Sucker Punch

  • OMG. I can’t wait to see what you said about my most favorite film of 2011, Sucker Punch. Now, I haven’t even seen 100 films from 2011, yet; but only “Submarine” came close in portraying emotional depth. However, the visual overloads of this film are simply beyond imagination. I cannot belief 1 man was behind it all. Snyder has secured is position as a film god with this one. Now, let’s see what you had to say…

  • Oooooooh, NOOOOooooooooo. OK, well. You at least helped clarify a few things about the film for me. I still really enjoy it. I think it handles inter-nested fantasy a lot better than Inception; but you would probably disagree because Inception makes the stakes explicit. I would rebut that Inception has too much exposition, and gets confusing where it could have been clear. Sucker Punch doesn’t bother with all them words and dialogue. The intelligent viewer can extract from the film what he or she wants. In this way, the film is the ultimate post-modern spectacle film.
    It interesting how we disagree on this one, but I think I can see your point; however, I still can’t accept how Jay would actually recommend the 2012 film, Prometheus. (I add that qualification because I am sure Prometheus will be forgotten by the time this comment is read.) After watching Prometheus, I spent a good 2 weeks obsessing and discussing it, and my best conclusion is that it was just a poorly lazily written schlock horror film dressed up as science fiction for maximum revenue. Prometheus does not contain a single interesting tidbit of philosophy, religion or science. Whereas Sucker Punch is brimming with psychological engagement and visceral experiences.

  • Atem 0225
  • I thought the movie was paying homage to Anime set in live action. But I never directed a film, I am an aspiring writer and have more than two brain cells to rub together and can grasp for the most part what might be going through the writer/director/producer’s head for certain obvious parts blatantly shoved into a scene.

    Here is my take and a breakdown of my understanding of the movie Sucker Punch:

    1. She was wrongly put into a mental institution as a result of some strange and horrific circumstances

    2. To try to cope with being put where she felt she did not belong and being treated for mental disease she did not ail from, she escaped into fantasy that she was in a brothel.

    This represented that she felt she was being raped by the court system, her stepfather’s manipulation of the court/justice system, and having her world torn from her. So she could be whored out so her stepfather could collect the assets of the will.

    3. As many minds do under traumatic stress situations, your brain tries to analyze your stressful situation and offer any and all possible solutions to remedy and eliminate the issue or issues causing stress, real or fantasy.

    If you have ever been in a situation where:

    A. You were imprisoned and did not know if you would ever have freedom again

    B. Tragically were involved in any way with the death of someone close to you and again felt like your world/life would never be returned to you

    Then you would have experienced more than a moment where your brain would flood you with multiple fantasies playing out where you would either be able to resolve your current dilemma through a miracle of outside force or through you gaining super-human or super-natural abilities to resolve your issue.

    Some of these fantasies would intertwine as your brain races to comfort and remove the stress that is causing you mental and possible physical harm.

    While she was being admitted to the ward and then probably (although the film does not show this and it is inferred) left alone in a padded room, so-to-speak, we get the fantasy of her being in a brothel devising an elaborate escape plan.

    To carry out this plan would require abilities and devices that are not readily available to her in order to overcome the real-world obstacles she is facing. (Orderlies, Nurses, Guards)

    Hence why she would be invincible during her elaborate fight scenes, because when you are imagining you are escaping from an insane asylum or a brothel selling women, would you imagine yourself mirroring the vulnerabilities you currently posses?

    I for one would imagine I was Superman, or in her case Supergirl and beat the piss out of everyone involved. That’s me though.

    Anyway, it didn’t matter in the end because all her fantasy ended with a spike being driven through her frontal lobe and her distractions allowed one patient to escape.

    I was once in a Behavioral Health Center visiting and one patient almost escaped, my brother was standing near the door and had to wrap his arms around the waist of the escaping patient before she slipped through the door as it was shutting. So this type of thing is not unheard of. It does happen.

  • LowTech

    No! … Female empowerment. It makes *complete* sense, in the same way that Dragonball Z represents male empowerment. Over-the-top stylized, ideal-type body image and action, with nigh invulnerability.

  • Easy there insinuating that anyone who doesn’t happen to like this movie is stupid.

    Stakes matter in every story. By creating fantasy worlds in which there seem to be no consequences or rules, Snyder removes all tension from the movie. Audiences and readers find it really difficult to care about heroes who are invincible. Why not just have a realistic asylum and then only one brothel fantasy world where there actually were consequences? Was that not “cool” enough?

