Mr. Plinkett – The Animated Series: The Dark Plinkett Rises

August 19, 2012241 Comments

Mr. Plinkett decides to check out Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman movie.

Visit Shaun’s YouTube channel HERE. If you haven’t seen the previous Plinkett animations, well…


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  • morque

    This is the best thing ever. (Genuinely, no sarcasm.)

  • Kevin

    Oooooooh nooooooooooo

  • jojothecunt

    i watch planetes…

  • this is fucking strange

  • oldfart

    It’s aimed at kids.We are too old.
    Now get of my lawn.

  • Cool, newly written episodes! πŸ™‚

  • JimKing

    This is the worst thing since the Ctrl-Alt-Del animated series. This isn’t funny, it’s just cursing. It’s like an eight-year-old trying to act tough.

  • MrTickles

    Why is it black for like a minute?

  • guest

    You realize that all the cursing is from actual audio recordings of Christian Bale, right?


    Oooooh, you don’t? You completely failed to understand what this is even about? Oh I’m so sorry.

  • Mike

    Wow..No man, just….no. I really try not to be negative in comments, but please upgrade your nonsense filters. You know how George Lucas had a million terrible ideas for the original trilogy, but he had people around to shut him down when he started going overboard? Maybe, you know, get some “no” men to hang around with you for a while.

  • It is broken. It does not go. They are not strong.


  • boo

    Giving real criticism beyond “this sucks” is overrated anyway.

  • An honest viewer.

    Your shorts are dark, bizarre, but above all, they witty. There’s a true sense of cleverness behind everything you guys make.

    These are not witty. They are awkward, hackneyed, and slip-shod. I could find this kind of thing anywhere on the internet. Just because it uses soundbites from your work doesn’t make it on-par. You guys are better than that. RLM is better than that. Please, reconsider.

  • boo


  • stagpool

    Don’t watch these. Problem solved.

  • JM

    No, just no. Animation isn’t all that bad, could work with a better storyline. Any for that matter. I was waiting for like, what’s wrong with your face towards Bane, and stuff like that. This was just not funny.

  • JM

    Fuck you Rick Evans, you’ve ruined this too!?
    Oh, it’s Rich, right, nvmd.

  • Shaun’s mother

    I like these. Good work Shaun.

  • Richter Belmont

    If you haven’t noticed, they used the leaked ‘Christian Bale Rage’ which happened in the making of one of his movies. Its not so strange really, just very funny.

  • asshole

    Hey, asshole…..go review “Total Recall” or the new Bourne movie…stop trying to make us watch shitty cartoons!

  • it’s me

    People downvoting oldfarts comment really don’t have a sense of humor.Go ahead downvote mine too,you idiot children.

  • it’s me


  • kviii

    Just put up a Plinkett review for fuck’s sake, if you’re working on two then stop and finish the first one, and here’s a preemptive “No” to the inevitable fanboy neckbeard who will tell me something e about free entertainment.

  • First Tim Heidecker and now cartoons…. OMG! Your getting your own show on Adult Swim?

  • Peter

    Got you there. DonΒ΄t know who you are, but I love you for we share a special bond. Have a good life.

  • WTF @2:18 it just goes black for the rest of the video was that on purpose

  • guest

    These were made by a fan. They take absolutely no time away from the RLM crew. Your preemptive “no” makes no sense.

  • gfgsdfgs

    Do the review. :p

  • ouij

    Clever idea that didn’t really pan out.

  • Graspfast

    I don’t get it. I watched the whole things. I appreciate having someone working with the beloved Plinkett quotes.. but I thought, now you do this stuff officially you might have given this guy new stuff to work with.
    Having Mike do the Plinkett voice for about 4 minutes might not have been too hard. And why does it stop after 2 minutes. I don’t get it.
    The Christian Bale rant..? What… why… I don’t get it.
    Why no review? And this? 2 Minutes black screen? Wasn’t RLM in the wagon of people who actually liked this new one? I don’t get it.
    It’s because it’s the 3rd movie. Everybody hates and bitches about the third. (If the second wasn’t too bad already) X-Men, Spiderman, Return of the Jedi, even Return of the King. I don’t get it.

  • stagpool

    What don’t you “get?” Their opinion of The Dark Knight Rises has absolutely nothing to do with this video. Hell, this video wasn’t even made by RLM. It says right under the video that all these were made by a fan. It also says new ones will have new Plinkett audio. You sound like an idiot.

  • oh really, I had no idea where that audio came from, thank you very much. /sarcasm

    It’s still not very funny at all. Just strange.

  • Tony Scott

    My favorite part was the two minutes of dead air after the animation finished.

  • guest

    Wow, there’s a bunch of whiny bitches in this comments section.

  • George Superman

    Its gonna be great !

  • George Superman

    Its gonna be grat !

  • 1234

    Shut up – Its gonna be great!


  • Mark Bisone

    Bad idea gents. Don’t fuck with the RLM brand by stamping it on this kind of unfunny, parasitic “fan art.” Listen to the comments here; these are all people who are rooting for you and want to see you do well.

    (Cue butthurt protestations)

  • The only thing you idiots would hate more is Gamestation 2.0 the animated series.
    Gamestation and this are both awesome so suck my dick!

  • guest 2

    The fact that you know there will be protestation to your comment only proves how pointless leaving the comment is in the first place. Thank God RLM does what they want and doesn’t try to please every fanboy.

  • Mark Bisone

    Yes, God forbid posting something that someone might object to. An objection renders any opinion instantly pointless, after all.

