The Hunger Games and Jeff Who Lives at Home

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  • Adam W Bull

    I thought Fuckbot 5000’s performance was a bit phoned-in for this one.

  • The Masturbator

    Please review Iron Sky!

    The movie has some amazing special effects and visuas with a only 9 000 000 million budget. You could made endless jokes towards Jack & Jills horrifying budget of 79 000 000 million.

  • M F N E O

     Thank you for shitting on the Duplass brothers! I fucking hate those douches! And the American office is terrible with that fucking zoom and the stupid quirkiness and the over acting! Jeff who sleeps with his mother looks like that and and every other hipster comedy on tv that sucks including the league. I mean seriously you guys. That movie looks like the biggest turd from the mumblecore anus since Greenberg. Plus, Cyrus is tolerable but still irritating! OK. Rant over! Thanks for hating those smug fadgits!!!!!

  • Guest

    I, for one, was very dissapointed with the Hunger Games review. It had many problems, like credibility. I didn’t feel like it was realistic. The theme was horribly done as well, when I meet kids who watch the Hunger Games want to be in it, which is the opposite of what I think it was supposed to portray. There is also the issue that it seems like a direct copy of Battle Royal which was briefly touched, but there were many flaws aws the person before me stated

  • Guest

    I love the subtle references you guys threw in here (as well as in all the other HitB reviews). The “It’s gonna be great” back and forth made me laugh my ass off.

  • The_Asinus

    Holy crap.. those douches’ explanation for their shooting style was so pretentious and lazy that I could barely stand it. What if your actor has a moment right there? Well, what if your actor has a thought about the scene that requires movement and they, with a step or a head turn, are out of frame? And you realize that it looks like it’s being shot by stalkers in the bushes, right? And saying that you don’t have confidence in your own ability to set up a shot or write… well… there you go.

  • Guest

    Fucking Christ stop saying ‘like’ so goddamn much.  What are you, a teenager?

  • Doc Brimley

    Loving those wet squirting noises in the background during the Jeff Who Lives at Home review.
    Great attention to detail.

  • This episode is like a track from Joe’s Garage

  • Morbidlydelicious

    Lots of people use filler words like “Like”, “Umm”, etc when talking. I’m not saying it’s good public speaking, (hell, I’m probably guilty of it) but you probably should get used to it. 

  • Halias

    Oh man Hunger Games sucked!!!!

  • Goffucius

    9 000 000 million is still a lot of money.

  • John Johnson

    Why were so many 12 year olds in the Hunger Games battle? Was there no incentive for those districts to win? Was no one willing to volunteer in their place? You think you’d get at least 1 or 2 people from each district who actually chose to train / volunteer for such an event. I feel like they just killed tweens for effect.

  • Heizike

    Actually, in the book they do have volenteers called “careers” who would train for the hunger games for years, and would volenteer in other’s people’s places. The age limit is 11 – 17 ( I think) which would probably explain the amount of tweens.
    Shame they didn’t cover that in the movie, by the sounds of things :/

  • John Johnson

    Not saying a 12year old can’t beat a 17 year old, but a 12 year old can’t beat a 17 year old usually. I don’t like to pick movies apart, but killing children needs to be handled with care. I get urked seeing a 7th grader slashed open without a lot of reason.

  • Heizike

    I think they coped out of it saying how either the younger ones would get killed right at the very begining, or would hide out and wait for it all to be over.
    Either way, I agree. :/

  • Apparently the main resposibility for the president of the future is tending to his garden.

    This movie was fucking retarded, which makes me worry about Jeff who lives at home. I’m afraid that I might kill myself if I watch that movie after hearing what RedLetterMedia think about the hunger games.

  • nkutz

    I love the, “it’s gonna be great” joke. Except I believe these guys (although they won’t actually make the VCR/DVD hybrid) and I don’t believe George Lucas and his cronie (who did create the Star Wars Prequels).
    Watch the Plinkett reviews if you don’t understand what I’m saying.

  • jose

    hunger games is very overrated…battle royale was much better, also the bloody hairdos and make up was awful

  • You mean minus any Telefunken U47s? Oh, wait, just saw the end. If only some of the products were German, I’d agree with you wholeheartedly.

