Mr. Plinkett has a new review!

June 24, 2011

Mr. Plinkett has returned with a new review! What did he decide to dissect this time? The answer may shock you…

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  • jim

    this is probably my favorite plinkett review that isnt star wars

  • cr4zyg047

    The circular saw scene is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen you guys do. Genius use of masking and edits. Bravo.

  • Troy J. Faubert

    Was not expecting the Parker Lewis reference, that shit was funny.


    omg… this is by far the funniest review they’ve done to date. Watched it 6 times and still can’t get through enough of it without laughing over the majority of the review. my eyes are watering ..

  • *blows dust off of webpage*

    yup well i’ve already watched the starwars reviews enough times that my favorite scenes are now burned into my screen like a McDonalds drive-through monitor…

  • Hank_Henshaw

    The dog from the dvd cover doesn’t even look like it is the same dog from the movie.

  • Dr. Y. J. Shazbot

    Five years after the video comes out, I still fall for it every time I see this on the side bar.

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