Red Tails

  • Daniël Huisman

    That’s a Delirium Nocturnum in the foreground. WTF?!

  • Strelnikov

    It’s a shame this was a flaming bag of shit; we need more WW II air movies, “The Battle of Britain” (1968) just isn’t cutting it anymore.

  • Cody

    George Lucas go home!
    you ruined star wars! is your movie, but there is a boundary between the new and stupid.
    and used the african-American argument, to try to sell another bad movie! is not aboutracism, there are many movies with black people, great movies, but you used yourcamera A and B again, wasting the cast, and promoting other movie video game action!
    please retire!

  • Guestman

    Too many “like” in the reviews. It’s like the review is like loaded with that sort-of like f-word and like not the good f-word and I mean like….

  • Deimos

    A great excuse for Lucas. By picking a movie that included black characters he could defend its merits by a supposed faceless racist. Meanwhile he didn’t give a shit about the typical anti-German propaganda image that was displayed. Just as it was stated it was also racist for white people, in that the fighter escorts were carelessly egocentric. Battle of Britain was a kickass historical aviation film. The action scenes felt like in many ways as if it was scripted by a child.

    “Wow that jet is fast, i better go pick up some altitude so i can keep up as i later go into a dive”

    Meanwhile the Me-262 action is paused while the P-51 pilots gain whatever advantage they seek.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    George Lucas does have a extremely big ego, but I trust him enough that he is telling the truth about the racism in hollywood, and honestly the progession of uniting minorities with a whole movie that isn’t stereotype on the regular basis is very unlikely, but honestly we shouldn’t blame 100% on hollywood, but that minority directors should be held accountable too.. think of all the black movies made by spike lee, most of them is no different then what hollywood do all the time, he’s hypocrite, sure he can say that’s it’s to promote blacks, but honestly he’s just a big headed ego man who uses race to a coat to cling on to his power. it’s not just him but tyler perry too..if BOTH majorities and minorites can QUIT sticking to there own power/race cause of grudges their great grandfathers have been through, then maybe will have more unified races on regular bases, meaning no obvious evil germans, or black gangster always dying first etc. you wanna know why most people respect will smith, morgan freeman, and denzel washington is because they don’t mind unifying with whites, there not selfish like spike lee who PRETENDS it’s for a good cause of his race, when really all he is doing is holding them back, why can’t spike lee ever make movies with full whites and few blacks? it’s things like these that bring people to enjoy movies and it become a normal phase,but till black directors actually invest in REAL movies where it’s more mainstream meaning that whites don’t have to be the badguy and it won’t be obviously a black movie, then hollywood and future of american movies will change to a more diverse movie.. maybe then blacks in movies won’t be known as “that black guy”

  • EthnicallyOffended

    And what’s the deal with airplane food? It doesn’t even taste like airplanes.

  • JohnWaynman

    Unless a movie makes objective claims about what it contains and what it doesn’t, and then turns out to have been lying about it, you technically can’t cry “foul” or “scam” no matter how bad it is.

    All you can do is criticize… just like you’d criticize a Shakespeare in the Park performance. Because, ultimately, you pay to see the movie, and any movie you see can turn out to be bad, or not meet your tastes. There’s normally reading reviews and stuff like that, to reduce the probability of that happening.

    No, not believing the promoters or fucking Oprah, but some reviews that are usually more reiliable.

  • Steve

    Here’s an idea. STOP. PEDDLING. DRUGS.

  • Steve

    You notice how you got two mark downs? Yeah, that’s because people are hard-wired with political correctness. Nobody wants to talk about the racism against whites that is RAMPANT in the media, Hollywood, and culture in general. As a comedian pointed out, it’s OKAY to call whites “white trash” for example, but we can’t even be calm or rational when even discussing the historical usage of the word “nigger” for it is so offensive and so politically incorrect it damn near causes a riot. Racism, in terms of laws that are racist, has been by and large abolished. I wish people would understand that. you’re never going to eliminate all racism. There will always be bigots and ignorant fools out there.