    Meanwhile, you should feel free to make your own asinine comment, instead of hanging off of mine like a crumb of shit off an asshole. The general reaction here so far seems closer to my own. These cartoons are terrible, unimaginative, hackneyed eyesores, and look like they were slapped together as quickly as your momma’s thighs when her Johns don’t show her the cash up front.

  • road_warrior

    Oh my god mystery science theatre 3000, i love that show! these shorts are awesome, keep making them.

  • BMW

    Jeez, people had some violent reaction to these things. Calm down folks.

  • WMB

    No kidding. They’re just cute little cartoons. People are acting like they’re discontinuing Half in the Bag and the Plinkett reviews and only focusing on this or something. More RLM content = a good thing.

  • Bubba Buddah

    This is so awesome to me because I really really like that “Christian Bale freaks out on set” soundclip so much.

  • Marvin Choi’s freaking Mom

    I wish I had aborted you.

  • BobBoberson

    it’s gonna be great.

  • OCD

    Gonna be great.

  • OCD

    Grat it is.

  • OCD

    It signifies death.

  • OCD

    Gonna be great.

  • OCD

    He fails hard.

  • OCD

    You fail hard.

  • OCD

    What’s it about then?

  • OCD

    “instead of hanging off of mine like a crumb of shit off an asshole.”
    So what you are saying is that you are an asshole?

  • Mark Bisone

    Yes. With two crumbs of shit hanging off of it now.

  • So do I.

  • Enosib Kram

    I can see it.It’s beautiful.

  • Ya, take that.

    You’re a bad idea.

  • Guestwho

    Awesome, thanks for this!

  • asshole

    id prefer fake plinkett doing game station 2 to this bs! Hey, assholes…go reviews some movies!!!

  • asshole

    Not after its been up your dads ass!

  • asshole

    It’s gonna be GREAT!

  • asshole

    Hey, asshole….not if the content is about as funny as an Adam Sandler out-takes reel

  • asshole

    Hey, asshole….so christian bale had a rant on set during the Terminator movie because he was being directed by an even bigger asshole…McGee – that doesn’t make the cartoon funny! I bet you never laughed either….you’re just an asshole trying to sound smart because you read about christian bale losing his shit in “Loaded” or some other dumb-ass mag!

  • gort247

    I was afraid I would regret wasting valuable seconds of my life on a megashitty cartoon. Well, it wasn’t that bad! Also, please review something.

  • Graspfast

    Well, I am an idiot. That’s why I don’t get things and stuff.
    Good that you are here to help me out, understanding things better.
    And the animated show was quite good for part 1 and 2. But part 3 I hate and despise absolutely. Also Back to the Future 3.

  • Petepix

    Thanks for posting here. I avoid Facebook like the plague.

  • Richter Belmont

    Uhm I think your accusations are wrong for the most part (if you’re talking to me that is). Some crew member walked distractingly infront of his scene, don’t think it had anythind to do w/ the director. I was not trying to sound smart, parodies are just a part of my humor, so I decided to make sure everyone got the origins of the joke. Of course, posting anything on the web these days results in some very immature comments/replies.

  • George Superman

    Its gonna be *great*

  • Horche

    ‘I like this so suck my dick’ – awesome sentece says all there is to say about modern day humanity.
    Also ‘Asshole’ you do realize you just said you assfuck** an elderly man right ? ;P

  • Hastee

    lol at all the ppl who are getting really pissed off about the existence of a 2 min fan video on the site… I didnt really like it that much either but Im not going to take personal offence to it. Just say why you didnt like it and move on.

  • guest

    People that complain in comments sections are fools who automatically disslike anything different, regardless of how innocuous it is.

    Thank God RLM didn’t listen to these people when Half in the Bag first started and can the show immediately.

  • wow

    It’s so dense, every single image has so many things going on

  • Last Resort

    This is wac. Instead of posting this bullshit, give us some new Plinkett reviews.

  • guest

    Go away.

  • guest

    I’m so glad that RLM doesn’t pay much attention to these stupid negative comments and just does what they want. Creativity is not a democracy.

  • unnecessarycommenter

    very harmful to the ears.. don’t stand so close to the mic, especially if you’re planning to yell into it, you’re blowing out the audio and it makes it harder to clean up in post production…. also think, 1 2 3 punchline! … not so much 1..2..2 … 2.. 2.. 3…4…5…2…2.. … … is this the punchline?…2.. 2… real punchline!… sell it in the first 15 seconds or you lose the audience

  • name

    Where did all these “I’m smarter than RLM” trolls come from and why have they all decided to start posting at the same time?

  • soithascometothis

    I don’t get the hate. The vehement, vitriolic, hate.

    If all you want to watch is the Plinkett reviews, then do that and don’t watch this. If you just like HITB, just watch those and don’t watch this. The existence of these cartoons should in no way diminish your enjoyment of the stuff you like. If you like everything else but these cartoons, then just don’t watch them. It’s easier than changing the channel on those ancient things called TVs; just don’t click the fucking link.

  • Quinning

    Look for things. Things that make it go.

  • Mark Bisone

    To all the Phil Donahue-types here yammering about “hate” and “trolls”: the comments section of an internet post is there for giving an opinion about what was posted, and generally the feedback won’t all be in agreement. This is actually useful for people creating content, so they can gauge what kinds of content is working and what isn’t. What a strange concept, I know. Now shut the fuck up and suck a young money dick.

  • guest

    Thanks for the advice, George Lucas.