    Example: People liked flawed and vulnerable Neo in “The Matrix” way more than invincible, Super Neo in “Reloaded” and “Revolutions”.

    “Sucker Punch” is good if you want to watch crazy action and incredibly intricate set pieces. It’s not good if you’re looking for a decent story.

  • proghead777

    I wonder how the whole women-empowerment-fuckhole segment looked to the apparently vast majority of human beings that don’t know what the word “sarcasm” actually means despite the fact that they use the term nearly every day. Of course, those people are stupid so it was probably something like, “huhuhuhuh… he said ‘fuckhole’. Huhuhuhuhuh. I like gurls’ fuckholes. Huhuhuhuh. But I ain’t never seen one in real life. Huhuhuhuhuh.”

  • i_spit_hot_fire

    It takes a lot to get me to see a movie in a theater anymore, and I felt so ripped off after seeing ‘Suckerpunch’ in the theater that I never returned for a good 9 months after. I was sold into it after seeing the “rocker-chicks-fighting giant-flaming-samurai” scene in the trailer put to one of my newer favorite bands’ music (Silversun Pickups). However, the story felt like it was written by a 13-year-old goth girl who wasn’t understood by society. And you guys were right: the only way the writer/director made the women’s rights an issue is when they were learning to seduce the men then kill them. The movie was good visually (especially in the fantasy scenes) but failed to deliver a meaningful film altogether, I felt. And too much use of Bjork in every fantasy scene; I’ve already seen ‘Tank Girl’ back in the 90’s.

  • Watch this

    yes, the battle scenes had no tension or consequences, but it went a bit deeper than that

  • Jørgen Eggen

    It’s not good for crazy action either. The only interesting visuals are always the bad guys, and the protagonist retard is just a stiff porcelain doll with no acting whatsoever.

    Yes, babydoll and lobotomy and all that shit, but when the main character looks like she’s asleep through the entire movie, and the movie is all about visuals, it’s a bad movie.

    All I wanted was dark, fucked up, crazy, beautiful action fantasy insanity. Instead I got a cast of random actors too pretty to muddy up or make any facial expression that can’t double as an orgasm-face, a bunch of retarded characters and a story so bad it should never have been included.
    The only characters who looked like they kind of belonged in the story were the chef and the dance teacher, though she seemed way too zen about repeated abuse and training girls to be fucktoys. The chef is angry, fat, ugly, dirty, and even though he was presented as a shitty miniboss, he was still more believable than most of the cast.

    The music was pretty good though. During the opening, the only part about the entire movie I’d like to see more times, I set the volume way up, killed all the lights and laughed, hoping this was setting the tone for the rest

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Maybe Babydoll is bipolar, and the action scenes represent the manic phase, and the sanitarium represents the depressive phase. If you think about it the brothel is the least weird choice to be the story’s reality, and since it’s in the middle you don’t need fantasies nested within other fantasies for it to work, which is good because I don’t think that’s a thing.

  • Greebo

    I wouldn’t consider this movie anything more than a series of visually good anime like action scenes with pretty girls loosely tied together. The action isn’t bad, it’s just the kind of action you would expect from Japanese animation rather than an action movie. And it does this quite well, this is exactly the kind of movie built on how cool something would look.

    There’s no point looking for anything else in this movie, in the same way you wouldn’t look for anime-like combat in a Rocky movie and you wouldn’t look for giant samurai warriors in Citizen Kane.

  • It’s basically a bad anime with bimbos and guns instead of cute little magical girls.

  • AlcaldeEste

    No doubt Kill Bill in hands of a lesser director could have been completely awful, but Kill Bill has a mission: It has a list of specific B-movie genres to pay homage to over the course of 4 hours, and it transitions seemlessly from genre to genre in terms of story, style and casting.
    What made Kill Bill great for me was the subtle directing choices and attention to detail, like the ever-so-slightly off-center snap zoom on Pai Mei that is never used in other scenes. In every scene you just think “I can’t believe that Quentin Tarantino noticed that that is exactly something they would do in the genre we are currently paying homage to.” But yeah, a lesser director would have fucked it up for sure.

  • this movie started out so good and interesting…and then suddenly when the mental hospital turns into the first fantasy, it just went downhill. why couldn’t we stay in the mental hospital? i was so mad when we find out at the end of the movie, babydoll and the other girls are really doing all these things, getting in trouble in the hospital in attempt to escape. that seemed far more interesting, but WE NEVER SEE IT! The first layer of fantasy was not needed. They could’ve stayed in the hospital and imagined the world they fight in. Same point would’ve gotten across Zack Synder. When there’s a direct link between the fantasy and real world there’s stakes. If set up correctly at least.

