Mr. Plinkett: The Animated Series – Complaining at the Post Office about the Price of Stamps

September 15, 2013163 Comments

Mr. Plinkett takes a trip to the post office and talks about his “friend” Charlie.

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  • Guest

    Cleopatra had a good room trashing scene, too.

    • Duckler

      Asp me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies… from the future of space.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        Asp? Like Asperger syndrome?

  • Zach

    The lack of content on this site for the last few months is really unbelievable. These animated shorts are garbage. Half in the bag and Best of the Worst are the only reason people visit this site and you know I’m right.

    • Gagarin

      They’re making a movie. They’re making a movie. They’re making a movie.

      • diehounderdoggen

        Not even Mike Stoklasa would call Space Cop a “movie”.

        • Gagarin

          Okay, ‘long form video’. (?)

          • Full of cummmm

            “bau chica wau wau” cummes to mind

        • cats are better than dogs

          He’d call it THE movie.

        • Mark Bisone


          • It’s gonna be great

            Poopie ?

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            “Half in the Baaaaag! Fuck moopies!”

            See what I did there? I took a new thing and related it to an old thing, kinda like pottery.

    • Gagarin

      And really you should be outside and enjoying summertime things instead of watching videos about movies.

    • AlanSmithee

      The fact that you would complain about the lack of FREE content that they are giving you is really unbelievable.

      • John

        Let’s not pretend they’re a nonprofit.

        • guest

          Nobody’s saying they are. That still doesn’t mean they’re required to make anything for this site.

          • Hot Potted

            Everyone here is right – marijuana should be legalized.

          • NWOtard

            Google “Manufacturing the Deadhead “

        • jerbuush

          Yeah, I’m sure they’re just rolling in money.

          What hacks, they should go to your house and suck you off for your loyalty

      • idiots, idiots everywhere

        Free? Are you that stupid? So the Donation button up there, as well as store, not to mention the avertisements are for shit and giggles? No wonder America is doomed when populated by your kind. Nothing that RLM makes is “free”.

        • Annabelle

          I watch everything they do and I’ve never given them any money.

    • diehounderdoggen

      News flash! Dateline alert!

      Scientists from the National Institute of Opinion Dynamics have just issued a revolutionary treatise on your opinion!The conclusion is that it’s shit! Here we see the proud men of science accepting the Nobel Prize in Opinions in Stockholm.

      [footage missing]

      In a dissenting statement, Assholes Anonymous founder and president Mike’s Flyover Cow Impersonation agrees with you completely, adding that they need to push out another Plinkett review!

      • intranetztard

        I get what you’re going for,but let’s just keep it simple.The poop and dick jokes will suffice.

    • Manioc

      I visit for Rich Evans Watches.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      I’m going to reply to you because it seems like a popular thing to do:


  • Aleph82

    Music by “A Word to the Wives”

    Throwing in my two cents: Red Letter Media should do a social guidance film wheel of the worst special. It just makes cents. Get it? eh, eh?

  • RLM Fanboy

    I know you hacks are busy not releasing the next Plinkett review, but can you get back to not releasing the next Half in the Bag or Best of the Worst, oh wait…

    • Duckler

      More Half of the Worst and Best in the Bag .. Frack hogs!

  • John

    Dear RLM,

    There’s two things I want to see as content on this webzone. 1.) Actual Plinkett Reviews. and 2.) Half in the Bag episodes.

    Do wut I fuken want faget

  • Dickburger

    My heart rose when I saw RLM had an update…
    It sank when I saw it was this.

    • Paul Woodcock

      you may want to seek out a medical person like a doctor because I don’t think your heart is normal.

  • XxSWfan92

    “Get off your lazy fucking ass and give us what we want you fat homo. No one cares about Plinkett Cartoons.”

    • I do


  • Sir Breckenridge

    For everyone shitting on RLM for laziness, stop (by the way, I acknowledge the sarcastic ones). They’re busy making a movie right now so they are clearly busy. Their years of quality work should satisfy you enough for now, don’t get greedy. Let them do their thing and be quiet. They’ll be back pumping out some new vids soon enough. I’m sure SpaceCop will be worth the wait alone. These fucking frauds have never let us down before, so I don’t expect them to now.

