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April 19, 201251 Comments

Friends in Denmark! Mike will be in Copenhagen on April 27th at the CPHPIX film festival. They’ll be playing the Phantom Menace review and some other review stuff. I assume there will also be a Q&A? Hurl pizza rolls at this hack in person! Get your tickets here. I have no idea how much 80dkk is though. It sounds like a lot.


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  • Grammar Nazi

    Wouldn’t he being *going to Denmark?  not coming.

  • Drmckay

    you lazy fucks, you should go to sweden instead

  • Junkymunky69

    Come to Ireland on your way back!!!!!!

    I’ll get you laid, I swear!

  • Bluntgrunt

    Google says 80 danish krones are about 
    14,07336 US-Dollar.

    Come to Germany next time asshole.

  • Melchotov

    “Come to Germany next time asshole.”this.

  • Exchange Student

    Oh hell yes! Now if only the ticket system wasn’t being a gigantic bitch…

  • Sick of Nazis

     Fail? In every reasonable aspect?

    P.S.: It takes some really big balls for a self-proclaimed “Grammar Nazi” to screw up a statement this badly. “being *going to Denmark” indeed…

  • ouij

    Quit fucking around and make Space Cop already.

  • Jakob_Madsen

    Thanks for coming to my hometown.

  • Bobby Oxygen

    We don’t have pizza rolls here. I’ll have to find some local alternative to pelt Mike with.

  • William Kreutzmann

    This is awesome, i’ll show up and i’ll be thinking of a real good question all week

  • Vincentqqq

    Ze Netherlands iz tha shit, so don´t stop in Denmark, not in Germany, not Sweden and not Ireland. But in the greatest nation in the world the Netherlands. 

  • Mxx

    I guess you could use Smörrebröd, neighbour. 🙂

  • Christian Haugen

    Noooooooooo! *Vader from Ep III*

    You shoud have comed to Norway, awwwww this is sad .8 so close but so far away T-T

    I still hope he has a good trip, he roooooock! Love your movies Mike!

  • Wolfer

    awesome. danish 101. skål (pronounced skowl) means cheers. and øl (pronounced (oel) that’ll get ya far

  • Malchik

    I can’t wait to see all your fan and possibly address some of the question.

  • CDoherty

    I dont see why this isnt a European tour quite frankly. Missed a trick here I reckon… 

  • Jannick

    Oh yes!! Since its denmark everyone lives close.. i gotta be there

  • Jakob

    Sweet, I’ll be there for sure.

  • Chris B

    Couldn’t find a Contact page, so I’ll quickly post this here.

    You guys should add some html title tags to your site, especially to the main page.  At the moment if I’m on the main page, at the top of my web browser, and in the browser tab on the task bar, it just says ‘Mozilla Firefox’

  • Grammar Nazi

    awww man, they’ll bust me back to Private for this one.

  • Tobias Roland

    Damn, I’m in the opposite side of the country. I would have loved to be there watching the review with like-minded people. Damn. I’ll just have to be there in spirit. So, yeah. 80dkk seems like a pretty fair price. That amounts to, what, about 14 of your precious US dollars, I think. I have no idea how much you charge for a cinema-ticket in the US, but in Denmark, it’s about 12-15 dollars for most films in the theatre (add at least 5 dollars more for the “full 3d experience”, if one were to be foolish enough to waste money on that). In conclusion: Consider yourself a feature presentation.

  • Aarekrem

    Couldn’t you get anywhere closer to Poland?
    Search your feelings, you know that inside you’re Polish.

  • AndyP

    Dang…So close to Sweden 🙂 Would have been great to be there.

  • Sdfg

    Seriously, man, Germany loves you!

  • some dane

    Don’t mind those losers from Sweden and Germany. Denmark is where it’s at.

  • thomas040

    GOD FUCK IN DAMMIT!!! i’m not coming back to CPH until the 29th!! oh well… enjoy christiania 🙂

  • thomas040

    80DKK is like 15 bucks.

  • Jannik Hansen


  • Jannik Hansen
  • Jonas Lilleskov

    Choosing seats in the theatre is totally ransom.

  • Lilleskov

    Take the train.

  • Fuuck im not home at the 27!

  • Noooooooo, drop by Norway instead. Beer’s on me!

  • Be sure to bring your own smokes . It’s hideously expensive in Denmark. Also, duty-free smokes is a traditional gift in Scandinavia.

  • Had I known earlier, I would’ve made the trip I guess.

  • I’ll be picking you up in the airport!

  • Jeremy Pike

    Denmark? – Well…it’s definitely a step up from Milwaukee. 

  • Damn, i can’t attend. But have fun, the Copenhagen Film Festival is amazing! I’ll bet you’ll have lots of fun! Don’t forget to drink lots of beers.. you will offend the danes if you don’t drink beer.

  • Herpaderp

    This can’t be for real…i mean..Mikes going to fly 13 hours across the atlantic for a Q and A about the phantom menace?

  • herpaderp

    inside? Stoklasa is pretty polish…

  • OB

    I agree, drop by Norway instead, Ill help Christopher with buying you beers.. 😀

  • Jermund Ottermo

    Thanks for an awesome post phantom menace pub round in Copenhagen, that Rochefort no 10 sure packs a mean punch. (^^,)

  • Jakob Lystbæk

    Did you to out drinking with Mike?

  • Jermund Ottermo

    Yeah, until about 5 o’clock in the morning, then we stalk.. followed him back to his hotell like good apprentices. 😉

  • Rhfhfhfh

    Oh i am so jelaous right now. How was the screening?

  • Jermund Ottermo

    It was great fun, first they showed Cop Dog as a warm-up, it had won some internet vote. (Someone forgot to tell the operator, so they accidentally showed some of Baby’s Day Out before that.) Then followed the PM review, and after there was a Q&A with Mike.

    Noticed that almost everyone in the sold-out theater raised their hand when asked if they had seen the review before. So the Prequel Avenger has lots of fans in Copenhagen, that’s for sure.

    In retrospect, maybe they should have shown the two other SW reviews and maybe even Indiana Jones. But, it’s probably hard to know if there’s a market beforehand. But now they know for sure! Next year maybe.. 🙂

  • dickless

     i hope the denmarkians skin you alive!

  • Allan-moza

    Why didn’t I know this? Damn you, work! I would have LOVED to be there. Lives 25 miles from there

  • Aw! I missed it! ._. Darn it.

  • Did you miss it as well? 🙁

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