Cowboys and Aliens

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  • Lars

    Whats with the backpack huh? Are we hangin or what?

  • Personman

    I think it’s called Cowboys and Aliens because it almost sounds like cowboys and Indians which is maybe a game you liked to Play as a kid.

  • Ganymede IX

    Haha, oh wow, I did not see that last brick coming.

  • Rudolf

    He’s hit or miss to be honest. I enjoy him as Bond, Layer Cake is kind of a guilty pleasure/fun movie for those that love the freneticism of Lock Stock & Snatch, and I really appreciated him in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo though it admittedly might be because I am more of a fan of Fincher and Larsson (a good story and a good director go a long way). Regardless, I suggest you give him a chance – at the end of the day he’s just a guy making movies and he’s made some good decisions so far with who he has attached himself with. Oscar worthy? No. But he’s young, who knows right? The right ingredients come into play and we all may be surprised. :-)

  • Beckoning Chasm

    This remains the most baffling HitB review. Just finished C&A and can’t fathom the enthusiasm for it. It was (for me), a mediocre, by-the-numbers film. But hey, we can’t all be food items in a drive-thru.

  • Matthew Shannon

    dudes, its not a what if… don’t you watch the history channel?

  • Rafael Da Silva

    That’s probably the right thing to do. Because they will bore you, because you are stupid.

  • Darth G

    Why is there a high pitch whistle in the background of this one?

  • Colin Kendig

    AHAHAHA, Nice shout out to the Captain America fantards

  • Steve

    Actually, yes, it does mean that you graduated. A GED is a General Education Degree, and there are many high school graduates who have failed the GED test. So let’s not play the “I’m smart, you’re dumb.” game.

  • meyoume

    Speaking of movies setting things up, but with no pay off. Why set up the vase, with no pay off?

    • adaMAntiumSpoon

      Such a plot hole. Hacks.

    • AlcaldeEste

      That may have been the point.

    • bananna hammock

      watch the next episode

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    I agree with you. Perhaps this is a perfect example of how a film title can skew or manipulate a viewers experience of a movie? I think the movie could have used a little more light humour. Not goofy though, as Mike pointed out. It was definitely balancing on that fine line, almost as if when the movie began to smirk, it had to shake its head to snap back into bumbling seriousness.

  • Mads Bolding Fenger Poulsen

    That brick in the beginning was like a compilation of youtube comments.

  • SkyDog

    The scathing reaction to this movie was completely baffling to me, and I have yet to see a coherent argument that this movie is anything less than pretty decent. It’s not amazing by any means, but the people that seem to HATE it comes across as nonsensical killjoys.

    • Dr. Zee

      Totally agree. People complain about ridiculous kineto-frantic action films, but then when they see a simple decent movie they’re like… is that all there is?

  • Dr. Zee

    Ha… Au-dash-us.

    • corporal corpuscle

      the dash be silent

  • corporal corpuscle

    They made that movie already, it was called “Stargate,” pretty good movie despite an intense personal dislike of James Spader.

  • capnmorgan5150

    Mr.Plinkett is Jewish?

  • williamsn411

    I disagree with Mike that sic-fi has to always be serious. I enjoy sic-fi’s that are serious, but I also enjoy ones that have some funny stuff in em’ like “Independence Day”.

    • Adolf

      Independence day was total shit though.

  • williamsn411

    Also, this review is kind of confusing to me. I thought “Cowboys and Aliens” was ok, I guess. I don’t really get why Ford’s character starts off as an asshole and then becomes a good guy. Also, by the end of the movie, you don’t really like Craig’s character that much.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    Why do you guys look so greasy?

    • Duckler

      Chunky’s Chicken?

  • Mel B Toast

    Great reviews! Your knowledge of the production side gives me new aspects of film to think about.

    I enjoyed this movie, but mostly I find it fascinating how much nitpicking surrounds it. I think people expected camp, and were unable to switch gears. I remember in the first few minutes thinking, “Oh! This is a serious action movie! Okay, then. It’s just the title that’s stupid.” But I guess everyone else sat there waiting for jokes that never came. That’s not a fault of the movie, that’s an example of how much the title/marketing affects the viewer experience.

  • omgnoway

    I wasn’t ready for how serious this movie was, so I was taken aback, but still enjoyed it. I was just waiting for that damn vase to break >.<

    • frankosapien

      Do you think they put the vase there to make fun of movies that have set ups and then no payoffs? Verryyy clever…

  • Andrew Herlihy

    studio looks a little hot

  • Ikari Rapeman


  • BE BU

    this troll job is so subtle it didnt even piss anyone off.


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