Mr. Plinkett – The Animated Series

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  • fuckoff

    First dicks

  • Sarge Warmonger

    first dicks.. Do’h!

  • Chang the Celestial

    Does this series come in heterosexual?

  • Mark Bisone

    I guess the worst thing about this cartoon is its sudden prominence, and the implicit suggestion that the RLM crew is going to be putting some effort into scripting these shows. It’s now on the same menu tier as “Plinkett Reviews” and “Half in the Bag”, but is no where near the quality of either. Even the Grabowskis is way better than this No-Wave, homemade, one-man animation with frankensteined dialogue. No disrespect intended towards Shaun, but his Plinkett frames looked like dog diarrhea painted on cheap construction paper. The limited backgrounds, frames and perspectives smack of Adam Sandler-esque laziness. They make “The Care Boars Save Christmas” look like “The Incredibles.”

    “But,” says anonymous fluffer #1138, “the shitty drawing and animation is part of the comedy. It looks shitty on purpose, don’t you get it???!!!”

    No, it doesn’t. It’s not shitty-on-purpose. Shitty-on-purpose animation was popular for awhile, probably reaching its peak with Adult Swim’s “12 Oz. Mouse.” But this is nothing like that (or “Squidbillies” or “South Park” or “Aqua Teens” or “Home Movies” or a goddamned Keith Harring painting, all of which still looks better than Animated Plinkett). These lack any style or self-awareness to offset how bad they looks. That’s because these webisodes aren’t intentionally bad art – this is probably just the best the animator can do with limited tools and talent. If there was a visual punch or interesting editing, it could be okay, but the links above look like what a child might turn in for an art class project.

    That said, a Plinkett cartoon series might be fun, and I guess you guys could always retool it later with less amateurish artwork. You don’t need Lucas blue screens filled with asteroids and giant lizards and robots and spaceships flying around and all that jazz. You just need a strong visual style. For instance, I really like the gritty style of the Plinkett illustration in the website banner and Avatar review. Something that hewed closer to style that would work pretty well, I think. Who did that?

    Cheers anyway, and good luck.

  • name

    So much passion directed at something so insignificant.

  • Mark Bisone

    No, not passion. Just passing along my thoughts. Sorry that yours fit inside a Tweet.

  • Bazz

    everyone back the f**k up, self loathing know-it-all plinkett critics incoming through

  • Ha! Loved the Mystery Science reference.

  • nom

    Are you talking about your tiny penis?

  • Guest

    These are so shoddy….I have no idea why I find them funny.

  • JohnWaynman

    tldr 😉

    I’d say the frame shifting back and forth is enough “self-awareness” to indicate that it wasn’t supposed to look good.
    There are many “concepts” intentionally bad art can convey, and one of them has less to do with some kind of clever, witty style and more with saying “we slapped this together and we’re not sorry”.

    A vibe I’m getting from many RLM shorts, like the Monkey Man videos, too.

    The main appeal of these cartoons seems to me to be the clever re-use of soundbytes – the animation seems like an afterthought and is just there being “bizarre” and rough.

    There’s a comedy channel on youtube called “monkeyandapple” that mainly focuses on movie spoofs, and most of the effects they’re using are incredibly cheap looking – not in an “edgy” way but in a “we didn’t care and put this background from Avengers in there” way.
    In one earlier video where a drug dealer chews out a client for sucking up a table of his cocaine into his asshole, you can see the background characters disappear and reappar from shot to shot, probably just because of the takes they used.
    None of it matters, because the actual content is captivatingly hilarious and brilliant. The background and effects seem like just something that had to be there to establish the setting, and that’s what they do – they’re just “there”, looking cheap and bizarre, but completely excused by the actual content.
    The effects don’t matter. That the videos also look good in addition to being funny, is not a necessary objective in the slightest.

    I know this is full-blown animation rather than some static background, but it’s basically there to tie the content together and look bizarre and cheap in the process.
    At least that’s my take on it.

    As far as things are right now, these are just fan videos, and don’t become and worse than they are by being posted on the main site after hanging on their youtube’s favorites for months.
    If the future collaboration projects end up shitty, I somehow have the feeling that it won’t go unnoticed.

