Honest Trailers: The Dark Knight Rises

December 4, 201297 Comments

Hey look! We have a cameo in Screen Junkies‘ latest Honest Trailer:


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  • Baby Insurance

    When will Rich Evans review Animal Soccer World, you frauds?!

  • Leo Ladenson

    I’ve started using my Batman voice all the time. I’m reading this comment in my Batman voice right now.

  • Chunky’s Chicken

    This video is the equivalent of the Star Wars holiday special.

  • Dino

    Why do you tease us so, just release the new plinkett review you midwestern bastards!

  • Marvin Falz

    I like the whole trailer. I find that your cameo fits in seemlessly. I must say though that based on the excerpts of The Dark Knight Rises in Half in the Bag the incentive to actually go to the movies or rent a dvd was higher. Kinda like the temperature in the fridge is higher than in the freezer. My remark is not meant to criticize you, since your spoken review doesn’t leave a doubt that DKR is just another waste of ressources. It just strikes me how powerful visuals are and that they stay in my mind longer than spoken words. Anyway, thanks for appearing in and linking to the trailer.

  • Charlie Koers

    Even when batman was doing batman stuff, it turns out it was just a trap. Even when batman stops Bane, it turns out he wasn’t the leader. Things in this movie lead up to nothing, so then at the end you start to think that batman was stupid for not figuring it out earlier.

  • El Mucho Sado

    It has been the longest two weeks of my life. Please…. PLEASE… just release it… I don’t care if you only have the first 5 minutes ready… give us SOMETHING! (sob)… please…

  • Corey Jones

    This has nothing to do with Animal Soccer World. I am very disappointed.

  • BoB-DoG

    That was pretty much spot on to be fair. A big let down after Batman Begins 2: Attack of the Joker, which was ace

  • Dr. Detroit

    Your face is cunty.

  • Mike

    My Cocaine, lol

  • Obscurus Lupa

    I looked into it, and Animal Soccer Worlds seems to just be a badly dubbed cartoon. I don’t think it would be a worthwhile endevour for Rich to review it on Gamestation 2.0.

  • Obscurus Lupa

    I looked into it and Animal Soccer World seems to just be a poorly dubbed cartoon. It would not be a worthwhile endevour for Rich Evans to review it on Gamestation 2.0.

  • Mike

    Was that the “Getting Even With Dad” novelization Mike was reading?


  • pizza roll

    This movie was a forgettable POS

  • L A Webley

    I’m a huge fan of the Plinkett reviews but I like Half In The Bag equally, and Gamestation 2.0, and while I yearn sorely for new material all the time, I appreciate that if time and patience is what it takes to maintain the quality, then so be it. Personally, I’d hate to see rushed Red Letter Media material in the same way that I’d hate to see a trilogy of rushed Star Wars origin features.

  • Corey Jones

    There is gameplay.


    Forcing Rich to 100% the game would be a fascinating peek into one man’s descent into raving madness.

  • Andy S

    Boring. Not as funny as it thinks it is.

  • Are you guys going to do live stream on youtube? You had a test stream 24h ago. Wait! I know! Next Plinkett review is going to be LIVE!? Thank you so much, we love you 😀

  • suckit

    btw he uses his batman voice all the time because he probably decided to get a voice distorter or something, as all the growling started to give him a sore throat, and he didn’t like having to keep buying more throat lozenges.

  • playdude92

    Why can´t the film company, spending hundreds of millions on the film, not also hire a Script doctor?…

    Or fucking ten script doctors; they wouldn´t have costed more than a minute of advertising on national television.

  • They think the audience is stupid. And unfortunately they’re correct for about 80% of the audience.

  • JarJarEarlJones

    they film many of these big action movies without even having a finished script yet

    and you lemmings keep going to see them in record numbers

  • Curly

    Haha. Awesome!

  • Palpatine

    You should have been asking these questions during your lackluster Half in the Bag review, you frauds!

  • Love this because it says everything I’ve pretty much said or thought about this movie.

  • Rick Rickerson

    Fucking purple space bazookas.

  • Charlie Koers

    I remember him make the voice without the mask before. I can’t site the exact time. Maybe someone was blind folded or something.

  • shoutsman

    You guys forgot to ask one really important question: Why would Mike and Jay base most of their HITB episode around how the emotional journey of the movie outweighed the plot holes in terms of importance and focus, only to go back on their whole argument for the sake of a shoehorned cameo? Whyyyyy??

    (still, much respect)

  • jeff

    You can joke about a movie’s flaws and still enjoy it. They did this same thing with Prometheus. They haven’t “gone back on their whole argument.” They’re just making fun of nitpickers.

