What’s Your Number and The Black Ninja

Part 1:

Part 2:

  • When she said the word “relaxing”, that was when I could agree with her. I can understand the need to relax. Don’t necessarily get the same vibe from “Turn your brain off.”

    Looking at the comments in the echo, and not getting the hatred for the guest at all. I know what bad cameos/guests are. She was not one of them. RLM has not had one.

  • JohnWaynman

    Isn’t that the whole point of shred videos, though? 😉

    I think I get what this whole disagreement boils down to – STANDARDS. It’s one thing to understand whether something’s good or bad, and another thing to care about it.

    Tastes and visceral reactions aside (which do play a huge role here, too), people who go “this is too simplistic, too pandering for me, too little substance, I’m not gonna fall for this product just because it has elements that are supposed to appeal to me carried out by cardboard cutout robots!” generally have a thing “standards”. If something doesn’t meet their standard, they throw it out.

    Then, there’s the dude that likes normal schmucks saving the day, or muscular Rambos wiping out Chinese people, and as long as those elements are in there, their happiness receptors are satisfied and they don’t care about the rest, how “well done” anything was, how much effort they made to make you “care” about the “characters”, and so forth.
    They may understand all that, but it doesn’t get in the way of their enjoyment – they get their nice “fastfood” package of what they like (although I’m not sure I really support the fastfood analgy – I myself enjoy Ham- and Cheeseburgers very much, and I don’t find them any more “simplistic” or “instantly gratifying” than other normal food; they’re just artificially processed and digested faster, hence the name) and that’s good enough.

    Maybe you could say they do have standards, but they’re substantially lower – but as explained,it’s not a bad thing and doesn’t make them “dumb”. It’s just what makes them roll.

    When I get around to watching Transformers, I suppose I’ll be annoyed at its shitty dialogues or whatever, but mainly care about the action package and tune out the rest – the people telling me “but you shouldnt enjoy that, it’s not held together by a coherent plot, and they don’t make you feel the characters!” can go gently caress themselves – I won’t care about the characters, but I’ll fucking enjoy it nevertheless.

    So this is really whats going on here, Gillian Bellinger has a low bar on “rom coms” and what this movie contains is just good enough for her despite not lacking any additional “understanding” – while Stoklasa couldn’t get over how “offensive” and “pandering” and “empty” it was.
    As Vader said: there is no conflict. I think this is really more of a balance thing – how much that thing that’s in the movie appeals to you vs. how much its bad aspects get on your nerves. Whatever comes out on top, wins… the guys in this probably don’t care about rom coms that much, but enjoy movies for their “writing” and other virtues, hence their reaction.

    But that’s just my interpretation… I wasn’t there.

    Oh, and yea, all the stupid people calling them out on their hypocrisy regarding Ghost Rider – fuck you, too. These blokes are famous for their hatred of the aforementioned Transformers, a series most definitely panderig to the male horny action fanboy audience, and the reasons they provide for that sentiment are pretty much the same as their arguments in this video.

    I bet when the “Battleship” equivalent of What’s Your Benefit comes out, they’ll say it was fun.
    So this isn’t a gender thing, you stereotyping dimwits, you can gently caress off now 😉

  • divorcee

    bitches be crazy…

  • Brooke

    Wow, I do not like that girl in this. I’m a girl, and I agreed with her comment that romantic comedies are like fastfood… to a degree. I wouldn’t pay to see a movie like What’s Your Number, but if it’s on TV and I have a cold and really have nothing better to do, they are fantastic. If you fall asleep in the middle, you don’t miss anything. If you don’t have a better option, then sure. I very rarely reach the end of these movies before my meds kick in and I am out. But this woman seems to like the movie, but doesn’t want to look stupid with Mike and Jay around to hate it, so in the end she concedes that she likes it for being bad, which she clearly doesn’t. I do not like women like her. They are the reason Sex and the City got an enormously offensive, unlikable sequel movie. I watched it on TV when I had a cold, actually, and it still pissed me off.

    RomComs can be good is the thing, though. They mentioned When Harry Met Sally, which was good, but another Billy Crystal movie called Forget Paris was pretty good. Sleepless In Seattle was good. Groundhog’s Day is even kind of like a RomCom of sorts and it was– wait, I’m seeing a pattern here. These are movies where the male character is either the lead or just as much in the title role as the leading lady. I can’t think of a single RomCom in the last five years that was even bearable, though.

    But the girl reviewer… no. Is she a girlfriend or something? She can’t keep up with the guys, I’m afraid.

  • Richter Belmont

    Ok whats up with people (judging by the comments its mostly girls) picking on this woman? Yes, they make movies like this because of the people paying to see it, but the ones makeing it are also at fault. Vent on other girls (or even don’t vent at all) instead of being completely immature and pick this ONE woman who voices her opinion, wether its bad or not. “People like him/her is the reason for…” is a way to single out a person just to tell them that you don’t like them in more or less a rude manner.

  • 5:05 in part 1. The look on Mike’s face just pretty much sets up what this entire review is going to be like with this woman.

