Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Cyphan Con 2011

  • Strelnikov

    At 13:32 you can see Svengoolie signing autographs.

  • Not Andy Dick

    Why you gotta be so hard on Dick, huh?

  • Ricardo

    so Silence of the Lambs is passable, because you only care about Hannibal, and he’s in 17 minutes, out of 100-ish

  • ex1lepr0

    Tell me, how does cynicism feel, good sir?

  • Lara

    John Lithgow is a genius! Gave me nightmares after Dexter season 4 and still made me cry like a baby over his disease in this movie. That´s gotta be talent..

  • kyliefanboy

    that guy from the thidh rock looks like a serial killer. I would imagine,that if he would be a such a monster, they would call him the TRINITY. It’s a good example that when you cast people, you don’t have to cast people based on “how they look” but how good actors are they. In Dexter, the “thidth rock dude” was amazing as I always though that he’d be a funnyguy or some super villain from cliffhanger…me bes drunk so me opinion is messy,

  • emanuel reuter


  • proghead777

    Because there’s a lot more to a movie than a good performance. You can have a great performance in an utterly shitty movie. It happens, and not all that rarely.

  • Thank god they broke that damn vase.

  • ajroach

    fuck off its their review not yours

  • For your information, kind sir: Planet of the Apes was based on a French novel titled La Planète des singes, published originally in 1963. It was written by the same Frenchman who wrote The Bridge Over the River Kwai. Author and Frenchman Pierre Boulle is not known for being a stoner.

  • Wait, Joe Dante? Didn’t he make Small Soldiers, the movie that made Andy Dick murder Phil Hartman?

  • Hosse

    I was thinking of that same article, and I was gonna post it. Cracked is the best website to ever exist.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    To be fair, the people who know that probably sum up to the number of 10 in all the planet, so…

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    It’s not a prequel, it’s in fact a reboot. Or at least so it says on the Wikipedia page. There are plenty of nods to the original Charlton Heston movie, but still…

  • Lee Balderson

    ‘Sorry, we’re unable to play this episode.’ WHATS GOING ON I CANT WATCH ANYTHING!?

  • Morgan Jones

    “I think he might be a sex pervert” as opposed to what other kind of pervert?

  • Quitch

    Those interviews were excellent, as opposed to incredibly awkward like I was expecting.

  • AlcaldeEste

    “Who the hell cares if you call it a sequel, prequel, reboot, reimagining, readaptation, reshoot, or whatever. It’s got a name that people recognize.”
    – Every Hollywood studio exec

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    Like Rich Evans said once:

    ” “It says Star Wars! Here’s my money!” or “It says Spider-Man! Here’s my money!” “

  • Cameron Vale

    It says Planet Of The Apes! Here’s my monkey!

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    Take your stinking paws of my monkey, you damn dirty exec!

  • cabbo

    Yeah, that word basically means someone who twists something for their own personal benefit.

  • ThomasHFoolery

    Did anyone else notice the ghost thing that flashes up at 20:34?

  • splimis

    I like the jungly music in the episode. Appropriate and nice to listen to. Reminds me of playing Civilization 3.

  • Simon

    The grin on Mike’s face after he smashes the vase is priceless.

  • Skewed_View

    Spoiler alert!

  • Cassidy Fitzgerald Liston

    The message in the movie is terrible: Science and humans are bad, nature is good. What philosophical tripe.

  • Vincent Assington

    Not all the humans in the movie are bad. Obviously some of them have to be bad or there wouldn’t be a story.

    The idea that this movie is simply pro-nature and anti-science is absurd, because science is what empowers the apes to fight for their freedom.

  • andrew thompson

    to soon!

  • Guest

    Really tho

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DOX1Poxro4

    Don’t forget that other time he lived with a sentient apeish forest dweller trying to assimilate to human society…

  • Zefram Mann

    Bingo. This goes doubly so for the sequel where we see good and bad humans AND apes. It’s amazing how much subtlety was used in a movie about a super-intelligent chimpanzee.

  • Cassidy Fitzgerald Liston

    Take stock of the humans in this movie:

    • Draco Malfoy – A vindictive miscreant.
    • Various, stereotypical greedy middle-managers and clueless corporate boardroom members.
    • James Franco, who through his incompetence causes the entire downfall of mankind.
    • James Franco’s dad from 3rd rock, arguably the most innocent character as he’s a victim of a terrifying disease.

    It’s tripe. Watch Plinkett’s review of AVATAR and his point about how the Na’Vi are designed to be utterly faultless and sympathetic contrasted against the paper-thin stereotypes of the military and corporate overlords. It’s the same deal with this movie. This movie, like Avatar, asserts (wrongly) that all humans are bad, incompetent or irresponsible with science.

    Edit: for what it’s worth, the sequel to this movie is much, MUCH better because it sticks to a plot driven directly by character-motives instead of getting preachy.

  • Hank_Henshaw

    I must be one of the few that likes Silence of the Lambs more because of Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling than because of Hopkins as Lecter. Buffalo Bill is pretty awesome in it too.

  • You Got the Problem

    I thought ROTPOTA was okay, James Franco was indeed a nonentity and the movie could’ve been smarter but the movie is essentially engaging and has some good moments I have to admit though that as a whole it wasn’t very memorable, just adequate.

  • Sam

    I wish they would do more Con videos in the future, this one was hilarious “it was great to meet some of the fan”

  • John Nelson

    It makes me cry that Robert Picardo doesn’t know what a Dalek is.

  • jimmy

    ” At first I thought, ‘Oh no. It’s… this.’ ”


  • Martín Galarza Flores

    I remember the first time I saw this episode, the vase was behind them and I thought: “Oh my God, that fucking vase again, I bet they’re going to keep that in there without ever talking about it forever just to screw with fans.”

    And then Mike just hit it. I laughed so hard someone came inside thinking I had accidentally hit myself with something.

  • Andrew Dickman

    Oh my gawwwwd what was that brown spooky ghost at the end?

  • atheistconservative

    I honestly don’t know what to think when they like objectively terrible movies like this. All I can remember from this horrible film is that stupid scene where the guy is late for a meeting so he calls work and says “there are monkeys all over!” and ha hah hah they don’t believe him oh my sides.


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