Drive Angry and The Adjustment Bureau

  • Jasper

    I just caught that Lucas’ henchman are the same one’s who try to kill them in the That’s My Boy review. Continuity, ho!

  • Richter Belmont

    I don’t have much against 3D movies, but when a movie constantly throws things in your face, it very takes me out of the movie thus ruining some of the experience.

  • Richter Belmont

    Very easily*

  • is the guy that plays lucas the same guy that plays plinkett in this?

  • Trayan Iliev

    You’re actually the first person I’ve seen to make an intelligent comment defending 3D. Most people hate it because everyone else hates it.

    I agree that it could be nice if used as a tool rather than a gimmick, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon. And we don’t have the technology yet. Many people can’t watch 3D movies without getting a headache, which was never a problem with color movies. Also, right now it is mainly used as a way to inflate cinema prices.

    When we have the technology to see 3D comfortably without glasses or headaches, (maybe some kind of holographic displays, it is certainly doable, if expensive at this point), then a new generation of film makers can put it to good use. As it stands now you have to agree that it bit of a crap.

  • And thus, “WTF IS UP WITH THIZ FAKE PLINKETT FAG” was born.

  • proghead777

    “I would recommend this movie to grandma… or if you’re taking a date.”
    In other words, you recommend this to any person or group of persons as long as there’s at least one vagina present, regardless of that vagina’s age? Is that because of Matt Damon? What about gay granddad? Wouldn’t gay granddad enjoy this movie just as much as straight grandma? Gay granddad doesn’t even need Viagra if Matt Damon is involved.

  • Vinny

    Just like a Star Wars prequel

  • its actually funny because plinkett himself is voiced by one of the other actors, i was thrown off for a long time as well

  • blarp

    Could have happened before he died on the Titanic.

    Given that Plinkett has died several times, I don’t think it’s meant to make perfect sense.

  • Mike


  • generic name

    It was establish in star wars rots review trailer that there is 2 Plinkett.

  • Indiana Jones

    Well that would be the moment that you should realize that you’re over thinking carp

  • good ol’ days

    Just needed to come here to remind myself how nice it was when you could actually read the whole comment section in one sitting as opposed to nowdays when there are over 9000 useless wall of text comments in like within half an hour you guys post a new video….

    ….not saying that I don’t want you to have a lot of traffic and a huge audience but the comment sections of your newer videos are just a hell-scape of internet douchebaggery..

  • Charon

    For real.

  • Sully

    As a person who wears glasses, having to wear another pair of glasses OVER those glasses is some real bullshit. The day they make prescription 3D glasses I may discover a new found respect for 3D, but until that day…

    Fuck. That. Shit.

  • Terminal Eternity

    Psst… Lemme let you in on a little secret… That unshaven fat ass on the left is Mr. Plinkett’s voice actor and the guy behind RedLetterMedia…

  • D’Avid Murphy

    Is there any significance in Matt Damon having the same name, the same job even, as Senator David Norris ?
    It’s too weird not to be deliberate…..

  • AlcaldeEste

    “Most people hate it because everyone else hates it.” Translation: “Anyone who disagrees with me is stupid and unable to form an opinion of their own. People who disagree with me may try to argue for their opinion, but I ignore such arguments in good conscience, because I know that they are lying about their reasons for disagreeing with me and their real reasons are shallow and idiotic.”
    In my opinion, 3D as such is not the problem, but the types of movies they make in 3D are the problem. They are bogged down by the need to show off endless special effects in 3D, and any movie that is carried by the story and characters are filmed in 2D on real film. Avatar and the Amazing Spiderman and Men In Black 3D are the modern day equivalent of filming a horse running to show off how amazing 2D film looks.

  • ShakingMyHead


  • AT

    And they say George Lucas is a terrible director. He directed those goons quite well!

  • staphinfection

    When they were thinking of actresses who could ruin the movie, I immediately thought of Cameron Diaz too… I also thought of Sandra Bullock.

  • dungeon master


  • flint

    Every year Mike’s hairline disappears more and more ….

