Super and The Watchman Interview

  • Guest

    Just saw Super. Great movie very nearly ruined by Ellen Page. Thought she was great in Juno but was woefully miscast here.

     I actually foud her scenes hard to watch I was cringing so much. I didn’t believe a second of her performance. Not once does her obnoxious laugh ring true. In fact, the room of people I watched it with cheered when she died.

    Sure, that character laughing at the guy who just got run over is funny but she just kills it.

  • Strelnikov

    I think that’s her character’s whole point; she’s in it for rush of beating people up and playing the hero – she really doesn’t have a mission like Rain Wilson’s character. In other words, she’s trying too hard.

    [Wonder how he got rid of the body: dump it at a hospital, shallow grave in a field, what?]

  • Blah

    a bible man reference, my life is complete!

  • jp

    The black guy from the restaurant was Bubbles from The Wire. You guys haven’t seen the Wire? You have to.

  • guest

    It’d be fucking joyful if they’d review hesher, starring Rayne wilson and Joseph gordon levitt.
    I recently saw Hesher, & it was one of the most realistic, emotionally impacting movies I’ve ever seen.

  • Astor

    you people should have done a KickAss-Super-Defendor triple compare and contrast feature.

    *his eye falls off*

  • Astor

    yeah I was wondering that too!
    towards the end they show him and/or his wife watering some of his garden flowers, so I decided to believe he buried her there. I may have dreamed both that scene and my decision to believe that, though…

  • I think I’d like Defendor more as it takes itself more seriously than Kickass but it’s not as dark as Super (gonna watch it for sure even though it looks real creepy). Anyways the guy with the Watchman dressed up as Captain Hammer is gonna get punched by Hammer, cause Hammer’s a real hero, not a wuss, cause he doesn’t patrol, he punches people in the face, cause… :0_

  • greenone

    video dont work 🙁 same with episode 5

  • :(

    Why are you unable to play this video? Stupid internet.

  • DroopyFelon

    Video works once again.

  • Malevolence

    That guy is one cool dude for being a good Samaritan, Keeps identity secret while making him an icon, having others join him patrolling, have lots of respect for what he’s doing

  • poopy

    Why wont this video work??????????

  • quippley

    i disagree with the theme of glorification of violence, as if james gunn was trying to say it was bad. i think james gunn genuinely loves violence and finds it funny. no subtext there. its just gore porn

  • Was he really a hero though? I mean, he went around cracking people’s skulls based on his own personal morality…we felt sympathetic for him, but wasn’t he more of a super-villain?

  • b.a.m.f.805

    This episode wont play on my android. You will fix this.

  • Hannibal_32

    If I’m getting shot at in some alley, I hope some of my friends with their CCPs show up instead of Super Samaritan. I’m pretty sure his phone won’t disable their gun.

  • Guest

    Thank you, Patriot. Your check from the NRA is in the mail.

  • Guest

    This is the most confusing gay porn I’ve ever seen. I watched like hours of this stuff so far and I keep waiting for these dudes to fuck but they just keep talking and talking about movies and shit. BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH…. somebody just tell me which episode has the money shots.

  • proghead777

    Mr. Watchman reveals himself to be not at all the retard you would expect dressed up like that to be. He also does a respectable job with the skit. Well done, Mr. Watchman, well done.

  • Hannibal_32

    Man. I feel so stung by your witty reply. I now see that my logic was indefensible.

    Yawn, idiot.

  • duckne5t

    Just watched Super because I saw this episode of halfinthebag. WAY better than Kick Ass imo. I saw Kick Ass first, a while ago, and it was really fun and I enjoyed it. But Super just had much more emotion and deep “messages” contained in it. Rainn Wilson did a great job, and I actually really like Ellen Page. So glad I found out about Super from RedLetterMedia, thanks Jay and Mike ! 🙂

  • Undeadpool

    I really don’t think Ellen Paige was miscast. Some hot chicks are actually enthusiastic/knowledgeable about comics and I’ve MET women who work in comic book stores that behave like a (less homicidal) version of her.

  • Justin Lee

    Mike with the straw always cracks me up!