  • Shane Ainsworth

    Here’s a mildly interesting coincidence…. I was perusing the Red Tails IMDb page and apparently the editor of it (Ben Burt) made a documentary short about the movie Glory back in 1991.

  • Jakoporeeno

    Spike lee is racist

  • Grand Sorcerer

    Wow, if I didn’t despise George Lucas enough already….

  • ffffff

    fuck these verison ads jeeeeesus

  • proghead777

    I remember when I first went to see The Fellowship of the Ring in the theater. It was opening day, so December 19, 2001. There were A LOT of black people there and they did not seem to notice or care that the cast was 100% white (with the exception of some of the actors who played Uruk Hai warriors who were Maori, though given the make-up, no one could have known that). I know for a fact that the group sitting in front of me, all black, loved the SHIT out of that movie. Racism is alive and well in America. No reasonably astute person disputes that. But it’s also not 1945 anymore. Things have changed. We (white and black Americans) are not so far apart these days as we once were.

  • DavidHilbert


  • Helvetica36

    I think it’s a little bit more complicated than that…

  • DanceK

    “It looks like a big movie, it looks professional, it has movie stars in it…”
    Oh it does? Well, then, can MUST be a good movie!

  • kylez

    i agree with almost everything you say, but i think you hold back with the “by and large” qualifier. laws that are racist (and that means intentionally, not just having more negative consequences on minorities, like many liberal policies do) have been completely abolished for half a century now. or can you think of any that fit into that small exception category? (if perhaps you didn’t just mean in the u.s. i’m sure there are plenty throughout the world.)

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Glory is a movie about nice blacks being oppressed by evil whites, and then rescued by nice whites. Hollywood’s made a ton of movies like this, and unironically claimed them as anti-racism films, which is messed up if you think about it. It’s basically saying that racism is okay against blacks that aren’t nice, and that only white people can fight racism. I wonder what would happen if you applied a black version of the Bechdel test, checking how often you see black people talking to black people about something other than white people in modern Hollywood films, because I suspect this is the kind of thing George Lucas was referring to in those interviews.

  • OpenMaw

    Not really.

  • OpenMaw

    Peddling ideas about racism that no longer apply is just as bad.

  • Steve

    Here in the U.S. I think that it’s more of a political thing than a legal thing now. There are many corporations that have these very strange rules about hiring based on ethnicity. I’ve had personal experience, and members of my family have had personal experience, wherein a corporation will pass over certain ethnic groups if they need to fill in some kind of a quota for “diversity” never mind that the qualifications of the person who was hired were grossly under the person they passed over. It’s ridiculous… But that’s the politically correct racism.

  • Steve

    Did we watch the same movie? Glory features Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman, and several of the other supporting black characters discussing issues of racism, freedom, independence and ignorance, not to mention taking on the responsibilities and the pride and respect of their duties.

  • Åpex

    Not only had the movie already been done, it had been done by the same actor, and better.

  • Gary McLean

    I thought this movie was really simplistic and dumb. Too bad, because the real story it’s based on is quite compelling.

  • Starone

    Funny how so little of this long post actually talked about the movie and instead complained about what you perceive as wrong black people. Racism still exists, and like it or not, a group that has historically been the victims of racism will be very sensitive to it, or the claims of it, whether it’s justified or not, whether said people themselves have experienced it or not. And I don’t like how you stereotype black people as a whole as sheep that will rally behind anything without any thought or reason as soon as accusations of racism come up. Not all black people are like that. Also, never start a comment with “I’m not racist, but….”, it never makes you look any less racist.

  • hal 9000

    Ok insanity troll. I’ll bite. What are you talking about? Millions die because of free and unrestricted economies as opposed to planned economies. Explain looney toon.

    The holocaust was made possible because of an American adding machine company that developed modern computing for use in fire control on battleships in response to the inevitable war in Europe. I don’t know what IG-Farben is or was but I’m guessing you don’t either.

  • Bill

    I’ve got a few thoughts about Glory.

    The movie portrays them accurately with white officers. Black people were being integrated into an all white Northern Army. If they had been portrayed otherwise it would have been a lie and a terrible disservice to black people.

