Happy Friday the 13th!

April 13, 201269 Comments

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  • wat


  • Peloquin_rebirth

    Well observed. You sir have a great talent for naming things.

  • jasonrjohnston

    But, will it blend? Apparently yes; yes, it will blend. Thank you.

  • this is how i work out

  • Accounthyzo

    So that’s what would have happened if Marty Mcfly brought his dad back with him into the future!

  • What the ?

  • Dlewisa

    Uh . . . did Crispin Glover just have a seizure? . . . because watching that I think I just did.

  • DoctorCyclops

    This is my go-to repertoire for any situation where I am required to dance.

  • still better than Gamestation 2.0

  • you guys think friday the 13th is a joke, but bad things really do happen. like last year i went to my cabin in the woods, and found that the chains to my secret basement had rusted and my daughters had escaped. i went looking for them in the woods but could only find a bear. the sex wasn’t the same.

  • Great.  Now I have to banish the Moth goddess “Kaath Mokeh” from my apartment.  Thanks bunches.  You will be billed for the seven coming generations of malaise and failure she has already wrought.  Rest assured. 

  • foff…

  • pruneface

    lol is that jerry sienfeild in the background?

  • Rockman


  • Free Bear

    This is how your supposed to dance to dubstep

  • Rockman

    What the fuck*

  • ARRRG!

    I love you.

  • buzzzzzzz

    It’s like watching the wings of a flying hummingbird. Even if you slow it down, its still fucking fast. 

  • SteveDave

    When it plays backwards it’s like a ghost is violently pulling Crispin Glover’s hair.

  • guest

    When I first started watching this, I was like, “Alright!  Crispin Glover doing a stupid dance for 5 minutes!”  and when it started slowing down, I thought “Oh cool, he’s still going really fast, this is hilarious!”  But at the halfway mark, I just had this terrible foreboding, I don’t know if it was Glover’s inhuman thrashing, or the groaning of the slowed music in the background, like the roar of some forgotten, antediluvian beast.  Crispin Glover is not human.  He exists outside of time, it’s passage has no effect on him.  Who can say how long he has stalked the earth, hunting, I doubt such things matter to him.  There is a scratching at the door.  This will be my last comment.  I will take my own life, and pray I’m safe from him in death.

  • Daggoth

    I call it ‘Soy Bomb Deconstructed’

    If you don’t know what I am talking about, watch ‘Soy Bomb’ on Youtube. I saw it live on TV that very evening, and it was one of the greatest moments I have seen on TV to date… ever. Nothing more random has ever graced my screen; or literally caused me to upchuck my dinner in laughter.

  • Fuck sake.  What in the hell is going on over there?!

  • Dee

    I’m so confused

  • Frank

    Where the hell is the corkscrew?

  • Apparently they were actually playing AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black’ on the set.  It makes his dancing that much more awesome.

  • Tomeknatropachyeti

     To quote SWfanNumberWhatever : Get off you lazy fucking ass you fat homo and give us what we want ! No one cares about … umm .. what the fuck is this anyway? Who the fuck are those people ?

  • Daggoth

     Yeah, it’s more… conceptual…

  •  Definitely looks like Soy Bomb.

  • Hahahaha what?  Do you guys blaze it up before getting to work on your videos?

  • Guest

    This belongs on a flat screen TV in a gallery in New York.

  • Hans
  • So he’s like Mario Lopez then.

  • Aj Goodwin

    This video has the editing capabilities of a teenage hipster and windows movie maker…what the f***¿

  • Rob

    Definitely the weirdest fucking thing to happen to me today.

  • Mast3r Xak

    this thing is on The Daily What.

  • Lazydrunkandirish
  • I believe that Mike is ghostwriting other reviews:


  • guest

    You sir, have excellent taste in reading material.

  • Aaaa

    Brilliantly executed!
    This reminds me: have you (Jay/Mike) seen the 1981 classic Saturday the 14th?


  • Meh, Friday the 13 is nothing. Today is Saturday The 14TH! 


  • michael

    What the fuck am I watching, and why did I sit thru 4 minutes before stopping?

  • fuckyou

    This is stupid

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    Humorous clip— Thanks.
    ( Perhaps Seinfeld’s 1996 episode of Elaine’s dancing was inspired by this 1984 flick. )

  • me again.
  • Or is it?

  • This is fucking killing me!

  • 2toneart

    I cant believe I just watched that entire video. Hahaha.

  • FrankinBalls MattyMcBatty

    I love her mom pants; with front butt.  The eighties had a sense of style that I think we’ve lost.

  • Shitbird

    It’s so awesome to see crispin glover back in his prime kickin ass!

  • Asdasdfasdf

    I really enjoy how you guys still release goofy stuff like this. As people get bigger and more popular sometimes they lose track of what makes people connect to them in the first place. It’s the sincerity that goes along with the humor that I enjoy on RLM. It’s the lighthearted “these people get me” vibe from everything you do on the site. I know it seems like some goofy little thing, but to me it’s the cement that keeps me coming back!

  • Smith7448

    Smoke weed and watch this

  • Daniel Yowell

    It still annoys me that Mike liked the Hunger Games and poo-pooed the Cabin in the Woods.

  • While drunk and watching this, I began to really notice how the androgynous fashion pastels pop out at you and say “Hey, we’re the 80’s, and we don’t give a fuck what you think.”

  • Smith7448

    so i was really bored and figured out the song name in the video because i dig it,..Band Name: Lion Song:Love is a Lie

  • Porno the Clown

    Could have added a few moves from his spazzy appearance on Letterman.
    But at least this is better than watching all of “The Final Chapter”

  • Guest Creams

    The clip keeps slowing down but he just miraculously keeps going the same speed

  • Ghosts are Sexy

     But in the past people had to work harder and do things that weren’t honest in order to get big and famous because it was a closed club, so the things they did when they weren’t famous don’t matter (even if its that stuff that got them famous) because that wasn’t the point.  In the internet age people can actually get famous for what they really are instead of playing the goddamn game, although they’ll never be as famous as the past members of that club, but who the hell wants to be?  How many blowjobs does anyone ever want to give?  is it worth it to be Tom Cruise?  Is it worth it to be an insane joke?  We should be so thankful we live when we do.

  • Whining Jesus

     Just like his “trying really hard to make it look like you tried really hard” hair style

  • Whoreham Salad

     Don’t you dare compare them

  • Whargoul

    Goddamn, I need to be way more baked, I guess.

  • Whargoul

    Love is a lie by Lion. Best possible song for this scene.

  • ColinJ

    This video wins the whole internets.

    And that song sounds like a Trey Parker song.

  • Cameron Vale

    It’s decent, nothing spectacular really.

  • Cameron Vale

    Crispin G. Lover is a smooth operator.

  • kingrat2314

    Don’t think you’ll get this out of your head, no no. You’re wrong.

  • Guest

  • galleymac

    I think I’ve been possessed. I feel as though waking up from a long disturbing dream.

  • Rocky Treadway

    I find this difficult to masturbate to.

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