  • Patrick

    pppssst… that’s the point of the movie.

  • montechristo88

    surprisingly mike looks like a shaved rich evans

  • SmarterThanYou

    Ellen Paige isn’t hot. She’s just a walking piece of dog crap.

  • Undeadpool

    You sound cultured and not at all bitter!

  • SmarterThanYou

    I am cultured and not bitter. Good job at noticing. You sound like an idiot, though.

  • ALX99999

    id kiss her dyky puss all afternoon

  • LovingCaringPerson

    You’re so smart! Sarcasm just doesn’t affect you! I guess it’s your deflective asshole shield that makes you impervious to logical debate and shutting the fuck up. Goddamn dipshit.

  • SmarterThanYou

    I am smart. Good of you to notice. About the retarded statement of logical debate. Well, considering that the “debate” is about Ellen Paige being hot, then it’s not so much that I’m impervious to logical debate. It’s that there’s no logic to it in the first place. Ellen Paige isn’t hot. She’s a walking piece of dog crap. That’s the truth, and it has yet to be proven false. Good to see that you are a complete idiot. Good job at being a complete, useless, disgusting piece of shit of an idiot, you complete, useless, disgusting piece of shit of an idiot.

  • SmarterThanYou

    So, what you’re saying is, he’s a democrat.

  • Sanza

    Super needed more Nathan Fillion, you can never have too much Nathan Fillion.

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    What the fuck do you have to do to get banned around here?

  • capnmorgan5150

    Mr. Plinkett’s reviews brought me here, but Half in the Bag is really growing on me!

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    Now that Gunn is working on “Guardians of the Galaxy” I imagine this movie will get a fresh audience next year and might spark more offbeat movies to get made, especially with “Kick Ass 2” proving to be so successful.

    Though this movie has almost more in common with “God Bless America” than with “Kick Ass”.

  • Chuk

    Fuck you.

  • Chuk

    Fuck you

  • Molesto

    Real life superheroes are douchebags…

  • Baron Teapot

    I know, right?

    The movie was great. Tongue in cheek fun with two crazy assholes running about thinking they’re making a difference. It was pretty accurate in portraying how this might happen.

    Someone with undiagnosed schizophrenia (or something similar) believes they hear voices from God and decides to devote their new-found lease on life to punishing evildoers after a personal tragedy, whilst really just beating up strangers who annoy ’em.

    Was Ellen Page wrong for this movie? She was hot, cute and funny compared to Liv Tyler’s vacant expressionless “presence”. I like Tyler and I’m sure she’s a really nice person, plus she must enjoy being in silly/poor movies – like ‘The Strangers’.

    She often seems very distant and vague, and her characters don’t really resonate with me at all. Kevin Bacon was great as the bad guy and he’s always a good laugh when he just lets the charisma and weird dialogue flow.

    There often seems to be an attempt to say “no, really, beautiful women love comic books and videogames too!” That’s the impression I got from Ellen Page: she’s an attractive, smart young independent woman with a load of friends, a nice apartment and so-on, but ends up gravitating towards some intense creeper with a hard-on for red spandex, Jesus and beating strangers with a wrench? Heheheh.

    Believable and good fun. The sort of film I don’t want to think too hard about, and it’s good to keep your tongue in your cheek so you won’t taste the rotten core of the story.

  • Baron Teapot

    I didn’t have a clue who James Gunn was until I saw this and Slither. Now I think I’ll check out the rest of his stuff. If you haven’t seen Slither, I’d recommend it as a hilarious small-town alien invasion and zombie B-movie.

    “Shut up, crime!” 😀

  • AlcaldeEste

    Look, you got it all wrong. I know some very smart people, and some very cultured people, and they don’t talk like you, or act anything like you do, or call themselves what you called yourself, and they certainly don’t hang around the Half In The Bag comment area like tbat’s some sort of bastion of high culture. What I’m trying to say is that you have failed on every level, even as a troll because no one takes you seriously.
    Unless this is some clever commentary on the selfish, delusional main character of “Super”, and you are just pretending to be a Butthurt Dweller whose entire identity rests on the fact that someone once told them they were “smart.”
    Remember, 50% of bears are smarter than the average bear.

