Chicago Comic Con 2011

  • You all need to come to Dragon*Con! We have booze, lots of booze.

  • ILoveBlackGirls

    My name is Paul.. Paul…. Suuuperman.

    Can we agree that Rich Evans is comedy gold?

  • Januri

    Finlandia hymn! Brilliant!

  • Tiabllort

    Just a quick question: does redlettermedia charge for THEIR signatures?

  • they couldent have nailed the feeling of the “celeberty zoo” any better. Fuckin EXACTLY.

  • Mittens

    Ikr. I was like “what a great tun— HEI HETKINEN”

  • Bertie

    50 bucks a letter, 5 months in advance.

  • Marvin Falz

    Haha, yeah, me too. There is one interview somewhere on YouTube where Sexy Nerd Girl asks Mike if she may call him Mike since she’d interviewed him before at some other convention and Mike answers “no!” in his dry humor style and she gets all confused. Okay, it may sound mean when I write it, but it’s hilarious when you watch it.

  • Marvin Falz

    I think he went through a divorce some years ago.

  • Marvin Falz

    Is this the episode where Mike talks about talking with the Chewbacca guy and his love of money that he hides behind his supposed role in the giant impact Star Wars made on western cultures?

    Anyway, here’s why I like the RLM guys and gals in the light of the above:
    it’s the impression that RLM willingly refuses to worship the money idol.

  • AlcaldeEste

    The people drawing at 11:14, are they con artists?

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    I’ve been wanting to go to one of those “little” Comic-Cons, (not San Diego), but now I kinda feel against it, seeing this video. It just seems so depressing, and sad…

    Is San Diego any different? Or are Comic-Cons any good? Never really went to one, so…

  • sosy1325

    Go there to buy the merchandise, especially the smaller, independent comic books people (if comics are your thing). There are a lot of hidden gems to be found. The Chicago Comic-Con is very crowded (I went to the last two) like you see in video. Some of the cosplay people are pretty creative. But yeah the celebrity meet and greets are a little awkward. A few of the panel speakers can be interesting, too.

  • tony anderson

    could someone explain to me the levar burton joke?

  • Quitch

    Yeah, I was right, the convention stuff is the best stuff, even if the Sexy Nerd Girl bit felt a little cruel and super awkward.

  • Quitch

    And you… you didn’t link it. That’s cruel, sir.

  • Marvin Falz

    I’m very sorry, but I had lost the link – meaning: I’ve seen the interview, have forgotten which one it was and then haven’t had the patience and much less the passion to go through all the interviews to find the one I’m refering to.

  • Quitch

    Ah hah, I believe I have found it

  • Marvin Falz

    Beautiful! Thank you. good sir.

  • Peterparkingticket

    Look I know you are good guys. I don’t know if you noticed, but George Lucas was at the comic-con. I would…you know… ease up on the Star Battles jokes. He’s testy

  • cabbo

    And you keep getting emails saying “due to extremely high demand, we have been unable to complete your order. You have been returned to the bottom of the queue and will receive your item as soon as it becomes available”.

  • Guest

    If you liked this movie you should dig up Ghostwatch

    Actual British news personalities participated in a scripted special that had a War of the Worlds effect on the country. They investigate a haunted house for a puff piece, the ghosts spreads throughout the broadcast. Trust me, you’ll love this.

  • Pablo Martinez

    That happened in the first video showing them in a convention.

  • Martín Galarza Flores

    Why is it that the Star Wars Holiday Special gets so much hate?

    Is it really that terrible? I have never watched it.

  • fred

    Nostalgia Critic reviewed it. You should check it out to see why.

  • fred

    That celebrity zoo looks so pathetically awkward. “Look at me, I’m on display- now gimmie yer fuckin money.”

  • You Got the Problem

    I have kind of developed an appreciation for these old convention episodes, however I don’t mind that they’ve stopped as after a while they would get repetitive, it is good however to see their editing techniques come to the fore as that’s what helps make these convention videos interesting.

  • Robby

    I’ve never been to any sort of con before, but if Reddlemiddins came to San Diego or anywhere on the West Coast I’d probably go buy them a beer or eleven.

  • Anders Hass

    Youtube version if RedLetterMedia haven’t changed it before blip has been shut down

  • Adam Baldwin

    I bought Feeding Frenzy on a whim because I really like everything I’ve watched from Red Letter Media (the Plinkett reviews, and Half in the Bag, mostly) and I wanted to support you guys, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the movie was so much more than I could have expected. It’s really, really good.

  • Greg

    awesome ….


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