Jack and Jill

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  • Pizza&MargaritaShooters

    It might be a little excessive to stretch a panning review of a movie out for forty minutes, it’s pretty much half a commentary track. I mean, its probably better to either have an airing of grievances that only takes 10-15 minutes at most, or to do just give it the full MST3K treatment.  

    That being said, I watched the whole thing, and find some of the points raised here to be interesting, its just that 40 minutes is a hell of a lot more time than I ever thought that I’d invest in even thinking about Jack & Jill.

  • Skezell

    Another standard Adam Sandler is using popular songs from the 70s and 80s in the hopes that the nostalgia sparked by those songs will cover up the colossal turd of a movie. 

  • Strelnikov

    I think this review should be sent to the various film studios with an attached note stating “the jig is up.”

    Adam Sandler should never be allowed to make another movie ever because this “film” was such an exercise in double-dipping; he got checks from the corporations for featuring their products, he got his friends paychecks, he got his motherfuckin’ $20 mil fee. I wonder if he learned all that scamming when he became a Republican or he had some agent of other guru teach him how to screw with things in the fine print.

    And to all the complainers; this movie was so transparently a moneygrab, Mike and Jay HAD to spend an extra 20 minutes ripping the shit out of it, laying out the corporate connections, and all the other nonsense that went into “Jack & Jill.” Having the Razzies rip the “film” as a film wasn’t good enough, you have to follow the money too.

    Finally, a copy of the review should be sent to the IRS; they would probably be very interested.

  • Masterkaga

    I think we need to start referring to him as Adam SCAM’Dler.  Seriously.  This is a new low for cinema.

  • R_ocolet

    Fuck Hollywood and fuck Coca-Cola.

  • Weavdog53

    how could they see the film but not pay to see it????

  • Ascension

    I think it’s hilarious you guys bitch about product placement when you have a shit ton of beer bottles set up.  For some reason you need lots and lots of beer bottles spread about for no reason.  You guys are hypocrites!

  • Guest

     Most of the bottles don’t face towards the camera. And what beer company would like to write some paychecks for a probably not THAT successful internet movie review show? Did you expect the HITB-guys to remove all the labels from the bottles?

  • Guest

    Um…you have no clue what product placement is, do you?

  • DeepthroatGhoul

    It makes plenty of sense to me. Jack & Jill is just pure crap, it’s a quick buck, who cares if it’s shit or not…
    No big loss for Al Pacino, who just does a little acting for a piss-poor
    movie, gets a nice pay check out of it, then moves on and pretends it never happened.
    On a side note, I’ve got a list of Top 10 Movies Which Are Better Than Jack & Jill:
    10.Superman 3
    9.RoboCop 3
    8.Inspector Gadget
    7.Police Academy 7
    6.Jingle All The Way
    5.Last Action Hero
    4.Space Jam
    3.The Flintstones
    2.Cars 2
    1.Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

  • Scott Poston

    This was really well cut.  Nice use of a 3 cam setup.  Nice L-cuts.  Also like the personas!  Good job guys!  Obviously you put more thought into this than AS did for Jack and Jill!

  • Rob

    This is featured on Roger Ebert’s official website. Congrats (I think)

  • Truth

    Name the name of the beer, do it. If you can’t it wont work as a commercial.

    I’ll tell you the name. It’s Spotted Cow and I only know that is because it’s a locally brewed beer in Wisconsin and I’ve seen it.

  • Moxie

    I’d assume they saw it at a press screening. Film studios invite professional film journalists to special showings of films called “press screenings” where they get to watch the film for free so that they can write their reviews of it. The studios do this in the hopes that having their films talked and written about by critics will encourage viewers to go see the film when it is released in theaters.

  • forrest

    The only part I disagreed with was that it was unrealistic for everyone not to be using Apple products. The businesses I’ve worked for have used PCs, and most of my friends use PCs. It’s seems pretty normal to me.

  • I never saw the movie, but there was one joke in the trailer that was funny, but then they ruined it. When the little kid punches Jill and Jack says “You know, I did feel something…” THAT’S a funny line. But then he completey ruins it by saying “Pride in my son.”

  • The Truth

    If I were them Id movie hop at a megaplex. Buy a ticket for a movie you
    want to support and when its over you hop to other movies that you’d
    never ever pay to see. Fill your bag with a water bottle of vodka, a few
    redbulls, and some snacks and make a full day of it with your best
    friend! Your not stealing anything, just taking up another empty seat
    for a shitty movie that no one is seeing. With how many movies they see I’d bet money the guys do it too.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    There’s a joke like that in Meet The Spartans. It happens after the bit where Leonidas screams “this is Sparta” and kicks a bunch of celebrities and memes into the pit from 300. So he presses a button on a nearby wall and there’s a sound like a garbage disposal. A funny joke! But then there’s an actual shot afterwards of all the people inside the pit spinning around or something, and the joke is completely ruined.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Fuck you, Coca Cola is delicious.

  • nkutz

    This review is just revolutionary.

  • SnowBall

    When Nintendo came there was only Nintendo
    Yeah some mega or commodore, but not really like Nintendo, it paved the way.
    You’r argument fails on fact checking

  • ex1lepr0

    But the purpose of pointing that out was to show how Adam Sandler was using Sony products to advertise.

  • cdoublejj

    I think they were also knocking movies that bump apple products all the time too.

  • adamsandlersmum

    Hey, assholes…why did you recommend this shitty fucking movie for everyone to watch? I rented it on DVD on your say so and it was a lousy piece of shit. I am never taking advice on movies from you retards again!