  • shoutsman

    For some reason I felt their Prometheus one was genuine. The sarcasm is strong with these ones.

  • CAllenC

    In Dark Knight during the parade scene when Gordon “dies”. He goes in an apartment where the police are tied up and blind folded, so he uses the Batman voice to ask what happened.

  • Andrew

    Yeah, put Rich in the game station, there are some games I have my eye on and I want to know if they are any good….

  • bb-15

    Hilarious satire about nitpicking (and yes, they did the same thing with Prometheus, twice).

  • Where’s Plinkett’s review of Boku no Pico, you assholes?

  • But it’s stylistically designed to be that way and you can’t undo that, but you can diminish the effects of it.

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    DarthVaderHappyMeal here reporting from Disney Corporate. DISNEY and STAR WARS – a match made in heaven. I can see it now: “Cinderella and the
    Death Star” – the musical ice show stravaganza. Please, someone wake up Walt so he can roll
    over in his grave. Storm troopers and
    pixie dust. Nothing but beautiful and
    flowery things can come of this.
    DarthVaderHappyMeal wishing on a star and signing out.

  • jeff

    The Prometheus one is sarcasm too. Watch their whole Half in the Bag episode.

  • They may have gone too far in a few places.

  • lolfaggots

    Jay was butt hurt that one of his idols made a complete mess of a film.

  • numeric

    we’re all waiting for the new plinkett review and you post this shit? shame on you!

  • jeff

    What does this even mean? When does Jay ever say Ridley Scott is one of his idols? Scott is a well respected filmmaker with a pretty diverse body of work. Saying they idolize him simply because they don’t just say OMG WORST MOVIE ever in regards to Prometheus makes you look really simple-minded and ignorant.

  • King

    Hope you guys do a Half in the Bag for “Lady Terminator”

  • El Mucho Sado

    We are the 20%

  • ride on cycle toad

    Phantom Menance > Feeding Frenzy.

  • john s

    Look, I enjoyed the 2nd Batman movie as well, but did that movie really make more sense if you really break it down?

  • But I’m reading YOUR comment in my Bane voice! See I’ll prove ihthth mmmf fmfmmf mffff mfmf mf mmmfff ghghgghmmm

  • Tylor

    Rich Evans review Animal Soccer World my butt, Review Jurassic park the game.

  • Dakk Topo

    I thought by “idol” he was referring to Damon Lindelof, without whom no one would know who Red Letter Media is. And hence probably part of the reason they played softball with that stupid fuckin’ movie.

  • supr_g

    The following will answer all questions:

    Because he’s BATMAN!

  • WhatAValue

    Thaaat’s right Jay. They said multiple times during that review that they were giving the director/writer the benefit of the doubt. Clearly in denial that it really just was that bad.

    Same with Batman, oddly enough.

  • Bane

    That flies with cool badass cartoon Batman or wacky awesome Brave and the Bold Batman, but not gruff hoarse-throated barely-in-the-movie Batman.

  • Yes, it did.

  • Yeah, not only was he not in the movie but he didn’t do any detective work and was always one step behind…this wasn’t a very good “Batman” movie.

  • Marvin Falz

    The Outtakes are far more interesting than the Trailer.

  • jutard

    when is the next plinkett review?

  • Guest not only on this side

    Hey Lupa, nice Evil Dead Review. Especially this behind.the-scene stuff, very interesting. Also the odd ending. I didn’t know it was that bad. You were great in all these silly movies you were making…

    and, come on, even Mr. Plinkett has his Cop Dog review.. So heads up

  • Rightanswer

    No it did not. Dark Knight was better but
    Dark Knight Rises wasn’t bad.
    Thank Nolan for this interpretation and get on with your lifes.
    I am right, so shut up.

  • guest

    So not sharing the same opinion as you means they’re in denial, eh? What a sad existence you must lead.

  • joe

    If only they could have gotten Jar-Jar working. I mean he was the key to the whole thing.

  • Jegsimmons

    fucking shit i could answer nearly all these questions because i watched the movie and have fucking common sense.

  • BoB-DoG

    For me, DKR was too long and boring and made no sense, and Bane was really annoying. Nolan did a great job with the 1st two.

    And I’ll get on with my life when the new H.S Plinkett review is up, and not until then!

  • Batman

    But Batman’s the audience, and I’m Batman!

  • General Grievance

    Actually The Dark Knight went on a little too long…there could have been a scene or two cut out from that movie to make it more to the point.

