Mike and Jay Eat Fried Chicken

April 20, 2012228 Comments

Yep. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

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  • Guss

    god, what a scam

  • Anon

    I’m happy now. Thanks

  • this is hilarious and I sort of get it I think but not really, I don’t care. That “chicken” does not look good btw, is that how you eat chicken over there?

  • MrBubbles

    And now I can die peacefully after seeing that

  • Bluehawk

    I can’t believe we pay these two frauds to slather their double-chins in grease on camera.

  • guest

    I just emailed this to PETA.

  • Guest

    Who’s “we”?

  • playdude92

    If you think, this makes me NOT want to eat fried chicken, you´re wrong. No I´m hungry…

  • Guest 2

    Nobody’s making you watch this stuff, you know.

  • Niko-av

    I want this song to play at my funeral.

  • Guest667

    So THIS is what internet porn has come to…

  • wick

    how come i think that redlettermedias site is the only one with good humor? there must be something wrong with me!

  • This all got a bit Tim and Eric! Keep up the good work 😀

  • Came for the fried chicken, stayed for the chicken cover of In the Mood.

  • CustomerOfTheÆon

    I think I came a little bit in my mouth

  • aisbauer

    Very… disturbing.

  • Mmm, that’s a good bird.

  • Finger lickin’ good

  • Mike and Jay: “But we dont have plates.”
    Fake Plinkett: “Its chicken you nincompute, use your hands!”
    Mike and Jay: “Where are we going to put all of this?” …”Ah fuck it, just throw it on the fucken ground. Who the hell cares?”

  • Who pays who what now?

  • tamabrett

    Giving up fried chicken has been the biggest impediment to my diet. Thanks, I’ll get the weight off easier now.

  • Guest

     Agreed. Do you know how I can get my money back?

  • Dash

    Reminds me of the Denethor eating scene in Lord of the Rings 

  • You know, the thing about Mike and Jay … they’ve got lifeless eyes. Black eyes.
    Like a doll’s eyes. When they eat chicken, don’t seem to be living…
    until they bite it, and those black eyes roll over white and then … ah
    then you hear that terrible lip-smackin’. Their chins turn greasy,
    and despite all the poundin’ and the hollerin’, they keep eatin’ and they … rip that chicken to pieces.

  • I demand a sequel.

  • Tastes like chicken.

  • None

    The only good thing about this was ray stevens.

  • I think i could do with some cicken 

  • Me

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

  • Zero_miles_per_hour

    If you’re having trouble keeping all that chicken down, you should eat it refrigerated.  It still tastes good, and the effects are slightly delayed.

  • user

    You can watch Mike’s double chin grow.

  • vausau

    Oh god, you wonderfully sick monkeys.

    Just watching that gave me diarrhea *does Space Cop run to toilet* 

  • Kyleallatt

    I like the part where you eat fried chicken.

  • chickenchaser

  • Rayn Wiifan

    10 hour loop youtube video please. i want this to be the song that gets me threw my horrible life. some how when i see you eat chicken i know every thing will be alright.

  • She Fights Like A Girl

    You guys are really good at spitting.

  • This looks a lot like a Tim and Eric bit. Love it!

  • Wtfuguys

    I have no clue why I watched that.

  • Aha yes, that is exactly what I thought of!

  • ouij

    Fucking sell-out chicken eagerly presenting a bucket of his fried brethren.  

  • Does this mean they don’t like Popeye’s? Or are they just eating the pieces in the way a newly unfrozen caveman would?
    I was a little surprised that they weren’t sporting bone jewelery & trophies after such a ravenous feasting.

  • Fourm

    no chicken for mike? why is that?

  • Fuck

    Did you just go Wacky Delly on us?

  • Thank you for giving the fans what they wanted. Evidently you have really weird fans.

  • zaprowsdower

    You gave the fans what they wanted. Evidently you have really weird fans.

  • Gunk

    and with this i can finally die happy

  • Flesheatingbug

    best video i’ve ever seen…

  • Guest

    I am a vegetarian…and yet…I like the video…*buckawh!*

  • Christopher Perales

    Like usual.. So fucking money you dont even know it

  • Guest

    Sure, why should Adam Sandler have all the fun.