  • Richter Belmont

    How about checking the running time next time, and if you’re not patient enough to watch it, then watch another review of it?

  • Richter Belmont

    Meet the Spartans is a terrible movie due to the jokes being bad.

  • One of the best and most honest reviews I have ever seen! Thank you so much for saying this out loud.
    Movies that goes into this directions sems to grow every year that passes.

  • That is one way to put is yes 😛

  • Jesus Christ

    Fuck Scientology

  • VonBrewskie

    As one of the guys who grew up in the early 90s watching and loving Adam Sandler’s films, I have to say I disagree with some of your points. I too, hate his new stuff and think it’s lazy as hell and boring. One exception though. I actually really liked That’s My Boy because it reminded me of being 12-19 years old. That was fun. I shared these movies with a lot of my friends in the old days. Everyone’s married and working now. It was great to get together again for a couple of hours and laugh our asses off. Guess I’ve become the punchline. Fuck.

    Dick and fart jokes? You guys can’t appreciate a good dick or fart joke? No? OK. I mean, we’ll just have to agree to disagree there. I like stupid humor, but I think we have different definitions of what stupid humor is. I’m sure you could talk me under the table about what stupid humor actually is, and I would be greatly honored to hear your opinion on that or any other subject. I really like what you guys do here. It’s brilliant and hilarious.

    I don’t think Adam Sandler is even in the same universe of humor as you guys. I’m not trying to pole ride, (well, maybe a little). I get different kinds of laughs from your humor and his humor. My brain shuts down for Sandler. I like that sometimes. My brain kicks up when I listen to your reviews, or re-watch the Star Wars prequel reviews. I prefer your humor because I don’t get tired of it, but I genuinely love That old Sandler magic. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. You guys pointed out early in the review the majority of Sandler’s fans fall into this category of people who love his early work and hate his later stuff. I totally agree. That’s it. I agree. It was work back in the day. It’s lazy stuff now.

    I don’t know if Adam Sandler is actually as sinister a fraud as your review implies though. Part of me wants to believe that Sandler is employing his friends to take care of them, is never forgetting where he came from and is a genuine good person. The other part is extremely wary that this could just be a cheap ploy for sentimentality in real life. I also have worked for a major corporation for the last eight years. The phrases “market shift” and “mutual profit lines” and bullshit like that were running through my head as I watched your review. Like you said, this was a balled up wad of marketing kicked in peoples faces. I knew the thing was going to be a POS, but this truly was a bold shit to take on people. I had no idea either.

    Is it sinister though? Ah, well, while the execs will surely eat well, I’m sure some lower level production guys and at least like, carpenters or electricians got paid. Ha! That’s horseshit though huh? That makes the movie just an object to drill dickholes in, doesn’t it? Do these corporate sex artifacts make money for a studio so it can support smaller films ever? I thought that’s what studios like Miramax and Fox Searchlight were supposed to be. Is it art? No. I don’t think so at least. I don’t know if that’s a terrible, insidious thing though. I certainly feel no less naive than I did before. Maybe that’s a problem in and of itself.

    Thanks for the perspective and hard work guys. I truly enjoy what you all do. Every one of your cast members too. You guys look and act like you’re having a great time! Holy shit I started to rhyme. Yeah. Much love.


  • Guest

    I think the documentary interviews with the real twins is a concept lifted directly from When Harry Met Sally, which has footage of old couples explaining how they met. They are also a time filler.

  • When you drank the Pepto, you really should have looked directly at the camera while presenting, a la Wayne’s World.

  • Charles Cooper

    Spot on with the product placement, but insinuating that everyone uses a Mac and not a Windows machine is pretty naive. IS THAT A PRODUCT PLACEMENT.

  • Spencer greff

    Taste isn’t what he’s hating on.

  • merzer

    I actually felt dirty after watching this. And that’s just the review of the film. I am thoroughly mind-fucked.

  • I saw “don’t mess with the zohan” and I was really turned off from Adam Sandler after that. I feel similar about Eddy Murphy these days. I liked Click though. Click had alot of good parts to it, It wasn’t all cheap lazyness. Well maybe alittle bit. But aleast Click was atleast enjoyable. Great review and a great lesson.

  • quippley

    you guys should remember most of us don’t know movie making jargon, like ‘above the line’ or ‘adr.’ remember we’re stupid, so please explain that stuff to us. thanks.

  • Eduardo Spaceman

    Lost it when Fake Plinkett calls his twin sister ‘cunt’.

  • This is art. Somebody gives you an incomprehensibly lazy movie and you turn it into a sort-of-political statement about Hollywood, exploitation and media in general.

  • And of course Dana Carvey turns up in Jack & Jill for an easy paycheck. Eurgh.

  • Hunter_Tompson

    You ARE a guest.

  • Dustin Storniolo


    What really concerns me is the audience rating… 55%. REALLY?

  • Amesoeurs

    I just now noticed that, for absolutely no reason, the trailer also has that shot of the American Airlines signs. So now we’ve reached a point where our commercials have commercials. I feel like I’m watching Adam Sandler’s version of Inception.

  • Jakoporeeno

    Sandler has sold out more than George Lucas!

  • lol they mention Russian Terminator in this episode and like two years later they watched it!!!!!1

  • I know I’m not the first person to say this, but this is seriously a fantastic piece of film journalism, and has done more to expose the awful parts of the business than any number of “real”, “paid” journalists.