    Morgan Freeman rises to the rank of Sergeant Major through the course of the movie. If you know anything about military history you’ll know that Sergeant Major is a big deal. He’s the top dog; as high as an enlisted man can rise. Morgan Freeman’s character does this on merit. In a white Army. That’s cool and inspiring.

    The black unit volunteers to be the vanguard in an insane daytime forward assault over an occupied beach. They weren’t chosen because they were black for this dangerous duty. This was considered an honor which they volunteered for and were selected over other units that also wanted to lead the assault. They were chosen for merit, fought like wildcats, died next to white brothers in arms, and the assault still failed.

    Sucks that they couldn’t win WWII and bomb Berlin but that’s how war goes and so goes real life. They weren’t given anything but earned their place in the line of battle. They contributed in their part in a war that was ultimately a victory. Its based in reality and showcases realistic expectations of what can be achieved. Glory is the best “black” war movie around.

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    Who would want to watch a “shorter version”?

  • Except Xenogears was an awesome game about gnosticism, Freudian psychology and giant robots, and Red Tails was about… well, this movie had more nothing in it than Zaat.

  • Agreed. I watch lots of RLM shows on Youtube, since my Android Tablet can’t handle the Blip versions, for some reason. I hate the idea of missing any of the runtime of the originals, though.

  • Fah Q

    That’s called “Affirmative Action”.

  • infernocanuck

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • G. Jardoness

    I love George Lucas, but it’s long past time for an intervention… Even with 4 billion dollars in the bank, spending 100 million on a remake of a better made T.V. movie from nearly 20 years ago is misguided to say the least. Of course it’s a worthy story. And handled correctly, it could’ve been an extraordinary movie. But it’s not.

  • AlcaldeEste

    I’m surprised that they would bring up Saving Private Ryan as an example of a balanced portrayal of Germans. That was my main problem with Saving Private Ryan. Every American soldier in that movie is just heroic in the face of danger and cares about his comrades, and every German soldier is either a psychopath or a complete coward douchebag who’s ready to betray his country on a whim. What’s wrong with portraying them as regular people too?
    I take it that it’s even more ridiculous in Red Tails.

  • adanmgarcia

    No. Don’t you guys get it. George Lucas always has to try to prove to himself that he’s a good film maker because he feels guilty that he’s cashed in on something he didn’t actually create, Star Wars. That’s why he always has to involve himself in projects he should have no business in.

  • Bill

    @ 20:35 the look on Oprah’s face is priceless. This kind of editing and comedic timing is why Red Letter Media is probably my favorite source of entertainment right now!

  • oblivion328

    He also said World War I. Pretty sure it was meant to be a joke about the factual accuracy of the film.

  • williamsn411

    There are a couple of things that I’ve learned from George Lucas and from watching “Red Tails”:

    1.) If a film studio doesn’t want to distribute your movie then it’s because they’re racist and not because your movie is a piece of shit

    2.) There has never been a major motion picture starring an all black cast until Lucas brought us “Red Tails”.

  • Tommy O.

    Because noone gives a fuck about real people 😀

  • Daniel T

    I was just watching this and they mention the escape where they dug the tunnel short of the woods and I realized that might be a Great Escape reference. Who knows

  • Adolf

    God dammit I used to think their stories were dumb but now Jay and Mike are my favorite part of the show.

  • Akeuw

    Yeah I remember reading that.

  • Akeuw

    I think the problem here is that you love George Lucas. He is an ass. You can like star wars, but to like George Lucas?

  • cabbo

    That little apple logo.

  • Some Guy

    I know this post is 2 months old, but I felt the need to respond anyway. In Saving Private Ryan, Upham, an American soldier, watches Mellish, a fellow American soldier, die in a knife fight with the “Steamboat Willie” German soldier from earlier in the film. Upham could have very easily walked in and shot Steamboat Willie and saved Mellish. It’s made even worse when Steamboat Willie walks right by Upham and Upham collapses to the floor and cries like a little girl. Was that being heroic in the face of danger and caring about his comrade? Upham later “redeems” himself by shooting Steamboat Willie, but the point stands he was a pussy up until then. There are barely any interactions with the German soldiers aside from Steamboat Willie that it’s hard to definitively say that every German soldier is either a psychopath or a complete coward douchebag.