  • Lazyfatfucks

    why do any work when someone else will do it for you. A+ sirs. A+

  • Mark Bisone

    “None of it matters, because the actual content is captivatingly hilarious and brilliant.”

    Oh, the fuck it is.

    I could maybe understand how some dummy out there might find them funny (and why the RLM guys might find it flattering and a cheap way to keep the Plinkett thing going), but “captivatingly hilarious and brilliant”? And yet, somehow I’m the fanboy? Fuck off, you weenie.

    P.S. Your posts on these last two threads has zoomed to new heights of faggotry, meaning.that you are either “Sean” or you’re blowing him.

  • Roger

    Aw, I find it cute you respond to Johnwayman’s counter arguments by calling him gay.
    Fascinating come back, great discussion here.

    I agree tough, it’s enraging that free internet entertainment doesn’t have the same quality and skill as high budgeted hollywood movies. Every non big studio financed and commissioned artist is gay and must die in a horrible fashion.

    I find your review not as well written, high quaity and deeply layered as Shakespear Mark, so perhaps you also have an slightly unnatural sex preference and have to die horrible. Perhaps we all do.

    Sarcasm aside, I like the animations. Love how the random quotes fall together. Animation is indeed rough and takes a while to get used too, but I find it working with the general style.

  • JohnWaynman

    “And yet, somehow I’m the fanboy? Fuck off, you weenie.”
    A fanboy of whom, that random Shaun guy I’d never heard anything about before?
    Fanboism is defined by attitude, not what you like or laugh at.

    The people giving “advice” to the admins have a certain kind of attachment to, or investment in this site – too much of it, and the wrong kind.
    You could call them “fanboys” or the “fickle bunch” throwing tomatoes at street performers, but either way, you’ve got something really obnoxious.

    They’re “captivating” in the sense that they hold your interest and amusement for their running time, not that they’re an amazing piece of historic wit.
    However, I don’t see how “only dummies” could find them “funny”, given as how they ARE clever and creative, and well edited – I think you’re just saying that because you’ve got an agenda.

    You’ve got this “I’m a useful critic with knowledge about history of intentionally shitty animation, and I’m telling you, this is junk!” going on, so naturally you’re invested in these cartoons sucking as much as possible.

    Although I’ll agree in so far as that these videos appearing on the official site (outside of the context of the future collaborations, of course) does seem a bit… self-congratulatory, especially given the source of the soundbytes.
    I’m just not stupid enough to conclude that because it seems that way, it IS that way, and I should write a concerned, advisory essay about the future of this site and its viewership.

    Some others in these pages obviously are.

  • Murderin Murphy

    Goodness! Folks sure are enjoying these.

  • Zib

    You’re a gigantic man baby. These are delightful.

  • Mark Bisone

    First they are “captivatingly hiliarious and brilliant”, now they are “delightful.” Next thing you know, one of you numbskulls will call this diarrhea flipbook “the Feel-Good Hit of the year!”

    But the truth is that these cartoons suck big, stinky balls, and a legion of sock puppets (JohnWaynman), fruity neckbeards (Roger), and clueless shithads (you) can’t change that.

  • Mark Bisone

    Sorry, I tried to read this one too but became almost suicidally bored halfway through the fourth sentence. You are a snoring bore.

    No wonder you like this crap. Compared to the drizzle of farty, pissy thoughts in your brain, watching these cartoons must be like blowing six lines of coke of a hooker’s chest and then riding rolling coaster into Hell.

    Godspeed, Boring McSnorely.

  • Mark Bisone

    This comment is even more dull and witless then JohnWhiningman’s above. Congrats.

    Now kill yourself.

  • JohnWaynman

    “Sorry, I tried to read this one too but became suicidally bored halfway through the fourth sentence.”
    “Godspeed, Boring McAsperger.”

    Hheehehehehe… congratulatulations, you’ve just embarassed yourself before every person who actually knows what Asperger’s is.