  • sallywoodpecker@yahoo.com

    you ppl are dumb how much money do u guys make for the things you do, dont tell me you wouldnt make a movie for money because you need it, maybe he needs money for his family did you ever think he is having a hard time and will take a role to make sure his family has a life, how is he a scam, he didnt do shit to scam you, you saw the previews, you spent your money get over it serioulsy, adam has spent yrs making awesome movies making us laugh our fucking asses off, every one has a bad time in life, i liked the movie it could of been better but o well, he did his job, dam you ppl spend loads on my on ppl like brittney spears or linsdey lo han, but you put down a man and call him a scamover a movie you saw in a preview and didnt like it and try to destory his life, its not like he is a terriorst, or kiled someone, or hurt a kid, i wish u guys would spend more time on ppl like thator your selfs, i give props to actors that do roles that dont mean shit at least thier working and trying to support them selves andfamily instead of buming off other people, and adam is a great person and no i havent ment him but behind the scens and how many friends he has and the scence of humor, get over your selfs i would like to see youpeople do a better job then him but you cant can you all u can do is waste your life putting down ppl wooow and all i wanted to do was look up that cute saying that the lil oy said in the movie when people lied

  • sallywoodpecker@yahoo.com

    and maybe he mde this movie to help his feloow frends who have a hard time getting roles look at the movies he just made like thats my boy or grown up i loved them his old work is better but ppl get old

  • DrRed

    Hey McDonalds, throw some money in my direction! I write you something better while masturbating. And these two guys too, give it to them.

  • I just watched Jack and Jill. And I think you are unnecessarily harsh on what is a very silly and low-brow comedy. Yes, there is a lot of product placement, but the film never literally stops for commercial. Yes, the budget does seem quite a bit high considering there should have been a lot of sponsorship from this placement. But, there are a few very expensive over the top CGI gags (jet ski in a swimming pool, breaking pony legs, ). Moreover, what film has ever actually shot at fully-staged professional sporting event? Maybe the wrestling at the beginning of Highlander, but I can’t think of anything recent in the age of CGI. You say “cheap-looking”. I say this is the standard cinematographic high-key style for the 90 minute comedy film.

  • Also my office uses Dell stuff. Offices would use stuff like that or cheap unknown brands. Sony PC stuff is overpriced and any business would be stupid to pay out for them. Also Macs are favoured for design and an advertising agency (where Sandler works in this movie) would need a Mac, ipad and iphone to easily create digital/print ads and also to check how they look.

  • Ben

    The budget is 50 MILLION, not 5. A little off

  • infernocanuck

    I got bad news for you. Many a Democrat has also used unfair, unethical and scandalous business practices to make money. Greed isn’t tied to a political party, it’s tied to a very common personality flaw.

  • Jim Campbell

    Industries that call their pros “creatives” tend to be very Mac-oriented. For many years (and some would say currently) all the usable video and audio editing suites were written for Mac, and attempting to do the same things on a PC was a @#$*%*^ nightmare. So Mike’s firsthand experience of computing may be overwhelming Mac-centric.

  • Jim Campbell

    Well, Garth is an idealistic character, while Carvey is a guy with bills to pay.

  • Jim Campbell

    Who says he’s hating? I tend to like what I fuck.

  • Jim Campbell

    Or past that, where the word “commercials” loses its meaning. If the film itself is advertising, its trailer isn’t even the same thing as a trailer for a real movie. Once the level of artistic content reaches zero, you might as well leaf through a J.Crew catalog. It’s just as likely to be edifying.

  • Jim Campbell

    The budget for HitB is 100% below the line.

  • Jim Campbell

    The Town? Big shootout at Fenway Park, iirc.

  • jic1

    The budget for what is $50M? Certainly not *Super*, and we all know that *Jack and Jill* cost more than that.

  • The hockey scene in Lethal Weapon 3. Not exactly recent, but very well done.

  • Scotto

    Dear Video Reviewers,

    I know it was just one little comment, but since your whole thing is to go uber film nerd on everyone, let me go computer nerd for a second:

    Praising Apple at the expense of “PCs” is the computer equivalent of saying that Michael Bay is the ultimate film maker because his visuals are so nice and nifty. (Geez, I hope I got that analogy right).

    There is nothing inside of a Mac that is not also inside a “PC”. Macs are “PCs”. They just have a shiny brushed-aluminum facade and a price tag that’s $500 more.

    Steve Jobs never actually invented anything. He’s great at industrial design. Not computers. He was also a vegetarian and a social retard. (You can check the facts of that out for yourself).

    But I guess you guys produce videos, so you cut your reviews with what? Garage Band? It must be that. Do you use Adobe products? You can get a “PC” that’s far more powerful than a Mac for the same money. Adobe products will run on it just fine.

    Maybe you’ve heard of Avid? I suppose their products are shit, because I don’t know. But they’ve been PC-based since the dawn of time. I suppose you probably hate them because they don’t clad everything in brushed aluminum.

    All the great CG effects of the past 20 years? I mean the really good ones. SGI, Sun, and various Intel-based non-Mac clusters and workstations did those.

    Now, I get it. You’re film guys. If your computer breaks, you need to take your industrial-designed laptop to an industrial-designed store to have a “genius” examine it because you have no hope of fixing it yourself. (Except the genius is someone that can’t get a real job in the computer industry and has to spend all day fake-smiling at people that know even less about computers than they do). But he’s a “genius”, and that’s what you’re forced to call him (or her), and you just can’t do without a certain level of artistic pretension or you wouldn’t be into “Film”.

    So I get it. If you show up at a film-convention or film-extravaganza with a “PC”, then all the other film guys will take time away from discussing Paul Thomas Anderson and Rosebud to laugh at you, their Adam’s apples bobbing under their turtle necks. You’ll never be taken seriously as a pretentious asshole, and your film career will go nowhere. It’s not fair, but it’s the way the world works.

