Mr. Plinkett’s Halloween Spooktacular

October 30, 2012137 Comments

Happy Halloween! Booooooo!!! Enjoy this new spooky Plinkett cartoon! Speaking of Plinkett, the new “real” Plinkett review is currently being edited. Stay tuned…

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  • eric larson

    The Matrix Reloaded? Transformers? Howard The Duck?

  • Ragnarok73

    Hey guys. First time commenting, but long time watcher. I just wanted to ask: do you guys plan to mention the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney and their announcement of the sequel films starting with Episode VII in 2015? It’s pretty huge news- maybe they watched your reviews and decided to take action! 😀


  • Guest

    Maybe Disney will do a better job.. surely they can’t fuck it up any more than Lucas… surely they won’t do that. Cmon, they won’t right? And holy crap 2015 isn’t even that far off. So long as the global economy doesn’t completely crash leaving us to subsist on nuts, twigs, and berries, we’re actually going to see this thing. If they could get someone like Guillermo Del Torro to do it ZOMGZOMGZOMG

  • Michael Imbornoni

    Very nice use of Stravinsky

  • Guest

    lucas talks about it

    “it’s a big universe that I’VE created, so…”

  • Guest

    One other thought….

    Disney already owns Henson ie the muppets.

    You see where I’m going with this right?

    In-house, they have the resources to do a new Star Wars using the original methods if they so choose.

    What if they did it with no or minimal CGI to prove a point – think how people went nuts for colas that came out with the old cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. The guys in marketing might actually go for it. It would be a both classically conservative and ballsy move that could show up all the crappy cgi blockbusters that year

  • Morgan

    First, with prices down everywhere, making the movie on location should be much cheaper so don’t do GREEN SCREEN as it sux. Second, get a director in there that can do an ARC while hitting the chapters.

  • Man in a Black Cloak

    I hope the new Plinkett review is Star Wars Episode 7.

    -Man in a Black Cloak Who is not a Trademarked Character of Lucasfilm Limited

  • Ditarh

    I like how they specifically mention “a team of writers” is already on point to write Episode 7.


  • Morgan

    3 minutes 26 seconds of Lucas talking and I can see why the 3 prequels sucked wind so bad. He starts off by saying he wanted to retire, do something else, so he was going to give the company over to “Kathy” and then he goes off on a tangent about having Disney take over (sorry – strike that) doing it all under the umbrella of Disney. Huh? So LucasFilms is going to be like Pixar – a wholly owned subsidiary of Disney with a CEO named Kathy? or as Kathy says Disney has all the Marvel products (uh oh) and it should be a GREAT fit. *rolling my eyes* – Anyone now wonder why this is awful? The first order of business Disney needs to do is retire George wholly and say go do something else and as for Kathy? She’s gone or she’s going to get Dizzed out and

    Pluto-rized. Its written on the wall if you watch that video.

  • pessimist

    With a team of DISNEY writers, maybe we’ll get all the delightful tropes from their recent computer generated animated movies.

    For example, some funky disco-y music starts playing for no reason, maybe a disco ball comes down out of nowhere and the fat animal – there’s always a fat one – says something sassy and then shakes his butt and it’s like, funny, yknow, cause it’s his butt.

  • O.o

    For some reason I heard Star Wars “Imperial March” Vader Theme throughout the interview.

    Yep, “The Empire” strikes back.

  • O.o

    This is mind boggling.

  • Slab Bulkhead

    This is what I took from that interview:
    1. Lucas relishes the idea of being able to blog about not being on location in the snow and cold.
    2. The Hoth scenes in ESB were filmed in Norway during one of the worst winters they’ve had in over 50 years.
    3. Norway is responsible for George Lucas’ use of green screens.

  • dv8

    Please Disney remake the prequels!!! Complete rewrites!!! Who the fuck is “General Grievance?” Ow! my brain hurts. Anyone got a pizza roll?