    In that earlier scene with Steamboat Willie, his machine gun nest had been destroyed and was by himself against almost a dozen American soldiers, and he thought they were going to kill him because he killed one of the Americans so he did what he could to save his own skin. Hell, the Americans were about to do just that (execute an unarmed POW, which would make the Americans look like the psychopaths) until Upham stepped in. The fuck is he supposed to do, charge at them and sacrifice himself needlessly? I thought that was a pretty realistic portrayal of what someone fearing for their life would do.

    But maybe we saw different movies called Saving Private Ryan, I don’t know.

  • omgnoway

    When the review portion seemed to be coming to a close I wondered what the hell else was there to say… then you guys mention a George Lucas analogy. My god that was fascinating. The contradictions, the out of touch with reality, the false accusations, the denial or secretive manipulative marketing. He markets a movie supposedly about racism, calls Hollywood racist, then bands “people” together to see his god awful movie, as a way to make money. This in turn makes George more racist then the actual racists in the movie. So fascinating… at least Lucas is good for something now. Character studies.

  • Cierra

    Yeah but Daniela Ruah’s hot so that made up for everything.

    Seriously though, it was aight. Forgettable, like ya’ll said. Maybe a little predictable, but hey. I think we all need a little… mediocrity (for lack of a better word) every now and then. Like a go to movie that’s borderline cheesy with a foreseeable ending just to tide us over. After all, not every film can be a record breaking Iron Man 3 starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Aniston. Hell, I didn’t even think it was half bad until I started reading some reviews, but I’m not a critical person (if you can’t tell already). In fact the only thing offsetting to me about this film was the budget?? Where did they even put all that money?!?!?!!??!?!?! Certainly not into the editing. What, were those air force uniforms made out of priceless Indian silk, or were the planes made of platinum?
    Concerning the portrayal of racism, above all I think this movie was supposed to be an action and therefore dealing with such a touchy-feely topic wasn’t on the top of their to do list. And the effects for an action kind of sucked, but hey. Whatevs. Like I said, you can’t get too spoiled with amazing film after amazing film. And DANIELA RUAH. ‘Nuff said.

  • Cameron Vale

    What are you, George’s lawyer?

  • Cameron Vale

    Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy?

  • Cirric Fylenco

    It was a good trick…say white Hollywood didn’t want people to see it….blacks and liberals will be far more likely to see it.

  • Alex Lee

    Trapped in the Nibelung, I think.

  • asdf

    Me too! I watched it a second time while rubbing cocoa butter on my nipples!!

  • TrangleC

    Guess you just can’t be a billionaire hermit for 30 years and then all of a sudden try to do “culturally relevant” stuff.
    What was really revealing though was the apparently mandatory support this piece of shit got from black celebrities. Are those people really that stupid and gullible that they have to support something like that just because somebody told them there is some racist conspiracy against it?
    Ah well, it isn’t as if any other group of Americans were harder to manipulate by appealing to their tribalistic paranoia and base instincts.

  • TrangleC

    This Steamboat Willie guy certainly isn’t a very dignified and balanced portrayal of a German soldier.

    I found his sniveling, dog-like begging rather unrealistic. When you watch real footage of captured soldiers, even those who know they’ll get killed, like in videos from the Chechnyan war for example, they usually are rather scared stiff and don’t say or do much at all.

    The movie’s message was clearly that Germans are cowardly scum and that it was a mistake to let that one live.

  • Frank

    That bit with George talking to Jon Stewart about Red Tails being the first all-black action movie… ay, so embarrasing!

  • Cole Christie

    people should have know it was Bad/Not relevant when Denzel Washington
    had nothing to do with it

  • Alex Lee

    I thought he was talking about the 70s when he was trying to pitch it.

  • DrWhiggs

    Xenogears is the game with all the panty shots of a ten year old girl.

  • Dane Corle

    That would be Xenosaga.

  • TapewormBike

    George Lucas is really big in the African American community.