    But, you guys have probably had to scrounge money to make videos and take pride in your craft. If you gave your hard-won cash to Steve Jobs’ ghost instead of spending it on props, lighting, lens filters, and costumes, then you might as well have paid to see that Sandler film. While you’re at it, I hear that Norm McDonald is looking for work. I’m sure he’d be happy to do a cameo as a customer in the ol’ VCR repair shop!

  • Losing All Hope Was Freedom

    There are a number of problems with your argument. Primarily, these guys are FILM REVIEWERS. They are not terrorist reviewers. Arguing that Adam Sandler is better than a terrorist or murderer is ridiculous. Secondly, $20,000,000 is not the sort of money anyone NEEDS to support their family, that is also ridiculous. Thirdly, nobody is trying to destroy his life, they are merely suggesting he needs to put more effort into his work. The whole point is Adam could have made a great movie but chose not to because it was easy.

  • If anyone knows the music for the product placement part (part 2, 7:00) could you tell me what it is? Many thanks!

  • Cool. Lots of people want to know how to get their movies financed, and this review gives the film student some valuable clues to get their passion projects off the ground. You can learn as much about show business as you’ll learn from Morgan Spurlock’s `Greatest Move Ever Sold’, where a neophite documents his difficulty in landing product placement deals to finance his film. How did Sandler’s production side-step such difficulties? Now you know. This could be a valuable companion piece to Spurlock’s work… especially for aspiring producers who want to learn the game of getting their passion projects financed. The movie ‘Idiocracy,’ lampoons wall-to-wall product placement, but this is the only time I’ve seen someone connect these particular dots for me. All the creativity for this project seems to have gone into leveraging the marketing needs of the distribution company and its partners, their products, and forcing participation of media companies …a creative solution to get and keep the ball rolling, while worthy but less commercial productions languish on the sidelines for years. Jack and Jill also kept critics in the dark until the last minute, resulting in critics’ reviews being delayed by as much as a week after the film’s release. Convenient.

  • You don’t fuck Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola fucks you. (Seriously. Just ask your dentist or general practicioner. Sodas are roughly as healthy as the smooth, refreshing flavor of that relaxing country cigarette.)

  • Now that you mention the fine print of the deal, who retained the merchandising rights? Can I buy a Katie Holmes doll who does everything Katie Holmes does in the movie?

  • Strelnikov

    Ha-ha, you wiseacre….unlike George Lucas, Adam Sandler doesn’t need to make any money on merchandizing – it’s all upfront with him.

  • The production budget for The Terminator was $6.4 million, Terminator 2 was $102 million, Jack and Jill was $79 million, so about 12 times as much as The Terminator. Most of the effects in The Terminator are dated now, but for a movie that old and with a rather small budget the effects still doesn’t come across as laughable and the movie is still fantastic. You’d think that at least the pony effect in Jack and Jill would look better than something you can find on newgrounds animated by a 13 year old. This is just depressing.

    I have seen plenty of MST3K stinkers that I would much rather rewatch than having to endure an Adam Sandler movie, because at least they were trying to create something. While Space Mutiny wasn’t at comedy, nor a good movie, it still made me laugh and I had a good time, while Adam Sandlers comedies bizarrely are a tragic tale of greed and gullibility.

    This was a brilliant episode and I thank you guys for it!

    By the way, what is your average cost pr. episode of Half in the Bag?

  • Just go with it was funny and I could stand Grown Ups, however most of the other stuff he does now is crap.

  • eddyk

    All that and you totally missed the point.

    They point they were making is in real life someone like the Character Adam Sandler plays in the movie would have a Mac, whether it would be the best choice or not.
    Walk in any design studio, you won’t see anything other than a Mac. Whether they’re the best tool for the job or not.

  • CorbeauNoir

    I would beg to differ on that. I’m studying architecture and have worked at a handful of offices to satisfy my co-op requirements. None of the firms I’ve worked for, nor any of the ones I’ve visited, used Macs.

  • Robin Seaberg

    You forgot to mention “Happy Gilmore”, which was really the *only* Adam Sandler movie that I ever really liked a lot… but yes, I felt incredibly awkward sitting through all of Jack and Jill.

  • Dong Draper

    I died a little inside. I used to think of Adam Sandler as ‘That Wacky Guy I Liked When I was a Child’, and even though I had lost my taste for his style of comedy a long time ago, I still thought of him as a generally good guy, and remembered his dumb movies with a certain fondness.

    And I also thought he was going to ‘Jim Carrey’ himself out of comedy and get into more cerebral roles when he started doing movies like ‘Punchdrunk Love’, ‘Spanglish’, and ‘Reign Over Me’. When he went back to doing these dumb comedies I was disappointed, sure, but not outright appalled. Until I saw this. Adam Sandler has actually diminished my capacity to trust another human being just a little bit.

  • AlcaldeEste

    Adam Sandler has a net worth of $300mn. You’re right, maybe he made Jack & Jill to buy one loaf of bread for his starving family. Maybe his daughter’s shoes were all worn out, and a new pair of shoes costs $25mn, so he desperately needed those $25mn. Surely this is his “bad time in life.”

    Do you listen to yourself talk? Do you ever look at something you’ve written and think “Ok, maybe that was a bad argument”?

  • guyinthehat

    The first SAW film had a budget of about $1.2 million, was filmed in 18 days, was filmed in a single warehouse, with each set being built and decorated practically on the spot and the crew was constantly making compromises in order to meet the budget and deadlines.They managed to make a better movie, with better production values in less time and with less than a quarter of Jack & Jill’s budget.