  • Sean Adams

    Adult Swim…

  • Guesticles

    Yeah. Also, tangentially related to Plinkett, via Star Wars, as John Williams references part of Rite of Spring in his music in the original trilogy. Not the part that’ in this tho.

  • Bob

    Dam it, all you punks at Redletter made Lucas retire. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  • 1234

    I did hate the prequels with a burning passion but seein lucas talk here …. its just so fucking SAD 🙁

    I mean seriously – they guy is a horrible director and created an abomination of 3 movies but …. hes just broken now. Look at him. I think he forced himseph not to cry at one moment 🙁

    that gal looked like a bitch by the way. I dont mind Disney Pirates of the Carrabean were awesome series and theres a good possibility theyll make good new trilogy.

    But lucas … its just sad. To create star wars then fuck it up completely when you wanted to do it your way and than sell your own company to people who will probbably ignore you completely while being universally hated by millions of people … for fucks sake I wouldnt wish this on hitler. He just shot himselph. Lucas will see how meaningles he is, what a looser and a failiure hes been driving his greatest work into the ground …. a laughingstock of fans of his own work.

    Fuck and I thought I had problems ….

  • Fallini

    This is just sad. I mean I hate what he did with the prequels with a burning passion but …. the guy had to force himselph not to cry at one moment I think.

    To be such a failiure universally hated by the fans of your own work, to derstroy your own franchise, drive it to the ground and than sell it to people who will not care about you and thus becoming laughingstock of …. well everyone. Universal hatread ant total failiure….

    I thoughts I had problems ….

    also the gal seemed very mean and I dont mind disney – pirates of the carrabean were awesome and with no blue/green screen and I remember thinking at one moment ‘too bad those guys didnt do star wars’

  • They will. It’s all Star Wars here. The anticipation can build up once more. Only this time, we have the cynicism from the prequel trilogy lurking in the background. 😀

  • Don’t make me destroy you.

    It is too late for you, son. Robert Iger will show you the true nature of the Force. He is your master now.

    – Topless Mouse in Black Fur Who is not a Trademarked Character of Walt Disney Corporation and Affiliated Companies

  • vorpalanvil

    Star wars sucks. Who cares except the fan boys in the 1st episode review?

  • Laughing at pessimist

    I don’t think you know what tropes are, but maybe that comment wasn’t a fair sample.

  • qw

    Butt Vader.Jabba the Butt.Boba Butt.

  • qw

    Yes,I am sure he cries himself to sleep on his pillow made of millions and wearing his pajamas made of millions every night…

  • Cactus

    I believe you’re thinking of Dreamworks, dear pessimist. Y’know, the company selling a movie based on how much kids love rainbow wigs?

  • i_love_you

    Hey, douchbags from RLM, comment Lucafilm purchase by Disney nnooooooooowwwww!


    Give us Plinkett review of Star Wars Episode VII NOW!

  • thelowercasekid

    joss whedon, please

  • kalli

    and now his failure is COMPLETE!

  • loser*

  • jubalbiggs

    As I wrote elsewhere, there are two movies that tickle my “star wars bone” when I want something like that but I’m tired of re-watching the originals; Chronicles of Riddick, and John Carter of Mars. Honestly, I think Disney will be a big improvement.

  • fake nerd

    I wonder if other sites are filled with off topic comments about Star Wars in their comment sections today….

  • fake nerd

    My hat’s off to you sir xD !

  • Obviousotto

    So, you really saw all these Episode 1-3 Plinkett Reviews without actually liking Star Wars at all? Must be a tough watch, then.
    Or are you here since Half in the Back, asking: What’s a ‘Plinkett Review’?
    Well, on second thought seems not that unlikely, so nevermind.

  • kek

    Gal? Is it the 1940s? Besides, it’s Kathleen Kennedy. She’s been working with Lucasberg since Raiders.

  • Ben

    Anyone ever read the Timothy Zahn trilolgy – I would love it if they made those movies as Episodes VII, VIII, and IX

  • They don’t own Henson they just own the Muppet characters, and no that does not include sesame st. The Jim Henson Company is still owned and operated by the Henson family.