  • Tommy O.
  • thingamajing

    Movie Bob: the living proof, that it is possible for men to have sand in the vagina

  • wingitprod

    Good review but I gotta say I was very surprised I didn’t get bored watching Sucker Punch when I fully expected to. This is why I went to see it at a $1.00 theater. I assumed it wouldn’t hold my attention on a TV and wasn’t willing to pay full price. It was well worth $1.00 + $2.50 soda and 110 minutes of my day. Still (like most movies these days) why 110 minutes??? This should have stopped at 90-82 minutes. This was a fetish/video game, visually remarkable movie. That is all. Sure ain’t no female empowerment here. Just adolescent fun.

  • Patrick

    I get the impression that Zack Snyder was trying to turn the exploitation back on the audience. When Babydoll starts dancing, it’s not just supposed to be her fantasy, but ours: it’s pointing out that most of the audience only went to see the movie (and other movies in general) because they like movies with hot girls, explosions, and mind-numbing action. It’s almost lamenting the way women are often portrayed in media, putting the responsibility on the audience for patronizing the “brothels” that are our theaters.

    I think the premise is unique, fresh, and bold, which really makes me hate that Zack Snyder can’t tell an effective story, handle pacing, write decent characters, or think outside of a one-dimensional frame of mind. Everything in the movie either contradicts the message it’s trying to convey, or makes the message entirely pointless.

  • Henscastle

    Emily Browning starred in the remake of a brilliant Korean movie called ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ which dealt with one girl’s institutionalisation and subsequent retreat into fantasy and delusion out of guilt over her sister’s death. Coincidence?

  • AlcaldeEste

    If Zack Snyder’s message is that the fighting scenes “are just striptease” and if the audience enjoys it “the audience are the pathetic lowlives in the audience of the strip club”, then why is the action/exploitation played completely straight?
    Zack Snyder seems to put most of his effort into directing those scenes. Is it suddenly okay, because he’s “doing it ironically”?
    At least when you watch, for example, a Paul Verhoeven movie, the things that he’s parodying are actually being parodied.

  • Patrick

    Oh, I agree. I’m just saying that Sucker Punch seems a lot like Pain and Gain, where the director is trying to make something deep, but they are hindered by their own incompetence.

  • Kyle

    All my hate Movie Bob. All my hate.

  • sweateryams

    This movie reminded me of anime. Where it looks visually cool
    but the story doesn’t make sense.So I view it as a live action anime and by
    doing that I’m able to enjoy the film more.

  • Akeuw

    In my opinion female empowerment is pointing out what women are good at, not pretending that they are masculine, because they are not, but showing that they care for people while men are stone cold, but tough. And while a man uses pure intellect, a women uses intuition and feeling, which is good as a second perspective. Sure the world isn’t this black and white, but I am just talking in general.

  • Empowerment is enabling people to do what they are good at as individuals, not pigeonholing them into assigned roles and expectations based on their gender, or any other category. Women are just as capable of “using pure intellect” as men. That’s not “pretending to be masculine.”

  • Akeuw

    I am all for individual rights and I understand that the world isn’t
    black and white, but in general women are more emotional then men,
    leaving the cold thinking to men. Sure there exist the likes of Ayn Rand
    who is capable of cold thinking, but in general you could say women are
    physically weaker then men, and they have a wider variety of hormones
    then men, and you can prove that with studies conducted over the years.

    they go into different sport leagues and shit, and they are usually
    great thinkers until they get their first period and after menopause. It
    isn’t a social construct, it is just nature.

    With all our
    technological progress, what nature intends for doesn’t have to be the
    only way. You can now give a woman different hormones so she will be as
    strong as men. You got pills that change the hormones in your brain so
    you aren’t a bitch right after menopause. Survival of the fittest
    doesn’t apply in this world, because you don’t have to die at 40, you
    can just buy medicine. So with our technology, we don’t have to
    pigeonhole people into roles, but remember where we came from, and how
    our society used to act. And I was just pointing out female empowerment
    from a natures point of view, even though I don’t really care for
    nature, and I love electronics.

  • Lemon Aidez

    Yeah, but there are also instances of good anime series where there is consequence, tension and cleverness. Like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

  • Topdek

    It just churns my insides with rage that people like Zack Snyder and Michael Bay are still directing, still working on $100 million movie projects, when they have such adolescent minds.
    I guess it’s better that we have those directors rather than the retired George Lucas, who has the mind of a five year old.

