Mr. Plinkett: Star Trek Into Reference

June 1, 20132,724 Comments

Mr. Plinkett noticed some similarities between JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek film and other Star Trek films.

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  • erique johnson

    Oh sweet – a plinket review. Too bad its so short :[

    • Paul Acevedo

      Definitely way too short. These newer ones are good, but only a shadow of the Star Wars prequel reviews.

  • Hey McFly

    “Batman and Robin” for next Plinkett review!

  • hairy_fedd

    Lets see a Plinkett Prometheus review

    • Alex

      1 million times this.

    • anal_sweat


  • Percy Gryce

    The best part of waking up is an instant Plinkett review in your cup.

  • tOmy`


  • Andrew Hawkins

    This bring up points I hadn’t even thought of. Everything is borrowed and stolen. STID is a plot thief!

  • Richard Head

    Fucking Prometheus.

  • Jack Clements「ジャック」

    The Matrix Trilogy

  • Andrew Hawkins


  • Saunterblugget

    That massive franchise flop Sahara would be a great subject, its even a sequel of sorts to Raise the Titanic!

  • Phil Detach

    The Matrix sequels


    Yeah the Matrix. And I do mean the 1st one which is a lot worse than people remember.

  • M Walker

    The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions please!

  • Lou Martofel

    I’ll be the first to say it….Dark Knight Rises. Loved the movie, but there was so much wrong with it.

    • raxo

      It does have its problems, but I do think its a decent movie despite them, I’m surprised he’s considering it (I think mike gave it a good review on HiTB?). It seems like there are so many other movies/trilogies that are legitimately bad(matrix sequels for example)

      • Lou Martofel

        Oh, definitely…but here’s the things with the Matrix sequels…there was really no where else to go once the reveal of the real world happened. The matrix should’ve been one movie that left you thinking. But, they planned a trilogy that would explain everything (including vampires and werewolves!). The trilogy is the story of Jesus, from the future, and it’s heavy handed in doing so. Sorry this is more of a ramble than a point.

        That being said, the reason I went with the Dark Knight Rises, is that I feel there’s a lot more comedy potential there as well as honest reviewing of the story.

  • Charles Freck

    transformers!!! all 3

  • passing guest

    review black monster dicks #2

    • MPJZ

      Yes! It deserves it for all of the plot holes and for retconning pretty much everything from black monster dicks #1.

      • Manioc

        Heh heh “plot holes”.

    • jack

      how about three men and a little lady?

  • Siggeplump

    Next review should be: Cop Out

    Why?: Well, I wasn’t too interested in it when Plinkett teased it in the Cop Dog review, but after seeing The Bunny Perspective’s review of it, I realized there is a lot of history and surrounding aspects of the making of the movie that would be quite interesting to hear Harry S comment on, like the career of Kevin Smith, his turn to being a stoner, Bruce Willis being a tired old paycheck playing asshole and all that good stuff. I’d be pretty genuinely excited about a review like that if it’s done objectively like the Titanic one instead of insta-slamming it like most people do.

    • Percy Gryce

      Good call. And there is a ton of behind-the-scenes info in Smith’s book Tough Shit, the audio book version of which Smith read himself while stoned.

      Given the couple of Kevin Smith references we have seen in Monsieur Plinkett’s oeuvre, a Cop Out review could be the start of a blood feud.

    • decora

      but the best part about plinkett is he ‘takes the piss’ out of cultural phenomenon that are a bit, how to say it,…. unanalyzed, and/or dont acknolwedge their own flaws. Smith makes fun of cop out, and himself, all the time. i dont know. maybe it could work.

      • Percy Gryce

        I’ve carefully analyzed Kevin Smith’s comments with a group of cheerleaders and his self-deprecation is all carefully calculated to forestall criticism by others. He constantly mentions his weight, so that no fat jokes can touch him. He claims he distributed Red State himself because it was a bold stylistic move, not because he couldn’t get commercial distribution. He says he gave up movies because he wants to express himself in other media–not because his commercial directing career was effectively over.

        He is a not untalented guy, but there is something wrong with him. In his last book, he graphically described fucking his wife for the first time with an open sore on his junk. WTF?!?

        • David herbert

          He’s been doing that for years. He told the story in his first ‘Evening With Kevin Smith’ special.

    • iiiis

      Yes for years now ever since Cop Dog you (RLM) have been making allusions to a forthcoming Kevin Smith review in your videos. I kind of expected you were planing on making one eventually based on you mentioning Cop Dog once randomly and then making full review of it.

      Kevin Smith, though not as successful, is very George Lucas like in that he has a bizarre personality and a loyal fan base/personality cult thats oblivious to his batshitness. His drug abuse of marijuana makes him very awkward (see his show Spoilers as a case in point) and yet he lacks complete self awareness of this. And in respect to his self deprecating humor- its so forced and calculated.

      And all this plays out and is reflected in the movies he makes, which I dont know maybe you like for their entertainment value or something but all I have to say is that the Kevin Smith brand is centered on him being the ‘Guy From New Jersey’ and Plinkett lives in New Jersey and as someone who lives there too I’d like to see this cherished son receive the public criticism he has not received.

    • Alex Lee

      And Tracy Morgan is like a real-life version of Jar Jar Binks, so Cop Out also has its own cartoon rabbit.

  • Avery

    next review should be FREEEEBIIIIIIRRRRDDDD

  • confused

    dat LOST ref

  • Akratus

    review Fallout 3.

  • Disgruntled employee

    Review the Matrix sequels, you hack!

  • Cactus Domus

    The Matrix triology.

  • April

    Matrix would be pretty good. and One Hour Photo..that was just awful and weird.

  • Grendelsan

    It’s time to review Hobo with a Shotgun. You’ve dicked around long enough.

    • Crafty

      That’s a movie that was intentionally made to be shitty, for fun. Plinkett reviewing Hobo with a Shotgun or Rubber would be like someone whistle blowing an article from The Onion.

      • Paul Schumann

        yeah it would be a waste even for the best of the worst crew to do it

  • Evan

    Lord of the Rings!

  • Les Zig

    Do a full review of Star Trek into Shitness.

  • Gigi

    Yeah, those two matrix sequels were pure garbage. I’d love to see a Prometheus review too but, you know, Mike and Jay seem to like it so who knows.

  • Ninjabread

    Matrix trilogy, LIKE THAT GUY SAID.

  • Mr Man

    Godzilla – The US remake .

  • m0r1arty

    Feckin’ Care Boars!!

    Review Nolan’s Batman trilogy you hack!!

  • Whatever

    The Dark Knight trilogy probably.

  • cocksaplenty

    Review the Matrix sequels; I love those movies, but Mr. Plinkett must review them.

    • Crafty

      Holy shit, you liked the sequels? You’re literally the second person i’ve ever encountered who enjoyed them, and the other was poor white trash.

      • WerbyDerby

        You’ve yet to meet my parents then

  • blau

    The Dark Knight Rises. It’s awfulness must be known.

    • cocksaplenty

      too bad Mike and Jay liked it.

      • cocksaplenty

        I forgot to add I loved that movie, too.

        • cuddles

          yeah so? dont mean plinkett wont review it. remember he called titanic one of the greatest movies ever made while also calling it one of the worst. if you’ve seen all the reviews youll notice he doesnt shit on every movie, he does “fair” reviews

  • Dan

    The Matrix Trilogy, without a doubt!

  • Ben Cheshire

    Star Wars The Clone Wars

    • Percy Gryce

      Another good call. With all the cartoon shittiness out there, there would be a huge caldron of crap to draw from.

  • rex

    Matrix trilogy!

  • Aleksandras Ševčenko


  • Jean

    matrix trilogy

  • Poo Eyes

    Alien Resurrection.

  • Ben Robson

    Godzilla (1998)

  • Antlergroin

    The Matrix trilogy or Prometheus.

    Or Birdemic.

  • Flo


    • Guest

      M. Night Shyyamalan’s entire post Unbreakable career.

  • No

    My Dinner with Andre is the worst movie ever made. So many continuity errors and plot holes,

  • Ain

    Transformers please :)
    Thanks for your content

  • Leo the fart


  • JKirwan

    Matrix Sequels.

  • Coregoth88

    The Matrix sequels

  • erique johnson

    Already 20 minutes in and nobody has said THE HOST?

    • Leo the fart

      THE HOSE?

      • Percy Gryce

        THE HORSE?

  • Leo the fart

    or “the thing”

  • kapsi

    Something like cop dog or babys day out

  • me


  • underware

    Matrix Sequels!! Or A Talking Cat!?!

  • cuddle

    feeding frenzy

  • bluecheese

    Starship Troopers

  • Robert Pigott

    Prometheus, for the love of God.

    • Mattias Sjöstrand

      What that guy said

    • wanderingpixel

      They did a Half in the Bag on Prometheus, so I don’t think they’ll do that. The HITB episode though is really good.

      • William Shakesman

        The HITB episode is them refusing to admit it’s garbage because they like Ridley Scott and can’t believe that he could churn out that garbage.

        It’s disheartening. I like to pretend they came to their sense and then released their much-more-famous “RedLetterMedia asks questions about Prometheus” video.

  • Dan

    Well, if not The Matrix Trilogy at least review 1 Night in Paris. XD

  • Joe Brookes

    Cop out.

  • Jean-François Martel

    Please do Prometheus… though at this point it might be like beating a dead horse.

  • Orange

    The scene with all the Admirals that got shot reminded me more of Godfather III than anything. Y’know, the worst one.

    Also Prometheus.

  • Rocky


  • Guest

    The Matrix Trilogy.

  • Richard Head

    Superman IV: The Quest For Peace — Make sure you review the deleted scenes where Lex Luthor genetically engineers a fat, retarded, Superman. Not even joking. He really does that.

  • Richard Head

    Crossroads starring Britney Spears

    • Jean-François Martel

      Oh god yes!

      • Richard Head

        Seriously, Zoe Saldana is in this fucking movie:

        A 90 minute movie that’s basically about Britney on a mission — and that mission is being bent over a picnic table for the first time.

  • Juan

    Prometheus was made for Plinkett

  • Richard Head

    GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra

  • Quarterdime

    The Matrix Sequels

  • Richard Head

    Taken 2

  • Slap-Happy

    Terminator: Salvation, for the moment when… *SPOILER*

    John is attacked by the closest thing he’s ever known to a father figure, and just looks up at him without showing the slightest bit of emotion or recognition.

    And every other moment, too.

  • John Harrison

    Oh come on Plinkett… that was lame. Review the dumb Matrix Sequels instead of complaining about Star Trek.

    • NCC-1701-Y

      Khan, he didn’t complain. His attitude was the same as it was with 2009. It’s a dumb action movie and there is nothing we can really do to change how Paramount chooses to market Star Trek. We’re just going to have to take it no matter what so we might as well make the best of it and enjoy it!

      • Nicholas Connor

        Wasn’t dumb — just people, like you, all hopping on the same bandwagon every bloody time.

  • Patanu

    Judging from the comments so far. Its either going to be the Matrix trilogy or Prometheus. No matter who wins, we all lose.

    • Quarterdime

      As someone who chose The Matrix Sequels, I can still sympathize.

    • andyetstillmore

      Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Titanic, etc were all movies that, in one way or another, served as watershed moments in cinema. The Matrix might be okay, although I’d like to see them take a stab at LoTR only because it doomed all movies to come in threes and be 4 hours long. This isn’t about reviewing movies you hate, it’s about deconstructing movies that meant something on a larger cultural scale.

      • William Shakesman

        Every movie Plinkett has reviewed has been hated by a large group of people. The Star Wars prequels by Star Wars fans, the Star Trek movies by Star Trek fans, Indiana Jones 4 by Indiana Jones fans, Titanic by half the world (the other half loves it somehow), Avatar by a bunch of people, and Cop Dog and Baby’s Day Out by everyone who has seen them.

        Does anyone REALLY hate the Lord of the Rings movies? The RLM people certainly don’t.

  • Jambo


  • No


  • Crafty

    Matrix Sequels. Preferably the entire trilogy if possible.

    • Percy Gryce

      What about The Animatrix?

      • I know stuff

        Mr. Plinkett doesn’t care about cartoons, especially wannabe chinese cartoons.

        • blackmonsterdick#2

          I didn’t enjoy Plinkett’s Titanic review all that much, but I sure as hell can agree with the Matrix prequels. In Titanic, sure the points he makes were good and all, but it’s just hard to care about that film, in 2013, when it was hard to care about it when it came out (this is just me).

          The original Matrix, on the other, was my favorite movie for a long time, and I didn’t mind the sequals all that much because I was younger and liked the action in them. Now, as older, I would love nothing more but to see Mr. Plinkett to review them to pieces. Keanu Reeves “acting” as completely overpowerful protagonist, the “plot”, the deus ex machina ending, nothing making sense etc…

          • Tyler AitchKay


          • blackmonsterdick#2

            Haha, yeah, sorry made a mistake with that. This is the RLM webzone after all, so all I have is prequels in my mind when I think of bad movies for Plinkett to review.

        • Lucid

          What about Akira… Famous Hard R-rated cartoon responsible for Anime becoming popular in the US. I’d like to see Plinkett explain what the fucks happening in that movie.

  • Kamdan

    Terminator Salvation! The Terminaor films really deserve a good anal-sis.

  • Nemanja Ćosović

    Barney’s Version [2010]

  • derpman

    The Vampires of Zanzibar!!!!!

  • FlimFlamFilmFan

    “Joke” movie to make everybody upset. I enjoyed the Baby’s Day Out and Cop Dog ones immensely anyway.

    • Percy Gryce

      I just rewatched them and they really hold up. The whole “dog movie” montage in the Cop Dog review is amazing.

    • milky_cereal

      I totally agree. The two reviews of those two shit movies was awesome. I just rewatched the Cop Dog review and it was just as good as the reviews on the “real” movies.

  • Tom

    Matrix Trilogy!!!

  • Ben P.

    The Matrix 2: The Reloaded Cobra Surfer

  • Evan Ortiz

    Cars 2

  • Jared John Smith

    Matrix Trilogy. Or “Cop Out” as someone here has already mentioned (their mentioning Kevin Smith’s career would be interesting), or Star Wars: Clone Wars (or maybe not…it’s just terrible and should not exist)

  • Tyler


  • Organs


  • Leo the fart

    R. Scott needs punishment for vomiting on an all time classic ( his own! )

  • Exverlobter

    I’d love to see a review of the Matrix-Sequels

    BTW, You forgot to mention evil Admiral Satie from the TNG episode Drumhead.

    Admiral Nechayev deserves also to be mentioned, although she was more of a bitch than a crazy person.

  • Matti Nykänen

    Terminator 3.

  • tada4ever

    batman, please

  • brownbox

    Matrix Trilogy PLEASE!!!

  • Ben Brian

    Surely Stoklas..I mean Plinkett wouldn’t review a movie that’s already been done in HitB. So Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus are out!

  • Sulaiman Abu-Ghosh

    Thoroughly enjoyed you guys’ other deconstructions of both star trek and star wars… but this one was weak and it made me sad (sad face). Look forward to whatever you decided to do next :)

    • guest

      You…realize this wasn’t a review, right?

      • Sulaiman Abu-Ghosh

        You realize i said i enjoyed the other deconstructions they did as plinkett and thought this plinkett episode was weaker in enjoyment in comparison, right?

        • guest

          You can’t even compare them though. Those are actual deconstructions. They’re full reviews. This is basically an extended commercial for a new review.

          • Sulaiman Abu-Ghosh

            fair enough :)

          • decora

            i think we get the idea of what a full review would be. mike pulling out his encyclopedic knowledge of the ST universe, then showing that every 30 seconds of ST ID was ripped almost shot for shot from other stuff.

  • NCC-1701-Y

    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

    • decora

      he did a plinkett audio commentary on V

  • asdf

    Review my personal favorite: “Back to the Future” please!

  • conall mcsex

    baby geniuses and/or it’s sequel, or one of the modern “spoof” movies or Kevin Bacon.

  • Joel K.


  • Heres Johnny

    Transformers 2

  • Turtlejuice

    Plinkett shall review his Star Trek 2009 review. Take this JJ’s dick licking piece of RLM disgrace apart!

  • Faddlechud

    Hey Plinkett, I’d really like to see you do Shutter Island. I can’t be the only one who absolutely hated it.

    It’s like the film was originally supposed to be a deadpan comedy but they made a last minute change and decided to bill it as an intense mystery drama. Everything that was supposed to be scary or intense made me laugh. I knew it was going to be awful right from the minute Leo first hobbled out onto the boat, all hunched up in his little “Yeah yeah, I’m a 40′s guy, see?” acting mode. It was predictable and cheap, the writers using the same old beaten to death trope of split personality/amnesia, so I could see the twist coming from over half the movie away. The whole experience was depressing and aggravating.

    There aren’t many films in recent history that I’ve been this mad at, and I’d really love to see you pick it apart bit by bit the way that only a creepy old wheelchair-bound murderer from New Joyzee can do.

    • Mark Edward

      The film was based on a book, so it’s less the movie’s fault for being predictable than it is the novel’s.

      • Faddlechud

        Still though, how many goddamn times do I have to see DiCaprio kill his wife?

  • yo

    The dark knight rises

  • General Grievance

    We need Plinkett justice on Matrix 2 & 3 please!

  • CoolZ


  • Elling Moen

    Dune (1984)

    Some old guy has to milk a cat in it.

  • cuntstickle

    i think Plinkett should decide himself, the puny public is not worthy of such an important decision. That said, Match Point by Woody Allen is the most infuriating movie i’ve ever seen…

  • Perdy

    Matrix Trilogy! It is your destiny…

  • Paulus Cañamonjas


  • Ana Luisa

    Inception please!
    I’ll send you pizza rolls if you do Inception, Mr Plinkett!

  • Matricks sexuels!

    Matrix sequels!!!

  • ta_scott

    Mr Hairy-Ass Plinkett or whatever your name is… Matrix Trilogy, or Prometheus. Make your choice.

  • paige

    I think either that avatar kid movie or the matrix movies would be a good ones to do.

  • Phal Joorty

    Terminator Salvation

  • Herzogy

    Lord of the rings

  • jimmysawfinger

    Bill and Teds excellent adventure please.

  • BakerJS

    I would like to see your take on the Matrix sequels. I don’t believe that they are as bad as everyone seems to think they are (well, parts of them aren’t, at least), so I’m interested in what Plinket has to say on them.

  • Beer

    I gotta go with the Matrix movies. Been wanting to see Plinkett tear into those sequels for some time.

  • Renton

    Prometheus for sure, man.

  • Zolthaan

    The Matrix Trilogy.

  • Cirric Fylenco

    I think Plinkett does best when he reviews what HE wants to review. Well…actually I cant say that, because up till now he has always reviewed what he wanted to review. I dont give a damn what it is, Ill watch it.

  • playdude92 .

    Mass Effect 3 (like that´s ever happening). In case you do, let Rich tell you what it is before.

  • LargeM

    Matrix Trilogy pls

  • DerbyWerby

    On one hand, Mike and Jay already reviewed Prometheus on Half in the Bag. On the other hand I don’t give a shit about no Matrix movies.

    So Prometheus please.

    • Steve

      PRO MEEFEUS!!!

      I second… Well 800th your suggestion.

  • Steve

    Either The Dark Knight (NOT dark knight rises) or Prometheus… Yeah? Yeah.

  • Pedro Mizukami

    The Matrix Reloaded + Revolutions!!!

    • Manioc

      If they go for the Matrix, best to go all the way.

  • Shitpitcher

    Alien vs. Predator!

  • ghostwriter999

    Prometheus, please. That would be amazing.

  • monsieur larson


  • F*** Movies!

    Transformers 2… As it was the single worst summer movie I’ve watched in theaters in the last decade.

    I wouldn’t mind a Terminator 3 review as it basically undid everything in one of the greatest (if not the best) sequels of all time. I actually thought Terminator: Salvation was alright though.

  • Eryn Dearden

    Come on you people. We all know what everyone on this site has been waiting for since day 1, so I’ll just go out and

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta starring George Lopez and Emily Joel Osment

    You were all thinking it.

  • James MacLovin Treanor

    The Matrix Reloaded PLEASE!!!

  • Hama

    Lord of the Rings because you can compare how much better (or worse) it is to the hobbit.

  • Alex

    the golden compass!!

  • filibusterz

    Matrix Trilogy!! Go, man, go!

  • ThePseudomancer

    I request the Matrix Trilogy. The sequels were so disappointing.

  • Ruben

    The Matrix Reloaded + Revolutions

  • Matthew Laurence

    While the Matrix sequels might be an overly obvious choice, I sincerely believe there is a lot of very fertile ground for comedy in reviewing them. So make it so etc.

  • Aaron Gilpin

    This will piss you off Plinkett review titanic the animated film!

  • Tom Powell

    Matrix trilogy.

  • Exverlobter

    I’d love to see a review of the Matrix-Sequels

    BTW, You forgot to mention evil Admiral Satie from the TNG episode Drumhead.

    Admiral Nechayev deserves also to be mentioned, although she was more of a bitch than a crazy person.

    • Thomas Hayes

      As far as I recall – it has been a while since I watched TNG – a lot of Nechayev’s orders actually make a lot of sense in context, depending on your point of view. She tends to appear in order to give Picard orders that put him in a moral grey area and make him consider his principles, while she comes across as a bitch because she’s already made up her mind.

  • Bob Smith


  • Thomas Hayes

    It’s rather disappointing that a reboot series relies upon the parent franchise so much not just for plot points but also visuals and little references, as if to reassure the audience that “This is still Star Trek, guys, honest”. I know I as a Trekkie do appreciate this on some level, but still – when they go to this effort of refreshing a franchise and by the second film they’re already falling into the trap that Voyager, Enterprise and the later films went down of recycling recognisable bits of the old material, they’re almost tempting the same fate. Like Plinkett said in the review of Nemesis, that was already a Khan ripoff!

    Come on Abrams, give us something completely new and fresh for the third one, yeah? Throw Orci, Kurtzmann and Lindelof out and hire a writer with some decent ideas.

    • Alex Lee

      And who is actually interested in the Abrams’ Trekverse, at least. So far, there’s really nothing interesting about it, such as the economic effect of blowing up a whole planet, or giving the Klingons character independent of Starfleet’s understanding of them. Or how Vulcans are now a biologically weak species due to the strong possibility of inbreeding.

      These are all things they could have done in Into Darkness had a fan of the Abrams’ Trekverse could actually explore and could lead into action and drama if done well. Instead, they just rehash stuff after the canon wipe, destroying any artistic integrity they had before it started.

  • Do_the_Matrix_Trilogy_you_FUCK

    I’m undecided.

  • ACEdotcom

    please review SPRING BREAKERS …PLEASE

  • Cian Martin

    Even though I really liked Prometheus, I’d love to see Plinkett tear it apart.

    • Licktheenvelope

      Prometheus was well made, but the first 5 or so minutes and the last 15 or so minutes were awful awful awful. I was literally stunned at how the movie opened so poorly when they had a perfect cut-away right after the silliness to a ship in space. JUST START THERE!!! That’s how Alien started and it makes it mysterious.

    • Exverlobter

      They already reviewed Prometheus in Half in the bag, and made also a follow up video.

      THe full Plinkett reviews are better suited for older films.



  • Urist

    Matrix Reloaded

  • Michelle

    Remember he does best with films that totally hates; the Matrix sequels and The Last Airbender are most likely to be Worst/Best of the Worst.

  • evan

    Review Marmaduke

  • Brandon

    I think a review of any Vince Vaughn crapfest would be great. Unless he gives you money. Then continue to sell out.

  • just because

    Review Game of Thrones.

  • Adam Cleverley

    Anything you want my master ANYTHING!

  • JozzHR

    Review A Boy and his Dog

    • Herrerasaurus

      That would be so funny. I bet Plinkett is the Boy.

  • brizoni

    Another vote for the Matrix flicks.

  • Homers anus

    Review the comments section.Emphasis on juvenile reactions to women in your videos.

  • Adam Cleverley


  • Zorf

    The Matrix Trillogy

  • Adam Cleverley

    Terminator 3

  • Christopher Crespo

    Please do The Last Airbender! That deserves a Mr. Plinkett review.

  • scottjcochrane

    The Last Airbender

  • Cactus Domus

    Starship Troopers

  • Leo the fart

    The last Prometheus reloaded

  • guest

    Either Prometheus or Star Trek Into Reference.

    • or pick a name

      Plinkett will not make a proper review of this Start Trek II hack movie until it will be released on DVD. You can’t base a proper Plinkett review only on footage from trailers.

  • professional hater

    Gonna have to go with Prometheus too. I think that turd would really “benefit” from a Plinkett-level an-anal-sys. Someone has to call out Ridley for being the big, psychotic creepy-pants that he is, and maybe it would shut up the Alien fanboys. I swear to God, if they fuck up Blade Runner, I will burn Hollywood down.

    • o.q

      How will they fuck up Blade Runner ?

      If the Blade Runner sequel prequel reboot rehash remoneygrab rewhatever sucks the original movie will still be there.

      Same goes for the original Alien franchise.It’s still there regardless of Prometheus suckage.

      • professional hater

        My faith in the ability of Hollywood to tell a decent story has been shaken, of late. True, that the originals will always be there. I’m just getting really tired of lousy writers (cough…Lindelof) tracking mudprints all over my childhood. If you want a concise list of how they could ruin Blade Runner, I could write a Master’s thesis on that topic.

        • old guy

          Please don’t get offended but I find this “they are ruining my childhood” stick idiotic.
          I don’t have a problem separating the crap they make these days with pleasant memories of movies that crap is based upon.

          Also I wonder how many movies we all like so much from our “childhood” actually stand the test of time or rather how would we react to some of them if they were made today and we saw them for the first time.

          Ah the good ol’ days.

          And yes,Lindelcock is a hack.

          • professional hater

            It would take far more than that to offend me. I sometimes wonder if it is possible. The “ruined childhood” argument here still applies, for me. I do not feel this way about ‘Star Wars’, for example. ‘Blade Runner’, very much has withstood the test of time. It is still the apex predator of the science fiction movie genre. A film where they just got everything right. Rather than see filmmakers struggle to replicate perfection, and fail miserably, would it not be too much to ask for them to tell a new story, even a previously optioned one, that has decades of strong sales behind it? I mean, they’re taking some risk with ‘Ender’s Game’, and my expectations are quite low, but we’ll see how they do with that (even though Ender’s Game is basically Hunger Games in space). :]

  • wioibrpo

    One Hour Photo

  • Julia


  • lolcatz in the knee

    Review the internet.

  • Kruton

    The Matrix Reloaded + Revolutions

  • Vet of Forum Wars

    The Dark Knight would be great. Thanks for the laughs as always!

  • Aunshi

    The Matrix Trilogy!

  • Wade

    Matrix Sequels

  • Truman Leonard

    A Good Day to Die Hard

  • William Shakesman


    … or Prometheus.

  • Cathat

    I think The Matrix films would be perfect for a Plinkett deconstruction.

  • Bazzzinga

    F&^%! Prometheus, the only thing wrong with Prometheus was the script, who wrote it you ask? Damon Lindelof, do a special review about this guy, explain all the ways this hack fraud keeps ruining otherwise quality movies/tv shows due to his incompetence at typing down letters onto a keyboard… afterall the guy ruined Prometheus, Lost, Star Trek, Star Trek 2 Electric Boogaloo, Cowboys and Aliens, World War Z (Gee what a piece of shit that was… and I haven’t even seen it yet!)… and I say this guy’s soley responsible for ruining these movies with the full authority of some asshole whose only research involved checking an IMDB page.

    • Wut?

      The special effects too. The glass on the engineer sarcophagus looked like cheap shit. The gull wing door on their truck actually flapped like a flimsy gull wing when they grab on to it while getting out of the vehicle. And when Roomi Rapeface is underneath the giant ship that rolled to a stop over her hiding spot she pushes the ship up trying to crawl out. So obviously no one cared enough to actually watch what they were filming(Ridley) for this half-assed cash grab.

    • drunkard

      Must be a distant Rick Berman relative.

  • Mike

    Please, just get it over with and do Twilight! ALL OF THEM!!

  • kobayashimaru2009

    prometheus what a pile of crap

    failing that id settle for startrip troopers

    also plinkett should do the matrix trilogy the sequels were a huge disappointment

  • Adzl33t

    The Last Airbender, I been waiting for that review for like two years

    I’ll even send you guys an essay of why the movie is terrible compare to the show to help you get started

  • disqus_ggvdslgvY6

    Wait, so a sci-fi universe that has certain things in it…still has those things in it?

    Those bastards!