  • Justin Petoskey

    I just don’t know, maybe it’s the difference between men and women. I spent about 20 minutes and tried to think of a movie that I watch simply because it is escapist fantasy and I couldn’t think of anything. Maybe old 90’s action films, but those I watch mostly to laugh at because of the awful writing. I guess if someone looked at the things I could enjoy they could point out video games, but that’s INTERACTIVE media and I don’t technically think it qualifies when we’re talking about movies. Which leads me to the conclusion that men and women who “consume” awful, unfunny, schlock are why there’s so much shit in theaters.

  • JohnWaynman

    Not sure if parodying… or serious. If serious, this must be one of the dumbest, most oblivious comments I’ve read in a long time.

  • JohnWaynman

    So then movies like this are made for people that go see it, how is that your problem?

    “embracing an idiot culture.”
    How about because it’s fun? No one except snotty snobs have any problems with enjoying something stupid if it’s fun, especially when it comes to entertainment.

  • JohnWaynman

    There’s irony, and there’s escapism – not the “escape in magical landscapes of heroism” kind of escapism, but the suspension-of-incredulous-frown-and-your-standards-of-class-and-decency kind of escapism.

    You could also call it cognitive dissonance I guess, one part of you likes the stupid thing because it taps into something you like, and is the one enjoying the movie while the other part, the one that realizes it’s bad and stupid, tunes out, silent, dormant but aware, and is then the one to come out during a “reasonable discussion” like this, while the stupid, child-like part gets an honorable mention.

    The adult part can make fun of the stupid part, or the actual movie that it does find stupid – but the other part doesn’t enjoy it “ironically”.

    Not schizophrenia – just the mind. 😉

    Oh, and then there’s also the “movie was bad, but it had stuff in it that I liked” thing going on, which is pretty much what she said it was. Geez, you people should try and listen.

  • JohnWaynman

    “The further away romance is to the central story line of a movie, the more likely I am to watch.”
    Thumbs up :DD

  • JohnWaynman

    No, it has nothing to do with “men and women” – you can’t think of watching a movie because it’s escapist fantasy, I can. Lots of guys can.

  • Kimozabi

    Black ninja’s little yelp, when he jumps off the building after saying his name to who-are-you-asking-woman, is hillarious.

  • The “Not Obscurus Lupa” girl just makes me think of the other review. It’s… unsettling.

  • stefan

    the girl in this review is fucking annoying

  • hojo_kage

    women are stupid

  • that girl talked too much. when she first entered i thought she was gorgeous. then five minutes in i wanted her to become one of plinkett’s basement skeletons

  • mike’s brutal honesty is admirable

  • That was certainly dramatic. Submit your resumé when the casting call for “Black Ninja 2: Blacker Than Night” starts pre-production.

  • Mike

    Jay….please tell me you boned that redhead.

  • dennett316

    The purpose of a movie is to entertain you. However you get that entertainment is irrelevant so long as you have a good time – be it laughing at something awful, or seeing a legitimately well made movie and appreciating it’s quality.
    You trying to tell me there’s not a crappy movie that you just can’t help yourself but enjoy? If not, you may well be dead inside.

  • dennett316

    Agreed 100%.

  • MIKE!

  • Kimozabi

    Is there any less root-forable character than a young, pretty person, who has a good career and who’s challenge is that this person has had so much sex, the person wants no more sex, until the person finds a pretty, young partner, who will be a good partner?

  • GuyintheHat

    100% spot on. I agree with everything you say. In Mike’s defense though he does openly hate the bro-dude type movies as well. But there are plenty of people who think rom-coms are the bottom of the barrel but find unintelligent, racist, sexist crap like Sandler hilarious and they never realize that bro-dude films like that are the male equivalent of rom-coms.

  • oooooooblackninja

    A better question might be: Can we please have neither rom coms, nor Adam Sandler shit?

  • chevy

    I can appreciate the point of view that sometimes you want to just ‘shut off’ and see something simple or predictable. But this particular movie was bad for more reasons than just that it was a predictable movie. It wasn’t the simplistic plot, it was the incredibly bad writing that put this in a new low for rom-coms. I mean, the script was just soooo sooo bad. The fast food analogy was perfect. If you want some greasy food real quick, then sure, you can go to a fast food chain and get it. You expect it to be salty, you expect it to be greasy. You do not however expect it to also be stale, moldy, have several pubic hairs in it, and used bandaids holding your bun together.

  • This girl was great. Although I disagreed with every word she said it was fun watching her play off of the guys

  • Women…

  • AMG

    oooh, oooh, oooh, IKEA!

  • Poppasketti

    Ever heard of playing devil’s advocate? If she wasn’t there the conversation would have been two minutes, and we wouldn’t have Mike and Jay’s thorough insight. I’m a guy, but I’ve made the exact same arguments and enjoyed the same crap as her; just replace romantic comedy with screwball comedy. I thought her perspective was actually refreshing. Plus her standup was the best material I’ve seen in decades.

  • I thought the comedian chick did a pretty good job of explaining the “general audience” mindset.

  • Citizen Snips

    So I’m trying to watch What’s Your Number and I do not suggest that anyone try to watch What’s Your Number.

    Mike makes the awfulness sound far more entertaining than it is. Its just… BAD awfulness.

  • Guest

    You are the most epic of douches.