  • nnn

    They won’t do them. Surely, it may be something similar , but their stance for now is clear – they won’t do it because they want to “suprise” fans.

  • Geez, what is Plinkett reviewing? Chinese Democracy? Duke Nukem Forever?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. You guys are great. We’ll all be thrilled when the new review comes out.

  • zoogote

    Plinkett? What the hell is this Plinkett crap? Who the hell wants that old washed up thing? It’s not like anybody ever was into Plinkett. Come on. Half in the Bag was the next big thing next to Doug Henning, and Sweatin to the Oldies! Man, these guys are really reaching… as if anybody was really begging for a Plinkett review…jeez. All everybody wants is more Half in the Bag, as a matter of fact, forget Half in the Bag, we want more 2 second clips of Jay just sitting there drinking beer and cackling to himself about how awesome he is. Plinkett Schplinkett. RLM is so much better than this, what happened to their plans to go and make Oscar winning films like “Lake of Jelly Bean Acid” and “Revenge of the Curtain Rods.” Ehhhh whatever…

  • zoogote

    BREAKING NEWS: Plinkett to retire and make smaller independent youtube videos about his feces. “Every time I make a review, the fans just hate me, so fuck them.” Mike and Jay were not available for comment as their phone has been disconnected. RED LETTER MEDIA was sold to Viacom for $4.05. Nadine was sighted in a New Jersey strip club floating face down in a flooded bathroom.

  • Ben

    That’s really too bad because they were so good – in the plot department that is which is what they have been lacking! I’m all for surprises, but I like good surprises, not I have to go to the bathroom with diarrhea surprises, lol!

  • Trey

    Star Wars + Disney?! Does this mean Darth Vader is going to be stalking around the Magic Kingdom? It’s like some kind of strange nightmare… I hope I wake up soon…

  • Leo Ladenson

    But now he’s got $4 billion to wipe away his tears.

  • I love how people are still throwing out requests for what they want Plinkett to review even though the description clearly says that the video is already in the editing process. Is there a gas leak in this comment section or something?

  • Leo Ladenson

    Blip is down. I can no watch Plinkett now.

    Blip is about as reliable as Lightning Fast VCR Repair.

    Please post early to YouTube.

  • Oil Can

    They should Mike as finder of plot holes and nonsense for Episode 7. Get George Lucas out of there

  • sfwrwt


  • Lapi Nek

    What do you mean? Too late for requests? Not if they hear about my suggestion. They’re gonna be like: Stop the editing and shit. This guy is on to something!

    So here it is: Review Pirates of the Matrix. Or Cop Dog. Or some more Star Wars. Holiday Special.. The Clone Wars… The old movies… the prequels… Return of the Jedi the video game for amstrad… the prequels… episode 1… Return of the jedi for Amiga 500… episode 3…

  • Lionel Richie

    How in the world a comment about Star Wars can be off topic on the Red Letter Media website?

  • taterboob

    I think it’s funny that after months of next to no word on a new Plinkett review, and everyone clamoring for one, they finally reveal that it’s being edited and it’s completely overshadowed by the Disney/Lucasfilm situation.

  • guest

    Well shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

  • Dabs

    Actually, that’s a theme prevalent in Dreamworks films, not Disney or Pixar films. Disney and Pixar put more heart into it.

  • O.Q

    It’s off topic when it’s not related with the video in the slightest.A bunch of the comments here indicate some folks haven’t even bothered to watch the video,they just came here to jizz all over the site about Lucas Disney thing.

  • O.Q

    There are a bunch of farts in the comments section.I’d say there is plenty a gas a leakin’

  • O.Q

    Chinese Democracy.
    I loled.

  • O.Q

    This is a sign that the world is coming to an end.2012.

  • guest

    No, no you’re right, I’m an idiot. Idiom? Meme? Watchamathingy?

    Like, a set-peice thing where a movie turns its brain off for 5-15 minutes running on autipilot.

