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  • I am Yancy

    I am enjoying your offerings and whatnot! My name is Yancy.

  • Jonathan de Jong

    Dear Redletter, your opinions on movies and Hollywood always mean a lot to me. They feel insightful. I thank you for all the work you have been doing the past years. I do have a question though, what is your opinion on Bill Hader as an actor? He shows up here and there and he seems like a rather intelligent man with some talent behind him. Might consider starting to follow him and what movies he are in, would he be a smart choice to follow, or am I seeing things that ain’t there?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, not sure where I should post this so I chose for this section.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Brandon

    Damn you, you humblebragging frauds!

  • sepiajack


  • craigerz


    Your Star Wars reviews have overwritten our Star Wars episodes I-III on our TV HD, For years my wife and I have played your shows during dinner, or as background white noise when working elsewhere in the house. Its in our top 3 sci-fi comedy pick, strange perhaps, but thought you’d be interested to know you’re on our 50″ at least twice a week.

    My wife asks was there ever closure to the girl who came back to get you?!

    Cheers, and thanks for the entertainment.

  • KravenMoorhead

    There’s a video called “Nadine’s Revenge” or something where she tracks Plinkett down and confronts. But be warned- it’s Rich Evans Plinkett.

  • Mike O’Shea

    Your prequel analysis is so completely on target. It’s almost like two different directors made the episodes IV-VI. My question is: what happened to Lucas and/or the creative process between the time these three-film series were produced? It’s almost like Lucas either completely forgot how to do this genre or, dare I say, took credit for the collaborative effort it took for the original three – leaving out some pretty awesome contributions from unnamed artists. If I may, Gene Roddenberry had control of the Star Trek franchise for many years and it did not stray so far from the basic formula. It Worked. Only after he was gone did it go so far astray. By comparison, Lucas’ efforts post-1974-81 seem completely opposed to his early efforts. To the point I have to question who in the fuck actually made Star Wars from the start? You seem to have a lot of insight into the film making process. What are your thoughts as to this dichotomy? It is baffling to the extreme. . .

  • Eleos

    Is this the Yancy from reddit? Good to meet you on another webzone!

  • 24601

    One theory posited by Gordon Mah Ung of Maximum PC magazine is that Lucas actually died during the filming of Jedi ans was replaced with a look-alike who didn’t know what he was doing.

  • Elaine Murdy Trucke

    I would concur, if it wasn’t for his slightly bloated face peering at screens and a venti latte behind the scenes. Oh, if only it were true!

  • Vincent Wachowiak

    You guys do great work, I’ve enjoyed watching so many of your reviews/commentaries. Great insight and analysis. Plus, being from WI, it’s fun to find media that is so immediately culturally relevant. Keep up the good work, you’re really doing great stuff here.

  • Ryan Wood

    What. So genius. You cant print a letter. Im waiting. Bitchez

  • Benjamin Attwell

    You guys must do this!!!!!

  • Hi guys – I’m a big fan. I was inspired to do this analysis of The Force Awakens trailer – obviously owe a debt to you guys – but hopefully I bring something new to the table also

  • Matt James Tiberius Kazan

    You actually did a great job man, that was a fun watch!

  • Joseph P. Bracken

    oh hi matt

  • Jonah Falcon

    You should post upcoming convention appearances here.

  • Buck Fudder

    Came to this page for that reason.

  • Brian Hopkins

    My god….. Red letter media has finally done it….. Their carelessness has started a riot !!

  • Plovered Ranger

    This. I came here looking for that exact thing.

  • bulshoy

    Me too.


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