  • IncredibleEdibleCake

    The Matrix Trilogy. Parts 2 and 3 were such fucking trash. Go get em, Kid.

  • Benedict from Shrewsbury

    Although Snow White and the Huntsmen was the best most-flawed movie I ever paid to see, I gotta agree that the Matrix sequels are more deserving of 90 minutes of anal sis.

    But seriously, take a look at Snow White and the Huntsmen. It makes less sense than George Lucas’s soul

  • playdude92 .

    In truth, that´s unsolvable. There are so many bandwagons that need derailing. Like Twilight, Madea, Adam Sandler/ kevin James “movies”, Transformers.

    Best choose one that ruined a brand or is in the middle of public discussion though.

  • Benefactor

    The Dark Knight. People typically don’t find flaws in it and I want to see what you can dig up.

  • Jumbo

    Has to be Prometheus. Although with all the flaws and plot holes in that train wreck, your review would probably be 12 hours long… but we’re cool with that!

  • Jimmy

    Day The Earth Stood Still – both versions

  • Annabelle

    Please don’t do Prometheus. It has a bunch of plot holes, big deal. It’s been done to death.

    • nocountryforwho

      And it’s not that bad of a movie, it really isn’t.

      • decora

        i agree but considering how many people have voted for it, maybe it could be fun. he might go off on some bizarre tangent about his cat though, sort of like his ST V commentary track

    • Ignacio

      Annabelle, if that’s your real picture, I would like to meet you

      • Annabelle

        Fuck off, loser.

  • decora

    Matrix please. I know that I didn’t like the sequels as much, but I can never figure out exactly why.

    The problem with doing Prometheus is that Mike and Jay actually kind of liked a lot of it, and it’s not a blatant attempt to exploit and/or rip-off a franchise. Its also a movie where the issue of hate vs not understanding gets too intertwined. (like people keep saying the Engineers have 100% the same DNA as humans, when that is actually not shown in the film, and is not stated in the film – in fact the opposite is stated in the film, but legions of internet haters dont seem to care, and will hate on a film for something they think was in it, regardless of what was actually on screen and in the dialogue).

  • Jake

    MATRIX Trilogy!!!!

  • Dgmfresh

    The American Pie series!

    How the first ones became so popular, the fall of the sequels and the return of the old cast in Reunion makes a good review of all the teenage comedy genre. Also, it can be interesting to analyze it inluences (to the movies and from the movies)

    • Dgmfresh

      Also, although the matrix sequels would make an amazing review, it’s clear where the problems come from: they created two movies from one, shoving in so many things and streching action parts so much that stopped making sense

      • cocksaplenty

        I’d watch that if Plinkett reviewed each sequel for 90 minutes a piece

    • William Shakesman

      So he should review The Hangover?

  • Harry Palm

    I’d vote for ‘The Dark Knight’ because that piece of crap deserves to be eviscerated, but the RLM guys probably liked it and won’t give it the shredding it deserves so I’ll throw my vote to the Matrix movies.

  • sepiajack

    The Matrix sequels

  • God

    Do the Matrix you fuck!

  • Guy

    Last Airbender please. That movie was hell.

    • greencrayon

      everyone knows what a big pile of shit that movies was, why bother getting a review of it? Something like the matrix sequels would be more interesting, cus you know they suck, but you’re not sure why

      • Adzl33t

        Because Airbender fans needs closure like the Star Wars fans

        There is like three season worth of show for Plinkett to compare and contrast the movie from the show like he did in Star Trek, The Matrix was just a fluke that managed to get two more sequels

  • Cause it sucked


  • Matthew

    I would love to see Plinket do the Matrix sequels.

    • cocksaplenty

      i hope we can accumulate enough votes for Plinkett to review the Matrix sequels

      • vaginastoofew

        This is not a democracy.He will take it into consideration whatever we come up with ,maybe,but in the end he will do whatever he wants to do.

        • decora

          yeah. you realize we are basically asking Mike to watch shitty movies and spend dozens of hours editing clips of them and/or their trailers? i kind of feel guilty

          • anonymousclay

            Buy something from their store and you can suggest anything guilt-free.

      • ciagw

        haha “cocksaplenty”

  • gravedave

    As I do not tell Plinkett which babe he has to rape I would not tell him which movie he has to review.

    • cocksaplenty

      you know you want him to review the Matrix sequels, just as it’s safe to say that a large majority of his fans wanna see him do that

      • anon

        Maybe he can fake-rape a girl in leather and 90′s wrap-around sunglasses.

  • Tom Cruzz

    Battlefield Earth

    • cocksaplenty

      that should serve as a finale for Plinkett

  • commenter

    Matrix Revolutions

  • metalraygear

    Do DIE HARD 4-5

  • Eva Danese

    I vote for the matrix sequels

  • Don

    The Last Airbender would be nice to see. But if you do that, you must also watch the TV show, which is actually very good.

  • Zagan

    Matrix Trilogy

  • Rick Berman

    Matrix Trilogy….what’s up with all these Ricks?

  • artfag


    • Ignacio

      Oh fuck yeah! PRIMER!

  • baton

    MATRIX 123

  • Anonymoose

    The Last Airbender. That movie fucking deserves it.

  • Greedospants

    Cop Dog!

  • jadbgjoka

    synecdoche new york

  • Annette

    Matrix trilogy!

  • Dan

    Lord of the Rings. I love it to death but I’m so interested to see what you would come up with.

    The Matrix is an obvious choice, don’t do that.

    • V

      So what if it is obvious?

  • Tojo

    Last Airbender, I need to see how terrible it really is.

  • Meester Smeeth


  • Mariani

    Well, I guess it is time for my first comment on this site. I’ve been very much a fan of RLM stuff ever since I saw Plinkett’s review of the Star Wars prequel some years ago. Since I’m a petrolhead, and since movies are really just some sort of convenience for me (an ‘extra’, if you will), I was waiting for you guys to review something car-related, in the line of Fast and Furious, in order to introduce myself as an elitist bastard. Oh, well, if you are going out of your way to pay attention to these particular comments, allow me to steer you towards The Last Airbender. The only thing that stops that film from being the worst I’ve ever seen is the fact that, well, I couldn’t make it to the end.
    The film itself is really bad, but you need to watch the Cartoon to properly understand the miserable, mediocre failure that that was.
    It takes an artistic touch to take source material with such a potential and turn it in what Night Shyamalan did.

    • anonymousclay

      Eragon: Our writers fell asleep so we finished the story from the back of the book.

  • Jon Fite

    Review The Care Boars by those hack frauds at Red Letter Media.

  • shinzan

    The matrix sequels!!!

  • Christian

    Superman Returns

  • ball sweat

    Hey idiot! Review a good movie. Like Seven Samurai.

  • Pubes In Your Food

    The Happening.

    • vaginastoofew

      Dear .God.No.

  • Michael Suarez

    Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” and Tim Burton’s “Planet of the Apes”.

    • Wut?

      I wouldn’t mind hearing Plinkett praise Gladiator for an hour.

  • Percy Gryce

    How about the entire body of work of the world’s greatest cinematic genius, M. Night Shyamalan: Signs, The Village, Lady in the Water, After Earth, etc.?

    • ciagw

      Picking apart Shyamalan movies like shooting fish in a barrel

      • Percy Gryce

        “shooting fish in a barrel,” see also, the Star Wars prequels. It’s more about the why and RLM is great on that.

        Shyamalan has a good movie, The Sixth Sense, and a fun movie, Unbreakable, and then a lot of dog cop. I would love to hear HSP’s take on the whole bloody mess.

  • Tarik Ćutuk

    I’m sorry but I would really love to watch a review of the Last Airbender even though evenryone already knows it sucks. That or Lord of the Rings. I’d be interested to see what you would come up with.

  • wanderingpixel


  • milath

    Matrix Reloaded/Rewhatever needs a point by point nitpicking breakdown of why they sucked so hard they pulled their own intestines out of their collective assholes. I’ve never been more disappointed by a sequel outside the porn industry.

  • Jacob

    Review The Dark Knight Rises and how it ruined the Nolan trilogy; if you feel that Half in the Bag said everything that needed to be said on that film then you can review the Dark Knight and whether or not you feel it is overrated


    Matrix Trilogy!

  • DD

    ‘Ah, fuck this’
    Comedy Gold

  • sepiajack

    The Bourne Legacy is a movie that isn’t actually a movie, and it abruptly ends without any warning like the studio felt they provided you the technical running time of moving pictures and sound that they feel entitled to your ticket fee.

    There is no story at all. It starts as a clipshow of the previous movie, and the main hero and main villain don’t even know each other exist for the entire running time of the movie.

    What’s even stranger is it has a solid writer/director who is normally reliable and knows the material, and its a franchise that is usually strong. The cast is also really good and they used a lot of real exotic locations. Despite all this, it is not a movie, in the sense that it does not have a story.

    Much like Attack of the Clones and Matrix Reloaded, it is simply a collection of random scenes.

  • Lucas

    Last Airbender

  • supanigah

    Conan the Barbarian (1982) gets my vote for the next review.

  • alexjonesisanidiot

    David Lynch’s Wild at Heart!

    • decora

      oh god yes

  • sepiajack

    If Mr Plinkett reviewed tv shows I would suggest Breaking Bad. I will never understand the praise that show gets, I watched the first 2 and a half seasons and then gave up. Way too many deus ex machina lazy resolutions to story, acting is bland except for Cranston, all the characters are one note and annoying.

    Everyone else I talk to LOVES this show and I just do not get what the appeal is. And I’m not in the hipster “that’s over rated’ crowd, I like pretty much all the other prestige/cable shows like Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk empire, the wire, the sopranos, etc.

    Oh well, maybe the fault lies with me.

    • dan

      you gotta watch it all, it gets better and better as it goes along.

  • H.Ortiz

    The Twilight saga, please!!!!

    • MatthewMelange

      They already did that by not seeing any of them except the last one.

  • Chris

    Terminator Salvation. Definitely.

  • Normaldennis

    Do the post judgement day terminator films.

  • rob

    Matrix Reloaded, please.

  • Frank McVey

    A LOTR breakdown would be epic! But given RLM’s Sci-Fi motif, the Matrix trilogy simply must be done. It is inevitable. It is your destiny.

  • Roger Sarvis

    I used to think I was obsessed with this site. Then I started reading the threads in 4chan. My obsession is perfectly normal, muted in fact, by comparison. Um…review…blade runner. Or army of darkness.

    • DeborahJozayt

      What of the many versions of Blade Runner do you review, though? Would the many versions be part of the review?

      • Roger Sarvis

        Excellent point. Dealer’s choice.

  • Max Wylde

    You need to review The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. Don’t bother tallying up the votes. You know I’m right. It has to be done. So we can all move on.

  • Matt

    Endhiran! The greatest Bollywood romance/ drama/ action/ sci-fi/ musical ever.

  • Christian Haugen

    Plinkett please review the Lord of the Rings Triology :D

    • MatthewMelange

      Fuck movies!

  • kye

    the matrix trilogy

  • Edward Baldwin

    I would like to see a review of Dredd (2012).

    • sepiajack

      They did one already on half in the bag. Why do people keep asking for reviews of movies they’ve already reviewed (The dark knight rises, Dredd, etc) especially since they LIKED these movies

      • Edward Baldwin

        I think Dredd was a short review that could go into further detail. Your question about why people keep asking for reviews on movies already reviewed in Half in the Bag is kinda wasted, since they did a short Plinkett review on ST:ID after they did the HitB review. As far as liking the movie, that is also irrelevant as they enjoyed Star Trek (2009) and still did a Plinkett review on that movie.

        • sepiajack

          Fair enough, but is Dredd really worth the trouble? I actually just saw it for the first time this morning on TMN, it’s a solid enough action film that almost nobody saw. The Plinkett reviews work best on high profile movies that are worth the time and effort these reviews take to put together. Is there really anything else to say about Dredd that wasn’t covered in that review?

          • Edward Baldwin

            Now that I can sort of agree with. There are a couple of very lesser known Plinkett reviews, that I have not even seen. That doesn’t matter though. I agree with you though that it works best with movies that had a broader audience. So if that was the case, then I would have to choose the Matrix Trilogy. Even though I liked all three films, they went in a direction that many people did not agree with. I don’t agree with reviewing LotR, only because I think these guys would actually make two reviews, one normal, then the extended 12 hour version. Dark Knight trilogy sounds interesting, but then again, I enjoyed all three of those films too. Inception would probably be a good choice.

          • sepiajack

            Yeah the matrix sequels seem a good fit to me, because like the star wars prequels they come from franchise that was praised in the beginning, and the sequels had a LOT of heavy expectations on them. They’re the most frustrating kind of movies because they aren’t terrible through and through, there’s a lot of great ideas and stuff in them, but so many parts swerve off course that it hurts the head at times.

            To me that’s the type of movie that works best for plinket: well known, wide spectrum of opinions about it, high profile big budget movie, with a frustrating mix of good and bad.

            That’s why the titantic one was so good, or the Trek 2009, because there was a LOT to discuss. Nothing can ever replicate the SW prequels and their ration of HOPES to Disappointments, but at least that should be the type of movie that is strived for, especially since we only get like 2 plinkett reviews a year. I’d rather the smaller stuff be saved for Half in the Bag, and Best of the Worst where we can get a new episode weekly

  • kye

    but I’d also like to see more little mini plinketts where he just shits on random smaller films. for those I’d suggest Inspector Gadget or The Never Ending Story 3.

    In fact Plinkett should fully review Never Ending Story III. Fuck that movie SO HARD!

  • sourballs4u

    The Matrix Trilogies!

  • Jazbeck

    Please do the Matrix trilogy, you son of a bitch.

  • Jirizo


  • GinGuilt

    Terminator Salvation

    • MatthewMelange

      Clerks 2

  • Ryan

    My vote is the Matrix trilogy

  • Schnutzel

    Matrix Trilogy

  • Charon

    It’s about damned time. :)

  • sepiajack

    re: The Matrix sequels, I always wondered if there was a way to edit these two movies down into one GOOD 90 min sequel to the matrix

    I did a fan edit of Attack of the clones back in film school (although NOTHING can make that movie good), always meant to try out the Matrix 2 and 3, but never got around to it

  • itdoesnothavetobeashittymovie
  • V.

    My only fear is that this fat homo won’t want to hear vox populi and then review something like Cop Dog instead of Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions.

    • Adzl33t

      That would just be an episode to hype the next major Plinkett review, besides The Last Airbender was way worst than the Matrix sequels

  • Mallory Knox

    Mass Effect trilogy..oh wait

  • ArtVandelay

    Mass Effect Trilogy, oh wait it’s not a movie. Well my second vote goes to the Matrix trilogy.

    • sepiajack

      Could make for an epic Game station 2.0 though, Rich Evans as Rich Evans, and Mike as Plinkett…

      • ArtVandelay

        Too bad Game Station 2.0 sucks some serious balls, though. Compared to their other productions, it looks like a 6 minutes long game advertisement. I wish a bit more discussion into why a game is good or bad would go into these reviews. I don’t come here for brief descriptions, I come here for long winded autopsies.

      • ArtVandelay

        Too bad Game Station 2.0 sucks some serious balls though. Compared to their other productions Game Station looks like a 6 minute long advertisement. I would like to see them go in-depth why a certain game is good or bad. I mean I don’t come here to for short reviews, I come here for long winded autopsies.

  • Alexander Hassel

    The Dark Knight Rises

    • sepiajack

      The thing with TDKR (in my opinion) is that while it has its flaws it is still overall a really good movie. I think of it a lot like Spiderman 3, a movie people also love to shit all over. Both films are movies where fixing 4 or 5 fairly minor things would make them both exponentially better. Where as when you compare them to Attack of the Clones which just needed to be rewritten from page one. That movie is flawed from the foundation upwards, it has a terrible script, and every aspect of its execution: acting, directing, music, EDITING, VFX is problematic, there isn’t one scene of that movie that couldn’t be better than it is.

      Where as, to me, TDKR or spiderman3 are both movies where they are still good, but could be much better with a bit of “cut this scene out, add a line here to explain this better, cut this one line out, add in one shot of this”

  • seano

    the godfather

  • Jonathan Norberg

    Kill Bill

  • shpongle

    1. Matrix Sequels
    2. Terminator Salvation

  • The One

    Matrix Trilogy, it is your destiny.

  • Anthony Pirtle

    Lord of the Rings trilogy would be awesome!

    • PhatAlbert

      Nostalgia Chick already review that, Plinkett should review Airbender

  • Daniel Semel

    Do the Matrix Trilogy. Those movies are horrible AND confusing. I need you to explain them to me.

  • Robocop21

    The Last Airbender, that movie needs a ripping, could boost viewing for the sites if you release the review before Season 2 of Korra

  • Artyom Bogomaz

    1. Dark Knight Rises
    2. Matrix Trilogy
    3. Iron Man Trilogy

  • Tomas P.

    Yeah, it has a lot of references. Awesome movie regardless.

  • Fluttershy2.0

    The Last Airbender

  • MatthewMelange

    Review Superman Returns you fuck!

  • Mark Bisone

    Matrix sequels.

    Prometheus was terrible, sure. But when you really think about it, Prometheus was the fault of the Matrix trilogy, because that’s what started the trend of wedding pseudo-profundities to action schlock.

    tldr; Matrix 2 fucked Matrix 3 in the asshole and it shit out David Lindelof.

  • AvengersAssemble

    THe Last Airbender, M Night needs to know why he should stop directing

  • JJ Abrams

    The Fantastic Four movies or X Men movies …..Do this Lord Plinkett and I shall reward you with all the hookers and blow you can take .

  • ShootTheGlass!

    Matrix Trilogy.

  • Darth Sukapants

    Lord Plinkett, you are to review Prometheus next.
    Do not fail me again.

    • S G

      I second that. Prometheus definetly needs the Plinkett-treatment.

      And this time, make it longer than the measely 7 mins you spent on ST: Into Darkness. Lazy fuck…

      • jRoldo

        you’re both idiots

        the point of what was said was to tell people “i don’t care what you want me to review”

        • Gorrister

          Maybe people are perpetuating the joke by their responses?
          The Internet: Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls…

  • Rupert


  • Melfice

    Matrix Trilogy is the movie you must review mr. plinkett so we can understand why it sucks so much compared to the first one just like Star Wars Prequels.

  • TerminatorQwerty

    The Last Airbender

    People please stop asking Plinkett to review any movie already on Half in the Bag,

    Plinkett should review The Last Airbender, he practically teased and hyped that since he released Star Wars Episode 3 review

  • Pastors_are_bastards

    Matrix sequels.

  • Kahn’t Buy Me Love

    1. Chris Nolan’s Batman Trilogy
    2. The Matrix Trilogy
    3. Lord of the Rings Trilogy

  • herp


  • Christopher Ian Adame

    the last airbender

  • Dill Doe

    The Amazing Spiderman

  • YouWontActuallyReadThis

    The Matrix trilogy, please.

  • gresh

    1. Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions reviewed prequel style.
    2. Terminator Salvation.
    3. Any M. Night movie post Signs.

    And yeah, don’t do movies that are already on Half in the Bag.

  • Sam

    The Last Airbender

  • Eric McHugh

    The Matrix Sequels you fucks!

  • K. Kallgren

    I’d love to see an autopsy of the Matrix franchise…

  • Joss Wheedon

    The Avengers.

    The awful one with the super heroes, not the awful one with the British spies.

  • Regan

    Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

    Never seen it, but the title alone….

  • dollar store cashier wife

    are you people fucking serious? they have multiple times either in half in the bag or in plinkett reviews laughed off their ‘fans’.taking this comment section seriously would cause suicide for rlm crew.

    • jRoldo

      i know i’m trying to downvote all the requests BUT THERE’S TO MANY D=

  • TheCynicalReaper

    The Matrix Trilogy would be perfect, mate.
    That story started out with an interesting philosophical concept on the nature of reality only to have it ruined by a nonsensical explanation of the plot (robots using human batteries? The hell?!) and the ruination only snowballed from there with each new horrible sequel. Man those movies suck. There was a lot of potential there, too, all for it to burn to ash in the end…

  • ShadowACS

    Review Lenny the Wonder Dog. YOU PROMISED!

    • jRoldo

      No he didn’t

  • Paul

    The Matrix Trilogy please!!

  • Charon

    This review should be titled “Let’s see how many comments we can get on Disqus in under an hour.”

  • Lord Swagger

    Garbage Pail Kids

  • Dick James

    Anyone who doesn’t think the Dark Knight trilogy was horrible and most deserving of a Plinkett raping is a fucking idiot.

    • gresh

      Hah, you’re in a big minority there buddy.

      • jRoldo

        on top of the fact, the entire point was to tell people to STOP requesting videos

        but here we are with 100000000 morons requesting videos, the opposite of the joke presented

    • Bob JaBopistan

      Anyone who doesn’t like their eggs sunny side up is fucking retarded.

      See, I can do it.

    • tgot

      I noticed that “rape” is now a casual word for people, specially on the internet ,it’s so bizarre to me. I must be getting old I guess…

    • Gino Ortiz

      Other than Batman Begins those movies were pretty good…

  • Jegsimmons

    Last Airbender

  • Sorry, Kansas

    Matrix 2 and 3 should not be next, they should have been done already. Get on that shit.

  • Zawaz

    The Matrix trilogy for sure.

  • dnzo


    Now… shall we begin?

    • jRoldo

      No because the point of what he said at the end was for people LIKE YOU

      to stop doing, WHAT YOU JUST DID.

      • dnzo

        I don’t know what I have to do, I only know what I CAN do.

  • Pink Cat

    Matrix Reloaded!

  • Peanut Turner

    I think from the looks of these comments, you should do The Matrix trilogy AND Prometheus.

  • Alex Humphrey

    Matrix Trilogy!

  • WedgeyPage

    The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

  • Annafon

    The Last Airbender

  • Fravit

    Last Airbender

  • RRB

    wait whats this?…my vhs of MAC AND ME…Ohhhhhhh

  • Johnny

    The Room

  • ManaMan

    Terminator Salvation

  • Kikefriki

    You should DESTROY Prometheus… Please, please, please, DO IT!!

    • jRoldo

      try watching the last two minutes again

      and really think about it this time, idiot

  • Gino Ortiz

    Matrix Trilogy is a brilliant idea. Terminator would be cool, too… you know, kinda examine the evolution from sci-fi horror/thriller to 90′s action staple to terrible repackaged dog feces.

  • Ron

    Honestly, I think we need a movie that would be like shooting fish in a barrel for you guys. Titanic and Crystal Skull weren’t as funny as Cop Dog or Baby’s Day Out. An epic thrashing of The Last Airbender would be a nice return to form, especially if you’ve seen the series.

    And to some of the other posters, stop the shit in proposing they review films that have already been on “Half in the Bag”. They’ve absolutely gone into incredible depth of Prometheus, to where there’s absolutely nothing that could be added to that.

  • imc440

    Oh you haven’t even started? Damn you guys.


    The Matrix Trilogy or if you’re going to review Prometheus you have to do the Alien movies too.

  • Blue_Trombone

    The Last Airbender

  • imc440

    I say Cop and a half. I enjoy you guys blowing apart the shitty movies more than the big ones. Cop Dog is still my favorite breakdown.

  • Zach Martin

    disaster movie

  • dan

    Don’t do Prometheus, its not that bad and I actually kinda like it and it was already done in half in the bag, I think Last Airbender would be great, as well as The Happening, Terminator Salvation is awful and should be destroyed Plinkett style and Matrix yeah do them good. And what about the film Crash?! I’d love that to be Plinketted, so awful! Also why is One Hour Photo on here? I don’t remember that film being that bad?

    • Turdlar

      Terminator Salvation is infinitely better than T3.

  • Relic Hunter

    Please comment me because I have to know this…
    Do YOU think everybody who wants to see a Last Airbender Review is a kid?
    I mean, that movie is aimed at kids right? Or are all does comments from grown men that are angry because the movie doesn’t live up to the cartoon?

  • Kian Stra

    Well.. I think the James Bond-franchise deserves a little raping, for the way it’s justifying outdated values globally, through repeating the same shit as they’ve always done, and somehow still be critically praised time after another, all over the world.
    But of course it can be seen as a over-interpretation, but that shit’s interresting to discuss too

  • hollis


  • Chris

    Original Star Wars trilogy. How can you not?

  • goof182

    Matrix or twilight

  • goof182

    Harry Potter Series!!!!!!

  • Kennedy St. King


  • Otto Torrens

    Tremors please ?

  • goof182

    You should create a 10-20 min Plinkett series each week when Walking dead comes out. Review it and rip it up… + give me credit.

    • jRoldo

      are you all fucking serious.

      did the joke at the end of the video go over THAT MANY peoples damn heads

      he ment shut the fuck up with the requests, (not just to you goof to all morons)

      • goof182

        HAHAH thats jokes, I wasnt paying attention to the video, i was at work. did not catch the sarcasm.

  • Backbone

    Review the fucking pirates of caribbean movies, all 4 movies are fucking filled to the edge with plot holes. and the fourth movie was so fucking boring

    • Reggie_Rock

      Get a load of this guy. Caring about plot holes in a movie about undead pirates fighting Legolas and Johnny Depp’s ego.

      • Ignacio

        In fact, I would love to see a review of the Pirates of the Caribbean vs. Monkey Island.

  • Wildride

    Star Trek Into Darkness, or Let’s See if Anyone Notices We’re Badly Ripping Off Wrath of Khan — Again — For the Third Movie in a Row — Seriously!

    • cabbo

      It could be worse; it could be Search for Spock.

  • Erwin

    Please, please, please rip Prometheus apart!

  • Kikefriki

    By the way I am surprised by how many people seems to dislike the “Dark knight” trilogy now. I understand some of you are dissapointed with the last entry on the series (that, still, is much better than the 90% of the blockbusters Hollywood deliver)… but the previous two are great action movies with strong characters, good practical effects, good performances, good music and very intriguing themes. Movies that thousand of people will remember in the future. I am not a Christopher Nolan fan, I swear, but I really find something special in this trilogy.

    • Thomas Hayes

      I think it’s at least partly because of how popular they are after the success of the second. Not everyone likes every film – certain films just don’t appeal to certain people. Imagine if you’re someone who dislikes, doesn’t feel engaged by or gets bored by The Dark Knight but you have to hear every film critic and his dog giving it rave reviews all the time – it would probably make you feel like you were the only sane man in the world. I’m already seeing the same thing with “Avengers” which I and everyone else I know loved as did all the critics but it didn’t work for everyone, and thus there are people who didn’t like it complaining quite loudly about that.

    • William Shakesman

      But it’s really just the second one that was really good. Batman Begins is just mediocre when viewed more than once. And we all know why the last one is crap, despite the Half in the Bag people defending Nolan’s incompetence.

  • Johnny

    Matrix Reloaded

  • ChurchTucker

    A Plinkett review of Prometheus would go a long way to justifying the fact that I saw that stinker.

  • iamtravis182

    Matrix Reloaded.


    Terminator Salvation by far, God I hated that movie

  • Dean

    LotR trilogy.

  • SeekerLancer

    Big black ships!

  • Joeyjoejoesabadu

    I want it to be the Dark Knight Rises… But ya’ll already gave that an inexplicable pass in Half in the Bag.

  • Ganonmaster

    Prometheus, you hack fraud.

  • Bob

    Review the Shoji Tabuchi Show!

  • letsfightlove

    the matrix please

  • Alexander Kniceley

    I love how the scene with Spock yelling “KHAN!!” is from the same bootleg of the movie I have. Neat!

    • Reggie_Rock

      It sounds like a tea kettle going off or a petulant baby crying, not a manly shout of anger.

  • guest

    Cloud Atlas, god there was so much good and so much bad to that movie

  • Derek Lowell Strassburg

    I vote for Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

  • Kevin Jahi Johnson

    The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. Those movies have taken way too much shit, and they deserve a fair shake or at least a reasonable and justifiable takedown. Or Ewoks: Caravan of Courage.

  • cabbo

    The Happening.

  • jRoldo

    All of you people tellin him what movies to review are MORONS

    he was saying it ironically, as in “shut the fuck up and stop requesting movies”

    if you go over to the plinkett page literally 70% of the comments are assholes requesting which movies to review.

    if mike and jay needed help selecting movies they would ask for it, and not ironically to say “shut the fuck up”

    • Ignacio

      I think this comment is repeated.

  • Derek Stack

    Best of the Worst: Sean Connery Edition
    Highlander 2
    Darby O’gill and the Little People

    • Reggie_Rock

      Yes, this. This a thousand times over.

    • Ignacio

      Hey, I did enjoy Darby O’Gill and the Little People quite a lot.