  • Pad

    Did I just really spend 2 and a half minutes of my life watching people eating chicken?

  • Sokolg

    I usually love these little sketches, but this one is below zero…

  • Oh god, I need chicken now.

  • Wonderful_Person

    And I’m bilge stinkwater

  •  The music makes it for me.  I want an mp3, post-haste!

  • Mattwilhelm48

    fuckin goddammit…   WHY DO I SERIOUSLY NEED CHICKEN NOW?

  • Unis149

    Love Mike’s comedic timing, Jay’s getting better too. I love these fucking frauds.

  • Frank Balls

    This was pretty darned erotic.  God bless you, Rays Stevens.

  • dats racist

  • Holy shit I just got mad cravings for KFC.  Fuck ewe RedLetterMedia.  I hate KFC.

  • terrorismofthemind

    Thank you for the 4/20 treat.

  • Guest

    The way Jay eats chicken has me in hysterics

  • Arcadiassx

    Well i guess this finally puts me off from eating fried chicken, and all never be able to hear In the Mood by Glen Miller the same way again, Brrk! Hows it spelled again?

  • HumanCannonball

    I propose a commentary track to answer the following: What was going through your minds as you ate?  What’s your take on Canadian restaurant chain Boston Pizza’s All Meat Wings?  Will the fans get the sequel they’ve been clamoring for?  Are 11 herbs and spices enough?

    The fans demand answers!

  • Justin Yozzo

    Instant internet gold.  Too bad internet gold equals real-life pyrite–as in, anyone who walks by you watching this video just thinks “th’fuck?”

  • Guest

    Buy a bag of raw chicken legs, mushrooms, sweet peppers (paprika), cream, cheese, potatoes, wine.

    Prepare a deep pan. put thawed chicken legs in. Drizzle olive oil over. Sprinkle spices on the chicken. put in oven for 30 mins at 200 degrees celsius (that’s 180 cubic pig snouts for you Americans, I think). Then put diced mushrooms in the same deep pan, beside the chicken legs. Drizzle some wine over the chicken and mushrooms. Cook for 15 mins more at same temp. Then put diced peppers in, pour cream into the pan and put a couple of slithers of cheese on top of the chicken legs. Back in oven at same temp for another 15 mins, until the cheese is puffy and golden. Have with boiled potatoes, and use the broth in the pan as a sauce.

    Cooking time 1 hour. About 10 mins of actual effort put into it. Infinitely healtier, and better tasting than the garbage you guys stuffed in your face in this video.

    But, it was hilarious, though!

  • No

    Chunky’s Chicken looks so good… It’s as if they just took  Popeye’s Chicken and stuck it in a relabeled box. 😉

  • Guest

    I feel like I just watched someone’s fetish…

  • Fuckbot 5000

    Is it normal to have an erection right now?

  • I can’t get this fucking song out of my head! Help me!

  • dafuq i did just watch

  • This is glorious.

  • Vjotto

    Eating chicken has never been so sexy

  • Conorh89

    I would like to know what decision making process was that lead to this being conceived? 

  • You guys are losing your minds.

    I like it.

  • Jay eats the chicken better, like animal.

  • TV’s Rob

    Customer of the month…. forever 

  • Omg I love you guys!!!

  •  Only if it included watermelon.

  • Dingdong Weiner

    May I ask, how do I acquire this marvelous soundtrack?!

  • Rex Feral

    It could be that way you suck those bones … or the way you suck that chicken ..
    (more crapping on you or yourselfs …. COOL)

  • Gin

    Why am I watching this?

  • D:

    What the goddamned shit is 

  • chopmos

     I dare you to make less sense.

  • Samantha

    Holy shit. Jay’s routine at 1:56-2:05 was bloody brilliant.

  • robert

    Absolutely disgusting but I laughed every second.

  • Tom Jones raped my cattle

    I find this easy to masturbate to

  • Cha

    Oh man. i want some fried chicken so bad now!