  • guest

    the tom cuise part is fucking hilarious and spot on possibly my favorite part of this episode

  • Harry

    A quarter? More like 1/65th the budget of Jack and Jill.

  • guyinthehat

    I never was very good at math lol.

  • mistermister98

    The best example of that is Fever Pitch. They filmed the film during the 2004 World Series in Fenway Park. That was a romantic comedy, so they didn’t have that much money to work with.

  • ffh

    I work at a VFX studio, and will say confirm this is not true. Sure, we have a -few- Macs, but only a handful of them and for select applications and positions within the company. Usually we don’t need Macs for our work, but rather data that gets sent to us by clients that are can only be read using a Mac program.

    95% of the machines at our studio run Linux, this triples for the other two studios near by.

  • Tommy O.

    plinket sounded like he REALY hopes so 😀

  • Gregory Roth

    “Our incontinent mother says hello, at least that’s what my medium tells me” Something about that line feels like a masterpiece, its also a good segway!

  • Wesley Dugle

    Watching this to cope with the fact that “Grown Ups 2” beat out “Pacific Rim” at the box office…

  • Mike Olson

    Sorta bullshit for you guys to call out the movie for reveling in humor at the expense of people who are different (“physical abnormalities or ethnicity”) and then use the word “retarded” as a pejorative. I enjoy everything you guys produce, but shit like this… you’re better than that.

    You should feel about as comfortable calling someone retarded as you would calling someone a faggot.


    The word retarded existed before it was used to apply to those with mental retardation. Don’t get your panties in a wad. I highly doubt Mike and Jay hate people with mental disabilities.

  • PwnPocalypse

    Shut up, Olson.

  • PwnPocalypse

    With the money they’ve made in the past or even recently from these films, they could not work anymore for the rest of their lives and live better than any of us could with our full time jobs.

  • Stonewall

    You obviously don’t understand the way Mike and Jay review movies, or the way they talk in general. If this gets your panties in a wad, don’t watch it; as if you can grasp the concept of what they’re doing, the entire reason and foundation for this show and why it exists is over your head.

  • RJK

    Yeah, calling people who enjoyed this movie retarded is the stupidest thing you could do. You do realize that people who are mentally handicapped have a legitimate excuse. So you flippantly misuse a word and defend the movie you claim to hate. Good job guys.

  • tony sutton

    lol wat… i thought the joke was funny, but they explicitly applied it to “special needs people”. protip: if you want to jump into some discussion and pwn someone, you might want to watch the source video first.

  • omgnoway

    woohoo, someone else mentions happy gilmore, I also like it 😀

  • omgnoway

    the whole ponzi scheme stuff is pretty crazy O.o but sounds pretty true :O

  • DirkD13

    Mike has restless leg syndrome. Me too.

  • ThatAnon

    Or maybe you can look them up on the internet, the same internet you probably watched this review on.

  • Jon

    Only in the US. “Pacific Rim” has made 220 mil worldwide and it hasn’t even opened in China or Japan yet.

  • Tony Caroselli

    The episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” where Larry goes to a Dodgers game was actually filmed at Dodgers Stadium during an actual Dodgers game. Regardless, it’s not that hard to film what LOOKS like a Lakers game when you have $80M to work with.

  • Good Job

    This comment is actually brilliant, though it’s hard to put my finger on why. Maybe it’s because, like e e cummings, Sally eschews rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation in favor of a more stream-of-consciousness style. Maybe it’s the claim that Adam Sandler is just a man struggling to feed his family, or that Half in the Bag should be a show in which Mike and Jay criticize terrorists and murderers instead of hack filmmakers. Whatever it is, I was grinning from ear to ear.

  • Matt

    Yeah but pacific rim has a blockbuster budget of 190 million minus the advertising costs and although it certainly isn’t a flop, I would not consider it very successful, compared to such films with similar budgets like Iron Man 3 which made over a billion dollars, which I doubt pacific will come near, Transformers 3, also over a billion dollars, The Dark Knight, also over a billion dollars, Titanic, over two billion dollars , Toy Story 3, over a billion dollars, transformers 2, over 800 million dollars, just to name a few, do you think pac rim will be as profitable as all the films listed here? And how much will China and Japan add on? I’d firmly place my bet on Pacific Rim not even making triple its production budget, something all the films listed here have and more, added with the fact that nowadays, for a blockbuster to be considered very successful, it should be making around triple its budget, I would consider pacific rim to be mildly successful.
    Yeah but pacific rim is probably going to be as successful as grown ups 2, so i guess your correct,if your suggesting that the fact that gu2 beat pac rim in the USA boxoffice doesn’t determine pacific rims overall monetary success.

  • Franklin Floratos

    Agreed. Sandler, why did you not do another ‘Reign Over Me’? THAT was a great movie

  • AlanSmithee

    Well Hollywood is a major money laundering system. That’s why L.A. is famous for cocaine and crack. The government ships in the drugs, Hollywood launders the money (they don’t even worry about box office returns, between the dirty money and the product marketing tie-ins they are secure for financial returns) and then the money is sent overseas to fund and arm militant groups.

    In addition, Hollywood is a major center for the psyops and intelligence agencies, that’s why there are all these celebrities who posthumously turn out to have been spies.

  • kila101eroticalafragalisticex

    I think that movie scams like this are good, in the long run. Maybe in the future people will be more aware of snake-oil salesmen because of movies like this.

  • killa..pialadoseus101x69

    Did you just watch the Manchurian Candidate, or Zoolander, by chance?