  • Arpad Lukacs

    Matrix trilogy please. Explain what exactly went wrong with the second and the third movies.

    • Wut?

      Nothing went wrong, they just tried to expand upon the original idea, and you nerds didn’t like it.

  • Some Guy

    The Matrix.

  • DarthRandal

    Care Boars.

  • Joelkazoo

    I really want to hear why Harry hated One Hour Photo so much. I liked that film!

  • jRoldo

    dear lord, the amount of idiots.

    its literally got to be over 9000

  • bomb 20

    Dear Mr Plinket, please choose a movie YOU hate the most. We’ll watch it anyway. You know we will. We’re lazy fucks with computers.

  • HeftyJo

    “Soul Plane”

  • bb-15

    One of the things that I enjoyed about “Into Darkness” was the references to other other Star Trek stories. Yes, I know I’m a nerd.

    * As for the next Plinkett review, how about the Matrix trilogy.

    • dellaroccokc

      cuz I don’t like things that are different…

  • Milllercop

    Avatar the Last Airbender by shamalamadingdong

  • Vincent


  • Jordan

    All great choices.

    But, I’m going with MATRIX RELOADED!!!!!

  • Brian Watson

    Matrix Trilogy

    Matrix Trilogy

    Matrix Trilogy

    Matrix Trilogy!!

  • ReviewTheMatrixMovies

    Review Matrix Reloaded. Yay, for big dumb chase scenes.

  • Gorrister

    Andrew Jordan’s “Things”

  • A Disaster

    The Last Airbender becuase i would honestly love watch Plinkett referencing the original series, but the Matrix trilogy sounds very promising as well.

  • Quonk

    Seeing the movie poster of “Terminator: Salvation” flash by, I’ll just go with that! “Salvation” really BEGS the classic Plinkett treatment!

  • Christian

    Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions.

  • marco

    review the dark knight.

  • Manioc

    Review The Dark Knight . Take away the 15 minutes of Heath Ledger and it’s two-and-a-half hours of over-hyped padding.

  • That Bojac

    Gorilla Interrupted.
    Or actually Girl Interrupted.

  • Mk Ultra

    The last air bender was bad and unmemorable. I don’t even remember how it ended. The matrix sequels on the other hand are memorably bad. They shouldn’t have existed. I fucking paid IMAX tickets to see those back in 03. Tear them a new asshole please.

    Talking about unmemorable. The W brothers’ new-age cloud-something movie bombed horribly.

  • Billy Nunez

    el matrix recargado/revoluciones

  • Steve

    The Matrix movies.

  • train

    Promethus please

  • JJBitt

    Please do the MATRIX: RELOADED. My reasoning:

    The funniest / most eye opening / brilliant part of the Plinkett reviews is contrasting what actually works (i.e. the original Star Wars trilogy) with what doesn’t (the prequels). I knew there were a million things wrong with the Phantom Menace, but my brain couldn’t piece it all together until Mr. Plinkett did it for me.

    The MATRIX is similar in this way. The original is a brilliant piece of science fiction and basic story telling. I know RELOADED is completely fucked in a million different ways, but my mortal mind can’t wrap itself around how and why. I need the immortal mind of Mr. Plinkett to do it for me.

    At this point, the Plinkett reviews are more than just art and/or criticism. They’re a public service to us all. Do the right thing, guys. Do the MATRIX: RELOADED.

    • Josh

      This. But why not both sequels, since they were made at the same time and released in the same year, and both are deserving.

      • Ignacio

        Please include the Architect as a co-reviewer.

  • 1337 Skeet

    Do the fucking Matrix Sequels

  • cam_winston

    the matrix reloaded

  • Mark

    Prometheus please!

  • antoine dodson


    • KarlBunker

      Noooo, ANYTHING but Prometheus! That would be just shooting fish in a barrel; too easy, and boring to watch.

      Oh, I shot a fish.

      Oh, I shot a fish.

      Oh, I shot a fish.

      Oh, I shot a fish.

      … ad boreum.

  • Kyle Mickey

    Matrix sequels!!! Then One Hour Photo. Get that cock in your mouth and smile bitch! (That’s a line I’LL always remember from Robin Williams)

  • James Pickens

    Please… please do Prometheus. Dumbest movie I’ve seen until Into Darkness… and those two really do go neck and neck on stupidest scientists in the known universe. Seriously, Weyland must have hired college drop outs for his “best in their fields” scientists.

  • Steve

    Starship Troopers – one of my favourite films, would love to see a review of it! Keep up the great work, sir.

  • Davis

    Terminator Salvation has the benchmarks that made your Star Wars series great. The plot is bat-shit crazy, and, despite a wealth of material provided by the original two films, it goes out of it’s way to neglect and/or destroy the future world fans had been waiting decades to see realized.

  • 59 minutes

    We’ll watch whatever you pick. The Plinkett treatment never fails.
    I want to see a review of Raid pest sprays. I mean, if you say Fast Kill / Low Irritant does the trick, I believe it. But I’m sure you did your research and we’d all be interested to see it.

    But if you’re actually asking for a movie, I don’t know, how about Inception?

    • Ignacio

      I would LOVE to see a Raid review/ad by Mr. Plinkett.

  • everyinchofyou

    Oh god fuck blip tv. I’m just gonna wait till your stuff gets posted on Youtube.

  • dellaroccokc

    Yeah, I think Matrix has the best opportunity to be a great review.

  • nick

    the matrix

  • Okay, we got it. Thank you.

    Long-time viewer, only comment: Matrix Sequels

    A perfect target, since I don’t really understand why I didn’t like them.

  • The church of Sien – whatsit..

    Matrix trilogy…. Revolutions can burn in hell!! Waste of celluloid!!!…… Sorry, wounds run deep

  • Guest

    Maybe you should so a Plinkett Review of your top favorite movies.

  • matrixvote

    Matrix trilogy.

  • Scott

    Can you please review James Bond Die Another Day, I’m in pain from watching this movie.

  • christopher ford

    Maybe you should do a Plinkett Review of your top favorite movies.

  • lokathor


  • tristan

    Fast and furious any of them!

  • Daniel Fowler


    ignore all these matrix touting fucks. grading on a curve here, any other movie referenced is obviously ‘better’ than this turd of shyamalan’s. not good, but better. the matrix sequels had at least some level of production value, whereas airbender…what, i know he made it for his kids, but did he let them direct it too!?!? this “movie” has had it coming. i’ve already seen the rifftrax for it, now we must complete the cycle by having plinkett assassinate it’s viability !!

    we also have the recurring theme of taking an existing franchise, and shitting out poop all over children…….-’s expectations and memories of grown ups that watched it. the original series was sooooo good, and this film should have been too.

    a veritable feast of things-gone-wrong for plinkett to devour.

  • Baroque

    Please review the matrix sequels! I’ll buy feeding frenzy dvds for everybody I know

  • Gresh

    Matrix sequels are running away with this. Make it so Mr. Plinkett.


    Matrix sequels PLEASE.

  • Amber Lee

    Prometheus or Iron Man 3.

  • Treknologist

    Perhaps something other than Care Boars could play next?

  • JakeOfOld

    Please review The Fifth Element
    I love that movie! I actually got some girls in college to believe it was a porno starring Luke Perry

  • CallmeSnake

    Oh man! Do fucking Prometheus review please.

  • SideofClouds

    Review the fucking Matrix movies already!

    • SideofClouds

      I mean please :)

  • Alfred Houston Noble IV

    Matrix series. They were so terribly bad and I don’t really understand why.

  • super butt


  • Joet

    Matrix sequels

  • turid

    Birth of a Nation

  • Ben

    Review Quigley.

  • W.C. Wit

    Review the first Michael Bay Transformers movie.

  • Beercorn

    Andrew Jordan’s “Things”. I’ve been curious about that ever since it was mentioned in the HitB review for “Zaat”.

    As for everybody who’s saying Prometheus, quit acting stupid. You know Jay and Mike already reviewed it, and you know they really didn’t think it as that bad. There’s absolutely no point in doing a Plinkett Review for it.

    • Ignacio

      I would gladly watch Prometheus review made by Plinkett, no matter the other one.

  • Palmergeddon

    I’ve been dying for the Matrix sequels!

    • Ignacio

      Die you bitch! Oh, but that’s Terminator 3… Which should have also died before birth.

  • justaguyDP

    Prometheus definitely needs to be ripped. I can’t believe Ridley Scott is proceeding with “Blade Runner 2″ and having the writer for the “Green Lantern” to do the script. /facepalm

  • PercZS

    matrix sequels

  • UnShame

    Let me predict how the matrix trilogy review is going to go: first one was ok, maybe even good, the second one was crap and then the third one was the worst thing since the second one.

  • Robert Robsonson

    The Matrix sequels would be great Mr Plinkett Sir!

  • Sean Curran

    Blade Runner

    • Ignacio

      Yes! Blade Runner! Yes!

  • Mark Edward

    Matrix trilogy.

  • Gary T. McTarver

    I think Prometheus would be a great film for you to review. There are so many questions in that film that someone with your skills would be able to systematically un-pick.

  • jonkasunic

    Terminator: Suckvation.

    • Ignacio

      I would call it “Salivation”

  • Lan

    Matrix please O Great and powerful Mr. Plinkett

  • LGscoundrel

    Bardock: The Father of Goku

  • Rachael

    What about the Aliens movies? If people want you to get to Prometheus, and I know that it’s not a prequel, but totally still exists in the same universe as the other films, then Alien, Aliens, Aliens 3, and Resurrection are prime sci-fi material. Plus you guys tend to neglect horror a little bit with the Plinkett reviews, so it would give us gore lovers a little something to giggle over like excited Japanese school girls.

  • Djorgen Moogen

    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    I love listening to people rip the shit out of that atrocity. Even if you hadn’t seen the original cartoon and have nothing to compare it to, it’s still an awful fucking movie.

    • Adzl33t

      But then what’s the point of a review without a contrast with the original show, the best parts of the Star Wars and Star Trek review were the comparisions

      • pat

        There was an original show. It’s called Avatar The Last Airbender.

  • Mr. Mann

    Matrix Reloaded

  • ThePizzaRolez

    Matrix sequels, please! Prometheus has been done to death.

  • Tribalbeat

    Matrix please!

  • Tree

    This thought just formed in my brain, and I’m having trouble imagining a Plinkett review of it, but how about “Life of Pi”?

    • cocksaplenty

      it’s too good of a movie, and i haven’t even seen it

      • Tree

        It might be fun to hear Plinkett completely misunderstand it and call it dumb right up until the time that he gets it… and we get a change-up review that actually celebrates a good movie. Just a thought.

  • chris

    Spider-Man 3!!!

  • R2-D3

    The Last Airbender

    That screwed up a movie from three seasons worth of great shows, The Matrix was just a fluke that got lucky to have sequels.

  • k99goran

    Another vote for the Matrix trilogy.

    No one has really done this series, apart from Rifftrax. The two sequels are really bad, but there’s no obvious reason why they should have been. I think that’s what makes analyzing them interesting. Prometheus has already been reviewed on Half in the bag, and on so many other youtube channels and sites recently. It needs a rest.
    The last Airbender is interesting for the M Night Shyamalan connection, but I have no interest in the animated show it’s based on. I don’t care if it holds true to the show.

    • Nelson D. Robert

      I agree. Perfect.

    • Adzl33t

      Then go watch the show right now, it have have more fun chracters then Keaneu Reeves flat stoner dude

      • k99goran

        I’m sure it does, not that being more interesting than Keanu Reeves is a lofty goal. But I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

        What makes the reviews interesting is not whether the movies themselves are interesting, it’s whether the circumstances surrounding the movies are interesting. The Star wars prequels are at times as dull as movies can get, but Star wars and George Lucas as topics are interesting.

        M Night Shaymalan is an interesting director for a lot of reasons, and I would love to see a review/documentary/whatever of his film career as a whole. But I just don’t see how you could make an in-depth review of The Last Airbender without making references to the animated show, thus requiring the viewers (as well as Mike and the crew) to be familiar with it.

  • Matrix trilogy.

    Matrix trilogy.

  • Sgt Dickbutterson

    Plinkett should review Dark City. And make a video where rich evans watches Bible Black and an anime movie where one of the scenes late in it has Dracula eating a hamburger.

  • David Ben

    The universe is not complete without a PROMETHEUS from the immortal HSP !!!

  • Kyle Gibson


  • Bill

    Do the Bond 23-ilogy.

  • edwhitfield

    Just to get them on the board: The Da Vinci Code, Francis Ford Coppola’s Jack or Tuxedo Warrior.

  • Nelson D. Robert

    I think that “The Matrix Reloaded” is the best choice because:
    1) This movie is really disapointing.
    2) I don’t know why this movie looks/feels so wrong and different from the first one.
    3) I never found any decent review about it anywhere.

    Every other movie on your list I know pretty much what’s wrong.

    • decora

      exactly… Plinkett can give us the insight to explain why exactly we didnt feel the same about Matrix 2/3 as we did about 1. its like therapy or something.

      im not sure if prometheus would be as ripe for that kind of delving. (maybe becuase i liked it too much?)

  • Meester Smeeth


  • Ryan Schantz

    Do the Dark Knight more people will be interested in watching the reviews. Also it will show Mr. Plinkett’s perspective on superhero movies.

  • Harry

    The Matrix Trilogy

  • Please Happen

    one hour photo.

  • pat

    After Earth. Make it so brutal that M. Night Shamalamalamalamalon kills himself and rids the world of his terrible movies.

    Or do Last Airbender. Same goal.

    I’ve also been waiting for you to kill the Twilight universe.

  • Samuel Jones

    Terminator: Salvation

  • disqus_LX8wyubIMh


  • pat

    Don’t do Matrix we all knew the sequels would suck as most moneygrabbing sequels do, and the director of those films is not nearly in love with himself as Shameleroen is.

  • Jason Marlow

    Plinkett, you decrepit old man, why aren’t accepting bitcoins already for donations and purchases? Don’t you know that once you do you’ll be tapping into a whole new community of people who will probably like your work?

  • Asterios Kokkinos

    Matrix Sequels!

  • johnny longbone

    the matrix sequels. they deserve it.

  • pat

    Also anyone else think the Voyager ship at 6:28 kinda looks like Slave 1?

  • Meester Smeeth


  • No1CurBoutHITBRef

    Matrix 2 and 3 need to be made

  • Kyle Kitchen

    The Last Airbender! Or the Matrix sequels!

  • Shmeeegals

    Do the Matrix sequels YOU FUCK!

  • Smug

    …Friends with Benefits!!

  • KHMac

    Dark Knight or Prometheus. The problem with the Matrix sequels is no one really cares about them and everyone generally thinks they suck. The best Plinkett Reviews are for movies that either A: Have a legacy and/or were very important culturally B: Have both dedicated fans and detractors. I personally think the Dark Knight is an obscenely overrated movie riddled with plot holes, while others insist it is a “great” movie. Prometheus is part of rich legacy, was widely hyped, and was frustrating because it didn’t completely suck but had enough flaws to keep someone from really enjoying it.

    • KHMac

      Terminator Salvation or Die Hard 5 would also be good choices.

  • Slightly Twisted Balloons

    The last Airbender. How do you take a story already told for you, with engaging characters, and a huge fan base and mess it all up?

    It was a movie that even an idiot could have made alright.

  • Stephen Lomeli

    Desired Plinkett reviews (INPO).

    King Kong (2005)
    Independence Day
    Reign of Fire
    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
    Southland Tales
    Beastmaster 2
    Chronicles of Riddick
    Red Planet

    Best of the Worst suggestions
    Arena (1989)
    Message from Space (1978)
    Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1985)
    King Kong Lives

  • Will Robinson

    I cannot believe more than 500 people (and counting) are actually “started commenting, you fucks”. This is funnier than review itself.

    • Bob JaBopistan

      I like being smug, too. Let’s both get married and become domestic assholes.

  • carl

    matrix 2 and/or 3

  • KHMac

    Does anyone really care about the Matrix sequels enough to want to listen to someone talk about them for over an hour? REALLY? I know they sucked and first one was cool, but honestly, who cares about the Matrix film legacy? It would be like dissecting the Jaws sequels. Movies like Terminator 4, Die Hard 5, Prometheus, Dark Knight. These are movies that people actually care about. Films that are actually part of an established and respected film legacy.

    • pat

      ^ This. I guess if Mike REALLY disliked the Matrix trilogy and feels really passionate about them then he could still make a really awesome review that I’d watch, but everyone pretty much agrees that The first one was o.k while the last one’s sucked and the Matrix trilogy overall just doesn’t have the same fan base that the Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman, and Alien movies do. Hell I’d love to see a Die Hard 5 movie because as a huge fan of the original 2 movies 5 totally blew balls. Same with T4.

    • Joshua

      Matrix Sequels please.

      Also I disagree that the matrix wasn’t at least somewhat of a cultural phenom. Comparing it to Star Trek/Wars is kind of unfair, but it did have a big effect on movie effects at least. The main reason I’d like them reviewed is because the story got so confusing [IIRM, havent seen in years] and or just too much unnecessary things going on, I’d love to see them picked apart.

  • Stupid Asshole

    Tron Legacy. It ruined Tron!

    • KHMac

      Haha, Tron.

  • Gin

    Shouldn’t the reviewer himself choose an appropriate movie based on what he knows most about? I wouldn’t want to see a superficial review just because the underlying movie is popular.

  • LarryTheIceCube

    Fuck voting for the top rated blah blah blah. Three words: Purple Fucking Rain. That has everything you’d ever want to review in it. Plus Morris Day and Jerome throw a woman in a dumpster.

  • Sir cheat a lot

    Matrix sequels please

  • Achillesforever6

    I would want the Jurassic Park series reviewed just to show how the sequels seemed to forget what made the first one so groundbreaking and “perfect”

  • Littlenorwegians

    The Matrix movie series

  • Austin Sakal

    The Last Airbender, directed by the second most hated directer of all time, the 1st is George Lucius. And just like George, M Night absolutely destroyed the name of the series that he directed.

    • Mr. Fahrenheit

      I don’t think The Last Airbender is a good choise. It’s shit, we’re all know it, let’s move on. The Matrix sequels, on the other hand, has a story of “oh how mighty have fallen”. Instead of contunuing the deep and interesting story they’ve market the films as dumb action flicks. Did you guys read the original script? It’s actually genius and ties up all the ends together. All the plot holes in the sequels is the result of cropping and butchering this script.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Here’s my incredibly valuable suggestion: The Matrix sequels!

  • Guest

    The matrix downvote brigade is hilarious. Votes is votes.

  • No1CurBoutHITBRef

    The matrix downvote brigade is hilarious. Votes are votes.

  • Adzl33t

    The Last Airbender is worst than the Matrix triliogy

    The Matrix sequels had cool fights scenes and bland characters, at least it was consistent with the first movie

    I have a list of reasons of why The Last Airbender ruined the show,

    1. Main Characters Dynamic is destroyed: Aang, Katara Sokka, had great chemisty in the original show, similar dynamic trio of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy; basically the Freudian Id, Ego and Superego. All characters bounces of weakness and strength to play with each other. In the movie the character dyanmic is terrrible, Sokka does not to anything smart or even really anything helpful at all, and all Katara do is cry, making those characters almost pointless to Aang’s journey in the plot.

    2. Poor adapting: While condensing a whole season worth of show is hard, Edgar Wright shown it’s possible to condense 6 graphic novels into a movie. M Night decided to adapt the episodes “Imprisoned” and “The Blue Spirit” both episodes that can pretty easily be cut out of the first season without it being too confusing. M Night just to adapt those episodes in the movie because he thought he can put some random action sequences in the movie. The movie should have it’s plot structure completely rewritten and changed from the original show, maybe combine characters together like the Mechanist with the Firebending mentor Jeong Jeong. M Night takes the lazy route like Zack Synder and just slap together bits and pieces and hopes its works together.

    3. Lack of Humor and energy: The original show was funny, with helped along colorful and interesting characters. In the movie M Night have almost everyone act bored and suicidally depressed, there was zero sense of fun and humor in the movie, (A trick that’s getting really old after Unbreakable). The movie was played too seriously, which makes the more fantastical stuff in the movie just seem stupid. It’s almost like the Prequels with all the boring stiffs (Without Jar Jar but instead replace it with depressants)

    4. Poor Storytelling: Characters just talk in exposition in the most obvious and intrusive way possible without breaking the fourth wall. It’s simple case of “tell don’t show” For example when Aang and friends go to the northern water tribe we see them interact and react with their surroundings like talking to people and explore that would moves the plot and characters. In the movie Katara just said narrates something “We talk to theses people, my brother likes this princess, Aang got a water teacher” The characters just talk about stuff, even when there something visual on screen, the characters will still try to explain what’s onscreen as if the audience is dumb.

    5. Terrible action: The action scenes are lethargic and slow, especially the bending. When Zuko and Katara fought in the cartoon the fight was fast paced, they have to use different techniques, tricks, and moves to stay ahead of each other. In the movie all they do is practically play ping pong, they stand so far away from each other while hardly movie, and just strikes, block, strike, and block, with very slow cgi animation. I could dodge most of these bending moves, and I’m a fat guy. They barely do anything creative with the bending at all in the movie, barely any super cool moves at all, just basic blocking, basic strikes, and maybe a spin attack.

    6. Possibly the most racist movie this decade: Yep I’m going to talk about the race stuff now. This may as will be Birth of a Nation 2, think about this movie I’m going all Spike Lee on this. We have a white boy trying to save the world for color people from other color people, and this White boy is accompany by other white kids from a tribe of Eskimos (which makes no sense at all, I mean are the other Eskimos not good enough to go on an adventure) perhaps this movie is about how the mighty White Anglo race have to take control on all minorities from killing each other in order to have “balance” and perhaps have all the color races be under a leadership of White Supremacy. M Night is basically an Uncle Tom.

    Hey the matrix sequels at least had cool explosions and fight coregraphy, the Highway chase scene is one of best action sequences I ever seen in a movie, Airbender has none of that.

    So people please vote for Airbender as the worst movie for Plinkett to tear to shreds, I know I just did that just now, but I’m sure Plinkett can do it better.

  • Adzl33t

    Mike I will personally help you on a The Last Airbender review free of charge, I just need to destroy this movie.

    Sure The Matrix is flawed, but it was already a sequel that was already hard to do, The Last Airbender is like screwing up cooking mashed potatoes

  • Meester Smeeth


  • Nicodemus-Rexx

    Personally I’d prefer if you guys did a movie you WANT to do rather than what the community wants? Simply because I think you guys will make a better review if you really WANT to do the movie rather than if you’re told to do it.

    BUT IF I HAVE TO PICK: I seem to recall being promised Terminator: Salvation at the end of the Indiana Jones review? I’m calling that in.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Personally, I think you guys will review whatever the fuck you want. You’re just making us dance like muppets with strings and hands up our stuff. I almost feel violated. Nice.

    • Ignacio

      I like being molested a little from time to time.

  • Catoblepa

    The Matrix sequels, no doubt! They’re absolutely perfect for Plinkett:
    big budget sequels that basically ruined everything that made the first
    one good (rings a bell?). This kind of analysis can become a valuable
    lesson about moviemaking, and that’s what Redlettermedia does best in my
    opinion. Destroying The Last Airbender would be like beating a dead
    horse, it’s too obvious.

  • T.e. Post

    Please review “The Day After Tomorrow.” It’s like Avatar, but not really! lol It’s a liberal piece of crap! lol

  • rtambree

    Prometheus, of course. Der.
    worst movie since Transformer 2.

  • Jesus Lozoya

    I would like to see a review of The Dark Knight Rises. I know you guys enjoyed it but can distance yourself to actually critique it.

  • Hermit

    Prometheus, please. I wanted to like that movie so much, but then I saw it… ohhh…

  • La Mendoza

    Star Trek: Into Darkness

  • Charles Petrosky

    So I voted last night on Blip but I’d better voice my opinion here as well: THE MATRIX FILMS.

    They’re the last popular series of films I was fooled into seeing. I haven’t been swept up by the other instant franchises like Harry Potter, Transformers, Twilight, etc.

    Other than that, you guys have done well with the sequels that disappointed me a la Star Trek, the Star Wars prequels, and Crystal Skull.

    But hey, if you want to stick it to Michael Bay and don’t want to hit the well tread Transformers films, I’d like to see your opinion on Bad Boys and Bad Boys II. My last year of high school was hugely influenced by the audacious and ridiculous Bad Boys II. Looking back, I don’t see what I liked so much about the movies. Maybe I was still under the influence of puberty?

  • Dong Draper

    I doubt this will get enough votes because no one has seen it, but you should do a review on the Al Pacino/Christopher Walken/Alan Arkin flop mob-movie “Stand Up Guys”. It is the most tonally-confused and aimless film I have ever seen. The writing literally feels like a story that someone is making up while they are telling it.

    It is a really interesting anomaly, because it has good actors in roles they are accustomed to playing- the type of actors that can generally carry a movie despite a poor script. I mean its Pacino and Walken in a Mafia movie- how hard can that be to screw up? Yet all the performances were awkward, perfunctory, or just completely lifeless. It felt like they were acting at gunpoint.

  • guest

    The Baz Luhrman Romeo and Juliet.

  • Sam Swicord

    Matrix 2 & 3

  • Spindles

    I generally loved the Dark Knight … but someone needs to take it down a peg.

    • This Guy

      look up CinemaSins

  • mefu

    Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining

    • bassbait

      Why make a negative review of a perfect film?

      • Frobozz

        All of Plinkett reviews are not negative. He liked the 2009 Star Trek

        • Ignacio

          Yes, but it should be called “Cowboys in Space” or something like that.

  • SF


    • Ignacio

      Thank you

  • xDiscipleOfTheWatchx

    Well, now that I’ve had my choices narrowed down for me by the assholes commenting here to “Airbender”, “Prometheus” or “Matrix Sequels” I guess I’m gonna have to go with Matrix sequels because a) Prometheus has already been sufficiently covered by RLM b) who cares about the Last Airbender anyway? c) The Matrix sequels have plenty of great material for Plinkett to exploit for our amusement and everyone knows how terrible they are but nobody has fully articulated why yet.

    If I could get my way I’d have them do the Die Hard sequels, or Nightmare On Elm Street series. But this is being done by vote tally…Fuck Democracy!

    I’d also like to see a prediction of the success or failure of JJ Abrams doing Star Wars based on his previous directing, with reasons given. Might make for an interesting 5 minute discussion.

    And Jay or Mike, or anyone else if you’re still reading go check this out-

  • Samuel Shoechuck

    matrix sequels, or maybe the hobbit

    • cocksaplenty

      HitB already did The Hobbit

      • guest

        You already said HitB already did something

  • Wut?

    Dang it, I need to see this movie so I can finally watch the two things I’ve missed out on this site.

  • Tyler Stafford


  • bassbait

    Review another dog movie just to punish us all for trying to get you to review the things we actually want you to review.

    • jRoldo

      i know it seems like literaly 90% of the people THINK he wants them to suggest things

      the joke went over almost everyone’s head

  • Duane Moody

    The Last Airbender. Like Into Darkness you’ll need Rich to explain what they fucked up as an adaptation but on its own merits as a movie you should be able to have plenty of fun deconstructing M. Night’s mythic vision of himself as a director of anything but third act gimmick flicks.

    And the real payoff? Just in time for “After Earth” to hit the theaters!

    I don’t want to downvote the Matrix trilogy but you really should have timed that for the “Cloud Atlas” release.

  • menace-related junk!


  • Meester Smeeth


  • Daving

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

    Failing that, the matrix sequals seem popular.

  • Jimmy

    I think that Mr. Plinkett should review ‘The Care Boars Save Christmas’ because it is my favourite.

  • poopface mcgee

    Cloud Atlas

  • Don

    How about reviewing Cloud Atlas?
    I thought it was pretty neat but I’m open to what other people think about it

  • Dave Berman

    Matrix sequels

  • Frobozz

    Plinkett has reviewed pretty much all of the Star Trek films. He must review Star Trek Into Creative Darkness

    Those who say otherwise can suck cock by choice

    • jRoldo

      in reality your a moron who doesn’t understand your own language.

      the end of the video plinkett was making fun of all of you idiots suggesting movies.

      i wouldn’t doubt mike and jay dont even read these comments for that reason

      Mike probably has 5 movies already chosen waiting to be “plinkett reviewed”. All of you morons with MATRIX SERIES, AVATAR HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR are part of the problem

      • pat

        Yeah it would be better if no one commented on RLM videos ever.

      • Frobozz

        But I do know how to use contractions properly.

    • Richard Head

      “Those who say otherwise can suck cock by choice.”