  • ModernDayMinstrel

    Ah, back again to where it all began…

    Shit, how did I get here?

  • Freddy Ludwig

    I also immediately thought of Cameron Diaz, she must be awful

  • Jory Brown

    This show’s never gonna last.

  • Jory Brown

    Yea. Rick Blevans.

  • 😀

  • You were drinking.

  • Disqus Dikus

    Did you travel back in 2011 to post this dumb shit?

  • Nomad Fixbot

    Thanks for ruining my joke, asshole.

  • Disqus Dikus

    Do you need a friend?

  • Ben Parsons

    That’s how it works, bub.

  • flint

    I know but it’s like watching a reverse Chia Pet.

  • James McKenzie

    Thing is, they needed somebody universally considered to be pretty. Sandra Bullock is anything but.

  • I’m dead now… sad face.

    its a shame your trolling back here in the past in fear of us Future Trolls.

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    hahahaha! its funny you shy people up vote each other like real people.

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    ok all you late posters are now called “fuck saws.”

  • Lional punsalot

    They are the shadows to scared to take walk in the light. Once they were men, like us, but they became deformed over time becoming ever more shy and desperate to hide away.

  • Lional punsalot

    That name is too good for them. shit sandwiches might work?

  • ModernDayMinstrel

    I’ve been here for a long time, my friend, back when Jack had hair! School is keeping me a bit too busy to post funny shit on the newer videos.

  • I’m dead now… sad face.

    yeah….. thats not a thing. your lurking.

  • Nomad Fixbot

    It’s a shame that you’ve found this website.

  • I’m dead now… sad face.

    its a shame thats the best comeback you could think of.

  • Robby

    Beardless Jay makes no sense. Nothing makes sense. Even my life.

  • Sam

    New movie idea: “Boobs and Yo-yos in 3D”

  • How cute they were ! Cutie Fraudy, a new anime idea for a live action !

  • Andrew Thompson.

    wait why did i do that? it seems rude. was i drunk….?

  • And the modern comments are a library of gifs and quotations from the video.

  • mixmastermind

    Kawaii Fraud-kun deeeeeeesu!

  • Andrew Dickman

    Finished watching all the HitB in reverse order in under 2 months. Great series!

  • RLMkeepitup

    did you find any trends as you watched like that?

  • Andrew Dickman

    Yes? I don’t know it’s kinda hard to say since there’s so much. The Mr. Plinkett skits are pretty hilarious watching from newest to oldest. Jay gains a little weight and loses facial hair over time. Mike, too, gains weight in reverse order. So they look like their lives are going great with the newer stuff. The newest episodes are more concise and very detailed, the middle episodes are very detailed, and the early episodes are lacking both, but they just needed to figure it out as they went along. Overall, I started watching some fantastic movies because of RedLetterMedia, and RLM makes me happy and gives me something to do at college.

  • David Cole

    Funny this on hasn’t been uploaded to their YouTube channel like rest have been (except episode 56 for some reason)..

  • jimmy

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen this episode. I had already noticed Jay’s weight loss over the years — congrats dude (hope you’re not secretly sick!), but Mike seems to have gained the weight Jay has lost. He looks pretty good here, and a bit of a fat fuck now. Mike… if you drink, skip the food.. if you skip the food, then go ahead and drink. Just keep don’t do both, ok??

  • The Ghost of The Joffster

    Late reply but I feel the same way. I think that thinking about it purely as “we never needed it before so we don’t want it now” is pretty regressive. I do think 3D can look pretty good sometimes, especially when it’s watched on a TV rather than in a cinema. I think that people are far too quick to think about it in terms of present-day technicalities though (the price, the marketing, the equipment needed etc). Purely as a concept, I like it and (imagining a possibly crazy scenario) if, in 50 years, all films are made in 3D just because that’s normal and they solve issues with needing annoying glasses and stuff, I would probably like that.

  • troipoison

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  • LameSame

    “Secretly sick”? Jay got ripped, man. His is the body of a very healthy man these days.


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