  • SteelQueen

    Red Tails is not a good movie indeed, so it’s fun to watch these guy tear it apart, but George Lucas has a point there. The only major action I can think of that had NEXT to all black cast is Bad Boys, oh and Bad Boys II. Blade has the black lead, some black extras, but it’s not all black movie, same goes for all major studio action movies with black leads.

    Blacksploitation movies never had a wide release, definitely nowhere close to Hollywood movie release. So, it’s true that Red Tails is the blackest major action movie so far, at least of those I’ve seen.

  • Ben

    Really what SPR did well is depict what war is like. It’s not about one side being good or bad, it’s two groups of men trying to kill each other. There’s no room for morality there.

    I think it depicted Germans fairly, they’re the enemy of the protagonists, so it’s natural they’ll come off as “the bad guys” but really they just acted like men in war times generally act.

    The other reason I think it was fair, is the fact that it’s arguable that the film actually depicted the Americans doing WORSE things. When the German soldiers surrender at the beginning, the Americans shoot them and laugh about it. When Steamboat Willy tries to surrender they are about to kill him just out of blind anger.

    anyway, the point isn’t about which side was depicted fairly, it’s a film about how inhuman war is.

  • Mike Jakermen

    Wasn’t that the HBO Mini-Series. Yeah it was better.

  • Mike Jakermen

    I think the thing i found most ridiculous about this movie. Was that one of the pilots fly over a village. He sees a girl. Next Day he knows her address and its like there already dating.

  • Alex Lee

    Ummm, remember “Glory?” Sure, Matthew Broderick was the commanding officer, but it’s clearly a movie that was about black people fighting for the sake of their race. And that’s what Red Tails should have been…except it wasn’t.

  • stripeyunderpants

    I would like a running tally of how many VCRs they’ve busted up over the course of these shows. All the local thrift stores must be wondering why they keep buying the things.

  • stripeyunderpants

    That whole “love scene” sounds exactly like the sort of thing George Lucas would create. He has NO concept of how real human beings behave when they are really in love. I don’t understand how the guy ever got married.

    “We don’t know how to market this movie” means “Your movie is crap. It can’t decide if it’s action, drama, love story, friendship story, or whatever-the-fuck. Figure it out, then come back and we’ll see what you’ve got.” Or, in George’s case, it means, “You’re George Lucas. No fucking way.” The way Oprah sucks up to him is kinda creepy.

  • SteelQueen

    Yes, I remember “Glory” and it had a white lead. SURE it was about African Americans but it was not ALL BLACK, very far from it. That is the point.

  • TapewormBike

    To be honest, Glory is great, but Zwick pulled that shit over and over again (So, DiCaprio is our hero in Africa and Tom Cruise in 18th century Japan?)

  • TapewormBike

    (or 19th, if you wish to pick a nit)

  • Najja Kossally

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for the commentary. I have recently discovered Red Letter Media and really enjoy these videos. I think the commentary towards the end of this video is something I’d like to provide feedback on. I agree that George Lucas was incorrect to accuse Hollywood of being racist by not releasing his film. And George Lucas was certainly a bit out of touch and self-important. However, I believe that it is the case that few movies specifically target black audiences due to concerns over profit. There are also limited roles for African American actors. The case is even worse for Asian Americans who have little visible presence in Hollywood outside of the technical behind the scenes work. Thus, while George Lucas made an incorrect argument, the kind of argument he made is not invalid in all instances.
    What do you guys think?

  • Steph

    I really hate that whole “we have a RIGHT to fight!” speech in this movie. Especially when you compare it to the original movie, where the character has a great speech talking about how nobody cared that the Olympians who won against Hitler’s “master race” were black. And he very pointedly says, “Are we to be Americans only when the need suits you?”


  • ikilledacat

    The trailer made this movie out to be watchable, but everything the boys said is right on…it was a hot mess. I really wanted to like it. So funny that Lucas truly believes it was a race thing. There are tons of black cast movies; this movie didn’t get picked up because it was just god awful. Too true about the love subplot; most of this movie is forgettable but I remember laughing out loud when the pilot somehow is able to see the Italian woman’s face – fall in love and somehow track her house (which looks like all the others) down. Add to that she doesn’t speak English. Cracked me up that this first draft subplot ended up getting filmed. I truly believe Lucas micromanages his directors as a producer and ends up destroying the film’s integrity (the same can be said for Indy 4). Makes me worry for Star Wars as I’m sure he’ll micromanage the shit outta that and puppetmaster JJ into making yet another flop.