  • Anon

    Your friend is pretty cute. You guys should involve her in the show more often so we aren’t just watching two dads review movies that none of us were going to watch anyways.

  • She is adorable. And her defense of terrible rom-coms is impeccable.

  • DrRed

    Thx for informing me what the plebs are watching! Since im not interested in seeing those fucking piece of shit movies you two explaining them to me is the next best thing. Please keep doing this! Like more.

  • that’s funny, her defense seemed pretty basic and insubstantial to me

  • That can only because you’re looking for more than there is. The fast food metaphor is adequate.

  • a discussion on the dichotomy of Entertaining vs. Good is something i don’t wish to enagage in here (or anywhere for that matter)

  • Krackerjax

    I didn’t notice it until it was pointed out in these comments, but Mike really does just look… uncomfortable around her. He keeps making these faces of “Are you serious?”. Especially at around 5:55 he just looks away the SECOND she breaks eye contact, and then proceeds to look into the camera. Its like he was waiting for a way out, and capitalized on that moment. That tells you all you need to know. Even Jay notices this and laughs a little bit at Mike.

  • jRoldo

    half in the bag needs more pretty redheads =D

  • Piccadilly Bledsoe

    ‘Well… back to the laugh bucket.’


    Her argument is still reprehensible.

  • ColinJ

    BLACK NINJA looks like the greatest movie ever made.

  • Jim Campbell

    With the benefit of hindsight and another 15 months of this series, one could argue that she gave Mike and Jay something to think about. In subsequent episodes they (especially Mike) are more careful to consider a film’s artistic goals and intended audience. When a film aims low (or to the side), they’ll note that and then ask “Is this a well-executed example of this genre we dislike?” They also seem more willing to say “I enjoyed this piece of shit, for these specific reasons…” the way Jay did with The Last Stand. Jay seemed to say that he used the movie for inconsequential entertainment and then tossed it aside, the same way their female guest described her experience with rom-coms.

  • Jim Campbell

    It’s OK to have both Apollonian and Dionysian characteristics. Some enjoyment can happen viscerally, without being subjected in real time to rational analysis.

  • Marvin Falz

    One of the reasons why I like this episode’s discussion part so much is how well the three of you go together.

  • TheJoozianConspiracy

    Mike seems to be having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that some people like romantic comedies as a subject matter.

    Like, yeah, your average action flick is no smarter than your average romantic comedy, it’s just that he’s able to stomach the former, and can’t stomach the latter, and it’s perfectly reasonable that someone with different taste in subject might enjoy the sappy stupidity of a romance comedy and be repulsed by the testosterone overload of an action flick.

    It’s like, yes Mike, some ladies like romantic comedies, is that any more unfathomable than the fact that you like action flicks?

  • One can appreciate an action film for the choreography and cinematography of action scenes, which are incredibly difficult to shoot. Romantic films lack even that level of artistry and labor. Watch a romantic film being shot sometimes and try to be impressed.

    That said, that doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy one or the other, and I am also pretty sure that Mike mostly hates it on instinct.

  • AlcaldeEste

    What tipped you off that he doesn’t like romantic comedies as a genre and has a problem with other people liking the genre?
    Was it the part where he said: “I have no problem with any genre, as long as it’s not stupid and whoreable and predictable. When Harry Met Sally was brilliant, but this *particular* movie is stupid and you know within the first 10 minutes what’s going to happen in every scene for the rest of the movie, and it wasn’t funny” ? Was it that part?

    Or is it that you feel personally offended for anything that’s said about “What’s Your Number?” ?
    You’re not a bad person for liking “What’s Your Number?” The film is not you. Feel better?

  • She only likes it because she’s a womyn.

  • Memoman

    Her arguments offend me. They make me physically ill. And to say that it’s a woman thing… that’s just sexist.

    I really like comedy. When done right it can be an amazing commentary on society or ego. It takes intelligence and talent to make good comedy. These movies drag the reputation of the whole genre down in the muck. That’s when I take offense.

    Please, no more dullard’s advocates on the show. I could suffer a stroke.

  • Alice Becker

    Just wanted to say thanks for reviewing Black Ninja. I pulled it off the shelf when I was maybe 12? The cover looked so cool! It was the first movie I ever gave up on halfway through and this is coming from a kid whose favorite movie was 3 Ninjas 3: High Noon at Mega Mountain. So, thank you guys for reawakening these special memories for me.

  • Justin Lee

    You can’t argue with Mike. I’m sorry, but Mike totally owned this chick.

  • Emilie ♀ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I think a lot of the people are missing Rota’s point. Yes, the movie is horribly bad and simplistic. But she gets some measure of enjoyment out of it and considers it money well spent. We can get into niche marketing, plot analysis and all that, but as long as you get something out of it, that’s all that matters.

  • Kyle

    I wish they would bring her back for more reviews or Best of the Worst. Since this was the prototype episode for Best of the Worst.

  • thebonesauce

    God, how I wish I could still get a pack of Newport 100s for $2.70. ;-;

  • frankzappasguitar

    like i like like like to go like like whats your number its like like fast food like like wendys like like mike like like when you like like anna faris like like like like like like like

  • DevinR127

    I know this is off topic, but I could stand to see a lot more of that wide-eyed smile that Rota makes when she’s simultaneously amused and frustrated while arguing with Mike. It just lights up the room. She’s bright and she’s a cutie. More reviews with her please!