    • Palpatine

      “These fucking frauds have never let us down before”


    • U r gay

      I’m too lazy to sign up to down vote your post, but you are a phaggot.

    • u r gaaay

      I’m too lazy to sign up to down vote your comment. But srsly, u r a phaggot.

      Oh, and don’t delete my comment again. Dill holes.

  • ThomasHFoolery

    I’d rather watch the entire hour of Jason Voorhees beating that girl into a tree than another one of these.

    • 50 Shades of Sasha Grey

      I’d rather let Jason Voorhees smack me into a tree for an hour than endure another one of these.

  • Percy Gryce

    Why can’t all you complainers just accept that Plinkett hung out and did acid with Charlie Manson and Charlie Chaplin and Charlie Brown and Charlie Pace and Charlie Sheen in the ’60s?

    The Animated Series is canon. So suck it, all you fanboys.

    • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

      Yeah yeah,

      But is Plinkett part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the X-Men Film Universe?

      Will Plinkett have to stop building Sentinels in the 80′s or does he have to help a drunk Tony Stark fight Ultron? How will Fox and Marvel/Disney deal with this canon fuck up?

      • Allan Bøgeskov Jensen


        • Annabelle

          Ignore everything he posts, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress.

      • _

        Don’t tempt me.

        I just might “meme you” with “Dear Jay and Mike, and the entire Red Letter Media crew” copy/paste reply.

    • William Shakesman

      In the animated series Plinkett is walking.

      Where’s the wheel chair!? How did he get his leg back!?


      • Percy Gryce

        Alternate timeline.

      • Percy Gryce

        It was explained more in the novelization.

  • Dan Kojak

    RLM isn’t taking time out of their week to make these, it’s fan animation they’re just rehosting. Besides, their Twitter feed claims, “Also, a new Best of the Worst is coming later this week!”

    Maybe they’ll fill up the wheel with nine copies of Shoji Tabuchi just to give the people what they want.

    • Manioc

      I think, deep down, I don’t actually want to see Mr. Shoji Tabuchi. I… I just love him as a concept!

    • get off my lawn

      Only pedos use Twitter.

    • Cameron Vale

      I feel like there should be a rule, that any time three highly coveted movies are on the wheel (doesn’t matter by whom), they forgo the wheel-spin and just take down those three for an episode. Call it Wheel Of The Worst Blowout or something like that.

      • Percy Gryce

        Less “blowout” and more like “throw up.”

        But I’m with you: Dancing Grannies: Mature Fitness for Beginners, Tree Stand Safety, and The Shoji Tabuchi Show, volume 3.

        That’ll be like those special Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups I used to buy back in the day with the three great tastes that go great together: peanut butter, chocolate, and hashish.

        • Cameron Vale

          Who’s clamoring for Dancin’ Grannies Mature Fitness?

          • Percy Gryce

            Well, uh, no one in particular. But, you know, I’ve heard rumors that, uh, some of RLM’s more senior fans might like a little eye candy. Or so I’ve heard.

  • Percy Gryce

    I, for one, enjoy Mr. Plinkett The Animated Series. In fact, it’s easily among my top ten features on RLM.

  • Duckler

    Animated Plinkett is better than AIDS and 9/11 all rolled into one.

    • Billy Connolly

      Don’t forget prostate cancer! It’s definitely better than prostate cancer!

    • Elmo Roper

      Having studied the results of a recent online opinion-poll, I can confirm that animated Plinkett’s popularity rating comes just between that of Justin Bieber and septic anal fissure.

  • Joe

    What this animated series needs is punch lines!

    • Duckler

      And by “punch lines”, I assume you mean Rich Evans dressed as George Lucas assaulting everyone waiting for admission to a JJ Abrams, Star Wars press junket?

  • david bailey

    Please focus on other things!

    • no name

      Well, the thing is that this animated flick is just a typical filler. They don’t have to “focus” on it as it is made by a fan of theirs. As for this show… It is better than in the beginning, but still, needs work.