  • Cate

    I can’t stop laughing at Mike’s freshly shorn hair here. Man, men’s hair styles really need to progress. On a more relevant note, you guys convinced me to perhaps see The Hunger Games some time in the future.

  • CorbeauNoir

    “I didn’t feel like it was realistic”
    Baby’s First Science-Fiction Film

  • You guys have clearly watched a lot of anime to come up with that ending.

  • Sturm

    The Duplass brothers should take a cue from the Coen brothers, by which I mean that Joel and Ethan Coen should beat them with pool cues.

  • This review would have benefited from reading the book. Would have answered a lot of the questions y’all had.

  • J.K. Bowling

    i thought jeff who lives at home was a good sad movie. in this review it’s repeatedly referred to as a comedy but as you mentioned there weren’t any jokes so i don’t know why that would be assumed. i too disliked the susan sarandon subplot (yes predictable) but thought the brother dynamic was very real and the jeff character was believable. i don’t mind the duplass brothers style either, it does feel intimate, but not in a comfortable way. it reminds me of talking to a police officer or any other authority figure, they are explaining something important to you but you are so freaked out, all you can do is stare at the pores on their face and nervously “uh-huh”. for me it mimics the potential stress that comes along with social interactions and the pressure of intimacy. for a movie about an awkward loner i think it works.

  • thats what she said part was flawless

  • I really cant believe you guys liked this movie, it really blows my mind because I usually agree with every one of your reviews. How could you believe a story about a futurist society that watch children murder each other? The contrast of the society with such lush and infinite tech with the poor people who live like amish is incredibly stupid, to think that no one in such an advanced society would not be disgusted at the prospect of children killing each other/people starving/people being enslaved is mind blowing. I mean, even you guys said it best, when space aliens start acting like weird space aliens and aren’t relatable to the audience then we dont care about them. This movie was insulting to anyone with a bit of intellect. It was a smokescreen of stupid action, easy manipulation of emotions using children, slavery and hardship in contrast to a privileged “bratty” society with no empathy and empty of substance and morality. Sure the actors did a good job and the movie looked good, but a movie with no substance and dumb premises is still horrible.

  • Xerxes

    You guys should see how crazy Judy Greer gets in Archer.

  • Malevolences

    Fee Fi Foe Fum, I’m going to make this Robot Cum!!! lmao

  • emanuel reuter

    i was thinking you are a bitchy-crybaby before the last sentence.

  • I lost total interest in the hunger games after about 50 minutes of drunken cameraman trying to film this movie.

  • yeah, battle royale is really good and it was not filmed by drunk guys either.

  • Just another guy

    I like these guys. Fuck you haters. The majority of their stuff is good, intelligent and subtle. The extra asides break up the monotony of a straight review.

  • JD

    well i guess when you read the book….it makes more sense. they touch on it in the movie but basically all the districts rose up in rebellion against the capitol. thus when the capitol won the war, as punishment for the rebellion each district had to send two kids to the gladiator games to be killed. The capitol is filled with the rich wealthy people who dont have to send 2 kids to be killed so they enjoyed being entertained by the kids from these lowly districts killing eachother for their enjoyment. the people in the districts are forced to watch it as a reminder not to rebel again. district 12 is the poorest district which ishe why they dress like “amish” so basically it isnt because they havent invented a way to live better or have more wealth in many of the districts its because they are being held down by the capitol that many of the people are poor and starving. theyre are more wealthy districts who produce natural resources important to the capitol and whose children train specifically for the games.once again all of this is in the book and i wish they wouldve touched upon it more in the movie.

  • Pizzaz Rolle

    At the 0:30 mark, the door to Old Man Plinkett’s house is open but when we see it again at 0:40 it’s closed!


    You guys are fucking hacks, bunch of fucking sellouts, I could make a better webzone series than this also check out my webzone at

  • smorges

    Robot rape is always funny.

  • Korkell

    Life without you would be rapeless :DDDD

  • Alex

    The moment at 26:30 made me realize that I wanted Mike Stoklasa’s babies. Like, I realized I would gladly undergo a sex change operation to allow myself to get impregnated by Mike Stoklasa.