  • Alex Lee

    The interesting thing is that you can say the same things about Daniel Tosh. All of his humor is immature shit jokes and slapstick, but he has a large audience that want to see him perform in work that has a far higher budget than the quality of the shows demand. As we can see of Brickleberry, wherever that money’s going, it isn’t into animation or writing.

    And he also appeals to the same audience as Sandler.

  • Alex Lee

    He was a man struggling to feed his family 15 years ago. Now, he’s struggling to get them invited to yacht parties.

  • Alex Lee

    Click had a plot to it, at least.

  • Cameron Vale

    “scenes of forced sentimentality”

  • Alex Lee

    I used to say that was stealing. Now, given the vastly inflated costs of tickets and condiments, I’m not so adverse to this kind of thing.

  • breakingglass27

    I’m surprised you didn’t make a connection to the plot of The Producers. Was it because this movie is much more offensive than a Hitler musical?

  • …. And Release

    Masturbate. It clears it right up.

  • Prolapsed Plinkett

    Little Nicky is a lot of fun and probably Sandler’s ‘Peak’ in terms of production values, cast and script. (though Happy Gilmore is a better movie). Even the product placement in Little Nicky is somehow less offensive (“Popeye’s Chicken is the shiznit!” says a demon from hell)

    And Harvey Keitel is the devil.

  • Milwaukee’s Worst

    They must spend about $100 on beer alone.

  • AS

    GET A JOB!

  • Cameron Vale

    But that’s the point. They’re so at odds with the concept of comedy that even when they accidentally do something funny, they fuck it up instantly afterwards.

  • stripeyunderpants

    If you guys had made this movie, it would have been a million percent better.

  • Khyron

    what messes my head up is that shit documentary “funny people”

  • shyamasundara

    this just shattered my perception of david letterman

  • Kevin

    Interesting facts: accounting for inflation, this movie had a budget of $3 million more than Children of Men, $9 million more than Inglourious Basterds, $54 million more than There Will Be Blood, and $60 million more than Pan’s Labyrinth.

  • vvw

    completely over your heads

  • TapewormBike

    What does that even mean?

  • TapewormBike

    Because one random point is what the video is about.

  • Joarthus

    Reign Over Me is his only good movie, and funnily enough it’s a drama.

  • Bad Andy

    Finally got around to watching Jack And Jill….Wow, you guys weren’t joking. This movie (movie?) literally has commercials in it. That said, I did find myself chuckling at a few of the scenes. Al Pacino is actually decent in some of these skits, and it’s just funny to see him in these scenarios. Adam when he’s not in drag plays a somewhat reserved version of himself for once and it actually works better than his other films (not saying his performance is good in).

    I did see where “some” of the money went. There was a lot of vistas, aerial shots, some decent sized sets, et cetera. Some big name actors, some of the Happy Madison regulars, et cetera.

    This is weird but in many ways it was worse than what I expected, and in many others it was better. I hate this movie, but also like certain scenes as stand alone skits.

  • Tree Rock Creations

    Very shocking that Hollywood has sunk sooooo low!

  • ikilledacat

    I’ve always hated Sandler (walked out of his so called earlier masterpieces), but his movies are def getting worse. I wasn’t aware of the budget. It’s true, his movies are all budgeted around $50 mill plus which is just absurd when you consider other similarly budgeted movies that get so much more bang for their buck. It truly must be salary dependent. So shameful.

  • Akeuw

    I remember that the clone effect was the first effect I did with my friend. I was about 12 years old when I did it…

  • Alex Lee

    What happens to Jack should have happened in the actual movie.

  • Zero Sum

    The music is product placement also. I haven’t seen the movie, but the song from the trailer is ELO’s ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’, currently owned by Legacy Records, which is owned by Columbia Records, which is part of the Sony Music Entertainment empire.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    cough punch drunk love cough

  • Sébastien St-Pierre Robert

    This movie is a thing.

  • bibbish

    I work in advertising. We use cheap Dell PCs for admin and various types of Mac and iPad to manipulate and test video and images. The point they are making is that companies don’t fork out loads of money to give their ad execs etc expensive Sony laptops. It just isn’t worth it. The Sony products were out of place in the movie making the product placement all the more shameful and transparent, that’s the point they were making.

  • Duckler

    You’re going to need a bigger fork..

  • Cameron Vale

    Actually Transformers 3 made about 800 million; you’re probably confusing it with Transformers 2. Also, I’m glad you made me check these numbers, otherwise I wouldn’t have known that Transformers 2 actually got beat by Iron Man 3, that Avengers actually crossed the billion-and-a-half mark, and that Frozen is kicking ass right now.

  • Jonah Falcon

    I think the composite with the 2 Riches was better production value than anything in Jack and Jill.

  • Jonah Falcon

    Paul Thomas Anderson sucks.

  • Jonah Falcon

    Actually… watch Dave. He’s going way way way way over the top. Something tells me CBS demanded that he give Jack and Jill praise, and David went, “You want praise? I’ll so you praise.” Adam looked almost embarrassed there.

  • dollar store cashier wife


  • Cameron Vale

    It’s like rubbing a dog’s nose in it.

  • Cameron Vale

    Ebert was famously disappointed with the state of film journalism, this is about as close to an expose as it gets nowadays.

  • Cameron Vale

    Another thing that bears mentioning: the movie’s one and only joke comes hot on the heels of the movie’s one and only plot event. When Jack goes to see Pacino disguised as Jill (for needlessly ambiguous reasons), he gets a call from Jill, and he replies in Jill’s voice because Pacino is right there, but this exposes his ruse to Jill. And that’s it, that’s the one thing that happens in the story.

