Special Edition: The Zookeeper trailer

  • Reginald van der Slythe III

    Now THAT was a beautiful parody of a moronic troll post. It hit all the points: misspellings, bad grammar, completely misses the point, shallow threats, chest-beating, and an utter lack of humor. It really needed more curse words to be perfect, but this is still a great effort!

    *phone rings*

    Yes? What?….it’s real? I see.

    *picks up shotgun*

    I’ll go first.

  • goose_from_topgun

    I genuinely thought that ‘zookeeper’ was indeed a fake/parody trailer at the beginning of this. I was completely sold… Fuck me – why am I really surprised.

  • BrunoT

    It’s bad, but there is so much worse out there that makes tons of money.

  • Tyler Smith

    Got a little drunk last night at a new year’s party and did a really stupid dance. It was embarrassing to think about it until I saw Kevin James acting like a bear. One good thing came from this movie.

  • Hardin

    I uh…laughed at the porcupine gag. Is there something wrong with me?

  • Mitch

    guys, you’re missing the point, the film was stylistically designed to be that way, and while you can’t really change that, you can alter the effects of it.

  • StanleySherbert

    The product placement moment made me physically ill. Physically ill. Physically ill.

  • jim

    id really like to see an review of the full movie by you guys

  • NC

    What did HITB think of Observe and Report? Sure, it was really low-brow and had its fill of ‘awkward’ gags,but just felt more cynical and as a result a lot more realistic and wholesome than most comedies I’ve seen. You know, like one loaf of brown bread in a donut store. Also, it had NO pratfalls or kicks to the crotch. The movie seemed to realise that because Seth’s character was already such a loser, the hilarious moments would be where we expect him to get f*cked-up, but then he dominates instead. I think in the toilet that is the modern comedy genre, the film carries itself very sympathetically and with a great lack of pandering.

  • Kyle

    This was such a great prank episode. I mean, you guys actually thought this was a fake trailer with out confirmation until the end. Ring ring ring. Hello? It was real? Thank you. I’ll go first. Just kidding around.

  • Wasn’t the “romantic” premise of The Zookeeper the EXACT same as Paul Blart: Mall Cop?

  • AlcaldeEste

    This *was* a review of the movie. The joke is the review: Instead of just saying “This has been done a million times before. This has been done a million times before. This has been done a million times before.” throughout the entire movie review, they decided to put a clever twist it. Like in the “Movie 43” review.
    They didn’t actually think that it was a fake trailer. Also, they are not actually VCR repairmen, and they didn’t actually form a suicide pact over the state of modern comedy films.
    Hope that helps!

  • AlcaldeEste

    twist *on it

  • The thing is, there have always been garbage movies like this. It’s easy so think that culture is just deteriorating, but these movies have been being made by struggling comics for more than 50 years. There are plenty of terrible bubblegum comedies from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s, but most people have never heard of them because… well, there’s no reason to watch them… ever.

  • Guest

    This is my favorite Half in the Bag video

  • Wildo

    U guys just “get it.” U never disappoint. Ur always on point. Well done.

  • Guest

    There aren’t enough Up-votes to give to a post like this, so I won’t even try. 1,000,000,000 internets to you, sir.

  • Fanch


  • Uteenee

    Are you from Urth? Looking for artifacts from the Ur? Making friends with Wrex and the others of clan Urdnot? How about spying for Ultimates of Uranus? I can keep going but whatever…

    Also, I wish I had a prize for anyone who gets all the references. Alas, I do not.
    Feel free to keep it going though.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    This episode was so good, I just wanna see moar.

  • Andrew Herlihy

    Oh my god I got the biggest gut laugh from this one

  • breakingglass27

    I don’t know if it’s bad or really good that less than a minute in, I thought, “phone call, gun shot to the head.”

  • Frank

    The TGI Friday’s thing made me cringe. I can’t believe that’s in the trailer.

  • cabbo

    That was a psychological thriller. You laughed at that?

  • TapewormBike

    Come on guys it’s just a comedy, you’re not supposed to think about it and laugh. Plus, what is so wrong with showing TGI Fridays, I love it there and I like gorilas too. You are being way to mean……………Is what I would say before putting a gun in my mouth and making my brain mush splatter all over the wall.

  • Baron Teapot

    This kinda looks like fun, and Mike and Jay even burst out laughing when they showed the “oh, it’s barbed!” bit. I kinda wanna see this. I bet a lot of these movies are just made for little pre-teen kids, who likely find them hilarious. 😀

  • Baron Teapot

    From Paul Blart Mall Cop to The Zookeeper. And again, it’s like poetry, it’s sort of, they rhyme.

  • Bob Chinwag

    It’s gonna be great. That’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be great. That’s gonna be great.

  • Leo Silva

    Moar videos.

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    I never saw the trailer before and I bought it.


    seriously ?

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    Yeah why not? I have to add that I am not familiar with the main actor, which is paramount to giving away the gag. Sure the effects being above average made me doubtful, but I was at least under the spell for about half this video. Jay and Mike act like sarcastic pricks all the time, so that wasn’t much of an indicator.

  • Evil Antonio

    sex and the single girl, what’s new pussycat, and the 60’s casino royale just to name a few.

  • Robby

    Tapeworm I love you. I’m dying.

  • TapewormBike

    Another victim of Da Worm! Muahaha etc.


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