  • Christopher Kulik

    @wow Fuck you, Rick Berman!

  • soithascometothis

    A: That’s not the same thing.
    2: The advice would apply to ignoring the prequels and just enjoying the original trilogy just as well, yes.

  • Robert Wiley

    I think these are charming, and hearing Plinkett quotes out of context is possibly more amusing, especially coupled with Bale freaking out.

  • whaaaa???

    But but..being reasonable and smart on the intervebs defeats the purpose of selfish and gluttonous consumption of things…also I AM SMARTER THAN YOU AND MY OPINION IS THE MOST IMPORTANESTES OF THEM ALL !!1111!!!!11!!!*

    *this is a joke, dont get your panties in a twist

  • name

    Yes, because a two minute piece of animated fluff is exactly the same thing as three feature length films that completely destroyed the legacy of one of the most beloved and successful series in film history.

  • guest

    No, the comments section is for people that lack the creativity to come up with their own material to feel like they actually have some sort of input for those who do.

  • SirHenryBatesAlot

    Here’s a mature comment ASSRAPE AND MINDFUCK, on that note maybe everyone should drop the hate, here we go … For the animation, against the animation, who cares?! I bet you don’t really care, I know I don’t.

  • SirCharlieWinsAlot

    Stop censoring me! What is this, ACTA and the FCC combined? Whatever happend to “free speech”, that you’re all so proud of?

  • SonOfPlinkett

    RedLetterMedia hasn’t actually reviewed a movie for exactly a month* today…. wtf guys. I need you guys to tell me what is and isn’t worth seeing.

    *(Dance Revolution review was about 2 seconds and we all already knew it was a hot PoS)

  • blah blah

    Half in the bag is good and got beytter with each episode.

    this is retarded. Not to say anything bad about the author (who took his free time to do this instead of getting drunk/stoned/watching some dumb sitcom – and thats awesome for him) but this is very very bad.

    animation is hard to do. maybe if he made a script and stoklasa made plinketts voice so we would have new lines … but now it just sucks.

    Something new does not mean something good ;P new star trek was good and copletely diffrient new star wars were completely diffrient but it sucked.get it?

  • questor

    did he ruin this too?

  • guest

    wow theres a bunch of tough-guy wannabies in this comments section

  • >_>

    Are you talking to yourself o.O ?

  • tFighterPilot

    Well, this was pretty terrible. (Am I allowed to say that?)

  • ObviousSayer

    The Half in the Bag season is over. This was clearly announced and written in bold on the last episode. What part of that don’t you mental midgets get??


    Agreed, please give up on the filler, it’s not funny, interesting, or delicious. In short, “no one cares”.

  • Bullfinger

    I think it’s hilarious, I’ve watched it 5 times now.

  • Mark Bisone

    And also, apparently, for douchebags with even less creativity to come and complain about those people.

  • metoo

    Well, this was not funny at all. I am very disappointed in you RedLetter guys.

  • ObviousSayer

    I prefer the Mel Gibson phone calls. They are pure gold

  • Turkey Braveheart

    So instead of working on a new review we got the same Christian Bale jokes we heard three years ago and got sick of two years ago? O.o

    I’m not mad I’m just baffled at their resistance to doing another Plinkett review.

  • imc440

    Guys, just do the Plinket reviews. Half in the Bag is good, but if we’re going to go from getting 3 or 4 Plinket reviews a year to 1 every 9 months, scrap it. We don’t care. You do a bunch of things pretty well, and one thing unbelievably well. Stay in your lane and focus on your one good thing. I don’t hate Half in the Bag, but I don’t want you wasting you’re time on it if it’s fucking up the thing I love.

  • JohnWaynman

    Actually, this stuff is really good – the Bale and Plinkett bits edited in a way that makes it fit, the “coincidence” that Bale sounded like the ending track of EpI at one point, digging up some of Plinkett’s more “obscure” lines and using them hilariously, etc.

    You may find it funny or not, but these cartoons are pretty darn clever.

  • JohnWaynman

    Do it!

  • JohnWaynman

    “The general reaction here so far seems closer to my own.”

    So objections mean nothing, but the majority agreeing with you does?

    No, these cartoons are neither of those – the animation itself isn’t that amazing, although amusing, but they make very clever use of Plinkett soundbytes and put them in a new context.
    Those aren’t just the “59 minutes” and “Ricks” but some of the more obscure quotes that one would have to spent quite an amount of time on selecting and putting together.

    This fan art is as “parasitic” as a video review, 5 second movie or youtube poop is of its source movie.
    People having fun with given material, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but only devout fanboys would be offended enough to call it “parasitic”.

    This sentence here:
    “Listen to the comments here; these are all people who are rooting for you and want to see you do well.”
    is typical of the “wrong kind of fan”, the kind of fan who has an inflated sense of self-worth as a fan or supporter of their “idol”, wants them to go HIS way, and attempts to use his “fandom” as some kind of leverage.

    This fan knows what’s “best” for you, he just wants you to fare well! After all, it would be so unfortunate if people would start leaving your site all of a sudden, right? Just do what the fan asks, he’s your friend, bro!

    This kind of mentality just pisses me off. I see it with TGWTG, like “Spoony should put up more quality videos for me to watch for free, or he might not do this well (ironic aneurism moment!)… it’s really disrespectful to his FANS to just post stupid blogs or whatever, that might damage his views… just sayin”, and now here.