  • Alex Lee

    The only reason why VHS is a prop is because it’s completely outdated. Once DVDs become obsolete, which is starting to happen with Netflix and Hulu, they’ll be considered props equal to the VHS.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    Zack Snyder and Michael Bay are not in the same category of filmmakers.

    Michael Bay only cares about shit blowing up and hot chicks. Snyder at least is a great director when it comes to visuals, and can really pull off a great movie when the script they’re given is good.

    If you make someone other Snyder write the story to a movie, you have a big possibility of success.

  • Patrick

    So Snyder doesn’t prioritize superficial elements? Did you watch any of his movies? Michael Bay isn’t good with visual storytelling? Did you watch… any of his movies? They basically have the same amount of talent, pretention, and emotional maturity, the only difference being the exact nature of how they use their CGI.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    “Special effects are just a tool, means to tell a story. Special effects without a story can be a pretty boring thing.”

    -George Lucas (before he became a fat lazy fuck and made the Star Wars prequels).

    Zack Snyder is not a writer. You don’t charge him with the story for a movie. You rely on him for visuals. To make your story be visually entertaining.

    Michael Bay might as well direct a music video, or something along those lines. The CGI is awesome in his movies, yes, but smart people don’t go to movies just to see things blowing up without meaning or purpose or porny shots of Megan Fox. Keep in mind I said smart people.

    Snyder can do a pretty damn good job when he has a good storyline. If you look it up, you’ll see none of his good movies have been written by only him.

    Bay just cares about action, hot chicks and blowing stuff up. He’s probably the most teenage-minded of modern filmmakers. He even turned a real life story that hurt a lot of people’s lives into a bad movie that completely despises actual events and disregards what people actually went through during those events.

    Not the same type of filmmakers.

  • Cameron Vale

    There are many kinds of anime, just the first five words will suffice.

  • Cameron Vale

    Your worries are now reality.

  • CantiPrime

    Do not insinuate I’m ignorant of anime having multiple genres just because I decided to make a direct comparison to a specific kind of anime. I watch many different kinds of series.

  • Cameron Vale

    Wrong. If you select a woman and a man at random, the man has a higher chance of being strong and the woman has a higher chance of being emotional, but the chances are still very low for both genders. So, to say that women are emotional and men are strong is just a hair away from being complete nonsense. The same is true of pretty much every stereotype. Honestly I wonder if these things are even biological; there is a very common belief that people who don’t fit in are not “real” men and women, and this creates a lot of social pressure, so looking at the people around us gives us zero useful information.

  • Akeuw

    The biology is very complicating, but women are only 52-66% as strong as men in upper body strength. ( This is related to the mass of a man vs a women. So it is biologically correct. Society expects a woman to shave, groom herself, etc. But the strength is not because of society. So woman empowering in strength can be cool because of the strength differences, but it isn’t realistic. But there are always exceptions to the norm.

  • Smartnik

    It doesn’t have anything to with being outdated, but rather the media itself. A DVD is just a small plastic disc, there’s not much you can do with it. And you also have to tell the audience that it’s a DVD and not, say, a music CD or whatever.

    With a VHS you have this big, instantly recognisable object with many parts; you can smash the whole thing, pull out the tape (like in this video, for instance), etc. It just works better as a prop.

  • Cameron Vale

    I’m just saying that there are bad animes with bimbos and guns.

  • Cameron Vale

    Wrong again! Strength is influenced by society in many ways. People are raised to believe that it’s not normal for a woman to be strong. And everyone wants to be normal, so many women hide or sabotage their strength. Me and my sisters were raised on a farm, and we took a half-hour bus ride into town to get to school, where my sisters were stronger than the guys on the football team. This is because of the chores they did on the farm, of course. You can say that they’re “exceptions to the norm” but in reality we’re all exceptions; nobody fits the norm exactly and most people don’t even come close. Men are stronger, but it makes a very small difference compared to other things like your job history, your health history, your lifestyle, your social circles, your body type, and so on.

  • Akeuw

    Women have a clearly different bone structure then men. You can believe in equality and “everyone being an exception” but you can not believe in evolution at the same time. Egalitarians will have you believe that every human being is equal, when some are smarter or stronger than others, and they will have you believe that men and woman are the same.