  • Jason

    I only watched this movie because of this review. And they aren’t kidding about the product placement. It was so bad that I started to wonder if that was the actual joke of the movie: “haha, stupid idiot, you’re paying to see a 2 hour commercial”. of course, I didn’t pay, I torrented….yet, somehow, I still feel robbed.

  • Jason

    As shocking as the budget of Sandler’s movies are, it’s not nearly as shocking as the fact that most of them still turn a profit.

  • Jason Matthew
  • Tukka

    The argument they made in this episode and in the episodes that preceded this one is that the only want Hollywood will ever stop making these horrible, vapid, cheap, intelligence-insulting pseudo-movies is to vote with your wallet and not pay to see them. (Recall the bit where they talk about the hypothetical moviegoer who has a choice between going to see something unknown or different that’s getting good critical buzz, or going to see an Adam Sandler movie because it’s familiar.)

    So one could accuse them of hypocrisy if they actually paid to see this movie, especially if they knew it was terrible in advance (4% on rotten tomatoes and all).

    Also, you don’t have to pay for a product to be entitled to an opinion about it, and to be entitled to share that opinion. Granted, paying good money to see a bad movie is more of a loss than paying nothing to see a bad movie, but either way you’ve spent 90 minutes of your life watching a bad movie.

  • Ruddiger

    I don’t understand why design studios favor Mac so much. PC’s do all the same things, and are easier to maintain/upgrade. There is no actual reason for Macs to be better, Macs just come standard with better hardware than the average PC. Get a nice monitor and graphics card and that’s all you need, regardless of Mac or PC.

  • moduscorp

    This “movie” wouldn’t go over the head of a 6 year old. If you actually paid money to see this then you are actually the one who was fooled.

  • moduscorp

    I wish that to prove your point, some film maker would make a shot-for-shot recreation of Jack and Jill on a budget of less than a million dollars, just show how much of a fucking con artist Adam Sandler is.

  • Lionel Bee

    Great Blended review.

  • Markham

    I could swear that you said the same things about some other Sandler movie as well.

  • Who’s fucking with my medicine…

  • Otto Torrens

    $79 million[2]

    Box office

  • Well I dunno

    Rob Schnieder has a bunch of TURDS in his apartment

  • Gchan

    Adam Sandler hasn’t been funny since 1999

  • Chris Webb

    this really COULD be the review of that new shit nugget from Adam Sander.

  • Daniel

    Jack and Jill is the top grossing movie about Thanksgiving:


  • dennett316

    I used to be the guy who said “Well, his new stuff sucks, but Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore were pretty funny…Waterboy wasn’t bad either”. Then I actually tried to watch Billy Madison again…I only lasted about 10 minutes. What a screeching pain in the ass that movie actually is…he’s fucking intolerable. I don’t want to go back and try to watch Happy Gilmore now, will leave that as a memory.

  • Zen_Punk

    Yes, yes, but what about our precious bodily fluids?

  • Mr. R

    It’s like poetry

  • Brian

    $70 million to make Jack and Jill. For some perspective the avg episode of Game of Thrones costs $6 million.

  • that violence was not pointless. it built the character of mr.plinkett

  • The Illuminadam is upon us.

  • mikeohare

    Good for you, I never got the appeal of Billy Madison, whats up with that scene where he sexually assults a woman on the dare of a third grader, and they play it as a sweet moment?

  • mikeohare

    Another thing that bugs me about Sandler is wharnever he does a movie thats just bad as opposed to god awful, everyone acts like he did something spectacular even people who are critical of him when he is at his worst (which is almost all the time) ive been hear a lot of people trying to elevate blened simply because it’s (allegedly) not as bad as Jack and Jill. I really liked Funny People, but my first reaction wasn’t “ALL PRAISE ADAM SANDLER !!!” it was “okay, he can act, but is this going to be a new beginning for him or will he revert back to his old ways?” He did. Still give credit where credit is do, with Funny People, Sandler can now count the number of good movies he’s in on two…fingers.

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    You seem to be very butt-hurt about Apple. You know this review had nothing to do with Mac’s and Mike and Jay don’t give a rats ass about about stuff like that? Can’t believe you wrote down that whole rant just because they fleetingly mentioned a “mac” somewhere, get yourself checked out man.

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    The guy just seems like the typical android/pc fanboy “I am butt-hurt about the fact OTHER people use products I don’t have to use”. God I hate those guys. I use both Apple products, Android and PC, and each them have their purposes, and it all comes down to personal taste. The fact this guy goes off like that and even makes personal remarks towards RLM just shows how bad he’s got it.

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    Maybe you could just explain it to him expending the same effort you just used to write a snarky but pointless comment.

  • disqus_1dQzKD1n4Z

    I do too, masturbating does help..

  • The Decline

    I have a friend that worked on harry potter, one of the superman movies (fairly recent, around 2009ish i guess) and the charlottes web remake and quite a few others (i think he did work on one of the lord of the rings movies as well) and he used a pc… Where do people get this misconception that VFX are only, or mainly done on a mac? It’s total bullshit.

  • The Decline

    You must have extremely low standards. I could barely sit through 10 minutes of this before i turned it off and returned the dvd to my local video store literally 15 minutes after borrowing it, they gave me another new release of my choice without me even asking because they too knew it was one of the worst movies ever made. No exaggeration.

  • The Decline

    If I made the ammount of money one of his friends made from one film I would be set for life, no word of a lie. Seriously, how can you even begin to justify this crap?

  • Clifford T. Hall

    I completely understand your reaction. I really only watched it to form my own critical opinion, but I admit I tend to be overly generous. I support the accusations made in the video that this film was indeed a scam, and subtracted rather than added to the sum of humanity’s body of fine arts.