    Police chief tells youg cop “you’re a loose cannon, one more stunt like that and I’ll have your badge. Geeze you’re gonna give me a heart attack one day”. Chomps cigar. Young hothead cop says “aw boss but the criminals don’t follow the rules how’m I gonna fight crime with one hand tied behind my back?”

    That kinda thing

    I’m no film student. You tell me what that cut & paste clipart shit is and I’ll stand corrected.

  • Guest

    No! Micheal Bey!

  • 1234

    I wouldnt be supriesed if he did. Serously.

    You cant buy happiness with money – hes a looser and he will be no matter how much money he has. And he knows it I think – I mean just look at him

  • 1234

    I like 1940s ;P and I dont mean shes new just that she looks mean.

    And you cant really buy happiness with money lucas f#$@# up all he created and he knows it I think and no amount of cash will change that.

  • JohnWaynman

    That actually sounds fucking cool 😀

  • JohnWaynman

    I don’t see why he’s supposed to be sad, but I guess if he is, then he is.

    It’s always nice when creators can take a fast and loose attitude when it comes to their work, you know? Like Sam Worthington who just kinda said he sucked in “Clash”, or the makers of Cowboys & Aliens (apparently they think it sucked), just all around cool with everything.

    Lucas put up this act, for instance on the Jon Stewart show (“you may like it, or not like it, it’s just entertainment, who cares”), but then apparently the frustration came out when he retired with the words “everyone’s hating me for it, why bother”.

    I guess I just don’t get why he should be that said. Sure, it’s all emotions and he apparently is attached to the whole Star Wars thing, but at the end of the day, how bad are things really?
    He was crazy about special effects, and achieved quite a spectacle with the prequels in that regard (not just him, don’t get me wrong, it’s of course the 100s of artists – but, you know, he had some hand in it).

    The scripts were kinda of a mess and some of the performances turned out horrible under his direction, but they probably became the colorful spectacles he wanted, and they contributed some fun additional Star Wars stuff (especially with Palpatine) to pop culture.

    If you skip over some of the really bad dialogue scenes, these movies are kind of really fun and moody. He apparently didn’t have the highest standards when making them, so he didn’t fail all that much in that sense.

    And then of course, fans of the prequels are at least as many as the detractors, the “kids love it” I guess, so really, he should get over it and relax.

  • JohnWaynman

    And oh, if the not-so-“universal hatred” gets to him this much, why fuck around with the OT releases so much? It’s all but certain that he did that stuff to razz the critics, so why get teary now?

    Maybe if he just released the OOT in high quality, it’d be alright. Whatever.

  • JohnWaynman

    On Hitler, wow, relax dude.
    Lucas has got it relatively good overall, he’s made successful films that are actually liked by lots of fans (the critics and haters are loud and many, but they’re not the whole population), advanced special effects like he wanted while creating 3 quite spectacular flicks, and is often lauded in “life achievement awards” and the like.

    Remember the cheers from the crowd when he was on Jon Stewart not so long ago?

    If he’s got depression, then I guess he has, maybe it bugs him that the prequels met so much resistance compared to the previous films, or he figured he hadn’t achieve high artistic standards with them, but it’s not THAT bad for him overall.

    How much he’s a loser beyond doing something stupid in his own films, I dunno, but he seemed pretty adjusted to me when talking.

    A giant portion of the “hatred” probably comes from him messing with the OT and not releasing the theatrical versions in HQ, so he’s brought it onto himself pretty much, and still could theoretically remedy that at any point.
    So with that relatively easy control over his popularity (or the worst of his unpopularity), I’d say he should resolve his issues himself and stop being such a crybaby about how “everyone hates him”.

    We’re not talking about a poor man broken by hords of merciless critics, we’re talking about a guy consciously pissing on his fans without end and now falling into some kind of cognitive dissonance trap.
    I don’t feel sorry for him, because there’s no reason to.

  • guest

    “Jizz all over the site” is such an ugly expression. We prefer “submitting massive DNA donations”

  • Now we can finally get a Howard the Duck reboot. Bring on the trilogy!