      That is literally the dumbest sentence ever written in any human language. Basically, you’re saying that those who don’t agree with you can then choose to suck cock. Or not.

      And that’s pretty much the same two choices they already had with or without your intervention. People have been writing about this choice for years, going all the way back to Shakespeare.

      “To suck, or not to suck. That is the question.” – deleted scene from Hamlet.

      In short: You’re an idiot.

  • nwrob

    Has Mike ever mentioned The Matrix? If he has an appreciation for the original, they should take a whack at the sequels. Plinkett is at his best when directors sully the objects of his affection.

    • cocksaplenty

      Plinkett has mentioned the Matrix in some form or another in his SW prequel reviews, and i think that was the case in HitB`s Sucker Punch

  • jRoldo

    I decided to repost my comment that got pushed by morons requesting.

    here it is =D

    All of you people telling him what movies to review are MORONS

    he was saying it ironically, as in “shut the fuck up and stop requesting movies”

    if you go over to the plinkett page literally 70% of the comments are assholes requesting which movies to review.

    if mike and jay needed help selecting movies they would ask for it, and not ironically to say “shut the fuck up”

    • Wut?

      Why so serious?

      • cocksaplenty

        even if I am moronic for not getting Plinkett being ironic here, i`m still voting for Matrix sequels here

        • jRoldo

          your just like another guy on the plinket page (mature screen name person)

          you request 5 reviews, comment the first 50 replies after you

          and you never come back to for months

          so i dont care about you anymore you’re old news cause your up top 100000000000 times like an idiot

    • Great Scott!

      How clever are you.
      You are so clever that I have to masturbate every time I read your comment.

      In fact I have to masturbate every time i think about your comment.

      I am masturbating right now.

    • menace-related junk!

      as a moron i demand IM3!

    • nwrob

      Is that why my Pizza Rolls never came?

    • H.Ortiz

      Roldo you seem like a dick, but I hope your right.

      • jRoldo

        the dickisness comes from being flabergasted at the amount of idiots who comment plinkett videos.

        on facebook the star wars plinkett reviews are more or less exclusive to fans because other people dont care. so you end up with intelligent conversation most of the time

        but here



        i wish there was an emoticon for *joke flies over head*

    • pat

      So what? I can go and post on Microsoft websites about what I want/ don’t want in the terribly named Xbox One. Are they going to listen to me? no. Do I do it anyway? Yes. Are you probably right? Yes. Are you being a dick to other people on the internet? Also yes.

      • jRoldo

        you are a prime example of what is wrong with the world

        Is it unecessary YES
        is it a waste of time YES
        is it a waste of data space
        on someones HD/server YES
        Do i care NO

        and that makes it ok

  • Wut?

    How about a classic Bond movie, since you haven’t seen all of em, AS YOU SHOULD. Come, do it. You Know you want to.

  • nairaduat

    Prometheus please

    • cocksaplenty

      never Prometheus; it`s done already

  • Amy Dean

    So so true…

  • Meester Smeeth


  • herderpjokeovermyheadderp
    • Ignacio

      What about Prince of Darkness (1987)?

    • The Captain’s Log


  • Robert Overstreet

    Krull. A Mike and Jay version of the retrieval of the Glave would be amazing.


    What I really liked about the first plinkett reviews was that the movies were really old. that you had already forgotten about those bad movies or what flaws they had. i liked that about Titanic as well. I think you should go with an older movie again, Dark Knight is too recent. Could Mr. Plinkett make sense of “Plan 9 from Outer Space”? Or a bad 80s movie that was super overrated?

    • fuckbot

      sounds great!

    • tutut

      Plan 9!!!!!!

    • Eryn Dearden

      Plan 9 really isn’t the kind of bad that Plinkett does best, I’d say. Everyone knows (and loves) why Plan 9 is so bad. No one needs Plinkett to tell them what MST3K and Tim Burton’s Ed Wood already did. He’s better-suited either to deceptively-glossy blockbusters, shitty kids’ movies that haven’t already been run into the ground by popular culture, and Kevin Bacon.

      • huggybear

        still, plinkett could be more throrugh on Plan 9 than what we have seen so fare

        and he can drop in some stories from his 60s about when the film was made

      • shaberdaber


        • Eryn Dearden

          Get ready to kick off your Sunday shoes YOU FUCKS

  • guest

    At this point, it seems unlikely that they’re going to review the Matrix sequels. Whatever they pick, it has to be more unique and insightful than telling us what we already know that’s wrong with the Matrix sequels. Something that’s more than typical nitpicks and leads to a discussion of the filmmakers and the industry

  • noway


  • Greg Morrow

    The last airbender. Please…. Please….

  • OmegaManHeston

    Highlander 2: The Quickening, Renegade Version or

    please review Zardoz.

  • Godfather

    GODFATHER PART III please! Isn’t that the next biggest disappointment after the prequels and Indy?

  • H.Ortiz

    Why do people keep requesting “the last airbender”? It wasn’t very good especially if you were a fan of the cartoon, but worth the Plinkett treatment? I dont think so.

    • pat

      I’ve only seen a few episodes of the cartoon, and don’t consider myself a fan, but Last Airbender has to be one of the worst movies ever. I thought it worse than the Star Wars prequels and Matrix sequels.

      • H.Ortiz

        It wasn’t worse than the Star Wars prequels. Ask Plinkett.

  • tjg92


  • Michael Houser

    Zardoz. Zardoz.

  • AnimistPrimal

    The problem with reviewing The Last Airbender is that unless RLM has seen the cartoon they will have no idea why the movie is so bad in comparison. It is like when Plinkett showed how the TNG films were complete garbage action movies compared to the more cerebral, slower paced TV shows. Airbender is a mediocre movie on its own, but what makes it so horrible is how the writers and M Night completely threw out what made the series one of the best cartoon shows in history.

    I like my Plinkett to have more insight than simply bitching about plot holes or bad acting, that is what we have Half in the Bag for. No, what makes Plinkett great is exactly what he did that made him famous…bring up extremely good points about what made a movie bad on emotional and technical levels interspersed with humor, like the Star Wars reviews. I mean some of his stuff are things that only people who are in the business would likely realize, that is what I like about Plinkett.

    • cocksaplenty

      which is why I think a good portion, if not majority, of people like myself want him to do the Matrix sequels

    • ILDC

      And then he does Baby’s Day Out.

    • William Shakesman

      Yeah, being able to know the exact clips to include from the source material to blast how shitty the current product is was the key to the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones reviews. Mastery of the source material is key, so if Mike hasn’t seen the cartoon best to just skip that one.

  • Meester Smeeth

    2001: A Space Odyssey.

    And Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus for PS1.

    • Ignacio

      Why that game??

      • Meester Smeeth

        Why not?

        • Ignacio

          Well, I did like that game a whole lot. It didn’t make much sense to me, though.
          In any case, I don’t think they’ll be reviewing video-games, although I believe they should. But these guys specialize in film-making, so it wouldn’t be as good.

          • Meester Smeeth

            I love that game, and the original. I wasn’t being serious about him reviewing it, not really… It was just a thought, really.
            I’m not too sure about them reviewing video games, to be honest, but then I’m not much of a gamer myself.
            If they did start reviewing games in some fashion or other, I’d watch them regardless (it’s RLM, after all) but as it stands I’m not really bothered either way.
            Having said that, I think it’s a shame they knocked GameStation2.0 on the head so early on. I enjoyed the few they did.

  • Indeed001

    The Matrix Trilogy would be my pick.

  • rob

    Nice one, Mike. I’d say Terminator: Salvation, but I actually think Terminator 3 makes more sense because that was where the series ate itself and shit out shit.


    • cocksaplenty

      yeah, but Salvation is juicier, and he can talk about T3 in a Salvation review

  • GrampsHiro

    Crank: High Voltage.

    • cocksaplenty

      they love the crank movies

  • George Superman

    Review Bicentennial Man you fat as@!#@!# ! Its got robot on grandmother and than her granddaughter action, simplistic dialogue and storytelling, and wors of all robinn williams talking about scoring said grandmother and grandaughter and I still CANNOT stop liking this piece of cr!@$$# and I do not know WHY. Screw Matrix sequels and all that hipster ‘complain about movies nobody likes anyway’ crap

    • cocksaplenty

      that could be a filler review

      • George Superman

        Plus review of Bicentennial Man would piss off lots and lots of people which is always fun xD But I seriouly like that movie and I seriously do not know why – it is kind of simplistic etc and still the movie is among my favorites. And (I think) I have a decent taste in movies o.O

  • Griffin A Tremaine

    Review the Matrix Sequels. Pretty Please?

  • DoctorBleed

    Last Airbender, so hard. Please, I would give my left arm for this to happen.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Mikey, baby, y’all know y’all wanna’ll review’all Meantime starring Paul Daniels, Tim Rice and Manny Oldguy.

  • playdude92 .

    It’d be funny of they could not count all the “Matrix Trilogy” or “Matrix sequels” votes on the technicality, that they are not in fact a single movie, wouldn’t it?

  • G


  • Tom T.

    MATRIX SERIES! I need closure!! Please!!!

  • Sam


  • Julio

    The Dark Knight Trilogy. They’re practically one film

  • Anthropomorphic Pizza Roll

    Starship troopers 1, 2 and 3! The horror, the horror…

  • Larmo

    Part of me wants them to do the Twilight movies, but this might be too cruel.

  • Spindles

    Gee, now what bloated sci-fi blockbuster starring Will Smith, with a sequel planned in the works, would be a perfect fit for a certain Fourth of July release???

  • JohnShuttleworth

    Matrix Reloaded.

  • Buck Vegas

    The Dark Knight or Dark Knight Returns. Any of the Avenger movies (Iron Man, Avengers, or maybe the Edward Norton Hulk Movie that has the General’s ranks getting reversed)

  • boobersnoober

    The Matrix Trilogies. Those things need to be picked apart because… oh man.

  • TheCommador

    Plinkett I don’t ask you much but please review Les Miserblebiles… or something.

    That movie literally wallows in its own shit!

  • Louis Gonzales

    After Earth, please! :D

  • ToxicHyperspace

    The Matrix sequels.

  • celret

    The Matrix sequels, definetely

  • Paulo Rodrigues

    The Matrix trilogy! Do more reviews, u old lazy homo!

  • Victorinus

    The Matrix Sequels. Mr. Plinkett is at his best when reviewing popular series that SHOULD have been good, have a perception of being at least okay, but were really failures. Matrix fits the bill.

  • Douche Lord

    the matrix trilogies… fucks!

  • Meester Smeeth


  • Andrew F.


  • Loath

    Matrix Revolutions, but if you can Matrix Reloaded too. Idiocy of that level has to be put down so that it doesn’t have to suffer. Asshole.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Room 237.

    • decora

      you mean the porno?

      • Meester Smeeth


  • Saucestin

    Birth of a nation, because plinkett was born around the time it was released, so he should be able to provide some background.

    • decora

      hah, i love it

      • Alex Lee

        “Race jokes, I love ‘em!”

  • NTR

    “Ghost Cat” starring Ellen Page – I haven’t seen it but it’s on Netflix streaming. Might be a good follow-up to Cop Dog.

  • I’mAFuck

    The Bourne Trilogy. So boring, and so overrated. I almost literally fell asleep watching the first one.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Inglourious Basterds.

  • A guy on the internet


  • Jegsimmons

    The Brad Jones Cinema Snob movie.
    not because its bad…but because its better than 90% of hollywood.

  • seanmcl7

    Do Life of PI! it sucked balls!

  • Snake

    I see that you flashed The Matrix Reloaded up on the screen there at the end. As much as I enjoyed the first one when it came out, I think you would do a great job ripping the trilogy a new one. If not, then review whatever you want. It’ll be hilarious regardless.

  • Dog Cop

    Little Monsters, starring Fred Savage as Howie Mandel.

  • Meester Smeeth

    A Fistful Of Traveler’s Cheques.

  • quend0

    the matrix!

  • Ricky

    I think the Matrix trilogy could really use some Plinkett magic

    • Cameron Vale

      more like matrix eulogy!

  • fanboystar

    Matrix sequels!!! PLease!

  • ur mom

    Gayniggas from Outer Space

  • Sparste

    Matrix! You don’t need to recap the first one and could combine Revolutions / Reloaded for material since the second movie drops off with a cliffhanger anyway. Kinda like how the one Indy 4 review was sort of a retrospective on the whole Indiana Jones series

  • Adzl33t

    THE NOSTALGIA CRITIC IS GOING TO REVIEW THE LAST AIRBENDER AND THE ENTIRE SHOW, ok Matrix fans you can have Plinkett review (Though I still would like Plinkett to review The Last Airbender someday), Nostalgia Critic got it handled

    • Harry Mayweather

      Nostalgia Critic will handle The Last Airbender with unfunny screaming and bad skits.

      In spite of this, I vote for The Matrix Revolutions because it deserves a better quality of asstearing.

      • Adzl33t

        Screw you, Nostalgia Critic screaming is hysterical. His review of A.I. was genius. I voting again for “The Last Airbender” just because of your comment, douche.

        • Sean Rial

          Nostalgia Critic, Go away and quit voting for yourself. You are funny. But if you nailed the Nostalgia Chick I will give you some man points.

  • Mufasa

    How about that new Superman movie? Not the one that’s coming out, the one before that. The reboot. not the remake of the reboot. …..I hate hollywood

  • Will Eckerle

    The Room please

  • Tina

    Matrix! “whoa.”

  • CarlC


    • cocksaplenty

      sequels only

  • Robert Stewart

    Do Inception!

  • Grumpel

    Kill Bill!! Something special but so very flawed.
    That Titanic review was great and grew on me, but I was a little disappointed it wasn’t a Kill Bill review, when all the signs seemed to point to that in the lead-up.

  • Nicholas Maertz

    Yeah, Matrix Sequels.

  • Connor Graves

    Southland Tales

  • petejohnwilson

    The Last Airbender is a truly awful film, but I’m not sure Plinkett is the right guy to tear that film apart.

  • Sports


    • cocksaplenty

      bullshit; Prometheus was done already!

  • adam

    I’m sorry I have to vote The Last Airbender.

  • Jack

    Matrix original was good, but the sequels are a mess.. If no Prometheus, then matrix 2/3

    • cocksaplenty

      yeah, i don`t think there`ll be another Prometheus review

  • Rob Coletta

    Please Plinkett, review something where you shall enjoy the process. Be cruel.

  • Scsimodem

    I’m voting for the Matrix movies, even the original. It’s good, and I don’t see Plinkett ripping it apart, but it would give good context to the rest of them. Second choice goes to Twilight, which I loathe.

  • Astor

    You should review the prequel-reboot to the fourth Matrix film, not the prequel’s interquel though, that one was awesome!

  • Bene Geseritessellassie

    Space Jam

  • Mike Mike Mike


    • cocksaplenty

      Prometheus done already, says this caveman

  • Connor Graves

    Space Jam

  • Jack

    The Last Airbender

    • Grumpy Space Doctor

      Seriously, what is it with this damn movie?
      Is it something one should have heard of?
      Isn’t it a cartoon show?
      We only get about 1 Plinkett review a year.. and you want THIS?
      Why not review the latest episode of Spongebob?
      Ah,.. you are talking about the live action movie…

      …that ruined that cartoon show for you? Seriously?
      Why not let him review Alf- the movie? That was also pretty disappointing.
      But who wants to see it?

      • cocksaplenty

        The Last Airbender movie was a pretty big disaster in its own right, u know

  • i’m so clever

    Equilibrium. With Chritian Bale AND Sean Bean (who – spoiler alert – dies). It is in some ways similiar to the Matrix, so you can tease the morons demanding that crappy series here, and instead do Equilibrium :-).

    • Sean Bean’s Ghost

      I like Equilibrium. It is made of 100% recycled movie and still manages to be memorable.

  • mpbk

    matrix sequels

  • Not A Cop

    The Last Airbender, I raped my childhood

    • Grumpy Space Doctor

      You too? The last airbender? When was this even in theatres?
      Is this legit? I don’t get it. Are you guys all friends on facebook and went like:
      I know, let’s all vote for the crappiest thing, no one ever heard or cared about. Trolololo.

  • GinGuilt

    seriously is there even plot on the Matrix sequels for Plinkett to discuss? Terminator Salvation is the way to go, the movie is more of a mess than Into Darness (which is a huge fucking mess)

    • Nicholas Connor

      Tired of the into darkness hate. It’s stupid (-1), but agreed, salvation is much worse.

  • Bourgeoisie

    Batman and Robin

  • GatorMacheteJr


    But actually Prometheus.

    • cocksaplenty

      they reviewed Prometheus; i feel like a broken record at this point

      • guest

        …and you smell like one too.

        …and how many times do you have to be told Plinkett hasn’t reviewed Prometheus yet?

  • Adzl33t

    Review My Little Pony Season 3 finale and how it could ruin the franchise

  • misterclock

    Terminator: Salvation and how the opening scene from Terminator 2 was better than the whole Terminator: Salvation movie.

  • Chris Foosman

    The Notebook. Get in touch with your historical romances again.

  • Nick

    Twilight. Just do it.

  • 13thDoctorXRO

    Wait for it to air and then “Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Hullaballoo 2, Electric Bugaloo”.

  • GinGuilt

    how about the star wars episode I i heard its not that great

  • decora

    enders game

    • cocksaplenty

      you may have to wait a few years before they get to that

  • Tyler Olson

    You guys have talked about Prometheus before, but not for a fully enjoyable hour. please make my day.

    • cocksaplenty

      they really don`t need to

  • Frank

    Matrix Reloaded

    I need someone to sum up everything that’s wrong with that film so I don’t need to try to hold it all inside my play dough brain.

    • KHMac

      You’re holding anything from Matrix sequels inside? I can’t remember a thing from those movies. Seriously, who cares about the Matrix trilogy. The first one was good, the sequels were a convoluted CGI mess, not much to dissect.

      • cocksaplenty

        oh, there`s quite a bit to dissect.

  • Nick Wolf

    Matrix sequels

  • Quinn

    Schumacher’s Batman & Robin!

  • ThatSamoanGuy

    Everyone keeps saying “Matrix sequels”, and I agree…but why not pick apart the first movie too? Or at the very least discuss it a little while reviewing the sequels. Plinkett has reviewed movies he didn’t hate before (Avatar) and even ones he admires in a weird way (Titanic).
    My vote’s for The Matrix series.

  • John Paul III

    To be honest, it is a tough choice, I would suggest the Transformers movies, but I heard they are making another. I dont think movies like The Last Airbender or Dragonball Evolution would be a good fit for the Plinkett review due to a lot of the failure comes from the poor adaptation of the original shows (DragonBall & Avatar:The Last Airbender) in which I assume Mike nor the RLM gang hasn’t watched the original material or will bother sitting down to watch them. Sadly, the original Dragonball show and Avatar the Last Airbender, dont have a large significance to general pop-culture. I’d probably go with one of George Lucas’s other failures such as Howard the Duck or Red Tails.

    Also, usually Plinkett reviews each movie in a series separate starting with the first.

    • cocksaplenty

      they already reviewed Red Tails

  • Rick_Berman

    Do TDKR!
    And maybe JJ learned his “Homage” lesson here and applies it to star wars, I still hope his couch corners get destroyed.

    • cocksaplenty

      they reviewed TDKR; and fuck you for ruining Star Trek

  • derptron5000

    either the transformers movies…or the matrix movies. even the first one

  • disqus_33p3Aak9cR

    Dragonball: Evolution *shudder*

  • Paul

    Review Con Air, or any other of Nicolas Cage’s “masterpieces.”

    • PiccadillyBledsoe

      Con Air is delightful though. I don’t think I ever stopped laughing.

  • T OD

    Prometheus x 10

    • cocksaplenty

      they already reviewed Prometheus on HitB x 20

  • Steve

    TRANSFORMERS!!!!! Plinkett please DESTROY this movie in your next review!!!!!

    • cocksaplenty

      there aren`t enough problems in the first movie compared to the second; the latter, Plinkett should review ASAP, after the Matrix sequels, of course

  • Mister_Misinformed


    • GFYS

      They did it already asshole.

      • Mister_Misinformed

        I was too busy at my anger management support group to check out their previous review. Would you like me to save you a seat?

  • Stickmanraygun

    BAPS with halle berry

  • bluehawk222

    I really wanted to like Into Darkness but it’s hard to if you’ve seen all things Star Trek. It’s like when people get tired of endless sequels just being the same ol’ thing but with Star Trek for this analogy they haven’t seen the previous ones so the tired and repetitive sequel still feels new while the rest of us are actually waiting for something new

  • StupidAhole

    Seeing as how it’s on your movie suckability index chart, you should review The Last Airbender.

  • Nicholas Connor

    Piecemealing 31 seasons, and around a dozen star trek films to make one particular instalment seem like a rip-off must be difficult ‘plinkett’.

    CLOUD ATLAS btw.

  • Dan Hibiki


    • Ignacio

      YES! ZARDOZ!

  • reptar

    The Room, no question

    • cocksaplenty

      Matrix 2 and 3?

  • Martyparty

    Into Darkness. Or Space Jam.

    • cocksaplenty

      oh, c`mon, he already said all he needed to say for Into Darkness in this one vid! and good luck on Space Jam.

  • RussM

    For sheer challenge, try and make sense of the Matrix movies. Either why the first one was good and groundbreaking, or why 2 and 3 were disappointing and on par with what Lucas did to fan expectations with Star Wars prequels. People must know!

  • Splendid

    Nothing but Trouble

  • Moff

    Truth be told. I’d like to see commentary tracks on the rest of the SW films. Barring that, Terminator Salvation could use a good reaming. But I’d really like to see Harry address the terrible plot hole in Empire… how does bombarding Echo Base with phasers and photon torpedoes–err, turbolasers from orbit let Vader capture Luke? And how does dropping out of hyperspace right next to the planet let the Rebels be more prepared than if the Imperials crept towards them and any Rebel with a good set of binoculars looking upward could’ve seen them coming?


  • PiccadillyBledsoe

    Do Star Trek IV: Fucking Space Firecracker Whales.

    I fucking hate that movie. Although honestly I’d also like to see you do Avatar.

    • cocksaplenty

      Star Trek IV was a good movie, one that Plinkett likes anyway. and besides, Plinkett already reviewed Avatar

      • PiccadillyBledsoe

        Star Trek IV is overrated bullshit

        • PiccadillyBledsoe

          I wish that had been a joke, but I totally forgot the Avatar review

  • Sean Rial

    Pearl Harbor… and I would like a pizza roll. This is the webzone I comment on to get one?

  • Rod

    Matrix sequels, especially Revolutions.

  • Not Matrix or Prometheus

    National Treasure is my suggestion. Enough general plot things not making sense, and unclear motives for every character to point out. But then a lot of odd things just thrown in there for no reason too. Like Sean Bean’s homosexual relationship with one of his henchmen, and Jon Voight playing an old woman who’s really sick the whole movie.
    With such an awful script, and terrible acting it could be very entertaining to watch scenes get stopped, rewound and deconstructed by Senor Plinkett.

  • zerosozha

    My choices for the next review would be:

    - The Matrix series
    - The Last Airbender
    - Green Lantern

  • A

    The Last Airbender. You can review it on the merits of being a terrible movie (like reviewing Star Wars without necessarily having to know how they raped the mythos) or you can watch some of the plot-specific episodes (beginning and end of seasons, especially).

    Besides that, Matrix sequels.

    • cocksaplenty

      i think we`ll go besides that

  • asdf

    Prometheus, kind sir.

    • cocksaplenty

      again, check out their HitB review of it.

  • Daniel Smukalla

    Hancock or Pirates of the Caribbean 3

    • cocksaplenty

      Pirates 4 deserves more hate; not so much Hancock though

      • Daniel Smukalla

        I suppose that I’ve had the good fortunate not to see Pirates 4

  • Nigel

    Prometheus. Please.

    • cocksaplenty

      check out their HitB review of it

      • Mongolian Pedo

        That film deserves a much deeper anal-sus …

        • guest

          What’s HitB? We’re talking about what Plinkett should review here…

  • Zachary Cantrell

    Dragon Ball Evolution.

  • Mongolian Pedo

    Prometheus please. Failing that, the Matrix films …

    • cocksaplenty

      i think your hope for Prometheus will fail

  • RaccoonsFury

    The Matrix Trilogy.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

  • Hobojoe

    Prometheus! That would be awesome!

    • cocksaplenty

      check out their HitB review of it.

  • Fuck Christian Bale

    Terminator Salvation,can’t explain how much i hate this piece of garbage.

  • Kevin

    I’d love to see you do Prometheus. There’s so much debate on whether that film is good or not, and I feel Plinkett’s contribution to that debate would be much appreciated.

    • cocksaplenty

      watch HitB`s review of Prometheus, along with the backup vids Mike and Jay did on that film; i think they got out all they needed to say about that without plinkett needing to contribute

  • afr

    fuck you asshole!

  • Zimbabwe Zippy

    I’ll be unoriginal and say Matrix 3. I’ve seen that one ripped to shreds, but it needs a Plinkett touch.

    • cocksaplenty

      that can`t be reviewed without reviewing Matrix 2

  • WilliamShakesman

    I like how everyone is just throwing out requests for Plinkett to review, as if he would base an entire review on a user comment. He only tends to review movies that he has a personal connection with, so probably not the one that you’re suggesting. But hey… try anyway

    • cocksaplenty

      so why ask us to start positing our votes? if it were an ironic statement, he would`ve let us in on that somehow.

  • CyberMeMaybe

    Whatever you want. We’ll eat it up. I’d like to see something on one of the lesser films of a great director, like Shutter Island or Jack, but, that’s commercially unviable. Maybe Spielberg could use one, as a happy middle.

    • cocksaplenty

      Spielberg got one of his films reviewed by Plinkett, in case you forgot or didn`t know

  • Kate Without Cable

    I would love to see The Last Airbender ripped to pieces, but ONLY IF you guys have seen the TV show on which it was based….. The movie is a piece of shit on its own, but it’s particularly egregious for fans of the TV show to watch it, knowing the excellent storytelling on which it was based.

    If you all have not seen the series, then I throw my hat in with the Prometheus crowd. I have never seen a movie I was more confused by.

  • Raven Cain

    I think a deep analyses of the Focker movies is in order.

  • Grumpy Space Doctor

    Please review the Care Boars save Christmas. That piece of crap is getting on my nerves since for ever.
    The only time I love my Addblock induced 90 seconds waiting time. Gives me enough time to switch off that shit.

  • Grumpy Space Doctor

    Seriously, someone should go all plinkett on the Lost Show.

    It would be very nice to have pointed out what went right, and where it went wrong.
    Some of us still need closure on that.

    But alas, I know that Mr. plinkett isn’t the right guy, for something tells me he, or his alter-ego, only saw the last episode and liked ‘the music’. So, would the real fake-Plinkett please stand up?

    • sepiajack

      I think where it went wrong was season 5. It feels like they had a lot of plans in motion all through seasons 1-4, and then somehow during the break before season 5, the writers reworked or retconned a lot of what they had set up and went in different directions.

  • Jason-El

    How about Superman Returns?

  • Jason-El

    Either Superman Returns or The Matrix.

  • LRonBumquist

    Star Trek 5

    • jRoldo

      wow you’re actually retarded, plinkett did a comentary on it that is ment to be played to the muted movie

      of all the morons requesting when plinkett made fun of them for it, you requested something he already did

      • LRonBumquist

        I’m sorry my disability offended you jRoldo.
        I take it you are the site administrator. Can I change my request to Avatar please?

  • Omar Muriel Khaliluni Ismaiel

    inception that film made no sense

    • cocksaplenty

      if that made no sense to you, then you need to go back to kindergarten, good sir. u wanna watch a film that makes no sense, watch Eraserhead.

      • Ignacio

        Eraserhead?!?!?! ERASERHEAD???!!! WTF!!! That film has just one line of dialog in the whole… what is it? hour and a half? or about.
        I haven’t had the guts to watch it yet.

        • cocksaplenty

          it had more than one line; you`d know if you actually watched Eraserhead.

          • Ignacio

            Well… I think I remember saying I didn’t watch it. But I did read the dialogue once. I didn’t recall it was more than just one line, though.

  • Turteljuice

    Hey! I wouldn’t mind to see Bibi Besch in her underwear! She’s a smart, attractive woman. That’s the kind I want!!

  • Poro

    Prometheus review would be great! Lord of the Rings wouldn’t be bad either.

    • cocksaplenty

      they did a Prometheus review, you noob. and I’d be interested to see what Plinkett has to say about LotR.

      • Poro

        That wasn’t a Plinkett review though. But yeah, now that you mention it I’d be more interested in a LotR review.