  • Zero Sum

    First time I noticed the bottle of Delerium (perhaps its first appearance?). Nice choice.

  • Alex Lee

    I really hope Abrams has more spine than that, because he knows that his position as the director of any subsequent movies is based on how well VII does.

  • TexasDice

    I am german and do have a big scar over my face.
    We also love to kill little dogs and children, while lifting the right arm and eating a Schnitzel later.

    I felt well represented.

  • Pissernacht

    Not that I’m disagreeing with you, but for my part, I don’t want to see a movie about this or that race unless it directly pertains to the story. It’d be decidedly weird to see an action movie with nothing but Vietnamese immigrants in it, or a cop drama with an all Latino cast. If it seems like Hollywood leans towards white people, maybe that is just demographics saying there are more whites than anyone else and, by extension, there are more white actors?

  • Punkster

    I haven’t seen this movie yet but now I am interested to see just how bad it actually is. I think Lucas was deliberately playing the race card in an effort to flog his movie.
    No one was interested because it was crap and because Georgie has to make his money back, he used the old racist BS to sell it! That is DISGUSTING!

    I wonder who started the campaigns on Facebore and Twatter? Actually I don’t really, it seems pretty obvious.

  • Jason

    As a white racist (redundant?) it makes me so happy to see George Lucas scamming black people out of millions of dollars with such a shameless appeal to their vanity and victim complex. You go, George! At this rate you’ll make Grand Dragon in no time 😉

  • Miguel Angel Teran

    You don’t know how the guy got married? he’s freakin’ billionare, that’s how he got married.

  • Aaron John

    Hollywood reflects 1970’s demographics, when it comes to the racial make up of America. White non-hispanic Americans are approximatly 65% of the population, but are disproportionately represented on screen. Indeed, aside from Will Smith/Samuel L Jackson/Denzel Washington I don’t think there are that many consistantly “A list” black actors who are entrusted to carry a film as it’s lead. Sure, Morgan Freeman and Forest Whitaker often have supporting roles, but not as lead actors. Vin Diesel has claimed that his mixed heritage and ambiguous skin tone allows him to cross the divide. Also “action movie with nothing but Vietnamese immigrants in it” sounds interesting. I would have no problem watching that if it was a good film, because it can be interesting to watch a film as an outsider, to see events that you don’t necessarily relate directly to. And as for a all Latino cast in a cop drama, well as they comprise approx 16% of the USA’s population, perhaps having more than one minority in an entire police department on screen would be a less dramatic first step.

    I think that the argument was framed wrong in the video. I think it’s a valid point to say “I’ve never heard people refuse to go see a film because the story was about black people”, you’d have to have a really bad group of friends to hear that. However, I think it’s a valid point to say that Hollywood studios make generializations about who an audience can relate to so seem to insist on having white lead characters in its films, such as in Glory, Last Samurai, World War Z etc, films that could have stood alone without a white main character (well except for Last Samurai, but that has its own problems (“Tom Cruise is a better at your own culture than you are!”)).

    I don’t buy Lucas’ argument, saying “They didn’t want to put this film out because it was too black!” just smacks of rabble rousing to make a social network buzz, and is pretty disgusting to be honest. However, I can buy that the studios perhaps considered it a fault, that in addition to Red Tails being a mess, not having faith that Lucas was a box office draw and perhaps that the all black cast wasn’t going to help the film out. All speculation of course.

    However, as further anecdotal evidence Danny Glover apparently has a film script of the slave rebellion in Haiti, a biopic on Toussaint L’Ouverture, but he’s not found a studio to back it as every time he’s shown it around there has been an insistance the script include a white main character. On a biopic about black slaves. Yeah.