  • Frank Miller

    Shaun, have you considered creating a full-length Plinkett animated feature instead of making these shorter ones every month? As much as RLM fans love your contributions, I feel that I can speak for everyone when I say we would be prepared live without our monthly fix for as many as 3 or 4 years if it means we get something worthwhile and exciting to view eventually. With a little bit of planning it may even coincide with the release of the next episode of HITB!

    • bb-15

      Frank; you don’t speak for me. I enjoy the animated series.

      • Batflek

        “I want you to remember, bb-15, in all the years to come… In your most
        private moments, I want you to remember that I speak for EVERYONE, I want you to
        remember we ALL love the work of Shaun the animator!

        • David Choe

          I don’t. It’s a load of shit!

    • whip

      He can take 10+ years at the project as far as I’m concerned. Hell, make it his life project. Save us anymore of it till it’s done. That sounds great.

    • Meester Smeeth

      Would the audio be constructed from old Plinkett reviews, samples from old radio shows and whatnot or would it be all new recorded voice stuff and samples from old radio shows and whatnot?
      If Mike, Jay and Rich ever get a little time to do it I reckon a full-on collaboration with Shaun the animator would be tits. The tits. Thee tits. Or whack. Whatever means good.

  • bb-15

    A Post Office with Rolling Stone issues about mass murderers (like the real cover of the Boston terrorist) including Vlad the Impaler.
    The plant that isn’t suppossed to be mailed;
    The costumed crime fighter customer;

    The dream was weird but that’s typical.
    Keep the episodes coming.

  • Alex Mac Dougall


  • Cameron Vale

    I’ve seen so many variations on the joke of different Beatles songs obsessed over by killers in lieu of Helter Skelter, but it gets me every time for some reason.

    • guest

      then someone farts.

  • playdude92 .


  • Dick Jones

    I had to kill Bob Morton because he made a mistake. Now it’s time to erase that mistake!

    • Duckler

      This is some reference I do not understand, but I will defend your right to make it with my life.. as much as I know that Pod 6 are jerks.

      • Meester Smeeth

        What is a Pod 6? (I mean other than a jerks)

      • Bub

        Looks like someone has a case of the evil-plan-tourettes.

      • Joe Syxpac

        That is just one of the reasons why you’ll stay human and die in the first wave.

  • tim

    You frauds better post some HIB or something! Star wars movies seem to come out more often than Plinkett reviews!

    • Meester Smeeth

      That’s an eggzhatchermation and you know it.

    • Duckler

      And that is a bad thing?

      Eep. Sarcasm fail due to over-sarcasm. Blame the internet.

    • milky_cereal

      Hey, that sounds like poetry.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Where’s the new shogi tabooki?

  • Whocares

    That was by far the best MPTAS-CATPOATPOS Episode, yet.
    The ending had me seeing it.

    • Guest

      Dang, that nearly spells MASHED POTATOES.

      If only…

  • Art Vandelay

    So when’s the next Plinkett review?

  • Jimmy Hoffa

    We should go on strike!

    • Percy Gryce

      You remember how that ended up for you?

  • ac1d

    When is the next nothing. Fuck off RLM.

  • dgfdgfdf
    • dgfdgfdf

      <—–Children watching the greatest animated series ever!

    • Uncle Paul


  • Rick_Berman

    Random girl dancing in the post office, Is that some kind of reference?

    • utguity

      fuck you rick berman

      • Cameron Vale

        what is it with ricks, etc

      • Guest

        wow didn’t see that coming

      • Real Quantum

        What is it with Ricks?


        ok, Cameron Vale beat me to it :)

    • Johnny Two Melons

      It’s like poetry, they rhyme.

  • Wasperheimer

    Was that Green Duck from The Man Called Flintstone at end of the line? Thanks for the whiff of nostalgia then.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    ……..Never thought I’d be so pleased to see the fucking “Care Boars”!

  • Klugscheisser

    Despite the common english pronounciation of the name Heinrich, it is not a case of ‘what is it with ricks’, hence not Heinrick, but Heinrich.

    BTW. it is also not pronounced Hein-Rich Evans.


      The German ‘ich’ is pronounced as a hard ‘k’.