  • DevinR127

    They made definite eye contact a couple of times, there’s something there. She likes him 🙂

  • DevinR127

    Okay, Your “dichotomy” premise: that entertainment value is somehow unrelated to how “good” a movie is, is misguided and pretentious.

  • Matt DeCostanza

    Trying engaging me without a ten-dollar word like pretentious and maybe I’ll humor you.

  • Phil

    Oh Gillian Bellinger, won’t you be my wife?

  • Miika Kuusisto

    I have heard this argument before from girls with these movies. I accept it, and I sort of understand it, but just like Mike here says, the part I don’t get is how these films manage to create that sense of enjoyment. It’s the same as when I listen to the most awful pop hits on radio right now. I just don’t know why so many people buy into “entertainment” that is just not competent on any level.

  • DevinR127

    But he’s not wrong about RomComs being porn for women. There is some substantial and credible research backing up his “psychology” argument. That being said, is he illiterate? He really should have proofread his comment before posting it.

  • DevinR127

    How about this: you’re not only wrong, but you’re wrong in a way that makes you sound like a judgmental douche who thinks he’s better than someone else, based on nothing more than personal taste. Better? 😉

  • Marvin Falz

    I think you put the cart before the horse. Mike is a professional filmmaker with very high standards that are based on his own experiences, an at least general theory of movie making plus knowlegde of the other arts. So when he watches a movie he does not only look at the content, he also looks at the form, considers if content and form are compatible or where there are frictions and compares with other works of art.

    The average Joe on the other knows little to nothing about the art of movie making and his sole want is to be entertained. He expects much less from a movie and so he sees less overall. Watching a movie, being with friends, eating and drinking is probably all the average Joe seeks.

    I think this goes for all professions. The pro knows things and the layman doesn’t care too much for the details.

  • williamsn411

    I understand that RLM is trying to expand their audience and I’m all for women’s rights, but….can I please have my HITB’s chick-less?

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    I prefer it when they do a variety of things, guest hosts, storylines, various venues, and sketches. It keeps the show fresh and adds a new dynamic. Sometimes they fall flat, I actually like the anger and contempt that oozes out of this. It is different.

  • Emilie ♀ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Several episodes later, Mike asks if Rota would be saying that Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is the stupidest thing on Earth, even though he enjoyed it a bit. It’s all a matter of perspective.

  • M.A.C.

    Two things:

    1. These movies are porn. It’s just porn about relationships instead of genitals. It’s tickling a specific part of the brain with little to no regard for how these things work in terms of good taste, much less reality. I sympathize Mike, but the invective is so misplaced and unnecessary.

    2. Would love to see Gillian Bellinger or Lora Story (or both) become regulars on HitB. Why? Because I find myself agreeing, a little too much, with reviews generally, because I’m also a pasty white late twenties American male like Mike and Jay…which is all well and good, but as much as I love the show, I start to feel like it’s my other late twenties white male friends and I sitting around in the basement bitching about which movies are dumb. (And for the record, this movie is so terrible that it’s actually evil.)

    All of the guest hosts that have appeared thus far have been a breath of fresh air, and it was really refreshing to see someone not immediately going for the “ugh rom-coms” knee-jerk that I expect and love from Mike and Jay. In fact, I am one of those knee-jerkers who hates all of the rom-coms! But the reason I watch film about film isn’t to feel validated, but to see how it affects different types of people, how they think about film, and most importantly, to reveal perspectives about films that I was heretofore incapable of seeing. The lady guest stars do that! Dear God, some of us pasty white guys might even learn how to pick movies out to watch with our girlfriends! (Ha-ha, just kidding, film buffs like us don’t have those.)

    But srsly, more Gillian Bellinger, more Lora Story. I LOVE HitB and will keep watching it regardless, but I’d feel remiss for not casting a vote of approval for what could be a huge improvement for the series.

  • Roman Monaghan

    So, I’m tempted to say What’s your Number is the estrogen version of a big dumb 80s action movie. But I think they just picked a woman with really bad taste to do this one.

  • Roman Monaghan

    I’m pretty sure women like regular porn, dude. Especially considering how much variety there is in porn. I think he’s just an asshole.

  • Roman Monaghan
  • Stev

    If you know a movie is bad, but you still say it has value, it’s an insult to good movies

  • Marvin Falz

    She even admits that What’s Your Number is a bad movie. She knows it’s a bad movie but she would see it in certain situations and get some enjoyment out of it.

  • Jothe McClarvine

    hey fellas, love the top shelf material but i have a inquiry: why knot just release this episode as two episodes? you’re reviewing two movies and its in 2 parts so riddle me this: (the question i asked u earlier). keep up the high knoth work and dont skimp on the rump if u know what i mean hehe.

  • Adolf

    At about 21 minutes in part 2 they start laughing about how the screenplay seems like it was written by a 7th grader but they don’t realize that it’s because it was written by a nigger and niggers are so stupid they actually have the mentality of a 7th grader.

  • Matt DeCostanza

    You have strange, seemingly fabricated convinctions

  • Nigger

    Thats so racist it almost works!