  • eversonkb

    The song is my favorite part

  • merkin


  • merkin



  • Well, I don’t know what I was expecting to see

  • Johnny Snow

    Yeah, eat it with your mouth.

  • No words to describe it! They should have sent a poet!

  • Guest

    Surely this is the pinnacle of human creation. We, as a species, are complete.

  • Bat Guano

    Why do I like watching Mike and Jay eating that box of fried chicken? I mean, WHY?

  • Inc

    you’re quaffing that chicken

  • god i fucking love chicken.

  • Tgpowers01

    Bonerville. POPULATION: ME!!

  • Ryanking333

    Amazing spectacle.

  • LacklusterChariot

    Needs more dutch angles. 

  • Fakeemail87

    Is it weird that I’m turned on by this? 

  • anon

    I am so fucking hungry now

  •  Needs more pointless Adam Sandler.

  • Balgorandvern

    Many chickens died to bring us this information.

  • I need pizza rolls

  • Guy

    this video is A material at tgwtg.com

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    So on watching this my girl friend asks me,” Is that original or extra crispy?”
    Taking a few seconds to gather some wise instructional thoughts I turned to her and gently said, “Don’t you know anything about RedLetterMedia you g-d_F-ing_Whore?”

  • Guest

    I might have become amused, slightly, for a moment, but having to watch a commercial first puts you on my shit list. Review some god damn films you underachieving monkeys.

  • please eat some sloppy joes next

  • Iuhygvubh

    please put this on youtube, perfect trailer for ½inthebag

  • Smiley_gladhander

    love the pic of Mike on the Chunk’s Chicken website. Little confused by the “Communicating through Jesus” icon.

  • Garth

    Review the Avengers! I don’t give a shit if its out yet OR if you’ve seen it.

    Just REVIEW IT you comically challenged monkey blowers!

  • guest 2

    Why would a 30 second ad be so offensive to you?

  • Guest

    Interesting that no lawyer has come after them for copyright issues on their materials.

  • Providence

    Please to give the name of that song. I have many uses for it. Song name, plz

  • Zequi P

    I bet that set smells awesome…

  • Tobias

    This was extremely sexual.

  • Are you trying for “these stupid people will watch ANYTHING if we post it”? Because, if so… well crap, it’s working. Cuz I watched it. AND was mildly entertained. 😀

  • Lastexileletsplay

    I found that easy to masturbate to. 

  • I think I feel sick….

  • VancouverCanuckssuck

    Goddamn right my man!

  • Guest

    It presumes that that was worth paying money to see.

  • Guest

    You should make 10 hour version of this. Because you can.

  • Fake

    On the close up shots you can still see the “Popeye’s” logo on the box. 8)

  • Mark S

    Really appeals to the inner-child that wants to discard like 80% of each piece / not try and save hanging chunks. Very fun to watch, and appropriate content for 4/20. Love that high-frequency crunching from the lavalier

  • For whatever reason, even though ive seen this a few times, it was the funniest its ever been today!

  • Smokin-a-pancake

    Oh come on, nobody got it? A stupid video of them just eating chicken ravenously…on 420. Really, I thought this community was a tad more observant and smarter than that.

  • Guest

    If that’s what they cut out, what they leave in must be pure gold!

  • Donotcontactme

    This made me so cocking hungry!  I need to get some fried chicken right cocking now but it’s 4 cocking am.

    Also, Gremlins flashbacks.

  • Guest

    Because a 30 second add killed my parents.

  • guest
  • Bemno
  • Come on you fat gimps, give us the next plinkett review! 

  • Sebastianaugs

    BETTER THA STAR WARS REVIWS 1!!!!11!11!!!1!!1!!!!1!!11!1!1!1!

  • Fghj

    You’re referencing that thing I saw!

  • 10/10 Would watch again. 

  • This is the worst thing I’ve ever watched, grossness wise. Fried chicken gives me headaches.

  • Spaz

    The ad was for pizza rolls…. that is fantastic

  • Fakename


  • Kezd

    Oh right, that’s a thing over there.

