarolls? 🙂

  • thisshitisgettingold

    This is just sad. With all the recent money-grabbing bombs like the Matrix sequels and most shitty sequel and superhero movies of the last decade that made hundreds of millions of dollars, you’re going to start attacking 80s movies? Congratulations, you’re more clever and cynical than the average filmmaker in the 1980s, but now you’re crossing the line into our childhood. This movie wasn’t even successful, it’s just low class to attack it, at least it tried something different, it should have nostalgia value. Are you going to pick apart Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade for plot holes now? I’m going to stop watching these reviews. They were funny the first few times, but I can only stand so much of a fat asshole telling us like it is in a stroke victim voice. Fuck you Plinkett and any soulless moron who laughs at everything you shit out no matter how boring and trashy.

  • Paul

    This is an actual quote from the above, everyone: “now you’re crossing the line into our childhood.”

    (Unrelated: I was born in 1993)

  • Pronggzz

    It happens to be the word they use constantly in this video.

  • Mike

    Star Trek V isn’t very good, though. And like, he did the four Next Generation movies already, so he already has a predilection for Star Trek?

    Also, I’m not sure how you got to Last Crusade from here.

    Also, these have always been about a healthy amount of cynicism.

    Also, like, what if (and I have no idea who this hypothetical person is) some dude who got all grumpy at stuff didn’t like that he didn’t like them Matrix sequels?

    Also, Star Trek V is really quite bad.

  • Mike

    Here’s the rub: Do we accept flat-foreheaded Romulans as a result of TV Practical Effects? Or is there an in-universe reason (like the Klingons; goodness gracious “Enterprise”) and we’re to accept TWO distinct Romulan (is species the right word) species?

    Also, them Remans is totally different looking too, and they’re supposed to be Romulan Mutants or something too?

    (Kirk playing a Romulan without much effort was always similar to Sean Connery playing a Japanese dude in my brain as a kid.)

    (I mean, come on, people. Dude’s got the hairiest chest a human has ever had. And Kirk, well, he probably had weird posture or something. And a toupee.)

  • Mike

    There’s definitely a case to be made for the visual help that a video can provide, but good Momma, that’s a lot of work. So I’ll take the audio commentary if we can get more Stoklasanalysis. Soklanysis. Stokanal. I don’t know.

    (Along with FILMCRITHULK, I’m not sure anyone else on the internet is doing the level of insightful commentary on film these guys are, and anything is better than nothing in my books.*)

    *my books are a Batman choose-your-own-adventure and that weird young adult novel “Hatchet,” where that kid gets trapped in the ice world.

  • Mike

    I just wish the Rura Penthe stuff wasn’t so fanky.

    I did just watch “No Way Out” with Iman, though, so maybe I’ll be willing to overlook it, if you know what I mean.

    (I have no idea what I mean. I literally don’t know how that applies or anything.)

    Mostly, the Klingon/Federation politics is the closest they’ve (Star Trek) has ever gotten (including the later DS9 – though it came veeeery close) to this wonderful political weight based on the shoulders of the manufactured core fiction of Star Trek.

    And judging by the trailers of STID (Sexually Transmitted Infectious Disease) (Star Trek Into Darkness) it doesn’t look like we’ll get back there soon.

    Granted, STVI might be boring. I’m not sure any more.

  • Mike

    I just re-watched it recently, in fact, and I was surprised how little actually happens in it, and how little there is to keep you engaged.

    On the planet itself, once David dies, and then Doc Brown does his stuff, it’s a little more engaging, but it really does feel (like someone smarter above me said) like filler.

    Though I’d like to know the genesis of STIV.

    Why aren’t books like Michael Piller’s “Fade In” available for every movie ever, let alone every Star Trek movie.

    P.S. If you even remotely like Star Trek, in any capacity, I encourage you to find and download the PDF of Michael Piller’s “Fade In” (I repeated it so you remember what to search for.)

    It’s a) a fascinating look at the process of creating a film b) as well as a Star Trek film and c) explains what Insurrection was and why we got what we did.

    It’s a shame it wasn’t published before he passed away.

  • Mike Newman

    Netflix Canada has every Star Trek movie in HD. If you’re not in Canada, sign up for Unblock-Us and you can watch content from any region.

  • Yeah, as a fellow fan of Stoklanalysis “Stow-Claw-Nalasis” (?) I have to say you have a point. FILMCRITHULK is also a favorite of mine. Excellent site; if slightly verbose at times. Guess I’ll just have to go find a copy of Star Trek V somewhere now…

  • Get over it you fucking twat. It was a fair analysis, he gave the good scenes due credit and said the movie had great potential, he also explained why it failed and most of the blame he placed on the studio. So please stop being so butt-hurt just because their opinion is contrary to yours.