  • Man the ending sucked

    This is my favorite plot hole in DKR:

    “Robin” while investigating the construction workers, discovers that the concrete is explosive and frantically calls the Retarded Police Chief to warn him the sewers are a trap. The Police Chief then begins shouting to his aides to get all the officers out of there.

    After this point, it cuts over to the football stadium where a child is singing the national anthem, interspersed with Bane waiting in the wings and police officers pouring into the sewers. Bane eventually blows up the concrete during the opening kickoff. This means you have a good 5-10 minutes of singing the anthem and getting the teams onto the field for the kickoff (and 5 or so minutes pass in the movie too of them cutting back and forth), yet not a single officer is warned and not a single one turns around. In fact, when the concrete explodes you see it fall and separate a column of officers that are STILL ENTERING THE SEWERS.

    There is so much wrong with the sequence of events I was quivering in rage in my seat, because I knew exactly what was about to happen, but it didn’t make any damn sense.

    It’s the same complaint you use in Star Wars “instantly all tension is removed from the scene” because you know exactly what is going to happen, logic be damned. And it happens all over the place. Spare us your excuses that it’s a movie, we know it’s a movie.

  • When

    When’s the next honest trailer red letter media cameo?

  • Marvin Falz

    When’s the first honest trailer done by Red Letter Media?

  • CP

    agreed LA – the editing that goes into these reviews is pretty extensive and the bar is constantly raised by the boys each time. Patience is a virtue people – so stop the bitching for fuck sakes – you are living in the golden era of free online film analysis. Take an oxy, the review will come…

  • guestie


  • malvert

    I don’t see any problem there. This is how editing works. You can’t show all scenes happening at once so you cut back and forth. So if they cut from police chief to stadium it doesn’t mean singing of national anthem happened later, it could actually happen ten minutes before. The same goes for all movies where some countdown is happening. It doesn’t mean I don’t see any plot holes in DKR (Bruce Wayne ask Selina to lead him to Lucius and tell her the bomb is going to blow off tomorrow – how does he knows it before talking with Lucius? If they believe Batman is going to stay in prison, why doesn’t Miranda reveal her identity to him?).

  • Ted

    when is the next season of the grabowski’s!!

  • bananna hammock

    As i was watching batman begins the other day it dawned on me, and it seems like we have all missed it, but if you recall there was one other time in which the entire police force was ordered to go someplace sketchy, and that likewise blew up in their faces – when the were ordered into the Narrows, then the bridges pulled up behind them, and then Ras started to release the gas that gives everyone a stumpy arm, and the entire police force of Gotham was bust bugging out on Scarecrow’s fear toxin.

    You would think, after a Fiasco like that, that the police might go ahead and make it a standing order that the entire police force should ever be ordered to go ONE place. But no, 8-9 years later and they make the same bad decision that goes bad in pretty much the same way.

    I still enjoyed the whole series of movies, and bleakly anticipate the Schumacher-esque re-imagining of the franchise that slouches towards Bethlehem.

  • Man the ending sucked

    No that isn’t how editing works. Unless there is some specific cue it is NEVER assumed that you’re going back in time when scenes are cut from one to another.

    If I show some scene that shows the time being noon exactly, and it lasts 20 seconds, and then I cut to another scene – the MINIMUM time that scene could be taking place would be 20 seconds ago at noon, or “at the same time.” It’s more likely assumed that it is at occuring at 20 seconds after noon. Given that they cut from Bane watching the anthem in the wings of the stadium and people doing stuff on the field, there is no reason to think there is some kind of time warp going on when they cut to the police officers.

    If they were trying to infer that Robin and the Police Chief’s call were occuring at exactly the same time that Bane detonated the concrete minutes later (which again, occurs while a column of police officers are STILL entering the sewers since some get trapped outside) then they did an enormously poor job at editing, failing at the most basic level.

    Or it’s a terrible plot hole. Your choice.

  • Man the ending sucked

    Well I’m sure Commissioner Gordon learned that lesson, but Police Chief Retard was in command at that point.

  • iZoe

    I haven’t seen Dark Knight Rises yet… Has it been ruined for me? Help! I’m about to watch it from On Demand.

  • Marvin Falz


  • malvert

    It is how editing works especially for countdown scenes when they show timer many times so if they cut to some people it usually shows what they were doing at the same time you were seeing the timer. Take the scene from The Silence of the Lambs for example, when they cut back and forth from scene where the swat team is about to raid some suspicious house and the scene where the killer is hearing the door bell. Do you really believe agent Starling was pressing the door bell at the same time the swat team was pressing doorbell at the house they were to raid?

  • No_Key

    I eagerly went to watch the movie after the redletter review.

    The redlettermedia guys SEEMED to be critics that you can trust.