  • Kezd

     check out http://www.chunkyschicken.com and find the whole ten minutes of that song on their frontpage. Holy Cock-a-doo, that’s a long ten minutes.

  • Kezd

    Now I want some of that Chunky’s Chicken. The company’s website looks like its also a space jam promotional site and I just learned that there is another fast food chain called Chunky Chicken AND suspiciously enough the website is hosted on RLM’s servers. Mhhh… Well, I’m sure this means nothing and next time I’m in the USA I’ll make it a point to visit Chunky’s Chicken. If they’ve fixed their “Hours and Location” sub-page by then, which, sadly, is still under construction.

  • Eatabagofdicks

    stop eating chicken and get off yer arses. i need entertainment!

  • That was just lovely.

  • Ass

    Further proof that Jay is the best actor of the RLM crew.

  • Alex

    EAT IT.

    EAT IT.


  • Is that just Mike doing all the clucking?

  • Gnap

     i wanna be like this guy

  • Maxknees

    I’m going to clucking kill myself

  • Guest

    I could watch this all day.

  • Eatlesschickenmakemorevid

    so wierd another day gone and i check in and theres no new vid. that never happens. o wait thats every day for 3 months.

  • What?

     There’s a new Half in the Bag every two weeks or so. Are you exaggerating for comedic effect? You have to say something comedic for that to work.

  • guest


    Point is, they don’t update often enough, and then they put up stupid shit like this.

  • What?

    So they put out a new episode every couple of weeks and in between that time, they sprinkle in weirdo stuff like this. What’s the problem?

  • Guest

    Yes but he is not funny or intelligent

  • Bagodicks

    what do you mean sprinkle? all they did was just take this clip out of the last review and label it as a video. and why the shit are u being a rlm apologist. its prob just mike or jay trolling

  • Chicken Sammich

    I’m sure that if you look, you will find that the two clips are very different. You should probably check your facts before you complain.

  • Getting Hungry

    4:20 eat fried chicken erryday. 

  • Shirudo_mizuno

    I have the weirdest boner right now…

  • Could we have Nadine eat some chicken, really slow and sexy like?

  • Polkov

    My god, the crunching… it just sounds so tasty. I don’t know whether I’m aroused or hungry.

  • Brett Caron

    Sexiest two minutes and thirty-nine seconds on the internet.

  • andyrampage

    why am i so horny? or i know now.

  • andyrampage

    I have in a perfect moment of clarity realized why so many internet comments have wildly wrong errors in grammar/spelling.  It is due to the high volume of alcohol in their system.

  • Guest

    I like how half the time they’re gluttonously devouring the chicken happily, but the other half the time they’re nibbling, wretching, or spitting the chicken back out. 

  • Guest

    Many chickens died to bring us this comedy.

  • Mr. Chuffy

    Needs moar dancing nigras.

  • Ragespot

    I just watched a ad to watch people eat chickens -_-

  • Rob Thomas

    I like it – adding the chicken so Mike and Jay have something to eat is better. And while I’m always up for eating chicken, only eating one type of chicken is, eh, rather limiting.

    RLM is a great place to draw some good eating tips off, be it fried chicken (half in the bag) or pizza pockets (plinket). 

    This consumption of Chunkey’s chicken is great, but why not do broader stuff  – eg: compare the KFC to Pop-eyes? Or White Castle to Bojangles?
    Anyway, I’m enjoying everything RLM takes the time to make and eat in front of us. Thanks!
    (If you want other ideas, (which you won’t) here’s two)

    – A comparison of Jumbo sized cokes over the years, how they have grown, and has the recent push for public health resulted in a reversal?

    – Is the double down more disgusting than the crave case?

  • Gergely Szabó

    you eat like zombies! btw it was so amazing, an entertaining commercial! can i order some chicken to Hungary? no? FXXK!

  • Hafabee

    Great instructional video.  You can always buy fried chicken but they never show you how to eat it….thanks guys!