  • guest

    ..then you’ll probably love…

    EVERY COP MOVIE EVER!!1!!1!!!!

    But seriously thanks. The Dirty Harry movies might be a place to start if you want to see that sorta thing but the list is endless.

  • Guest

    Blip is based in New York as far as I know. They’re kind of having water problems right now….

  • Guest

    I won’t say they’re overdoing it if there’s a new Jay’s mind blown video. It IS mind-blowing. And it raises a lot of questions… although a video with the emperor’s reaction to becoming part of Disney would be funny too. What’s plinkett gonn do to celebrate/express his rage? Make a hooker dress up like tinkerbell & murder her?

  • JohnWaynman

    Seen the first two, going to watch the rest some time 🙂
    Jack Bauer did this a lot.

    I guess it’s just one of those “cool cliches” that are always fun to see when done stylishly – especially that part with the cigar chopming 😀

  • SouthronAmerican

    Given that huge chunks of the plot of those novels were invalidated by the prequels, I wouldn’t really expect to see anything like the Zahn novels in the new trilogy. And really, as much as I enjoyed the Zahn books back when they came out, the Expanded Universe as a whole has gotten so bloated and ridiculous at this point, it could be good to see something that goes in a completely different direction

  • Guest

    Y’now that was my first reaction to “Kathy” as well. I re-watched and thought why did I instantly think she was some mean corporate bitch, seems fairly normal… watched again and thought yeah I do get a bad feeling about her.

    If nothing else she was around through ep 1-3 and I saw her all over the place sitting/standing next to Lucas and Spielberg on the Crystal Skull stuff in the plinkett review. If that happened on her watch, I do not feel she is a “guardian” of Star Wars now. Well, only a guardian of suckitude.

  • Leo Ladenson

    The most critical–and worrisome–detail was when Jorge said that he had story treatments for Episodes 7-9. The best thing Disney could do would be to throw those in the trash.

  • Mick Travis

    What are you talking about? We’ve already been through Episode One: The Wall Street Menace of our new Fascist government. We are now beginning Episode Two: Attack of the Drones….

  • and he’s back

    Oh look it’s JohnWaynman ,a dude who mistakes the comment section for his personal blog site….seriously,I lost interest in your post somewhere in the middle.

    Keep it short buddy.

  • and he’s back

    ..please don’t turn the comment section into something like War and Peace…seriously your comments are way too long…

  • JMT

    The first thing Disney should do is to release the original trilogy in an untouched state. I mean they can (and should) “polish” it for a BR edition but not include ANY changes form the idiotic special editions. That would guarantee Star Wars fans love to them, and would show that their intentions are good. That they are willing to listen to the fans, not constantly showing them the finger, as Georgie used to to.

  • adam sandler

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they let Andrew Stanton loose on it even though he completely fucked up “John Carter” – I’m sure he could fuck up the next “Star Wars” trilogy just as well. Bearing in mind it’s Disney, it’s hard to imagine them giving people who couldn’t be told what to do by the studio the green light like Chris Nolan/David Goya or Guillermo Del Toro. It’s bound to be given to some talentless muppet like Stanton or God forbid….MICHAEL BAY!!!

  • guest

    Michael Bay would be perfect in a way. Having lost all hope of a quality Star Wars film, I say go all out on a movie that can be excellent grist for a plinkett review.

    A conservative choice would probably be Peter Jackson if they can work it into their schedule. That’d be cool if they could do a jackson del toro pairing as originally intended with the hobbit

  • JohnWaynman

    Personal blog sites are autonomous, you write on them whatever you want.
    Comment sections and forum threads are there to comment on the given video or OP, or respond to other comments even if they’ve gone off-topic.

    Forums are somewhat in the middle – they may be confined to a certain topic and no user is more central than the next one, but each still can start a thread about whatever they want if it fits the subforum.