  • guest

    “I’m going to complain about this commentary without having listened to it and just make all sorts of assumptions about what you discuss and why.”

    Did you ever think that maybe….juuuuuuust maybe, he did Star Trek V because he’s a huge Trek fan and felt he had plenty to say about the film, good and bad? Every one of these reviews is so clearly done from a personal POV (or in the case of Cop Dog, for the sake of making fun of the expectations of people like you demanding certain movies like the Matrix sequels).

  • How is that even remotely related to what they asked?

  • c943406

    You fat fuck,can’t you read ?
    Ryan H. says they make their income by making videos for corporate clients.So it must be true -_-

    Therefore RLM site and everything on it is NOT THEIR SOURCE OF BREAD MONEY to put food on the family.
    It’s a hobby.
    So stop WHITE KNIGHTING with your stupid “don’t use adblock” mantra.
    Click the donate button and give them your money if you are so worried for their finances and stop spoiling the fun for the rest of us.

  • c943406

    You have internet on VHS O.o?

  • c943406

    Crossing the line into our childhood?


  • qwert

    I agree that this shit is getting gold.

  • Fat Nerd

    I use adblock you ass weasel. Stop with this fucking white knight McCarthyism.

  • George Superman

    Now thats exacly the kind of eloquent coherent and in-your-face response I expected! You menaged to say something similar to a fictional charater made by people whom you now bash because they dont do things exacly the way you want them ! (and they should because youre entitled to boss around people who give you hours and hours of free entertainment – because they owe you for watching it. And thats hard work on your part.) Boy are you clever and witty ! All those girls that ignored you for those not so fat, arrogant and boring guys were wrong all along! Keep shoving food in your face and whining to feel better about yourselves ! Youre awesome!

  • Ü

    Yup,you definitely need a visit to your local psychiatrist.

  • Yarr

    Do you not know about the pirate bay, or what?

  • George Superman

    Wow – thanks for the advice 🙂 May I tell him that as his beloved client of several past decades you recomeded him? Maybe Ill get a discount or something?

  • John Dicklesmith

    Because no one else bothered to say it:
    This was an awesome commentary. I’ve never before seen Star Trek V, and I found this commentary to be fucking hilarious. These are as-good-as the normal reviews, but in a different way and I look forward to seeing more of them.

    I’ve had to show the “cat bar-fight” scene to like 10 people because of this. Great work.

  • Apparently your childhood doesn’t matter if you’re not his exact age.

  • Does that mean you were conceived in a porno theater?

  • I much prefer Half in the Bag to most Plinket reviews.

  • I’ll have to check it out. I think one of my main problems with 3 was Christopher Lloyd, I think for me he was just too iconic as Doc Brown, so for my whole life when I see the movie, I just see Doc Brown in prosthetics, I think it’s because he played it a little too OTT, which sounds impossible for portraying a Klingon but the character didn’t come across threatening to me, despite the director having him commit violent acts on screen, he just came across silly and ranty. I don’t think Lloyd is a bad actor, loved him in Cuckoo’s Nest, it just felt like he didn’t really get the character he was playing Star Trek 3.

  • Parallels is the basis of tons of episodes spanning across various series.

  • This is yet another one of your BEST THINGS EVER, EVER, and I love you. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet (don’t even need the movie!) but I wonder if the theory that the whole movie is ‘but a dream’ of Kirk’s is talked about. Dangerous thing, mixing pizza rolls and Saurian brandy…

  • Pixelsmack


  • Tony

    You didn’t have Plinkett make a joke about watching a “Kelli Cam”? Bummer.

  • justaguyDP

    Requesting Plinkett commentary on Prometheus.

  • SeekerLancer

    He talks about the Klingons cloaking thing which is stupid, the in-universe reason is that that the Klingon’s temporarily allied with the Romulans and that’s why the Romulans had some Klingon Battlecruisers and the Klingons got the cloaking device.

    The real reason is the Romulans were supposed to be the bad guys in Star Trek III, the Bird of Prey was supposed to be a Romulan ship. Nimoy decided Klingons were more theatrical and they changed the bad guys to Klingons but they didn’t really change the script, or at least not the part where the ship can cloak. The reused the Klingon Battlecruisers for Romulan ones in the original series was just to save money.

  • i dont even know what you’re arguing about, but that comeback was so very weak.

  • Meester Smeeth


  • MannyC

    Here a piece of advice: Let go once in a while, you are a loose lilly floating down a amber river. Add a drop of lavender to your bath and soon you will soak yourself calm. when you feel under presssure do something different, try rolling up your sleeves or eating an orange.

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  • Doctor

    This was so freaking funny, bravo! Make one for either Cop Dog or Star Trek VI.

  • moron

    You stupid fuck, you referred to Sarek as Sybok twice when talking about Spock’s mother giving birth. What a waste of fucking time. Fucking fat stupid fuck.

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