  • iDontGiveAShitYouStupidDipshit

    very deep episode. Highly entertaining. Do more like this YOU FUCKS!

  • Manuel Marinho

    I like it when they bring in a guest to their episodes, but what’s the point of having someone on the show who doesn’t care about the quality of movies as long as they function as masturbatory escape plans from reality? “I know it’s a shitty movie and I’m not willing to engage in a discussion about this movie'” is a bad approach to bring to an episode dedicated to reviewing that movie.

  • Colonel Ives

    I don’t like the guest episodes much, it upsets the chemistry of these two. Once in awhile is fine to shake things up, but not too often. And the guest this episode made the whole thing feel very awkward and unpleasant, her perspective was just too different from them, and too different from the general audience. She’s probably Jay’s girlfriend or something, so I will pick my next words very carefully… KEEP THAT B**CH IN THE KITCHEN!

  • stefan

    i just had to come back and once again state how annoying this woman is

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    I think the reason why she is annoying is because most of her points and responses are completely off topic or don’t address the original point that is raised. It’s worse than high school Theory of Knowledge class discussions where people are just trying to sound smart and justify their opinions without actual justification. She seems to like the movie but is embarrassed to admit it, and is coming up with bullshit excuses to defend the movie without simply saying, “I enjoyed it and these are the things that I liked while shoving popcorn in my face”.

  • Kyle

    I like her. She is cute. You have to only watch the Black Ninja half though.

  • Kyle

    She was in their movie. She is an actress.

  • Kyle 2 months later.

    Me too brother.

  • hot cum johnson

    Keep the reddit bullshit to reddit please. Christ

  • Sarah

    A twenty minute conversation about What’s Your Number? and no one mentions that its entire premise is slut-shaming. I get the point about “fast food entertainment”, but this movie’s message is “don’t f*ck too many guys, ladies, or else you’ll be worth less as a human being”. This movie is straight up appalling even before you get to the issues re: script and technical issues.

  • omgnoway

    My sister will watch the most inane, idiotic, sophomoric comedies or TV shows (Kardashians, America’s next model, some horrible rom-com) and she’s very intelligent. So I ask her why she does this, and she says I just tune my brain out. Exactly what the woman in this says. So I think it’s a chick thing 😮

  • Scott

    She is pretty clearly NOT ashamed about enjoying the movie, she’s just fully aware that it is dumb and shallow. She walks in knowing its bad but doesn’t care because she still enjoys it for what it is. She’s saying it’s OKAY to like schlock now and then.

  • Douche Cockfudge

    Exact same thing here, man.

  • Seriously, Go Back There

    Go back to tumblr.

  • Samuel Fisher

    Was some stuff added to part two recently? I decided to rewatch this and some stuff like the ikea thing at the end and the bit about mike’s number being -1 seem new.

  • Andrew Herlihy

    The chick is okay, she’s just bringing a female perspective. Many women like shit rom coms just like a lot of dudes love shitty B movies.


    Anna Farris’ tits change size every movie

  • Alex Lee

    What if the romance was more realistic and not a case of trying to tame the bad boy and she succeeds in doing so?

  • Alex Lee

    It’s amazing how Black Ninja didn’t make it into Best of the Worst. It clearly deserves to be on the chopping block.

  • Alex Lee

    Depressingly so.

  • Alex Lee

    Back when hamburgers were 50 cents, it was fine for them to be bad, but when $3-5 is spent on a hamburger, we expect a higher quality of meat. It’s the same with movies, when you spend $7-14 on tickets and the quality is still bad, then it’s a cheat.

  • Alex Lee

    Probably, but I don’t turn my mind off even when watching an action movie, and we, the audience, really can grade different qualities of action movies, such as the difference between The Black Ninja and Elysium. Some action movies are fun, but others are just plain stupid.

    I think what’s really irritating is how a woman’s opinion matters more when it comes to deciding movies and dudes have to go along with it, but the inverse doesn’t really apply, unless you’re Mel Gibson or some other rich asshole.

  • Austin

    I don’t like how Mike says in the “What’s Your Number?” says that the movie has writing that is worse than a sitcom because that means he is implying that all sitcom have bad writing and that the movie is terrible because it is worse. Obviously not all sitcoms are bad, everyone has at least one sitcom that they like.

  • Dr. Zanzibar Allen Dunks

    The dichotomy between bad-good schlock movies and bad rom-coms is that a good b-movie has heart to it. Sometimes you can tell they were actually trying really hard (The Room) or were just having a good time (Flash Gordon). Something like What’s Your Number was manufactured by a studio, not made by people, and that’s the difference.

  • El_Runko

    Aw check out the twinkle in her eye when she looks at Jay.

    Someone’s being a flirtypants.

  • Robby

    That just seems so paradoxical. Watching any kind of movie, whether a genuinely challenging one or a big dumb action one, should be an engaging experience. Even if the movie does a poor job of it, the person should be willing to connect with it on some level. Going into a movie just to tune it out makes no sense. It’s like opening a book and staring at the page without reading any of the words.

  • sepiajack

    Most of them are pretty dreadful though

  • sepiajack

    Had to revisit this Half in the Bag after the new Best of the Worst.