  • Charon

    Some thoughts –

    Oh, Funny People. I thought the movie itself wasn’t too bad, but the “acting” Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen display in their scenes together is just so FUCKING bland(the same argument can be made for most of Judd Apatow’s body of work). Also, the scene where Adam Sandler and Eric Bana fight in the front yard and Adam Sandler admits he still has cancer – that scene has some of the worst pandering-bullshit dialogue ever written for something that’s supposedly emotional and heart-wrenching. My favorite part of the whole movie is Jason Schwartzman and the role of his minor character. That, in its own right, is a clear indication that the film failed to give you sufficient motivation for most of its’ main characters. Fuck Funny People, and fuck Seth Rogen.

    It’s great that this review is once again getting attention in social media or otherwise; it was the first thing I watched from the actual RLM site after hearing about the Phantom Menace review on YouTube. The honesty, lack of subtlety, and the near-catharsis of the review is what made me a die-hard RLM fan. If only the mainstream review cliques could be this scathing, hard-nosed, and well-informed from an idiosyncratic perspective – the cycle of cinematic shit that Hollywood has promulgated over the past 15 years would be a thing of the past.

  • The Decline

    Fair enough, I have also been overly generous towards some movies and other arts/artists so I understand where you are coming from.

  • mikeohare

    Seth Rogan is okay in my book, I liked this is the end, and 40 year old virgin and a few others. I’m not saying that funny people is great, but its descent. Adam Sandler is okay in it when he’s usually frustratingly awful in just about everything

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    It rhymes


    Xenu (/ˈziːnuː/ zee-noo),[1][2][3] also called “Xemu”, was, according to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, the dictator of the “Galactic Confederacy” who 75 million years ago brought billions[4][5] of his people to Earth (then known as “Teegeeack”) in a DC-8-like spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes, and killed them with hydrogen bombs. Official Scientology scriptures hold that the thetans (immortal spirits) of these aliens adhere to humans, causing spiritual harm. WHAT THE ACTUALY FUCK

  • Edhel

    Makes about as much sense that a Canaanite god impregnates a 13 y.o. who gives birth to the said god. In his 30s the god-man commits suicide in the hands of Romans so that he can forgive humans for something they didn’t do.

  • Lat

    Makes about as much sense as a man who flies up to heaven on a pegasus-like horse and then oversees all of humanity. Blessed be Allah.

  • Jory Brown

    Adam Sandler never was funny. You were just young and stupid in 1999.

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    It’s not sexual assault if there is nothing sexual about it or its intent.

  • Gary V

    Wait, this takes place in New Jersey?????

  • AceRay

    holy shit, first I see you in Retsupurae comments and now you’re here too?
    You really need to let off some steam, Dennett.

  • Punkster

    This was so enlightening, I’ve actually watched it a couple of times now. I love Mike’s rant about it all being a swindle especially.
    That ending though with Harriet Plinkett and the product placement makes me LOL every time… and it was still more subtle than a Happy Madison film.

  • illidan4ever

    Ok, no matter what one says about this movie, Adam Sandler getting punched by an adopted Indian child with a dildo/stairway rail attached to his head is awesome.

  • Robby
  • Sam

    I wish I could sue for time. I wish I could take Adam Sandler to court and get 2 hours taken off his life and added to mine for making this.

  • Mikus

    Great review…thanks for going in so deep!
    Just wondering Mike when you said “I’m a racist and even I found this offensive” – how are you a racist? Or where you just joking?

  • AWS2

    For even more perspective…

    Moon cost $5 million.
    District 9 cost $30 million.
    The Hunger Games cost $78 million.

  • DemiMOAR

    He’s dead serious. He kills black people on the weekends.

  • Ah, THATS why no-one mentions The Wedding Singer; I was wondering, cos I liked that… Still have to watch Punch Drunk Love though, and even Mark Kermode liked that one.

  • Boo Urns

    When is Mike ever not 100% serious?

  • Great review, I’ve watched this a couple of times now because it’s so informative. It’s depressing to think of how many great smaller-budgeted movies could have been made with that $80m though.

  • Quack!

    Fucking brilliant!!

  • harry

    There was a podcast I listened to a few months ago where these two guys watched Grown Ups 2 every week for an entire year, and they came to the exact same conclusion where he just makes movies with his friends with big budgets and minimal time and effort put into them, and they pocket the rest. Not only that, but Sandler has also fully admitted he makes movies in places just so he can take vacations there and write them off as business expenses. Jack and Jill, he got his family a free cruise, Fifty First Dates was a trip to Hawaii, Blended was a free Afican vacation. Because if there’s one person who needs to be frugal, it’s Adam Sandler.

  • harry

    he’s not even a bad actor either, so long as he’s directed by other people. Punch Drunk Love is great, Reign Over Me is a kinda shitty movie but Sandler is good in it, Funny People is okay, and he’s pretty okay in it, and it shows some self-awareness on his part since he’s basically playing himself and the movie is calling him a washed up hack. But man when he’s on his own he just don’t give a shit. Happy Gilmore productions motto is just .wav of a cash register opening noise

  • Vini

    Funny thing is that I actually did want a donnut after this episode.

  • Pat
  • Mechwarrior

    An Adam Sandler movie that was nothing but 90 minutes of him getting treated like a pinata would actually be worth watching.

  • salvagesalvage

    Punch Drunk Love was good.

  • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u
  • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u
  • Django Plimpton


  • Bobdabuilder

    Wow, you’re so edgy and cool. Man, I wanna hang with you.

  • Embodied

    I hope he stops before we end up with a real life version of Krusty.


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