    RLM have been putting up videos for years before the reviews made them famous, and each of them, the incoherent absurdist schlock they are, literally screams out “I don’t care what you think about this travesty; we were high, you can fuck off now” at the viewer.

    And right after they twittered that idiotic complaint about the last HitB and how they “disappointed their fanbase” with this “inferior review”, here comes you and all the other idiots crying about how putting up a few fan videos will ruin it all.

    You are all idiots, and that’s all there is to say about it.

  • Mark Bisone


  • Miles Koehler

    This one is my least favorite of these fan cartoons, though it is still okay. I think the others are actually fantastic. I hope that anyone who wasn’t wowed by this takes the time to check out at least one of the older ones before condemning the series.

  • JohnWaynman

    Ah, and here comes the obligatory “remember Lucas? don’t be Lucas now! I’m the voice of reason for you that you might find useful! remember you bashed Lucas, right?” bullshit.

    If you get a fine look at most of the stuff RLM’s put up (aside from the reviews, but even them), I think it’s pretty obvious from the, uh, “style” of it, that the people that made it did it for shits and giggles and didn’t give a flying fuck about who’d like it, or asking people to keep them in check if they get too silly.

    First of all, even when it comes to Lucas, what he was criticized for was not taking advice for his MOVIE, like HE DID IN THE 80s.
    No one cares about him doing funny stuff with Family Guy, Robot Chicken, or generally allowing people to go nuts with his Star Wars.

    The equivalent of that would be RLM fucking up the Plinkett reviews after it’s had such an excellent track record; the stuff they do on the sidelines, the stupid (=awesome) advertisement videos or putting up fan videos, is Lucas doing Lego bullshit, it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t ruin anything.

    Secondly, with Lucas it was a specific case of him continuing an iconic and successful movie series, that became so due to collaboration with other minds, and doing it as a wannabe auteur with clearly not enough talent for that.
    It’s basically “you did so well back when you had advisors, why can’t you do this again now?”

    The prequels weren’t some kind of indie experimentation, and neither were they an original auteur work – had it been either, no one would’ve cried, because guess what, some guy tried whatever, and whatever, next one, or maybe it was fun for what it was.
    They were a project that should’ve been approached with some responsibility (at least for those who would’ve liked to see good new SW films), and that alledgedly and apparently had some lofty, pretentious meaning to the makers themselves – they, including Lucas, were going all like “omg new Star Wars, biggest thing since ever, it’s my saga and my vision” and all, so maybe should’ve tried to do what was best for the movies like last time, you know?

    With RLM, they ARE an indie bunch of guys on the internet doing stuff for fun, and viewing any of their short movies will confirm this.
    Their movies aren’t big cinema or great art, they’re not continuing some great heroic spiritual saga, that shit about no-men doesn’t apply here.

    You’re a pretentious, entitled fanboy who can’t think on his own feet for one second.

  • JohnWaynman

    It’s not like you would understand any of those simple thoughts anyway – that post wasn’t for you to read.

  • JohnWaynman

    “but if we’re going to go from getting 3 or 4 Plinket reviews a year to 1 every 9 months, scrap it. We don’t care”

    What is it about fan videos that brings out the worst of entitled, fickle pseudo-fans to come and leave a bunch of stupid, whiny posts on the comment section?

    Our Important Appreciator, you sincere Fan, wants his free Plinkett reviews 4 times a year, you see. Anything below that, a waste of my precious time.
    I suppose if you don’t watch the review when it comes out after 9 months (although you did watch the first one you watched after… waiting your whole life), you didn’t care much in the first place.

    Someone who makes statements like this just wants to feel important as a fan and supporter of something – receive the “deserved” “respect” by getting treated regular free entertainment, and get to act as an “advisor” for the talents that may need a rational guiding hand.

    I don’t know why anyone ever should want to take your shallow, meaningless opinion into account.

  • JohnWaynman

    And the next comment, and even worse entitled fan whine!

    First of all, this is a FAN VIDEO, it’s been around for months and now has just been put on this site.
    Second, they’ve been announcing new Plinkett reviews for months now, that’s not what I call “resistance”. If they resisted, it would mean they don’t feel like doing one, which is nothing anyone ever should be “baffled” about.

    But I know where you’re coming from – you’re sitting there in your home, having got used to receiving new free entertainment, and want them to make more of it; that it may be up to those producing this content whether they want to continue it, doesn’t even cross your mind.

    It’s depressing to see how many RLM fans are these obnoxious, primitive, fickle nitwits. But not surprising in the least.

    I may have preferred to see another Plinkett review instead of a series of cartoons I’ve seen already, too, but it doesn’t even cross my mind to go on this page and start whining about it.
    It’s amazing how much more immature and oblivious people can get than myself.

  • JohnWaynman

    Free speech doesn’t apply to internet forums or private companies, you stupid fuck.

  • JohnWaynman

    “This is actually useful for people creating content,”
    Only when the criticisms are constructive and insightful, and not the shallow, fickle whining seen on here.

    If you think the empty bullshit you’re posting is of any use to anyone, you have a fantastically inflated sense of self-worth.
    Maybe should’ve read my “tldr” post if you’re open for “criticism”, that one actually contains 1000 times more useful content than anything you’ll ever write.

  • JohnWaynman


  • JohnWaynman

    I actually thought the animation is forgettable and is only saved by the clever “storyline”… at least in this case. meh, whatever.

  • JohnWaynman

    “and here’s a preemptive “No” to the inevitable fanboy neckbeard who will tell me something e about free entertainment.”
    Since that neckbeard fanboy would be completely right, your no is ineffective.

