Christmas with Mr. Plinkett

Mr. Plinkett attempts to spread some holiday cheer by reading fan mail.

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  • boba fett

    why is this just audio clips from other reviews with animation. this is fake

  • Smarter than Boba Fett

    No shit, it’s the style – have you ever heard of SNL’s TV Funhouse? Also the animator wasn’t in collaboration with RLM. Try thinking before posting next time.

  • Gravy Farts

    Lololol needless hostility.

  • fyoubobba

    OMG, I can’t wait to post a criticism that I’m positive nobody else noticed. It can’t be that I’m so damn stupid the entire thing flew over my head.

  • Utritum

    Out of the lot, I like this one the most. I think it has the cleverest mix of sound-bites.

  • fu

    This is like ten times better than the plinket rises crap…

  • oh no! It’s plinkett’s stupid evil twin!


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