    “Muscle forces are a strong determinant of bone structure, particularly during the process of growth and development.” ( This leaves us to assume that bones are an indication of muscle forces. The bone structure of women are different from that of men. The statistics show that upper body strength is 52-66% less that of men, on average, but this can’t be a social construct because it is clearly explained by that article explaining how muscle development helps shape bone development (

    Now, I believe that you were stronger then the men on the football team, but it is important to ask ourselves a few questions. Was this before puberty? Puberty is the cause of much strength in men, and women, but it really does make the man come out on top. If you were to compare a farm girl to a lazy fat guy, you would see the farm girl much stronger. But what if the man was put in the same situation, doing the same chores? Or a man and a woman doing the exact same workout. From the evidence I saw, I would hypothesize that the man would be stronger.

  • Cameron Vale

    But let’s imagine that an employer wanted to hire someone with logic or muscles, and didn’t take any of the women who applied seriously, because most women aren’t good at those things. Is that bad?

  • Akeuw

    I think hiring women to work in a logical situations is great, But if you really need a lot of strength, then it is understandable for an employer to hire men over women. That is the problem with affirmative action too, you have employers forced to hire people unable to do a job because of low education, and you have banks being forced to take risky loans, often resulting in bailouts.

  • Alex Lee

    I think that when people think of anime, they think Bleach/Naruto/Dragonball Z, which really is kinda dumb/aimed at ten year olds.

    Obviously, it’s a stereotype, as Monster, Moribito, Cowboy Bebop, etc. clearly isn’t dumb, but the general audience is thinking of the former.

  • Mike Jakermen

    Nice Review

  • AuDiOsAnE

    It’s be funny if they used a DVD and made VHS tape come out of it when destroyed.

  • stripeyunderpants

    Saying that women are more emotional than men is a way of pigeonholing BOTH genders into the roles that have been artificially assigned to them for centuries. It’s not that men aren’t emotional, it’s that society teaches boys that it’s not manly to show their feelings, such as crying when they are sad, scared, or hurt. Saying that this is somehow natural is just silly. It isn’t. Yet these same boring societal expectations can be found in almost every sci-fi/adventure movie out there, thus encouraging people to think of men as the smart, strong ones and the women as the damsels in need of rescuing.

    An extension of this is that men are allowed to be old in movies, but women always have to be young and attractive.The silent teaching is that men are strong and capable even when they are old enough to be grandparents; but when women reach the same age, they are so useless that they can’t even be in this adventure, so let’s use the young woman, instead. At least she can DO something, like swing on a rope while looking sexy. I doubt that we will ever see a 60-year-old woman with gray hair and wrinkles as the hero in an adventure film.

  • stripeyunderpants

    Ah, but the disk could shoot comically out of the slot and embed itself hilariously in someone’s forehead! Comedy gold!

  • Anthony D.

    First of all, probably not a good idea to use that quote when you’re about to defend a director who uses a story to tell special effects rather than using special effects to tell a story.

    lol did you see Man of Steel? I couldn’t tell if Snyder was trying to be a cut-rate J. J. Abrams or a slightly above-average Michael Bay. The guy has no signature style, nothing that distinguishes any of his films as “Zack Snyder films”…other than that they’re all terrible (except for his Dawn of the Dead remake, which was decent).

    The guy goes too overboard when given a large budget and I’d be willing to bet he would have no idea what to do without one. The only answer is to stop allowing him to make films.

    I wouldn’t characterize any film Snyder has made as “smart,” either. And that’s saying something when one of those films is an adaptation of one of the most dense and intellectually stimulating graphic novels of all time. When the guy can take Watchmen and make it, not only less intelligent, but outright boring, that’s a special kind of awful. He’s also going to run DC’s film franchise into the ground, if Man of Steel is any indication.

  • Anthony D.

    Counterpoint: Akira. FLCL.

  • Alex Lee

    Err, I wouldn’t use FLCL as an example of a sensible story. If anything, that show is focused on subverting typical storytelling with how weird it is.

  • guyinthehat

    He’s a visual storyteller first and foremost. The first five minutes of Sucker Punch proves this, as the story is told visually. His films may not be great but he’s a very talented visual filmmaker, all he needs is a good script. Comparing him to Michael Bay is like comparing Robert Rodriguez to Herschell Gordon Lewis.

  • Anthony D.

    If you saw Man Of Steel then you’d understand why I’m comparing him to Michael Bay. Michael Bay is actually a competent “person who is in charge of making what might be considered a movie by the strictest definition of the word” (I hesitate to call him a director, much less a filmmaker), when it comes to the visuals. He just uses story to tell special effects, which is the same thing Zack Snyder does. His films are all style over substance (only the style isn’t even there so I don’t know what to call it).