        • cocksaplenty

          yes, obviously, their Prometheus review wasn`t a Plinkett review; but the point is, their opinion on Prometheus has already been stated; it doesn`t need another review even by Plinkett, and I find it baffling that so many on this forum want Plinkett to review Prometheus.

          • ConsidertheFollowing

            Half in the Bag is a review show based on the impressions after watching a movie. A Plinkett review is an analysis of the film and why things do and don’t work. It’s more than just “knowing their opinions.” If it were just that, there would be no point to a Plinkett review because all we would have to do was ask Mike and co. how they felt about the film. Actually analyzing it is something completely different. That would be the point of a Prometheus review: more in-depth at why the movie didn’t work instead of impressions right after seeing the movie.

  • Porch Monkey

    Any Kevin Smith film.

    • cocksaplenty

      Cop Out I’d understand, and maybe even Jersey Girl, but something like Clerks or Dogma? come on, man!

    • GinGuilt

      fuck off

  • David Addis

    The Matrix Series please!

    A brief summary of why the first film was so *good*, with a comparison of how the sequels failed to capture people’s imagination would be spot on.

    • cocksaplenty

      i think Plinkett would actually say the first Matrix was a genuinely good film; I can’t really recall Plinkett or any of the other RLM crew saying that the first Matrix was bad or overrated

  • Richard R

    Last Airbender please.

  • Bumm


    • cocksaplenty

      too obscure

      • jRoldo

        like you’re an authority on who gets their request heard?

        WTF IS THIS, not only did you completely miss the point of what was said last 30 seconds, your going around commenting every request like a RLM admin?

        how can people actually be this stupid?

  • ArtVandelay

    Too bad you can’t delete posts here -.-

  • Hollywoodsucks

    The Dark Knight. Because it’s really very stupid and boring…

  • Jesper

    Prometheus, or Terminator salvation failing that.

    With that said, you have done the other Star Trek films so Into Darkness could be a candidate too. I really think it was exceptionally good, and lots of people disagree with me there so that could be fun. Wrath of Khan is still better, but not by much.

  • Ajer Lodhi

    Please review The Room. :D

    • cocksaplenty


  • smylexx

    The Room.

    Instead of picking faults with movies that almost work, he can try and find the good bits, rational plot points and coherence in this train wreck.

    • cocksaplenty

      interesting idea; too bad Matrix sequels are the most obvious choice

  • Sidionian

    1. Prometheus

    2. Matrix Sequels

    3. Avengers (2012)

    • cocksaplenty

      1. sorry, Prometheus reviewed.

      2. you should have made this #1.

      3. are you kidding?!

      • Sidionian

        No, fool. Prometheus has not been reviewed yet by Plinkett.

        Yes, Avengers was a piece of shit. It should be exposed for the utterly unengaging dung that it is.

        • jRoldo

          You’re all idiots for requesting videos

          the point of the joke was to say “stop requesting videos”

  • Jerat

    X Men Origin’s Wolverine

    • cocksaplenty

      while that is a bad movie, and while I;d certainly love to see Plinkett rip on it, I don’t think we can get a meaty review on it; sure, it’s bad, but Plinkett isn’t familiar with comics, and he can’t really delve into what was really wrong with Origins

  • Conan

    The Last Airbender, it would be a good movie for him to do because he would get a chance to talk about all of the other crap movies M. Knight Shimalayaman has done over the years.

  • erique johnson

    Wow people really wanna see a matrix trilogy review

    • cocksaplenty

      and you can’t see why?

      • erique johnson

        Well it would be one thing if everyone was voting for it because they thought that movie was awesome – but the fact that everyone is just eagerly and hungerly awaiting Plinkett to tear apart the Matrix makes me wonder why.

        If everyone already hates it why ask for a review if they already know how its gonna go ? Is it that you all have many friends who love that movie and you just need fuel to tear them a new asshole but you’re too lazy to research it yourself ?

        Personally I’d like to see Plinkett review a movie he likes, or some movie that tons of people hate that he has good points about.

        But if its up to vote – we have a clear winner.

  • Arni

    The MARTIX sequels. Its the perfect choiche for the next review.

  • konrad_ha

    Prometheus would be my favourite by far with the Matrix Trilogy as fallback.

    • cocksaplenty

      I think you might wanna rely on the fallback; and I’ll eat my words if that’s not the case

  • Fosterton

    Looks to be the Matrix Trilogy already so I’ll put in my vote
    The Matrix Trilogy

    • cocksaplenty

      you are a smart man; or woman, your username is quite gender-ambiguous.

  • sepiajack

    Minority Report. Like most spielberg movies post-Jurassic Park, it goes on 30 minutes beyond it’s logical end point, and also has the mother of all plot holes driving its central mystery plot

    • cocksaplenty

      sounds like you’d review with Confused Matthew on Minority Report

  • Jordan Siddall

    Matrix Sequels.

  • Tim Auld

    I think you should go after Tarantino.

    • cocksaplenty

      Tarantino is beyond Plinkett-level criticism; Confused Matthew can rant all he wants on Kill Bill, but not Plinkett.

  • RedShirtSecurityFodder

    Try Fearless Vampire Killers for Best of the Worst. It’s a great worst movie. Directed by and stars Roman Polanski with Sharon Tate.

  • Alex

    Cop Out!

  • Vic Cee

    Matrix trilogy. Good god, Matrix trilogy.

  • johnny blue

    Prometheus, twilight series or the life of adam sandler & cohorts. Pls, no movies based on comics..

    • cocksaplenty

      they already reviewed Prometheus, it’d be too redundant for a Plinkett review. HitB did Twilight 5, so for Plinkett to do all the other films would just render it incomplete; he could do the first film, at least, sure. To talk all about Adam Sandler’s movies in one Plinkett review, it’d be a waste; that, and the fact that Mike and Jay already kinda did that with their Jack and Jill and That’s My Boy reviews.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    People who claims that The Matrix has not enogh fans, look at the number of suggestions. Many of us grew up with these movies and we want a closure. I think The Matrix sequels are more important in this case and here’s why. The Last Airbender is just a piece of shit movie “based on source”. It ruins nothing, the show has nothing to do with this movie. The Matrix sequels are a part of the series which could be great (if you read the original script) but fails miserably. They’ve ruined it just like Mass Effect 3 ruined ME series and taht is more painfull to watch than just a stand alone movie.

  • DKR Sucks

    Dark Knight Rises

    • cocksaplenty

      I don’t think so; Mike and Jay liked the film. And while they acknowledged its flaws, they still saw it as a good movie. Sure, Plinkett reviewed Star Trek and Titanic, which he saw as quality films, but in either case, TDKR is out of the question, since it’s already been reviewed anyway.

  • DirkD13

    Hey Plinkett you old bastard! How about reviewing the Terminator series? You know you want to.

    • cocksaplenty

      I think Terminator Salvation is the only one allowed on his hit list. Rise of the Machines wasn’t all that bad (though I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on his hit list), but to even suggest the first two, in any way, is sickening

      • Grumpy Space Doctor

        Hello Mr. Replysaplenty,

        I really would like to know, why ‘salvation’ has deserve so much hate. Rise of the machines was silly, but likeable. Terminator Salvation has its silly moments, but was the movie I wanted to see eversince I saw Kyle in that Terminator-Future environment: a Movie that tooks place in this environment. So what was bad about it?

        • cocksaplenty

          honestly? not quite sure, but i bet Plinkett knows how to tear it apart. in either case, i hope he reviews the matrix sequels, as i made clear already.

        • CantBanThis

          Too bad you didn’t get that environment you wanted, huh? Unless there were deleted scenes with lasers in the rubble of human civilization. That thought must have snuck up on you like a massive machine that makes the earth shake with every creaky step…..except for the one time the plot needs it to sneak up on people.

      • DirkD13

        I love the first two, but I’d like to hear Plinkett’s review of anything, so why not a sci-fi series that went from classic to turd in four movies?

  • Adrian

    Matrix Trilogy!

    It has to be done.

    • Mr Please

      Great minds think alike!!

  • Mr Please

    Please please PLEEEEAAASE…. please review The Matrix Trilogy next!


  • Disqus

    Yo fat ass you gotta review Lord Of The Rings Tril. It’s gotta be done pizza roll.

  • vausau

    Another vote for the Matrix trilogy as it’s a more interesting mix of things done right and things done wrong. Brains & Dumbness in equal measure. Simplicity and Excess. So it would be a more fascinating breakdown for Plinkett. (And since it looks like they might be making more in the series, you might actually be able to make a difference.)

  • tenkiforecast

    You left out the most insane admiral of all: Admiral Janeway!

    Joking aside, I would have to agree on reviews of any Nicholas Cage movie, there is so much to be made of being utterly baffled by how the Cage acts.

  • Melkiyad

    Matrix 2&3!

    Help me understand why the sequels sucked so hard :)
    Reloaded and Revolutions, it’s like poetry it’s so that they rhyme.

  • momomom

    Matrix-trilogy! and you should check matrix dezionized

  • Loopy McGee

    Please review “Black Monster Dicks #2,” and how it completely ruined the “Black Monster Dicks” franchise. We’ve been waiting for so long!

  • Ben Heckendorn

    Matrix would be appropriate, considering it was a bellwether film that overshadowed Episode 1 upon release, but immediately made all the mistakes Episode 1 did with its own sequels in 2003.

    It would also be a good time to examine how sequels shot back-to-back rarely work, and why. (Pirates 2 & 3, upcoming Avatar 2 & 3)

    • Tilden Katz

      Back to the Future II and III would like a word with you.

      • Dixon Bawls

        well, part III may like a word, but part II says “OK, i fucked up.”

  • Loki

    Godzilla vs Megalon!!!!!!!!!

  • pat

    Again, the Matrix trilogy isn’t a good idea mainly because the first movie just wasn’t that good. It was a decent flick, but no where near as popular as the original star wars movies or hell even the original Star Treck show/movies. Geez there’s allot of Matrix fanboys on here.

    Plinkett reviews work best when the movie either has a large fan base or great source material to juxtapose how terrible the film is. The Matrix has shitty sequels to juxtapose against an o.k film at best. Airbender is one of the worst films ever made juxtaposed against what many consider one of the best cartoons ever made.

    And Airbender seems to satisfy a particular gripe the RLM team has against such films in general: “But it’s a kids movie!”

    • cocksaplenty

      your statement of The Matrix being an OK film is a mere opinion juxtaposed against the cult phenomenon surrounding the first film. for all you know, Mike may love the first film.

  • pat

    Also as has already been stated if you think the winning suggestion on here is actually going to influence what the next plinkett review is then you’re fooling yourself.

    • cocksaplenty

      hey, Plinkett didn`t let anyone tell him to review Titanic; the fact that he`s telling us to do this now is probably an indicator that he`s letting this be a democracy for now. and if i am wrong, oh well.

      • zeitguest

        I assume it means a Plinkett review is ready to come out soon, the choice of which we have no control over.

        But it’s still fun to post a comment on this webzone. And whatever they choose to do, I bet we’ll like it. Might be another Cop Dog – fine with me. I have pizza rolls waiting in the freezer for the next one whatever it may be.

  • Disqus

    I’d really love to see Plinkett review Wes Craven’s Scream series, considering that a new Scream TV series is coming, and plus it’d be a breath of fresh air for old Plinkett to review horror movies. Just like Star Wars the original Scream was a cult classic which was ruined by it’s sequels. Half In The Bag have already talked about Scream 4, I know, but it’d be interesting to see Plinkett’s opinion on some fresh material which isn’t particularly linked in with some big franchise like LoTR, Matrix, SW, ST, HP, or any comic book movies for that matter. Plus I wanna know what Plinkett’s favourite scary movie is. Adding to that they said it was Harry’s first Scream movie, so it’d be interesting to see his opinion on the rest of the franchise.

  • Bisoromi

    The Matrix’s sequels. I’ll send you a bag of Costco frozen cocktail weiners.

  • threemileisland

    Face Off.
    Caddyshack 2.
    Then the Matrix sequels. :-)

  • Zach

    I’d like to see the Matrix done, too.


    INCEPTION!!!!! When it came out everyone is full of s*!t about how “smart” it was, confusing an artificially convoluted plot with “depth”. IINNNCEEEPPPTTTIIIOOONNN

    • cocksaplenty

      it wasn`t all that convoluted; it was quite simple, actually.


        The team from Oceans 11 are hired to perform corporate espionage by breaking into someones dreams, at which point MATRIX rules take effect. Julia Roberts is merged with agent smith, and he/she is can now drive a train. Something something something father/son relationship we never see, something something matrix within a matrix within a matrix.

  • Pablo

    The Last Airbender would be my top pick, but the Matrix series sure is tempting…

  • Naaaaaame?

    I’d love to see the Matrix trilogy done, simply for the parallels between the sequels and the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

  • Hamilton

    Plinkett, please review The Last Airbender. It’s an abomination of a movie stemming from wonderful source material and it NEEDS you to figure out what exactly went wrong. It would also allow you to pick apart the fall of M. Night Shyamalan, which would be very interesting, and to get into what makes an adaptaion movie good or bad. There is a plethora of stuff to discuss with this movie and it would be perfect for your next review!

    • JD Sulivan

      Yes, The Last Airbender for sure u_u

  • Dixon Bawls

    SW prequels:
    1. shitty movies on their own
    2. even shittier compared to their predecessors
    3. general audiences ate em up like ice cream from heaven.

    Matrix stinkquels:
    1. yep
    2. yup
    3. for the most part

    • dongaroo

      same for the new Oz movie

  • Gooilt

    Matrix Reloaded

  • Patrick Carroll

    DO a review of Chris Chan…well his videos anyway.

  • butts mgee

    lord of the rings, nuff said

    • DualCore Professional Cecor

      Reviewing those movies would be a fucking bore, dude.

  • Yaanu

    Better make it “The Last Airbender” so that you can get it out of the way.

  • Patrick Brian

    Really hoping for Terminator Salvation. That movie didn’t get enough attention for it’s badness. Everyone knows the Matrix could have been better, The Last Airbender was obviously rancid shit, But Salvation gets ignored for some reason. You gotta pick that fucker apart.

    damn it

    But if ya do the Matrix, don’t forget how good the Animatrix is.

  • Pingback: Star Trek: Into Darkness Linking | Coming Soon

  • HiitGirl

    The Matrix Trilogy

  • eon davidson

    Playing Dangerous 2

  • dongaroo

    how about Oz The Great and Powerful? that movie was fucking horrible!

    • cocksaplenty

      HitB reviewed it already

  • Flyer

    LAST AIRBENDER! An awful adaptation of one of my favorite TV shows, and the only time I ever considered walking out on a movie!

  • Power-Mad

    The Last Airbender. You don’t even need to see the TV show to pick apart how horribly made of a movie it is. Heck, your lack of knowledge of the cartoon could lead to it being even more hilariously bad given you won’t have any kinda map to guide you through the confusion.

  • Hairy Ass Plinkett

    People seriously, if you want an effective Plinkett review you have to chose complete crap.
    The Matrix trilogies, although stupid in plot, are well filmed and edited movies (except for the orgy scene)… not to mention they follow a certain plot logic, even though it’s retarded, and gets super-boring in most parts. They would not make a funny Plinkett review, but a boring one. Same goes for Lord of the Rings. You may find it gay, retarded, elfish, gay… but it’s still an excellent action-adventure movie. The review just wouldn’t cut it.

    Kill Bill on the other hand, is stupid and insane on such a level that every scene can be bashed and made fun of in so many ways. Not to mention it’s comical on it’s own. It may have good editing, but it only goes as far as the action and excitement demands, just like Titanic… only it’s a trillion times worse than any one dimensional character presentation in Titanic. It’s random as fuck, retardedly impulsive and cretenic, and only appeals to people with assburgers and feminists. So… lots to laugh at when Plinkett tears it apart.

    Terminator sequels, all of them after T2 are asking for it… try that. It does itself basically!

    Pirates of the Carribean 3 could do with some smacking around as well.

    No one gives a shit about Airbender, so I don’t know to how many people would find this funny.

    Dragonball Evolution, or whatever it’s called, would be a comedy, but that was so fucking bad it would ruin even a Plinkett review…

    You have to feel like he’s reviewing an incoherent piece of crap! That’s what makes a good Plinkett review. Terminator sequels, Kill Bill – that does the trick.

    • cocksaplenty

      yeah, but Kill Bill was meant to be over-the-top and comical; tarantino made it so, so Plinkett ripping it apart for what it intended to do, and succeeded in, would be pretty self-sabotaging

      • jRoldo

        all of you are idiots first of all


        rewatch it and check.

        second of all, why would he review something that was halfway comical in the first place?

        you’re all so stupid its shocking. i wouldn’t doubt RLM is ashamed of its audience intelligence

        • gonzo

          Hey, say it again, nobody heard you the first two times!
          According to you, the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon is to pick something you and others enjoy and leave a big steaming pile of shit in the middle of it, so I’m going to consider your opinion less than worthless.
          How did you get that up-vote, anyway?

          Oh, one more thing: please shut the hell up.

          • jRoldo

            i’m sorry what i didnt’ read a single letter of you’re comment

            i’m smart enough to not even look at them. so can you post it again so i can ignore it again please? thanks

    • Ball Sweat

      You had me on the floor when you accused Tarantino fans of having “assburgers”, but tried defending the Matrix sequels as being “well filmed.”

    • JhonnyDepth

      I would agree (with some things you said…), Matrix sequels can be picked apart a bit, but aren’t quite shitty enough to have a truly great Plinkett review (there are some redeeming qualities IMO… Most ppl are STILL (10 years later?!?!) caught up in the hype and take them way too seriously/misunderstand them).

      Lord of the Rings (any of them) though? I haven’t read all the comments on here, but did somebody actually suggest those? What is a good movie then? There can’t be more than a handful of them in existence…

      Kill Bill though might be an interesting choice. It’s been a while (besides Titanic I suppose, but Kill Bill IMO is more dissection proof than that) since “he” has reviewed a movie (or movies obviously) that are actually quite good… (and I believe the RLM guys like them anyways?)

      So yeah, perhaps a truly bad, less known movie (like Baby’s Day out) is what should be done. Although more mainstream ones, like the Pirate sequels, or T3 (which I would say is by far the worst/dumbest Terminator movie) might be ok.

      The movie “North” (with Elijah Wood, Bruce Willis, and a lot of other a-listers…) might not be a bad choice because of how uniquely bad it is. But some other candidates (even if they’re kinda well known…) could be Speed Racer, Ninja Assassin, Mortal Kombat 2 (might be better for best of the worst tbh), or hell even a SyFy channel movie…

      And Prometheus was already reviewed on Half in the Bag. Plus it looks incredible, and was well directed (aside from a bit of the acting I guess…). And a lot of comments on here already (uselessly) have analyzed it to death anyways.

      Anyhow, if somebody wants to get all excited and say my opinions are wrong, that’s fine. But I don’t give a fuck. (it’s not the point of this post anyways…).

      Also maybe it’s just me, but these comments can be pretty annoying to post on sometimes. I’ve had to “retype” (fortunately after the first time, I just copied the whole damn thing as I went along…) all this 4-5 times because it occasionally would navigate back when I hit the backspace key, lol…

  • ILDC

    Star Wars 7!

    Wait, did I use up my turn?

  • Roseanne Connor

    nobody cares about freakin airblender… Matrix at least i wouldnt suggest coz at this point i find it utterly boring to even mention the frinkin 90s but still tho i get why ppl wanna see it….. DRAGONBALL? WTF!?!?!

  • matty p

    i’ve thought that a review comparing the shortcomings of prometheus to the successes of alien and aliens would be interesting.

  • Alex

    Kinda surprised “Twilight” hasn’t gotten a vote yet.

    • cocksaplenty

      it got quite a few, if u look on this forum

      • jRoldo

        if either of you had a brain you would understand the joke at the end.

        the point of it was to tell everyone he doesn’t take suggestions and he has his own plans. but because everyone is a moron

        they take to the comments and start suggesting, i wouldn’t doubt the plinkett review is already finished,

        and hes just putting final touches on it

        • cocksaplenty

          i’ll be happy to look like a moron :)

  • frenzyfan

    Another Vote for the MATRIX 2&3. Matrix is absolutly Plinkett-materiale. MATRIX

  • Very Important Penis

    “This Ain’t Star Trek XXX”. Kirk and Spock cement their relationship with semen by running a train on a beautiful and accommodating young Uhura. The actress who plays Uhura is Jada Fire, who has areolae the size of dinner plates.

  • robthom

    Half in the bag is cool,
    but would love to hear Plinkett explain prometheus.

  • jRoldo

    So literally the majority of RLM are SOOO STUPID

    At the end of the video, plinkett made that joke, referencing how many retards request reviews daily.

    Instead of everyone going “ha that’s funny, I WAS abou to request a review”. The joke goes right over everyone’s heads, and they start requesting reviews.

    Shame RLM mainstreamers shame

    • jRoldo

      RLM fans*

      • quitstrokingyourpenis

        Pull your head out of your ass.

        • Paul Meekin

          Hey man, we’re fans of the guy, and if he wants us to request a review, why wouldn’t we? To say the fan-base should be inactive because of the off chance our individual opinions aren’t heard, is a bit silly.

          • quitstrokingyourpenis


            My comment was directed at the “genius” of jRoldo who is so awesome he figured out Plinkett was joking at the expense of his retarded fans about requests for reviews and the constant patting himself on the back …of his penis for being so smart and the anal need to tell the rest of us cave men how much smartererest he is and how much bigererest his penis is.

            So in a sense I am on your side of the argument.

          • jRoldo


            yea you must be 14 years old *words never reach ears*

    • erique johnson

      Good thing only YOU got the reference and everyone else missed it. Good job, give yourself a cookie.

    • William Shakesman

      Who cares if he isn’t listening. Tell him anyways.

      He caved to fan pressure to do Indiana Jones 4.

  • William Shakesman

    Kill Bill Episode 2

  • Carolyn Garcia

    TLOR trilogy definitely

  • Brett Dean

    Guys… Harry Potter. Seriously. It’s right up Mr. Plinkett’s alley. It’s got two bazillion characters, a million mistakes, drastic inconsistencies, terrible acting – - and the movies are a load of fun with both rabid fans and casual fans. Sound like anything we know??? Star Trek? Star Wars?

  • Duky

    It’s huge, pretty and shallow.
    And wants to piss higher than it can.

  • urkoto

    I go for Terminator 4, it’s awful beyond words really. Right up Mr. Plinkett’s alley

  • Spook

    Godfather 3!

  • commander shepard

    Matrix Reloaded

  • Nick Fury
  • Pat Bateman

    The Dark Knight Rises. Hell, any of the Nolan Batman films.

    Now that I think of it…do a trilogy review!

  • Paul Meekin

    Not sure if that vote thing was for real, but I had to pick, I’d probably suggest you review…Terminator 3. I think the best Plinkett reviews tend to be more about franchises and the language of Cinema more than the movies themselves.

    I’d like to see ‘plinkett”s thoughts on the Terminator Franchise, the first (an unexpected hit) the second (a hit that really really nailed expectations), and the third (unnecessary but still…pretty decent flick).

  • splimis


  • C.G.


  • C.G.

    Robocop 2

    • Alex K.

      I still don’t get why people hate Robocop 2. Not as good as the first film BUT still an entertaining action film that retains the elements of the original. Unlike the 3rd film…

  • Hardone

    Do the MATRIX sequels. It will be awsome.

    • sepiajack

      It’s gonna be great.

  • Rolls Canhardly

    The Birdemic franchise.

  • Ray

    I remember someone reading somewhere that Mike’s least favorite movie is One Hour Photo, so I’d love to see that review.

    • sepiajack

      Oh really? I barely remember that movie, seems like an obscure choice for his least favorite movie, so now I’m curious to see that one as well

    • Alex K.

      One Hour Photo is actually pretty good so I hope he doesn’t do that one.

    • Alex Lee

      I dunno. One Hour Photo is competing with anything in The Best of the Worst selection, so it’s hard to imagine it being worse than Candid Candid Camera, Vol. 6.


    I have no doubt that Red Letter Media has already chosen a movie by now. These comments aren’t really going to go anywhere. That being said, I prefer Plinkett’s reviews of utterly terrible movies devoid of redeeming value (SW prequels, Baby’s Day Out, Cop Dog) over those that were bad or at least flawed but had some good parts (Avatar, Star Trek, Titanic) so hopefully a real stinker is chosen over say the matrix or terminator sequels. I would suggest Black Monster Dicks 2 but frankly I thought it had some good moments reminiscent of the original classic. Still the canon regarding how the black monster dicks came to be was totally ruined by a hack writer.

    • magneticwheels

      sorry rotor, but matrix was utterly terrible and devoid of redeeming value.

      MATRIX- all 3 of them!!!

    • Zimbabwe Zippy

      Unfortunately, “Black Monster Dicks 2″ failed to gain the commercial success of the original, so it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood hires some hack director to reboot it with flashy special effects, but without the goodhearted charm of the original.

  • mrBenj93

    The Matrix Returns/Reloaded because they’re both a load of wank!

  • jic1

    How about *Miami Vice* (2006)? It seems like it has Plinkett potential: a well-regarded franchise updated by its creator in ways that didn’t entirely work. I know that you already did *Inception* in HITB, but I think that is another movie it would benefit from Mr. Plinkett’s attention. I would also suggest *Fight Club*, but most people seem to think that movie is an untouchable classic for some reason.

    • sepiajack

      Really??? People have a beef with Fight Club now?? Is there any movie that people don’t consider awful anymore, or was Mike right when he said “No matter how good a movie is, it will always be bad”

      What’s next, slagging on the godfather, or Raiders of the lost ark, or citizen kane?

      • jic1

        No “now” about it, I’ve always hated *Fight Club*. I don’t really care if anybody agrees with me on that, but I’d still enjoy seeing it torn to pieces.

        • whaawhaawheewhaa

          The Godfather is an excellent film… to sleep to! Talk about BORING!

        • cocksaplenty

          there should be a third rule to Fight Club outside the actual rules of the fight; you don’t talk shit about Fight Club, or Edward Norton will come over to your house, tie you in your bathroom, and tell you not to fuck with Fight Club, douchebag

          • jic1

            Well, if you called me a douchebag, then the movie must be great.

          • cocksaplenty

            well, the movie is great, AND you’re a douchebag

          • cocksaplenty

            that, and I doubt Plinkett will review Fight Club anyway; at least I doubt he’ll tear it to pieces

          • jic1

            I know, I all but said that in my original comment. Still, it never hurts to ask…

          • cocksaplenty

            i wonder what types of movies you like; maybe the SW prequels?

          • jic1

            Nope, the first two were dull, and I never bothered to watch the third. Still, since I really dislike a movie that you obviously really like, I must be stupid.

          • cocksaplenty

            you are? I would’ve never thought.

          • jic1

            That doesn’t surprise me.

          • cocksaplenty

            i wonder what would…

          • cocksaplenty

            that’s it, i’m done. you win, jic1.

    • stryker1121

      Miami Vice movie is not interesting enough for a proper eviscerating, though. It was just mediocre, unremarkable film-making.

    • GrampsHiro

      Troll bait is troll bait is troll bait

  • Mark

    Terminator: Salvation

  • Lord Falconer

    Prometheus – for the love of god do this!

    • cocksaplenty

      they did on HitB

  • Guest


  • Nathan U.

    There career and filmography of M. Night Shamalan.

  • Nathan U.

    Oops…the. I meant “the”.

  • Celestial Cephalopod

    Matrix sequels.

  • Sulfur12

    E.T. porno

  • Fah Q

    Review “Gay Niggers from Outer Space”

    • NiggletJoe

      I support this comment

  • Dudeguy

    Matrix sequels

  • Thomas

    As much as I agree that the two Matrix sequels should be done, I think it might matter more if you did an analysis on Damon Lindelof.
    Lindelof is a cancer and you are the cure Mr. Plinkett!

    • cocksaplenty

      well, in case, you know, Lindelof promoted the Phantom Menace review with Simon Pegg, so I doubt Plinkett will be harsh on Lindelof

      • Thomas

        I don’t think that should give him a pass. Everything wrong with Promethus and Into Darkness can be laid at Lindelof’s feet. He has to be stopped!

        • Alex Lee

          I think that Lindelof, and the Lost writers in general, know how to set up a story. HITB liked the first part of Prometheus and Jay does like the early seasons of Lost. But the pattern here is that the conclusions are unsatisifying.

          Into Darkness though, that’s just lazy writing with no regard to the inverted check model of plot progression.

