Your Highness and Samurai Cop

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  • Strelnikov

    The lighting within the Plinkett house set got a lot better….and then you abandoned it.

    I love it when Mike and Jay loathe the movie; they have a lot more to talk about then.

  • Jonny Edworthy

    I reckon the reason films have become “the bottom of the barrel”, so to speak, is because writers, i.e. people who actually care about plotting and character development have more creative control in television, whereas the film industry is dominated by fuckhead directors and producers who only care about pandering to idiots and turning a profit in an environment where cinemas are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

  • Shorty Lickens

    I love those late night Cinemax flicks with Melissa Moore.

  • autonomousgerm

    Hell yeah.

  • Apexcasket

    they were kidding it was actually her

  • Wazzu

    Weird, the production values on this episode seem way worse than the more recent film, with the lighting being too harsh and the audio being too canned. Eh, still funny and intelligent which is what’s most important.

    • Louis Gonzales

      Half in the bag was just starting out though.

    • Daniel Bakke

      It’s always like that. Try watching ANY television show through a couple of seasons, then go back and watch the first season again.

  • deerstop

    The worst movie ever is not Samurai Cop, it’s Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

  • Bahareh Khosravi

    oh a Persian wrote Samurai Cop! It makes sooooo much sense now.

  • Mittens

    Rich is so fucking funny.

  • Q

    You guys should review The Toxic Avenger series.

  • Daniel Bakke

    Pulling an all-nighter playing video games on one screen, rewatching old episodes of Half in the Bag on the other, a bottle of red wine and some fine herbs to smoke. Perfect.

    • jnorris441

      “Video games”: I think you misspelled “porn”

  • Harry Roberts

    Wow was that really Charles Dance?

  • Jack Dunn

    8:14 – 8:25 Sums up all red letter media productions

  • Vasid

    Quick note: As a stoner who also loves fantasy realms the movie was actually something that caught my interest. I guess you could say there is always an audience, though I’d argue that I find it likely that some D&D nerds would be stoners…

    That said, the movie is only good baked off your ass, and even then only really the first time… And maybe “good” is a bit much, haha. Average maybe?

    I’d say it will get lots of late night cable play, but I’m pretty sure cable is already dead (the only person I know who watches cable is my grandfather…).

    • pat

      shut up

      • The Ghost of Plinkett’s Son

        Fuck you, Pat. I’ll tie you to a chair and force feed you my shit.

        • Morgan Jones

          Well that escalated quickly….

    • MAD

      I was once raped while baked. It was good… well average maybe.

    • Moi

      I agree, i love Dude Wheres my car AND Lord of the Rings! Dont speak for me you soothesayers!!

  • Jean-François Martel

    Oh god, i just saw Samurai Cop! BEST. MOVIE. EVER!!

  • sepiajack

    The Wizard!

  • stripeyunderpants

    So, Plinkett has gone from kidnapping women and keeping them in his basement before forcing them to watch Star Wars movies with him, to fantasizing about Black Baby Jesus. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

  • LukeMM95

    “You and I got nothing to do, let’s fuck.”
    “Shut up!”
    Pure Genius. Its like the anti-porno.

  • Duckler

    I think we broke this one..

  • ScottMintred

    Yes, many people use the word schlock, Lady from Two Years Ago. It’s also the only term that carries the correct meaning. If you can find a better word in your incorrect dictionary, please let everyone know and maybe we’ll all start using it.

  • ScottMintred

    Hey, Man from Three Years Ago: I bet you feel stupid now. These Half Bags are quite the popular thing already!

  • Punkster

    this video won’t play for me.

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    Alright, this has convinced me to see “Samurai Cop”.

  • Trekker4747

    Samurai Cop is awesomely bad.

  • Paulus Cañamonjas

    Omg, you´ve definitely improved at lighting!

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    Listening to their introduction at the beginning made it sound exactly like a new “The Princess Bride”… but then I had to hear them tell me it was just another crappy movie… too bad.


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