    Even that aside, having nothing left to say or to retort with combined with visible frustration and anger is generally not a good way to make an impression.
    Why are you even responding? There’s no way you’re getting yourself out of this mess anymore – you pathetic little frog.

  • Mark Bisone

    you’ve just embarassed yourself before every person who actually knows what Asperger’s is.”

    Ding ding ding! We have a winner! >:)

    I already had you pegged for a socially retarded manchild from all your bland ranting about these cartoons, but now it’s like you’re wearing a shiny Sperglord Sheriff’s Badge. I “embarrassed” myself? I’m not “getting (myself) out of this mess”? Who the fuck writes/talks/thinks like that? Oh yeah, yeah: aspies, for whom life is one long series of self-inflicted humiliations and weird obsessions with shitty internet things.

    Thanks for letting us all know about your “disease.” Please remember to take your Abilify and slap your parents for me.

  • JohnWaynman

    “Ding ding ding! We have a winner! >:)”
    Yea, I know the “joke” is supposed to be that “it takes one to know one”, but sorry – it’s just plain awful.
    Maybe it would be funny if you weren’t this much in the defensive by this point.

    “I “embarrassed myself”? I’m “not getting (myself) out of this mess anymore”? Who the fuck writes/talks/thinks in those terms?”
    Insert “freak with unknown condition is flabbergasted by run-of-the-mill phrases” here.

    “for whom life is an endless series of self-inflicted humiliations”
    Yea, your life (or what I’ve seen of it) is exactly that to me.

    “weird internet obsessions”
    Hmm, what obsessions may I have displayed here that you can throw at me without blushing? RLM? Talking about these cartoons on a forum?
    Yea, exactly.

    “for shitting out such a defective aspie turd ”
    That’s the beauty of it – despite openly admitting to SEVERE concentration problems in your latest post, you still seem to think you can pull the “you’re an aspie” routine here.
    Even though I’ve made this as obvious for you as it gets.

    Again – one of Asperger’s most famous symptons: CONCENTRATION PROBLEMS.
    You admitted to having concentration problems: you can’t read a relatively short post without being “distracted”.

    Crying “aspie apie” on the internet when you’ve obviously lost a discussion and have nothing else to say (and even if not) is generally not a good move, but it’s a REALLY bad move when the reason you’ve lost the discussion… is precisely because of a likely Asperger’s… that you’ve admitted to openly.

    Let me give you a good advice, your drooling, obnoxious idiot – just stop posting. Each of your successive posts is worse than the previous one, and didn’t you take you many to go from meticulously writing a long, pretentious “critical” essay to basically becoming an enraged animal spouting cliches about “mothers” and “homosexuals”.

    I guess the total amount of thoughts contained in your brain amounted to exactly 1/3 of a page – go away.

  • JohnWaynman

    *insert “…” joke*

  • Mark Bisone

    “Let me give you a good advice, your drooling, obnoxious idiot – just stop posting.”

    Wow, you are spergin’ on this thread so hard now that you’re turning Japanese! You ever hear that song? Great song.

    I only skimmed the rest of your long, Ambien-like post, but I noticed they are starting to load up with quotation marks, hilariously impotent threats and CAPITAL LETTERS, meaning that I’ve brought you to the verge of full spergasm.

    Don’t hold back! Release your anger, and take your father’s place at my side.

  • Mark Bisone

    You are replying to yourself?

    Good. Gooooood. I can feel the Asptardness flowing through you.

  • LakeFlacid


  • JohnWaynman

    What? No, I’m replying to you. As a proof for that, I’m sighting your own post that came right before mine.

    Oh, and if you’re referring to this one:
    “*insert “…” joke*”
    As you can clearly see at the ** and the fact that it wasn’t even a sentence, it was obviously a correction of a previous sentence (because I can’t edit).

    If would’ve taken you a MINIMAL amount of patience and concentration to quickly scan my text for a sentence with “insert” in it, and you’ve quickly found this one:
    “Insert “freak with unknown condition is flabbergasted by run-of-the-mill phrases” ****joke**** here.”

    Need I explain the giant unintentional irony of you saying “Asptardness” right in the same post? (Hint: it contains both qualities.)