  • Pissernacht

    Wait, really!? White lead…for a biopic of a black slave revolt? Fuck me…

    Anyway, I have to give you all of that. You’re points are more than valid, in fact they’re disgustingly, depressingly valid. Sometimes, however, it’s just nice to play devil’s advocate every now and then.

    My argument still stands and in reverse, too, since it’d feel weird seeing the Raid 2’s action with white people…like a farce or something. Yeah, that’s my prejudice, but I own up to it. Likewise I remember “American Gangster” and its characters not feeling, put bluntly, black enough. It’s genuinely hard to describe…

    If I had to sum it up, as detestable as it may be, in some regards, color and culture aren’t exclusive of one another. Call it bigoted, but bigotry still exists, no matter how much we don’t want it to. Doesn’t mean we can try to fight it, indeed we should! Likewise, that action movie with an all Vietnamese cast, well hop to it Hollywood! That’s some of my money you could potentially have right there…

  • Daniel

    Lets add 12 Years A Slave to the mix

  • Joel Farrelly

    To be fair, Hollywood has never been afraid to distribute a bad movie either. My suspicion is that they simply didn’t want to spend any money releasing a Lucas film, considering his recent track record of producing absolute crap.

  • Jesse Carozza

    So… I actually saw Red Tails on TV today.

    Mike did not fake those deliveries. At all. And Lightning’s death scene was supposed to be tragic, but because of the choices made in editing… it’s macabrely hilarious, in a “that’s not how you should ever attempt to be tragic, ever” way.

  • Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

    I prefer “Fakebook”.

  • Is that sarcasm? I can never tell whether or not pussified white cunts are moaning about nothing and playing the victim, or being satirical. Its a blind spot.

  • Jason

    oh fuck. just what I come to rlm for: dealing with humourless, tiresome british wankers.
    look, kid, whatever it is you think you’re doing here, it’s both unwarranted and unwanted. so how do you say “get lost” in british? oy, fuck off round the corner, mate! something like that? well, whatever, you get the message.

  • jimmy


  • jimmy

    I doubt Lucas actually directed much of the movie, but Anthony Heminway was no doubt influenced by Lucas, so it’s natural that his style of directing is very similar.

    I also think the rejection of the film by executives because it wasn’t ‘marketable’ actually does sound reasonable, sadly. Well… not sadly because Red Tails is nothing to write home about. Maybe Lucas was being to some degree manipulative about it pulling the race card, but he seems like he’s being genuine in saying why the film was rejected. As someone in another comment has mentioned, Hollywood ain’t afraid to market a bad film.


    I agree with everything in the review except for the last couple minutes. It’s a great sentiment to say “Let’s just treat everyone as people instead of classifying them” but it’s a lot harder to ignore your own race when you are constantly reminded by everyone and everything around you that you are different from them.

    Even your list of movies that came after Spike Lees comment is a case in point; movies that might be intended to be empowering for Black people, which is great and all, but they are usually marketed as “Black movies about Black people Being Black”. It can turn into yet another way to set you apart from everyone else.

    Yes, George Lucas probably had a hard time selling this film more because it sucks than because it was an all Black cast, and Yes, Spike Lee and Oprah Winfrey are both completely full of shit, but you can’t argue that racism is over. Especially not in hollywood.

  • Grackene

    It took 12 years to make.

  • Robert Cain

    Heck we have REAL emials saying this exact thing George lucas is claiming. from sony Producers. IT IS A THING. George was just 3 years too soon in making these cliams. this is one thing he was right about

  • tranglec

    Of course you are right that there is a lot of racism in Hollywood, but they aren’t really denying that. The basic premise of their review was that this movie and Lucas’ self serving marketing campaign for it is a bad way of addressing and fighting that racism.

    It helps nobody to make a movie about something important, that has the quality of a cheap Saturday morning cartoon, use a young black director like a sock puppet and then act as if that would be some sort of milestone for black film makers or the black community in general. It is unfortunate when black people fall for it and support this out of touch billionaire hermit and treat the insulting crap he produced like it is something good.

    As I said, the whole point of the review was that this movie is way beneath its subject matter.

  • Gooilt

    Haha your description of Red Tails at the box office is actually applicable to The Force Awakens!


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