Robot and The Last Circus

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  • Astor

    Alex de la Iglesia is a Spaniard cult director that started in horror and who eventually made it big. I would compare him to Peter Jackson or Sam Raimi (minus the slapstick and over-the-top gore). I heartily reccommend 1995′s “The Day of the Beast” (“El Dia de la Bestia”), it’s probably his best film and it’s great, it’s a horror dark comedy. I seriously seriously seriously reccommend it, if anyone’s reading this at least go check it at IMDB or something and see if your interest gets piqued up.

    • Guest

      Just watched El Dia de la Bestia last night thanks to your awesome recommendation Astor! Highly enjoyable film.

  • skagboy

    space dollars :D

  • Riki

    I almost only watch foreign movies, cos every movie that isn’t Austrian is a foreign movie for me.

  • Matthew Shannon

    foreign films are only automatically better if they are asian.

  • Ted

    I just noticed plinket had
    a picture of mike on his curio cabinet

  • Malevolence

    I stopped watching during the Komodo Dragon pit…What I liked about the Daniel Craig James Bonds is that its more realistic than the other films, This Bond feels like he could die, he isn’t invincible. I dont want to have another Pierce Brosnan Bond

    • guest

      How in the fuck did you end up leaving a comment about Skyfall on this unrelated episode that’s a year old?

      • juchmis

        Because he was watching Skyfall and then this loaded in the player.

  • what

    You didn’t destroy the movie and Mike wasn’t there???

  • Krackerjax

    Is that time machine just the communication device from your 48 hour film “The Great Space Jam”?

  • ColinJ

    Goddamn, I hate Bollywood movies…

  • MrCompton

    In space dollars. Duh!

  • Sully

    I noticed that too. I kept hoping it would land on his eye.

  • Sully

    For the curious, The Last Circus is currently on Netflix.

  • Insert Name Here

    Why not time travel to when vcd repair was at its height? They would be rich!

  • MarchingHome

    I love how the fly videobombs the interview at 6.05.
    Also: Wilhelm Scream at 3.51.

  • Diep in de nacht?

    At 19:59… Is that Walter Sobchak?

  • Robert Fitl

    I saw Last Circus. The opening scene was awesome, but it just got crazy and stupid by the end. I kept asking myself why people would be helping these two insane clowns with machine guns, both missing most of their faces and obviously out of their minds.

  • stripeyunderpants

    It’s Space Plinkett!


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