Mr. Plinkett Gets Shot Out Back For Ruining Christmas

December 23, 201269 Comments

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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  • Mr. Plinkett

    The most festive Christmas Cartoon since the Snowman, and with only slightly more death.

  • L

    Thanks Mike, Jay, Rich and the people behind the scenes. Life sucks a little less because of you guys. xoxxxoxoxooxo

  • W-D

    Nigel Bruce as Santa and the announcer from the Sherlock Holmes radio show from the 40’s. Wonderful!

  • Gooilt

    This is a Christmas classic. A holiday special for families to enjoy for generations.

  • Wisconsin Is Dangerous

    I really hope that this time a bunch of the RedLetterMedia viewers, DO NOT go on a big rampage again about how much they think those videos suck. Fucking wankers…

  • Peon

    So that’s where it all started going wrong, now I see. Thanks for the stocking stuffer guys, your videos are always fun.

  • Yeah, Happy Holidays guys! Enjoy your time with your family.

  • whenisthenextplinkettreview



  • Vincent

    “Runing Christmas”? Oh you!

  • m0r1arty

    Godamn Care Boars!!

  • Ilovemassivecocks

    Isn’t that the wonderful voice actor who plays Watson from the old Sherlock Holmes radio show?

    <3 that show.

  • Chucky

    Oh that opening scene was such a rip-off. They totally stole it from Lars van Trier’s Antichrist. So derivative. Unsubscribed!

  • DrClown

    they credit it at the end

  • Guest

    They should show this on TV right after Charlie Brown.

  • qwe

    What is this schlock

  • sdgfsd

    These are shit. 3 minutes felt like an hour. I have never wanted to get back to work so badly

  • guest

    I’ve discovered this really great technique for dealing with videos I don’t enjoy watching. You ready for this?

    I don’t watch them.

    Bam! Problem solved!

  • Meester Smeeth

    Wehun hizz thur nekstst Flinkitt Preveew?

  • When’s the next Plinkett review?

  • I think the cartoons are getting better. The Care Boars are still a freaky LSD trip though. Hey, why don’t you replace them with this one playing after your other videos instead?

  • Manta Crows

    You have employment.You have a job where you can waste time behind computer.You complain.Go fuck yourself,you ungrateful cunt.Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  • I do not like Green Eggs and Ham, I do not like them Sam I Am. <_<

  • Leo Ladenson

    Christmas is always just like Beggar’s Canyon back home.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Now I know why animated Plinkett wears Holmes’s trademark deerstalker cap whereas Fake Plinkett wears a common flat cap or driver’s cap.

  • They could have gotten Plinkett to work. Plinkett was the key to all this.

  • guest

    I wish I could upvote this comment more than once.

  • David T.

    Misleading title.

  • Wisconsin Is Awesome

    Because he’s a funnier character than they’ve ever had before, if they can get him working.

  • Da Mischi

    I smell some Alf in there. Nice Cartoon. Keeps me a little entertained, for these RLM hacks take forever to put up a new video. Come on, just because it is Holiday season, doesn’t mean I have to wait for the next HitB like more than a week.
    Also when’s the nextz plinkett review? Next week.
    I like, that this Shaun guy seems to share the same kind of brain medicine. Keep ’em coming- Cartoons, Half in the Bag, commentaries, short films, strange announcements, Game Station… it’s all good (sometimes)
    Merry Christmas, you untalented, cash-grabbing, lazy-ass guys from Red Letter Media.

  • Snave Hcir

    Enough with this crap! We want Gamestation 2.0 you idiots!

  • bb-15

    That was a fun gift for the fans. Thanks Red Letter Media for another great year.

  • Manuel

    It’s about finding the spirit of Christmas, the joy and happiness in this special date. And setting a orphanage on fire… aw… *SPOILERS!!!* *BAAWWWWNNN*

  • Skywalker

    Haha Beggars Canyon. Classic.

  • Homie

    Fantastic grammar, must be why he has a job and you don’t.

  • morris

    Still….no where near as good as Home Alone 3.

  • Martymcswagga

    Am I one of the only people who recognized santa as Nigel Bruce from the Sherlock Holmes radio show immediately?

  • YouTroll

    Peeplz hu dont has somthingz to sayz always latch onto grammar.It’s a sure sign of a doucherbager wiffout any real response.You OCD cunt.And use your sdgfsd nickname homie next time.

  • Lucasfilm animator

    *Standing frightened and incapable of saying anything*

  • entaret17

    Nice touch using Nigel Bruce from The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Rathbone and Bruce were the best Holmes and Watson.

  • Guest

    I’m glad someone else noticed.

  • Guest

    And Harry Bartell peddling Petri wine.

  • OMG… I loved this! Plinkett saying something is not funny always makes it funnier.

  • Santa suicide?

    God rest ye merry…………………………..gentlemen.

  • Jigsaw

    Well, they do suck. Are we supposed to lie?

  • playdude92

    He needed an arc. Just like Indiana Jones.

  • Hyrax2004

    Is the Orphanage scene a tribute to Mark84j’s “Dear Mr. Plinkett” youtube video?

  • georgesiv

    could you plz stop doing thoses, they just plain suck

  • Wow, hearing Nigel Bruce as Santa and then Petri Wine being pimped out by the announcer. I used to listen to OTR Sherlock Holmes a lot. Sherlock nerd, I am. The kid saying “oh shit” was hilarious.

  • George Lucas is a cheap

    I really loved this, it was so dense.

  • Numbskull

    Too easy

    Video is still shit

  • TiredOfTheseDolts

    Game station was commissioned by Machinima. They aren’t partners anymore so they aren’t going to bother with it. Do a bit of research before taking to the web like a feeble minded fuck.

  • TiredOfTheseDolts

    When is the next Morshidi review?

  • TiredOfTheseDolts

    Seriously, after reading most these comments I understand why Mike and Jay hate most of their fan base.

  • Mark Bisone

    This retarded-ass shit again? Get fucked!

    Oh, and… Merry Christmas guys.

  • opinion onion

    They don’t HATE them I think ,they just don’t care much for that bunch.Hate is a pretty strong word.I would use “annoyed by” or “not very fond of”.

  • Numbskull crusher

    I bet every thing your godly hands and mind make is pure gold and made of awesomesauce.

  • nebakhet

    you’ve got to remember that fan is short for fanatic so we are dealing with terrorists here and if you still don’t believe me think about the fact some of them actually dance on 9/11

  • nebakhet

    you fucking dick i hadn’t got the orphanage part yet and now you ruined the twist

  • nebakhet

    is that the version of the Snowman where the Snowman is surprised to find he is still alive in the morning and goes into the house to discover the boy melted in his bed in a pool of guts?


    I just typed in .org instead, had a brain fart, and, wow….

  • You seem frustrated

  • The asspain is strong in these comments

  • pete smith


  • Chucky


  • John

    Moar Care Boars

  • Spelling Nazi

    Ruining is spelled wrong on the opening title screen.

  • Andy S

    These are shit and embarrassing.

  • cartoon’s gone

  • I wanted a Harry S Plinkett doll for Christmas….I got clothes, FUCK YOU SANTA

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