    It’s free entertainment, and you’re acting like a fickle paying customer who’s even too obnoxious for that context.
    You also obviously care more about instant gratification rather than the review having sufficient quality, because why would someone continue working on a project instead of just finishing it already??

    Idiot. IDIOT.

  • ObviousSayer

    Man you’re a long-winded blowhard

    Also, who died and appointed you the stick-up-for-RLM police?? Were you a hall monitor in grade school also?

  • JohnWaynman

    Hey, if you think I was wrong to attack that self-entitled jackass up there, at least be honest about it and show us what a moron you really are.

    “Also, who died and appointed you the stick-up-for-RLM police??”
    I am and always was the stick-up-for-RLM police. It’s when *I* die that I’ll have to appoint someone to fill the spot.

  • ObviousSayer

    LOL. Good response

    I actually agree with you – but you could have been more succinct and just told those entitled idiots to stop whining about free content

  • JohnWaynman

    Ah, well, every other response is pretty much that, and I guess where would the fun of that be πŸ˜‰

  • JohnWaynman

    They ruined everything!

  • guest

    JohnWaynman is my new hero. Way to stick it to entitled dipshits, sir.

  • guest

    “No one cares.”

    Oh, it’s good to know that you’re a mind reader and can speak for ever single person that comes to this site.

    Seriously, where are all these self-entitled douche bags coming from? They’re going to ruin a fun website.


    I hope you sent a bitch mail to RLM as well – after all, that was a direct Plinkett quotation! Besides, the only thing that’s going to ruin this website is shitty content. Put out enough of it and people stop caring. Well, maybe the drooling idiots and fanboys will keep on coming back (i.e. you).

    Also, the fact that a large proportion of this website is dedicated to critiquing media makes your comment all the more ironic, or should I say moronic?

  • JohnWaynman

    “Besides, the only thing that’s going to ruin this website is shitty content. Put out enough of it and people stop caring.”
    So if there’s not enough of it the same people will love it?

  • fuck you

    You’re a faggot

  • This is the funniest of all the animations, and a great start. A great begining to something that will improve over time!

  • justforthehellofit

    Scolding whiny shitheads puts you just a little bit above them,because there’s nothing worse than someone who thinks he or she is better than the rest of us self entitled assholes.Best approach is to ignore it or even better sip your beverage and laugh laugh laugh.It’s all so pleasantly hilarious and silly.

  • too long

    Geez dude ,I tried reading your comment but lost interest half way through.Make em shorter,maybe you’ll get your point across.Remember,we are all a bunch of idiots here who want ot be entertained for free.

  • blah blah blah blah

    I just love when people treat the comment section as their personal blog site.

  • you don’t get it

    Here’s a dollar .Go buy yourself a sense of humor.

  • yawn

    Let me just say ghtz dshfzhre djhfwhbf dshdh ajhfbhfbdhcbdehfdkjndgh dhfgdzhbfzdfb dhfzdg shdbshdbvsh dhsfbdhsfdhs shhujjiqiw kdeuhfe jhwegw jhszhqwudhqiu uwjdhwudh zhwsdgezwdgezwhuwd uwdhwuh whdgwzdgzw whdguwdguw
    AND ANOTHER THING dhfzdgf hgfzdgf uhuh dszgdzu oowpqwpq jhshd i jhuh ujdhdhw iujiqfhpegfhWA HUIFJHIE B iojfie iejiejf jefhiejhf ujefjehfeuh uhefheufh jhefheuh uefhehf uhfeheifh uefhue ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME uirgfhure ujfhe uefgbefu fguegfeu uefeuihfe uhegfuehgf uefhuiehfe uefhuefhe ect ect
    I AM SMARTER AND BETTER THAN YOU gnruibvr defghrv dfigruighri dfiwiowo owjdfjgfh iofgjfj rirngnfjnb ect ect ect.

    That’s about how you comments look to the most of us.Boring drivel.

  • HerpDerp

    And also ,apparently ,for douchebags with even less creativity to come and complain about people with less creativity than creator of the video being complained about complaining about those people which coplain…wait ,I am lost.What are we talking about?.

  • asshole

    Hey, asshole….they’re making another Plinkett review right now. That’s probably why there’s no HITB for a few months. Personally, I’d rather HITB every week and no more Plinkett reviews because they started to suck.

  • HerpDerp

    “If you think the empty bullshit you’re posting is of any use to anyone, you have a fantastically inflated sense of self-worth.”
    Oh teh irony,teh sweet ,sweet irony.

  • cat

    Ya know, most of his videos are better than this? This is the worst one, and i’m surprised they put it on here. I was subscribed to this guy way before he got featured, I wish he could have stayed on Youtube.

  • _


  • anger

    He may be an idiot but you are definitely a self righteous prick.

  • _

    “I don’t know why anyone ever should want to take your shallow, meaningless opinion into account.”
    Read your posts.
    The same applies.

  • SonOfPlinkett

    that sucks cause everything else they do besides HitB blows. You also blow and the “end of the season” was clearly not announced and written in bold sufficiently because I watch all their videos and didn’t notice it. End of the season… get bent.

  • SonOfPlinkett

    btw, you sound like a huge dickhead and your opinions are worse than the whiners because yours aren’t even funny. White Knight of RLM

  • JohnWaynman

    “because there’s nothing worse than someone who thinks he or she is better than the rest of us self entitled assholes.”