    (no homo)


  • Tosted O’s

    I just saw Jeff Who Lives at Home on Neflix and it was a huge waste of time. DON’T SEE THIS MOVIE. Not even drunk, trust me. Whats funny is that this review makes it seems better than the movie actually is. Its awful DO NOT WATCH. Also the Hunger Games sucked as well but I supposed that it’s a matter of opinion.

  • You know what’s really funny? When you guys say something offensive to be offensive. It’s hilarious!

    Also, when you intentionally say a name, title, or word wrong. Dancing ON the Stars?! Wacky hilarity! You should definitely do that more often!

  • It’s so dense, every comment zone has so many things going on

  • Tators

    Here’s an idea, if you don’t like it: LEAVE THE FUCKING WEBSITE.

  • yu stu

    The robot rape should have been more graphic and disturbing but it was still an interesting development, unlike anything in a stupid Duplass film.

  • Enyv

    Wow, Mike really didn’t like Jeff Who Lives at Home. I thought it was fine, but then I didn’t mind the style all that much. I kinda figured it was supposed to be quirky and stupid, and that was fine. But then I didn’t see Cyrus. So I guess I’ll need to watch that now.

    Also, this episode had the best plot.

  • Give me hug?

  • God Nibblets

  • Sgt. Pepper

    Never heard that one before.

  • MeYouMe

    I quite enjoyed this Jeff who lives at home. I found it very entertaining. I like the plot.

  • Wander

    I found this movie thoroughly… Passable. Slightly surprised they liked it that much. But it’s definitely not hateable.

  • John Dietl

    I agree with Jay that The Hunger Games could have used more blood and gore. The movie makers’ effort to limn Panem’s depravity is undercut by the movie’s ultimate squeamishness. If you are going to make a movie about children being forced to murder other children, we ought to be witness to the horror.

    Minor nitpick: I’m not sure, however, that the fashion of the rich folk meshes well with the sort of violence worship we see here. Mike likens this sort of entertainment to the gladiatorial combat in ancient Rome, but the purpose of gladiators was primarily to appease the lower classes. In typical gladiator movies, the Coliseum’s stands are filled with scraggly proles but only a small retinue of bored aristocrats, and, of course, the munificent Emperor. In The Hunger Games, the only people who seem to enjoy the slaughter are the idle rich. It is apparent that the lower classes are none too pleased by their children being sacrificed to entertain the wealthy people in the far-off capital. Normal depraved rich people tend to feign sympathy, or at least keep the impoverished out of sight and out of mind. So, my beef with this is that it isn’t really explained why the rich
    people of Panem are so eager for the Hunger Games. They don’t seem

  • AlcaldeEste

    What’s your reason for saying they don’t seem human? That they watch people killing each other without feigning sympathy? Exactly like your description of Ancient Rome, where you said poor people watched people killing each other without feigning sympathy?
    I agree that the movie has a very cartoony, naive view of humans, where everyone from a certain demographic thinks exactly alike and has exactly the same interests, and everyone from a different demographic all think alike and have the same interests. You know, exactly like your description of human society.
    If they wanted to go for a less ignorant, cartoony depiction of humans, they would realize that there are not “rich people” and “poor people”, there are just “people”. And you can’t make broad statements about people’s personalities based on how much stuff they happen to have.

  • John Dietl

    The main reason they don’t seem human is that they enjoy watching children murder each other. There’s a difference between a setting where an Emperor appeases the hungry masses with bread and circuses and a setting where the idle rich swagger over the children of the oppressed poor.

    The movie didn’t do a great job at explaining why the people of Panem relish in the murder of the children of people they conquered 74 years ago.

    From the tone of the movie, we are lead to believe that what the
    overclass of Panem is doing is evil, but none of them (except the
    President) seems to be self-aware. I just found it interesting and jarring that so many of the movie’s characters seem oblivious to the moral core of the story.