  • JohnWaynman

    “Wow, you are spergin’ on this thread so hard now that you’re turning Japanese! You ever hear that song? Great song.”
    What, getting distracted at something unrelated? Check… 😉

    “I noticed they are starting to load up with quotation marks, hilariously impotent threats and CAPITAL LETTERS,”

    I’ve only used capitals in two instances, one of which was because you had failed to notice that same point the previous times (when I wasn’t using capitals).

    So now instead of finally getting it, you start complaining about all the capitals filling up the horizon 😀

    The quotation marks were used to quote/paraphrase you, which is what they’re usually used for.
    Always look at *how* capitals, italics or quotation marks are used – they have their uses, and if they’re used validly, you’ll make the imrpession that you’re desperately grasping at straws.

    There were also no “threats” anywhere in my post, just the warning that if you continue posting, you’ll become even more of a laughing stock than you already were.
    A prediction you’ve just confirmed 😉

    “Release your anger, and take your father’s place at my side.”
    You should really quit with the wacky movie quotes, because a blind man can see that your idiocy is 100% non-ironic.

  • These are amazing. I bet very few people get why you decided to make it an official short.

  • JohnWaynman

    Dark comedy, which these cartoons are, you sad little cliche canon, can be described as delightful as well as captivatingly hilarious and brilliant, but never as “feel-good”.

  • dan.gilbert

    It’s the feel good hit of the year.
    No disrespect intended, but you’re a massive turd. May I lick you?

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo




  • Daggoth

    I sense the lingering dark forces of the troll here… defensive, and addicted to the “lulz”, they are attracted to the very corners of the internet to endlessly sling mud over other peoples opinions about poorly animated Plinkett cartoons. But what “reputation” could they be trying to protect so vigilantly that they would return over and over again specifically to smear another person? Could it be the “reputation” of their own opinion? Unwarranted self-importance.

  • Christopher Kulik

    This should be played 24 hours straight on Cartoon Network on Christmas next year.

  • flundar

    You should make some longer episodes that are half movie review, half misadventures of Mr. Plinkett. Like the Beavis and Butthead show with music videos and misadventures.

  • Matt

    I love how this sounds like a youtube poop sentence mix (which I think it is). It adds a great sketchy quality to the already sketch-tastic Plinkett

  • thermoplasticity

    Ha! Kirkland! Nice.

  • *I* Iron my Jean Skirts

    Ok, seriously RLMJay or other Webmaster, a) SOME of us like these, so please b) fix the broken links or take them down, and c) Update this page to include the new ones that DO work. As the wise man said: “It’s good to show contempt for your audience.”

  • *I* Iron my Jean Skirts

    Although some would argue putting these up at all is showing contempt for your audience… as I said, SOME of us really like these. Either don’t have them here at all or do it properly. Don’t just half-ass it like some washed up, fatass hack filmmaker who got lucky off some hit in the 70’s.

  • shane willett

    Every link works for me.. maybe your browser is outdated, or something

  • *I* Iron my Jean Skirts

    The first one still doesn’t work for me on either of my browsers. Did you actually play each one or just click it and note the title card load?

  • shane willett

    you mean when Harry met Harry ? Im using Safari 7.1 what about you ?

  • *I* Iron my Jean Skirts

    What? No, I mean the first one as in the oldest one. Plinkett meets the TNG crew. Can you watch that one to completion? I’m on a PC running Firefox AND Chrome and they both display “This video is Private” when I try to view it. The second most recent one (not on this list, as this list is almost a year out of date) also does the same thing.

  • Red Skeleton

    Oh, by the way, all the links are dead.
    The links are dead, Jay.
    Everyone’s dead, Jay.

    Please 🙂

  • Immortal_k

    Could someone reupload these to another site? Apparently youtube had issues and took them down

  • Red Skeleton

    Jesus I’ve been on Jay and Shaun’s asses about this for a while now. But yes, I second the notion. I wish Jay would stop advertising dead links, though.
    Edit: Ok, I made that comment completely oblivious to the fact the next comment down is me bitching about the dead links…. *blush*.


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