  • Cameron Vale

    It’s like the book of Job. Mike discovers how strong his principles really are, when he is thrust into a situation where they make no difference to anything.

  • Cameron Vale

    Porn for ladies does exist, and in copious quantities, the vast majority of softcore to be precise.

  • Cameron Vale

    More like “my standards have at least one blind spot.”

  • Cameron Vale

    I just realized, the studio system that ruled Hollywood from roughly 1930 to 1950, it’s pretty similar to the current conglomerate system in place since… 1990 or 2000, I think? And neo-rom-coms are pretty similar to old film serials; filmed quickly and cheaply without any thought or effort, targeted at people who are looking for a movie they can go see but not necessarily watch, and existing mainly as a kind of overflow from a bloated movie production model. So it’s possible that the next great cinematic phenomenon, the Star Wars equivalent of the distant future, will be an extended loving homage to movies like What’s Your Number.

  • Marvin Falz

    Such an homage could be awesome if the producers would take the subject matter seriously and wouldn’t create a cheap and nutrient-poor fast food product but a nutritious albeit simple dinner. That dinner could be a blend of easy-going bitter-sweet romance paired with bite-sized insights into the eternal woman soul so that the guests stomachs weren’t overburdened and turned off by the heaviness of the meal.

  • Crabot

    Actually it’s like the first thing Mike mentions.

  • Crabot

    Exactly it. It’s emotional pornography.

  • Patrick

    I think a better comparison would be between shit rom coms and Adam Sandler/Michael Bay-type movies.

  • Ross Moncrieff

    You realise that Black Ninja’s wife was a pornstar

  • Robert Fitl

    Gillian Bellinger is a great addition to the RLM team. It’s nice to have a female perspective as well as someone not afraid to speak up and challenge the hosts. Also, she’s cute and that always helps.

  • Jrdn

    If they aren’t dating already they should. It’s obvious they like each other.

  • BoobGrab

    Did you get lost on your way to reddit?

  • TapewormBike

    I love how your nick compliments your comment:)

  • guest

    I just remembered why I’m single. Her only defense of the movie is that she likes it, it’s like trying to debate a child.

  • Andrew St. Clair

    “Her only defense of the movie is that she likes it”

    Which is everybody’s defense for everything.

  • Alex Lee

    And the wife is clearly more talented and professional than Black Ninja.

  • gorst

    yeah that’s probably why

  • Pissernacht

    I remember that when I got into an argument with otherwise intelligent friends about how they could like the Michael Bay Transformer movies, that was basically their response…

    Now I’m wanted for multiple homicide in three states…

  • FearAndSlothing
  • The Willard

    Thirty-two. I like this one.

  • ingen


  • ingen


  • Ryan Powell

    People shouldn’t be insulted for personal tastes. Sure, the movie was complete shit, but each to their own.

  • Wooowwww. Jay, was this your girlfriend?

    Man… you guys really don’t share the same tastes in humor do you? I saw you bite your tongue and secretly chuckle so many times to yourself. That’s not a good sign… She got so offended by Mike’s total disdain for the movie. I hate to say it but it was kind of funny. She didn’t seem very used to Mike in general. He’s highly opinionated sure, but he didn’t directly insult her just for liking the genre. She sure took it that way though. >_<

    I'm a girl, but I don't really share her views on romantic comedies. If something's just a cheesy cash grab with no attention to plot and character development, chases are I'll hate it, even if it tries to give me that heart warming feeling. It's kinda depressing how boring most mainstream comedies are these days. I have a lot more fun with really bad older films like the stuff you guys play on best of the worst. Very few of my friends get this, especially other girls. They wanna double date and take me to a film that's like the equivalent of Grown Ups. :/ No. lol. I'd rather just stay at home than blow money on that crap.

  • You can like something without having any logic behind it. In fact, that’s sells most movies these days.

  • They’ve had other girls on before that were pretty cool. Please don’t generalize. All women aren’t like that girl.

  • Yeah, I did notice a bit of tension and a lot of body language.

  • The whole point of the show is discussion. They all talked a lot. If she wasn’t supposed to share her opinion, why would they invite her on? :/

  • Pissernacht

    I don’t know about you, but I certainly will never forget the day that I was able to watch these videos again…

    My grandkids will ask; “grandad, were you there when people could watch the Half in the Bag critique of What’s Your Number and Black Ninja?”

    I will of course respond; “my my, what big words you whippersnappers can use. Who would’ve believed that the cast of Electric Company would’ve been so successful in combining the Presidency with educational television!”

    But yes! Make no mistake, we all shared this day, this glorious day! Let the Gods of comedy hear our approval! Let us make a ruckus loud enough to shatter the heavens as we say these fateful words: “No man. No God! No force on Earth, in Heaven or Beyond the stars themselves can keep us from Half In The Bag!”

    Also, hard cider fucking rocks!

  • Reckeh

    Mike: I hated What’s Your Number because it takes me for a fool.
    Rhoda: I liked What’s Your Number because I don’t really care.
    Jay: I hope I didn’t just end my relationship.

    If you don’t have an interest, why are you even debating this? It’s sad when people mistake their apathy for righteousness.