    So some unanswered questions are: Why do they like seeing children kill each other? Are there people in the capital who don’t like seeing children kill each other? Are people allowed to disapprove of child murder? Are there any opposition parties? Are there anti-child-murder protesters? Is there an underground movement? Why is elite opinion so uniform? Is everyone living in fear of offending the President? Why didn’t any of the children shoot those guys feasting on the pig? Why didn’t any of them speak out against the insane cruelty of the whole event while being interviewed on television?

    It’s not like they had any time in the movie to answer these things, but I presume that we’re getting more of these movies.

    The main difference between this and some schlock gladiator movie is that the gladiator movie doesn’t need to answer these questions. The setting is well known and understood: we already know the Emperor is crazy and paranoid, the praetorian guard intimidates his opposition, the aristocrats are bored by the violence but interested in the political intrigue, the gladiators are adult men recently condemned as criminals or captured barbarians, the crowd’s attitude is generally bloodthirsty but will often root for the gladiator to survive, etc.

    But it’s still just a minor point. This kind of thing is easy to ignore once the action starts.

    Still could’ve been more violent.

  • Floyd

    The reason the idle rich are the only ones who truly enjoy the games: they are from the only district that does not have to supply contestants.

  • AlcaldeEste

    I still don’t get it. Can humans enjoy watching other humans kill each other for entertainment? Personally, I believe that it depends on the society. In our society, it’s considered sick, but in other societies, sure, why not?
    You’re saying that anyone who would enjoy this sort of thing is “non-human.” How does it appease the masses if it is “non-human,” even in that society? Are the masses not enjoying it? How does it appease them if they don’t find it entertaining? If the masses find it entertaining in that society, is there any reason why the rich wouldn’t also find it entertaining?
    Rich people and poor people are all people. They are not different species.

  • Joe

    Shut up idiot

  • Joe

    Your an idiot

  • Linn

    The books were written in response to the author’s experience of war now being an accepted media presence alongside harmless fare like game shows. The movie is essentially conveying that we are comfortable watching war being waged thousands of miles from our middle-class homes.

  • After-Action Reporter

    Wait…”experience of war”? That would explain a lot. I read two sentences and wanted to kill myself. Barnes & Noble thankfully had psychiatric staff on hand to help me with my PTSD.

    I can never go back to society, man. They just don’t understand.

  • Linn


    If you have trouble reading, best stop.

  • Akercocke Jones

    “I’m gonna go feed my toilet some of this creamed corn.”

    -Plinkett quote of the century

  • phlowerchild

    Thank you Jay for mentioning the shaky cam. That shit drove me nuts!

  • Gagarin

    Oh, and yet again, we have a ‘all the sprinklers go off’ scene in a movie. That’s not how they work. Also, you wouldn’t be seeing nice clear water. It would be rusty and black. And gross.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    I love their mimicking of George Lucas and the producers while making the prequels.

    “-It’s gonna be great.
    -It’s gonna be great.
    -It’s gonna be great.
    -It’s gonna be great.”

  • Andrew Herlihy

    these guys need their own tv show

  • Rick Kiriakidis

    You can’t spell, and I’m the idiot?

  • Ikari Rapeman

    you are really kind of obnoxious

  • James

    they should review Safety Not Guaranteed. it sounds like right up Jays alley

  • morris

    In my opinion the shaky cam energy at the beginning works with Jason Segal’s character’s whismical hope, which was the main point of the movie.

  • Malevolence

    Fuck Bot 5000- The Motion Picture… make it! 😉

  • Frank

    I watched The Hunger Games a while ago. It was OK I guess.

    I really like the themes of the movie, but certain details where very off-putting to me, like the weird casting choices (Lenny Kravitz? Really?) and the cheesy little sidekick girl, or the “camouflage” scene. Or the digital forest fires and wolves on steroids.

    I don’t know, I found it almost forgettable, except maybe for the story/concept of the hunger games themselves. Maybe I’ll like the books if I read them.

  • TapewormBike

    I want to rant about Hunger Games being bland and generally really forgettable, but then I have to stop myself since this movie clearly was not meant for me. It is Battle Royale meets Battle Royale meets Twillight (not as bad of course, but it realy is obviously what they were going for). I like the first two parts of that mix and the actors were just fine, but it did not hold my attention for long.