  • Ryan Petrie

    i just saw ‘Into darkness Again’ last night and I realized that when Spock was chasing Khan across the street at the end of the movie, and all the hover cars had to stop to avoid hitting them – one of the hover cars made a tire squealing brake sound…


    • Percy Gryce

      They added the sound for all the blind people on Earth who haven’t gotten their visors or artificial eyes yet.

  • cocksaplenty

    whatever you review, Plinkett, don’t make it Fight Club, please.

    • cocksaplenty

      i know that downvote was from you, jic1

      • jic1

        Yes, It was. And if you hadn’t gone straight for insults, I wouldn’t have downvoted a single one of you comments.

        • cocksaplenty

          interesting how you take this so seriously; then again, i would be a hypocrite, but that’s bc that’s just me.

        • cocksaplenty

          oh, and thanks for your admission; you earn an upvote from me on that

  • loki

    Matrix reloaded. hit it. hit it hard.

  • anal_sweat


  • M Nite Giantshlong

    M Night Shamayalan’s entire career… figure out what the hell happened

    • iZoe

      That’s a good one. A man once compared to Steven Spielberg; did he let that go to his head?

      • VoDomino

        I think the studios got too excited with a up and coming director and basically gave him free reign. then again, how the hell does one explain ‘the happening’?

  • Leo

    Review the Care Bears movie. I don’t mean the one with the scary green face in the book, I mean the second one with all of the cousins. There’s a lion one and I think there was an elephant one…

  • Alex K.


  • Rikarath

    Prometheus please.

    • zeitguest

      Idunno how there can even be any question. It’s as if PROMETHEUS were tailor-made with the express intention of making a Plinkett review.

      Practically every single thing in it is fucked up – it would take at least the same length as the movie itself to explain how fucked up it is. Plus, there’s kind of a factal-fucked-upness to Prometheus – no matter how much you zoom in or zoom out – zoom in to discrete individual parts, science parts, chraracter parts, plot parts – or how much you zoom out to overall symbolism, overall story or character arc, overall intention of the movie, it’s still just as fucked up.

      The only reason we “know” it’s an ambitious movie is because they tell us so in all the promotional interviews. In practice, it’s on the same level as that one movie with Jason… or was it Freddie Krueger…. whatever, but it was the one with him in space. Even factoring out all the stupidity, you’re left with a film on that level. A slasher film with a couple quips about god.

      I mean EVERY part of it is fucked up. For instance, finding cave paintings on Isle of Skye, pretty innocuous, right? Just a place. But the fucking assholes decided to put 30,000 year old cave paintings (or whenever they said…) where and when they would have been under a couple MILES of ice. Nobody was living there. They couldn’t just site their cave paintings in Spain or wherever cave paintings from that time period have been found. They just had to make it stupid and wrong. Seriously, there is no part of Prometheus you check that won’t turn out to be stupid, wrong, or both.

      …but yeah, definitely Hudson Hawk

      • zeitguest

        …and look, there are MANY things in Prometheus like the Isle of Skye thing, where something, if you took it at face value, would be remarkable to the characters (“Holy shit, we found human habitation under 3 miles of ice…”) that GO UNREMARKED meaning that the writers didn’t know what they were saying. If they INTENDED for ancient alien intervention to have humans living under continent-sized glaciers, that still wouldn’t result in a present day archaeologist treating it as run of the mill.

        But yeah, Goldmember

  • Assley Butticus

    Honestly you guys shouldn’t be asking people what they want to see reviewed. Half the fun of the Plinkett reviews is checking the site and seeing curveballs like COP DOG.

    If I had to choose one though, I gotta go with Twilight. The Matrix movies at least TRIED to be good.

  • sefgrsrdge

    The Matrix Sequels

    • zeitguest

      It’d be kinda interesting to see some sort of anal-ysis of Accidentally-Awesome-Films.

      I remember reading about some cheap fighter jet in the 80′s the US made for export to 3rd world countries which turned out to be too good – very challenging to our frontline fighters of the time period, and they had to rethink things. Or like the old Portapro headphones made by Koss in the 80′s – super awesome sound, they were totally trying to just make a pair of exercise headphones but they sounded so good the model continues to be made to this day. Possibly the best sound you can get for 30, 40 bucks.

      Based on the sequels, The Matrix, a fantastic movie, seems to have been accidental – kind of like the original Highlander. Obviously they were trying to make a GOOD film, but they seem to have no idea of making an iconic film, as the sequels for both didn’t come close to measuring up.

  • DagobahDave

    Dear Mr. Plinkett,

    Please review Outland (1981). There’s gory violence in it, and we know you like that. It’s science fiction. You like that too. There’s bad acting, good acting, good-looking sets, bad-looking special effects, a kid you want to strangle, an epic monologe, and the story is actually pretty good. There’s even a cameo from Cliff Claven! But what really makes this movie worth reviewing is the chase scene that happens about halfway through. Remember that email you never responded to when I asked you if you’d seen this movie? Well, now’s your time to stop being such an asshole and actually do something good for once.


  • cocksaplenty

    eh, RLM, you can review whatever you want, whether it’d be Matrix sequels, Prometheus, Fight Club, or whatever, i no longer give a shit anymore.

  • Whaaat?

    Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy. I love all three of them, but I’m interested to see what Mr. Plinkett thinks, especially about the 3rd one.

    • GinGuilt

      Spider-Man 3 would make a pretty good Plinkett review

    • Meester Smeeth

      It’d be better if Rich Evans did “fake” Plinkett reviews of Raimi’s trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man.

      • Whaaat?

        I know Rich Evans gained a “new appreciation” for the Raimi trilogy after the ASM.

        • Meester Smeeth

          Yeah. He seems really passionate about Spider-Man.

    • Ball Sweat

      I’ll just say it, the whole Spiderman mythos (films and comics) is pretty much Twilight for men.

      • Whaaat?


  • Meester Smeeth

    Aw, heck, Mr Stoklasa, I’m just a kid all alone in this crazy world, but if you could find it in your heart, or whatever you have, to give Southland Tales a little go, it sure would make my life brighter again.

  • Jesse

    I would say either Terminator Salvation or Twilight.

  • Jugal

    I am one of those people that enjoyed the Matrix sequels, please review them so I know how much of a retard I am.

  • jg

    one hour photo

  • Peter

    A Plinkett review of Prometheus would be amazing I think.

  • Emmy

    The Last Airbender or the Twilight series. Two terrible things that I would love to see you rip apart, Mr. Plinkett.

  • doit

    S. Darko – The Donnie Darko sequel

    • Ball Sweat

      Or the original Donnie Darko is good to rip on as well. That and Garden State are my favorite films from my favorite sub genre; Arthouse for special ed children. I think Jeff who Live at Home is a good recent new entry in the genre.

  • guest

    Compare the warmth and humor of the James Bond movies pre-1996 with the cold and humorless money grubbers made since that time. Once Albert Broccoli died that franchise went straight to the bean counters, so now of course it is making more money than ever BUT AT WHAT COST?? That’s my idea.

  • words

    Last Airbender. Biggest disappointment since the phantom menace

  • eumoria

    The Matrix sequels!!

  • Bram

    Definitely the Matrix sequels

  • neo

    matrix sequels

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    Either the Matrix Sequels or Prometheus. Or all of the Alien movies after Alien and Aliens.

    • justaguyDP



  • John Krzeminski

    Either the Matrix sequels or Prometheus.

    • justaguyDP

      Prometheus for sure!

  • Adrian

    Dark knight rises.

    • Jake

      They enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises. People who are saying The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Prometheus etc…try and remember that these are films which Mick and Joe (these are their names, right?) spoke favourably of on Half in the Bag, so don’t be expecting them to get trashed while you have your pants round angles, wanking away with wild abandon. It’s just not going to happen. Try to be realistic.

      • randomNobody

        Did you watch the same Prometheus review that I did?

  • horticult

    Matrix Reloaded, please. As tribute, I’ll sweep up the bone-dust and puzzle pieces in your basement!

  • Doc Phibes

    Plnkett, please do the Matrix sequels. And please compare them (as you do so well) with the first movie and how it worked so well as a story.

  • TheCommador

    Mr. Plinkett, please review Pink Floyd-The Wall.


  • Leo the fart


  • Sam

    Do the Last Airbender, that movie sucked ass

  • oomph

    Honey, I Hit The Schoolbus

  • tarpittrap

    “I dunno how there can even be any
    question. It’s as if PROMETHEUS were tailor-made with the express
    intention of making a Plinkett review…”

    Word. Please God do this.

    • justaguyDP

      Agreed. It should be done.

  • Ball Sweat

    I’m so glad Jay and Mike are finally starting to come around about JJ Abrams just being one giant con artist who is only good at trying to recreate other people films. That wouldn’t be such a big problem if JJ was influenced by good genres like French New Wave or something that you don’t see a lot of in theaters today, but all he does is cut, copy, and paste other blockbusters. How is that any different from other awful blockbuster directors like Mc G or Roland Emer…whatever?

    I will admit that JJ Abrams rip off Star Trek series is way better than any other of his more original work. JJ’s biggest problem though is not realizing Damon Lindelof is a god awful writer. If he can’t realize that then I can’t put my faith in him doing Star Wars 7, which will most likely be called Star Wars Episode 7: A New, New Hope.

    • Jake


  • Ball Sweat

    Also I vote for Matrix sequels.

  • imnotleavingmynametoawebzone

    The Matricks Series

    • Jake

      r u stoopid broski?? mi mi wantz to know sah… evah herd of the letter “x” sah?

  • justaguyDP

    Voting for Prometheus.

    Terrible script writing.

    We’re told David has absolutely no biological functions… he doesn’t sleep (constantly monitors the crew while they’re asleep)… he doesn’t eat… he can’t procreate… and he doesn’t have a “respiration system.” So, how in the fuck was he able to “blow” a “flute” to communicate with a ship? Does he have a built-in air compressor? He’s later decapitated and is still able to speak so obviously he uses a voice synth program in order to communicate.

    If the Engineers seeded Earth then why are there 160 million years of dinosaurs?

    Why did David put the goo in Holloway’s drink? It was a scientific voyage, they couldn’t afford Bonobos? Is PETA that much of a pain in the ass in the future? At
    least Bones was smart enough to inject Khan’s blood into a tribble.

    In Prometheus, we can fly light years away on a expedition, peep into a passenger’s dreams, but they’re still using staples in a medical pod?

    Why is the pod only calibrated for men? Was it purely for the Weyland reveal? And, why keep it a secret? It’s a cheap plot device. Or, did they miss a firmware update?

    it goes on… and on…

    • Ball Sweat

      To quote myself, “Damon Lindelof is a god awful writer.” And what’s scary is he might end up writing Star Wars 7.

      • justaguyDP

        Very disturbing.

    • iZoe

      Uh, why should Plinkett review Prometheus when you just did?

  • rikkibarnes

    The Matrix and its sequels, no contest.

    People saying The Dark Knight (and Rises), Avengers, Prometheus, Twilight, Transformers, etc… Just watch the Half in the Bag episodes for those. Jesus Christ.

  • that guy that said the stupid

    i vote that you review every movie ever, begin now or you may not finish

  • Amber Lee

    I change my last vote. Do Twilight!! I just watched a Twilight movie last night and the whole time I swore I heard Plinkett’s voice in my head telling me what was wrong with this movie. He chose me as his vessel to spread this message.

  • Israel

    Matrix Reloaded.

  • mimusops elengi

    Dear Mr. Plinkett,
    Please review One Hour Photo. Compared to most of the films you’ve reviewed in the past, it’s a smaller budget “indie” film with an original story. I would dearly love to see your analysis of this type of film. Thank you.

    • Ball Sweat

      So is it suppose to be a funny review or a serious review of One Hour Photo? From all the orginal blah films that exist out there, One Hour Photo? That’s like asking to review Powder or Billy Elliot. Actually a Powder review would be pretty funny on paper. Also I’m pretty sure One Hour Photo was not a independent film.

  • hafabee

    The Transformers movies! You know you want to! At least do Transformers 2, that movie was so god awful it makes Battlefield Earth look like someone’s magnum opus,

  • Zeb364

    Matrix Revolutions would be good. I’d also be happy with Transformers 2 or Prometheus.

  • Mario

    Star Trek: Into Darkness for completion’s sake.

    • iZoe

      That movie doesn’t need an in depth review; it’s just a sequel.

  • guest

    The Last Airbender

  • Fluffy

    The Room

  • guest1

    Review LOST. Had some major problems. Tons of hilarious shit to nitpick too.

  • Yer_Mum

    Really wish people would stop suggesting films already reviewed in half in the bag :/ the last airbender would be a good idea, or the matrix sequels

    • iZoe

      So true…

  • Andrew Jara

    Terminator Salvation

  • Tony

    Review the Matrix Reloaded.

    • iZoe

      The whole trilogy should be examined; it’s kinda a watershed movie franchise. Main stream audiences who’d never seen a Chinese fantasy movie were exposed to a new kind of action film with all the wire-work.

  • Juan Ricardo

    The Last Airbender, Prometheus, Matrix (Trilogy), Superman IV

  • Patrick J Mullen

    Jurassic Park 3

  • iZoe


    • Guest

      It’s not even out yet!

  • Morris

    The Dark Knight Rises you FUCKS!

  • jmt

    A critical comparison of the Matrix trilogy to the Shoji Tabuchi show please.

    Or just the Matrix

  • email

    7 minutes?

    • Geahk Burchill

      This is just a supplement to the HITB review they did a couple weeks ago. Notice Plinkett didn’t tread the same territory twice in this review.

  • Charles Joey Cox

    Prometheus would be a lot of fun.

    • zeitguest

      Prometheus is definitely the richest soil to plant the Plinkett seed in… if you catch my drift.

      There’s great material available for comparison. Visually, Bava’s Planet of the Vampires – or if you want to make a comparison to other Big Idea scifi movies, there’s always Forbidden Planet. Or for a scifi slasher film you can compare it to The Thing (1982)

      In terms of, by itself it has that fractal-fucked quality to it, there’s the context within the Alien franchise, and there’s the context/comparison within the scifi genre with films with similar atmosphere, purpose, and so on.

      It’s a movie that definitely offers a lot of grist for the mill on the level of, or above the level of, Phantom Menace – we could see a truly awful movie slain super-amusingly and learn a lot about film – without realizing it – in the process, which was what I’ve always liked about the Plinkett reviews. But it’s the review that would probably take the most work to do.

      On the other hand I don’t want a review that’s such an ordeal to put together it strains the ongoing existence of Plinkett as a reviewer. You get the sense with the “questions” videos they were working on it and it started to be a matter of too much mind-numbing detail. There’s almost TOO MUCH grist for the mill. At the end of the day, the people who comprise Plinkett need to choose a film they have enough zest for reviewing that it works.

      There’s also… Lifeforce

      • justaguyDP

        Why did David put the midichlorians in Holloway’s drink?

      • Pete Zaroll

        I absolutely agree on all points.

  • Secret Asshole




  • infernocanuck

    You fools! He’s not going to do any of these suggestions! It was a spoof on other videos who simply pander to their audience. He’s going to review whatever he wants to review!

    • iZoe

      You’re probably right… So I still hope the next big review will be MAN OF STEEL!

  • Copper Cab

    Star Wars The Clone Wars cartoon movie. It has a homosexual Hutt villain, crappy animation, and no killing at all.

  • Jake

    I seriously hope you guys ignore these fucks and review a movie that is as controversial as the star wars prequels instead of the tepid, lukewarm, forgotten Matrix series that all these friendless high schooler fucks want reviewed. It’s not a fun review.

    Mike, Just choose something you’re passionate about, like you were with the Prequels. Choose something that nerds typically love and you hate! God dammit, review the first season of Game of Thrones! That shit is awful! Offend people and you’ll have gotten lots of hits and loyal followers!

    And sorry if this seems like a troll post. Its not. I am dead serious: I want my Plinkett reviews better than the “Matricks” series, and I think you guys deserve nothing but fame and riches for your insights and unique craft of entertainment.

    • iZoe

      “review a movie that is as controversial as the star wars prequels”
      OH SHIT! That’s the Superman franchise for sure!

    • taterboob

      So edgy.

    • Pete Zaroll

      I agree with Jake. People keep mentioning the Matrix sequels, but they were just farts in a jacuzzi. They didn’t stir anybody up, nor does anybody dispute how awful they are. If anyone thinks Plinkett reviews are just “tearing things apart” then they’ve really missed the point. To be honest, a true Plinkett review of the Matrix would have him explaining to us why Matrix 2 and 3 are actually quite good (and us agreeing with him!)

      Plinkett reviews are about holding people and institutions to account for making bad films when they really should have the knowledge and skills available to do better. They’re about what is good about film-making, not what is bad. The Star Wars reviews don’t just tear the films apart, they explain how they could (and should) have been better made. Nobody had any real expectations of Matrix 2 and 3, and there was no investment in the world of the Matrix to make us feel disappointed when the Wachowskis screwed it up. Therefore, this is not Plinkett material. Prometheus, however, ticks all those boxes…

  • Private_Eyescream

    “Shallow Trek: Into Dullness”



    • Magnus Ironfist

      Hell yeah!

  • David

    The Lost World & JP3! More Spielberg & Joe Johnston for Plinkett.

  • Private_Eyescream

    G’mork: Foolish boy. Don’t you know anything about Fantasia? It’s the world of human fantasy. Every part, every creature of it, is a piece of the dreams and hopes of mankind. Therefore, it has no boundaries.

    Atreyu: But why is Fantasia dying, then?

    G’mork: Because people have begun to lose their hopes and forget their dreams. So the Nothing grows stronger.

    Atreyu: What is the Nothing?

    G’mork: It’s the emptiness that’s left. It’s like a despair, destroying this world. And I have been trying to help it.

    Atreyu: But why?

    G’mork: Because people who have no hopes are easy to control; and whoever has the control… has the power!

  • Private_Eyescream

    Bastian: What is that?

    The Childlike Empress: One grain of sand. It is all that remains of my vast empire.

    Bastian: Fantasia has totally disappeared?

    The Childlike Empress: Yes.

    Bastian: Then, everything’s been in vain.

    The Childlike Empress: No, it hasn’t. Fantasia can arise anew, from your dreams and wishes, Bastian.

  • Private_Eyescream

    “The Nothing is spreading,” groaned the first. “It’s growing and
    growing, there’s more of it every day, if it’s possible to speak of more
    nothing. All the others fled from Howling Forest in time, but we didn’t
    want to leave our home. The Nothing caught us in our sleep and this is
    what it did to us.”

    “Is it very painful?” Atreyu asked.

    said the second bark troll, the one with the hole in his chest. “You
    don’t feel a thing. There’s just something missing. And once it gets
    hold of you, something more is missing every day. Soon there won’t be
    anything left of us.”

    Michael Ende,

    The Neverending Story

  • sup1337hax


  • Trek

    Review something about the five Star Trek TV series. Like a best and worst or something.

    • jmoney

      Now this is an interesting idea… I would love to see Plinket’s take on Enterprise.

  • tim89

    This video is the definition of nitpicking…

    • Olivicmic

      Definition? Did I miss the closeups of lice eggs?

  • KolbStomp
  • Ball Sweat


    Actually Garden State wouldn’t be a bad choice. I believe Mike has mentioned his dislike for Natalie Portman, and Garden State is a landmark film (in a bad way) as being the film that best displays the infamous one dimensional character known as the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl.” Portman has made her entire career out of being the ideal wet dream for lonely depressed nerds, and Garden State is a excellent jumping off point to talk about all those things wrong with Natalie Portman and male hipsterism.

  • Geahk Burchill

    Review Pizza Rolls! I wanna know about pizza rolls. Can I get a pizza roll?

    Oh yeah. And Superman IV. Review that.

  • taterboob

    The Matrix movies, PLEASE. It’s the next logical step, after the SW prequels and Indy 4. It’s been done by others, sure, but not nearly as well as I know the RLM crew could.

  • StickFigs

    The Matrix!

  • Dick Black

    Matrix Sequels. Ya dig?

  • Aaron Eades

    Mainly because I don’t want to have to watch them now that I’m an adult, do Matrix…Or the Nolan Batman movies. Jus-just do anything, as long as you review something I’ll be happy.

  • Tim

    You should review the greatest movie of all time: Sidekicks. Starring Chuck Norris, and metrosexual kid # 786

  • UMA_Fan

    The Matrix Sequels

  • sammie

    Matrix sequels!

  • Guest

    review Robocop 3

  • Charles Cohen

    Matrix Reloaded Please :)

  • Cheeta Hauser

    You should review the saw franchise. All of it.

  • Cheeta Hauser

    Also Captain Ron

  • Jerk

    Matrix Reloaded

  • AnimationworksNL

    Yep, Matrix makes sense. Not unlike Star Wars it created a fantastic, fun mythology and then ruined it with a vague Messiah-message, incomprehensible storylines and dull characters. Oh, and covering up the mess with boring CGI of course.

    I think it’s a good suggestion, better than some others posted here. I mean, ‘Nolans Batman???’ No fun in that … they’re really well made films, not much to pick on. Plotholes, yes, but not major flaws which ruin the story or Bat character.
    Prometheus? Maybe, but the HitB show was great, why do it again? Someone even suggested Drive??? Apart from the fact that it has been discussed on HitB, it is a near-prefect film, not Plinkett fodder.

    • robthom

      “it created a fantastic, fun mythology…”

      Did it?

      Looked more like blatant thievery glossed up in hipsterism to me.

      Not unlike jj abrams, jj trek or soon to be jj wars.

      Look up Cocoon by Kieth Laumer.

      • AnimationworksNL

        OK, found it. It’s on my bookshelf.

        Not just Cocoon, also the comic The Invisibles for the unseen enemy, Ghost in the Shell for green data screens and neck-plugs, and lots more. I didn’t mind the’thieving’ (borrowing?) of ideas because they were used as ingredients to create a new exciting story. Again, not unlike Star Wars which did the same with Flash Gordon, Foundation books, samurai movies and westerns.

        I’m not praising either one for being original art, I like them for being popular re-tellings of familiar, classical stories with a new twist. They are fantastic in both senses of the word and yes, a lot of fun.

        Anyway, point is they both forgot what they are and got fancy. Like George Lucas ‘poetry’ rant. And by doing so messed up their own stories and characters. Virginal birth, midichloreans, Neo having powers outside the Matrix, main characters becoming death (Darth Vader and agent Smith), all obvious signs that the makers wanted to go bigger and better on something that was already great.

        Shame for us fans, but great stuff for Plinkett reviews!

  • ElectricPrism

    Akira the movie.

  • Derp

    Matrix sequels

  • Kevin Pallotti

    Dearest Mr. Plinkett, as a fellow cinema enthusiast, I fucking love you. If possible, please review the Dark Knight Rises and reveal its true nature as a fecal monolith. Thank you.

  • The Captain’s Log

    The Matrix Trilogy.. but mainly parts 2 and 3.. They can burn in the pit of their own pretentiousness…

    • robthom

      Despite popular opinion, matrix 1 was a turd also.

  • Ankhwatcher

    Iron Man 2? That movie deserves a good kick to the face.

  • mashnut

    The Matrices

  • robthom

    Sometimes I suspect that jj and his crew of goons are just overpaid, hyper-stylized ripoff artists.

    Once again I’m stuffing the ballot for a prometheus deconstruction.

  • DoctorKillpatient

    1200+ comments – definetely a record for this webzone.

    However, it would be better for Plinkett to pick a movie that would have something meaningful for him to point out. Matrix and Prometheus have been discussed to death.

    I think, most people just want see those movies because they need affirmation to their opinions (or hate). It’s like they would sleep better if they could say: “See, Plinkett thinks like I do”. It’s sort of a Pavlovian dog effect where the review would be like ringing the bell and salivation then comes in the form of acceptance from the fan base.

    It would be harder to point out faults in something that is universally accepted – Godfather, Jaws, Citizen Kane, The Road Warrior – than it is in something that has them in abundance – Matrix Revolutions.

    My recommendations would be The Shaggy Dog, Snow Dogs or The Dark Knight.

    • robthom

      You do realize that Plinkett reviews Star Wars and Star Trek right?

      Things that we’ve all seen.

      Sorry charlie,
      but prometheus and the matrix deserve every ounce of hate they get.

      • DoctorKillpatient

        What could they possibly say about Matrix or Prometheus that hasn’t been said already 100 times over?

        • robthom

          The originality of plinkett is not only consolidating what fanboys have been ranting about into a clear dialogue,

          but filtering it through and adding his own perspective.

          Did you think that Plinkett added anything to his prequal reviews?

          Despite 10 years of ranting about them?

          But I do see how it could be a problem to chose a side in a heated debate.

          It might not be a good idea.

        • Pete Zaroll

          Disagree. There’s much more that’s wrong about Prometheus than just inconsistencies. For just one example, how it was possible to market the film so vociferously as “not an origin story” and then totally rape the preceding Alien films and ultimately, “make an origin story”. Prometheus is an example of the crudeness of Hollywood filmmaking that the lads referred to in their Jack and Jill HITB episode – something that goes beyond the financial imperative and into something much uglier.

  • Sam Raimi

    Spider-Man 3. That movie has heart, but ultimately is a carnival of stupid that really needs a good blood-letting.

    • robthom

      I heard it was dumb,
      but I was fortunate enough to completely miss that one.

      The first one was only okay.

      • Sam Raimi

        To name a few dumb parts:

        - Meteorite hits the Central Park 10 feet away from Spider-Man. No one notices.

        - One of the villains is allergic to sound. In New York City. One of the noisiest places on earth.

        - Being evil = looking emo, jazz dancing, and creepily staring at women.

      • Patrick Brian

        The second one is the best superhero movie to date.
        Well maybe it isn’t. (though probably is)
        But I have a great deal of affection for Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus.

  • Pete Zaroll

    Prometheus because, while RLM shouldn’t repeat itself as such, its case resembles the anticipation/disappointment of the Star Wars prequels and also because there are too many people defending it who really need to be thinking about why it DOESN’T work. Plus it would be great to see if the lads are as knowledgeable about the Alien films as they are about Star Wars and Star Trek.

    But I’ll take whatever comes. Love RLM!

  • John

    I personally do NOT want the Matrix sequels to be reviewed. The only reason that these are being brought up so often is because there is a certain narrow age demographic that wants some kind of closure on them. Everyone else has forgotten all about The Matrix now.It’s not as though it’s still around and they’re still milking it like Star Wars. I also think that the Nolan Batman movies (seriously, what is this mad obsession with these films?) are a bad idea because these are both generally enjoyed by both mass audiences and critics. They don’t need dissecting unless we’re seriously bothered about nitpicking ‘plot holes’ in a superhero movie.

    Star Wars prequels and Crystal Skull worked so well because there was such a long wait and such anticipation for these films. There was a what…2 or 3 year wait for the Matrix sequels? I think that the next review should be a modern franchise. Something that’s a huge part of pop culture now like Transformers or Twilight, something topical. A franchise that the critics often pan and yet the ‘dumb masses’ just love for some inexplicable reason. It can go in to just what makes these things so popular and loved, despite the fact that they’re so terrible. I always enjoy it when they touch upon things like this in Half in the Bag.

    Of course, the decision isn’t mine or anyone’s. He will just review whatever he wants to review and rightly so. :-)

  • Objectively Terrible

    I’m gonna be wanting a Prometheus review. I reckons It’ll be damn good fun.

  • erik

    Transformers please

  • JCain

    Movies today are “demo reels” for cgi artists and future games. Its all about visual effects, even a rpg is lazy today.. here we have KHAN! in the casual games FUS RO DAH!

  • Bolson

    1. People who don’t like the Dark Knight Trilogy are sad human beings who think plothole=bad movie or nitpick=substantive film analysis.

    2. Please do Green Lantern or Lost maybe

  • Norple

    Don’t forget Commodore Decker, who was a bit batshit, himself, ramming a shuttlecraft right down the Doomsday Machine’s throat. Commodore’s kind of like the unfortunately named Rear Admiral (already pretty unfortunate) Lower Half (sheesh). And then his batshit son “doing it,” with the Voyager spacecraft and then having all those kids in Seventh Heaven.

  • Phil B

    Big Trouble in Little China!

  • staddis_quo

    I would like to see matrix 2, that would be a good one, not only is there a lot of crap to riff on on the movies own merits but it can also be compared to the first Matrix. I found i enjoyed plinketts incite on aspects of what made the originally star wars trilogy great just as much as why the prequels suck dick.
    I also wouldn’t mind the lord of the rings trilogy (extended) to be reviewed as i consider them, well maybe im just to young of a movie goer, to be a unique movie in terms of in length and grandeur.

    also though its not really plinketts style some kubrick or lynch analisys is always welcome

  • Solo4357

    If you do Matrix, do 2 and 3 as they are really one long shitty movie.