  • Guest

    That’s the reason that everybody likes any movie. Because they like it. If they didn’t like the movie, then they wouldn’t like it. Simple is that. She’s being logical.

  • Akeuw

    I’ve heard stories of fags who suck the dicks of their friends.

    I have a fag friend and he never asked to suck my dick, what the fuck?

    And here I though fags would suck every dick they find.

  • Akeuw

    I can understand the fast food part of it. It takes me fucking 30 minutes to make a good burger on the bbq grill, but sometimes you need a quick bite to eat.

  • ThatGuy

    Fucking admit that you wasted time on a bad movie. There’s nothing wrong with admiting you made a mistake and lost precious time, noone is going to think you are stupid because everyone does it so fuck off and admit that you spent time watching a piece of shit and learn from your mistakes.

  • Leo Silva

    Ooooooooo-oo-ooooo. Back Ninja! (Black Ninja!)


    It takes you 30 minutes to cook a burger on a grill?

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    Now now Jay, don’t underestimate the romcom/rlm cross-demographic. You can’t really assume what people will like just from other tangential interests they might have.
    I loved Gillian for standing up to the united front in this episode. Mike, being a bit of an alpha, needs to have people challenge him sometimes, I would say.

    Honestly, it’s kind of weird how I’ll warm to some dumb romcoms, but absolutely loathe others. The Matthew Macchungahouey ones for example (“How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days”, “Failure To Launch”, etc.) actually make me physically angry. “Friends With Benefits” was another one I hated in fact (I think those flash-mob scenes really pushed me over the edge).
    I suppose the main difference is that if the male lead appeals to me and there’s some theme I can latch onto in the overall narrative, I can overlook all the surrounding stupidity and moments of bad writing and lame jokes.

    With “What’s Your Number?”, I did like Chris Evan’s character and the theme of acceptance that formed the basis of their ultimate relationship. Just from that, I was able to enjoy it, even though it was an awkward, cliched enterprise overall, and I didn’t find a single joke in the entire movie funny.

    All that being said, I’m not surprised in the least that Mike and Jay hated it… But at the same time, I don’t find reviews from them on this kind of film particularly useful or informative. The things that might appeal to people who enjoy them are going to completely go over both of their heads.

    Side-note: Chris Evans also mentioned on an episode of ‘Doug Loves Movies’ that he had a good time making this movie (in spite of I’m sure realizing it was stupid and terrible). I think Mike may be projecting a bit on the sarcastic delivery theory. 😐

  • Akeuw

    Yeah I uh, add lots of condiments and stuff.

    By the end it is always about 30 minutes.

  • internetracecar

    why did you write so many words about this

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    Because that was the amount of words I had to say about it?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    It’s weird coming back here and recognizing Jack. Haha.

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    They introduced her as Rhoda in this (her HITB-world “character” I guess?). Can’t really blame people too much for thinking that’s her actual name (considering how all over the place RLM is on renaming their friends when they cameo). 🙂

  • internetracecar

    but who is going to read them

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    whoever feels like it. I’m not going to tie anyone down and force them (especially since I know I’d be in the minority opinion here).

    it’s really, REALLY alright if no one wants to read my wall-of-text. it’s not going to break my heart. there’s an inherent value sometimes in just organizing your own thoughts, and throwing an opposing view out there.
    but if I had to make a wild guess, you probably weren’t really looking for a straight answer on this. xoxo

  • internetracecar

    i wanted answers but only got words

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    That’s very poetic.

  • Cassidy Fitzgerald Liston

    Watching this made me want to watch 500 Days and 50/50 again. You know, good movies.

  • internetracecar

    irl william shakesman here

  • pondwhale

    I appreciate the attempt to diversify, but my goodness, this may as well have been a separate piece of content. I come to this show for intelligent and informed discussion about the triumphs and flaws of a film. The only thing Gillian brought to the table was an opinion backed up by total indifference. I would discuss movies with friends if I wanted to hear baseless arguments in support of schlock. I realize this is a moot point as this video is years old now, I just needed to yell at the TV a bit.

  • DapperDon

    What is the most historically bad movie? How can it not be The Black Ninja? The opening scene alone made me cry lollllll Put me on the show plz lolllll

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    I agree with Mike probably 90% of the time but he does sometimes lose his objectivity. I’m a smart guy and very hard to please when it comes to real films. Anna Faris is the reason to watch and enjoy this film. The script has a few okay ideas and there are a few funny moments such as the part that shows the ex boyfriends and the British accent part. There are a lot of bad parts and its mostly a cheap, quickly made film, but Anna Faris is adorable in it and she makes me laugh, even in a bad film like this. Something about her personality and the way she acts the parts makes her very appealing. Take House Bunny, another terrible movie by most standards, but she was the same adorable simpleton which gives the film so much charm. Plus it had her say the line “the eyes are the nipples of the face” which is absurdly funny (in context). Different hats for different films and I don’t mind turning off from time to time and putting on the Anna Faris hat.