  • omgnoway

    “I heard two very loud… people talking about movies.” That killed me XD

  • Morgan Jones

    It’s funny because Mike’s only real reason for not buying Ellen Page’s performance was that she was too attractive for the character she was playing. Is being ugly now an absolute requirement of liking comics? Can attractive people not be nerds too? That’s total bullshit.

  • Shinimas

    No, attractive people can’t be nerds. For obvious reasons. It’s an anomaly when they are.

  • Rob

    As usual, I’m in agreement with Mike. I’d take it a step further and say I found Ellen page annoying as fuck. Movies always have to tack on a romantic interest. I thought the movie was great until she entered, as soon as I saw her I knew exactly how the rest of the movie would play out. I guess I’m biased though because I just genuinely dislike that actress. She is the epitome of a certain modern style of movie that I just really don’t like, which began I guess with American Beauty.

  • Rob

    The whole theme of the movie was real life. Sure there’s a 1/1000 chance a dog might be good at football, but that doesn’t make Air Bud realistic. A weird nerdy girl obsessed with comics and murder would not look like Ellen Page, she’d be fat and acne covered, just like the guys are. And even then she wouldn’t rape Rainn Wilson. It was already a stretch him hooking up with Liv Tyler, but hooking up with Ellen Page as well was just pure Hollywood fantasy.

  • Morgan Jones

    I personally know women who are attractive and total nerds. It’s hardly close to a 1/1000 chance. Also there is a big difference between realistic and common. Sure the average person might spend their entire life without being attacked, but it does happen so having someone be robbed in a movie is not unrealistic it is just unlikely. There’s a movie where a younger man falls in love with a much older woman (like in her 80’s). While this is very rare it is not unrealistic, it is just uncommon, there is a huge difference between the two. Movies are not made about what happens everyday, they are about extraordinary things. And while most of us may not run into these situations they do still happen, it does not break the realism of a movie.

  • wikiality

    The point went right over your head. His monologue about SexyNerdGirl sums up what everyone who feels that way is thinking. Maybe about 5-10 years ago it would be just fine but now it goes in the “Seen it a thousand times before” file of hurr hurr nerdy and geeky men are so underweight and overweight and socially awkward but somehow nerd girls are all attractive and normal and physically awkward usually with a bit of “just needs to be reminded she’s female”. Whenever the rare occasion of the…well…whoever that picture of the girl they showed as contrast (who Im sure has a great personality) gets in front of the camera and starts talking about Ultimates or something it’s almost always for the purpose of “ha ha she’s worse than a man because at least men have an excuse for being fat and pathetic!” or worse the “zomg unfuckable women offend me personally for existing because I cant fap to that so they just shouldn’t be” mentality.

    Ask those “attractive women who are total nerds” how they felt about Star Trek (or insert other fandom) in middle/high school and count the number of seconds it takes for them to make some shit up. That’s the root of the issue no matter how immature it may be.

  • Morgan Jones

    You should watch Jimquisitions video on sexy nerd girls. It might enlighten you a bit.

    I would have no problem with the nerd girl being ugly. Just as I have no problem with the nerd girl being attractive. I would prefer somebody be picked for the role who can play it well. I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t attest to whether Ellen Page did or not, but if you have a problem with her acting than argue against that. I thought the idea that Ellen Page can’t be in this movie because “obviously there are no attractive nerd women out there” is just dumb and just plain not true.

    As for asking how much they knew about (insert fandom here) in highschool. I knew some of them in highschool and I spend hours talking to them then about this kind of shit. In middle school… who knows? I don’t give a fuck, I barely knew what Star Trek or (insert other fandom here) was in middle school myself. To be a nerd do you have to spend your entire life being a nerd. Can someone not be a soldier because they didn’t want to be one when they were 12?

  • wikiality

    Yeah you miss the point entirely. It’s a movie that’s supposed to connect so it specifically should show the rule not the exception to the rule and does in all other aspects so the fact it refuses to with the female lead sticks out like a sore thumb. And we’ve seen it a thousand times, it was supposed to be refreshing they went with “reality” but they just can’t cross that line when it comes to the womens it seems.