  • Alphahan

    Prometheus, Aliens 3 and 4. Kill them..! Kill them with fire..!

  • RainsofCastamere

    Review reactions to Red Wedding:

    • Cyvaris

      Way to be a cunt.

  • NotLRG

    Escape from L.A.

  • C.G.

    Chinatown 2 (The Two Jakes)

  • Mr_DNA

    Matrix Trilogy

  • Meg not Megan

    “Soldier” starring Kurt Russell! Watch him save the people on a planet made entirely of garbage!

  • Magnus Ironfist

    Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions would be great.

  • kolo

    Matrix :)

  • charlie

    I didn’t catch a lot of these references seeing as I haven’t watched the movies before this, so it didn’t seem so bad to me. And I don’t think it is awful to say that the same scotty would make the same decisions in 2 similar scenarios.

  • CallMeSnake

    Guys I think that Mike is just fucking with us. He already knows which movie he is going to review ;)

    • DoctorKillpatient

      Top Dog with Chuck Norris?

      • CallMeSnake

        Nope K-9000 ;)

  • Hairy Ass Plinkett

    Fuck Matrix already! The review would be as boring as the movies!

    Here’s some that might work: Schlock – the movie , American werewolf in London, Black Monster Dicks, TITanic. Brokeback Mountain, etc.

    No, but seriously now: Kill Bill, Terminator 3, 4, 5 … 131, Judgment Day.

    Let’s be honest, those would cut it! People only keep suggesting Batman, Matrix, Airblinder and other shit because THEY’RE FANS OF IT! Be realistic people! They would not make good Plinkett reviews.

    Plinkett cannot call himself a film critic before he unravels the mystery behind the immense attention deficit disorder that surrounds the Kill Bill movies.
    Not to mention the Terminator sequels.

    And Mike also seems to be a great fan of Judgment Day, so that’s a must.

    • Hairy Ass Plinkett

      No wait, that should be INDEPENDANCE day… trust me to forget the name of that piece of shit!

    • robthom

      Kill Bill (and everything tarentino has done after pulp) is so vastly over-rated.

      I could go for that one.

    • taterboob

      You don’t think that people were fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, or Indiana Jones?

  • Mr Flibble

    Battlefield Earth.

  • disqus_4pKwkhrEYT

    How about a review of Loose Change, Zeitgeist, or something similar where can watch these simpleton, 110-IQ-MAX, midwestern, fat, balding, borrowed-creativity-having, dime-a-dozen Polocks research facts, which will in turn educate all the simple hacks reading this by proxy. Then we don’t have to hear any more jokes about people who actually research things themselves by Polocks who only believe popular opinion unless it involves being a hipster and everyone else is doing it.

    Then these Polocks could make jokes that do not revolve around pop culture or regurgitated jokes, but their comedy would be fresh, new and exciting! Then, everyone wins! they might actually get looked at by an industry that doesn’t see them as simpleton, 110-IQ-MAX, midwestern, fat, balding, borrowed-creativity-having, dime-a-dozen Polocks!

    If not, review Zero Dark thirty….the best (propaganda) movie of the year (2012)!

    And if you need a simpler movie, dissect GI Joe (real simple to find the flaws and 10 points if you can find all the propaganda).

    P.S. LOVE the Plinkett character fellas….but try not to be too smart guys….it doesn’t work for borrowed intelligence.

    • shove it up your cunt

      I find it so amusing how people tend to fall prey to superiority complex just because they are supposedly enlightened by some “behind the curtains ” knowledge.
      Conspiracy theories ARE a part of pop culture and as such detailed knowledge of the subject matter does not elevate you from the rest of us mortal assholes.
      You are just another mortal asshole with a minor disadvantage i.e being blinded by your delusions of grandeur when in fact you are in the same category as “comic book nerd fanboys”.

      • disqus_4pKwkhrEYT

        oh, i agree, but the truth hurts. just letting you know that hipster glasses don’t make someone intelligent. try getting on a plane, and go to another country and ask anyone just how stupid our average citizen is. really though, the same regurgitated, borrowed, 90-IQ hipster humor gets older faster than Seinfeld reruns.

        the guys should just stick with plinkett because when they try to attack things above their level of comprehension, they alienate some fans that have been there done that and know better. it makes them look like pre-pubescent children trying to tell rape jokes. just bad.

        And i can think of at least 3 jokes to attack “conspiracy theorists” that are funnier than the “tin foil bit”, but perhaps i should keep that for my own projects.

        But good stuff. and yes, i am a fellow “comic book fanboy”….i am just world travelled and pertysmart with knowledge and creativity coming out of my asshole. gotta call em how i see em.

        Plinkett rules….the best of the worst, the fat hipster, and the bald guy with the lisp not-so-much. Midwesterners are known for their wit and their love of movies and pop-culture, but don’t overstep your bounds guys. if you don’t know or understand both sides to a story, leave it alone. this isn’t like bashing miley cyrus for looking like an appaloosa or justin bieber for looking like a teenage french prostitute.

        • Nice job there smartypants

          Yes, they should change everything YOU don’t like about their style of comedy because you speak for everyone. You are well travelled and “pertysmart with knowledge” so you should know better than to have such an elitist attitude.

          If you find some of what they do lacking in entertainment value for you you could choose not to watch it. Accusing them of lacking creativity is laughable at best but seriously out of order. Those guys put themselves out there and are always coming up with new ideas and material. It’s free for the most part and it’s really funny. Shut up and enjoy what you are given instead of being condescending them and accusing them of trying to attacking things that are beyond their comprehension. I think, sir, it is you who is attacking something that is beyond YOUR comprehension.

          Your grammar and choice of words shows me that you think you are smarter than you are. You think your opinion somehow has more weight than others because you are smarter than they are. I always thought that smart people know just how much they don’t know and they don’t brag about it.

          I will agree with the above commenters opinion of you. You definitely have delusions of grandeur. Seriously, get over yourself. Have your opinion, voice it if you must but do not speak for anyone else.

          • disqus_4pKwkhrEYT

            Gotcha! I am actually Plinkett’s neighbor, Mr. Gerald Johnson, and I woulda got away with it if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids!

        • robthom

          ” just letting you know that hipster glasses don’t make someone intelligent.”

          Yeah, but actually being intelligent is a lot of extra work when I can just look like it for 49.95 at hot topic.

        • geesoosfoockingchrysth

          The only thing coming out of your asshole is your neck since you got your head shoved up in there.

    • Saul Pearce

      What the fuck are you talking about?

      • fuck him

        “Who’s messing with my medicine?”

        He’s an ass.

    • Mr. Man

      I certainly hope you are not insinuating that there is any truth to be found within either Zeitgeist (Theosophical propaganda) or Loose Change (9/11 gate-keeping). It has been rather methodically proven that the 9/11 footage was pre-fabricated CGI (see the film September Clues and visit to view our research into what we refer to as PSY-OPs, aka psychological operations). To understand Zeitgeist, you need look no further than The Theosophical Society, which is an off-shoot of Freemasonry. Chris White’s film “Zeitgeist Debunked” clears up the nonsense and disinformation.

      • a perfect example of

        It’s on the internet it must be true.

  • Anon

    The Last Airbender!

  • Bonko

    The Last Airbinder

  • Rob

    Surprised no one has said Cowboys vs. Aliens, one of the most anticipated and worst reviewed movies at its time.

    • robthom

      The touch of lindelof.

  • jon

    Maybe part of why we love these is that plinkett points out our disappointment with missed opportunity (next gen movies vs show) or blatant perversion of classics from childhood (indie, new treks) for the purposes of making money. it’s not just trashing bad movies, it’s trashing bad movies that are important to us or that we had some kind of connection with that fell short. hard to really care about matrix movies review except for maybe schadenfreude, same for a lot of these suggestions.

    Here’s an idea. Review something we love and explain why we love it and why movies will never be like that one ever again.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jr!

    • robthom

      That exists?!

      • Saul Pearce

        Unfortunately, yes. I’ve seen it. Well, a portion of it…

      • Meester Smeeth

        Oh yes. It does. I’ve only seen the trailer. It looks fucking awful. Perhaps a review of it would sit nicely next to Cop Dog…

  • Meester Smeeth

    Son Of The Mask!

  • tygialli

    Review exorcist. 2

    • robthom

      That would make a great Rifftrack.

  • Paul Thomas Anderson

    The Master – Paul Thomas Anderson

    Review my movie

    • robthom

      Wasn’t that bad.

      Just boring.

      Needed more lens flare and explosions.

  • Mister Misanthrope

    The important thing, I think is that he reviews something he has a personal connection to. He clearly cares a great deal about the Star Trek and Star Wars movies. If he does an hour long review on something he doesn’t particularly care about because people demand it, it won’t be that good. Unless it’s another Baby’s Day Out/Cop Dog type review where he’s ripping apart a really awful movie. I’d love to see Plinkett review many of the films suggested here -the Terminator franchise, the Matrix films, Spider-Man 3, Prometheus, the Aliens and Predator movies- but he should only review one of those if he has a strong opinion one way or the other about it, in my opinion.

  • beast of the wurst

    The Last Airfreshener

    • robthom

      That refreshing aroma of shit.

  • Anus Destroyer

    I was hoping he might review a movie that he liked. His review of Star Trek: The Star Trek was really good. Maybe he could do another movie he actually likes…Just a thought.

    • guest

      The Epire Strikes Back maybe, cause he loves Empire so much he f(beep)ks it

      • guest

        sorry i meant The Enpire Strikes Back

        • HA HA typo

          Which is it now?

          Epire or Enpire ?

      • robthom

        Jedi would be better.

        Sure you could find things to razz in empire,
        but picking apart a masterpiece like Empire would just seem like a desperate exercise.

  • John Paul III

    I would say the Michael Bay Transformers movie. The Michael Bay movies are like a bad film making institution. The Transformers movies are not just bad movies, but disappointing to the fans of the original Transformers Cartoon. Though I think Mike should see the first 6 episodes or the first Transformers movie made in the 1980′s. Both may be critical for the review.

    • robthom

      Whats to be learned from deconstructing transformer movies?

      Dumb sells and expensive CGI looks cool?

  • Guestieguest

    For the love of finely stuffed monkey sausage, do a “Matrix” trilogy series.

  • richard

    nurse chapel couldn’t have moved between 2009 and into darkness?

    • Guest

      Yes, but in ‘In to Darkness’, she’s said to be training to be a nurse. In ST09 McCoy calls for a ‘nurse Chapel’. It could easily have been a different nurse Chapel, but obviously it wasn’t intended to be considering it’s a fan reference.

      • richard

        I suppose you are right about that…I guess they were hoping nobody noticed that little reference in the first movie…but i guess their brains did.

  • richard

    also your next review should be the home alone franchise. All 4 of them

  • Tracky

    Hey Mike, Jay, Rich… for the next review, I personally love the reviews in which you pick apart bad movies – I find them much more entertaining and actually learn more about film theory, etc from those. So, my preference would be to see Plinkett rip a new asshole out of a major-blockbuster, total piece of shit film, like Transformers 2. Or just anything that you’re inherently passionate about, really – I definitely felt the Prequel and Indy reviews were stronger than, say, cop dog and Baby’s Day Out, since you were more passionate about the subject matter. Just pick something that really pisses you off.

    • robthom

      ” I definitely felt the Prequel and Indy reviews were stronger than, say, cop dog and Baby’s Day Out, since you were more passionate about the subject matter.”


      Thats why I dont think transformers would be a good one.

      Its not important enough to pick on.

      Nobody with any brains liked it or went to see it (I’m assuming),
      and the 13 years olds who did liked becasue thats who its aimed at.

      Its almost kind of pointless pointing out the stupid things about a movie thats SUPPOSED to be stupid.

      Prometheus on the other hand is allegedly deep and great.

      Maybe it is.

      • S G

        “Prometheus on the other hand is allegedly deep and great Maybe it is.”

        Naw … it’s pretentious crap. Exactly why it’d be perfect for Plinkett-ification.

  • Duarte Boaventura

    ONE HOUR PHOTO!!! There’s so many great chances for Plinkett to get all Plinkettey over that movie! Plus, although Robin Williams does a good job with what he has to work with, and the cinematography is nice, that movie is a total train wreck! Here’s some more exclamation points!!!!!!

  • dumps

    I vote for something that doesn’t use the same crummy drawing of Plinkett for half the review.


  • Murderin Murphy

    Fuck you, Rick Berman!!

  • Marilyn Monster

    I feel the obvious choice would be for Plinkett to review an Olsen twins’ movie. After all, it is his favorite series of movies to masturbate to other than Star Wars, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones.

    • robthom

      “After all, it is his favorite series of movies to masturbate to”

      They’re classics of the genre.

  • Doomsdave!!!!

    How about a review over movies that could have been great but were ruined by the production company…. like spiderman 3 or x3. Or just review free enterprise.

    • robthom

      I could go for picking apart a fucking brett ratner movie.

  • Jamen

    Star Trek V please

  • Ben

    Matrix. :)

  • Fah Q

    Into darkness isn’t ripping off other Star Trek, It’s just Poetry so they rhyme, every stanza kinda rhymes with the last one.

    • robthom

      Vogon poetry.

    • Hmmm…

      Hahaha exactly.

      JJ Abrams has brought Star Trek down to EP1 intelligence levels.

  • anon

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was an overrated turd that was popular in the west due to the unfamiliarity of the genre… It was deemed mediocre in China….

  • After Earth was Awesome!

    After Earth

    • robthom

      I heard it was awesomely terrible.

  • John

    I have no idea what to vote for but the Lord of the Rings sparked my interest when you flashed the cover at the end of the video.

    • robthom

      Lord of the rings would be interesting because they weren’t really that good.

      Plenty of flaws to raz in those.

  • name

    Matrix Reloaded

  • Alex Hilhorst

    For the love that is all and good and holy do The Matrix Reloaded. You’ve been teasing me with that one since you were trapped underground in that coffin, and I know it would be your next masterpiece. Plus it’s got an even worse sequel you can skewer after!! I will donate money to Redlettermedia and fix your VCR if you do that one.

    • Action Gandhi

      The last thing I want to do is encourage more Kickstarter-esque activity, but if Plinkett decided to hold the Matrix reviews for ransom in his black evil heart, I would pay good money to make that happen. Like, ten bucks!

      I said “good” money, not “great.”

  • Katy

    The Last Airbender would be brilliant! A brilliant show ruined by… everything :(

  • Fuckface

    Please Do Last Air Bender! That movie was bad.. and needs to be reviewed.. even though we all know it’s bad… but how bad? A lot.

  • Jack

    How about “Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure”? That could use a good Plinkett analysis.

  • Cymbeline

    Review the Matrix Trilogy, please. And email me a pizza roll while you’re at it.

  • Mar H

    Review the Matrix Sequels!

    • robthom

      If he did the matrix I’d like to see him do the stupid first one.

  • Disqus

    I can’t believe nobody came up with this username.

  • Roger Sarvis

    review coyote ugly.

  • Danno Klonowski


  • Cranberries

    My vote is for Matrix Reloaded, and if you have time, Revolutions.

    • jRoldo


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    This is the most comments AND in the shortest amount of time that I’ve ever seen on this site.


  • George Lucas

    Review Half in the Bag & Best of the Worst, and how they ruined the Plinkett Reviews frachise!

  • robthom

    You know whats completely and utterly ripe for taking a shit on?

    Pretty much everything m night shayamalan has ever made.

    People keep saying airbender,
    but who over the age of 13 expected that movie to be good.

    I’d say stomp a mudhole in that stupid signs movie.

    (But I’m still voting for prometheus.)

  • Mohammad Killmaster

    Your guys ability to find all the similarities in the compare and contrast section of your reviews is always AMAZING. Great video.


    Please review the Matrix sequels Plinkett YOU FUCKING HACK FRAUD.

  • Dobrinski

    Matrix Trilogy

  • bretweir

    I have always wanted a Plinkett review of the Matrix reboot… Tron: Legacy.

  • Alex

    Review the Kill Bill series!!

  • doctorwhy

    Review the all of the different Star Trek TV series as a whole and their slow journey into shit. Starting with the original series, to TNG, to DS9, Voyager, and finally Enterprise (aka the grave). It’d be good to look at America’s longest running sci fi franchise and
    examine both what made it successful in the beginning and what/who
    exactly ran everything into the ground and morphed the brand into the
    dead horse everyone was so tired of beating that the 2009 shitball
    actually seemed refreshing. Why? Because nobody knows how to make a cool sci fi tv series anymore. Doctor Who is a cartoon show, Star Gate is dead in the water, Farscape is just plain dead, Battle Star crawled up it’s own ass and expired around the 2nd season, and Firefly is never coming back. Ever. The best we can hope for these days is “dark”, “gritty” shows about the end of the world or some shit. That or just review the Matrix sequels, i guess… :shrug:

    • Mendoza

      this comment needs more attention!

      • whip

        I want to agree with him, until he heaped undeserved praise on Firefly. The most over-rated sci-fi show ever.

        People act like it’s unique and shit, but it’s not. It demonstrates some real ignorance of previous sci-fi to say that.

        Firefly clearly borrows greatly from other series, such as the BBC series Blakes 7. In many ways, Blakes 7 was a far better series. Shaky sets and poor acting considered! The similarities in the shows are huge.

        Firefly is a case of some kind of martyrdom syndrome. It’s a show that really wasn’t all that special or great.. but because of the circumstances of it’s cancellation, it suddenly escalated into being some fantastic unparalleled sci-fi masterpiece.

        Firefly only seems so great and amazing because it was admittedly so much better than the other things being made at the time. But it’s not unique, or all that compelling.

        It was elevated to greatness based only on the drama surrounding it’s cancellation and the fact it was never brought back. This allows people to imagine the amazing years of content they never got to see.. all of which is entirely in their minds. When in reality it may have started to suck and suck hard just the next season. And be cancelled. And forgotten.

        But like any good martyr, it lives on forever based on the good it “could have done”.

        I find it outrageously insulting when people say things like “greatest science fiction series of all time”. It completely dismisses the amazing success of quality shows such as Doctor Who and Star Trek, both of which have had 1000x more real success and longevity.

        But now, they aren’t good because they aren’t some masterfully compelling adult drama.. you know, because they have a whore on the ship. So all the 20 year olds who are convinced of their maturity based on reaching adulthood alone can feel that this show really speaks to them, as real adults. Because it features sex!

        It’s a sad world today in many ways. But what you gonna do. And yes, I expect a record number of downvotes. Don’t care really. Firefly will still be over-rated as hell and should still be left to rot.

        • Alex Lee

          I always thought of Firefly as a western set in space, unlike Star Trek. As such, I could never really think about as actual Science Fiction.

          As much as I like Star Trek, Roddenberry did lie to the studio when he pitched the show that way, much to everyone’s long term benefit.

  • Adam Dukovich


    Seems right in the wheelhouse of the usual Plinkett reviews, a TV show-turned-movie that’s utterly generic, riddled with stupidity and plot holes, and has the pattest of endings. It’s like Insurrection with a younger cast.

    • Patrick Brian

      “plot holes”
      There is that fucking word again.

  • Hairy Ass Plinkett

    You know if you don’t put it up Tarantino’s anus you’ll never grow as an artist… I mean reviewer! (I may have gone too far in a few places…)

    • robthom

      It would be a strange challenge to deconstruct tarentino due to his unusual by choice style.

      For instance you cant complain about bad editing when he’s doing it on purpose.

      It could be done,
      and his movies deserve it IMO,
      but it would be a challenge.

  • misterclock

    Terminator: Salvation

    • robthom

      mcg ALWAYS deserves an ass kicking.

  • Alkuelain

    Review “Battleship Potemkin!”


    “Saving private Ryan” is a really boring, weak ass fairytale movie with extremely retarded plot combined with even more retarded cast. It would be fun.

    … Let’s see… others….

    “Chernobyl diaries” is just depressing waste of time…. what else? lemme think… O! a good movie with very nice soundtrack “Lock stock & 2 smoking barrels”! …. more… “13 assassins” (English name, I think) violent japanese pseudohistorical fantasy swordswinging adventure. (I liked it)

    Pan’s labyrinth? Gladiator? (Do *YOU* like movies about gladiators?) Sin City? District 9? …. and so on and so on and so on. … Life of Brian?

    • robthom

      Despite Holy Grail being… the Holy Grail,
      I never could get into life of brian.

  • robthom

    I think what it really takes for a good Plinkett deconstruction is not something bad that was intended to be trash cinema,
    like transformers.

    Or picking out the faults of something that is generally considered good enough,
    like the first matrix movie.
    (Or signs.)

    But something that failed its expectations,
    as spectacularly as possible.

    A trainwreck.

    So that Plinkett can technically analyze and raz what went wrong like he did with the prequel series.

  • aaroncraft

    Dear Mr. Plinkett,

    If it were up to me, I’d have you do a motion picture review of the Matrix Triology and/or the Matrix sequels. (Reloaded & Revolutions)

    Sincerely yours,

    • robthom

      Well there’s an idea.

  • robthom

    How about the hobbit.

    • guest

      just watched the Hobbit. My god, that was surprisingly awful.

      …and going through one star reviews on Amazon to soothe the recent pain of watching it, I was further aggravated to read one-star reviews saying it was bad because of Jackson’s slavish following of the book to the letter. Uh, in what movie did that happen? Aside from using some of the same names, it diverged wildly from the book. Sometimes they seemed to change things for no purpose other than to change it. These unlettered freaks who never read the book are just ASSUMING that if the movie sucked, it must have been the book. Yeah it’s the much-beloved book that sold 100 million copies by a renowned multi-award-winning author – that’s what ruined your CGI crapfest.

      It’s almost enough to tempt me to change my vote from Prometheus/Alien Universe – almost.

  • RichE

    Matrix Reloaded or Revolutions. Or both. >.>

    • robthom

      The only problem I have with doing the Matrix sequels, is that the first one wasn’t that good either.

      The wachowski’s were always over-rated and I wasn’t surprised in any way when the sequels sucked.

      They seemed the same as the first one except everything stupid about the first one was magnified X10.

      It would still be interesting for Plinkett to put it into words though.

  • Narse

    Highlander The Source

  • Josh

    The next Plinkett review will be all about the films of Roland Emmerich. Mark my words.

  • majorb

    I’m sick of the fanboy bitching about how much Into Darkness “rips off” Wrath of Khan. It’s not ripping off WoK, it’s specifically discussing WoK, in some ways it can even be considered a direct sequel to WoK. Much like Nero and his crew in Trek 2009 were implicitly designed around Shinzon and his crew of Remans as a satire of the wrongheaded design and artistic direction of late-period Trek films and series (content cut from the film pretty much makes this completely obvious by tying their ship to the Borg), Into Darkness is designed entirely around the thesis that Wrath of Khan has essentially infected Star Trek as a franchise with decidedly un-Trek themes. Not to say that Khan isn’t a good movie, but a significant portion of Trek’s stories from there on out are permutations of that villain and set of themes (even Nero, who screams “SPOOOOOOOCK” in what is a joking reference to Nemesis’ halfbaked ripping-off of WoK). If ST09 sought closure for the godawful Next Generation films, then Into Darkness seeks closure on Wrath of Khan so the series can finally move on. Nero, the future culmination of Khan’s thematic degradation, has been destroyed and the next thing to be discussed is the myth of Khan himself. At the end of the film,Star Trek is redeemed by firstly flipping the death sequence- that is, Kirk rectifies the mistake he makes at the end of Wrath of Khan that cost him Spock by directly facing the no-win scenario, experiencing fear in the face of death as per ST09′s retcon of the Kobayashi Maru- and then takes care of Khan by putting him back to peace in his cryotube, mirrored in giving Kirk his blood transfusion. Kirk (and thus the franchise) has essentially absorbed Khan into himself, accepting that vengeance is both a natural emotion and also not worth dwelling upon but something that can be re-purposed into a constructive drive to better oneself. It is especially worth noting that once Khan is put back to sleep, Star Trek can finally proceed to the non-military five-year exploratory journey that is the heart of the franchise.

    As for what film Plinkett should do next, i’d really like to see Alien Resurrection.

    • a bunch of words

      Nah.The movie sucked.

      • majorb

        a well-thought out opinion backed up with thorough explanation and examples from the film, thank you

        • a bunch of words

          Relax.It’s just a movie.

        • Curious Guy

          How about a journey taken from the Klingon Homeworld to Earth in a manner of minutes where in the official canon it would take months going at warp-speed. But that would have soiled the plot so they just fudged it because they are lazy writers banging out whatever would look cool while shoving popcorn down your face.

          • majorb

            It is a movie, not a simulation of a virtual universe. Perhaps you’d also like to ask Speilberg why the chase scenes in the Indiana Jones films are not geographically possible?

          • whip

            Typical rationalizing and excuse making from fanboys. Excuse and forgive anything and everything. It’s just a movie! I don’t care if OH LOOK SHINY.

    • Turtlejuice

      You really believe it, don’t you? That there went good will and intelligence and creativity into JJ Trek .. by Orci, Kurtzman and Lindlofflpoffl …?


      • majorb

        I believe there was more good will and intelligence going into the making of a movie than the dismissive surface reading bickering by nerds on the internet.

        • whip

          Every so called “nerd” on the internet tearing the movie down is clearly considerably more intelligent than you can fathom. They get it. You don’t. Denial is a cold hearted bitch like that.

        • Vincent Dior

          we should be at least a little open minded and appreciate the material we have from the Original Star trek. And in it’s updated form, I agree its fan service and nostalgia and I somewhat like a directors and writers new twist, but my only problem is how much they utterly suck with their new ideas and concepts in these movies, it’s the lack of new material, that makes only appreciate the fans service when they don’t completely mess it up.

    • Rance

      “Much like Nero and his crew in Trek 2009 were implicitly designed around
      Shinzon and his crew of Remans as a satire of the wrongheaded design
      and artistic direction of late-period Trek films and series” Do you have a quote or something to support this? Just curious…

      “Into Darkness is designed entirely around the thesis that Wrath of Khan
      has essentially infected Star Trek as a franchise with decidedly un-Trek
      themes” Err, how was WOK un-trek? Kahn was a character for TOS. He behaved in much the same deranged way then too… The only real difference was there was blood in the movie as well as creepy space insects.

      Darkness seeks closure on Wrath of Khan so the series can finally move
      on” Yes. Because we need closure to a movie that came out 20+ years ago
      that 90% of the target market never saw. I’m sure the studio agreed to
      throw hundreds of millions of dollars at this for that reason… I’m sure all the writers sat around and were all ‘but how do we bring closure to wrath of kahn? hmm…’.

      (and thus the franchise) has essentially absorbed Khan into
      himself, accepting that vengeance is both a natural emotion and also not
      worth dwelling upon but something that can be re-purposed into a
      constructive drive to better oneself.” No offense, but how far into your own ass did you
      have to dig to find that deeper meaning? I’ll bet the tribble being
      brought back to life signifies the film makers attempt to resurrect
      elements of TOS too! lol

      This was a dumb action
      movie that rips off elements of Wrath of Kahn in the guise of an homage.
      Nothing was that well thought out – from the enterprise being hidden
      underwater (Because hiding a giant starship a few miles away from the village is SO much better than just remaining in orbit and launching
      probes or research shuttles or whatever…) to the cold fusion bullshit device, to
      Kahn transwarp telaporting to Klingon land (*psst* Why didn’t they just
      transwarp transport after him? They invented the technology and were holding the damn transporter he used in their hands.) to the stupid as fuck torpedoes with THE
      FUEL CELLS REPLACED WITH PEOPLE – FUEL CELLS, and the admiral knew it!
      Why give Kirk the frozen people to shoot at Kahn if there were no fuel
      cells in the torpedoes? They’d never reach Kahn at all. This movie. So
      dumb. *sigh* Anyway, I find it doubtful that the same writers that came
      up with those concepts bothered reading as much into the movie as you

      • Rance

        I second Alien Resurrection though. Man that movie sucked.

        • zeitguest

          although, confusingly, every single other movie Jean Pierre Jeunet has done kicks ass. It was like, “I’ll take all the suckitude that would have been spread thinly over a lifetime of filmmaking and just concentrate it all in Alien 4″

      • majorb

        Star Trek Into Darkness is not a simulation of a virtual universe but a series of visual and auditory symbols that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, the most basic of which is a pulp action-adventure story set in space using the characters and setting of a 60′s pulp action-adventure television show. I’d like to refer you to the popular film Inception, in which a virtual simulated world which is kept from being revealed as illusory by convenient paradoxical incongruities in that virtual world, and is rife with symbols both intentionally laid by the protagonist character to deliberately influence another as well as unintentionally laid by the protagonist’s own subconscious wants, needs and desires. Inception is basically Film Theory 101 in the guise of an action film and will help you on your way from seeing movies as a series of linear plot beats to seeing movies as a series of symbols.