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    I read it and agree. Hated those other rom-coms you mentioned, but I find Anna Faris adorable, especially when she plays a simpleton, so enjoyed this even with its cheapness. There is a level I can enjoy this film on and a there is a level I can enjoy Seven Samurai on. If I can find it so can Mike. Mike lost some objectivity on this review and simply didn’t care to find what can be likeable about it in a subjective manner. I agree with Mike on almost everything but he can’t be right 100% of the time,. No one is infallible.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    I’m only 6 months late to respond to this but here it goes anyway:

    Gillian is not Jay’s girlfriend.Jay would never cheat on Mike.

  • Rich

    She doesn’t seem to understand that just because you like the taste of the shit sandwich doesn’t mean it isn’t a shit sandwich…

  • Alan

    Holy god, that woman is so annoying. Her voice and look and everything about her is annoying as anyone I have ever met. However, Mike and Jay are great as always! I understand guilty pleasures, too, but the problem with her paying to see that movie is that it encourages more of those movies to come out.

  • pootietang

    I have never been hurt by one of those movies because I don’t watch them. It’s easy to do. I thought she was a good contrast, they should have her back on.

  • mr.plinkett

    you said it bro.

  • Guest


  • ikdks

    That’s really unfair, guys. The whole point of this show is that it’s a place for those of us that like crappy movies. Men and women have different tastes, it should be no surprise that women would like a different style of crappy movie.

    When people attack something that’s specific to a group, it’s just a bank-shot form of bigotry. It’s like when old white men complain about rap.

  • Victimschoice

    Actually she did understand that and stated it many times, but Mike chose to ignore that and rather passively-aggressively say “YOU’RE DUMB BECAUSE YOU LIKE SOMETHING I DON’T LIKE” over and over like an asshole. When she finally called him out on it he didn’t even have the decency to say “yes, I think you’re stupid because I like this movie.”

  • Victimschoice

    Yeah bro, it’s *women’s* fault that you’re single. It’s not that you’re an asshole.

  • You Got the Problem

    Holy Crap! Everyone is bitching about “What’s your number?” when they should be talking about how awesomely bad Black Ninja is! And all the hate for Gillian, Seriously it’s as if you want to set a Fire in her Bed you bunch of Sex Weirdos!

  • Asmodeusz

    This is a perfect example, that RedLetterMedia reviews could be much better than actual movie.

  • RLMkeepitup

    Proof of intelligent design up in here.

  • Lelio Mulas

    I really can’t judge Anna Faris with an objective eye. She looks too much like Bree Olson.

  • Kay

    During the discussion of What’s Your Number there was something I so badly wanted Gillian or Jay to say but neither did. She says that she is aware of the fact that the movie isn’t well made, but she enjoys watching it regardless because you can just turn off and enjoy the routine of it. Here’s where she missed out though. What she should have told Mike was that we ALL have movies like that. Every single person has a movie or genre that they love for either nostalgic reasons, personal connections, or in this case, because they seek a certain feeling from it- NOT because it’s a “good” movie. Mike doesn’t like What’s Your Number because it’s not the feeling he looks for, so of course he wouldn’t find it amusing. But I can guarantee you that even a film critic like him has movies that he enjoys that are just a piece of shit, movies that Gillian would probably find atrocious and torturing to watch, because she has no personal connection to whatever they are. In fact he even mentions it, that people have “guilty pleasure” movies, however he goes on to say this just can’t possibly be considered one. What Mike is failing to consider is that HIS idea of a guilty pleasure is going to be vastly different from someone else’s idea of one.

  • Ricky Spanish

    I wish Gillian was barefoot in this…like she was in the ‘Best of the Worst’ episode.

  • jimmy

    With What’s Your Number, I feel like the first half or so is entirely irredeemable in every aspect. The second half or so is alright. Averages out to pretty bad.

  • frankelee

    It’s frustrating to hear them rehash the same point-counterpoint over and over again after Gillian was right the first time. After all these RLM episodes we know Mike likes some schlocky crap for more than high-brow intellectualized reasons, no matter how many times he claims otherwise during the 20 minute video. He just basically whines the whole time that crappy rom-com can’t be a valid guilty pleasure the way crappy horror, crappy action, crappy sci-fi, or crappy anything else can be.

  • Thank you. I’ve wanted to say this ever since I saw that awkward review. However, my feelings were much more critical towards Mike; he was rude and completely without any attempt at empathy, something I suspect he’d more quickly grant his male colleagues (sorry Mike if that’s not true!).

  • Variant

    I think the point everyone is missing here is that Mike totally misexplained himself. You’re all pointing fingers about gender and personal taste about guilty pleasures, but Mike himself was pointing his finger at the wrong category entirely. It’s not about bad Rom Coms… it’s about bad comedies. They are unenjoyable. Remember the nonmedy factor? Has anyone here seen a single certified bad comedy that they have enjoyed? Remember that there’s a difference between a dumb comedy and a BAD comedy. A dick joke – that’s dumb comedy. I know they said “there can be a smart dick joke”, but I’m going to put dick joke in the “Dumb” category because it’s not an intelligent topic no matter the setup. A BAD comedy would be something cynically produced like What’s Your Number – something where you can almost feel the producers laughing AT you for watching it.

  • Does Mike hate Gillian because she’s Jewish or something? Why is he such a dick here?

  • True, but it makes for a boring point in a debate when you just say “I like it” over and over.


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