    What bugged me was the portrayal of the future. Not because of the goofiness, but because they did no do much with it and basically played it too straight. In these kind of movies, whenever they try to bring “satirical” elements in, I always like to imagine just how much fun would ,say, Verhoeven had with the material.

    Jeff Who Lives at Home looks just awful and cringeworthy, clearly a sign that indie comedy is a stagnating and clichéd genre in need of some deconstruction.

  • stripeyunderpants

    Can you guys fix my 8-track tape player?

  • Rick Kiriakidis

    I understand the concept where he’s using an extreme to drive in the point, but we’re far from comfortable/accepting/revelling in watching war images over the news. There’s are reason why the news is so heavily censored and what we mostly hear and see is surgical strikes, drone strikes and very seldom dead bodies. We would be completely disgusted at seeing/hearing those things. We’re never there as aggressors either, we’re also always portrayed as liberators and/or killing the evil doers/terrorists. Not to mention the majority of people are against ANY war and very seldomely do they ask the people if we should go to war or not.

  • Can’t believe I fall in that link

  • FearAndSlothing
  • The Willard


  • Just did a quick search back in time…to see if anyone had mentioned this before. Agree though, that was a really nice film.

  • Guest

    Can you guys please do a Plinkett review of Garden State? And not a longer review, because I’d probably shoot myself in the face if I had to look at that piece of shit for more than half an hour.

  • ThatGuy

    Haha, we were too lazy to write a script but please accept this excuse of giving our actors the freedom to find their moment. Whatever…

  • Cassidy Fitzgerald Liston

    Battle Royale is 100x better than Hunger Games. I’m kinda shocked you guys liked this movie.

  • Cassidy Fitzgerald Liston

    Oh God lol I so soooo want to see a movie where Kermit says “Miss Piggy, you fucking whore!!” lol

  • Justin Lee

    Lol 21 Jump Street was excellent

  • So yeah they liked the hungergames which for me is a bit of a surprise. I found the movie tone-dead, emotionless shallowly nihilistic (in like a Disney way, not a coen brothers way) and manipulative. I also found the whole movie to be a bit on the nose, lacking any subtlety. I think for the most part it was filmed well (while im not a fan, shaky cam doesn’t bug me too much) and the acting by the main was solid enough (though conceivably that may be only by virtue of being surrounded by hams). Though dispite this I was never able to connect to her or care about her. I believe this is routed in the fact that I found her whole world to be silly and trite and convenient and lacking any humanity. I see that Jay shared touched my problem with the movie trying too hard in some respect, I agree with his comment about the costumes. Only I wouldn’t have stopped there. I’d have given the film a 6/10 for average movie shlock.

  • Also as a huge fan of RLM part of me wants to watch Jeff in order to share your pain, it looks worse than a rotting bag of dicks…

  • sonicjrjr14 .

    Nobody but pretentious hipsters know what Battle Royale is! Stop comparing it to this!

  • HNSZ

    As soon as these hipster asholes start talking I feel intense hate boiling up.

  • Dash Faster

    and yet here you are, watching their videos and commenting on them.

  • HNSZ

    I suppose you can be forgiven for this misunderstanding but I said hipsters, not hack frauds.

  • Victimschoice

    I fucking love Judy Greer.

  • Andrew Herlihy


  • Wizard Phoenix

    “We don’t block actors” And that’s why your movie fucking sucks.

  • sepiajack

    For what its worth I think Hunger Games 2 & 3 were even better than the first one, they are worth checking out!

  • *I* Iron my Jean Skirts

    Nick Packard and Jessi Nakles as Robot Wranglers (1 episode) … So… wait, the Fuck-Bot scene is basically Jack Pacard raping his own brother and Mike’s girlfriend?? Do you think Mike films this stuff just to get off on it?

  • *I* Iron my Jean Skirts

    Also, until I watched the behind-the-scenes footage I never realised that’s supposed to be Fuck-bot’s porno-moustache and not hi mouth.

  • Robert Boynton

    Drinking game: take one shot for every time Mike says “like”.

  • Bobdabuilder

    Glad you like it, Slappy!

  • Crow’s Foot

    4:47 “For me personally…”


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