      • Klugscheisser

        Except, that it is not. If you live in Berlin you might say ‘icke’ (say ‘ick’ like lick and pronounce the last ‘e’ as in bed or an ‘a’ like in hat), instead of ‘ich’, but for the ‘ch’ sound… well, that one just doesn’t exist in english.

  • The Summer of George

    God, I LOVE Mr. Plinkett: The Animated Series!!!
    …are words that will never be spoken by anyone ever.

  • NWO Chemtrails O.o

    Wait…are you trying to tell us Mr.Plinkett had an unfortunate encounter with a batch of really bad acid in the 60s?

    Is that why he has a schizophrenic personality as in sometimes he is played by Mike and sometimes by Rich ?

    Also :google MKULTRA and Jan Irvin.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    I haven’t rolled my eyes this much since my last exorcism.

  • Nick

    Plinkett’s brain is such a fine tuned machine….

  • splimis

    I hope Mike, Jay, and Rich are laughing heartily and frequently at all of your complaints.

    • 50 Shades of Sasha Grey

      Listen here guy, complaining about not getting enough free content is one thing, but we’re allowed to not like something that obviously sucks.

      • splimis

        I agree.

      • The Summer of George

        Over the years, I’ve donated cold, hard cash to RLM on multiple occasions. I’d say that earns me the right to complain about not getting enough “non-Mr. Plinket: The Animated Series” content.

        • The Soup Nazi

          Yeah rright. This was supposed to be the Summer of George.

          • The Summer of George

            Sorry but I don’t have time to read your reply at the moment, as I’m currently draped in velvet.

  • anamanaman

    They just make these Plinkett cartoons so they can make money on all the clickthroughs of the people complaining in the comments about these videos.

    • ThomasHFoolery

      They don’t these cartoons tho, it’s some Australian fan. Mike just does the voice acting.

      • Cameron Vale

        Not even, the guy just takes things Mike said in other videos out of context.

  • valdisfox

    I really liked the “Tumbleweeds of the American Midwest” stamps offered for sale, which is about as retarded as any other commemoratives issued these days. Next: “Popular Condiments,” Historical Pails and Buckets” and “Dead 5-Star Generals Volume 18.” Also, this series is slowly winning me over. xD

  • NihilistSlacker .

    Wait, I got the bearded guys on Rolling Stone Magazine thing until it got to Heinrich Himmler. Dude didn’t have a beard…did he? Naw. He had that weak ass faux Hitler stache that made him look like a wannabe.
    Everyone else had a beard though, so it was a 99% perfect sight gag.

    • NihilistSlacker .

      Wait. Upon closer inspection, they’re all Charles Manson (swastika head carvings). So, what was with the other people’s names? What was the joke? Do magazine racks usually advertise magazines they don’t have yet? What is going on here?

  • Superstar

    The funny part of these comments is Jay goes through them and deletes any that say he’s gay lol. Youre a quasicelebrity (emphasisi on the quasi). You need to learn to roll with the punches. See how long this one lasts.

    • Harvey Fierstein

      99% of comments mentioning the Wizard hipster, Beaker and Yoko are also deleted so this thread is completely fucked now!

      P.S. Is Jay really gay?? :oO

      • Rupert Everett

        I’m not saying anything but he is usually the one seen applying all the make-up on RLM movie projects……….

        • Zachary Quinto

          I can confirm that Jay Bauman is 100% heterosexual. This information comes from a good source…….his boyfriend told me!

          • Superstar

            Lol. I watch the videos and Jay seems like a cool guy but seeing how he runs stuff really shows he’s got another side to it him. Hopefully he someday gets laid and mellows out. With a chick! Don’t delete this a Jay.

          • Eric

            Is it true he closed the message board because people were calling him gay?

          • asd

            There are message boards?

          • Derrick Cryderman

            That doesn’t matter, all that matters is Jay’s sexuality and the questioning of it.

            Because I need to know if I can sleep with him or Rich Evans.

          • Bob Fudgepacker

            Let’s be serious for a minute…we need to establish facts. Is Jay known to be homosexual?