    Wait, what? If there’s nothing worse than someone like that, how can they be “a little bit above” anyone else? Especially the guys they THINK they’re better than?

    You need a nother rewrite.

  • JohnWaynman

    Blog posts can be short, forum comments can be long. You’re a doofus.

  • JohnWaynman

    Except my posts are neither shallow nor meaningless, because they’re based on common sense, which can’t be said for the fickle asshole fans I was replying to.

    Lame comeback is lame.

  • JohnWaynman

    The whiners’ opinions are only unintentionally funny, i.e. funny for being BAD.
    NOT being unintentionally funny, i.e. NOT being bad, thus makes one BETTER than those that ARE bad.

    But you obviously can’t tell that apart.

  • ObviousSayer

    Well – you are a confirmed fucktard then. The words Season Finale were right on the video – the video that you had to click on to watch it – in giant bold white letters

    I’d say get your eyes checked – but I think the problem is with your pea brain

  • Mark Bisone

    Get your finger out of my ass wallet!

  • asshole

    Hey, assholes, I come here for the free entertainment which I am full entitled to and don’t expect to have to put up with items I don’t find funny! Get your shit together, mofos!

  • blip

    stop ruining things

  • TrollEater

    Ever since the TPM review became a meem these guys have been giving us TONS of free content on a regular basis, Half in the Bag, Gamestation, the other Plinket reviews, the short films, the Plinket commentaries, Pabst Blue Ribbon commercials, Pinket teasers,etc. what do you want Mike to come to your house and narrate your everyday life in Plinkets voice 24-7? That would be pretty cool actually. Mike get over here now! .. Shut the hell up ungreatful trolls.

  • You’re right and you know who’s worse than the person who scolds whiny shitheads?
    The person who tells the scolders to just ignore them (AKA you @a9ac52f722053c3743523c17c73c07ae:disqus) on your stupid high horse thinking you’re betting than everyone because you comment on people to rant at them for scolding people or whine about videos online.
    And you know who’s worse than ALL of you, that one guy, who has the ghoul to insult the guy, who comments on the person, who scolds the hater. And that’s ME!
    That’s right I’m top of the food chain baby, suck on my giant man meat!*

    *disclaimer: may not be giant or particularly manly.

  • one-eye trouser cake

    I thought it was short and fun. Like a Russian circus midget.

  • girltroll

    That was the worst howitshouldhaveended fan video I ever saw.
    Batman nerd rage? Yeah, real funny… if you’re retarded or something.
    Just because the creator of this is some fan of yours doesn’t mean you should put it up on your website, you dumb dorks. There’s better ways of indirectly announcing a new review: like an icon drawing of plinkett followed with an audio of drunk mummbling – a hundred times more tastefull than this garbage!
    You need to stick to a certain style. If you keep showing as many crap as you can put on a website, you will loose the “tone” it will soon look like a clusterfuck! (now where did I get that from?)
    Everyone can feel that this was not redlettermedia style of humor, but some silly fan of yours… Stick to your own style and maybe just get this guy to do the animation, not the jokes! They suck.

  • Miguel

    I liked it. Fuck the haters. Cheers. Miguel

  • sage

    Your self importance will be the death of you.
    You take things way too seriously.
    I foresee a stroke or a heart attack in your future.

  • sage

    You are missing the point.

  • srsly

    My favorite part was when Mike and Jay decided to stop posting 2 minute teaser videos and just outsource site material from fanboys. Bravo, Sirs. Bravo.

  • masterxak

    you’re wrong. now I’m above you. W00T.

  • Tits McGee

    You’re all d-bags. Especially the ones “White-Knighting” RLM’s lack of content production. I’m sure there’s a girl out there who could be friend zoning you this very moment. Go! Get thee gone to thine friend zone!

  • nobody

    It was not for anybody to read.It was for your overinflated sense of self importance.You don’t matter .At all.Neither do I.And I don’t care.

  • nobody

    Yes it does you twat.

  • asshole

    Hey, assholes….what’s the next load of garbage we are going to have to put up with…….streaming of “Gabe The Cupid Dog”?

  • JohnWaynman

    Suspiciously many people here mistaking the general, by-the-books idiot bashing for some kind of woolly “white knighting” πŸ™‚

    I don’t care how shitty and empty their content is – you can criticize it all you want, but if you do that with this arrogant “I don’t like, take this off – I’m your voice of reason, I’m here to save your business!”, you’re gonna come off like a complete buffoon.
    If you like that, then hey, fine.

    By the way, this is not a “lack of content production”, it’s a FAN VIDEO COLLECTION. It’s gone from being on their youtube favorites list to having a section on this site, and nothing’s changed because of that.

  • JohnWaynman

    I’d buy that for a dollar!

  • asdfjkl

    Well, there’s a stroke or heart attack in a lot of people’s futures

  • JohnWaynman

    Overinflated sense of common sense, not importance.

  • JohnWaynman

    The Bale rant is a fun piece of testosterone douchery – he’s being a diva on set and says half of it in his theatralic movie accent.
    Gibson, on the other hand, is a creepy asshole, it’s just not in the same ball park i think.

  • not-so-self-important-anus

    No,overinflated sense of self importance,because you need to tell everybody how much smarter you are than the rest of us,you need to havve the last say.
    If you answer my comment you will prove me right.
    Maybe you are just insecure and full of doubts,hence you have something to prove to the world.but one thing is sure.You lack a sense of humor,which is usually the case with self important anuses.

  • I did like the reference to “BORT”… heh heh, well done sirs.

