The Devil Inside and Flyin Ryan

  • SnowBall


  • Will you ever review “The Room”? I want to see your brains explode…

  • “Fuck you it’s January” HAHA

  • That ‘hot’ 12 year old is now a hot 20-something

  • Linken

    I love yous! Please Have my babies! The have some abortions, cause I don’t need no babies!

  • OJ Willis

    “The Room” would be good
    I’d also like to see a review of “Exam”

  • OJ Willis

    how bout a found footage genre review looking at all the films that fall into that catergory?
    could really go to town on them

  • i don’t think anyone could survive such a torture

  • Wait! stop talking!

  • Ujai

    They obviously tied her up in the basement, because they perform “underground excorcisms” duh

  • Just saw Screwballs on Netflix. It was hilariously stupid. As opposed to Flyin Ryan, which was not hilarious.

  • Andrew D

    My early no-budget film school projects were shot on a PD150. LAWL.

  • proghead777

    “These films then vanish from the theaters like a rapist leaving the scene of a crime.”

    I had to pause while I laughed until I peed a little bit. Then I pushed play again.

  • lukiewukie

    The high five after the Thatcher murder kills me everytime, so damn funny

  • I think the actress that plays the woman in the car (the mother?) Also played the mother in of the kid in Cop Dog.

  • Manioc

    Oh man at 2:48 I was expecting the Farscape theme to start up!

  • Susurran

    I had trouble processing how bad FLYIN RYAN was until I found Linda Shayne’s IMDB bio, which says: “Conducted research in halfway houses and mental hospitals prior to embarking on her film career.”

    So. Yeah.

  • WernerHerzog

    Real talk: Flyin’ Ryan honestly doesn’t look any worse than a lot of Red Letter Media’s own features, so I’m not sure it’s justified for them to suggest that the director is delusional for talking about her movie like a film maker.

    I’m looking at you MIke,

  • Yeah, didn’t she grow up to be Jessica Biel?

  • Everything Redlettermedia shoots is done that way on purpose. pretty sure flying Ryan was unintentionally bad

  • Why don’t their beer bottles ever break?

  • Bootsy Goodhead

    As Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was head of government; the monarch is British head of state.

  • Bootsy Goodhead

    As Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was head of government; the monarch is British Head of State.

  • Oh come on! I love RLM, but even I don’t believe that.

  • Yes, but unfortunately she’s a New-Age spiritualist crazyperson. Her facebook page is filled with videos talking about the cosmic ‘shift’ that happened on Dec 21st, you know, that SHIFT that nobody noticed? And how all of that spiritual energy is just flooding through us, and attuning us to the universe, and blah, blah, blah, fuck, shit, blah.
    It’s always sad to see people caught up in that bullshit.

  • WhatIsItWithRicks?


  • Dave

    Did he ‘Flyin Ryan’ have ‘Boob’ on his shirt?

  • jnorris441
  • AlcaldeEste

    I’m getting a very welcome Siskel & Ebert-vibe from this review. Moreso than from the other Half-In-The-Bag reviews. The part where you discuss the inconsistency of which stage of documentary film production the footage is at is brilliant.

  • Acephalus

    it’s actually the second with a pupil cam Shozin Fukui’s Rubber’s Lover was the first. Or maybe Chien Andalou

  • ak2012

    wait… the office isnt real?


    God is in the TV


    yeah, but at least she has nice tits

  • anonymous

    There is a 2012 movie called “Hellbenders” about a group of rogue priests who perform exorcisms and fight demons that has sort of comedic ghostbusters style. Clancy Brown is in it.

  • Joe McLean

    why does rich evans insist on giving me a brain hemorrage?????

  • cute not pedo

    To be fair, she is smoking hot.

  • a

    I just realized the main bully in flying ryan looks a lot like guy fieri. Even down to the dumb flame shirt.

  • a

    Flyin Ryan was made ten years ago when the girl was twelve: Google her.

    You’re welcome.

  • Gregory Roth

    Puma man, he flies like a moron, dun du duh dunnnnn

  • Kokiri4

    Funny, I liked the young version way better.

  • TJ Kelly

    I haven’t laughed that hard at a Half in the Bag in a long time

  • StanleyKubrick

    Oh sure, they intentionally make their films look like low-budget shlock, you know, for the yuks.

    Plus Red Letter Media produces much more edgy, cerebral fare. Like Gorilla Interrupted.

  • Quitch

    I don’t think they take their own films seriously though. You only have to look at the 2011 Half in the Bag convention episodes to see them making fun of their own works.

  • Frank

    The assasination of Plinkett (or, rather, Margaret Thatcher) is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen… I LOL’D IRL

  • Ben

    Jay’s face after Mike calls her smoking hot cracks me up.

  • Gordon Chapman-Fox

    As a patriotic Englisman, thank you so much for killing Margaret Thatcher. Seriously, she was a monster.

  • Zero Sum

    Did you guys see that exorcism movie with Tony Hopkins? It’s another perfect example of how tired this genre is. The entire scare factor is predicated on the idea that the audience is stupid enough to believe in demonic possession, which hasn’t really held true since the ’70’s.

  • Jason

    Geneve Rupert (the smoking hot latina) has her own youtube channel. Sadly, Bootsie Goodhead’s hippie philosophy was clearly a major influence on her and all she talks about are ETs and karma.

  • AndyAce83

    I don’t agree. The Exorcist is all about doubting the possession. Much of the movie is about a mom trying all medical solutions and then being turned towards a “witch doctor”. The movie itself is all about doubt and that mental disorders will always be the most logical solution to the paranormal.


    If I had a dime for every time I’ve said that I’d be a rich man.

  • ThatGuy

    There are dummies out there who think the kidnappings in the Plinkett reviews are real. Fucking scary world we live in where all these dummies are allowed to roam without supervision.

  • Fuck Me I’m January

    Living up to your username with that comment

  • Jeremy D. Pike

    shut the fuck up

  • capnmorgan5150

    I knew it! These guys killed the Iron Lady!

  • Max Bezant

    Loved the Ed Wood reference Mike

  • How has no one bought the domain

  • Alex Lee

    You mean the Iron Maiden? Cause I think Margeret Thachter is an iron maiden.

  • Jamie

    This is a GOOD low-budget found footage film.

  • Wizard Phoenix

    The issue with many found footage documentary style horror films is the blocking the directors give actors. In all of these movies they never feel natural it feels like they’re pretending to be instead. If they want to make it like a documentary they should have like more than fifty percent of the blocking be improvised like reality.

  • Guss Aznable

    I don’t give a flying fuck

  • Pat

    Here’s the modeling portfolio of Geneve Rupert, the “smoking hot Latina”:

  • Cody Klein

    Literally every second of the discussion on The Devil Inside NEEDS to be shown to every director that does a found footage/ “this is a documentary” film.

    Especially the part about that shaky-cam shit.


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