The 48 Hour Film Project

  • he caught the gay! brilliant

  • ‘My kids love that shit!’

  • That ending with FuckBot 5000 is brilliant. Mike’s reaction is priceless

  • proghead777

    I don’t know if it’s because I’m drunk or not, but I laughed harder at that than anything else you guys have ever done. Seriously, it’s 2am and I woke people up, it’s not even funny.

  • ALK

    now i understand why film critics can’t make movies.

  • tantoedge

    I was onboard till it turned into a softcore.
    Then I wasn’t.
    Fuck Bot was funny though.

  • Meester Smeeth


  • Bubble Lipped Tarbaby

    More Jessi and Joseline please.

  • Justin Lee

    The girl behind the keyboard was hot….

  • Remarkably similar to my first experience doing a 48hr film challenge. Total creative meltdowns, Shameful final product. I feel much better about myself.

  • AlcaldeEste

    That had a lot more going on than I thought it would: Visual effects, lots of camera angles, lighting, original score? That must have been some intense 48 hours!
    Sure, it was schlock, but it was fun.

  • Bob Barker

    A bit surprised this video hasn’t been previously posted, or maybe I haven’t seen it anywhere:

  • Liz Frazier

    Gives new meaning to the phrase “reach around.”

  • Guest

    Oh my …

  • Rene Lora

    Oh My …

  • Max Wylde

    The Fuck-Bot 5000 needs an upgrade.

  • Cameron Vale

    I don’t understand, did the girl at the end have a penis? And why didn’t Cock Gun fire his gun into the priest’s butthole?

  • Quitch

    I’m guessing from the softcore and the rape jokes that you can see where you guys suddenly ran out of time.

  • Sphincter

    FuckBot is comedy gold and needs his own series.

  • TapewormBike

    Why aren’t Lora and Jocelyn regular stars? I loved them in everything I saw them in.

  • Akeuw

    Hey! That alarm in the film is my apple ipod alarm clock!

  • roaroar roarar

    So you two assholes can do all this in 48 hours, but it takes you three years to repair a VCR? YOU FUCKING FRAUDS

  • Random guy

    How does that robot actually rape people? Does his mechanical penis extend when he’s humping them and then retract?

  • Leo Silva

    Awesome ending.

  • Leo Silva

    Well, it was a pussy gun.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    That intro was great.

    “Snicker at meeeee!”

  • Fuck Me I’m January

    “We took a week off from fixing the vcr”….

  • Jory Brown

    Amazing. It’s like a spiritual sequel to Gorilla Interrupted

  • You Got the Problem

    Oh god , The Great Space Jam is so bad at being “So bad it’s good” it comes around to being funny again. Seriously, it’s so painfully awkward and terrible it’s a work of art. Faddlechud, hey FADDLECHUD! Please for the love of god make a Gif of Laura hitting Jocelyn with her boobs.

  • David Anderson

    HAHA! Wow that beginning is comedic gold! If Mike were that funny all the time he’d be a headliner.

  • the corpse of Andrew Thompson.

    ah FuckBot 5000, still a beter love story than twilight… and less rapey.

  • localvagrant

    Looks like Jack shaved off his beard and gave it to Jay.

  • Punkster

    I… can’t… un-watch… this!

  • andypants1989


  • jimmy

    I feel like I’m going to try doing this. Limiting myself to one location/scene might be helpful.

  • SirBlindy

    I just did the Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project and found that this HitB didn’t quite capture the, “FUCK IT!” feeling that comes over you in the process.

  • Brett Burrett

    HEY YEAH! Extra points for Joe’s Garage reference. (and to me, for getting it)


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