  • SmartReply

    NO. YOU’RE A DOOFUS! – See. That was short and catchy, wasn’t it.
    So, now to my actual comment in memory of John-wrap-things-up-Waynman:
    Book 1 – Chapter 1:
    Call me Ishmael. Long have I dwelled in such places as these and became witness of comments, much inferior to my opinions, which I am now about to share with you in great detail. Behold! You suck.. ass, ass, ass… doofus, doofus. Your mother…
    (continues in next issue)

  • WaynmanKilljohnwaynman

    Please share more of your insightful information about the creating of this cartoon. Was the artist really tempted to use Gibsons rant but gave up later after he deducted that, and here I quote, “Gibson is a creepy asshole, while Bale was a diva on set. That really isn’t in the same ball park.” I guess it must have been so.

  • adsf

    Next video will be “Plinkett shits on your face”. The title says it all. It will literally be Plinkett shitting on your face or live streaming a viewing of a viewing of Troll 2.

  • I agree

    You sir win the internets.

  • I think Jay is hot. I wish I lived near him. We could hookup and make use of a few… toys…

  • asdfjkl

    And let me guess. You’re actually a 600 pound guy

  • JohnWaynman

    “If you answer my comment you will prove me right.”
    Aside from how hilarious this sentence is – replying to half of the posts on a page may reek of self-importance, responding to one post when you’re already involved in a dialogue does not.

    “because you need to tell everybody how much smarter you are than the rest of us”
    If you are one of those entitled whining frogs, then yea, I am smarter than you, and it’s damn important for you to profit from that.

    “Maybe you are just insecure and full of doubts”
    Doubts about what? About you bunch being a bunch of toads? Yea, no – no doubts.

    “something to prove to the world”
    Yea, the microcosm of this page is sure “the world”.
    Sounding just a little bit pretentious for a topic like this?

    “You lack a sense of humor”
    What “sense of humor”? If you mean deriving fun from stupid idiotic posts like your own, I sure do – by responding to them in full.
    Other than that, I don’t see what “humor” I’m supposed to “sense” here, given how the critics here are some of the most fickle, self-serious penguins you can encounter on a comedy page.

  • JohnWaynman

    Wait, no, you didn’t just say that out loud, did you?

    Free speech means the state won’t punish or persecute you for saying what you think.
    Someone’s own webspace you decide to post on isn’t the state; someone’s private party or club isn’t the state; a company you’ve entered a contract with that includes saying and not saying certain things, isn’t the state.

    All of these places have one thing in common – you can easily get the fuck out of them and still be a full member of the country with all the privileges in tact.
    Setting up arbitrary rules for your webspace comes with having “freedom”.

  • JohnWaynman

    I’m saying using the Gibson rant would’ve had an entirely different effect, and would’ve caused this cartoon to pummel straight down the hole of “edgy dark humor”, which this one clearly isn’t.

    That’s a fact – imagine the Gibson rant in place of this, and you won’t be able to argue.
    If the creator of this cartoon had used Gibson while thinking it would come off as harmless fun, he’d be a doofus.

    As for your bullshit about “insightful information”, I honestly couldn’t give a wet crap about it, as you seem like some kind of idiot.

  • JohnWaynman

    IDIOT. I’ve literally got no words to express just how retarded this post is.

  • JohnWaynman

    Why do you idiots keep concluding that this was definitely supposed to be a “teaser for the next Plinkett review”? Seems they’ve done enough of that already, in teaser videos very similar to what you’re describing.

    This seems to be an independent update just like all the HitB videos with Plinkett in them.

    “Just because the creator of this is some fan of yours doesn’t mean you should put it up on your website, you dumb dorks.”
    They said they put it on because they LIKED IT, and because they’re planning future COLLABORATIONS WITH THAT FAN.

    “You need to stick to a certain style. If you keep showing as many crap as you can put on a website, you will loose the “tone” it will soon look like a clusterfuck! (now where did I get that from?)”
    Another “don’t be Lucas” attempt, and fails just as miserably – a website doesn’t have to stick to a certain style, only a single MOVIE (that doesn’t have enough subversive skill). If you’ve watched your RLM videos, they’ve been as tonally different from each other in tone as it gets, and that for years.

    I heard Spielberg directed horror movies AND cute children’s movies, what a fraud!

    “Everyone can feel that this was not redlettermedia style of humor”
    Maybe because it wasn’t.

  • JohnWaynman

    “Behold! You suck.. ass, ass, ass… doofus, doofus. Your mother…”
    I’ve tried to look at this “parody” from every angle imagineable – the “it’s funny because your posts weren’t actually like that”, the slightly stupider “it’s funny because that’s exactly what you said”, the “it’s funny cos ass ass mother”, the “you might as well have said that and it wouldn’t have been much less useful”, the “my post is so bad and random, it’s funny”, the “just lightening the mood”, the “epic prose ending in an anti-climactic let down” etc., and all I keep seeing is a drooling fat face.

    Help me along?

  • guest

    i agree, a novel idea that really didnt come together.

  • That’s a good Christian Bale voice.

  • George Superman

    Ok, I like it
    (standing up and drinking my coffe)

  • george Superman

    Also Id like to point out its kind of like poetry ’cause it rhymes

  • 1234

    We have to make animated plinkett work …. because hes funnier that anything we had in oryginal series

  • fag

    you havent posted a real half in the bag episode in over a month… cmon guys really

  • asdfjkl

    yeah, Christian Bale does a good Christian Bale voice

  • JohnWaynman

    Well, you ARE being entertained for free, after all I don’t charge you for reading my entire post, do I.