    Quite frankly, I, and noone else who went through that shit, male or female, gives a single flying fuck what the people who drove us to fandom over reality in the first place /feel/ when they engage in the very thing they spent time and energy to denounce with homophobic slurs just because it’s cool, quirky, and sophisticated right now according to old media. I appreciate sexy nerd girls purely as masturbatory material because they never do a good job of hiding the fact they’re full of shit and that gets irritating very quick. I appreciate ugly nerd girls as people who I can have a discussion with same as any ugly nerd guy. “Brogrammers” and “Bronies” are kind of the exact same camp here. I just don’t know if nerd girls give them the same sort of reverence. “The Fall of Con-Hot” was easily a double edged sword.

    And someone shouldn’t be a soldier if they tried to beat up, make fun of more than a usual amount of tween banter, or psychotically try to ruin someone’s life by trying to get them arrested, kicked out of school, committed or killed for thinking the military is cool and watching military programs. That’s the core of the “them vs. us” mentality. None of us would have been nerds in the first place if “those people” hadn’t kicked us out of “real life” and made it miserable to live anywhere but in fandom imagination land. Otherwise it would just be “I like star trek, it is a decent show” instead of nerdy trekkie fandom batshit craze. At the very least they should never expect the people who tried to play soldier boy in school to respect their decision as adults. The big dumb jock who terrorized the campy femme drama club gay kids coming out of the closet as an adult and demanding to be part of the “one of us” without any sort of self-awareness to why they’re not being immediately accepted or even considering they might just need to ask for forgiveness before they can get their PFLAG on.

  • Morgan Jones

    “it was supposed to be refreshing they went with reality.”

    “should show the rule not the exception.”

    Again I haven’t seen the movie, but from what I have heard of Rainn Wilson’s character, he is not normal nor representing what we think of as reality in anyway. I bet there are a lot less nerd guys who grab a weapon and take to crime fighting than there are attractive women who happen to be nerds. The basic premise of the movie is by your words “less realistic” than Ellen Pages character. Yet nobody has a problem with the premise of the movie, because it’s not the realism that is the problem. It’s something else entirely. Also I don’t know how this was handled, but there is a difference between an attractive woman who happens to be a nerd, and a woman who just cosplays a lot for the attention. THERE ARE ACTUAL ATTRACTIVE NERD WOMEN OUT THERE! They do exist. Also what’s all this bullshit about having to be persecuted to be a nerd. A nerd is just someone whose super interested in some topic or other and knows a lot about it. I was never persecuted and I’m a major DND nerd. To the point where I had over a dozen books and could make any character from memory, and had memorized all of the monsters statistics and weakness and circumstantial rules and shit. Was this because I felt forced to get into DND on account of being outcast from society? No it was because I discovered DND and loved the shit out of it. This is something that can happen to anyone.

    So I’m going to go watch the movie now to formulate my own opinion on it. If you want to continue this discussion I would suggest you watch the following two videos. They’re talking about nerd girls, although more on the topic of gaming but it still applies. Otherwise, let’s agree to disagree.

  • wikiality

    You missed the point again. Get out of my treehouse.

  • Cameron Vale

    So what you’re saying is that a man is just flesh and blood, and can be ignored or destroyed… but as a symbol, one can be incorruptible, everlasting.

  • Chris

    I honestly think you have aspergers or something or another to seriously ignore every valid point Morgan jones here threw at you. I don’t mean to insult the aspergers community by including you among them, but I mean come on man! Learn how to not ignore other people’s opinions, have an open mind in arguments, and overall stop being a hypocrite!!!

  • wikiality

    Why does respecting his opinion have to mean invalidating mine? After awhile topics switched anyway.

  • Booger

    Thats how we all started here

  • SmashingChap

    She was the antithesis of a romantic interest though.

  • Duckler

    That “other guy and another other guy” bit cracks me up every time.

  • Rex

    Hey Jay, I got a few people ’round here for you to shoot.

  • SkaMP

    If you’re into that stuff they’ve made a highly erotic video of them eating chicken.
    so fucking hot.