    • catnep

      Leave Jay alooonnne!!! (weeps)

  • Bryan M. White

    Why do people complain so much about these? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cartoon enrage so many people.

    • Ass

      Obviously you haven’t been to Youtube to hear manchildren talk about back when Cartoon Network plated “real cartoons.”

    • Tpen

      I think most people feel like I do every one these vids you thinks it going somewhere and then nothing. And your left scratching your head like wtf. Its basically jokes without punchlines

      • Bryan M. White

        Well, it’s just audio spliced together from the reviews. That seems to be the gag for the most part. Somehow I find that inherently funny.

        I can understand that some people might not find that funny, though. I get that. I just don’t understand the outrage. They’re fan made videos. It’s not even like it’s distracting the RLM guys from other projects.

    • SomeoneElseTookDude

      because those fat homos wont give us what we want.

  • Strongzor

    Wait till they get a loada me……..

    • Duckler

      No one wants your load.

  • Fake Plinkett

    I miss “Gamestation 2.0″!

  • Duckler

    Matt Taibbi aside, Rolling Stone hasn’t been a thing since they left Prince off of their 100 greatest guitarists list.

    • CalamityCorp

      I share your sentiments.

  • catnep

    The bright side: We’re 2:15 minutes closer to SpaceCop.

    • Dixie Jacobs

      Do you think “Spacecop” will be better than “The Grabowskis Season 4″?

  • FuckJayInTheAss

    No one gives a FUCK about SpaceCop or these atrocious animated Plinkett movies. Release new Half in the Bag and Plinkett reviews or fuck the hell off.

    • guest

      RLM just has the sweetest fans.

      • Bryan M. White

        Remember when they used to just demand Plinkett reviews with diskish self-entitlement? Now they demand Half in the Bag too. I guess that means the show has arrived ;D

  • Hugh G. Rection

    Stop wasting time with these… more HitB and BotW!!!

    • black goo

      If you knowingly watched something you don’t enjoy, then you’re the one wasting your time.

      There sure are a lot of entitled assholes in this comments section.

      • Real Quantum

        You said it.
        There sure are.

  • John Doe

    Wow it is true. Comments that indicate that Jay might be gay are getting deleted.
    Please, I don’t want to be deleted. I am 100% sure that Jay isn’t gay.
    All right, he has to take it in the ass by Stoklasa, here and there, but that is rather filed under ‘casual rapes at your workplace’.
    Though I’m pretty sure that Jay is a Nazi-Communist and has a granny fetish.

    Oh I’m sooo getting deleted…

    • Shaun The Animator

      Fuck you, that’s nothing! I got a post deleted for mentioning “Strongzor”!

      • Tom Hulce

        Hey, assholes……..there is a dude who said animated Plinkett is better than aids and 9/11 and that post was left but another dude who said animated Plinkett was about as popular as Bieber and septic anal fissure and it got removed! The only conclusion I can come to is that Jay (who is of course 100% heterosexual and has never even considered being a sausage jockey) has some bad memories concerning septic anal fissure?!!? :oO

  • Jason Doe

    Jay does look like Justin from Queer as Folk, but Mike looks like Ted.

  • : P

    0:20 – 0:37 this shot says everything we need to know without saying one word. in fact, this is so genius i have a feeling george lucas had nothing to do with it and probably fought against putting it in the movie

  • Joecugo

    First of all Jay is de

    • Percy Gryce

      . . . de bomb?

  • Joecugo

    First of all Jay is definitely not gay and this is a great video.

  • Rene Belloq 12 inch figure

    ugh, Mr. Plinkett should’ve stayed in first person. The fantasy is getting ruined.

  • V_Nysgjerrig

    The RLM forums seems to be down.

    It says “forum maintenance” and it has been like this for about a day now.

  • The Summer of George

    “Complaining At The Post Office About The Price Of Stamps”…
    Don’t bother, folks. There isn’t one single price-of-stamps complaint to be found.
    I demand a refund.

  • cobrazombie

    These animations are like George Lucas slapping ‘The Star Wars’ on a box on suppositories.

  • Rick McC

    Charles Manson was in Driveshaft?

  • snakes andert

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