Short Versions

  • Larry Spillminder

    Why would I want to watch a short version of an awesome show?

  • JimTreacher

    You’ve been poisoned and have but moments to live?

  • brilliant.

  • Jack Dunn

    You could think of it as some sort of last rights. I’ve watched ever Plinkett review at least twice, watched all the HitB, and some how implement his advice in my daily life. Somehow I feel I’m not the only one. Red Letter Media could a religion. I mean think about- they are a bunch of hack-frauds. Like any other religion.

  • Short N Sweet

    I was hoping this would be Half In The Bag episodes hosted by midgets. Dang.

  • wikiality

    I’m still waiting for HitB and RLM erotic fan art and slashfic to be inevitably spawned by the internet. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t yet.

  • Mark Bisone
  • wikiality

    Not her. Never her.

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    No one for Jay forever!! YAAAAY!!!!

  • HNSZ


  • Asmodeusz

    After watching the same episode for a 7th time, u might want to watch a little different version.


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