  • Malevolence

    Kick Ass 2 was successful? What crack have you been smoking?

  • I wonder if Mike and Jay are Tim and Eric fans.

  • roaroar roarar

    They had Tim on Best of the Worst or maybe it was Half in the bag

    Or maybe it was Eric?

    Idk it was the hot one, whoever the hot one is, that’s who it was.

  • Morris

    I can see why Super didn’t do too well. But I personally loved it. Ellen Page’s character can seem out of place or unrealistic, but I think that also serves a point. During the movie it becomes evident that she is vulnerable and mentally unstable. Frank seems to sympathize with vulnerable women as we already know from Sarah. It ain’t no coincidence that Sarah and Libby are both smoking hot and he’s just some shlub. (Next paragraph has spoilers, ya’ll)

    Sarah and Libby both had different but ultimately similar reasons for using Frank as a crutch. I guess for me, the final scene put it all into perspective. While he’s sitting there crying and holding the bunny, you see how most, if not all of his actions lead to the things you see in the drawings on the wall. On one hand, he “saved the princess” and allowed her to have a better life. Unfortunately on the other hand, it wasn’t HIS princess to have in the end. Also he got a girl’s head blown to pieces which isn’t pleasant.

    So ultimately what I took out of it was a dude with a shitty life who gets caught up in his own “hero complex” while trying to save the only pleasant thing in his life. He does so but has to sacrifice all the happiness he was hoping to get from his efforts. He finally gets close to another person during this ordeal but winds up getting her shot in the face. The ultimate case of being friend-zone’d.

  • Cassidy Fitzgerald Liston

    RE: Mike not liking Ellen Page in the movie.

    On the contrary, everything about the movie felt predictable. The movie is somewhat slow and kindof boring, until her character enters the movie. In my opinion, she SAVES this movie from mediocrity. Everything about her character and where it ultimately ends totally elevates the movie. Plus her performance was great. Such a maniac!

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    I remember when Jay dreamed about killing a man.

  • Fuck Me I’m January

    Well they had Tim on the show once. So it looks like Tim and Eric are fans of them.

  • Fuck Me I’m January

    Did…did you see the movie?

  • James Andersen

    Thanks guys for reviewing Super. Just saw it and it’s honestly one of the best movies I’ve seen. Rainn Wilson was fucking amazing which I was so surprised by because I’m not a fan of The Office and I was afraid I’d keep being reminded of the tone of that show. I’ll agree with Mike that Ellen Page’s performance was a bit forced but it was still a really good, fun performance in a screwed up way. This movie also has a great ending. It was perfectly bittersweet, bordering on sweet and it felt like the right conclusion for this story.

  • Manly Chicken

    I didn’t feel like Ellen Page was out of place at all. I thought it was actually a perfect casting choice.
    For some reason, even normal to hot looking girls like comic books and video games now for some reason.

  • Guest

  • the corpse of Andrew Thompson.

    the violence in Super was more real and disturbing. watching the kid get the shit kicked out of her in Kickass was way less disturbing than most of Super.
    and thats why its a better movie.

  • the corpse of Andrew Thompson.

    and on the ellen page thing… never underestimate a Canadians ability to be a nerd!


  • So that’s why freelance VCR Mike never showed… I’m gonna Yelp this whole operation.

  • ogawaburukku

    Just saw this movie so I rewatched the old HITB ep. I thought Ellen Page could pass for a geek girl because she’s cute, but not hot, and she’s a bit awkward in a lot of roles. I always see her as Juno (I thought she was miscast in Inception, but not here), plus she talks like I do, that is to say swears constantly, and I am a comic loving girl… and honestly, she’s not a nice character in this. Libby was in it for something else, like she was truly violent, which was interesting compared to Frank’s misinterpreted mission from God.

    The one thing I did hate about Libby, though, was her trying to become romantic with Frank. She pretty much raped him… that whole scene just should not have happened. I think that one scene was why I prefer Defendor to this, but I do really like this movie, too. I just wish Frank and Libby had never had any sort of “romantic” link, if you could even call it that. THAT felt out of place to me.

    It was fun watching an old episode with Mike and Jay, haha.