  • 1234

    they just ended a season, Im betting theyll make another one in a month or two after plinkett reviews

  • Robby

    It’s the first time we see him with that little lazersword of his…

  • Robby

    I hate this, cause I don’t like things that are different.

  • keepitgoin’

    It’s gonna be great.

  • keepitgoin’

    Hah!You presume your posts are entertaining.At least thats what it looks like.

  • keepitgoin’

    And with your post you just proved not-so-self-important-anus is right.

  • blip

    “nods sceptically”

  • asshole

    Fuck you, Rick Berman!

  • 2moar

    Posting just to push the count of comments to 200.We can do it!

  • JohnWaynmanforpresident

    Somebody needs to kick JohnWaynmans ass to teach him some humility.If he had humility he would be perfect human being.As it is he is just an asshole.He is much worse than the whiners.

  • Audiblesigh

    So these are going to start counting as the one video we get every 2-3 weeks?

  • guest

    Yeah they should really start cranking out multiple videos a week. I’m sure the quality of the final product won’t suffer at all.

  • asdfjkl

    What you’re saying is you’d secretly like to blow John Wayneman

  • JohnWaynmanforpresident

    Yes.Blow him….. up.With dynamite.

  • Audiblesigh

    Careful, your neckbeard is showing

  • guest

    Poor insults are no substitute for reasonable, logical responses. You’re complaining about the fact that they don’t make more videos, but I can guarantee that if they did make more videos, you’d be complaining that they’re rushed and aren’t as good anymore.

  • Moarneckbeardstuff

    Reasonable logical responses are such a bore.
    Also,anyone taking any of these comments seriously really needs to take that stick out of their self centered ass crack.

  • Moarneckbeardstuff

    You “are an authority” on “darn clever”.

  • JohnWaynman

    When you post an idiotic whining comment, and then respond with the tritest possible cliches that can be found in the obvious answer bag, you’re not doing anything against “boredom”, and you don’t deserve the humorous reception of “not being taken seriously”.

    You’ll just come off as an idiot, and that’s it.

  • JohnWaynman

    It’s you who’s out, Goblin!!

  • Leo Ladenson

    You may have gone too far in a few places.

  • Johnisawanker

    When you have to answer to every comment which suggests not to always apply logic and reason and whatever constitutes a smartypants reply and when you have to point out how much bettererer and bestester are you compared to the rest of commentators and you have to have the last say you come off as a wanker and that’s it.

  • Johnisawanker

    JohnWayman suffers from OCD.
    Just watch as he proves it when he can not have my comment stand without replying to it.
    He is also a wanker.
    That is all.

  • Goblin

    I find your racism towards goblins offensive.

  • yeah….it was kinda funny up until batman started speaking. then it just became retarted. batmans dialog was highly repetative to. he basically said the first thing over and over and over again. the first time was plenty. i am truly sorry i wasted the time to watch it

  • AgentCockRockington

    These are great. Weird, sure. A little rambling, y’up. But funny. Plus by posting them I get to hate humanity a little bit more with each new comment by some 7th grader who only recently stopped whining about how mean you were to the sequels and is now whining about how you don’t do more straight forward Plinkett reviews because, you know, HEY! I RECOGNIZE THAT!! THAT’S FAMILIAR!!!

  • JohnWaynman

    “you come off as a wanker”
    A wanker that could star in an hour long, unedited porn flick, to be more specific.

  • JohnWaynman


  • JohnWaynman

    “Make em shorter,maybe you’ll get your point across.Remember,we are all a bunch of idiots here who want ot be entertained for free.”
    No, that’s what this post implied.

  • 1234

    How about ‘plinkett and the attack of the gigant ants’ ?

    also Id love plinkett to be introduced in the next episode in a trunk of a car with another guy. that would be awesome.

  • OldUnkieAl

    The main thing is, he’s sharing the mystery science theater fellas.

  • meh

    It’s gonna be great!

  • meh

    I don’t know what’s worse,you not being able to let go and leave comments to your posts unanswered or me reading your answers and laughing about your inability to let it go AND commenting on your comment.
    You must be pretty annoying in person,cus’ it looks like you are one of those people who have to be always right and have to have the last say.Always.

  • meh

    Who likes watching a guy masturbating for an hour?

  • meh

    I bet you are a supporter of SOPA and PIPA.

  • Paul V

    Crow T. Robot has legs.

  • George Superman

    Its fun because batman cuts through plinkett like butter and hes pretty much usless !

  • JohnWaynman


  • Tha_Man

    Well, it seems that Christian Bale’s Terminator rant is a gift that keeps on giving

  • asfggdgfdgf

    christian bale raw audio joke #4008

  • NegaJoe

    Please make more episodes, these things are gold.

  • “What?”

    Maybe weird ones,but generally speaking no.

  • Anon


  • John McClain

    live free or troll hard

  • Nope. A brainy guy is hot to me.

  • And Where…is the Batman?

    R U Rick Berman? All of you are Rick Berman. Oh Jesus, where is my brain medicine?!

  • Private_Eyescream


    (From the MST3K episode “Teenagers from Outer Space”)

  • Private_Eyescream

    Honey, COLT MEDIA has made a regular OLD RELIABLE income from videos of really hot guys masturbating for an hour.

    And they’re not the only ones riding the Solo Jism Train to profit for the past 50 years.

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