  • dickless

    you eat all that chicken, how come you ain’t fat?

  • Nick

    Looks like some tasty chicken guys.  Mike’s “Rowan Atkinson face” is second to none.

  • The funniest thing Jay has ever done is eat fried chicken like a deranged addict.

  • Just gimme gimme gimme fried chicken!!

  • guest

     you’re a retard boy

  • Man, I would give anything for that fried chicken to be my kids cause I hate being a father. 

  • None

    then why did you have kids?

  • Fucko

    i keep trying to load the video on my friends piece of shit ipad and it wont work

  • chriz

    damn it…why am I entertained by this?? 

  • kallikanzarid

    Guys, you’re Monty Python of image boards era. Keep it up!

  • Hafabee

    I had to watch this again, it’s ridiculous just how funny this is!  I spat laughter droplets on my screen,,,or maybe they’re cherry cola…

  • guy1

    LOL… Why would anybody watch that? Wait…… why did I just watch that? 😀

  • beavinator

    Man, now I really want fried chicken. And I just had some yesterday…

  • You are giving me the greatest boner.

  • Dan-Dan

    I made this inspired by you guys 😀

  • Harvey

    You’re gay and have better taste in food then men?

  • Harvey

    Is there any context for this? Why are they eating when they’re clearly beyond enjoying it? Was it a contest? a bet? a video that required eating chicken and a lot of takes?

  • Maddison


    Shall I watch this in HD? Yes I believe I shall.

  • review

    Man, this was absolutely amazing! You can feel the depth and emotion the characters of this give off as they munch down on that chicken. You can see the beam of happiness in Jay’s face as he takes that amazing bite. Every single image has so many things going on. 11/10

  • Mustafa

    I hope some1 will show it to some African kidz they need comedy too !

  • Brooke

    My god, I watched the whole thing… And since it’s blip, they got paid for me watching them eat chicken. And now I want some chicken, and I don’t even like chicken! FUCK. The song was perfect.

  • Some Guy

    God damn it, now i’m fucking hungry!

  • Whargoul

    I want a pork burger

  • Chunky’s

    Watch the 3 Stooges Half in the Bag episode.

  • Fluffy

    I am sure this video would make any PETA member blow a gasket.

  • Martin

    Dear Baby Jesus! What am I doing with my life watching THIS?!

  • Chunky’s Chunks

    Great now I want chicken..assholes.

  • Ding Dong

    Video did not deliver based on title

  • Brandon

    So, I’m a vegetarian now.

  • Someone

    It’s so dense.

  • Daniel Bellfield

    this song..

  • D’Angelo

    About half way through watching this video I realized that I’ve wasted my life.

  • Chris Webb

    It’s like lunch time at the special kids table

  • Simple Jack

    Mmmmmm, I could really go for some Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken about now.

  • Warhol referrence ?!

    Reminds me of Andy Warhol eats a Hamburger.

  • I Shot J.R

    oh fuck i just cummed

  • The Willard

    There’s no sloth here.

  • Michal Richter

    By not eating enough fried chicken?

  • Mufro

    That chicken looks so tasty…

  • Daniel Bellfield

    why did u mic the chewing? song still rocks!

  • Phil

    What is this I don’t even

  • Rodney

    Easily my favorite video on the site.

  • Elvis Delvis


  • Guest

    The day that Chunky’s and Pizza Rolls join forced is the day that I can die.

  • Supermeerkat

    This is making my girlfriend damp.

  • holy shit what

    I want to see the extended version of this with audio commentary.

  • Kallyfudge .

    This is the worst explanation of evolution I have ever seen.

  • Ben Rae

    The foley on this makes me feel fucking sick, still a great video.

  • This is borderline excremental.

  • Jack P. Coleman

    This video really puts me…in the mood.

  • Kamil Lowczynski

    mmmm chicken…

  • Otto T

    I forgot where this came from :C

  • SqualrusWalrus

    George Lucas salad unboxing the prequel

  • LameSame

    You know, it really may be that their mics are extremely close to their mouths.

  • I got a virus from that you fucks!

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