    Forum OPs, comments, etc., CAN GET AS LONG AS YOU FEEL LIKE. I only would be mistaking this for my “personal blog site” if I posted some essay unrelated to anything discussed, going off tangents about my personal life and whatever else comes into my head.

    So fuck off you stupid fart, you make puke.

  • JohnWaynman

    Wow, responding for the sole reason of telling someone you’re not interested in their posts… while seeking out specifically those posts to respond to.
    Can anything be more pathetic?

  • DarthDJJD

    It would be interesting how Redletter thinks about this Disney – Lucasfilm deal. After reaching reality about the prequels (with Mr. Plinkett’s assistance), I am a bit cynical now on Star Wars: Episode 7. Will it return to the form of the original trilogy (a new porterhouse steak) or will this be another fast food Big Mac for younger audiences – kinda like the Star Trek reboot film by Abrams.

  • Darth Mickey

    So happy about the new Plinkett review coming out, keep up the great work guys!

  • Richard Thompson

    Star Wars now owned by Disney… Shoulda gone as Plinkett for Halloween.

  • Guest

    Bzzzz “I am the guardian of Star Wars now”

    “Only a guardian of suckitude, Kathy.”

  • guest

    Beverly Hills, that’s where I want to Beyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  • JarJarEarlJones

    Come on you c**t-lickers. I want an official Plinkett press conference reacting to the Episode 7 news

  • Halloween Harry

    WAIT!!!! If Disney plans to release a new Star Wars movie every 2-3 years, that means we get a new Plinkett Star Wars review every 2-3 years. This fact alone makes the sale of SW to Disney WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!

  • Nick

    I cannot wait for the people who brought us “John Carter” to get their untalented hack mitts on Episode VII!

  • Guest

    I don’t like these cartoons! It’s like going to a Japanese restaurant and getting served the plastic food by mistake.

  • guest

    That analogy makes no sense.

  • and he’s back

    You must be really boring in person.

  • and he’s back

    Nope.You got me beat on that one.

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  • JohnWaynman

    How can I have “got you beat” on being pathetic, while simultaneously there’s nothing more pathetic in the universe than you (hey, you said it)?

    Idiot 😀

  • JohnWaynman

    You don’t know that, but just because I’m really exciting here, doesn’t mean I’m the exact opposite of that in real life… if that rule applied, I’d have to conclude that you’re an exceptionally adjusted individual who *doesn’t* stand out as the most annoying, pointless prick at every party. 😉

  • Murderin Murphy

    I heard something about George Lucas making a lot of money this week, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

  • Saruma

    No way! I’d much rather have new movies set in the universe. Yes, Lucas did a bad job on the prequels, but what’s done is done. Let’s move on to next thing instead of dwelling on the past.

  • jubalbiggs

    Really? I actually turn to John Carter (or Chronicles of Riddick) when I want Star Wars and am tired of the original three. That was a good movie… maybe it’s because I read the books previously…

  • and he’s back

    You are definitely boring in person.

  • and he’s back

    Who is more pathetic?Me for whatever reason you decided I am pathetic or you vehemently commenting to comments of a pathetic person?

    You don’t need to answer.It makes me more pathetic if you don’t get the last say.If you do try to get the last say than guess what…it’s catch 22

    We are both pathetic for having one of those pointless arguments on the internet…

    ..I still believe you are boring in person…

    ..and fuck you…you made me make a long post…that’s just boring and pathetic…

  • guest

    Perforce, remade prequels WOULD be new movies in the Star Wars univer

  • gueost

    Perforce, remakes of the prequels WOULD be new movies set in the Star Wars universe. They would just eradicate 6 hours of awfulness at the same time.

  • JohnWaynman

    See above, same still applies 🙂

  • guest
  • JohnWaynman

    “Me for whatever reason you decided I am pathetic”
    Responding to some random user only to tell them you’re personally not interested in their comment, and doing that TWICE – how’s that for a reason?

    “you vehemently commenting to comments of a pathetic person?”
    You, because I comment to comments of a pathetic person in a rather awesome way.

