Battle: Los Angeles and Galaxy Invader

  • Infestedhobo

    Jeff Goldblum doesn’t have a kid in Independence Day, does he? I believe they’re thinking of The Lost World, except I think HE got the kid from the divorce, didn’t he? Or did the wife die? Oh well, great reviews otherwise! Don’t listen to the morons complaining about half in the bag

  • mvw1998

    “When you can’t care about a character that selflessly risks his life for the others… you are in deep shit, man”

    Why? If someone doesn’t care about his own life why should anyone else care about it?

  • DanDaMan223

    The reason I liked this movie was because they didn’t just incorporate every cliche that’s ever existed. It wasn’t an Alien movie that involved marines, it was a war movie where the enemy just happened to be aliens. And I thought they handled that pretty well.

  • Sir Asdfghjkl

    Whyyy not?

  • I laughed so hard at the bitch slap ;D

  • Fuck my laugh is just like his

  • sadfsdf

    Every fucking time with these verizon commercials. FUCK THARGH WORLTADASDASDSAFSA!

  • Matt

    Who cares?

  • Dave

    Pod People is an overrated piece of shit and is the least funniest episode of that horrifically overrated comedy television nerd show.

  • Fuck yes! I watched the Pod People episode a while ago and wondered what that intro was about. Thank you.

  • How come in these early episodes they talk directly to the audience and later they act as if they can feel as if they are watched but they no longer know theres an actual audience there!? I dont really care about continuity here I just view these as little reviews by guys who like reviewing movies. I see the fake Plinkett as just a nod to previous work not a serious attempt to show the further adventures of Plinkett so it’s ok

  • Plinket at the end was awesome!

  • whoohoo

    rich evans…your laugh man…holy…so annoying…eek…

  • Roger Sarvis

    More wheel of the worst, please. Thanks again for all the free stuff.

  • GoodGuy Grayson

    Plinkett was originally played by Rich Evans in short films that were made by a company Mike and Jay used to work for. Mike admitted that he styled his Plinkett after Rich’s.

  • Miika Kuusisto

    Obviously it’s simply a case of the format evolving as they went on. The early episodes are good, but I think they improved with time.

  • whip

    I’m so dying to see the contents of that Tree Stand Safety vid.

  • whip

    If you are watching these from the beginning, you might as well just leave now. You’ll hate this place.

  • Waldo.Pepper

    Just wanted to point out that The Galaxy Invader can be downloaded from free and legally as it is public domain for some reason.

  • deezhole

    I think the movie “pod people” runs a sort of clip reel from “galaxy invader” at the start of the movie. Check it out.

  • Otto Torrens


    (You are correct)


    Expect nothing, then you will always be pleasantly surprised.

  • Ryan Gilbert

    So now I can finally place a face to someone who has that horribly annoying laugh in the movie theaters. Sorry man, there’s nothing remote funny about that type of laugh, especially when you are hungover. That’s how manslaughter happens. Cause Lord knows, no jury on the planet would ever convict you of murder once they heard that laugh.

  • Ted

    Rich has a wonderfully contagious laugh, and that would be Remotely, not “remote”

  • Ryan Gilbert

    I’m not surprised that someone who does grammar corrections on movie review website finds Rich’s laugh “wonderfully contagious”.

  • MAD

    I’m not surprised you felt the need to respond to frivolous grammatical corrections.

  • Ryan Gilbert

    I’m not surprised, that you’re not surprised, that you felt the need to respond a post about frivolous grammatical corrections which had nothing to do with you.

  • Hiroki

    Get out. NOW.

  • Ryan Gilbert

    That’s brilliant. Any more brain busters?

  • lucas

    the budget for this was the same as jack and jill

  • Cameron Vale

    Is Galaxy Invader really that great?

  • Crowsteeth

    Quit your chin wagging.

  • Crowsteeth

    What is the chance of a commentary track for The Galaxy Invader?

  • Ryan Gilbert

    Says the guy who has replied to a 5 month old post.

  • Tim

    Because you converted to a new religion, became a totally different person, had eight children and died in the meantime.

  • roaroar roarar

    I guess someone should have told you, folks around these parts feel very strongly about Rich’s laugh. Insulting his laugh on RLM is akin to going to Mecca and asking what’s the deal with the big stupid box everyone circles around.

    (I do not care how old these posts I’m replying to are.)

  • Ryan Gilbert

    Yes, I figured that out pretty quickly once I started seeing the replies. The irony of course is they like his laugh because it’s so unique, but will attack anyone who doesn’t feel the same way. They are very open minded, just as long as you agree with them.

  • roaroar roarar


    that’s a breddy gud quote

    “they are very open-minded, just as long as you agree with them.”

  • They’re open-minded up until the point you outright insult a guy for the way he laughs.

  • Ih8idiots

    The funny part is, he acts passive aggressive, attempts (badly I may add), to give off a sense of superiority and arrogance, makes sure to respond to any reply he thinks can further his sense of being superior, even if it’s close to a year old; yet when someone backs him into a corner using his own words against him with a statement such as yours he’s never heard from again.

  • Steve

    Rich Evans is a giant baby.

  • Steve

    You’re a troll too.

  • I’m dead now… sad face.

    you will bow before the GOD that is RICH the god EVANS! or i will shove one of his nappy’s down your throat!!!

  • I’m dead now… sad face.

    hack=fraud… you might not get it… but your loin brain does.

  • Sam

    Get out.

  • Micky Nozawa

    Do you have better quality versions of the earlier episodes or is this what we are stuck with?

    Cheers, and keep up the good work.

  • LameSame

    I actually quite like the softness of the SD quality. What I’d be interested in seeing is maybe having the pixels smoothed out with an upscaler of some sort. Lynch’s “Inland Empire” was shot with an SD DV camcorder, yet remains smooth in an HD presentation. Also: I just farted!


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