  • Jason

    I don’t understand the gushing over this movie, at all. It was utter shit.
    The heroes are completely detestable cretins, with few, if any, redeeming qualities: The damsel-in-distress, the “angel”, is a fickle crack whore who left her husband because she was bored (to be fair, she did show mild concern as her husband was getting the shit beat out of him by her pimp’s bodyguards, not enough concern to make a phonecall or try to help him in any way, but she did make a pouty face)*; The sidekick is just an obnoxious sociopath (imagine Jar Jar Binks as a serial killer/rapist); and the protagonist is a self-pitying beta male, who’s such a dumbfuck his only solution to every problem is to hit someone in the head with a blunt object. That’s our hero, ladies and gentlemen, a dimwitted Cro-Magnon.
    Hell, I had more sympathy for the villains. Was that the point of the movie? That people who want to be heroes are just jerkoffs? That it doesn’t really matter who “wins” because everyone’s an asshole? I think some people confuse nihilism with realism, which is easy to do if you’re a cynical douchebag.
    *spoiler: in the end, this character does a complete one-eighty, settles down has a family and shares her deep Oprah-wisdom with the world. Wow, it’s a good thing this character completely changed at the last second or this movie would’ve really sucked, huh? Can you imagine if she just went right back to being a coked-out hooker? And it was really convenient that all of her horrible life decisions had no consequences for her, whatsoever. Hyper-realism right there.

  • MUGENwonder

    I think you completely missed every point in Super. Good job.

  • Jason

    duh I like dis movie so u stoopid. I no heff 2 maek valid point, poop head. hurrr durrr.
    that’s about what your comment read like to me, in case you’re wondering. now kindly fuck off.

  • goodpenisbadpenis

    The ending to this movie is gay as hell. ok, no consequences for this “hero”. Like the authorities wouldn’t be able to link the murders. There was a cop murdered in his apartment.*spoilers* Wouldn’t he be the first suspect? This movie is ok till the ending.

  • JoseVillalobos

    The ending of Super makes the protagonist disposable. If he had died in the shootout, all of the “meaningful things” that “were the point of his journey” would have happened anyway. 100% disposable.

    He saved a crackwhore from her own boyfriend so that she could go have kids with another man instead of him, her own husband. So he, as a human being, is worthless other than his temporary usefulness to pretty lady. Keep in mind that this is after he spends the whole movie being devoted to her well-being while she does drugs and has sex with other men, while he’s turning down a young woman who actually likes and wants him.

    The movie was good until the end, at which point the entire film is revealed to be a cuckold fantasy/beta-male instruction manual. “Are you sad about being an ugly geek? Don’t worry! If you risk your life and take a few bullets, and sacrifice your only chance at a real girlfriend – literally sacrifice her to death – then you can help pretty lady hook up with an attractive man! You can have a rabbit!”

    The man and his wife promised to stay with each other until they died. He took his promise seriously and tried to help her. She watched him get beaten in the street and did nothing. So, if he was really fighting evil, he would have hit Liv Tyler on the head with a wrench.

  • Testing the Mic

    The main characters aren’t supposed to have redeeming qualities. Did you just assume that they should have been “good guys” because the camera was following them around?

    The “damsel-in-distress, the angel” is not a damsel in distress, nor an angel. Did you just decide that she was supposed to be a damsel in distress, angel because the main character wants to “rescue” her?

    You had more sympathy for the villains? Good,

    The whole point of this film is the methodology of violence. A huge array of non violent “criminals” are utterly destroyed by the barbarism of the “heroes” and we as the viewer are meant to be conflicted by what we see. Everything in media and literature implies that the opposite is supposed to be true and that’s just the first stereotype this film turns on its head. The only person in this film who is shown any mercy and the part of the film you object to most vehemently A: Doesn’t deserve it and B: Turns their life around completely. That’s because the other primary point this movie tries to make is about the impotence of violence and how men who fantasize excessively about violence and the implementation of masculinity get next to nothing. (AI: That is why you are mad)

    Its unfortunate that you wern’t able to penetrate the motives of this movie and only managed to walk away going “boohoo, whore damsel lady not smacked with hammer me unhappy” but its your loss.