    “If you do try to get the last say than guess what…it’s catch 22”
    Exactly – catch 22 means you get the same outcome no matter what you do, so in this case that’d still make you more pathetic.
    Only it’s not really a catch 22 because it’s rather awesome for me…

    “..I still believe you are boring in person…”
    I wish I were, but that sitll wouldn’t turn posting normal responses on a forum thread into “personal blogging”.

    “We are both pathetic for having one of those pointless arguments on the internet..”
    Well you started it, and I’m having my fun being awesome in response. So no… you are truly alone.

    “you made me make a long post…that’s just boring and pathetic…”

  • Murderin Murphy


    Oh……. wait…….

  • Mynock

    Disney doesn’t own the rights to release the originals on Bluray as Fox kept the distribution rights to the original films. This means unless Lucas himself wanted to do it, it’s simply never going to happen… so it’s pretty much the status quo on that front.

  • JohnWaynman


  • guest

    Guys, guys…let’s just settle this right now. You’re both equally pathetic for letting this “no, YOU” back and forth go on for so long.

    Seriously, you’re both fucking lame retards.

  • JohnWaynman

    No, I’m not, I’m just having fun – you, on the other hand, are totally lame.

  • U twat

    What are you 12 ? Must win at every argument?Must have the last say?

    You are a pompous douchebag and you don’t even know it .

  • JohnWaynman

    “You are a pompous douchebag and you don’t even know it.”

    Well, I attacked someone that attacked me. You just attacked someone who hadn’t attacked you – so who’s the bigger douchebag here, idiot 😀

  • I’m so excited for the new Star Wars! What’s the new plinkit review going to be about?

  • ThrowawayComment

    Reboot the Sequels BEFORE they make them

  • Ricky

    Surrealism vs Plinkett!!!#!

  • U twat

    I did not attack you.I just informed you about your “condition”.
    Here’s an attack:
    Go fuckyourself with a two by four riddled with rusty nails and you can draw a fucking emoticon on it.
    How’s that ?

  • JohnWaynman

    Well that’s not an attack, that’s comedy. Saying “you pompous douchebag” was an attack.

    So fuck off 😀

  • Chingotchcook

    I just… I just love you, Plinkett. The Sinatra bit was great.

  • BoneTaPik

    lol, you used the Shadows of the Empire soundtrack instead of John Williams’ music. I loved that game.

  • U twat

    You feel it as an attack because it’s true.Why else would someone saying you are a pompous douchebag bother you?
    On the internet even! When did anybody saying anything on the internet matter ?!
    So go die in a fire.Don’t forget to soak yourself in gasoline first.

  • JohnWaynman

    “because it’s true.”
    You mean I wouldn’t perceive it as an attack if it were false?

    “Why else would someone saying you are a pompous douchebag bother you?”
    Oh I don’t know, maybe because their face is dumb?

    “When did anybody saying anything on the internet matter ?!”
    Exactly, so how come any random 101 insult you see is now supposed to mean it’s justified?

    It doesn’t matter what anyone says on the internet… except when they call you a douchebag, which definitely means you are one and they’re right. But anything else definitely doesn’t matter!

    Come on, bug off already, you clown. Just a bunch of nonsense coming out by this point..

  • solidsamurai

    Or was that 8 hours? Hard to keep track.

  • HumanAdventure

    I think it’s funny how Plinkett says “John Williams is an overrated hack!” and then music from Shadows of the Empire is used (which was Joel McNeely).

  • Doogle

    “It’s like poetry, it rhymes…. . . . hopefully it’ll work…”

  • Mark Bisone

    This webzone has become the Mecca for aspie retards. Congrats.

  • I was just correcting your spelling because I’m a pedantic grammar nazi.

  • 555film

    no! Lars Von Trier!

  • aron

    Edgar Allen Poe never suspected his stanzas would be used like this

  • i dont get it

  • Phillie Em

    Ya, that’s clearly Joel McNeely. CHECK YOUR FACTS

  • Kamil El Azzi


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