        Yeah, replacing the fuel cells doesn’t make much sense in the virtual universe Into Darkness arguably simulates, but movies cheat all the time. Most people who watched Into Darkness didn’t even catch it because the movie glosses over it so quickly. The reason the movie takes that liberty is because the image of a revolutionary figure turning his followers into weapons is a potent one. Especially in a film using Star Trek to discuss the ethics of vengeance after being attacked, and ends with a dedication to 9/11 survivors.

        I know you’re joking about the tribble, and that’s a pretty light reading of it. But, you know, it does actually kinda work. Though my favorite interpretation of it that I’ve read is that the film is comparing Kirk to the tribble, equating him to the lowest, jokiest form of life in the Star Trek universe so he can subsequently be rebuilt into the James Kirk of TOS.

        The rest of your argument boils down to “there’s no possible way they could have thought of it,” which is both dismissive, lazy and not really applicable to literary analysis:

        • rance

          “Star Trek Into Darkness is not a simulation of a virtual universe but a
          series of visual and auditory symbols that can be interpreted in a
          multitude of ways” No, it’s a movie. A movie (well, this kind of movie) is a story played out with acting (and CGI) that is designed to entertain. When a story is really bad and makes no sense that tends to make it less entertaining, thus causing it to fail at its designed purpose and to piss me off for having had to sit through it.

          “The rest of your argument boils down to “there’s no possible way they
          could have thought of it,” which is both dismissive, lazy and not really
          applicable to literary analysis”

          Kiss my ass. This isn’t college, or the school paper, or whateverthefuck. Come off the aspurger’s shit a minute and realize that the writing sucks. Do I have some evidence that points to this? Yup – already stated it. RedLetterMedia did too. Do you have any that points to the contrary? Nope. You keep prattling on about reasons they MIGHT have had to write so shitily, as well as over emphasizing your supposed definitions of things without giving heed to reality or practical meaning. (The last bit epitomizes aspurgers btw. Not to make you feel bad, but try looking into not thinking that way so much. It’s bad for u, k?).

    • whip

      “I’m sick of the fanboy bitching about how much Into Darkness “rips off” Wrath of Khan.”

      No one gives a shit if you are sick of it or not. I’m sick of fanboy denial and defense of the horrible excuse for a movie it was.

      For starters you have your fanboy shit backwards. Fanboys don’t comlpain. Fanboys defend. Mindlessly. Endlessly. Without reason. Forever.

      Fanboys are people who are so emotionally invested and such intense fans of said product that they lose objectivity and rationality when defending it. It’s too close to them. It’s too personal.

      It is not just a game or movie thing. It also applies to sports, politics.. you name it. Where the person involved is too close to the subject at hand.. is too emotionally invested in liking it.. and therefore can’t budge from that position as it’s a blow to their self esteem or ego. They have to see through what they decided. Or it means they were wrong. They can’t have been wrong.

      The idea it’s fanboys bitching is idiotic. Fanboys don’t bitch. Fanboys defend. That is what fanboy means. If anything you are looking for the antithesis of Fanboy.

      This new movie has plenty of blind, mindless fanboys who defend it. The movie is far from a critical failure. While RLM and some other places panned it, it’s mostly given strong reviews and likes..

      But that is not good enough for some people. Which demonstrates again who the fanboys are. No, apparently the fact that some few critics don’t like it is far too much for some of you handle. You have to come here day after day posting your long winded rants about how the movie is awesome and how disappointed in everyone else you are.

      No one gives a shit. You can like this turd of a movie all you want. But get over the fact that the rest of us (with brains) recognize it for the shameless pandering fanwank fest it was.

    • Patrick Brian

      So the gist of what you’re saying is that Into Darkness takes jabs at the bad Star Trek movies by BEING one?


  • Fredidiah

    You should review a movie called Zardoz

  • Batsu

    The Matrix Trilogy.

  • Action Gandhi

    The Matrix Sequels.
    Just like the Star Wars prequels, they ALSO made millions of fanboys’ hopes and dreams die a horrible death. We need catharsis!
    And also to laugh at all those fanboys for their gullibility, and feel a deep and wonderful schadenfreude at their loss.

  • Strange Things are afoot

    Matrix Reloaded / Revolutions. Has to be done. “So long as the Matrix exists, the human race will never be free.” “Oh nevermind. Let’s have an Ewok Yub Nub hippie robot human equality ending instead.”

  • Met Gear

    The movie PREDATORS has way too many references to the original. They hardly had any of their own dialog. The movie was decent but there were way too many rip offs.

  • Random98735

    X-Men 3

  • Stu Nankivell

    Terminator Salvation is perfect for a Plinkett review!

    – You have all that Comic-Con build-up, with the phony hype over how careful and loyal they are to the source material – the supposed ‘blessing’ from James Cameron to go forth with the project when he clearly didn’t give a shit.
    - This film doesn’t need to exist – the drama was always in relatable characters PREVENTING THE FUCKING WAR – and this was done extremely well.

    - McG on the Blu Ray bonus features is an absolute goldmine – looking like a bossy toddler barking orders and pep talks at a seasoned crew, who don’t buy into his bullshit. His self importance and supposed nods to classic films in his commentary comes off as desperate.

    - His self appointed nobility for use of practical effects, then making the contradictory and baffling decision to ask ILM to make a digital Arnold – Ben Snow (effects supervisor) looks horrified when discussing the workflow.
    - how ultimately the film was a disappointing generic action film that happened to have Terminator slapped on the title.

    I could go on and on, but make the content that makes YOU happy Mr Plinkett!

    • Tyler AitchKay


    • Jeremy Sauter

      I agree somewhat. I haven’t seen any of the Blu-Ray material, so I can’t say anything about that. I actually liked Terminator Salvation. Maybe that’s because it was so much better than the farce that was the third installment, but it wasn’t that bad in my opinion.

      The tone was dark, however, it wasn’t exactly on the same level as the first two. The first two where almost like sci-fi horror movies, with some tasteful action that kept the plot moving. The third movie was ridiculous so I won’t even mention it. T:S was more like an action movie, however, I thought the action was well done at times.

      I disagree about the digital Arnold. I thought it was very well done. Given the fact that he was digital, made him seem more like a robot (and yes something Arnold pulled off in the first movie). It was believable to me, and I don’t seem anything wrong with it.

      In response to the only tension was from the looming threat of the war with the machines I disagree here too. Yes there is much truth to that, however, doesn’t the series need to go beyond that? It can’t just tell the same story over and over. Going to the post nuclear state of the world seems like the most logical move. There can still be a good story to tell in that time period, whether you feel T:S ‘s story was good or not. I will admit though that the opening to Terminator 2 gives me the chills and is engrained on my soul.

      There IS something missing though. A genuine sense of terror of the machines? A little bit better of a story, or one that makes more sense even though I thought this was a good try. I like the geeky kind of discussions that could have been brought up about time travel and such, but it never was. The dialogue was pretty poor. Perhaps a more minimalistic approach would have created more tension in this film, but character development was left out and it need more of that. I would like to hear what Plinkett has to say about this one definitely.

      • Stu Nankivell

        Good points, I should’ve given props to ILM for the some of those Arnie shots, especially the close up where he’s punched in the face – that is a visual effects triumph! Ultimately, I felt the Arnie reveal could’ve been held off for a sequel. You’re bang on about the threat of the machines, for a film called Terminator, they hardly did any terminating! Anyhow, I better get back to work! Cheers.

      • jubalbiggs

        I totally agree. After T3 (and the vast psychic angst it caused in my hearts and puppy dogs and rainbows little fragile soul) I was very happy with Salvation in comparison. I mean, yeah, we lose some threat and “badlyness” in the machines, but dude! A cute yuppie girl from Beverly Hills as the bad guy in a terminator movie???? REALLY??? T3 just completely dropped my expectations to the basement. I liked both of the main characters in Salvation, I thought the kid wasn’t quite similar enough to Michael Beihn’s classic character in the first film, but he was ok… the robots looked a bit like Transformers… which wasn’t good (Idea; ONLY for robots, how about going back to the last generation of sophisticated stop-action models that they almost used in Jurassic Park? Specifically with something that is SUPPOSED to move like a machine? Don’t use cartoony-looking, massless cgi please.)
        All in all, I don’t understand the amount of hate Salvation gets (maybe from hard-core Arnie fans?). I absolutely love T1 and T2, and I definitely give Salvation a pass.

    • Knut Lie

      It’s not a real movie.

      • Stu Nankivell

        Phew! That’s a relief! Now please tell me that Terminator 3 isn’t real either.

  • tryagainlater

    The Matrix sequels would make an interesting review

  • Capt. Picard

    You need to pick on Damon Lindelof, so Hollywood will stop giving him work:

    Cowboys&Aliens, Star Trek Into Darkness or Prometheus all had terrible writing.

    What would be good would be to review an entire TV show:


    Another user on here commented the good idea of doing the Star Trek series as a whole and I think that would be awesome because you guys know the series almost too well.

    I’m against doing the Matrix movies, they were fine so long as you understood the philosophy introduced in the second movie. I thought it was a lot better than just rehashing the same plot from the first movie two times more.

    • Ian Williamson

      I agree that I’m glad those movies did not just keep going with the very basic existential gimmick of the first movie, but the philosophy of the second two movies is really just “buddism for babies” with some western messianic symbolism and I thought to movies suffered from trying to over explain what are very simple religious/philosophical concepts + mondo boring fighting scene bloat.

      • Ian Williamson

        I mean when the culmination of your plot is a KFC dude look alike explaining videogame-buddism to a dorky looking Keuanu Reeves action figure, It’s hard not to roll your eyes.

  • Curious Guy

    Please do THE LION KING, that movie was downright aweful yet praised by the masses.

  • BobbySodom

    That strikes me as genious: DO THE LION KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vincent Dior

      That’s actually pretty interesting, I’d like to see my childhood classic, with plinkett ripping it a new ass

    • taterboob

      Confused Matthew did it, but I guess he did the Matrix sequels too, so whatever.

  • Baroque

    The Matrix sequels are just such an interesting case of ‘what went wrong?’ just like the star wars prequels. Worthy of real analysis

    • Solidmixer

      They’re not really that bad… They weren’t as interesting maybe but they’re very rich still in mythology and well-done scenes i thought. Although i really don’t like the pacing of Revolutions.

      • Ian Williamson

        They bad, tons of crap for people to obsess over dosen’t really make a good movie. Maybe a good nerd cultural artifact.

  • AnotherGodDamnOpinion

    It looks like The Matrix movies are winning in the comments at the moment, and that would be cool. Although I’d really like to see a review of Star Trek V. Because fuck that movie.

    • Speedy

      Plinkett already recorded a commentary track for V that’s basically a review in real time.

  • Erik Bergman

    Space Buddies

    • Vincent Dior

      Sounds bad

  • Solidmixer

    I’ll vote The Matrix trilogy; Trilogy because i don’t think the first film alone will be too complicated to talk about. With plinkett who knows… I do say this out of fear that he’ll tear one of my favorite trilogies apart but who cares!

  • Horsehole

    Do the Matrix sequels. A promising fresh idea with great potential that turned into fuck knows what in the sequels.

  • some lady

    review the X-Files: I Want to Believe. You don’t even need to review the first X-Files movie to understand all the awful things about this one.

    • Vincent Dior


  • Vincent Dior

    I’d put a vote in for the Matrix trilogy. or Hangover 3 for laughs

  • Phat Hung Dong

    All of M. Night Shawerma’s filmography, showing the emperor has no clothes.

    • igordog


  • i know its a fucking joke

    THe Happening

  • Vincent Dior

    Nope I just vote for the matrix trilogy, but he has to do all 3,

    • guest

      And how the whole thing is a metaphor for getting into BDSM and turning into a woman.

  • Vincent Dior

    Matter of fact any movie that can open our eyes, like the phantom Menace review or the Jack and Jill half in the bag review. You guys are at your best when you get passionate about the film

    • NCS

      I’ve already posted in favour of The Matrix, but THIS post is really what fans want. The Jack and Jill review is so much more than just a RLM review, it’s a horrific autopsy of the rotting, bloated, floating dead prostitute of comedy.

      • Vincent Dior

        These guys have a lot of moments of genius, but I’m not a fan of the in-between stuff. They should make it there job to have Strong arguments and interesting points about films now a days, that’s why i’m a fan. they make AWESOME REVIEWS with a health amount of satire

  • anon

    Matrix. Sequels, at least.

    Come on, I can’t be the only person who was in high school back then, right? Remember how fucking amazing The Matrix was? How hyped we all were for a sequel, a two-part sequel with both movies coming out in the same year and shot together? How disappointing-yet-fascinating Reloaded was, all the Internet sites that sprung up to dissect every little fucking thing about it, how we spent the whole fucking summer arguing with friends over how it was going to end? And then how pissed off we all were once we saw Revolutions? Those movies kicked off that idiotic trend of shooting multiple movies at the same time, of midnight showings becoming more prevalent, of endless fanboy bitching… hell, I’d argue that quite a lot of current movie culture started with those POSes. That’s got to count for something.

    • rebuscarnival

      You were the only one

  • Vincent Dior

    If you do the matrix trilogy can I Score the background music with my original material?

  • Kyle after dark

    Review Lincoln. It’ll give you a chance to be a history nerd and analyze all of Spielberg’s tricks.

  • A Tosser

    How about Quigley(2003), I know Darth Plinkette already owns a copy!

  • ubermood

    Nice work! It’s good to finally have Mr. Plinkett available in bite-size form!

    As for the future, it looks like everyone is rooting for the MATRIX sequels. But if that doesn’t work out, I’d like to see Plinkett study the paradox of the Hulk: he’s the glue holding together THE AVENGERS, yet he’s incapable of a decent solo film. Why?

  • Dan Casarella

    The Dark Knight Rises!!

  • Jon Fite

    Mass Effect 3

    • taterboob

      I suggest you look up “Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage” on youtube. It’s about as close to a Plinkett review of the ME3 ending as you’re going to get. The guy is just as detailed and insightful as RLM is with their reviews, and he’s actually pretty funny. He even openly admits that he’s ripping off Plinkett in the video.

      • literal asshole

        Just post it here you dumbass.

        Here you go:

        Was that hard to do ?

        • whip

          Wow, how uncalled for. And calling yourself “literal asshole” doesn’t actually excuse it, idiot. Grow up.

    • Jack

      Maybe Rich Evans could do that one as fake Plinkett. I believe it’s closer to his heart.

  • Pornofan

    The MATRIX sequels. Just do it and make us happy.

  • Ryan Petrie

    matrix sequals

  • Drew

    Dark knight rises!

  • erikthedev

    Oh man, Last Airbender. That movie is a complete shitpile.

  • KrangdasVolga

    Baby’s Day Out 2

  • Chris

    The Amazing Spider-Man

  • Rebuscarnival

    The Alien Trilogy Plus Spin offs, lots to say

  • ApatheticOne (the original)

    The LotR trilogy, The Alien series or The Matrix trilogy.

  • Cat Flag

    The Pirates of the Caribbean series!

  • Dr. Zee

    It can’t be a movie that is universally panned. It has to be something that Millions of people love, but people who like movies think is garbage; and you go about proving why most people are wrong.

    Something like Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, or Philadelphia, or National Treasure.

    • Dr. Zee

      See? The down-votes prove this is worthwhile.

      • Pa Kent Says Maybe

        This would absolutely be a great movie to rag on, but it isn’t geek-centric, which is probably the biggest requirement. Plinkett works on more than just the “let’s count plot-holes” level. It’s also a sarcastic satire on people who count plot-holes and blockbuster mentality in general.

  • Dr. Zee

    Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. In fact, do a piece on movies that are loosely based on some dumb-ass prophecy that never ends up making sense and just serves as a lazy way to keep characters moving.

  • Flyin’ Ryan

    The Matrix Reloaded

  • refano

    review “Electric boogaloo

  • Glen

    The Matrix series

  • Sam

    The matrix squeals

  • Juarez

    The matrix reloaded and revolutions

  • G. Jardoness

    How ’bout some David Lynch films, like “Dune” or “Eraserhead”… Disturbing stuff. Or some nostalgic, (I mean, cutting edge, ahead of their time, ‘found-footage’) stuff, like “Faces of Death”

  • None

    The Matrix series!

  • AJ Cooke

    How about INTO DARKNESS? You can do better than 7 minutes…

    • Patrick Brian

      You know he did that on Half in The Bag already. He just wasn’t doing the Plinkett voice.
      Do you guys need him to shout like a moron to hold your attention?

    • whip

      Plinkett reviews when a movie has hit home release, available on DVD, etc. I believe this has to do with the rights involved in using footage in the review (fair use) and so forth.

      Into Darkness is still in theaters. It’s harder to do a proper review without using footage from the movie, which I believe right now could only be officially released theatrical trailers.

      In fact I already wondered how they got away with the shot of Spock yelling Khan in this. It’s clearly some kind of bootleg shot of the screen. I would think there would be legal (if not at least ethical) concerns there.

      I’m sure Plinkett will do a full review of it later, when it’s out on DVD. He’s reviewed every other Star Trek since Generations. Including the 2009 reboot. Just relax.

      • piracy protects freedom

        Ethical concerns.
        Give me a break.

        • jRoldo

          dont forget the entire point of the joke at the end of the video was to STOP video requesting

          but 2000 retarded comments MATRIX later here we are

  • ApatheticOne (the original)

    The Die Hard or Lethal Weapon series.

  • Andrew Coons

    Matrix Trilogy

  • Kidcardco

    Do a review on how both Ewok movies from the 80′s are better than the prequels

  • ronald mcronald

    The Last Airbender is by far the worst movie on that list. It was my prequel trilogy- only paramount had the sense to stop after the first one. Dissect it!

  • Neglify

    I would love to see a review of “One Hour Photo”.

  • 11samype

    Matrix Sequels!

  • anonymous

    The Matrix trilogy

  • anon

    For the fuck of God, please do Prometheus

  • Brian Cole

    Yeah…. the Matrix films would be a good target next.

  • Me

    A full review.. not no seven minutes thing. I became fan of Redlettermedia because of Plinket, not because of Half In The Bag.

    • jRoldo

      well with all these retards requesting videos (when they were made fun of for doing it) i wouldn’t doubt mike wants to give it up all together

      the project is obviously so mainstream most of what he says is lost on the audience anyway

  • igordog

    Definitely… the Matrix trilogy.

  • Captain Obvious

    It’s time to review Battlefield Earth.

  • scott

    Matrix movies. The first one was OK. The rest … so bad. Also, speaking of bad, Inception must have been the worst piece of crap with that much reputation for … erm, “goodness” ever.

    • Ian Williamson

      Why do people like that movie

      • Patrick Brian

        A distinct visual style and a well handled plot twist early on. With a script written by two people not pretending to be more clever than they are.

      • Pa Kent Says Maybe

        Because people often like really stupid stuff. How else do you explain Hip-Hop?

        • go die in a fire

          De gustibus non est disputandum.
          You jackass.

  • Jesse Ray Garza

    Matrix, DUH!

  • TonyG

    The Dark Knight Rises, people need to be educated.

    • Fred

      What if Plinkett doesn’t happen to share your opinions on that film? Crazy concept, I know.

      • TonyG

        Then he might do it, or he might not do it. Opinions are irrelevant here as its about the votes, no?

        • we are all so misguided

          As some other asshole pointed out while scratching his eyes out at the stupidity of RLM fans the “post your vote in comments” is probably just a joke and not an actual thing for Plinkett.He may use the “votes” as an “inspiration” but I really doubt he will base his final decision what to review next on “the results of voting” .

          Also I doubt anything can top the phantom menace review.

          It’s an awesome set of circumstances that make it legendary.

          And the dark knight rises is not as nearly a bad a movie as that piece of shit.It’s not even a bad movie in spite of its flaws.

          • TonyG

            Nope, I doubted anyone would sit there and tally through several thousand posts. But, if you hadn’t noticed, they do take notice of their fans.

            Without getting into subjective territory (and an essay), it seems far too many people glaze over when it comes to TDKR a; because it’s about Batman, b; because its on the coat tails of two -generally considered- good predecessors. And the problem is that critically viewed TDKR falls well below TDK and BB on most levels- character motivations, plot, visual effects, choreography to name a few. Example: the end of TDK was a well structured application of game theory, and in TDKR we’re reduced to the good ol’ ticking time bomb.

            No, imo TDKR isn’t anywhere near as vacuous as TPM. But within its own thematic structure (and that of BB and TDK) its incredibly bad.

          • Jon Shanahan

            no its not “incredibly Bad” I am not a Batman fan at all and i was impressed by it.

            it may have elements that you may not enjoy in films, but you need to understand that the film still got praise from professional critics for a reason.

            professionals like : Mark Karmiode, Linard Maltin, Richard Roper, and of course Mike & Jay themselves.

          • Pa Kent Says Maybe

            Yeah. It’s called herd mentality. Also, money changed hands.
            You can never prove it didn’t.

          • Guest

            Ah yes, the old ‘money changed hands’ chestnut. Maybe money can also change hands for the next Transformers movie. These movies make a shit load of cash so Michael Bay should be able to afford it.

            Seriously though, why do people get so insecure when their opinion is in a minority? Don’t worry about it.

          • Pa Kent Says Maybe

            Probably right.

            You may doubt, but anything’s possible.


            Wrong. It is just as bad, only, differently bad.

            Wrong again. It is an execrable movie in addition to its many flaws.

          • you are nobody

            Your opinions don’t matter.

            At all.

            Because you don’t matter.

            Anything you do is insignificant and without any meaningful consequence in the real world.

  • Paul S. Pinto

    Spider-man 3

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      I greatly agree with this. :D

  • NCS

    The Matrix series has got to be the RLM fan favourite, because it’s probably the second biggest example of auteurs taking a great sci-fi concept and running it hard into the ground without any respect for what made sense or worked in the first place. There’s lots of scope for dissection of the good and the bad potential that followed the original Matrix lore, and the utterly baffling and pointless misdirection of everything and the loss of everyone’s shit and dignity which resulted in amnesia and sex changes for both the Coen Brothers, and to the actors playing Neo and Trinity (Owen Wilson and Winona Ryder) having real-life meltdowns.

    Although the Terminator series would make an interesting dissection, mostly on the topic of the evils of selling your franchise to a careless owner, the Matrix Trilogy just has everything RLM is about.

  • Rick Berman

    Why don’t you review MY ASS. You fuck!!

    • Pa Kent Says Maybe

      Your ass smells funny, and it needs a better wiping.

  • Frank

    The movie “2012″ was laugh-out-loud bad. I would love to watch Mr. Plinkett talk for 45-60 minutes about how terrible it was, while also kidnapping prostitutes in preparation for his own end-of-the-world lifeboat… make this happen!!!

  • Aussie

    Do “The Shining”

  • Santeri

    Dark Knight Rises!

  • disqus_kEfHuYUP4n


  • disqus_kEfHuYUP4n

    Why don’t you just make reviews for each of movies every week or month ,cause everyone loves them.

  • max_magician

    Matrix sequels.

  • Natalie’s portman

    Kill Bill – the most pretentious pseudo philosophical garbage ever to hit the fan.
    It – Stephen King’s version of Twilight.
    Terminator 3 – I don’t even remember if that movie had a plot.

  • Fran Jordan

    Matrix sequels please please!! It will make me laugh loads!!

  • Curiousgeorgelucas

    BAPS do it!

  • Spacecop2dirtydancing

    Hell yeah BAPS was awesome Halley Barrie is a hot rake!

  • tjp77

    PLEASE review Watchmen. It was SOOO FUCKING AWFUL. Such fantastic source material to work from, and it was turned into a totally incoherent mess.

    • Astronomerob

      You must hate every single movie that has come out in the past thirty years if Watchmen deserved all caps for your hate towards it. Granted it wasn’t perfect, but at least it was ambitious and had effort put into it.

      • tjp77

        You know what else was ambitious and had effort put into it? THE HOLOCAUST.

        I rest my case.

        • lz

          this is just stupid

        • Dixon Bawls

          aaaand Godwin’s law strikes again.

      • Witnit

        It turned them from masked humans to unemotionally vulnerable super heros, thus completely missing one of the points of the story that made it so interesting. And the it’s missing the fake alien so that the world would set aside it’s differences and unite. It’s still a foolish idea, but less so than America being attacked again, which other countries would just rejoice in.

  • Mingo

    Matrix Sequels!

  • Flato Glockenspiel

    That pretentious vapid shit that was called “the Dark knight rises”

  • Flimburger


  • Flimburger


  • Flimburger


  • Hammy

    The erotic classic Wild Orchid. I couldn’t get through 30 seconds of it without falling asleep.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Santa Claus Conquers The Martians!

  • Douchenoggin

    Matrix Reloaded please.

  • Jesper

    Please, not the Matrix movies. That they were bad was not really unexpected and therefor not, to me at least, that disappointing. I really had high hopes for Prometheus. Good actors, good director, good premise…. and man did it suck. Just because of the emotional backlash that that movie has inflicted I think it is more deserving on being torn a new one than the Matrix movies.

    I will of course accept the outcome of the vote, but maybe Plinkett will just prove how despicable he is, laugh in our collective faces, and review something completely different altogether :).

    • rance

      ^I find that quite likely. I mean, isn’t that what he did every other time?

  • cocksaplenty

    I can’t wait for the Matrix sequels reviews!

    • cocksaplenty

      jic1, is that you managing to downvote my comments again? i thought we were over this.

      • cocksaplenty

        you know, jic1, you are a douchebag if you’re this immature.

  • Dr. Zee

    I vote that you pick a movie that you think is absolute crap, and that most people think is great; It doesn’t have to be a popular or genre movie. You’ve got to have passion and a point to make. If you keep doing Star Trek 5 or the Matrix Trilogy, all the fun will get sucked out and you just won’t want to do these anymore.

  • HerpaDerp

    Goddamit Plinkett, do The Matrx Trilogy

  • Lieutenant Goldshirt

    Prometheus. Such an ambitious film with such credentials ending up a mess like that one did has to be explained.

    • Taft

      They seemed to be pretty into it on half in the bag… I thought the setup was cool and it looked good, but then the second half sucked! Why was sharleeze thereon in this movie again?

      • whip

        Christ, it only takes seconds to look up proper spellings of names anymore.

        yup I’m complaining about this.

  • Roy

    Prometheus would be iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinteresting. Do it.

  • Akratus

    Terminator 3!

  • The Stupid Nexus

    What is “One-Hour Photo” (one of the movies shown at the end of the vid)? Also, maybe you should review “Harry Potter”. C’mon, that’s a pretty popular franchise, why not take a shot at it? One more thing…when’s your next commentary?

  • The Portly Gentleman

    INCEPTION – it has everything Plinky hates…. Plot holes, pointless action, Leo, a needlessly complicated story, it took itself too seriously, and Leo runs around with a little kid called Ellen degeneres… INCEPTION, YOU FUCK!

    • Pa Kent Says Maybe

      Yeah. INCEPTION needs a skewering.

  • Astronomerob

    I’d like to hear “Plinkett’s” thoughts on the overall demise of the Alien franchise. Alien = Excellent; Aliens = Phenomenal; Alien 3 = Meh; Alien 4 = Ungodly awful; Prometheus = Meh. So what we see is a ball that’s thrown into the air and people love watching it reach its peak, but then it falls hard and then bounces a tiny bit. (Not even mentioning the Colonial Marines videogame)

    • SmarterThanYou

      Like me correct this:

      Alien = Excellent
      Aliens = Pointless and unnecessary and stupid
      Alien 3 = Pointless and unnecessary
      Alien 4 = Pointless and unnecessary
      Prometheus = Unnecessary but enjoyable

  • Shaw’s cessarian

    I year anniversary of the ambitious but disappointing mess named Prometheus. Give it its due, and for those delusional about its profundity, tell the Emperor the truth about his new clothes.

    • SmarterThanYou

      The people at Red Letter Media are delusional about its profundity?

  • Tom

    I think a good review idea would be The Last Airbender. If that were to happen there would be murder and a lot of screaming

  • lz

    wtf is The Last Airbender?!

    • Witnit

      He already did a review of Avatar!!

  • cocksaplenty

    all right, i’m done here.

  • Dumbledong

    It would be a pleasure to watch Harry put PROMETHEUS through the windshield of his Caddy…

  • lz


  • Patrick Brian

    Holy fucking shit this comment section is horrendous. Do you guys actually read these?

  • bretweir

    Green Lantern?