    “I dislike movie, me no grasp context of basic picture imagery, me heff 2 maek no valid points because me no read subtext, me make ironic disparaging remarks about point of view of MUGENwonder using exaggerated “stoopidness” I myself exemplify best. me dumb poop head. hurrr durrr.”

    That’s about what your comment read like to me, in case you’re wondering.

  • Jason

    “Did you just assume that they should have been “good guys” because the camera was following them around?”
    Oh shit…you mean this was a movie with a protagonist who isn’t a moral paragon? A movie that shows the pitfalls of violence through the perceptive of a violent thug?? How novel! How original! ZOMG, there has NEVER been a story like that ever before…..except Goodfellas, Godfather, Casino, several war movies and almost every Shakespearean tragedy.
    No, this movie was not clever or insightful, and it’s “sub-text” was not as subtle or esoteric as you like to believe.
    And yes, the coke whore very much was the “damsel-in-distress”–at least from the perspective of the protagonist–and she serves as that device throughout the movie. And the fact she turns her life around isn’t the problem, it’s that there is no arc to her character, nor are there any consequences for a lifetime of shitty decisions and horrible actions. One minute she’s a crack whore who shows little if any remorse for cheating on her husband, the next she’s a paragon of virtue, a devoted wife, a loving mother and an uber-fräulein with a font of wisdom to share with the world…yeah that “realistic take on the superhero genre” this movie was apparently going for? Kiss it goodbye because we want to shoehorn in a happy ending….and btw, if your claim is that this movie is supposedly showing that violence solves nothing….well I guess it also shit all over that, too, since violence actually did solve something: it turned this woman’s life completely around. If it wasn’t for the violent actions of the “hero” she probably would’ve been raped, then eventually OD’d and died alone in a ditch somewhere. In fact, violence solved pretty much everything and wrapped it up in a neat little bow.
    Whether you accept it or not, there was very good reason this shit-heap of a movie was both a commercial and critical failure. You’re not a unique snowflake for liking it, you’re just a self-righteous hipster asshole who likes watching bad movies, probably while drinking PBR and listening to vinyl records.

  • Testing the Mic

    Reiteration of points from your first post that have already been decisively disproven just now its capped off with the “If it good why it no maek money?” argument which is always the last card played in a losing hand.

    Yeah, you place yourself into the position of the male lead and expect that at the end of a 90 minute or two hour stint to have vicariously triumphed over evil and obtained sexual fulfillment. This film didn’t give it to you, now you’re mad. You will now post on the Internets with some flawed half baked observations about how a woman quitting drugs, going to school and starting a family is an impossible and an unrealistic plot twist.

    We do not believe you. We know why you object to this film. Lol.

    Your biggest concern about Fury Road was that a 120 pound five foot ten Charlize Theron tackled a dehydrated, distracted 180 pound, five foot nine Tom Hardy. You claim that that impossibility ruined your suspension of disbelief for the film. (Also Max Rockatansky has a bad knee LOL!)

    The common thread that binds your judgement of films is the physical prowess and sexual advancement of the primary male lead. If the main character doesn’t service your awkward needs perfectly it is therefor a “bad movie” but you’re bigger than life and entertainment is designed only for you so it has to be a bad movie for everyone else too! Queue internet tears.

    Thats why MUGENwonder gave you absolutely no time of day when he told you that you have categorically failed to interpret this movie and missed literally every point. He knew as I now do that this movie doesn’t exist to entertain you. It exists to fundamentally challenge you.

    In time you may get to a point where you no longer watch movies for psychological validation but to challenge your concepts of justice and you’ll learn to appreciate a film like this but pardon me while I dont hold my breath.

    In any event this conversation is over. Enjoy your biscuit boy.

  • Jason


  • Jason

    “We do not believe you. We know why you object to this film” btw, this is just creepy. I didn’t realize I was talking to the Borg.

  • mark_alfred

    In real life the police would have been onto Wilson’s character quite early for assault with a weapon (the pipe-wrench). So any argument about “real life” falls flat. I feel that Page’s character of a hyperactive youth was quite engaging and truly added to the movie.


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