Mr. Plinkett Meets Half in the Bag

Mr. Plinkett gets booted from the Enterprise, then gets critiqued by Mike and Jay from Half in the Bag.

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  • Jason

    This is a loosely organized collection of crap…. that works really well and made me laugh repeatedly

  • Grundel

    thinking of all the plinkett review stuff and half in the bag stuff mish mashed in there.. awesome job.. I couldnt stop laughing

  • Plinkett and Bea Arthur as prom king and queen. . .you know, that works.

  • “Execute order Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire!” LOL!

  • BMW

    This has to be my favorite one. The Half in the Bag guys at the end reviewing the video…it all fit together perfectly. Nice.

  • Elvin Atombender

    It’s stylistically designed to be that way

  • Nope

    I’m out.

  • Guest

    The Half in the Bag part at the end is just perfect

  • Rud

    It’s gonna be great


  • Every single frame contains a computer-generated digital effect.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    It’s so dense, every single image has so many things going on…

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    Hangover Part II, Thor…


    Where’s part 1?

  • Matthew Banes

    I heard a rumour that he made a prequel to this video. I can’t find it anywhere though so I don’t believe it.


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