    They were obviously paid off by the PR spinners.

    The D K Rises was risible and this spoof as well as many other reviews since have been far more honest.

    TDKR now actually spoils my enjoyment of The Dark Knight.
    That used to be one of my favourite movies, to the extent that I would fish out every several weeks to watch again.
    I haven’t watched it at all since the TDKR.

  • Thanks! Finally someone else notices this. I weep for the lack of intelligence in people when they take the Prometheus video as a genuine critique of the film, they’re so obviously playing idiotic characters how can people not see that?
    Never under estimate the stupidity of the Internet I suppose.

  • No it didn’t.
    I loved that film but if you’re going to nitpick there’s so much you could go with, like why did Batman take the fall for Two-face’s crimes why didn’t he just pin them on the Joker?
    Or, if Batman turns all the cellphones in Gotham into sonar devices so he can seek out the Joker how does that work when everyone is fleeing Gotham? Surely they’d take their cellphones with them.
    But that doesn’t matter, all films have flaws if you look at them too closely, that doesn’t stop them being enjoyable. The point of a film isn’t to make perfect, logical sense, that would be boring, the point is to be entertaining.
    The entire story of Citizen Kane is built around a “plothole”, a rich character dies and his last word is “rosebud” the whole plot of that film is trying to find out why that was his last word.
    Except that no one was in the room with him when he dies, so how do they know that was his last word? It doesn’t make sense, so the entire story of the film doesn’t make sense but it doesn’t matter, you just go with it and it’s still a great film.
    People nowadays focus too much on the little details because they think getting caught up on these things makes them “clever”.
    After the Prequel reviews on this pointed out plotholes in the films as a small part of very intelligent film criticism, most of the idiots completely missed the point and thought nitpicking was all there was to film criticism.
    Which is a shame.

  • That’s the point. They’re clearly pretending to be idiots in this video, like they did in the Prometheus. It’s called a joke, I know it’s strange but they do them sometimes.

  • guest

    “They were obviously paid off by the PR spinners.”

    Wow you’re fucking stupid.

  • Man the ending sucked

    You didn’t read a single thing I said, did you.

    Unless there are explicit cues, editing cannot go back in time more than the time was at the beginning of the scene they’re cutting from – it can only present things happening at the same time in multiple “streams.”

    The moment they showed a cut from the police chief talking with Robin to Bane standing at the stadium the time was locked to be at the same time OR later, and time is assumed to proceed linearly from that time.

    Again, are you claiming that the call with Robin and Bane detonating the concrete were occurring at the same time? If yes, it’s TERRIBLE editing. If no, it’s a massive plot hole. Again, your choice.

  • RIAA

    Hahaha, Mike and Jay will go to jail now :-).

  • Tobias

    Does anyone know… if Bane is almost dying when his mask is breaking for a second. how is he eating or drinking something? Is there a valve for a straw somewhere hidden among all those tubes? And where does the preasure come from, we hear when it breakes?

  • No_Key

    Wow your comment defines your debating acumen.

    Well done!

  • Tobias

    Yea we are the other 10% who is not stupid! 😀

  • Batman

    Wait, I’m the Batman! You are just one of those guys who’s wearing hockey pads!

  • Tobias

    So well, throad cancer is a serious issue…

  • jimbo

    He flinched

  • Dwindling Hope

    Everything this trailer mentioned about DKR was nitpicking garbage of which did not expose plot holes or make any arguable claims. Furthermore, the original Half/Bag review praised the movie. Not that the Half/Bag review was valid anyway because they bashed Nolan movies, but have never seen any of them! Inconsistency will be the death of this website. You are slowly losing my faith.

  • torgo

    The problem isn’t with this website. The problem is clearly with you not being able to understand anything.

    1. This Honest Trailers video wasn’t made by RLM. They just cameo in it, and just like their “Questions about Prometheus” video, they’re MAKING FUN of nitpicking.

    2. When did they “bash Nolan” in their TDKR video? They give him a lot of credit, even if they don’t seem to care about him one way or the other.

    3. Even if they did bash him, that’s their opinion so what’s the problem?

  • hugefan

    this was so funny

  • Kerk

    Yes, it’s pretty weird that they praised the movie in the Half in the Bag and now kinda realizing that there was a shit load of nonsense.

  • Kerk

    Except there’s quality difference between little inconsistencies and major plot holes. It’s one thing to nitpick and a totally different thing to see some obvious BS.

  • guest

    Watch the outtakes. They make it very obvious that they’re making fun of nit-pickers, not nit-picking themselves.

  • BRUCE WAYNE IS BATMAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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