    Now see you’re making a total false equivalency there with Rodriguez. There is a guy who is a pretty strong director and who has actually made some decent films among the crap he’s also made. Snyder has made 1 decent film (his remake of Dawn of the Dead), other than that, nothing he has ever done is worth seeing.

  • Anthony D.

    But it makes sense with what it’s trying to do. It isn’t just nonsensical for no reason. Subverting traditional storytelling helps elevate it above throwaway anime and makes it great. I always use FLCL as an example when people tell me they don’t like anime and it usually helps them appreciate it more.

  • guyinthehat

    I saw Man of Steel and I guarantee the only reason Snyder went the hand camera/lens flare route was because of Nolan and Goyer. MoS is the only movie that does not have his signature on it.

    All you need to see is one frame in any of his movies (sans Man of Steel) and you can instantly tell it’s one of his. Snyder, unlike Bay, takes the time to frame a shot. His style and blocking more closely resembling noir filmmakers of the past.

    Even Mike and Jay note that he’s a strong visual filmmaker with a unique style and that he can’t be faulted for his visuals.

    Apologies for the false equivalency.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    I don’t understand your complain about me using that quote. What I meant was that Zack Snyder isn’t a person who can think of a good story, but he can make a good story look great.

    Man of Steel was terrible, yes. But Snyder does have a signature style. It’s lacking in MoS, but it is very present in movies like Watchmen, 300, Sucker Punch… Have yet to see Dawn of the Dead.

    David S. Goyer should not be allowed to write. If the Nolans would’ve written Man of Steel completely, I bet it would’ve been great, or at least decent.

    Snyder is not a smart filmmaker. But I don’t feel he pretends to be either. And I am not as offended by Watchmen as you are. Granted, I have not read the graphic novel.

  • Alex Lee

    What was the plot of FLCL? The only thing I got out of it is a teenage boy suffers from extreme growing pains caused by attractive women, but the sci-fi stuff that’s supposed to support the theme of sexuality doesn’t really make sense, which is what the original poster was referring to.

  • Anthony D.

    It’s just a basic coming-of-age/sexual awakening story with sci-fi elements to stand in for the characteristics of puberty. There’s more to it than that, obviously, but I’d have to rewatch it again to go into more detail. I bought the special edition Blu-Ray when it came out a couple years ago so I may do just that this weekend.

  • Alex Lee

    So what was with the “manga” scenes? Or the South Park scene? How did they further the plot?

    I’m not saying it’s terrible overall, but the OP was basically complaining about how it “looks visually cool” at the expense of the story, and FLCL is a story that is as unconventional as it gets in conveying its themes, and I can see why Western audiences can be turned off by it.

    Contrast this to Akira, where the hallucinogenic scenes are directly related to the plot as well as the character. It’s a very straight-forward movie and that’s a perfect example of a story that makes sense, and that’s what’s needed to overturn the claim of “the story doesn’t make any sense.”

  • Xavier

    Cool . . . the review, not so much the movie. Uplifting and empowering, the review, not so much the movie.

  • Akeuw

    You can thank Hollywood for that. Makes me admire Mel Gibson, because he was able to avoid Hollywood with his production studio. And he makes good films that appeal to my natural traditionalist senses.

  • nilbud

    So a cabbage like Tarantino makes this and it’s genius but Snyder makes it and the comicbook nerds throw a tantrum. Such wank.

  • nilbud

    You fucking dunce

  • Akeuw

    Uh oh, here comes the feminazis to deny biology, everyone look at it and laugh.

  • dungeon master

    Nop. There’s an entire universe of difference between Tarantino and Snyder.

  • ThatGuy

    When did Tarantino make this?

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    Your discussion of this as a female-empowerment film was an almost euphoric experience for me.

  • TheSwamp

    Yeah, this movie was shitty. ;(

  • TheSwamp

    And yeah, wow the lighting on these early episodes looks like a baseball stadium.

  • xalener

    Wh–are you talking about Kill Bill?
    That’s what you’re citing as an equivalent to this, supposedly being the exact same thing?


  • xalener

    I saw it as a live action Heavy Metal magazine movie

    Which is fine

  • nilbud

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  • John Connor

    I can’t watch this video. Any negativity spewed forth by these guys towards Sucker Punch will make me hate them forever. The film is my favorite.

  • Pyotyr Young

    It won’t play WUT the fuck

  • Me personally, I love this film

  • EmeraldD



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